This lesson will be only about the 5th type called Type X/Type 5. This type is directly pointing to quants. The information, which has been sent, is already at the goal without a timespan. How, is this possible? We will find out!

I had the possibility 4 years ago to experiment with quants in a labor. I decided to take my little computer into that labor and we recorded the random number and letter generations. However, I can't actually find anything relevant. The quants cannot be watched. This is very very bad. But I got still by all of that some interessting generations:

"888888888888888888888888888888888888888888" -> This shouldn't be possible, because my computer generates random letters and numbers. So, the chance this happens lies at 1:300 000 000

I was thinking this was an error of my computer, but I got sometimes the same result just another number or letter.

But an interessting generation was this:


See how quantum's are manipulating all machines. Quantums have an very strong order. This shows the machine, so we can expect that the reality code will be not shown, since the information isn't already there anymore. *Ah!*

Got it? When quantums are watched, then the information is instantly without time span gone and it interacts very differently as expected. But when it's not being watched, then it loses that strong order and the original information returns. That's the reason why I call this type, Type X. How do we get the information now? I can tell you by far, that's not possible yet. But how does the quantums even send the information without time span? Well, I had the theory that quantums have an own conscious, which means that they can see the future and are sending the information already to the future quantum, when we stop looking at the quantums, then the future quantum returns in past and give the information back to the past quantum. This ends in a loop.

This is also the end of the first book. The next book is going to the programming language, which is under development.