[06:35] <EinsCatLog> Testing
[06:35] <EinsCatLog> Good it works.
[08:22] <Άγριος> A person!
[08:22] <Άγριος> Hello person.
[08:35] <EnchantedDove> .-.
[08:35] <Άγριος> ._.
[08:35] <Άγριος> Hello!
[08:36] <EnchantedDove> Hi
[08:36] <Άγριος> How are you?
[08:37] <EnchantedDove> I'm decent and yourself.
[08:37] <Άγριος> Living!
[08:37] <Άγριος> Vegetating! 
[08:37] <Άγριος> And ultimately decaying.
[08:37] <EnchantedDove> Sounds nice
[08:38] <Άγριος> It's surprisingly fun.
[08:38] <EnchantedDove> Sounds like life 
[08:38] <Άγριος> That would be correct, ye.
[08:39] <Άγριος> *yes
[08:39] <Άγριος> So who/what are you and what do you do? :D 
[08:39] <EnchantedDove> What am I? and I do em.
[08:39] <EnchantedDove> upon other things.
[08:42] <EnchantedDove> Yourself?
[08:44] <Άγριος> A very good question which I have no answer to! Not a psion, I figured out that much.
[08:44] <EnchantedDove> I do not use the label psion.
[08:45] <EnchantedDove> Though I practice em.
[08:47] <Άγριος> WHat label do you prefer?
[08:47] <EnchantedDove> Just me lol.
[08:57] <Άγριος> Fair point!
[09:02] <EnchantedDove> Lol.
[09:02] <Άγριος> * Άγριος stretches and then collapses. 
[09:02] <Άγριος> Tiiiired.
[09:02] <EnchantedDove> Sleep?
[09:03] <Άγριος> I can't, have to write.
[09:03] <EnchantedDove> Ah I see.
[09:04] <Infster> hallo
[09:04] <EnchantedDove> Hello.
[09:04] <Infster> mhhhhh Αγριος are you greek?
[09:04] <Infster> 
[09:05] <Ahmedrashwan> Have any one go to raven talons wiki?
[09:05] <Infster> oh well anyways does any of you know break dance?
[09:06] <Infster> .
[09:07] <EnchantedDove> .-.
[09:07] <EnchantedDove> no and no.
[09:08] <Άγριος> Bck!
[09:08] <Άγριος> *Back
[09:08] <Άγριος> Not greek. Obsessed with greece!
[09:08] <Άγριος> And I tried break dance once and figured out why it's called 'break' dance.
[09:08] <Άγριος> I think I must have fissured a rib or two. Or four.
[10:00] <Born.Villain> ._.
[10:37] <Born.Villain> hello
[10:37] <Infster> hello]
[10:37] <Born.Villain> how's it going?
[10:38] <Infster> um meehh im trying to do a windmill and flare in break dance but i cant ;_; anyway how is your day going?
[10:38] <Infster> 
[10:38] <Born.Villain> pretty good.
[10:38] <Born.Villain> I confronted a friend about them ignoring me unintentionally.
[10:38] <Born.Villain> and they were like OMG sorry
[10:38] <Born.Villain> so...yeah
[10:39] <Born.Villain> wasn't too bad.
[10:39] <Infster> huh intresting when i say to my friends that tehyr ignoring me theyr like oh cmon men sorry i just couldnt blah blah blah something else blah blah xD
[10:39] <Infster> 
[10:40] <Born.Villain> damn...
[10:40] <Born.Villain> well when people ignore me over and over again i ditch them
[10:40] <Born.Villain> I ditched that friend and then felt like an idiot....they had no idea what they did
[10:41] <Infster> ikr
[10:41] <Infster> that happens to me too
[10:41] <Infster> they had no idea what they did part sooooo true
[10:41] <Born.Villain> hmmm really?
[10:41] <Born.Villain> well i tried to resurrect our friendship.
[10:41] <Born.Villain> through the internet XD
[10:42] <Born.Villain> no idea what tomorrow's gonna be school....
[10:42] <Infster> xD i hate emotianl stuff beacuse for me it isnt easy at all to say sorry...
[10:42] <Born.Villain> i usually don't say sorry at all
[10:42] <Born.Villain> i'm quite the same
[10:43] <Born.Villain> if mum starts complaining about something i feel strongly about, I just stare at the ceiling while she rants
[10:43] <Born.Villain> in an effort to keep the tears from falling.
[10:43] <Infster> lul 
[10:43] <Infster> oh
[10:43] <Infster> then
[10:43] <Born.Villain> i just HATE crying in front of people
[10:43] <Infster> well the exactly same thing
[10:43] <Infster> i hate crying at all especially infront of friends
[10:43] <Born.Villain> YEAH i know right! ><
[10:44] <Born.Villain> they know you're weak then....
[10:44] <Born.Villain> they know what would break you...
[10:44] <Born.Villain> its....i'm....insecure....
[10:45] <Infster> oh i remember a figh outside the school tehy dished me so hard i almost cried then he....started dishing me after 2 minutes his head was on the road and he was crying.....awesome feeling xD i was like take that u heartless piece of shit! but now after 2 years we are friends LUL xD
[10:46] <Born.Villain> OMG
[10:46] <Born.Villain> how does THAT work?
[10:46] <Born.Villain> XD
[10:46] <Infster> we grow up?
[10:46] <Infster> i dunno
[10:46] <Born.Villain> that is so weird...
[10:46] <Born.Villain> then again, i had a friend/enemy 
[10:47] <Born.Villain> like, i was friends with her for a while, then i hated her for a was a psychotic yoyo
[10:47] <Infster> it happens to many people
[10:47] <Born.Villain> hmm
[10:48] <Born.Villain> i guess
[10:48] <Infster> hey do u do any breakdance moves??
[10:48] <Born.Villain> sorry, no
[10:48] <Born.Villain> i can't dance, as such
[10:48] <Infster> then learning is gonna be way hard
[10:49] <Born.Villain> i'm not quite sure what the definition of dance is
[10:49] <Born.Villain> is it just flailing random body parts in an assumed 'beat'?
[10:49] <Born.Villain> if its that, sure, i can dance to an extent 
[10:49] <Born.Villain> 
[10:50] <Infster> for me its flow a way to express yourself through beats of music of voices of people screams of yolonesss xD
[10:50] <Infster> 
[10:50] <Infster> and stuff..
[10:50] <Born.Villain> XD
[10:50] <Born.Villain> yoloness 
[10:50] <Born.Villain> XD
[10:51] <Infster> i also do parkour and freerunning
[10:51] <Infster> .
[10:51] <Infster> what sports or hobies u like to do?
[10:51] <Born.Villain> parkour?
[10:52] <Infster> yep
[10:52] <Born.Villain> no idea what that is
[10:52] <Infster> YOLOING around form building to bulding
[10:52] <Born.Villain> COOL
[10:52] <Infster> and other stuff like doing vaults or jumping through stuff
[10:53] <Born.Villain> awesome!
[10:53] <Born.Villain> no buildings where i am...just a house and heaps of land
[10:53] <Infster> i wish i was in a place like this
[10:53] <Born.Villain> i was once yoloing through a pine plantation...very awesome
[10:54] <Born.Villain> there were several on the ground, so yeah...very fun....
[10:54] <Infster> u can see yourself what it is here
[10:54] <Born.Villain> doesn't work on my internet...too slow
[10:55] <Infster> oh well
[10:55] <Born.Villain> my hobbies is drawing/sketching with pencil/ink
[10:55] <Born.Villain> horrible guitar playing
[10:55] <Infster> i like drawing and sketching too bad im pretty bad at it
[10:56] <Born.Villain> damn...
[10:56] <Infster> i play a little guitar but only songs i write
[10:56] <Infster> and of course pirates of the carribean song LULxD
[10:56] <Infster> 
[10:56] <Born.Villain> really? i wrote a shitload of lyrics but i have no tune for them -_-
[10:56] <Born.Villain> pirates of the carribean song? awesome! :D 
[10:56] <Infster> that happens to me too but i got tunes
[10:57] <Born.Villain> i find it easy for, like, country and slow kinda songs.
[10:57] <Infster> but POTC song i just play the beginning not the whole shit i cant xD i can only play mine song
[10:57] <Born.Villain> but i'm trying to make metal songs...the lyrics are metal....just not the damn tunes i come up with -_-
[10:58] <Infster> most of my songs are dark..
[10:58] <Born.Villain> then again, i have a friend who can make tunes and shit, just not really good lyrics XD 
[10:59] <Born.Villain> my lyrics are mostly like FUCK IT or THE WORLD IS SHIT or...I HATE RELIGION or something along those lines ._.
[11:01] <Infster> intresting
[11:02] <Born.Villain> it is....
[11:03] <Born.Villain> i can't write for shit if i'm not in the mood, so basically they're reflections of moods and thoughts of specific times
[11:03] <Born.Villain> my moods are typically triggered by randoms around me being extremely annoying.
[11:04] <Born.Villain> or ignorant...
[11:06] <Born.Villain> one of my recent-ish lyrics, triggered by a friend ignoring me:
[11:07] <Infster> gtg byyee
[11:12] <Born.Villain> bye
[12:37] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Yo Avin
[12:37] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Can we have a little one to one conversation?
[12:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Great! xD
[12:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Sup
[12:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> How are you doing?
[12:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Doesn't sound too great of a day but whatever.
[12:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> So how goes remembering your entire past in a different place?
[12:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Mmhmm
[12:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Ok
[12:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Nice
[12:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Well i better get going
[12:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> See ya later Kyaa
[12:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Nice talking to ya!
[02:00] <Tjggreen> hey
[02:03] <Jake16682> hey
[02:03] <Tjggreen> hi
[02:04] <Jake16682> how are you?
[02:11] <EinsVanCat> fusion.. why would he talk to my bot..
[02:20] <Jake16682> Hear I sit, broken hearted
[02:20] <EinsVanCat> Whats wrong?
[02:23] <Jake16682> Came to shit, but only farted ;_;
[02:23] <EinsVanCat> -.-
[02:23] <EinsVanCat> Im not the type of mod to joke like that. n.n Ok?
[02:23] <Jake16682> >_>
[02:24] <Jake16682> I'm a little disappointed today
[02:25] <EinsVanCat> Whys that?
[02:26] <Jake16682> My parents left today to go to some mall or something. I asked if I could play The Last of Us while they were gone. My PS3 requires a parental password for M rated games. My dad typed it in, left, and when I went to play the game it had to install some update and quit out of the game.
[02:27] <Jake16682> So now I can't play The Last of Us
[02:28] <EinsVanCat> ahahaha..
[02:28] <EinsVanCat> Sad :3
[02:28] <Jake16682> yep
[02:29] <Jake16682> Puts a damper on my day
[02:30] <Jake16682> What's happening' with you?
[02:34] <EinsVanCat> Not a whole lot
[02:34] <Jake16682> Nothing exciting?
[02:39] <EinsVanCat> Nothing Id like to mention
[02:40] <Jake16682> hm, ok
[03:21] <ImAMonkey> Hi
[03:32] <ImAMonkey> EinsCatLog are you there?
[03:33] <ImAMonkey> EINS
[03:33] <EinsVanCat> Why are you asking if EinsCatLog is here?
[03:33] <ImAMonkey> Because I have been here for 15 minutes almost
[03:33] <EinsVanCat> Its a bot.
[03:33] <ImAMonkey> And he/she hasn't said anything
[03:33] <ImAMonkey> O-O
[03:33] <EinsVanCat> I mean jesus it has MY NAME IN IT
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> Lol
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> I thought that at first
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> But then
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> I checked the contributions
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> XD
[03:34] <EinsVanCat> *facepalm* And its all logs
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> Now I feel stupid
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> Hi Avin
[03:34] <EinsVanCat> Hi monkey.
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> How's life?
[03:34] <EinsVanCat> I feel like I wanted to talk to you about something but I don't remember what.
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> :3
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> If you remember
[03:34] <ImAMonkey> I'm here
[03:35] <EinsVanCat> You're never on though
[03:35] <ImAMonkey> Lol
[03:35] <ImAMonkey> I used to be very active
[03:35] <ImAMonkey> People with exams and everything just started leaving
[03:35] <ImAMonkey> I will try and be on more, ok?
[03:35] <ImAMonkey> I have all of today off of school anyways
[03:35] <EinsVanCat> What do you think of my contributions? :3
[03:35] <EinsVanCat> And yes, please do, more members is good
[03:36] <ImAMonkey> Contributions on your bot account or your account account?
[03:36] <EinsVanCat> Account Account..
[03:36] <EinsVanCat> The bots account only adds to the chatlog..
[03:36] <ImAMonkey> You are being very helpful to the other members
[03:36] <ImAMonkey> In my opinion
[03:36] <EinsCatLog> Im allowed to talk in my bot account though lol
[03:36] <ImAMonkey> O-O
[03:37] <EinsVanCat> Its another browser
[03:37] <ImAMonkey> XD
[03:37] <EinsVanCat> I leave it up 24/7
[03:37] <EinsVanCat> Since my computer never gets turned off
[03:37] <ImAMonkey> And you aren't illiterate which is great
[03:37] <EinsVanCat> Mhmm, I'm really hoping for admin
[03:37] <ImAMonkey> There are a lot of illiterate members and that just is gaaah
[03:37] <ImAMonkey> Who would take your chat mod spot if you became an admin?
[03:38] <EinsVanCat> I wanna make this sites environment better
[03:38] <EinsVanCat> No idea
[03:38] <EinsVanCat> Kile apparently might be leaving
[03:38] <EinsVanCat> He's just not feeling it anymore for the OEC's apparently
[03:38] <ImAMonkey> Oh
[03:38] <ImAMonkey> OECs?
[03:38] <ImAMonkey> What does that stand for?
[03:38] <EinsVanCat> Online Energy Communities
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> Ahh
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> Heyyyy
[03:39] <EinsVanCat> Hey there dove
[03:39] <EnchantedDove> Hi.
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> I really like this of your contributions. On the Etheric Projection page 
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> The place is a lot different from what most people think..
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> 
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> And Im not going to get into why, its for you to find out.
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> 
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> Just make sure you keep your mind open about what its like, should you go.
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> 
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> 
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> Its vague 
[03:39] <EinsVanCat> Ah, the comment?
[03:39] <ImAMonkey> Vague is good
[03:40] <EinsVanCat> I actually rewrote that page too
[03:40] <EinsVanCat> along with Sparring
[03:40] <ImAMonkey> Oooh
[03:40] <ImAMonkey> Cool
[03:40] <EinsVanCat> [[Sparring]]
[03:40] <EinsVanCat> Should see what it was like before..
[03:41] <ImAMonkey> Is the previous version with all the different types of sparring?
[03:41] <ImAMonkey> I see disable spar, bi-location spar, etc
[03:41] <EinsCatLog> Err, no just look, itll be before my edit.
[03:42] <EinsVanCat> Do you not know how to check previous page versions?
[03:43] <EnchantedDove> "The Ethereal Plane is most likely where you project when you Bi-Locate." bi/o-location I believe is on a the physical plane but there's a gap to the etheric within bi/olocation. Atleast from my experience.
[03:43] <EinsVanCat> Bilocation -can- be on the physical plane.
[03:43] <EinsVanCat> However whenever I bi-locate Im somewhere other then the physical.
[03:43] <ImAMonkey> I know how to check sometimes. I usually click the diff button on someones contribution page to see what changed. But I cant find the contribution on your page.
[03:43] <ImAMonkey> You guys both bilocate?
[03:44] <EinsVanCat> [[Sparring?diff=89840&oldid=69943]]
[03:44] <EnchantedDove> "Reaching the Ethereal Plane is achievable through a deep meditative state, and shifting your consciousness to your soul. " that's not the only method, a method where youre conscious both here and there.
[03:44] <EinsVanCat> And I don't know why you would ever call it bio location
[03:44] <EnchantedDove> I bilocate/biolocate
[03:44] <ImAMonkey> I think the Etheric Plane is a little bit more than what happens when you bilocate
[03:44] <EinsVanCat> Bio makes no sense dove
[03:44] <EnchantedDove> Because biolocate is remote viewing
[03:44] <EinsVanCat> bio is life, or genetics
[03:44] <EnchantedDove> bilocate is being in two places at once and maintaining both.
[03:45] <EinsVanCat> biology
[03:45] <ImAMonkey> Just like how Jetblackrlsh named Exomental Projection with exo meaning outside
[03:45] <EinsVanCat> biology is the study of life
[03:45] <EnchantedDove> so I dont get why you call projection bilocate unless you can maintain both at the same time.
[03:45] <EinsVanCat> so saying "Bio Locate" is saying "Life Locate"
[03:45] <ImAMonkey> When you are supposed to start offf projecting inside your mind
[03:45] <ImAMonkey> It should be called endomental projection
[03:45] <EinsVanCat> mhmmmm
[03:46] <EnchantedDove> From that guide, youre saying shifting your conciousness fully to the other side, so that's not bilocate.
[03:46] <EinsVanCat> Which guide?
[03:46] <EnchantedDove> The ethereal projection one.
[03:46] <EinsVanCat> Thats because thats not using bilocation..
[03:46] <ImAMonkey> Is it etheric or ethereal?
[03:46] <EnchantedDove> it's both.
[03:46] <ImAMonkey> I call it Etheric or projecting to the Ether
[03:46] <EinsVanCat> Its simply where I figure you end up when you bilocate
[03:46] <EinsVanCat> It was not saying "You're using bilocation to go here"
[03:47] <ImAMonkey> And see dragons :3
[03:47] <ImAMonkey> Dragons are cute :3
[03:47] <EinsVanCat> Theres a -page- on bilocation
[03:47] <EinsVanCat> I don't need to explain how to bilocate anywhere
[03:47] <EnchantedDove> but bilocate is to be conscious in your projection and physical body.
