My Weird and Uninteresting Ability I Never Told You About

Okay so I have more abilities than I've told anyone on the wiki but I didn't know how to explain them until now. I have the ability to while in a meditative state enter other peoples minds, when I'm in other people's minds I can fight their shadow a force in all of us that attempts to make a person go insane. The Shadow of your mind controls an army of Reapers which are manifestations of your fear. The Shadow's main purpose is to control the Globe a manifestation of one's sanity, the Globe is protected by the person's Guardian which is past down from male parent to child and the father gets a new guardian. When in other people's minds I have gadgets and artifacts uncovered from other people's minds that I can use to fight Shadows. This annoys the crap out of me however because in meditation I am super powerful and save people from going insane but in reality all I can do is Acropathy. Well anyways there isn't really a name for this on psi wiki, so I didn't know how to say it. Also if you are wondering why this is called Booster Rocket, it's an alias I use while in the minds of others.

If you have any questions message me on my talk page.

If you know what this is called comment below.

If you think this is stupid so do I, but it's my most powerful ability and the only one I think I have mastered because I have been using it and learning more about it for the past couple of years.

Man sometimes I feel I should have cooler powers but I'm glad for the ones I have.