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    June 14, 2013 by Vegeta8390

    How come it's been so dead recently?

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    June 3, 2013 by Vegeta8390

    A Jutsu is roughly translated to- The art of. Ive created some jutsu here, And there quite dangerous the first one shouldnt be attempted until your at an intermediate ki level, And the rest until your about advanced. Ive done every technique here with adleast minumal succes. They are made from Energy being directed from the hands and energy skills.

    • Rin - Strength
    • Pyō / Hyō - Channel
    • Tō - Harmony
    • Sha - Healing
    • Kai - Sense of Danger
    • Jin -Reading of thoughts.
    • Retsu - Control space and time.
    • Zai - sky or elements control.
    • Zen - enlightenment.
    • those are pictures of them all.

    Shikyaku no Jutsu (Four-Leg-technique)

    Store Ki in your top half of your arm and your fists.
    Store Ki in your calf and thigh muscles. 
    Store Ki in yo…

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    blood Manipulation

    May 27, 2013 by Vegeta8390

    Now to start.You should have a small animal for a genie pig(i recommend a lizard or a mouse). Visualize,see the blood running trough its body,feel the water in it.You must be very concentrated to perform this correctly.Be relaxed.You need to know how to move water which you don't see(so you need to know how to feel the water)!!!Now very carefully move the water in the muscle of the animals left foot to the left(be very careful so you don't harm the poor thing!).Try doing this until you have success or feel dizzy(this is not for people with weak hearts).Then try one of the other footsWhen you have success try make it walk by moving all other foots.From now i tell ya it may not work the first time but you'll have results the 2nd or 3rd try…

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    May 27, 2013 by Vegeta8390

    Go somewhere high,so you can feel the clouds,see them good.Now visualize they're just floating water,imagine it.They're water-nothing more,nothing less.Now vizualize them coming down. It's possible that it won't work the 1st time(especially if you're not an experienced waterbender) but keep trying-you'll get it. ;) Clouds are evaporated water so doing this will create a mist.

     This one is not very easy but it's easier than the 1st way (because in the first you have to make the clouds go down at least 1 km until they reach you).Ok,now you should be good at thawing ice.With the same technique( link at the bottom of the page) we're going to evaporate the water.Train with a little amount of water,like a bowl of water.Be calm.You can use a littl…

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    Totemic Animal

    May 21, 2013 by Vegeta8390

           When you were born, it was believed that an animal's spirit was trapped inside of you. This animal is called your totemic animal. Your totemic animal is also sometimes called an animal spirit guide, or spirit animal. Most of the time, your spirit animal is relevant to your natural element, but not always. In the rare cases where your animal isn't relevant to your element, those people tend to have special gifts, or powers, if you will. For instance, my element is Earth, but my spirit animal is an owl, which is a wind animal, and I recently discovered that I have the Healing Waters, which are an extremely curative power where you use water to heal injuries. If you discover that you have an elemental power, like the healing waters, th…

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