[03:47] <ImAMonkey> Which reminds me, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is coming out soon :3
[03:47] <EinsVanCat> YES I KNOW
[03:47] <EinsVanCat> But on that guide its NOT USING THAT
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> "The Ethereal Plane is most likely where you project when you Bi-Locate.
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> 
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> Reaching the Ethereal Plane is achievable through a deep meditative state, and shifting your consciousness to your soul. "
[03:48] <EinsVanCat> That first line
[03:48] <EinsVanCat> Does it say
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> than that should be edited.
[03:48] <EinsVanCat> No, it doesn't
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> It comes off highly confusing.
[03:48] <ImAMonkey> I wanna see a demon
[03:48] <EinsVanCat> If you want to go there by bilocating
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> Lol monkey
[03:48] <EinsVanCat> you go to the bilocation page
[03:48] <EinsVanCat> and -read that page-
[03:48] <ImAMonkey> Demons are fun
[03:48] <ImAMonkey> Celestials are fun
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> Yes they are monkey :p
[03:48] <ImAMonkey> Dragons are fun
[03:48] <EnchantedDove> celestials/aliens?
[03:48] <ImAMonkey> No
[03:49] <EnchantedDove> That's kinda what celestials are 
[03:49] <ImAMonkey> Celestials is sometimes used as a term to describe angels XD
[03:49] <EnchantedDove> Oh that's light beings not exactly celestial
[03:49] <EinsVanCat> Urghhh
[03:49] <ImAMonkey> Now continuing with my what is fun thing
[03:49] <EinsVanCat> Light beings in general
[03:49] <EinsVanCat> are called Celestials
[03:49] <EnchantedDove> Nope
[03:49] <ImAMonkey> I should end with Vampires are dickheads
[03:49] <EinsVanCat> For some reason
[03:49] <EnchantedDove> but I dont really care to touch that
[03:50] <Jonas.g> oh spirits what a wonderful conversation
[03:50] <ImAMonkey> not spirits
[03:50] <EnchantedDove> Monkey, you should meet a daimon :D 
[03:50] <ImAMonkey> Etheric entities
[03:50] <EnchantedDove> not a nature spirit, but the vampiric one in the etheric.
[03:50] <ImAMonkey> Well then introduce me to one :) 
[03:50] <Jonas.g> cept i kinda made a seal that spirits could not touch my shield
[03:50] <Jonas.g> and before you go
[03:51] <EnchantedDove> Lol gotta learn to etheric project though
[03:51] <Jonas.g> "ugh jonas your so wrong", its true i made a seal on my shield or multiple seals
[03:51] <ImAMonkey> I want to learn to Etheric project
[03:52] <ImAMonkey> But maybe I should break one of the seals first XD
[03:52] <ImAMonkey> Baal said there were 7 when we talked
[03:52] <EinsVanCat> urghhhh
[03:52] <Jonas.g> wait why do you want to break my seals
[03:52] <ImAMonkey> Not your seals...
[03:53] <EnchantedDove> Monkey, I saw one of your "seals" last night.
[03:53] <EnchantedDove> I just didnt break it.
[03:53] <ImAMonkey> According to where I got some information, the soul has 7 seals
[03:53] <ImAMonkey> O-O
[03:53] <EnchantedDove> Not always.
[03:53] <EnchantedDove> some people have over 70+
[03:53] <EnchantedDove> Which is sad.
[03:53] <ImAMonkey> Damn
[03:54] <ImAMonkey> Eins you ok there?
[03:54] <EinsVanCat> I just want to kill some people..
[03:54] <EnchantedDove> Do it?
[03:54] <ImAMonkey> Don't kill me D:
[03:54] <ImAMonkey> I'm too young to die D:
[03:54] <698344> Hey guys....
[03:54] <ImAMonkey> 'Ello
[03:54] <EnchantedDove> Hello.
[03:55] <Jonas.g> what up
[03:55] <698344> Im curious can anyone . Here train me, in telekeinesis or should I just go to horsy now
[03:56] <698344> I really need to learn it fast n Im running out of time
[03:57] <ImAMonkey> Running out of time for what?
[03:57] <ImAMonkey> Are you like 80 on the brink of death?
[03:57] <698344> Look my friend is going to commit suicide ok
[03:58] <Horsyqueen> karma is on my side now :) 
[03:58] <698344> She said she probably stay until next year
[03:58] <Horsyqueen> how is she gonna comit suicide
[03:58] <698344> Kmife
[03:58] <Horsyqueen> thats risky
[03:58] <Horsyqueen> cos u can survive that
[03:59] <ImAMonkey> Telekinesis isn't going to stop your friend from committing suicide
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> the most painful are the best
[03:59] <ImAMonkey> Try empathy
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> carbon monoxide would be my choice
[03:59] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove blinks
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> but its harder to access
[03:59] <ImAMonkey> Change his/her feelings
[03:59] <698344> No
[03:59] <EinsCatLog> Can we not talk about suicide.
[03:59] <EinsCatLog> Kthx
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> well its very important
[03:59] <EinsVanCat> I dont wanna have to issue warnings out.
[04:00] <EinsVanCat> Especially any form of encouraging it.
[04:00] <Horsyqueen> i havnt done aything
[04:00] <Horsyqueen> and we werent encouraging it
[04:00] <698344> Im not I need help Eins
[04:00] <Horsyqueen> first i havnt said where to access stuff
[04:00] <Horsyqueen> i also said against knives
[04:00] <EinsVanCat> I wasn't saying anyone in particular horsy
[04:00] <Horsyqueen> also knives can give diseases
[04:00] <Horsyqueen> and you could get mrsa 
[04:01] <698344> There is a reason I need psi to save her
[04:01] <Horsyqueen> then she would be all bulgy
[04:01] <ImAMonkey> No you don't need psionics to save anyone
[04:01] <ImAMonkey> You need persuasion
[04:01] <Horsyqueen> and full of toxins
[04:01] <698344> Monkey 
[04:01] <ImAMonkey> Psionics doesn't help with everything
[04:01] <698344> It's not just some basic depression of feeling worse
[04:01] <ImAMonkey> There are real world issues in which we have to use the human brain and think
[04:01] <Horsyqueen> most people are too chicken to commit suicide
[04:01] <ImAMonkey> Im one of those people ^
[04:01] <Horsyqueen> so theres hardly anything to worry about
[04:02] <Horsyqueen> the only method which is painless is extremelly expencive
[04:02] <698344> Horsy she tried before
[04:02] <ImAMonkey> Ok...
[04:02] <ImAMonkey> Suicide is bad
[04:02] <ImAMonkey> Use your human brain and persuade her
[04:02] <Horsyqueen> also did u hear about the person who had a lethal injection
[04:02] <Horsyqueen> and they injected the wrong place
[04:02] <ImAMonkey> Euthanized themself?
[04:02] <Horsyqueen> i was like ha 
[04:02] <Horsyqueen> cos lethal injection isnt a good method
[04:02] <EinsVanCat>
[04:02] <EinsVanCat> 
[04:02] <EinsVanCat> I love metal
[04:03] <EinsVanCat> Its clean metal
[04:03] <Horsyqueen> even britiains hanging was better
[04:03] <ImAMonkey>
[04:03] <Horsyqueen> they should have hanged from a higher point though
[04:03] <698344> Monkey the problem is not possible with persuasion
[04:03] <EinsVanCat> Heard it before
[04:03] <ImAMonkey> Then use empathy
[04:03] <Horsyqueen> electric chair takes around 20 minutes to kill someone
[04:03] <ImAMonkey> CHange her emotions
[04:03] <Horsyqueen> just tell her not to
[04:03] <ImAMonkey> You cant save someone by rolling a pen
[04:03] <ImAMonkey> with your mind
[04:03] <Horsyqueen> if someone really wants to
[04:03] <698344> There is something I have to get rid of deep her mind to
[04:03] <Horsyqueen> they will
[04:03] <EinsVanCat> what..
[04:03] <ImAMonkey> EMPATHY
[04:03] <Horsyqueen> you cant stop them
[04:03] <ImAMonkey> I said this already
[04:04] <ImAMonkey> And people have psychological issues like chronic depression
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> you could try telling the police
[04:04] <ImAMonkey> For someone to remove a psychological condition like that
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> here suicide is illegal
[04:04] <ImAMonkey> You would have to be that person
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> they take u to a mental asylum and prison for it
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> usually
[04:04] <ImAMonkey> Or some therapist/psychologist
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> depends on your age
[04:04] <ImAMonkey> Suicide is bad
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> also if you have ever self harmed u cant go into the army
[04:05] <Horsyqueen> cos your seen as mentally unfit
[04:05] <698344> Guys like I said it's not something u can fix with persuasion or pro help
[04:05] <698344> Which is why I need psi
[04:05] <ImAMonkey> 69
[04:05] <Horsyqueen> i never said it was 
[04:05] <ImAMonkey> Stop being ignorant
[04:05] <ImAMonkey> I have already told you 
[04:05] <Jonas.g> yawn
[04:05] <Horsyqueen> i just said you could get her in a mental home for a bit
[04:05] <ImAMonkey> I know first hand about the effecrs of these
[04:05] <Jonas.g> talking about death are we
[04:05] <Horsyqueen> with experts
[04:05] <Horsyqueen> ooo death
[04:06] <Jonas.g> i almost experienced it two times
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> You can only stop this 
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> suki has maggots in her eyes at the moment
[04:06] <698344> I do to too
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> If she chooses
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> so i couldnt bury here
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> *her
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> Or if she sees a therapist long-term
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> they were crawling out her eyes
[04:06] <698344> I know but it's not insecurity 
[04:06] <EinsVanCat> urghhh
[04:06] <EinsVanCat> horsy
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> with their like whiskers
[04:06] <Jonas.g> plus i almost killed my self once
[04:06] <EinsVanCat> Please don't give that mental image out.
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> reminds me of my mealworm infestation
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> Now 
[04:06] <Jonas.g> before i became a psychic
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> This is getting kind of bad
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> 69 listen to me
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> i dont like worms
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> I have been suicida;
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> suicidal*
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> so i threw her in a hedge
[04:06] <ImAMonkey> I know what its like
[04:07] <Horsyqueen> next to yuki
[04:07] <698344> I have to still am
[04:07] <Jonas.g> the second time was the cinnamon challenge
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> I attended psychiatric therapy for a year
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> Now Im not as suicidal
[04:07] <Horsyqueen> i cant afford pet bugs to decompose stuff
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> Most people are too much of a wuss to commit suicide anyways
[04:07] <Horsyqueen> i have never had theropy
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> This is a very harsh topic
[04:07] <Horsyqueen> actually a teacher tried to council me
[04:07] <Jonas.g> but i never got therapy
[04:07] <698344> Monkey I will if fail
[04:07] <Horsyqueen> exactly monkey
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> OMG
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> 
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> Dude
[04:07] <Horsyqueen> thats why i'd have to go for quick
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> You
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> Cant
[04:07] <698344> I was going to
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> Change
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> Emotions
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> When 
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> It
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> Comes
[04:07] <ImAMonkey> To
[04:08] <ImAMonkey> Conditions
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> theropy doesnt work if your already insane
[04:08] <ImAMonkey> When people are suicidal and kind of committed to it
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> my great gran had it
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> never worked
[04:08] <ImAMonkey> It usually connects to chronic depression or an anxiety disorder
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> i bit a wall once :) proud moment
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> theres a whole bite mark out of it
[04:08] <ImAMonkey> Something that originates deep in the mind can not be stopped
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> people can develop anxyiety
[04:09] <698344> Well listen to a little bit so I can describe ours
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> but
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> some people are more prone then others
[04:09] <ImAMonkey> Fine describe
[04:09] <ImAMonkey> hey Tutu
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> i got a lot of friends with anxiety
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> and one that betends to
[04:09] <Truely Unknown> Hi monkey.
[04:09] <Jonas.g> meow
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> but hes not my friend
[04:10] <Horsyqueen> i need feathers and i have no more birds
[04:10] <698344> We both have your regular major depression right
[04:10] <ImAMonkey> Sure
[04:10] <698344> With a hint of insanity
[04:10] <ImAMonkey> Just continue
[04:10] <Horsyqueen> ooooo imagane if i found a bird of paradice
[04:10] <ImAMonkey> Insanity is psychosis
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[04:11] <ImAMonkey> Disorders are not adjectives
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[04:11] <ImAMonkey> Dont use them as such
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> so its Psychosis
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> lol
[04:11] <698344> No horsy
[04:11] <698344> It's both
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> and anxiety is more of a symptom
[04:11] <698344> We also have major
[04:11] <ImAMonkey> Ugh
[04:11] <ImAMonkey> Insanity
[04:11] <ImAMonkey> You would have to be diagnosed with both
[04:11] <EinsVanCat> *sigh*
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> insanity breach
[04:11] <ImAMonkey> These things are developed
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> thats the name of one of my horsies
[04:12] <ImAMonkey> And would be spotted out
[04:12] <ImAMonkey> If you werent diagnosed or at least considered
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> i agree with monkey
[04:12] <ImAMonkey> I doubt you have anything
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> schools spot wierd things
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> they then get a psychologist
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> or your parents spot it
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> schools usually give mental tests when u join
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> i got one :) 
[04:12] <EinsCatLog> Why does truely dc every time I go to talk to him -.-
[04:13] <Jonas.g> ???
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> cos he is a ...
[04:13] <EinsVanCat> Ah, whatever.
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> and that amount of .... isnt for each later
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> cos if it were
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> the a wouldnt be there
[04:13] <EinsVanCat> Yeah. We got it.
[04:13] <ImAMonkey> I didnt get one when I joined
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> didnt u?
[04:13] <698344> Well she says se has has this side to her where she gets bad thought s of killing violently bmurder n she enjoys but hates it other than that bullied parents n severe ly
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> well i got mine cos my teachers and parents noticed i was slow
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> and retarded
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> so they got me a psychologist
[04:14] <EinsVanCat> ..Seriously..
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> which costs about £1000
[04:14] <698344> Its been like this for years n she said death was a release
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> bloody hell
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> and anyway
[04:14] <ImAMonkey> That is actually kind of common
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> they give you psychological stuff
[04:14] <ImAMonkey> Now you are reminding me of the Giver
[04:14] <698344> ?
[04:14] <ImAMonkey> You do realize
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> death isnt a release
[04:14] <EinsVanCat> It is common
[04:14] <EinsVanCat> Im that way too
[04:14] <ImAMonkey> Medications suppress this stuff?
[04:14] <EinsVanCat> The only difference is I accept it
[04:14] <698344> Well she doesn't want meds
[04:14] <ImAMonkey> I have thoughts of killing so many people
[04:14] <EinsVanCat> And love it, and embrace it. lol
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> medicines arent good
[04:14] <ImAMonkey> Its not like Im going to act on it though
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> i dont like them
[04:15] <698344> I know I tryto tell her
[04:15] <ImAMonkey> Ugh
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> its better to use natural stuff
[04:15] <ImAMonkey> DUDE
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> like i have loads of oily fish
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> doesnt improve me :(
[04:15] <ImAMonkey> Im assuming you dont have a strong knowledge of psychology. AM I correct?
[04:15] <698344> But im different unlike her I did act 
[04:15] <698344> Nope whe re 14 remeber
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> your not 14
[04:15] <ImAMonkey> Im 13
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> you cant be 14
[04:15] <698344> Yeas I am horsy
[04:15] <EinsVanCat> *sigh* How annoying.
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> you look older then 14
[04:16] <ImAMonkey> I have a good knowledge of psychology
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> and your taller?
[04:16] <698344> On fb?
[04:16] <ImAMonkey> So just shut up for a second
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> i dont know
[04:16] <698344> Ok then 
[04:16] <ImAMonkey> And actually take in what I say
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> you seem like 15
[04:16] <698344> Im willing to every thinks im older
[04:16] <ImAMonkey> Because you kind of pissed me off when you used a disorder as an adjective
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> psychology is dull
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> i studied a cambridge university text book on animal psychology
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> it was okay
[04:16] <698344> I said it was a side
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> rather like
[04:16] <ImAMonkey> I know what its like to see suicide happen first hand
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> It was with a tulpa
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> odd
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> Still the point stands
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> speak of th devil
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> My tulpa held it off for a year
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> Before she ended her own life
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> Now
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> Listen
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> oooooooo that reminds me of silent hill
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> Suicide is rare to be acted upon
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> Thoughts are always lingering
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> you know like everything dies in a way in the most violent way
[04:17] <ImAMonkey> Medications to suck a lot
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> and they are still alive but mutated
[04:18] <ImAMonkey> But there are ones specifically for chronic depression
[04:18] <ImAMonkey> To SUPRESS the emotions
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> oooo those medicines
[04:18] <Infster> wha ta fuck are ya 2 taking abut?
[04:18] <ImAMonkey> Depression is an emotion
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> i know those
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> they use some plant
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> or animal
[04:18] <ImAMonkey> Telekinesis wont do jackshit against someone who is going to kill themself
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> why dont they chop out a part of the brain
[04:18] <ImAMonkey> THe only things that may help
[04:18] <ImAMonkey> Thing*
[04:18] <ImAMonkey> Empathy
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> that then makes them always happy
[04:18] <Truely Unknown> Is a psychologist.
[04:18] <698344> Thats why when I went apathetic it was gone for awhile
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> no your not
[04:19] <ImAMonkey> The ability to manipulate someones emotion
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> you may be studying it
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> it doesnt make u one
[04:19] <698344> I understand now
[04:19] <ImAMonkey> You dont just go "apathetic"
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> psychology would make everything seem soo dull
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> theres no life with it
[04:19] <ImAMonkey> I find that insulting to autistic people everywhere because we live with that hell everyday of not understanding emotions
[04:19] <Infster> x'8
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> autistics are facinating
[04:19] <698344> I was 
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> my uncle is autistic
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> hes way worse then you monkey
[04:20] <ImAMonkey> You were what?
