• Hi, I am a new user of this wiki and I have two questions,

    Do you need to unlock/open your chakras to perform any of the things on this website?

    How do I unlock them and is there a link to send me to so I can learn easily?

    Also, Im not very patient, will that be a problem?

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    • both would be a problem.

      maybe it is better to say empowering your energy system instead of saying opening chakras.

      paitence is needed, but too much of it will waste your time.

      i say it as simple as possible.

      the best thing is to first practice on feeling energies, then controlling them, then play around with the energies in a way that empowers your energies. do not pay alot of attention to others. maybe a little but not too much.

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    • Impatience is a problem when learning any skill, including, and especially, skills in the field of psionics. - Kai

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    • First off, Thepsychicwidget, this thread's been silent since February, half a year, why necro it.

      To answer, it is impossible to unlock meridians (including the main 7 - chakras), as they're not locked (although they can be cleansed if there's blockages), they're energy storages that make up your energy body, pretty much the same as our veins and arteries. When I get back (around end of this month), I will remove the chakra article, rewrite it to include the whole energy system, and replace it with that. Bear with me, it will take time.

      Lastly, a bit of humour, hello Kacper kali, I'm Kacper too.

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