Hey just wanted to tell you that things are happening I am working on Jing. Jing is essential energy and what separates it from other energies is just that. PSI and KI/Chi exist in everything but Jing is ESSENTIAL. That's why if you destroy the Jing in a physical object it breaks. When you crush it's Jing it gets crushed to because it is the very ESSENCE of it. That's why Jing is so destrucive. Jing cannot simply be body fluids because it is found in everything. Thats why we have Nung Jing (The essential energy of ice/coldness) Electrical Jing (essence of electrical energy itself) and so on. None of these are body fluids which is why it cannot simply be blood flow or internal fluid.

I'm gonna revise my Jing blog and re-present it. Just wanted to let you know that progress is being made!