[04:20] <ImAMonkey> Im an Aspie
[04:20] <ImAMonkey> I dont believe in worse
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> way worse
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> i mean like non functioning autism
[04:20] <ImAMonkey> I just believe on a spectrum
[04:20] <ImAMonkey> The different disorders
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> because very few autistics are functioning
[04:20] <698344> Well it happened after most my family died n I tried to kill myself by fire drowning n chemicals
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> a lot of the spectrum is in the mentally handicaped
[04:20] <698344> I just stopped caring never smiled laughed felt angry or sad
[04:21] <ImAMonkey> Umm...
[04:21] <698344> I was just there
[04:21] <698344> Empty
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> being apathic seems to be like the hipster thing to say these dys
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> *days
[04:21] <ImAMonkey> No 
[04:21] <Infster> 6984344 um sad u can suicide easy by just jumping off a tall building instant death dont try at home
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> about 10 people here say they are apathic
[04:21] <ImAMonkey> I am apathetic because I was born that way
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> yes
[04:21] <ImAMonkey> I dont believe in acquiring apathy
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> but you have a reasonable way of understanding others
[04:22] <698344> Its not possible with shock?
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> you understand animals?
[04:22] <ImAMonkey> I have a partial understanding of animals body expressions
[04:22] <698344> Well im sorry I didn't mean to offend u in anyway 
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[04:22] <ImAMonkey> Took me 2 years to learn my dogs
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> people are harder?
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> unpredictable?
[04:23] <Truely Unknown> It actually is possible to develop apathy. I am pretty sure he hasn't developed it though. 
[04:23] <ImAMonkey> People are much harder to understand because apparently eye contact is important and I dont make eye contact
[04:23] <ImAMonkey> EVER
[04:23] <ImAMonkey> Ill brb
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> developing apathy would be after an extreme event
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> and it wouldnt be as bad as people who have a mutation in their brain
[04:23] <ImAMonkey> * ImAMonkey is AFK
[04:23] <698344> Yeah well I don't k n ow the term but I just feeling things
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> which they cannot function anything in a part that isnt there
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> because a lot of disorders are mutations
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> and the fucking problem about mutations
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> is you cant change it
[04:24] <Infster> si eek xx s en ss ee
[04:24] <Infster> understand that message
[04:25] <698344> Look I was going to seek pro help if I couldn't do anything after 3 months even if she hates me or feel betrayed 
[04:25] <EinsVanCat> Hey forge
[04:25] <KarmaReforged> hello
[04:26] <698344> It's just we beeen dealing with it a long time n were tired 
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> by the way empathy can be calculated
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> scientificially
[04:26] <698344> Huh thabks guys forbgivin me advice
[04:26] <698344> Okay
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> i believe monkey would have had that test
[04:26] <Infster> who can tell what i am saying: s i xs t h s ne s n
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> me and my mum definately did
[04:27] <EinsVanCat> I dont think Ive had it
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> if you have been tested for autism, dyslexia, ADHD or ADD you would have had one
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> and it should be in your file
[04:28] <Infster> /..?/>>,;l;l,llkokop]kokp]o]okop]pokokokpokp]poko]popkpokpokoooppokoopkoooooopkoopkopoopkpookkoo]popoopopkopkokoppoookokpopkpoopkpokpokokbloodonyourfacebigdisgracesingingyoloeolkefokei[oregikjroirg[io[jgrbgr[ji[jbgroijgr[irjgj[orgib4rj[iott[trjtr[irjtt[oiroirti[jort[joirjtr[jtr[ijijortjtr[ijorjtt[rrjtrbjoir[oitjjiotjrt[ojro[jrto[tr[tt[rojr[ojrjtitrugotmudonyofacekjrogj4rnjtngunigniugunigbugungnubggunibgnugunguignuugngunguungunggurninujrgrgij
[04:28] <EinsVanCat> Never been tested for those
[04:29] <EinsVanCat> I did however, get that IQ Test and put into GATE.
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> thats different
[04:29] <EinsVanCat> Mhm Im aware
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> iq tests are just a faulty way of testing intelegence
[04:29] <EinsVanCat> tu is having some serious issues atm lol
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> i have had an iq est
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> *test
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> i dont remember the results
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> but its pure bullshit
[04:31] <698344> Latrr fuys gonna go learn empathy
[04:31] <Truely Unknown> Bye.
[04:31] <EinsVanCat> Seeya numbs
[04:32] <Horsyqueen> good luck agu
[04:53] <Jake16682> Heyyo!
[05:03] <Xcell> Hey I'm unblocked ^-^
[05:03] <Xcell> well unbanned*
[05:04] <Jake16682> me bans xcell
[05:04] <EinsVanCat> Hi xcell
[05:05] <DarkNyxx> Ello thar.
[05:05] <Jake16682> Hello
[05:05] <Jake16682> My name is Elder John
[05:05] <Jake16682> and I would like to share with you this book of Jesus Christ
[05:06] <ImAMonkey> I had that test
[05:06] <ImAMonkey> For empathy?
[05:07] <ImAMonkey> If you are talking about that, I was tested for empathy.
[05:07] <EinsVanCat> Hey
[05:07] <ImAMonkey> Hai :3
[05:13] <DarkNyxx> Elder John.
[05:13] <698344> Elder john?
[05:13] <Jake16682>
[05:14] <Jake16682> You didn't get the reference
[05:14] <Xcell> Hello guys ^-^ sorry I'ma be a little slow for a while.
[05:15] <Xcell> Talking to one of my mentors
[05:15] <EinsVanCat> Ah
[05:16] <Jonas.g> ?
[05:16] <Jonas.g> mentors?
[05:17] <Jake16682> I like to consider myself a mentor
[05:29] <ImAMonkey> Two Steps from Hell is amazing
[05:29] <Xcell> It's pretty good really
[05:29] <Xcell> I can't listen to any one song
[05:29] <Xcell> for more than an hour
[05:29] <Xcell> and not get tired of it for a week tho
[05:29] <ImAMonkey> I can listen to any one song
[05:29] <ImAMonkey> For 72 hours
[05:29] <ImAMonkey> And not get bored
[05:29] <Xcell>
[05:30] <Xcell> ^This shit's true as fuck
[06:37] <698344> I wish I could physical shift but it's not possible
[06:37] <Okamiden12> sure it is 
[06:37] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 buys a plane ticket
[06:37] <Okamiden12> :) 
[06:38] <698344> It isn't
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> game of thrones is nearly finished for season 4 :(
[06:38] <Okamiden12> if u wanna get technical it is ?XD
[06:38] <698344> Horsy can therians physical shift?
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> no
[06:38] <Okamiden12> just by taking a step forward
[06:39] <698344> Thank u
[06:39] <Okamiden12> that's a physical shift
[06:39] <698344> Thats what I was talking bout
[06:39] <Okamiden12> so you can't move at all?
[06:39] <698344> Not a phantom shift
[06:39] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 doesn't think he's getting what oka is trying to point out
[06:41] <ImAMonkey> No therians can not physical shift
[06:41] <698344> * 698344 needs oka to make sense for me to understand
[06:41] <ImAMonkey> No one can physical shift
[06:41] <698344> It would take months
[06:41] <Okamiden12> ~sighs~
[06:41] <ImAMonkey> Your body can not turn into a completely different race
[06:41] <698344> If it was possible
[06:41] <Okamiden12> oh
[06:41] <Okamiden12> that kind of shift
[06:41] <Okamiden12> <.>
[06:41] <698344> We can phantom shift
[06:41] <ImAMonkey> Not unless you are awakened
[06:42] <698344> N mimd shift n bi shift n aura shift
[06:42] <Okamiden12> i was talking about a physical shift in position
[06:42] <Okamiden12> :) 
[06:42] <698344> Woah what
[06:42] <ImAMonkey> Lemme link you to a very brief thing I wrote
[06:42] <698344> How I het awakened
[06:42] <698344> I wanna be a wolf
[06:42] <Okamiden12> :|
[06:42] <ImAMonkey>
[06:43] <ImAMonkey> You dont even have confirmation that your soul is a wolf
[06:43] <ImAMonkey> Have you done any past life viewing, been scanned, had anyone soul dive you?
[06:43] <Okamiden12> soul dive e.e_
[06:43] <CrazyUndertaker> Well, this is a surprise, hasn't been this lively in weeks.
[06:43] <ImAMonkey> Hey Undertaker
[06:43] <ImAMonkey> Congrats on becoming a mod
[06:44] <698344> Horsy souldived me
[06:44] <698344> Omg undertaker your alive
[06:44] <Okamiden12> oh did she now?
[06:44] <ImAMonkey> I think we should ask her
[06:45] <ImAMonkey> Okie do you believe in soul diving
[06:45] <698344> N a mytk reunion with without u
[06:45] <CrazyUndertaker> Thank you, Monkey. 
[06:45] <CrazyUndertaker> Of course I'm alive -.-
[06:45] <Okamiden12> I'm talking to her 
[06:45] <Okamiden12> about it
[06:45] <698344> She is the one who told I was therian on mytk
[06:45] <698344> Or tsubaki/lesami did
[06:46] <Okamiden12> :|
[06:46] <ImAMonkey> You need more confirmation
[06:46] <ImAMonkey> Get multiple scans
[06:46] <ImAMonkey> Do past life viewing
[06:46] <698344> Ok
[06:46] <Okamiden12> oh chat bot :O
[06:46] <Okamiden12> -hits it with a stick-
[06:46] <698344> But I believe d horsy cuz when she soul dived me my body cold as ice n
[06:46] <698344> That was one of things to prove to me psi was real
[06:46] <ImAMonkey> Thats what happens
[06:47] <ImAMonkey> Your center feels cold
[06:47] <698344> Well I phantom shifted before
[06:47] <698344> I felt the limbs n such
[06:48] <698344> Oh I remember now horsy soul dived me
[06:48] <698344> Tsubaki scanned me
[06:48] <ImAMonkey> Who is Tsubaki?
[06:48] <Okamiden12> Lesami
[06:48] <ImAMonkey> Oh
[06:48] <698344> But when tsubaki scanned me he said I might have been a poly
[06:48] <Okamiden12> Tsubaki was her MyTK name i suppose
[06:48] <698344> So lesami is tsubaki then
[06:48] <ImAMonkey> You called Lesami a he...
[06:49] <698344> Yeah
[06:49] <ImAMonkey> Lesami identifies as a she, therefore she should be called a she
[06:49] <698344> She told me she wanted to say he
[06:49] <698344> So thats y I said he
[06:49] <Okamiden12> she got mad at him -cough cough-
[06:49] <EinsVanCat> .-.?
[06:49] <698344> I don't caller him she anymore
[06:50] <Okamiden12> -gives eins a catalog filled with shiny, sharp objects- play with that
[06:50] <ImAMonkey> Dont call Lesami a he
[06:50] <ImAMonkey> Do you not know what gender identification is?
[06:50] <Okamiden12> lesami told him to call him a he
[06:50] <Okamiden12> ...
[06:50] <Okamiden12> wow that's not confusing at all
[06:50] <Okamiden12> XD
[06:50] <ImAMonkey> That is confusing Okie-kun
[06:51] <698344> Monkey she told me to call her a he
[06:51] <Okamiden12> i know
[06:51] <Okamiden12> yeh what he said
[06:51] <ImAMonkey> Ask her
[06:51] <698344> And as her pld student I will happily obey my masters wishes
[06:51] <Okamiden12> ... ~sigh~
[06:51] <Okamiden12> monchie
[06:51] <ImAMonkey> You sound like a slave
[06:51] <Okamiden12> hehehe
[06:52] <ImAMonkey> Did you read my post on shifts?
[06:53] <698344> No not yet
[06:53] <698344> Please excuse me
[06:53] <698344> N im not a slave I deeply care n respect my master 
[06:54] <698344> We had a close bond okay nothing more
[06:54] <ImAMonkey> That sounds like a slave
[06:54] <ImAMonkey>
[06:54] <Okamiden12> monchie, shh ~
[06:54] <ImAMonkey> Why?
[06:54] <698344> Does love n respect make u a slave
[06:55] <Okamiden12> no
[06:55] <ImAMonkey> No
[06:55] <ImAMonkey> But you are talking like one
[06:55] <698344> Oh that was u who wrote that
[06:55] <698344> Just cuz im black huh
[06:55] <Okamiden12> monchie is referring to your use of master :|
[06:55] <ImAMonkey> WHAT NO
[06:55] <Okamiden12> dont' mind him tho
[06:55] <ImAMonkey> I didnt even know you are black
[06:55] <ImAMonkey> I cant see you over the internet
[06:55] <698344> * 698344 cryies
[06:55] <ImAMonkey> Its just the way you are wording things
[06:55] <Okamiden12> ...
[06:55] <698344> Cries*
[06:55] <Okamiden12> god damn -3-
[06:56] <ImAMonkey> GAAAH
[06:56] <EinsVanCat> numbers
[06:56] <EinsVanCat> its based on the BDSM culture
[06:56] <698344> But yeah monkey I already have that as a bookmark on a computer
[06:56] <Okamiden12> :3
[06:56] <EinsVanCat> not the slavery that black people went through
[06:56] <ImAMonkey> So you saw the post before?
[06:56] <698344> Yes
[06:57] <ImAMonkey> You saw my post before :3
[06:57] <Okamiden12> we're talking about putting a collar around you and naming you "My Bitch" kinda slavery
[06:57] <Okamiden12> :) 
[06:57] <ImAMonkey> Lets leave BDSM out of this
[06:57] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 understands that's another strike
[06:57] <Okamiden12> 
[06:57] <698344> Thats some freaky deaky stuff
[06:57] <ImAMonkey> Its not a strike
[06:57] <ImAMonkey> What is some freaky stuff?
[06:58] <698344> BDSM
[06:58] <ImAMonkey> Please
[06:58] <ImAMonkey> Lets not mention that
[06:58] <698344> I know
[06:58] <698344> It digust me n scares me
[06:58] <EinsVanCat> .___. ok then
[06:58] <Okamiden12> :|
[06:58] <ImAMonkey> Hey Eins
[06:58] <EinsVanCat> Lets not talk about it and move on instead of continuing then?
[06:58] <ImAMonkey> :3
[06:58] <Okamiden12> okay :D 
[06:59] <ImAMonkey> Hey Syt
[06:59] <Sytrya> Hi.
[06:59] <698344> Can I spar someone
[07:00] <ImAMonkey> No
[07:00] <ImAMonkey> But why you consider yourself therian interersts me
[07:01] <Horsyqueen> oh dear
[07:01] <698344> Because I was scanned n told I was otherkin n the type I am is therian
[07:01] <Okamiden12> horsy i sent u a kik message :3
[07:01] <EinsVanCat> what is it horsy? : o
[07:01] <Horsyqueen> okay
[07:01] <698344> By two very respect ed people
[07:02] <ImAMonkey> Therian is an umbrella term
[07:03] <Horsyqueen> therian is like gothic
[07:03] <Horsyqueen> a whole sub-culture
[07:03] <Horsyqueen> which includes many different sub-cultures
[07:03] <ImAMonkey> But I mean aside from the different races of animals
[07:03] <ImAMonkey> There are more of an in depth set of races
[07:04] <Horsyqueen> well sorta
[07:04] <Horsyqueen> its odd
[07:04] <698344> People told me they were dragons before
[07:04] <Horsyqueen> theres also many different beliefs to it
[07:05] <ImAMonkey> Dragons are cute :3
[07:05] <698344> One guy was a phoenix or something
[07:05] <698344> Ohhh monkey into them dragons
[07:05] <Horsyqueen> jayshay isnt a phoenix
[07:05] <Okamiden12> jayshay?
[07:05] <ImAMonkey> Im not a monkey though
[07:05] <Horsyqueen> u wont know him
[07:06] <698344> I was like flufffffffffffff
[07:07] <ImAMonkey> Which guy said he was a phoenix
[07:07] <ImAMonkey> And its not IMpossible
[07:08] <ImAMonkey> Just extremely rare
[07:08] <ImAMonkey> But dragons are better than phoenixes
[07:08] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[07:08] <Okamiden12> dragons be shexi
[07:08] <698344> Oh ok
[07:09] <Horsyqueen> dragons are rare
[07:09] <Horsyqueen> just loads of people want to be one
[07:09] <Okamiden12> so...this girl tried to come on to me
[07:09] <Okamiden12> :|
[07:09] <Horsyqueen> cos of societies facination with the
[07:10] <ImAMonkey> Well who wouldnt
[07:10] <698344> I wanna be a wolf
[07:10] <ImAMonkey> You want to be a wolf?
[07:10] <698344> No dragon
[07:10] <ImAMonkey> You cant change your soul
[07:10] <698344> I am wolf
[07:10] <ImAMonkey> Im a wolf
[07:10] <698344> Ahhh yeah
[07:10] <ImAMonkey> Wolves are cute
[07:11] <ImAMonkey> But dragons are just
[07:11] <698344> Ri :(
[07:11] <Horsyqueen> also with otherkin and theriens theres varyng different legnths or beliefs
[07:11] <ImAMonkey> How to Train Your Dragon 2 is coming out
[07:11] <ImAMonkey> Dragons are amazing
[07:11] <Horsyqueen> like some believe they have animal dna
[07:11] <698344> Ok I hav to admit dragons r pretty sexy n majestic
[07:11] <ImAMonkey> Hello :3
[07:11] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[07:11] <Horsyqueen> depends
[07:11] <Horsyqueen> have u seen aztec stuff
[07:12] <698344> Think so
[07:12] <Horsyqueen> and wyrems
[07:12] <698344> Omg I need to go study father futhark
[07:12] <Horsyqueen> i wouldnt call them sexy
[07:12] <Horsyqueen> or magestic
[07:12] <698344> Ahhh
[07:12] <698344> But wolves r cute n ferocious
[07:12] <698344> Like che wa was
[07:13] <Rêveur of the Night> o.o
[07:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Wooooaaahhh
[07:13] <Sytrya> Hmm.
