SimpleReality(thanks for the name, Jetblackrlsh) is a programming language, which makes Reality codes into understandable words. Such like, knowing the order, and even understanding it.

For example:

It's way too hard to read 23758973287598abc38588e7468934897a438673467892789679871892376897394727158165464318654616548948942316541653156945616a4981949191c964919e1069191641913197496164961694961664

(This is also a ET Type(a environment) of my room, you can try and find out what's behind it. I bet you never will.)

So, I made a way to communicate with reality codes with a programming language.

SimpleReality is actually the simpler version of the reality codes itself.

We could also call it Crypto.

A little IDE made with my little computer, shows following project types:

- Object programming/Item programming

- Elements programming

- etc.

A code starts everytime with:

>main(physic) {
// statement
<- endobj 0;

This is the main code. It starts everytime like this. The main(physic) means that this is the main code.

For example, let's start with the generation of an object.(A materialized object.)

A cube, a cube that feels smooth.

>main(physic) {
<- CUBE_1(x);
<- endobj 0;

The x is for objects in objects parameters.

Now we have sort of a reality code like this:

"386a758389884b68832c48" <- Smooth cube. Size: 34cm long, 34cm high, 34cm wide.

To make and give the object collision, color and make it visible, we would do following:

>main(physic) {
<- CUBE_1(x);
<- CUBE_1 .> COLY_OBJ = 1;
<- CUBE_1 .> COL_OBJ = Blue;
<- CUBE_1 .> VIS_OBJ = 1;
<- endobj 0;

COLY stands for collision, COL_OBJ is the color.

The blue is in reality code:

"87468860940984" <- Yes, without acc. Acc is aura by the way. "aaabbbccc939351" / short: "abc939351" <- Collision. The last 1 means collision on and 0 means collision off.

"11111292948385757678357981237543ab4584859000000024883485848" <- Visibility.

We would get a code of:


You see? It's way easier to program it in SimpleReality/Crypto.