Here's one of my FINAL BIGGEST tips for beginners working on psi wheels. This method worked for everyone I practiced with. And it's easier.


You get your psi wheel together and sit a foot away. In a seat, bed or floor. Next you'll start to see the psi wheel spin softly by it self. Now this is what you do. Where ever the psi wheel spins. Left or right. You lift your hand and do a soft slow pushing motion in that direction that the psi wheel is spinning. Now naturally the wheel will stop and then in a few moments spin the other way. When this happens lift the other hand and do a soft pushing motion in that direction. Don't let your hands get too close. If the psi wheel continues to go all the way around just keep that hand doing the same thing and so on. Any direction the psi wheel is spinning follow it the motion of your hand. Whether it be spinning half way around or all the way. Any way. NOW THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT. LET THE PSI WHEEL GUIDE YOU. FOLLOW IT CLOSELY. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SUBTLE MOTION IT MAKES. If the psi wheel spins quickly from left to right then just continue the this method of softly pushing with your hand in that direction. BELIEVE YOU ARE HELPING IT. THIS WILL HELP DEVELOP YOUR TELEKINESIS. Practice for 10 to 15 mins at least each day or every other day. Don't do hard pushes just soft ones.

Where ever the psi wheel spins you lift that hand up and do a soft pushing motion in that direction. What your doing is helping it to go that way. But what is also happening is that you are training your mind to build, belief, connection and confidence with what your try to accomplish. To do telekinesis. Trebor seven and I both know why this works. It's because it's the best way to trick your self in believing you are moving it. Which then Develops real connection and real control over it. In time you can make it move how you want it.

That's how telekinesis works. That's it's nature in the way you develop it.

It's Very easy and it works. Be interested in what you are doing and believe any motion you see is from you. Very simple. Take it easy. And in time you will see that you are Developing real control over the psi wheel. You'll see results when you believe in what is happening. Make sure to use aluminum foil or leaf metal. Leaf metal is lighter. For new subscribers on my channel (Mad Cat Sphere) watch my videos and read my posts to learn more.

Give this method a try it will help.