[07:13] <Horsyqueen> wolves are really common
[07:13] <Okamiden12> Cousin RÊV
[07:13] <Horsyqueen> cos people relate to them
[07:13] <Horsyqueen> very common in people who are more spiritual connection therians
[07:13] <ImAMonkey> Hey Revvv
[07:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[07:14] <EnchantedDove> Rev it up
[07:14] <Rêveur of the Night> Do I know you from somewhere? o.o
[07:14] <Okamiden12> lel
[07:14] <Horsyqueen> it is lovely to see less of those mainstream
[07:14] <EnchantedDove> I don't think so.
[07:15] <Horsyqueen> seen merfolk around
[07:15] <Okamiden12> FUCK
[07:15] <Sytrya> Hi Dove!
[07:15] <Okamiden12> i have hiccups now -3-
[07:15] <698344> Someone said ibwas a poly tho
[07:15] <Okamiden12> damn Dr.Pepper
[07:15] <EnchantedDove> Hi Sytrya!
[07:15] <698344> I didn't believe it
[07:15] <698344> Do ploys even exist?
[07:15] <698344> Polys
[07:15] <Horsyqueen> yer
[07:15] <Horsyqueen> but poly is just one classification
[07:15] <698344> Wait they do
[07:15] <Sytrya> :D 
[07:15] <Horsyqueen> different polys arent even related
[07:15] <Horsyqueen> polys could be t
[07:16] <698344> So I might actually be
[07:16] <Horsyqueen> *strictly physical animals
[07:16] <EnchantedDove> "shifters"
[07:16] <Horsyqueen> or mimic others
[07:16] <Sytrya> "Ditto'
[07:16] <Horsyqueen> some can only change body parts
[07:16] <698344> Oh yeah
[07:16] <Horsyqueen> or are unlimmited
[07:16] <Horsyqueen> but polys are really hard to work out
[07:16] <698344> I think I can tey to m shift only to other animals
[07:16] <Horsyqueen> most polys dont know they are
[07:17] <698344> We should have otherkin sparbwars!!!!!!!!
[07:17] <EnchantedDove> I dont believe there's an "unlimited" there's always a limit.
[07:18] <Horsyqueen> the way of working it out is more inconsistancy
[07:18] <Sytrya> Polys sound rather dull.
[07:19] <698344> Full term is Polymorph
[07:19] <EinsVanCat> ehhhmmm numbers.. .__.
[07:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Sorry to interrupt real fast.
[07:19] <Rêveur of the Night> I don't suppose anyone here knows someone who goes by "Thobias Lopes"?
[07:20] <Horsyqueen> theres many names for different types of polymorphs
[07:20] <698344> Maybe
[07:20] <ImAMonkey> Sorry Rev I dont
[07:20] <Okamiden12> Sepol Saiboht
[07:20] <Horsyqueen> saying polymorph is like all sea creatures
[07:20] <Horsyqueen> most have gills
[07:20] <Horsyqueen> but they are many different species
[07:21] <698344> Well we don't have a universal term
[07:21] <Sytrya> What original shape are they?
[07:21] <Sytrya> Where are they from?
[07:21] <Horsyqueen> depends on the species
[07:21] <Horsyqueen> i dont know mine
[07:21] <Horsyqueen> i barely believe i have one
[07:22] <Horsyqueen> not everyone needs an exact species
[07:22] <Horsyqueen> people can just say i am otherkin
[07:22] <Horsyqueen> and thats it
[07:23] <EnchantedDove> .-.
[07:23] <Horsyqueen> they dont need to find out its just self discovery
[07:23] <Sytrya> -_-
[07:23] <698344> Horsy we need to start a society for our people to go
[07:23] <698344> N train them
[07:23] <EnchantedDove> Some self discovery turns diluted.
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> train?
[07:24] <EnchantedDove> "godkin" 
[07:24] <EnchantedDove> "a bunch of kin that lives in me"
[07:24] <Sytrya> "Dietymorph"
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> thats not self discovery
[07:24] <Rêveur of the Night> "me"
[07:24] <Sytrya> How can you say for sure?
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> thats more trying to be above others
[07:24] <EnchantedDove> "half this half that half this half more than what I really am"
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> godkin are very badly looked apon
[07:24] <EinsVanCat> lol
[07:24] <EnchantedDove> Not quite
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> but its best ignore them
[07:25] <EnchantedDove> people find the wrong info and think they are that thing.
[07:25] <698344> Well I mean like just a place for otherkin to meet n hang
[07:25] <698344> Utopia
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> Umm
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> numbers
[07:25] <EnchantedDove> I personally believe gods are not allowed to be here.
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> 69
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> there are otherkin sites
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> There is a society like that
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> ._.
[07:25] <Sytrya> You can't really tell me what polymorph species you are, are you qualified to judge?
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> Its called the Ether
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> Actually
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> Its multiple socities
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> does it matter what i am?
[07:25] <EnchantedDove> The otherkin community I left, I believe 99% of them are just wannabe something.
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> societies*
[07:25] <698344> Omg I need to go there now!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> i have no need to classify myself under a species
[07:25] <Sytrya> The "Ether" is not a society. O.o
[07:25] <698344> Ahhhh
[07:25] <ImAMonkey> Its a plane
[07:25] <Sytrya> You just answered my question like that, Horsy.
[07:26] <Horsyqueen> it would be insanity for me to discover a species so i could just tell people
[07:26] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove carries monkey >_>
[07:26] <EinsVanCat> I am what I am :3
[07:26] <ImAMonkey> Why carry me?
[07:26] <EnchantedDove> idk o_O
[07:26] <Sytrya> Technical foul.
[07:26] <Horsyqueen> and it does not make me any more or any less
[07:27] <EnchantedDove> .-.
[07:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Since when are there fouls in talking to people? o.o
[07:27] <Horsyqueen> people are being silly
[07:27] <698344> Did u guys know im hitler
[07:28] <Jonas.g> ????
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> darling -.-4
[07:28] <698344> Yes ma love
[07:28] <Jonas.g> hitler then i must slay you
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> oh dear
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> dont call me love
[07:28] <Jonas.g> *pulls out enchanted diamond sword
[07:28] <698344> Baby?
[07:28] <698344> Tenshi?
[07:28] <Sytrya> Boo~
[07:28] <Jonas.g> ok give me your best shot
[07:28] <698344> Dearest?
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> baby, no
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> no
[07:28] <EnchantedDove> Ew.
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> my fish are my babies so :P
[07:29] <ImAMonkey> Tenshi means angel
[07:29] <Rêveur of the Night> Angel, really? *snicker*
[07:29] <Rêveur of the Night> ...
[07:29] <ImAMonkey> In Japanese
[07:29] <Sytrya> Dove is my boo, know your position. 
[07:29] <698344> Yes monkey
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> kurotenshi
[07:29] <EnchantedDove> Lol
[07:29] <Sytrya> Dovey Boo~
[07:29] <698344> Ohh I miss kuro
[07:29] <ImAMonkey> Why call Horsy your angel?
[07:29] <EnchantedDove> Sytrya Boo~
[07:29] <Rêveur of the Night> Black Angel?
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> i dont like that
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> black angel
[07:29] <Sytrya> Eugh.
[07:29] <EnchantedDove> Black angel...?
[07:29] <698344> I haven't teased her in a while
[07:29] <EnchantedDove> Lol
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> i forgot the name for white
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> there was someone called kurotenshi
[07:30] <698344> Neko means cat
[07:30] <Horsyqueen> but when u translated it
[07:30] <Horsyqueen> it was dark angel
[07:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Kuroneko :3
[07:30] <Horsyqueen> kaba means hippo
[07:30] <698344> Watashi wa kurama gin desu ka
[07:30] <Horsyqueen> kirin means girraffe
[07:30] <Sytrya> ~_~
[07:30] <Horsyqueen> most names of animals have the same name as mythical animals
[07:31] <EnchantedDove> I wonder where sasuke is..
[07:31] <Horsyqueen> cos not because they look like eachother always
[07:31] <Horsyqueen> but because they have characteristics
[07:31] <698344> Then y is sauskes technique a dragon
[07:31] <Horsyqueen> kirin and giraffes are both wierd with horns
[07:31] <Horsyqueen> ryu is dragon
[07:31] <Horsyqueen> kitsune is fox usually
[07:31] <Kile574> Lordy lordy look at all the people.
[07:31] <EnchantedDove> Sasuke: Kirin! "craaaaaw"
[07:31] <698344> Lol rock lee sd they made it a giraffe
[07:31] <ImAMonkey> Kiel
[07:31] <Sytrya> sasukeh
[07:31] <698344> My name ryuu blade
[07:31] <Sytrya> Narrootoe
[07:31] <698344> No stop 
[07:31] <ImAMonkey> Ryu from Street Fighter
[07:32] <Horsyqueen> naruto has no accracy to historical or mythological japan
[07:32] <Sytrya> No one asked.
[07:32] <698344> No more fgopl
[07:32] <EnchantedDove> Lol Sytrya I remember that video xD 
[07:32] <Sytrya> xD
[07:32] <698344> Fgopls
[07:32] <EnchantedDove> Narutoooooe 
[07:32] <Kile574> Sytrya, pm 
[07:32] <698344> Actually horsy it does
[07:32] <Horsyqueen> *cries*
[07:32] <Horsyqueen> i just deleted my game of thrones tabs
[07:32] <698344> Nooooooooooo
[07:32] <EnchantedDove> :3
[07:32] <Horsyqueen> meaning i have to start the episode all over again
[07:33] <Horsyqueen> bloody season 4
[07:33] <Sytrya> :u
[07:33] <EnchantedDove> "quack"
[07:33] <698344> Ino s mind transfer jutsu handsign n the snake handsign is real
[07:33] <Sytrya> :Q
[07:33] <Kile574> I like how this place gets popular when i get on less. That makes me feel great xD
[07:34] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove latch onto kile <3
[07:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Because no one loves you Kile ;)
[07:34] <698344> Kuji in n kuji kiri baby
[07:34] <Kile574> * Kile574 cries silently 
[07:34] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove caress kile shhhhh
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> so?
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> bloody 30 minutes to buffer
[07:35] <698344> Omg I need to learn to fight with a spear n a pike
[07:35] <Sytrya> Kuji Kiri has been around before Naruto.
[07:35] <Jonas.g> so everyone was talkin about otherkin
[07:35] <EnchantedDove> Sadly.
[07:35] <698344> Yes I know sytra
[07:35] <ImAMonkey> How is that sad Dove?
[07:35] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> hi
[07:35] <Jonas.g> cause i was told i was an otherkin
[07:35] <Horsyqueen> fighting with a spear isnt exactly the best techneque
[07:35] <EinsVanCat> Hi
[07:35] <698344> Y
[07:36] <Sytrya> Hi Aradia~
[07:36] <Rêveur of the Night> Ohhh?
[07:36] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> how is zll
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> you want something with more force
[07:36] <EnchantedDove> I'll tell you in a bit monkey
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> its a little primal
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> bow and arrow
[07:36] <698344> I need to learn to fight with all weapons
[07:36] <Jonas.g> yeah but everytime i talk about it horsy goes on a rampage
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> long bow if you have the stregnth
[07:36] <698344> Horsy it's not all about power
[07:36] <Rêveur of the Night> "Primal"
[07:36] <EnchantedDove> "kitsuneeeeeeeee" 
[07:36] <698344> I need technique n speed
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> noooo
[07:36] <Jonas.g> but she forgot to include the twelve dimensions
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> i mean power as in stregnth power
[07:37] <698344> I could beat a axe with a spear
[07:37] <Jonas.g> so see ya
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> using a bow is really taxing on the arms
[07:37] <Kile574> Not on mine .-.
[07:37] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> imma a banana
[07:37] <Sytrya> So is using anything else.
[07:37] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> how is all?
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> i am talking a long bow
[07:37] <EnchantedDove> Oh kile I see how youre ignoring me </3
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> they are much larger
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> much tighter
[07:37] <Kile574> what ? No i changed tabs ;-;
[07:37] <698344> More strength to pull n hold right
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[07:37] <Kile574> They've never hurt my arm, save when the string hits me .
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> they are probibly taller then you.
[07:38] <Kile574> and when that happens you have no choice but to sit down and cry cause that stuff hurts .
[07:38] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove summons a kile
[07:38] <Kile574> * Kile574 bursts out of the ground in a flurry of rainbow light and flowers 
[07:38] <EnchantedDove> Lmfao xD 
[07:38] <698344> I wanted to learn archery
[07:38] <Kile574> :P
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> i want to learn fan fighting
[07:39] <EnchantedDove> That actually made me laugh..I almost choked on my noodles
[07:39] <RoyalMight> Hey Kile.. "rub rub rub"
[07:39] <Kile574> Archery isn't hard. It just takes a little practice 
[07:39] <Kile574> XD
[07:39] <Sytrya> Take them out silently.
[07:39] <Kile574> I really didnt mean it like that lol
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> long bows are
[07:39] <Kile574> Anyone ever seen Arrow ? :3
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> and mounted archery
[07:39] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> rub 
[07:39] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> oh my
[07:39] <Sytrya> *Fwwwwwwwwwwwtsshh*
[07:39] <698344> Aiming wing direction
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> mounted archery is a lot harder
[07:39] <Sytrya> Headshot.
[07:39] <698344> Omg 
[07:39] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> anyway
[07:39] <RoyalMight> It's too late xD never living that one down
[07:39] <698344> I could never do that
[07:39] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ive been talking to my water spirit
[07:40] <EnchantedDove> *thot
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> there are some interesting weapons around
[07:40] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i wanted to know if anyone here was connected to water spirits as well
[07:40] <EnchantedDove> *water thots
[07:40] <ImAMonkey> YOUR water spirit?
[07:40] <Sytrya> *Water side chicks
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> i work with nature mostly
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> not like specific water
[07:40] <Sytrya> I know one.
[07:40] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yes. like i dont own her but she protects me and stuff. like a part of me
[07:40] <EnchantedDove> *animal food
[07:41] <Sytrya> "Kibbles and Bits"
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> ales you follow the idiology that everything has a spirit
[07:41] <EnchantedDove> "neigh bites"
[07:41] <Kile574> I have a Teriyaki Beef Jerky flavored soda. Please, feel free to bow. 
[07:41] <698344> I think water is my element I could never die by water
[07:41] <EnchantedDove> Kile that sounds groady xD 
[07:41] <Sytrya> Well, don't try drowning yourself now~
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> like in china where all animals have some what of a demon
[07:41] <ImAMonkey> Everyone with lungs could die by water
[07:41] <Kile574> it really does, im not sure if i want to try it xD
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> thats what kepies are for
[07:41] <698344> I didn't
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> drowning people
[07:41] <EnchantedDove> ugh "demon" >_>
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> and bunnyips
[07:41] <698344> Either that or it wasn't long enough
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> fifi should know about bunnyips
[07:42] <Kile574> like.. its just beside me and i keep looking at the cap and thinking " i want this ? "
[07:42] <698344> I swallowed enough water when 
[07:42] <698344> I was drowning
[07:42] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove feeds Kile smoked horsemeat
[07:42] <EnchantedDove> I will pamper you <3
[07:42] <Sytrya> From the queen of horses~
[07:42] <Kile574> * Kile574 sneezes on enchanted
[07:42] <Kile574> ._.
[07:42] <Kile574> * Kile574 eats it 
[07:42] <EnchantedDove> D:
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> dove stop trying to piss me off it wont work
[07:42] <Kile574> Guys, my girlfriend sneezed on me .
[07:42] <ImAMonkey> XD
[07:42] <EnchantedDove> Horsy, I dont care about you. dont feel special.
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> i am fine with the consumption of any meat
[07:42] <Sytrya> Annihilate her.
[07:42] <Sytrya> With love.
[07:43] <Horsyqueen> as long as it is ethical
[07:43] <EnchantedDove> I actually have tasted horse meat and it's surprisingly good.
[07:43] <Rêveur of the Night> You should feel honored
[07:43] <Sytrya> Ethics differs per culture.
[07:43] <Kile574> like.. i was talking to her and she kept sneezing and i said "why are you doing that ? " and she said "i sneeze when i dont like what people are saying" and i said "thats stupid" and she sneezed on me ._.
[07:43] <Sytrya> Horse is strong and meaty.
[07:43] <Horsyqueen> ethical so the animal does not feel pain
[07:43] <EnchantedDove> So like please dont think you have relevance to my life :) thank you
[07:43] <Sytrya> o.o
[07:43] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove carres Kile away
[07:43] <Horsyqueen> horse meat is very chemically
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> full of steriods usually
[07:44] <698344> As a person I hate u for eating a horse my wolf side says delicious huh
[07:44] <Sytrya> How do you get ethical meat without pain? o.o
[07:44] <EnchantedDove> Lol 69 that's fine :p
[07:44] <EnchantedDove> Food chain and all that I suppose.
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> anything but slitting the throat and letting the animal wander around in horrible pain
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> i could show you pictures since you seem to want them
[07:44] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove sighs
[07:44] <Sytrya> I don't care.
[07:45] <Sytrya> I'm still eating meat like an Orc ♡
[07:45] <ImAMonkey> But you dont have a wolf side
[07:45] <Sytrya> Lets think about humans and not animals.
