What is shapeshifting? Edit

To shapeshift is to change the appearance of your physical body, either partially or completely. It is unknown whether you can only change yourself, or other things as well. Shapeshifting and Biokinesis are two different labels for the same thing.

How to shapeshift - incomplete Edit

1. Choose any animal or object.

2. Use all of your senses to imagine how the animal or object would see, feel, look, and hear. It's okay if you don't succeed at first, it can take time for your mind to grasp what you're trying to do. Stay focused and don't let your doubts interfere. It may help to 'move' your mind into the object in order to imagine being that object.

Be careful Edit

Personally, I have some concerns you might want to keep in mind about shapeshifting. First, if you change completely into an animal such as a cougar, the instincts may or may not come with it. There's no way to know what to expect.

Second, getting back to your normal body could range from easy to difficult.

And finally, you might want to pick a place where you're alone before shapeshifting, so you don't end up scaring people. Even if you tell them what you're about to do, it'll likely come as a big shock to them.

Something to consider Edit

There is very little information anywhere about shapeshifting. Because of this, anything you find is important to understanding what you can do and how to do it. The only way to find out more is to experiment with this ability yourself.

This ability may be hard to believe in, but what if it's real and no one believes in it? A possible reason why there's so little information to be found.