Hello, I'm new here, but i study for long time links between psionics and enlighted masters knowledge. There are many similarities. First, psionic abilities can be demonstrated by them. They can create fire without any wood or another material what can be burned. Second, they confirm, they use mind and energy to do this things, but there is one difference - they can do it without any effort, because they activate their brains to 100% their capabilities.

How? They claim that they did it just clearly keeping in mind thought that they are God. It did Jesus, Buddha, and thousands of other people - they strong belive that they are God-God's Sons and Daughters.

Some people say that is a blasphemy and lie, but all religions i know are illogical, and only it what they say is logically. Christianity for example. If i must love God, why i must fear of God?

For more informations i refer to books - Ramtha - The White Book and Life and Life&Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, and Saint-Germain - The Gold Book. There are many,many informations, that can be use, even in clear psionics, without psiology. "I don't know how it works, but i now it works".