[07:45] <EnchantedDove> *Fried chicken
[07:45] <ImAMonkey> Unless you have borderline personalities
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> then its fair to know where they come from
[07:45] <Kile574> I'm pretty sure animals dont care how they die as long as they dont have to live in those crowded foody place thingys anymore .
[07:45] <ImAMonkey> You have one side
[07:45] <Sytrya> ImAM
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> they do
[07:45] <Sytrya> Who are you speaking to? o.o
[07:45] <EnchantedDove> Lol Kile true
[07:45] <Kile574> How do you know Horsy ? .-.
[07:45] <ImAMonkey> Speaking to 69
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> animals can sense hormones from the slaughter house
[07:45] <698344> Personality wise monkey no need to get technical
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> before they enter
[07:45] <Sytrya> From dead things?
[07:45] <ImAMonkey> Im always technical and confusing
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> the area is full of piss and shit
[07:45] <Sytrya> How does this work?
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> a lot of animals shit and piss when they are scared
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> they also release pheramones
[07:46] <Sytrya> And so we do we daily.
[07:46] <EnchantedDove> so do humans .-.
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> not the sexual ones
[07:46] <Sytrya> And so do they?
[07:46] <Kile574> And im sure they dont care how they die as long as they dont have to live in that anymore .-.
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> they care
[07:46] <Sytrya> This seems to contradict yourself.
[07:46] <Kile574> And you know how 
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> because the food we eat
[07:46] <Kile574> ?
[07:46] <EnchantedDove> "end their suffering"
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> are social animals
[07:46] <Kile574> ^^
[07:46] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> sorry
[07:46] <ImAMonkey> Euthanasia
[07:46] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> im back now
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> pigs are extremelly social
[07:46] <ImAMonkey> Is the best way for an animal in pain to die
[07:46] <Sytrya> Wb~
[07:46] <EnchantedDove> Wb crigga
[07:46] <RoyalMight> Why do you know so much about animals? 
[07:46] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> pigs make good meat
[07:46] <ImAMonkey> Because we all have our interests
[07:46] <EnchantedDove> Bacon
[07:46] <Sytrya> Mhm.
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> chickens live in complex pecking orders
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> and when you meet animals
[07:47] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> chicken maeks good meat too
[07:47] <Sytrya> They taste good.
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> you will see another side to them
[07:47] <Sytrya> When they're being seasoned.
[07:47] <EnchantedDove> As long as thy taste good I'm pretty sure no one cares xD
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> chicken meat is rather icky to me at the moment
[07:47] <698344> Cuz she loves animals
[07:47] <Sytrya> And fried.
[07:47] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i had chick fil a
[07:47] <Sytrya> I see another side.
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> the blood vessels are very obvious
[07:47] <EnchantedDove> "KFC"
[07:47] <Sytrya> A tasty side.
[07:47] <EnchantedDove> "Mcdonalds"
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> i am fine to disect animals
[07:47] <EnchantedDove> "Wendys"
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> but not eat their blood vessels
[07:47] <Sytrya> MMM MMM!
[07:47] <EnchantedDove> I love me some chinese food tbh.
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> mc donalds is disgusting
[07:47] <ImAMonkey> I hate McDonalds and and KFC
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> excuse me for this
[07:48] <Sytrya> Thats a great opinion~
[07:48] <Sytrya> Pleases, tell me more!
[07:48] <EnchantedDove> You can starve xD 
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> but your eating pig and cow privet parts
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> no
[07:48] <EnchantedDove> god dont like picky people
[07:48] <Sytrya> Which tastes good.
[07:48] <ImAMonkey> Sytrya who are you talking to?
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> okay explain the specialist animals then
[07:48] <Sytrya> Everyone and know one.
[07:48] <EnchantedDove> I wont ever eat chitlins or whatever.
[07:48] <Sytrya> *No
[07:48] <Sytrya> Oops lol.
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> explain how the indian gnarl came to be
[07:48] <ImAMonkey> XD
[07:48] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> lions eat meat
[07:48] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> tigers eat meat
[07:48] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> wolves eat meat
[07:48] <Sytrya> Sharks eat meat
[07:48] <EnchantedDove> I'd eat a lion if it doesnt eat me 
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> its different when big cats and wolves eat
[07:49] <Sytrya> I'm down for some Lion Steak.
[07:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no its not
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> they get one at a time
[07:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we're all animals
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> yes it is
[07:49] <Sytrya> You see
[07:49] <Sytrya> Theres something called a "Food Chain"
[07:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we are omnivores
[07:49] <EnchantedDove> I'll never eat a wolf, cause well I dont want to.
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> theres a difference between farming and hunter gather
[07:49] <Sytrya> Wolf tastes like dog. xD
[07:49] <ImAMonkey> Please dont Dove D:
[07:49] <EnchantedDove> I'd eat bambi
[07:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> which means we eat both veggies and meatt
[07:49] <ImAMonkey> Sytrya how dare you
[07:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> which is like why we have both farming and hunter/gatherers
[07:49] <Sytrya> Who are you ImA?
[07:49] <698344> I should kill u
[07:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> cuz we're complex
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> you would not eat bambi ales you are willing to pay
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> no
[07:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and have complex needs
[07:49] <ImAMonkey> I am me
[07:49] <Sytrya> Im down to fight.
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> we are farmers
[07:50] <RoyalMight> Ales..?
[07:50] <ImAMonkey> But I am no one
[07:50] <698344> But I must admit ivam delicious
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> hunter gather is different
[07:50] <Sytrya> What...
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we are farmers
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and hunters
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and gatherers
[07:50] <Sytrya> So uhm...
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> cuz we're human
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> hunter gather is totally relying on nature
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> its more sustainable
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> no were not
[07:50] <Sytrya> Well
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> prehistory
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> which is what early humans did
[07:50] <Sytrya> Hunters hunt deer
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and we still do
[07:50] <Sytrya> And fish
[07:50] <RoyalMight> Humans are swag.
[07:50] <Sytrya> And other stuff
[07:50] <Sytrya> Like?
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> early
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> were not early
[07:50] <EnchantedDove> Might, go study.
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> are
[07:50] <RoyalMight> Shut up 
[07:50] <EnchantedDove> <3
[07:50] <Sytrya> Study on this money.
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> homo sapians are a lot different
[07:50] <EnchantedDove> Go train Mightguy
[07:50] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> cuz we've only been on the earth
[07:51] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> a very short time
[07:51] <RoyalMight> Ok Bushy Brows
[07:51] <Horsyqueen> thats silly to say
[07:51] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> early homo sapians and homo sapians now are still homo sapains
[07:51] <Sytrya> I still want some lion, I require a team of hungry hunters.
[07:51] <Sytrya> No one can stop me.
[07:51] <Horsyqueen> homo as a genus have been around
[07:51] <EnchantedDove> Lol but I'm your teacher, you will address me as Massa
[07:51] <RoyalMight> Lol homos
[07:51] <Horsyqueen> we have homo neandihor in us
[07:51] <Horsyqueen> we are in effect hybrids
[07:51] <Sytrya> Neandihor?
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> homo sapian
[07:52] <Sytrya> Neanderthals? 
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> i cant spell the name
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> horsy
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> u dont understand
[07:52] <Kile574> Neanderthal ?
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> homo sapain
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> is our species
[07:52] <Sytrya> Yes Kile lol.
[07:52] <RoyalMight> So you just sounded it out.. ok
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we are homo sapian
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> there was about 5 different species in the homo genus
[07:52] <Sytrya> Sapain.
[07:52] <Sytrya> What is a sapain.
[07:52] <Kile574> it means handy man.
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> homo sapien bred between a few of them
[07:52] <Sytrya> XDD
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> homo sapien means wise man
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> horsy
[07:52] <RoyalMight> Homo
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> homo apien
[07:52] <EnchantedDove> You kinda learn this in 5th grade I believe
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> is our species
[07:52] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> homo erectus means straight man
[07:53] <Sytrya> Hummus Sapain.
[07:53] <RoyalMight> What's with all the homos 
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> he was the first man to walk on two legs
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we arent homo erectus tho
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we are 
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> homo 
[07:53] <RoyalMight> Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> sapian
[07:53] <Sytrya> Hummus Erection
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> veronica
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> horsy
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> this part is a lot more complicated then you think
[07:53] <SuperKrill99> hi
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[07:53] <Sytrya> Sapain.
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> yes it is
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> cuz ive taken biology
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and science
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and history
[07:53] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like college
[07:53] <RoyalMight> The butt is only made for poop and enemas
[07:53] <EinsVanCat> Ahem
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> this isnt the history they teach you in schools
[07:53] <Sytrya> Hummus Neanddihor
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> then what is history
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> where do u learn it
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> this is genetics and paelentology
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> if not in college
[07:54] <EnchantedDove> I think you spelled that wrong...
[07:54] <RoyalMight> Paleontology you mean..?
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> they teach these things
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> mixed with paeleozoology and genetics
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea
[07:54] <Sytrya> Paleontology? 
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> but it doesnt matter
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> cuz it is what it is
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> many species breed with other species
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> sometimes they produce fertile offspring
[07:54] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and our species is homo sapian
[07:54] <RoyalMight> NO! WE NOT HOMO
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> we are still hybrids
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> okay
[07:55] <EinsVanCat> ...
[07:55] <EinsVanCat> Might.
[07:55] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> our species name is homo sapian
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> equus ferus przewalskii
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> breeds with equus ferus ferus
[07:55] <RoyalMight> Hetero gang cuz~
[07:55] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> it doesnt matter what we bred with
[07:55] <Kile574> Uh..they're still the same genus ..
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> the offspring is equus ferus caballus
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> noooo
[07:55] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yes
[07:55] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ik
[07:55] <Sytrya> * Sytrya dies
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> they have a different number of chromosomes
[07:56] <Kile574> So its just a small scale diversity, not enough to say the child is a hybrid .
[07:56] <RoyalMight> Are you gonna like work at a zoo?
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> two animals in the same genus usually cant breed
[07:56] <Sytrya> Halfling. 
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> to produce fertile offspring
[07:56] <Kile574> XD
[07:56] <RoyalMight> Like why do you know this? 
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> example
[07:56] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> humans
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> horse and donkey
[07:56] <Kile574> "Halfling " im dying right now 
[07:56] <Sytrya> Emergency data.
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> tiger and lion
[07:56] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like for example
[07:56] <Sytrya> XDD
[07:56] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like there's dogs right?
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> a tiger is panterus tigeris
[07:56] <RoyalMight> How is this relevant to life? 
[07:56] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> if you have golden retriever
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> lion is pantherus leo
[07:57] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> its a golden retriever
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> noooo
[07:57] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yes
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> breeds are sub-species
[07:57] <Sytrya> panthera tigris Is a tiger.
[07:57] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ok well its still a golden retriever
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> sub-species usually can breed to produce fertile offspring
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> usually
[07:57] <Sytrya> A-wooooh~
[07:57] <Sytrya> uhm
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> there are exceptions to the sub-species rule
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> usually in fish
[07:57] <RoyalMight> Why do you care about their fertility? 
[07:57] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> that means all those other early species of humans were subspecies
[07:57] <RoyalMight> Like.. why? 
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> nooooo
[07:57] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> cuz they could breed with each other
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> they could breed
[07:57] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like you said
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> sometimes two species can bred
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> if they are closely related enough
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> cuz they're all human
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no matter what
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> just different types 
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> noooo human is a common name
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like dogs
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no it isnt
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> common names are very innacurite
[07:58] <Maskedmoon> Hello everyone
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> its only used for us
[07:58] <Maskedmoon> How are you all?
[07:58] <Kile574> Welcome to biological hell maskedmoon.
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> dogs have sub-species
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> they are very accurate
[07:58] <Sytrya> LOL KILE
[07:58] <Kile574> xD
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> homo sapien is not the same as other species
[07:58] <Sytrya> Take your seat in the inferno.
[07:58] <EinsVanCat> Does anyone wanna talk about spiritual things? n.n
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like how we call dogs dogs even tho there's diff types
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> it is
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> they just happened to be closely related species
[07:58] <RoyalMight> We have a damn Zoo lesson every time I'm here. 
[07:58] <EnchantedDove> biology 101 we heading back to middle school <3
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> they arent different species
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> its just a sub-species
[07:58] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> for human
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> they have the same number of choromosomes
[07:59] <Kile574> i actually took my first biology course in highschool ;-;
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> no they arent
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> the rule with subspecies
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> is their names
[07:59] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> that means thhey're the same
[07:59] <Kile574> Thats like... the only reason i was excited for highschool lol
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> if they were a sub-species
[07:59] <RoyalMight> Animals are animals ok.
[07:59] <RoyalMight> Damn.
[07:59] <EnchantedDove> Kile, yeah you either take it in middle school or 9th grade 
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> they would be homo sapien .....
[07:59] <RoyalMight> Leave it like that.
[07:59] <Sytrya> Do you have a degree in sciences? 
[07:59] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we are animals
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> sub-species have a genus species then sub-species name
[07:59] <Sytrya> A degree in irrelevance~
[07:59] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> taxonomy
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> yes they do
[08:00] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like a dog cant be a wolf but a wolf can be adog
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> examples equus ferus przewalskii
[08:00] <RoyalMight> Sytrya
[08:00] <RoyalMight> A degree in irrelevance
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> equus ferus ferus
[08:00] <SuperKrill99> what is conscious astral projection?
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> equus ferus caballa
[08:00] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> homo sapian
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> a dog and a wolf are closely related
[08:00] <Sytrya> I feel like this should not be Biology 101.
[08:00] <Sytrya> Someone tell me how to make a ward.
[08:00] <RoyalMight> Go Go power rangersssss
[08:00] <EnchantedDove> projecting to the mental plane while conscious super.
[08:00] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> so are wolf dogs a different species
[08:00] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[08:00] <RoyalMight> Da na na na na
[08:00] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> they're dogs
[08:00] <Sytrya> * Sytrya building blows up
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> dogs and wolves share the same genetics
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> just about
[08:00] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> because dogs come from wolves
[08:00] <RoyalMight> Chum is fum
[08:01] <EinsVanCat> How do you make a ward guys, come on now. Someone wants to know.
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> different alles to the same genes
[08:01] <RoyalMight> I own a wolf.
[08:01] <SuperKrill99> is that the same as an astral projection or different?
[08:01] <Sytrya> Ok but where is the psionics
[08:01] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like how homo sapans are homo sapans
[08:01] <EnchantedDove> It's the same.
[08:01] <Sytrya> Im tryna seal bitches
[08:01] <SuperKrill99> oh
[08:01] <Sytrya> Lets talk about seals
[08:01] <RoyalMight> I keep him in my garage.
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> dogs come from wolves but wolves are only dogs when they are bred with dogs
[08:01] <SuperKrill99> ok
[08:01] <EnchantedDove> you can either project fully or half.
[08:01] <ImAMonkey> Too many words
[08:01] <ImAMonkey> Cant process
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> then they become hybrids of the two
[08:01] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> they can only bree
[08:01] <EinsVanCat> ... Alright.
[08:01] <EinsVanCat> Discussion of Biology is ending, its been going on for a long time.
[08:01] <ImAMonkey> * ImAMonkey explodes
[08:01] <698344> I can teach u runes of fathar futhark
[08:01] <Sytrya> Water is wet.
[08:01] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> that's not right horsy
[08:01] <RoyalMight> My wolf's name is Meow.
[08:01] <Sytrya> Salt is salty.
[08:01] <EinsVanCat> Lets get onto something that actually is relevant to this site.
[08:01] <EnchantedDove> "husky" named chum
[08:01] <ImAMonkey> My dog's name is Daisy
[08:01] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> we can talk about water
[08:01] <Sytrya> Eins, what can you do of relevance? 
[08:01] <ImAMonkey> She is so cute :3
[08:02] <Kile574> I'm going to change my name to Defalt .
[08:02] <RoyalMight> Fum is Chum
[08:02] <EinsVanCat> I'm an Energy Specialist.
[08:02] <ImAMonkey> KILE
[08:02] <ImAMonkey> DEFALT IS AN ASS
[08:02] <SuperKrill99> I tried to astral project it didn't work
[08:02] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> you are? could you read my energy?
[08:02] <Kile574> He really is XDD
[08:02] <Sytrya> What do you specialize in?
[08:02] <SuperKrill99> It didn't work
[08:02] <Kile574> But he's still pretty cool
[08:02] <ImAMonkey> If you hacked into his camera while you were in his club
[08:02] <RoyalMight> More than a specialist. 
[08:02] <Sytrya> The Default in the building. 
[08:02] <EnchantedDove> energy specialist? like a master?
[08:02] <Kile574> he just flicks you off 
[08:02] <SuperKrill99> Like I heard a loud popping noise
[08:02] <ImAMonkey> No
[08:02] <ImAMonkey> Before that
[08:02] <EinsVanCat> I know a lot about how to do things with energy, yeah.
[08:02] <ImAMonkey> The normal security cameras
[08:02] <Kile574> where he waves ?
[08:02] <ImAMonkey> And you look at yourself
[08:02] <Kile574> OH
[08:03] <Kile574> i didnt look at myself 
[08:03] <EnchantedDove> So you label yourself a master?
[08:03] <ImAMonkey> It says Bitch, Defalt
[08:03] <ImAMonkey> Occupation: U MAD BRO?
[08:03] <Sytrya> How does fire energy work?
[08:03] <SuperKrill99> I wanna get into esp
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> you crashed my laptop
[08:03] <Kile574> Oh yeah i remember that !
[08:03] <EinsVanCat> No I do not, but I am advanced enough to know what I am doing.
[08:03] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ahahaha
[08:03] <Sytrya> Too bad it didn't last.
[08:03] <RoyalMight> Good.
[08:03] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea
[08:03] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> sorry about that
[08:03] <Kile574> Horsy you cant blame someone else for crashing your laptop .-.
[08:03] <Sytrya> What do you advance in?
