Hey guys. I just wanted to talk about something. The wikia's decline. Now I know that we've done a good job in cleaning up the site and getting rid of fluff and BS pages *cough* AsteroK *cough**cough* and over the years LOTS of false info has come off the wikia. Back in about 2012 the Wikia had over 400 pages and now we're treading the thin barrier between 80 and 90. When I say the wikia's decline I'm speaking in terms of what goes on in the site. Random contributors making weird pages and getting angry when corrected, constant drama, and the abundance of trolling accounts (Ain't gonna call nobody out) This isn't a Psionics community it's a site where teenagers/young adults come to gossip, participate in and or start arguments that go absolutely nowhere and only a few people actually have legitimate experience or skill in Psionics will bring the main topic into play. Honestly I only come here to talk about my day or catch up on buzz when I get bored, and I actually know PSI. It's a little sad.

This site has been up since 2007 but I'm starting to feel a serious decline, I'm honestly just waiting to see what's gonna happen in time and I know for a fact that I'm not the only one with this opinion. I believe that we have the potential to make a comeback but I really am beginning to lose faith little by little.