Psychokinesis is an umbrella term for any ability that involves manipulating matter with the mind. Abilities with the term "kinesis" after them are simply an application of psychokinesis. It is a matter of applying psychokinesis in a certain way to get the intended result. The word psychokinesis is created by taking the prefixes "psycho" and "kinesis" from Greek to mean literally "mind movement".

Parapsychology researchers have described multiple cases of psychokinetic/telekinetic effects within their laboratory and a few cases outside of the lab. Micro-psychokinesis (Micro-PK) is a term used to describe the manipulation of events or probability (things that are not seen with the naked eye itself). Macro-psychokinesis (Macro-PK) is a large-scale effect that can be seen with the unaided eye (moving water or fire).

The abilities below are applications of psychokinesis. If you are able to perform one of them, you are able to perform all of them. These pages contain techniques that can aid in your practice, but these are not the only techniques available. Use them as a guide. Mold these techniques to fit your need and to suit what best works for you. This is not the only way to practice psychokinesis, as these are only step-by-step guides with information.

It may help to have a foundation in energy manipulation before beginning to work with psychokinesis. Psychokinesis, as all psionic abilities, requires the use of energy. Knowing how to use energy more effectively and having more experience with it will aid some in your practice.

Macro-Psychokinesis (Macro-PK)

Micro-Psychokinesis (Micro-PK)

See the Micro-Psychokinesis page for more information.


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