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> bits soo hard to teach you basic biology
[08:03] <Sytrya> Don't.
[08:03] <RoyalMight> Dat broke boi laptop. 
[08:03] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> because you dont know it ofc
[08:03] <ImAMonkey> Defalt is Deadmau5 with edges
[08:03] <Sytrya> This is Psi Wikia not Bio Wikia
[08:03] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> but anyway
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> well its more 2nd year of a level
[08:03] <Sytrya> I can link you there to go teach a class.
[08:03] <Sytrya> Or nah?
[08:03] <RoyalMight> 2nd Year Level Irrelevance
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> biology is one of the basic sciences
[08:04] <Kile574> Well sytry if this keeps up we might have to change our name xD
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> you need to understand biology
[08:04] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea then u should kno it
[08:04] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> but i still love u
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> to understand a lot of stuff
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> i do
[08:04] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> hey horsy do u know any water spirits
[08:04] <Sytrya> <3 _ <3
[08:04] <Sytrya> No wait.
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> i dont work with any specific water spirits
[08:04] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> why?
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> although i would like to work with kelpies
[08:04] <RoyalMight> The greatest realization is learning you don't know anything
[08:04] <EnchantedDove> Why does your eyes look like hearts? you need a doctor?
[08:04] <Sytrya> ❤️_❤️
[08:05] <Sytrya> I'm suffering from love.
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> try teaching yourself cos your teacher doesnt know the course
[08:05] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i love u
[08:05] <RoyalMight> ♥_♡
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> i dont get how she finds teaching about conservation so hard
[08:05] <RoyalMight> I mean the teacher does have a degree.
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> not sure
[08:05] <Sytrya> Like Americas school system.
[08:05] <ImAMonkey> Teaching me about conversation is hard
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> teaching here is different to there
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> and she was educated in tazmania
[08:05] <RoyalMight> I don't think people need to learn about conversation. 
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> which is a totally different country
[08:06] <Sytrya> Well...
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> with a different education system
[08:06] <EnchantedDove> Heuheuheu
[08:06] <Sytrya> Sirens are neat.
[08:06] <Sytrya> So are mermaids.
[08:06] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i love sirens
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> closer to ours then america
[08:06] <EnchantedDove> Sirens are beautiful 
[08:06] <RoyalMight> Tazmanian devils are vicious. 
[08:06] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> but i like mermais better
[08:06] <EnchantedDove> I'd marry one
[08:06] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> im friends
[08:06] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> with a mermaid
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> taxmanian devils are precious
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> i love the tazmanian tiger
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> i still believe they exist
[08:06] <ImAMonkey> I dont like Sirens
[08:06] <RoyalMight> America shits on Britain.. fuck you mean
[08:06] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i want to know what a tiger tastes like
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> these arent tigers
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> they arent even carnvora
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> they are marsupials
[08:07] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea but still
[08:07] <Sytrya> Anyways
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> earlish mammals
[08:07] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i wonder
[08:07] <Sytrya> Anwayssss
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> not egg laying
[08:07] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> itd be exotic and stuff u kno?
[08:07] <SuperKrill99> OMG
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> but their womb isnt the best
[08:07] <EinsVanCat> If anyone who knows the basics of EM, and wants to ask me questions, you're free to talk to me.
[08:07] <Sytrya> I want a siren sister ♡ 
[08:07] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> but thats just me
[08:07] <RoyalMight> Everybody in the UK is dumb
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> thats racist
[08:07] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i want to sleep with a siren
[08:08] <SuperKrill99> How does it feel when you construct?
[08:08] <Horsyqueen>
[08:08] <EinsVanCat> not racist, its against a nation, not a race.
[08:08] <RoyalMight> UK isn't a race xF
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> it still counts
[08:08] <Sytrya> As fuck.
[08:08] <EinsVanCat> No, its a different term, horsy
[08:08] <RoyalMight> It doesn't count lmfao
[08:08] <EinsVanCat> Like a Bigot is religion
[08:08] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no thats discrimination sweetie xD
[08:08] <EnchantedDove> I never get why people call it racist...
[08:08] <Sytrya> Uhm?
[08:08] <RoyalMight> A bigot isn't just religion. 
[08:08] <EnchantedDove> "racist"
[08:08] <EnchantedDove> like uh no..
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> racism is a large range of things
[08:08] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i never liked the UK tho
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> agism is just age
[08:09] <RoyalMight> Racism is race.
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> and sexism is just sex
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> all foggy and stuff
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> racism isnt just a race
[08:09] <RoyalMight> Hence the RACism.
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no it isnt
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> take it from me 
[08:09] <EnchantedDove> It has race in the name xD 
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> racism is when you oppress another race
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> england is barely foggy
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> in a systematic form
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[08:09] <EnchantedDove> I feel like people need to think of better words
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yes
[08:09] <RoyalMight> England is some buttt
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> it is
[08:09] <EnchantedDove> "racism"
[08:09] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> are you white?
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> thats not racism too opress
[08:09] <RoyalMight> Death to the queen.
[08:09] <Sytrya> Racism is basically denying rights privileges work entertainment etc to a race/diversity group.
[08:09] <EnchantedDove> Do people in england like their queen?
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> it can be caused by racism
[08:10] <EnchantedDove> I heard a few british people say she doesnt do anything.
[08:10] <SuperKrill99> Lets talk about EM
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> Please don't attack a persons nation
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> racism
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> is
[08:10] <Sytrya> Slay the queen
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> oppression
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> It is against the rules.
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> the queen creates income for us, australia and can create income for canada
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and discrimination
[08:10] <SuperKrill99> STOP
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and prejudice
[08:10] <EnchantedDove> Oh I see.
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> i dont care
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like the only peopple that ik that say stuff like that is people who arent people of color
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> it really shows what the world thinks of americans
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> Lets talk about EM, yes.
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> so they can keep insulting me
[08:10] <ImAMonkey> Gotta eat samosas
[08:10] <ImAMonkey> Brb
[08:10] <Sytrya> Eins.
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> gosh
[08:10] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> im latina
[08:10] <Sytrya> What is energy emission?
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> it just makes people think less and less
[08:11] <Sytrya> Well...
[08:11] <EnchantedDove> Super, debates happen a lot. Debates are healthy.
[08:11] <Sytrya> I'm in Africa.
[08:11] <Sytrya> Excuse you.
[08:11] <Sytrya> Not America.
[08:11] <Horsyqueen> your speaking american english
[08:11] <RoyalMight> You're*
[08:11] <Sytrya> LOL
[08:11] <Horsyqueen> so you will have been taught their idiologys some how
[08:11] <Sytrya> English is international.
[08:11] <EnchantedDove> My stomach hurts :/
[08:11] <SuperKrill99> Im new to em where should I start?
[08:11] <RoyalMight> Ideologies*
[08:11] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> english comes from the dutch.
[08:11] <Sytrya> Dovey let me love youuuuuuu
[08:11] <Horsyqueen> english comes in different forms
[08:11] <EnchantedDove> Super, em is the first thing you start with.
[08:12] <Sytrya> Yep.
[08:12] <Horsyqueen> theres british english and american english
[08:12] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[08:12] <EnchantedDove> Em is the basics of psionic abilities.
[08:12] <Sytrya> Not that I care.
[08:12] <Horsyqueen> we use different terms
[08:12] <EinsVanCat> Im not certain, actually, most likely I know it, just haven't connected it to the english language.. *Selftaught*
[08:12] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> english is english
[08:12] <SuperKrill99> Can you guys please help me?
[08:12] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> like some of english comes from russia
[08:12] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> what do u need help with
[08:12] <Sytrya> English probably comes from Russia.
[08:12] <EnchantedDove> Super...I just told you -_-
[08:12] <SuperKrill99> I know
[08:12] <Sytrya> Ulga Poromov made it.
[08:12] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> you know
[08:12] <SuperKrill99> I don't know what in EM I should start with
[08:12] <EnchantedDove> Start with psiballs.
[08:12] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i think tigers evolved from tiger sharks
[08:13] <Sytrya> Vicktor Reznov told the British about it.
[08:14] <RoyalMight> Britain's military is weak too.
[08:14] <RoyalMight> Russia would crush them.
[08:14] <Sytrya> Fish and chips vs bottle of vodka
[08:14] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> hey guys
[08:14] <Horsyqueen> tiger sharks are cartriligious fish
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> tigers are carnvora
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> but speaking pheonologically we are related
[08:15] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> but they come form the ocean
[08:15] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> thats why they can swim
[08:15] <EnchantedDove> Humans evolved into merpeople
[08:15] <Sytrya> Why is tiger shark a tiger though?
[08:15] <Sytrya> What is life?
[08:15] <EnchantedDove> whales from moose looking things
[08:15] <Sytrya> "Moose looking things" xD
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> tiger sharks are called tiger sharks due to their behavior
[08:15] <Kile574> I actually started with moving energy then moved up to psiballs. Took it slow ~.~
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> their apperance
[08:15] <RoyalMight> Whales evolved into humana.
[08:15] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea
[08:15] <EinsVanCat> *sigh* Come to think of it, I am a horrible teacher, and always will be. lol
[08:15] <RoyalMight> Humans*
[08:15] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> they looks like tigers
[08:15] <Sytrya> Snakes into crows.
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> whales are not any way related to primates
[08:15] <EnchantedDove> Idk the name sytrya xD they looked like mooses.
[08:16] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> and some of them evolved into actual tigers
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> they are related to even toes oungulates
[08:16] <Sytrya> Canadian peopl!
[08:16] <RoyalMight> Whales have leg bones.
[08:16] <EinsVanCat> Teaching yourself how to do things makes it incredibly difficult to get your lesson across as it doesn't use terms others use.. .-.
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> so?
[08:16] <RoyalMight> They evolved into humans.
[08:16] <EnchantedDove> It had hooves and weird looking body
[08:16] <Sytrya> And wings
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> seals have flippers
[08:16] <RoyalMight> They lost weight. 
[08:16] <Sytrya> And a spiky tongue
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> they arent related to whales
[08:16] <RoyalMight> Ans became humans.
[08:16] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea they are
[08:16] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> they're aquatic
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> oh my gosh
[08:16] <RoyalMight> Whales have fins not flippers
[08:16] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> god horsy....
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> do you actually think that
[08:16] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yes
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> whales are related to seals?
[08:16] <Sytrya> Yes.
[08:16] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yes
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> okay
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> let me get a tree
[08:17] <RoyalMight> Seals say ORR.. whales say aroooo
[08:17] <EinsVanCat> *dies from the offtopicness*
[08:17] <EnchantedDove> Its not offtopicness
[08:17] <EnchantedDove> randomness is a topic honeeeeey
[08:17] <Horsyqueen> read that
[08:17] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> y?
[08:17] <Horsyqueen> it will teach you a lot
[08:17] <Sytrya> What 
[08:17] <Sytrya> Does
[08:17] <Sytrya> A
[08:17] <Sytrya> Tree
[08:17] <Sytrya> Have to do
[08:17] <EinsVanCat> ...Fine.
[08:17] <EinsVanCat> Irrelevancy.
[08:17] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i already know a lot sbout it
[08:17] <Sytrya> With whales?
[08:17] <RoyalMight> No. I made that website. 
[08:17] <Sytrya> ??????
[08:17] <Horsyqueen> seals are carnvora
[08:17] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> which is why i know that seals are related from whales
[08:17] <EnchantedDove> Irrelevancy is a topic too lol
[08:17] <Horsyqueen> related to dogs and racoons
[08:17] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> they're genus doesnt matter
[08:17] <EnchantedDove> the topic of irrelevance.
[08:17] <Sytrya> K.
[08:18] <EnchantedDove> thus it' a topic honeeeey
[08:18] <RoyalMight> Ostriches are made from humans and birds having sex.
[08:18] <Horsyqueen> yes it does
[08:18] <EinsVanCat> I can't stand the constant chatter about freakin everything -except- spiritual things.
[08:18] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no it doesnt
[08:18] <EnchantedDove> That talk about it dont just complain
[08:18] <EnchantedDove> just my input
[08:18] <Horsyqueen> the taxonomy of an animal shows its family
[08:18] <Horsyqueen> and history
[08:18] <Sytrya> K.
[08:18] <RoyalMight> Taxonomy is making stuffed animals for a living. 
[08:19] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> current science is showing that taxonomy is becoming outdated
[08:19] <Sytrya> Build-A-Bear!
[08:19] <Horsyqueen> we are life animalia chordates mammalia primates great apes homo sapien
[08:19] <Sytrya> Words that summon the devil.
[08:19] <Horsyqueen> taxonomy is always been played with
[08:19] <EnchantedDove> I'd become one if I could stuff humans 
[08:19] <SuperKrill99> How can I feel the psi ball when my hands are already tingling from electrokinesis?
[08:19] <Sytrya> Is that latin?
[08:19] <RoyalMight> It's a pillow.. it's a pet.. it's a pillow pet. 
[08:19] <Horsyqueen> thats taxidermy darling
[08:19] <Gizmic> heya
[08:19] <Sytrya> Stuffed Billy.
[08:19] <Horsyqueen> taxidermy is using the skin or bones
[08:19] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yes it is
[08:20] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> something you kno finally
[08:20] <Horsyqueen> i can show you pictures of how to taxidermy road kill
[08:20] <EinsVanCat> *twitches*
[08:20] <Horsyqueen> articulating skeletons counts as taxidermy
[08:20] <Horsyqueen> and wet samples
[08:21] <Horsyqueen> oo i like this
[08:21] <RoyalMight> Do ya now? 
[08:21] <Sytrya> No thank you.
[08:21] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> tacidermy is horrible
[08:21] <RoyalMight> Dead animals are cool huh? 
[08:22] <EinsVanCat> I seriously feel.. like.. I need to implement a rule.. even if it causes revolt.. for awhile..
[08:22] <EinsVanCat> It wouldn't be a permanent rule.. but the fact is I know several people right now who have been trying to talk about spiritual things and have been ignored completely.
[08:22] <Horsyqueen> taxidermy allows scientists to study animals
[08:22] <Sytrya> Eins, what is energy emission? I missed it if you answered me.
[08:22] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> it disrespects their bodies
[08:22] <Horsyqueen> a biologist usually has access to some form of taxidermy
[08:22] <RoyalMight> Taxidermy is for lonely sociopaths.
[08:22] <Sytrya> Michael Myers
[08:22] <SuperKrill99> WHO CARES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[08:22] <Horsyqueen> whether an articulated skeleton or skull
[08:22] <Sytrya> LOL SUPER
[08:22] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> its still inhumane
[08:22] <Horsyqueen> fossils are taxidermy in a way
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> its not inhumane
[08:23] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> fossils are natural tho
[08:23] <RoyalMight> Taxidermy is that shit when people like niggas to spit on them.
[08:23] <Sytrya> Why am I ignored.
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> its only inhumane if u kill it yourself badly
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> so is taxidermy
[08:23] <EinsVanCat> I did, but I said I couldn't answer because I am self-taught in EM, everything I know uses my own terms, so if I know it, then its under another term
[08:23] <Sytrya> :O
[08:23] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> thats what they usually do
[08:23] <RoyalMight> You ever got spit on?
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> yuki and suki died naturally
[08:23] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> my mom is a biologist
[08:23] <RoyalMight> You into that shit?
[08:23] <EinsVanCat> Royal
[08:23] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> she works at the CDC
[08:23] <EinsVanCat> Language.
[08:23] <Sytrya> You sus.
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> heather got killed by a cat
[08:23] <EinsVanCat> W1
[08:23] <RoyalMight> Sus bro.
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> casper died of disease
[08:23] <Sytrya> Horsyqueen, are you sus?
[08:23] <SuperKrill99> Why is em good to start with?
[08:24] <Horsyqueen> sus?
[08:24] <Sytrya> Yes.
[08:24] <SuperKrill99> I started with kinetics
[08:24] <Sytrya> Are you sus?
[08:24] <EnchantedDove> EM is the basics of psionics.
[08:24] <Horsyqueen> the art of studying animals cant be done with just live animals
[08:24] <EinsVanCat> It helps you do things, gives you willpower and other things.
[08:24] <ImAMonkey> Energy Manipulation is good to start with because it is.
[08:24] <RoyalMight> Horsy is sus.
[08:24] <Sytrya> Energy Manipulation is basically this:
[08:24] <EnchantedDove> Like I hve been sying over and over again...
[08:24] <Horsyqueen> how can u study a dodo
[08:24] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove flip table
[08:24] <Horsyqueen> if there are no live dodos
[08:24] <RoyalMight> Dodos are sus
[08:24] <Sytrya> If you can't move your own energy or learn about it, you can't do it with anthing else.
[08:24] <RoyalMight> That's why they all died
[08:24] <SuperKrill99> oh
[08:24] <EinsVanCat> Indeed
[08:24] <SuperKrill99> not even esp?
[08:24] <EinsVanCat> ESP doesnt really use Energy
[08:24] <Horsyqueen> dodos were amazing birds
[08:24] <Horsyqueen> very aggressive
[08:25] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> everything use energy
[08:25] <Sytrya> ESP is complimented by it though.
[08:25] <Horsyqueen> and would chase humans and their dogs
[08:25] <EinsVanCat> Its a sense
[08:25] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> dodos are extinct
[08:25] <EnchantedDove> How do you know?
[08:25] <ImAMonkey> A way I think of it is like rock climbing. Are you going to do the tiny basic wall first, or are you going to climb a frickin mountain first?
[08:25] <EnchantedDove> Were you there?
[08:25] <ImAMonkey> you gradually work your way up
[08:25] <EnchantedDove> when they were alive?
