- Assign user rights to members

- Bring up issues about the Wikia to members and staff

- Review all bans to ensure their validity

- Act as an administrator and assist staff with their duties



- Train new staff

- Assist in removing spam/fluff from the site

- Update pages that are maintained by the staff

- Issue permanent bans with proper evidence

- Review appeals for permanent bans/site blocks

Arro Yunora

Chat Moderators:

- Resolve disputes in the chat room

- Issue temporary bans for misbehavior in the chat room

- Review chat ban appeals


Content Managers:

- Improve content on website

- Add information to pages

- Re-write pages in the page format

- Remove spam/fluff from the site

- Roll back pages that have been vandalized

- Keep comments clean on pages


Staff Policies

- When looking at a situation in which someone should be warned, kicked, or banned, personal feelings should not be mixed into the situation. If you cannot look at a situation objectively, find another staff member or attempt to leave the situation if that is a viable option.

- All staff members are bound by the same rules as members, and can be punished in accordance with the rules.

Current as of 04/04/2016