Well, no, it's not EP (I'm kinda messy with that still) It's Stealth. Yup that's right.

#1 Hide and seek (don't ask)

So...obviously...I was playing hide and seek. So I went to this deserted room, it was about 10:30 at night but the lights from another room were shining through the doorway. It illuminated the room. It was pretty much bare, except for a stack of chairs against one wall. So I hid behind one of them, thinking it's worth a shot. They looked into the room, scanned it, and left. So I thought, huh. They found someone else and they were looking for me. They looked in the room again and didn't see me. And then they went around the building a third I just got tired of crouching behind a stack of dusty chairs and when they looked here again, I stood up and went, "Hi." They were like, "We looked here three times!!" I said, "I know."

#2 Hide and seek (another round)

As the title so obviously proclaims...pretty much the same as above, except they only looked about twice. The room this time was crowded with objects, but I just stood in a corner and the funny thing is, the person looking for me scanned the room and looked into my eyes--!--but then continued like he didn't see me and left. Another game, someone else hid there and we immediately saw him.

If that's not proof I don't know what is! Please comment.