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Have you ever wondered if there were people out in the world today who pratice magic? Have you ever wondered what they call themselves? Well in answer to both questions, yes there are and they are called Wiccans.

Wicca is a Paganitic religion that focuses as much of balancing the spirit with the divine as it does practising in the Magical arts of spell casting, potion brewing and blessing. There are a lot of popular belief that Wiccans were (and still are) devil worshipers, but this is wrong. Think of it in the sense of "A few bad apples spoiled the bunch", one or two people thought to worship Satan, and the next thing you know it and we are being stereotyped as devil worshipers. But enough about that, lets get into some of the amazing stuff about Wicca.


When it comes to just about any Neo-Pagan religion (there are 9) you have the free-reign ability to beilive essentially what ever you want, but most Wiccans follow a small set out guidline as for what to choose from. After that everything is your own choice. The one big connection between the beliefs of most Wiccans is that they all believe in Her and Him. She is the three faced Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone and the representation of all Female deities) and He is the Green Man/Horned God (God of Forests and the representation of all Male Deities). 

Most Wiccans either choose (or are chosen) towards a certain Pantheon of Gods (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic/Norse) and then they either choose (or again are chosen) towards a certain number of Gods/Goddesses. All of the Gods and Goddesses have representations of specific things on the Earthly Plain (ie. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and War).

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