I'm considering currently what I need to do in order to use Psionics to speed the 2D animation process up.

For those of you curious, the typical animator can get 5 frames drawn an hour

5 X 8 = 40 a day

40 X 7 = 280 a week

280/24 = 11.2 seconds a week

that's not even a minute.

Well now that doesn't sound too bad now does it? And you're right... unless it's a 2 hour long passion project movie you want to make, since it's not proffessional and you have other things you need to do we're gonna say... it cuts your frames you can do in half, there's even more of an issue now. that's aprox 5 seconds a week. But, if we develop our ability to visualize, and use some kinesis- like Telekinesis let's say to keep your hand steady- then the lines are always perfect, you know exactly where everything needs to be on the frame and you don't need to do clean up afterwards.

I firmly believe that then we could easily do 60 frames per hour (FPH) or at least 30 per half hour

60 X 8 = 480 a day

480 X 7 = 3,360 a week

3,360/24 = 140 seconds a week

140/60 = 2.3 minutes a week

2.3M X 36W = 73.8 minutes a year

still a lot of time for a passion project though eheh...

A full blown 2 hour project would still take months, about 276 days I'd estimate but alone it would take years instead of months with ki and visualization

a 15 minute project would take 12 days at most, for your 2 hr project you take 2 people with this and double all of this, but cut the 276 days in half = 138 days total.

You could easily be a solo youtuber with this with 4 minute videos coming out twice a week what with how the algorithim works, you would be the most popular and well known youtuber for animation. And all the tools are right here.

Now I'd lose my mind if it turns out we could do 2 frames a minute

120 FPH X 8 Hours = 960 Per Day (PD)

960 PD X 7 Days = 6,720 Per Week (PW)

6,720 PW/24 FPS = 280 Seconds = 4 minutes

And that's with 24 FPS, a lot of cartoon animators animate on 2s meaning 12 FPS....

meaning you could get away with 9 minute videos on our last little equation

6,720 FPH would be 560 SOA (seconds of animation) / 60 = 9 MOA(minutes of animation)

and 4 on our slightly more realistic take

Being an indy animator becomes more feasible this way, regardless of how long you can actually do it for.

Now for 3D you would just learn technokinesis, same with 2D (but I like drawing, also I imagine it would be more taxing).

I'm a novice ATM but I know about tesla and I know that if you can use ki to heal and control things, you can puppeteer your hand.

I decided to see what 4FPM would get us for giggles:

4 FPM X 60 = 240 FPH

240 X 8 = 1,920 FPD (Frames Per Day)

1,920 X 7 = 13,440 FPW (Frames Per Week)

Now all you need is a script that takes all that time up.

hahah, but in all seriousness, doing this for 8 hours will really wear you out, yes this is expressing the absolute idea, but I'd maybe give people with a couple years experience maybe 3 - 4 hours of rapid animation time a day or every other day.

240 X 4 = 960 FPD

960 X 3 = 2,580 FPW


960 X 375/2 = 180,000 FPY (frames per year)

If you do this and it works share down below!