• Hey, I've been practicing electrokinesis for a couple of months and I'm noticing some significant changes. I can feel tingling like electricity in my hands if I focus enough and I can (kind of) move it around. I can't see it or hear it but I can kind of tell it's there. I can also hold batteries and feel a throbbing in my hand as I hold them and focus taking energy from them, so I assume I AM somewhat draining them. I can also feel the energy a lot more prominently when I clench my fists.

    What I need help with is figuring out how to control it outside of my body. it seems like I've almost got good control of it inside, but when I try to use it outside my body, (i.e. when I try to transfer electricity from one hand to another, trying to put electricity inside a psi ball, etc.) I can't tell if I actually succeed in what I was intending to do. I don't know if the electricity went to the place I wanted it to. If anyone could help me, I'd greatly appreciateĀ it. Also, I'd like to know what type of practices/techniques/exercises anyone thinks would be good for me specifically/others with my problem. Thanks!

    Additional info/questions:

    I'm a Gemini, my element is air.

    I practice Electrokinesis and Aerokinesis. Does having my element as air hinder my learning of Aerokinesis? and is it possible to use both Aerokinesis and Electrokinesis at once, or would one just hinder the other?

    If you need to know more, you can ask me and I'll try to answer as well as I can!

    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

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