• there's a huge issue that i have observed in this wiki's techniques

    they are too subjective

    what is subjectivity and what is objectivity?

    objectivtivity: stating reality and facts without bias or assumptions

    subjectivity: stating you opinion and viewpoints with bias and assumptions

    i will give you a example

    a objective description of reality:

    i have focused all of my focus into moving my aura to my fingertip and i felt like it was being smahed, i did not will it to happen or could stop it from happens without dismissing the aura

    a subjective description of reality:

    i moved all my spiritual(bias) energy from my chakras(bias) into the tip of my finger and it started to get smashed because my energy system was overcharged('assumption')

    can you you understand the difference?

    the info we have in this phrase is: if you focus all your aura into one place it will cause a smashing sensation

    that was scientifical information it was the pure fact with no bias or viewpoints

    so what can we do with this info?

    we can ask questions:

    does it happens in any place of the body or just in the finger?

    what happens if you add even more aura?

    does that happens to other peoples as well?

    how much aura can you concentrate before you get that feeling?

    so we make experiments to answer this question:

    test on other parts of the body:





     eyes(unknow) etc...

    we garther the new information and use it to make new questions and so new experiment and so new info and this si how science works

    but when we go to subjectivity:

    why does it feels like its being smashed by pressure?

    -because of your energy system

    and why does it happens?

    -because your energy system can only stand a certain level of energy

    why? and how do you know that

    -because it's written on some ancient religious books and sounds right so we assumed so

    what evidence do you have?

    -we have old texts saying about energy manipulation and spirituality so it must be right

    and what conclusions can we take fom it?

    -that our ancient texts and beliefs are right


    -you should try grouding


    -because our beliefs say so and we tried and we felt better and more relaxed as we got rid of the dark and negative energy that poluted our system

    where the heck did you took that from?

    - from the old religious texts and beliefs

    i think your evidence is not convincing

    - ò.ó you are a evil closed minded dogmatic skeptic, you cant prove me wrong bla bla bla bla bla .........

    arf for god sake we are getting nowhere

    -shud up your heretic it all your fault because you dont believe so your negative energy is affecting the quantum waves and making things go bad

    but what does quantu.. dude you have no idea of what you are talking about

    -yes i have, the world is a matix and my beliefs change reality and quantum science says so

    no quantum physics never sayd such a thing

    -yes it says, it was writen on my newager site and it said a scientist said it so it must be true

    enough get out of my tread right now you are clearly a deluded role-player

    anyway you got what i mean

    the techiniques on the wikia are somewhere around this i will use pyrokinesis as a example:

    how do i use pyrokinesis

    -well first you have to convert your energy into heat

    why heat?

    - because you want to move fire and fire is hot

    shouldnt i control the wind around the fire?

    - no that would be aerokinesis its not heat itself but the elemnt fire

    but what about physics?

    - forget it

    ok so how do i convert my energy into elemental heat?

    - vizualize it turning into heat?

    isn't that a just will it technique?

    - no its different

    how do i vizualize it turn into heat?

    - just vizualize the feeling of heat

    and then?

    - if you feel heat it worked

    ... but if i'm visualizing heat it's obvious i will feels heat

    you see? this just wishifull thinking this person is just making a psiball and training herself to feel heat comming from this ball

    real techniques are different from just will it techniques, because they don't require you to believe or will it, you just to follow the instructions and it will give you the desired result like in math 1+1=2

    most pages of this wikia are copy pasted from other sites or books etc.. with some words changed but in the overall the same thing and the original writers are likely fakers

    the point is that i havent seem anyone on thsi wikia doing any experiment

    the reason i got convinced that psi exist was becase the statements i heard around the net sounded very likely what i was doing and so i thought that if they know how i felt they should know other techiniques as well

    but that was a terrible mistake i was expecting to find a list with all objective info found about psi but what i found on all sites i searched for was a bunch of role players and deluded peoples with religious behaviours that couldnt do anything but astral projection(dreaming)

    i feel utterly disappointed like i have lost a lot of time, i still believe is psi but its clear that these peoples dont know how to use it

    my hint is, always ask why, dont accept things just because they sound right, aways ask people why they assume what they say and don't accept anecdotal evidence

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    • truly

      preach it

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    • Alright, im not going to read an essay to answer a question. Point is, the majority believe in those subjective opinions. If you don't then work around it .

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    • You need to move around the country and meet high level practitioners if you want a concise explanation. Have fun!

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    • Kile574 wrote:
      Alright, im not going to read an essay to answer a question. Point is, the majority believe in those subjective opinions. If you don't then work around it .

      kille your reaction is not encouraging me to be a active member in fact you are making writing things sound like a bad thing

      honestly i despise peoples who cant even try to read a text but i will try to make a digest and post in other tread

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    • Hello?

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    • So I was hoping for a solution, instead I got whinning, I guess I'll have to be my own hero.

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    • PKheroKid wrote: So I was hoping for a solution, instead I got whinning, I guess I'll have to be my own hero.

      What's the question though?

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    • It was "have we found any objective methods."

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    • PKheroKid wrote: It was "have we found any objective methods."

      Your question didn't send then, don't see it. Objective methods, I'd assume, would give physical results, not based on one's feelings. Suck as candle wick dying or setting on fire. Water moving. Thermometer changing temperature suddenly. As for energy manipulation as an example - practising with someone and confirming what each other is doing.

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    • Ah okay

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    • A FANDOM user
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