[08:25] <Horsyqueen> dodos went extinct just how the elephant bird did
[08:25] <EnchantedDove> I dont understand your logic
[08:25] <Horsyqueen> but differently
[08:25] <EinsVanCat> Yes, sytrya is right on the complimentation though
[08:25] <Horsyqueen> humans couldnt eat dodo
[08:25] <SuperKrill99> well it would if you programmed a psi ball
[08:25] <Horsyqueen> because the meat wasnt nice tasting
[08:25] <Sytrya> You time traveling, breh?
[08:25] <RoyalMight> Elephant bird was an abomination from Noahs Ark.
[08:25] <EnchantedDove> I still dont understand...
[08:25] <Horsyqueen> and it was too tough
[08:25] <EnchantedDove> HOW DO YOU KNOW
[08:25] <Sytrya>
[08:26] <ImAMonkey> I don't believe in Noah's Ark,,,
[08:26] <EnchantedDove> They werent extinct before you were even born o_o
[08:26] <Horsyqueen> you study the bones
[08:26] <Horsyqueen> and the taxidermy dodo
[08:26] <Sytrya> Good for you, IAMirrelevent.
[08:26] <ImAMonkey> XD
[08:26] <EnchantedDove> so you know they are aggresive by their bones?
[08:26] <ImAMonkey> Royal said the elephant bird was from Noahs Ark
[08:26] <Horsyqueen> also records
[08:26] <ImAMonkey> So Im not irrelevant
[08:26] <Sytrya> I got an aggressive bone.
[08:26] <RoyalMight> Dodos are hoes. 
[08:26] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> are my bones aggressuv
[08:26] <Horsyqueen> from those times
[08:26] <EinsVanCat> Might
[08:26] <EinsVanCat> Language.
[08:26] <Sytrya> Its 10 inches.
[08:26] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ok who wants a reading
[08:26] <EinsVanCat> W2
[08:26] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> scan
[08:26] <Horsyqueen> the sailors wrote diaries
[08:26] <Sytrya> Read me please, Aradia~~
[08:26] <EnchantedDove> So records existed that far back?
[08:26] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ok
[08:26] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> sytrya
[08:26] <Horsyqueen> -.-
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> the dodos didnt die out that long ago
[08:27] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ok give me a moments
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> 200-100 years
[08:27] <Sytrya> Thank you boo♡ 
[08:27] <RoyalMight> Dodos didn't exist until jesus made them in 1994
[08:27] <Sytrya> Dam, you 200 years old?
[08:27] <Sytrya> Damn ma.
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> i actually study
[08:27] <ImAMonkey> Please don't put religious views in this
[08:27] <SuperKrill99> its possible
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> unlike a lot of people
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> i read scientific papers
[08:27] <Sytrya> Study study study.
[08:27] <EnchantedDove> I guess youre mad?
[08:27] <Sytrya> But you can't tell us anything relevant to our questions.
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> i also have and look at articulated skeletons
[08:28] <RoyalMight> Science is made by the Devil.
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> because your just trying to be dicks 
[08:28] <EinsVanCat> Sytrya.. Dove.. It really sounds like you two are mocking.
[08:28] <EinsVanCat> Stop.
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> with stupid questions
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> and stupid remarks
[08:28] <EnchantedDove> It sounds like that to you
[08:28] <EnchantedDove> so no you just need to not take it that way
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> and very bad opinions
[08:28] <RoyalMight> Eins warn her. Language. 
[08:28] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> thats mean horsy...
[08:28] <Sytrya> Its your opinion on me~
[08:28] <EnchantedDove> "stop"
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> outdated information too
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> because its true
[08:28] <EnchantedDove> I dont have a desire to mock so dont label me under your assumptions.
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> after you have been going at me
[08:28] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> the only way to learn sometimes is to ask questions even if they're dumb
[08:29] <Horsyqueen> for over 2 hours
[08:29] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> so its mean kind of
[08:29] <Sytrya> Its been 1hour.
[08:29] <Horsyqueen> maybe you should have realised its not very nice
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> If Im seeing it that way, then you'll have to accept that I am seeing it that way.
[08:29] <RoyalMight> Yellow isn't nice either. 
[08:29] <Sytrya> Nice cannot possibly relate to knowledge or information.
[08:29] <EnchantedDove> Idc what you see it as lol doesnt make you right 
[08:29] <EnchantedDove> You arent important.
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> Let me put it this way
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> Cease the discussion. Now.
[08:29] <EnchantedDove> Sorry to burst your bubble.
[08:29] <Horsyqueen> okay i am pissed off with avin
[08:30] <EinsVanCat> Warning 1.
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> and i am talking to her
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> because you are being soo rude to me
[08:30] <EnchantedDove> I dont care, you dont label me under your retarded assumptions.
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> that sorta shows something
[08:30] <EnchantedDove> go play dungeons and dragons.
[08:30] <EinsVanCat> Warning 2.
[08:30] <RoyalMight> Soooooo rude guys. 
[08:30] <Sytrya> So...................................................uhm.......
[08:30] <ImAMonkey> Please stop fighting
[08:30] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> dont be a bad mod
[08:30] <Sytrya> Can anyone tell me the rules of this chat?
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> monkey stay away
[08:30] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> yea
[08:30] <EinsVanCat> [[rules[[
[08:30] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> what are the rueles
[08:30] <ImAMonkey> [[Rules]]
[08:30] <EinsVanCat> [[rules]]
[08:30] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> Ok here's your scan
[08:30] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> Sytrya
[08:30] <ImAMonkey> Eins I made the same mistake at first XD
[08:30] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> Your energy is very dark
[08:31] <SuperKrill99> Science is not bade by the devil it was made my logic
[08:31] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> But it has like a radiation to it at the same time
[08:31] <RoyalMight> Rules are made by the Devil
[08:31] <Horsyqueen> science is trial and error
[08:31] <SuperKrill99> made*
[08:31] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> its almost over powering
[08:31] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> I think you are a goddess
[08:31] <EnchantedDove> Sorry I dont think I care for your warnings darling, you made an assumption and I refuse to be labeled under it. sorry to say but you are not any problem to me.
[08:31] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> From your energy
[08:31] <Sytrya> Thank you Aradia Boo~
[08:31] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> Morrighan?
[08:31] <Horsyqueen> my faviotite scinentist although dead spent years dedicating himself to studying genetics in birds
[08:31] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> is it?
[08:31] <Sytrya> :O
[08:31] <Sytrya> You picked that up?
[08:31] <EinsVanCat> That doesn't matter at this point, you're trying to act above the moderations perogative.
[08:31] <RoyalMight> Because birds are so important to die over. 
[08:31] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> im correct?
[08:32] <RoyalMight> Prerogative*
[08:32] <Sytrya> Yes. :D 
[08:32] <EnchantedDove> I dont act above anyone. nor do I care to.
[08:32] <EnchantedDove> stop assuming things on me.
[08:32] <EinsVanCat> Your very words say you are.
[08:32] <Sytrya> * Sytrya hugs dove
[08:32] <EnchantedDove> No your very assumptions say so, clearly youre just a little upset.
[08:32] <Horsyqueen> shes not assuming
[08:32] <Horsyqueen> birds are amazing
[08:32] <EinsVanCat> Can we get off the animal subject please?
[08:32] <Horsyqueen> they evolved frm dinosaurs
[08:32] <Sytrya> Crows are my favorite, ravens are second in command.
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> corvids are very intelegent
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> i love them
[08:33] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> You shouldnt let anyone know
[08:33] <Sytrya> Horsy can you please talk about what you do?
[08:33] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> who u are
[08:33] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> you're important
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> what i do?
[08:33] <ImAMonkey> Ahmed, where do you live?
[08:33] <ImAMonkey> Aradia
[08:33] <ImAMonkey> You said it public;y
[08:33] <Ahmedrashwan> I live in Egypt
[08:33] <ImAMonkey> Marhabah
[08:33] <Ahmedrashwan> Om el donia
[08:33] <RoyalMight> He wants to know how you spend your life. 
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> oooo
[08:33] <Sytrya> why would you need to know though? o.o
[08:33] <ImAMonkey> Kefek Ahmed?
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> monkey
[08:34] <Ahmedrashwan> Kwis 
[08:34] <Horsyqueen> monkey mahaba, kefak?
[08:34] <ImAMonkey> Yes Horsy?
[08:34] <ImAMonkey> Ana m'neeh
[08:34] <Kile574> "EnchantedDove so no you just need to not take it that way" try to respect the moderators .
[08:34] <ImAMonkey> Arabic is nice
[08:34] <RoyalMight> I can't wait till Jesus comes back. 
[08:34] <ImAMonkey> PLEASE
[08:34] <Kile574> At the very least dont smart ass them .-.
[08:34] <Horsyqueen> oh kile
[08:34] <Sytrya> Satan disagrees.
[08:34] <Horsyqueen> so when they insult me
[08:34] <Horsyqueen> and go for me
[08:34] <RoyalMight> And show you heathens. 
[08:34] <Horsyqueen> it doesnt matter
[08:34] <ImAMonkey> And Royal
[08:34] <ImAMonkey> Arent you the guy claiming to be Raziel
[08:34] <Horsyqueen> but when it comes to someone else -.-
[08:34] <RoyalMight> Monkey, I'm going to pray for you. 
[08:34] <Kile574> Hey horsy, guess what ! I just got back here i was reading an entire day's worth of chat to help another member .
[08:34] <Sytrya> Monkey, if you have such issues with religious talks, why do you stay around?
[08:35] <Horsyqueen> oh monkey tmam
[08:35] <Sytrya> Pray to satan for love and insight.
[08:35] <Kile574> Sorry i wasnt here to catch that i was only able to look at what a mod sent me 
[08:35] <ImAMonkey> Ahmed
[08:35] <ImAMonkey> You are Egyptian right?
[08:35] <EinsVanCat> religious topics are generally not a very good thing to chat about lol
[08:35] <Kile574> But if i see that while im on this tab ill be sure to help out.
[08:35] <Ahmedrashwan> Yes
[08:35] <Sytrya> No one had a dispute yet.
[08:35] <RoyalMight> Only Jesus can save you. 
[08:35] <ImAMonkey> Do you speak the Levantine dialect as well?
[08:35] <Horsyqueen> and these are the exact people u and tutu added into your trust onto good people who never do anything
[08:35] <EinsVanCat> Im aware
[08:35] <RoyalMight> No
[08:35] <ImAMonkey> I dont follow Christianity
[08:35] <Horsyqueen> monkey ignore him
[08:35] <EinsVanCat> Just saying its generally going to end badly.
[08:35] <Horsyqueen> monkey
[08:35] <Sytrya> If my Ars Goetia religion is offending you, excuse it.
[08:35] <ImAMonkey> Dont force your beliefs on me
[08:35] <Horsyqueen> what is your religion
[08:35] <Sytrya> But pray to satan for love.
[08:35] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> what would sex with jesus be lik
[08:35] <Sytrya> And isight.
[08:36] <RoyalMight> Jesus is love, Jesus is life.
[08:36] <Sytrya> *Insight
[08:36] <ImAMonkey> My religion is strictly a paradigm
[08:36] <Horsyqueen> cool
[08:36] <Kile574> EinsVanCat , watch this. Strictly .
[08:36] <Horsyqueen> explain
[08:36] <Sytrya> Pray to Nyxx
[08:36] <Horsyqueen> i wanna know
[08:36] <RoyalMight> Are you a walking paradox having a threesome with a triceratops?
[08:36] <Horsyqueen> cos i dont know any of your relgion
[08:36] <Sytrya> She offers eternal darkness and protection. Wisdom as well.
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> not u sytrya
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> your just trying to be silly
[08:37] <ImAMonkey> My paradigm is based off of Etheric beliefs
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> i was talking to monkey
[08:37] <Sytrya> I am serious with my religion.
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> cool
[08:37] <ImAMonkey> I also believe in animism (any living being has souls)
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> do you have any particular deities?
[08:37] <Rêveur of the Night> I pray to no one, but believe in all
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> ooooo i believe in that
[08:37] <Sytrya> Nyxx, and Morrighan.
[08:37] <RoyalMight> The etheric is what the devil misguides people to believe. 
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> i didnt know there was a name for that
[08:37] <ImAMonkey> Well
[08:37] <ImAMonkey> I believe in all deities
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> same
[08:37] <ImAMonkey> Except Allah/God/Yahweh
[08:37] <Horsyqueen> but i am pagan and spiritualist
[08:37] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm pray to only one
[08:37] <ImAMonkey> Whatever you want to label him
[08:38] <EinsVanCat> ergh
[08:38] <Sytrya> Then you don't belive in all dieties.
[08:38] <Horsyqueen> i dont believe in those silly dieties
[08:38] <Ahmedrashwan> God
[08:38] <RoyalMight> Only God is the one true deity.
[08:38] <Horsyqueen> like cithulu
[08:38] <KarmaReforged> lol
[08:38] <Sytrya> Selective deities is the word to use.
[08:38] <Horsyqueen> ahmed are u muslim?
[08:38] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i am muslim!!!
[08:38] <Ahmedrashwan> Yes
[08:38] <Horsyqueen> sorry if that offended you?
[08:38] <RoyalMight> Allah hu akbar.
[08:38] <Horsyqueen> oh good
[08:38] <Sytrya> Oh...because hes in Egypt. 
[08:38] <Sytrya> So stereotypical.
[08:38] <ImAMonkey> Sytrya...
[08:38] <Rêveur of the Night> I loved the times when people were like. "Oh, you have 10 gods? Cool, I got 20."
[08:38] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> what type of muslim are you
[08:38] <ImAMonkey> Im Palestinian
[08:38] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ahmed
[08:38] <ImAMonkey> And I grew up Christian
[08:38] <Horsyqueen> i didnt wanna like be rude
[08:38] <Sytrya> Michael Saati.
[08:39] <ImAMonkey> Race doesnt mean anything
[08:39] <RoyalMight> I used to be a Shi'ite.
[08:39] <Ahmedrashwan> Azhar
[08:39] <Horsyqueen> but where people live can give a clue
[08:39] <ImAMonkey> Saati is an Arabic last name XD
[08:39] <RoyalMight> Then the love of jesus found me.
[08:39] <ImAMonkey> It means Watchmaker
[08:39] <Sytrya> I don't really understand why you are talking to me.
[08:39] <Sytrya> I meant Ahmed.
[08:39] <Horsyqueen> like i said to aisy your outhodox christian
[08:39] <Horsyqueen> and he couldnt work out why i knew
[08:40] <RoyalMight> Jesus is love. 
[08:40] <RoyalMight> Praise him.
[08:40] <Horsyqueen> but outhodox christianity is really strong in serbia, romania, russia, greece and russia
[08:40] <Sytrya> Satan is life.
[08:40] <Horsyqueen> those sorta places
[08:40] <Ahmedrashwan> Revuer
[08:40] <RoyalMight> You won't regret it.
[08:40] <Ahmedrashwan> Lol
[08:40] <ImAMonkey> Ahmed PM
[08:40] <ImAMonkey> Royal
[08:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes?
[08:40] <Ahmedrashwan> Lol
[08:40] <ImAMonkey> Are you the guy claiming to be Raziel the angel?
[08:40] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[08:40] <RoyalMight> For he so loved the earth he gave his only son.
[08:40] <Horsyqueen> ignore might
[08:40] <Sytrya> What..?
[08:40] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> might
[08:40] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> lol
[08:40] <RoyalMight> Ignore your life.
[08:40] <RoyalMight> Heathen.
[08:40] <Sytrya> What life?
[08:40] <EnchantedDove> God did that as a way to abort jesus.
[08:41] <RoyalMight> LOL
[08:41] <Sytrya> "These ain't my seeds"
[08:41] <EinsVanCat> Might
[08:41] <Horsyqueen> i am going to a christining soon
[08:41] <EinsVanCat> That was really rude to say.
[08:41] <Horsyqueen> but i am not gonna take of my penticle
[08:41] <Ahmedrashwan> Guys..psionics don't know religions guys
[08:41] <Horsyqueen> relgion is interesting
[08:41] <EnchantedDove> Some people tie psionics to religion actually.
[08:42] <Horsyqueen> and like some practices stem from certain relgions
[08:42] <Horsyqueen> i really like studying vodou, shinto, taosism stuff like that
[08:42] <Horsyqueen> off the beaten track
[08:42] <ImAMonkey> AHMED PM
[08:42] <Ahmedrashwan> Yes?
[08:42] <RoyalMight> Christianity is the one true religion. 
[08:42] <Ahmedrashwan> 11:42
[08:43] <Sytrya> Is there a book about White People?
[08:43] <ImAMonkey> Private Messages
[08:43] <ImAMonkey> Under the list of people there is a line that says Private Messages
[08:43] <Ahmedrashwan> Okay
[08:43] <ImAMonkey> CLick on mine
[08:43] <Horsyqueen> one of my neighbours believes that aliens created humanity
[08:43] <Horsyqueen> i cant blame him
[08:43] <EnchantedDove> .-.
[08:43] <RoyalMight> Aliens are angels in disguise. 
[08:43] <Sytrya> "Annunaki"
[08:44] <Sytrya> "Reptilians" 
[08:44] <Sytrya> "Greys"
[08:44] <Horsyqueen> no
[08:44] <EnchantedDove> Annunaki bs please no T.T
[08:44] <RoyalMight> Yes.
[08:44] <Sytrya> Lmao
[08:44] <EnchantedDove> Leave that crap alone x.x
[08:44] <Horsyqueen> omfg that reminds me
[08:44] <Horsyqueen> that hr giger died
[08:44] <RoyalMight> Good
[08:44] <Horsyqueen> and prometheus was from his work
[08:45] <Horsyqueen> thats a vile and disgusting thing to say
[08:45] <Ahmedrashwan> Every one has religion guys
[08:45] <Sytrya> Mmk.
[08:45] <RoyalMight> Prometheus is an archangel.
