• I live in Illinois
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is Secret
  • I am Male
  • PsykJames

    If you are a beginner and followed week 1 of TAPTP (The Advanced Psychic Training Program) Then I would like to congratulate you because you have now went through the proper training necessary to truly understand how PSI manipulation works and that if can easily be done if the proper steps are taken. Now The Advanced Psychic Training Program will divide into a crossroad like Phase, I will be simultaneously teaching different abilities with advanced techniques. So if you are interested let the real training begin! Here are the abilities being taught.










    Psychic Augmentation


    Aura Reading


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  • PsykJames

    The Advanced Psychic Training Program: Week 1

    Meditation - Clear your mind of all thoughts and visualize being alone in complete darkness, if total darkness dosen't work for you then try visualizing deep space. When meditating be sure that the room you are in is considerably dark and free of any noises and distractions. Try to forget all of your physical sensations and give your body up to a numbed condition, all you want to feel is your heart beating. Focus on you breathing as well, inhale for 2 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds, exhale for 2 seconds, and repeat. If you have done this correctly you should feel as if you are effortlessly floating through the air. Meditate for approximately 30 minutes

    The reason you must "forget" your physical s…

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  • PsykJames

    Hey everybody PsykJames Here and welcome to The Advanced Psychic Training Program! This program offers specialized techniques and advice that will allow you to rapidly expand your psychic abilities.

    I am currently 12 however despite my age I have very strong and pronounced psychic powers that were developed at a very young age. Eventually through a number of harsh and scarring events, unimaginable pain, and experience I have developed, studied, invented, and learned many powerful techniques and secret arts that allow the user to tap into a limitless source of energy and use psychic abilities that you would normally see in an avatar movie.

    But hey wake up time this isn't a movie it's real life and if you ever want to reach your goals you must…

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  • PsykJames

    Welcome to 2014

    January 1, 2014 by PsykJames

    Hey everybody! PsykJames here and welcome to the wonderful and amazing year of 2014! I see this not as just another fantastic year but as a checkpoint in the progress made here by the Psi wikia. How many new members have we recieved since the beginning of 2013? How many new pages have been created? How many psychic abilities did you learn? How many changes have been made to the site? This all matters and anyone with the amount of common sense you could put on the tip of a needle could see that we as a community have made exeptional progress this past year. So lets do the same and better in 2014! Lets see just how much progress we can make in 365 days. The best of luck to the internet's best Psychic community!

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  • PsykJames

    Three Strange Visions

    December 31, 2013 by PsykJames

    These are the three strange yet potentially strange visions i had recently. Please try to interpret their meaning in the comments, i have theories but who says i don't need help?

    Location: At home meditating

    Sensation: Dizzy

    Recived: Monday (12-23-2013)

    Vision: I see a somewhat large port town with windmills and white washed stone/granite houses shaped like cubes and blue dome-like buildings and a dock filled with ships. Then a young boy (About 6 or 7) ran up to the pier and began shouting at me in a foreign language that i could not understand while i was on a leaving ship.

    Location: In bed asleep

    Sensation: Painful headache

    Recived: Friday (12-27-2013)

    Vision: In a vast tropical jungle with temples and ruins me and seven others in my age group (…

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