Mary Magdalene sigil.jpg
Name Sigil
Other Names None
Type Energy Manipulation, Magic
Sub-abilities Not Applicable
Uses Sigils are used to bring about a certain desire of the creator. As the sigil is used, that desire comes to fruition.

A sigil in the simplest of words is a magical symbol. They are normally created by each energy worker independently so that it can serve a very specific function. Since sigils are typically very specific, they are very rarely re-used; in fact, this is much frowned upon.

Sigils, in a way, are man's way of 'bending the rules' in a way that does not require mass bloodshed. 

Sigils are made with a certain desire; it is built into it. When the sigil is used, that desire comes to fruition. 

Point of Sigils/How they Work

Sigils were created because of the belief that the consciousness mind is counter-productive to magical workings and therefore you needed a symbol that your subconscious can find relatable so that it can bypass the conscious mind and begin doing the assigned task.  It is very similar to working with a talisman.

Simply put, the conscious mind cannot easily make things happen, as the conscious, rational mind believes it is not possible. The unconscious mind must be accessed, sometimes through meditation, sometimes through other means, to be able to bring about a change. 

Making A Sigil

There are three steps to creating a sigil: identifying what you want and writing it down, creating the image from this sentence, and finally making your subconscious accept it.  When writing down what you want you must be very precise, if there is any alternative meaning the sigil may do another task then the intended one.  The sentences are typically started," THIS MY WISH"  The prefix is not required but a declaration is always stronger than a simple sentence.   Now to create the sigil you just eliminate all repeating letters.  For example: my will is for a new car becomes This my wxlx xx for a nex cxr and the sigil would simply be thismywlforanecr.  That is a basic example of an incomplete sigil because it has not yet been charged.  To charge it you must reach a state of gnosis while staring intently at it. Gnosis is a term that means to have vast knowledge of spiritual truth, After charging it lose the paper and forget about the sigil completely, and the task should be accomplished.  Some sigils are more picture like by taking the remaining letters and linking them about in a way that forms a picture.

The Different Forms of Sigils

While most sigils are in the form of drawings, sigils as well can be objects. For example, one can take a stick and imbue it with an intent while in gnosis to create it as a portable physical sigil. It can be given to someone to target that person for example. This is where creativity comes into play, the greater the perversion of ethics, common sense, the greater the effect and taboo-breaking.

Perfumes as well can be used as sigils. The very scent can create a certain unique atmosphere, and the smell can be used as an intent courier.