[08:45] <EnchantedDove> I dont have a religion
[08:45] <Sytrya> Goetia~
[08:45] <Horsyqueen> prometheus is the classical deity of humanity
[08:45] <EnchantedDove> Goetia boys~
[08:45] <EinsVanCat> .-.
[08:45] <RoyalMight> prometheus got chained to a rock.
[08:46] <ImAMonkey> Hey Ginge
[08:46] <Sytrya> My favorite Goetia is Sitri ♡ 
[08:46] <Horsyqueen> ooooo atlas is a deity i have never looked at
[08:46] <Gingepusscat123> Hey :) 
[08:46] <Horsyqueen> ofcourse theres a beutiful statue of him
[08:46] <Horsyqueen> hey ginge
[08:46] <EnchantedDove> My favorite goetia is haagenti <3
[08:46] <EnchantedDove> I want to kill her tenderly
[08:46] <Sytrya> With love
[08:46] <Sytrya> My knife
[08:46] <EnchantedDove> love stabs
[08:47] <EinsVanCat> ... ._.
[08:47] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> o-o
[08:47] <SuperKrill99> ghdsvu7gw89wgh89gh89u89y38tyhuiodvzhvuigeh89H09H43QHY8HIBGQH89H3GO8NHISOHB89QH89JG98HQ839HG89H89H89HPEQR
[08:47] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ooo myyyyyyy
[08:47] <EinsVanCat> Krill
[08:47] <EinsVanCat> Please dont do that.
[08:47] <Sytrya> Can you not.
[08:47] <RoyalMight> Goetia are devil's minions. 
[08:47] <SuperKrill99> OK
[08:47] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> no
[08:47] <Horsyqueen>
[08:47] <Sytrya> I'm not clicking that.
[08:47] <EnchantedDove> Goetia arent minions boi
[08:47] <Gingepusscat123> Sorry to butt in here, but can someone pm me about AP?? I need some help :/
[08:47] <EnchantedDove> Have you lost yo mind!
[08:47] <EnchantedDove> * EnchantedDove slap
[08:48] <RoyalMight> Yes they are and no I haven't. 
[08:48] <EnchantedDove> Lol no no honeeeeey
[08:48] <EinsVanCat> Different Religions.
[08:48] <RoyalMight> Goetia are tools used by the devil to possess humans. GOD WONT LET THAT HAPPEN! 
[08:48] <Sytrya> I'll possess you, heretic.
[08:48] <EnchantedDove> Lol oh wow xD 
[08:48] <RoyalMight> PRAISED BE JESUS
[08:48] <Sytrya> PRAISE THE GOETIA
[08:48] <KarmaReforged> so when is the psi nation raid going to be over 
[08:49] <ImAMonkey> HAIL SATAN
[08:49] <EinsVanCat> ikr
[08:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> ??
[08:49] <ImAMonkey> BRING DEATH TO GOD
[08:49] <EnchantedDove> I wonder when someone will stop being sad cause psion nation staff wouldnt practice with him
[08:49] <VeronicaAradiaCrigga> i like god tho
[08:49] <RoyalMight> God will smite you for this blasphemy. 
[08:49] <Sytrya> * Sytrya feels pain
[08:49] <Sytrya> * Sytrya feels the burn
[08:49] <Sytrya> Wait...what is Psion Nation staff doing?
[08:50] <Gingepusscat123> Aaah nvm ill stay and watch the show :) 
[08:50] <EnchantedDove> Gingerpusycat...o_o
[08:50] <Horsyqueen> ginge i wouldnt
[08:50] <EnchantedDove> *pussycat
[08:50] <Horsyqueen> i do like your name though
[08:50] <EnchantedDove> Lol oooooh
[08:50] <EnchantedDove> my god
[08:50] <Gingepusscat123> Thanks!
[08:51] <Sytrya> :D 
[08:51] <Horsyqueen>
[08:51] <Sytrya> No.
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> do u have a cat yourself?
[08:51] <Gingepusscat123> Yep.
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> awww sweet
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> what breed
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> or what does it look like
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> i have a british blue
[08:51] <Gingepusscat123> Ginger domestic short hair I think
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> lovely
[08:52] <Horsyqueen> i am guessing like a mixture of breeds?
[08:52] <RoyalMight> Here comes another animal lesson. 
[08:52] <Gingepusscat123> No idea, he turned up on our doorstep and we adopted him
[08:52] <Horsyqueen> i love cats
[08:52] <Horsyqueen> awww thats adorable
[08:52] <Sytrya> Cats are love.
[08:52] <Sytrya> Cats are life.
[08:52] <Horsyqueen> my cat is a rescue
[08:52] <Gingepusscat123> Aww
[08:52] <Horsyqueen> she has no control of her pelvic floor
[08:52] <Horsyqueen> she drops any waste anywhere she wants
[08:53] <Gingepusscat123> What happened to her?
[08:53] <Horsyqueen> she just cant be litter trained
[08:53] <Horsyqueen> and shes 17 now
[08:53] <Horsyqueen> a little old
[08:53] <Gingepusscat123> Ours is only 3 yrs :) 
[08:53] <Horsyqueen> domestic cats are just sooo beautiful
[08:53] <Horsyqueen> awww so a kitten really?
[08:54] <Sytrya> ♡ ♡ ♡ 
[08:54] <ImAMonkey> Sytrya
[08:54] <Gingepusscat123> Pretty much. 
[08:54] <ImAMonkey> Why do I feel like you are referencing Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life...
[08:54] <Sytrya> What is Shrek?
[08:54] <RoyalMight> Cats live to be 17.. ok then. 
[08:54] <Horsyqueen> monkey how is your dog
[08:54] <Horsyqueen> cats can live past 20
[08:54] <ImAMonkey> My dog is very healthy
[08:54] <EinsVanCat> Movie.
[08:54] <ImAMonkey> She is happy because I walk her more these days
[08:54] <Sytrya> Not that I've ever seen it.
[08:54] <Horsyqueen> my mums friend cat got featured in the telegraph
[08:54] <Sytrya> Its an Instagram joke.
[08:55] <Gingepusscat123> Wow :) 
[08:55] <Horsyqueen> look 
[08:55] <Sytrya> No.
[08:55] <Horsyqueen> anyone who likes animals should find that interesting
[08:56] <Horsyqueen> i think as an animals cats always interest people
[08:56] <Horsyqueen> because no one really knows what they do
[08:56] <Gingepusscat123> Got to go for a bit cya soon
[08:57] <Horsyqueen> okay bye
[08:57] <Horsyqueen> i wont be here when u get back
[08:57] <Horsyqueen> so bye *hugs*
[08:57] <ImAMonkey> Why not?
[08:57] <Horsyqueen> cos i have biology
[08:57] <Horsyqueen> with a very strict teacher tommrow
[08:58] <Horsyqueen> and first lesson is enviro studies
[08:58] <Horsyqueen> i got to be in a good mood
[08:58] <ImAMonkey> Okey lol
[08:59] <Horsyqueen> imagane a pet hyena
[08:59] <Horsyqueen> i really like them
[08:59] <Horsyqueen>
[08:59] <Aeriel Willow> Hi everyone
[08:59] <Aeriel Willow>
[08:59] <Aeriel Willow> @Horsy awww that's cute!
[09:00] <ImAMonkey> AERIEL
[09:00] <Horsyqueen> its a striped hyena
[09:00] <Horsyqueen> i like them
[09:00] <Horsyqueen> intelegent little buggers
[09:00] <Horsyqueen> very social too
[09:00] <Daedraa> Not even a hello? :/
[09:00] <RoyalMight> Hyena females have a clitoris shaped like a penis.
[09:00] <Aeriel Willow> It's so cute!!!
[09:00] <EinsVanCat> Hi
[09:00] <Horsyqueen> there was a man who lived with hyenas
[09:00] <EinsVanCat> Theres your hello
[09:00] <Horsyqueen> hyena females deliver through the tube
[09:00] <ImAMonkey> Hello Daedraa
[09:01] <Horsyqueen> it was till recently thought that hyenas were himaphrodites
[09:01] <Daedraa> ^^
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow> This is my theme song
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow>
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow> lol
[09:01] <Horsyqueen> which would be very species
[09:01] <Horsyqueen> as there are no mammal himaphroditic species
[09:01] <Horsyqueen> only as a non-functioning mutation
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow> Quick question
[09:02] <Aeriel Willow> What are peoples views on bestiality?
[09:02] <Daedraa> No no no.
[09:02] <Daedraa> We have hands for a reason. 
[09:02] <EnchantedDove> It's disgusting
[09:02] <Daedraa> Don't mistreat animals.
[09:02] <Horsyqueen> i believe it is wrong if the animal doesnt concent to it
[09:02] <Daedraa> * Daedraa goes and looks for a heart emote
[09:02] <RoyalMight> I be tearing that dog pussy up. I love bestiality.
[09:03] <EnchantedDove> It's still...disgusting..human on animal...why?
[09:03] <Aeriel Willow> Here Daedraa * passes this too him <3 *
[09:03] <ImAMonkey> Is this a sexual talk?
[09:03] <Daedraa> *Her
[09:03] <ImAMonkey> If it is, just shut up please.
[09:03] <Daedraa> Why are you being rude, Monkey?
[09:03] <EinsVanCat> Might
[09:03] <Daedraa> Its talk.
[09:03] <EinsVanCat> That on its own was against the rules
[09:04] <EinsVanCat> Highly Inappropriate
[09:04] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Hey Kyaa
[09:04] <EinsVanCat> Lets not go on about inappropriate topics, btw
[09:04] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> did you read my message on your logs?
[09:04] <EinsVanCat> Yeah, I did, now shush.
[09:05] <Aeriel Willow> Well, my opinion on pretty much anything is this:
[09:05] <ImAMonkey> I dont understand rude
[09:05] <EinsVanCat> PM me if you want
[09:05] <ImAMonkey> And rude is perception
[09:05] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[09:05] <ImAMonkey> And I dont like sex
[09:05] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> kay
[09:05] <Aeriel Willow> "Each person to their own"
[09:05] <ImAMonkey> Its disgusting
[09:05] <ImAMonkey> In my opinion
[09:05] <ImAMonkey> be considerate 
[09:05] <Aeriel Willow> My theme song!
[09:06] <ImAMonkey>
[09:06] <Aeriel Willow> and this is your theme song?
[09:06] <Aeriel Willow> oh crap
[09:06] <ImAMonkey> Well its a great song
[09:06] <Aeriel Willow> I gave the wrong link!
[09:06] <ImAMonkey> Listen to it
[09:06] <Aeriel Willow> SHITE!
[09:07] <Aeriel Willow> No, I'm re-watching Ao No Exorcist
[09:07] <ImAMonkey> Thats a great anime
[09:07] <Aeriel Willow> :3
[09:07] <Aeriel Willow> Vegeta!
[09:07] <Aeriel Willow> is it over 9000?!
[09:07] <Vegeta Reborn> Hi
[09:07] <ImAMonkey> VEGETABLE!
[09:07] <Vegeta Reborn> Yes it is
[09:07] <Vegeta Reborn> Hey monkey :p
[09:07] <Aeriel Willow> EYUS!
[09:07] <ImAMonkey> Check your kik damn it
[09:08] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD Evan popped in
[09:09] <ImAMonkey> EVAN CHECK YOUR KIK
[09:09] <Vegeta Reborn> Naaawww
[09:09] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> And popped in again
[09:09] <Vegeta Reborn> I would but you see
[09:09] <Vegeta Reborn> That's a stretch
[09:10] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Hey evan
[09:11] <Vegeta Reborn> Hey smith
[09:11] <ImAMonkey> Welcome back Dovey
[09:12] <EnchantedDove> Hi Monkey
[09:12] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Ok evan, do not use that, Vegeta
[09:12] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[09:12] <Vegeta Reborn> Lol
[09:12] <Vegeta Reborn> Then hero Xdddd
[09:12] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> So veggie, what up?
[09:12] <Vegeta Reborn> Getting ready to graduate
[09:12] <ImAMonkey> KIBA
[09:12] <ImAMonkey> My friends are on today :3
[09:12] <ImAMonkey> vegetable
[09:13] <ImAMonkey> You are confirmed
[09:13] <ImAMonkey> As a Christian Vegetable
[09:13] <Vegeta Reborn> No im just confirmed ninja
[09:13] <ImAMonkey> Christianity confirmed?
[09:14] <Vegeta Reborn> No just a confirmed ninja
[09:14] <Vegeta Reborn> :p
[09:14] <Vegeta Reborn> XD
[09:14] <Aeriel Willow> Wait
[09:14] <Aeriel Willow> if you were a ninja
[09:14] <Aeriel Willow> we couldn't "see" you
[09:14] <Vegeta Reborn> confirmed saiyan (boss) 
[09:15] <Aeriel Willow> OMFG
[09:15] <Vegeta Reborn> Lol
[09:15] <Aeriel Willow> How can that guy "Naruto" call himself a Ninja?!!!
[09:15] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Hey nyxx
[09:15] <Vegeta Reborn> He is a ninja
[09:15] <Vegeta Reborn> Enough said XDDDD
[09:16] <Aeriel Willow> Ninjas are stealthy
[09:16] <Vegeta Reborn> Hi nyxx
[09:16] <Aeriel Willow> from what I've seen
[09:16] <Aeriel Willow> he runs into battle going "woo!" and punching everything
[09:16] <Aeriel Willow> Ninjas are Vegetarian
[09:17] <Vegeta Reborn> No ninjas eat food pills to increase their strength. 
[09:18] <Vegeta Reborn> Hey bro
[09:18] <Rêveur of the Night> Knew you'd be here
[09:18] <EinsVanCat> Hey there Geinge
[09:18] <Vegeta Reborn> Of course
[09:18] <EinsVanCat> *Ginge
[09:18] <Gingepusscat123> Hi :) 
[09:18] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[09:18] <Vegeta Reborn> Herro
[09:19] <Rêveur of the Night> I'ma be staring up the mc server about now, so I might lag
[09:20] <DarkNyxx> Elloo.
[09:20] <Gingepusscat123> Sorry to "butt into" the conversation here but could someone pm me about AP? I kinda need some help :/
[09:20] <EinsVanCat> Well, you could ask here
[09:20] <Gingepusscat123> Is that ok with everyone?
[09:21] <EinsVanCat> Its fine, just ask
[09:21] <Vegeta Reborn> Im okkk
[09:22] <Vegeta Reborn> Ok*
[09:22] <Gingepusscat123> Well, I decided to give it a go, but I was wondering if anyone had any way to help a beginner out :/
[09:22] <XeRhyme> Hey guys.
[09:22] <XeRhyme> You need help with AP?
[09:22] <Gingepusscat123> Like techs or tips 
[09:22] <Gingepusscat123> Yeah
[09:22] <XeRhyme> I can pm u if u want?
[09:22] <Gingepusscat123> Sure :) 
[09:26] <XeRhyme> Was in brb
[09:26] <XeRhyme> srry
[09:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Lagging, see ya guys
[09:27] <KarmaReforged> oh sup rhyme 
[09:27] <Jonas.g> yawn
[09:28] <KarmaReforged> ginger,
[09:28] <Jonas.g> so slow this chat is
[09:28] <KarmaReforged> that is my 10 week guide for beginners 
[09:28] <Jonas.g> yawn\
[09:29] <Jonas.g> oh veggies here
[09:31] <Jonas.g> so..................................
[09:32] <Jonas.g> no ones gunna talk
[09:33] <Vegeta Reborn> Mehh
[09:37] <Dragonologist123> Hola.
[09:37] <Techno Bacon> Hey, chat is alive. 
[09:37] <EinsVanCat> Well thats a name I haven't seen in a long time.
[09:37] <EinsVanCat> Hello Dragonologist
[09:37] <DarkNyxx> o.o
[09:37] <ImAMonkey> Dragon
[09:37] <ImAMonkey> Welcome back
[09:37] <Dragonologist123> Hey.
[09:38] <Dragonologist123> Thanks. Good to see you!
[09:38] <ImAMonkey> Lesami PM
[09:38] <Jonas.g> hmmmmm
[09:39] <Jonas.g> i wonder whats a good way to break it to my grandma im a psychic
[09:39] <Dragonologist123> Anything major I missed?
[09:39] <KarmaReforged> yes
[09:39] <Dragonologist123> What?
[09:39] <Dragonologist123> And Jonas, telepathically.
[09:39] <Jonas.g> no just think to my self
[09:39] <Techno Bacon> Oh so no one welcomes me back? 
[09:40] <Dragonologist123> Hi Bacon.
[09:40] <Jonas.g> nah im not gonna invade her mind using the silent tongue
[09:40] <XeRhyme> It's not even a big deal.Just be like "I practice psionic"
[09:40] <XeRhyme> And explain what it is
[09:40] <XeRhyme> and actually prove it
[09:40] <Dragonologist123> Yeah, I would do a psi wheel or something then say that.
[09:41] <Jonas.g> yeah i might have to wait till she gets up here
[09:41] <Dragonologist123> Yeah... Unless you do it telepathically.
[09:41] <Techno Bacon>
[09:42] <ImAMonkey> I've never known a Techno Bacon
[09:42] <ImAMonkey> I have no need to welcome you back
[09:42] <Dragonologist123> Nor I....
[09:42] <Dragonologist123> But hi anyways, Bacon.
[09:43] <Jonas.g> i havent seen you before mr.dragonologist
[09:43] <Jonas.g> so tell me if you know so much about dragons
[09:43] <Jonas.g> could you tell if someone had a dragon past life
[09:44] <Jonas.g> or is it just your nickname
[09:44] <Dragonologist123> I have seen you before. 
[09:44] <ImAMonkey> My name is ImAMonkey but Im not actually a monkey
[09:44] <XeRhyme> ^
[09:44] <Dragonologist123> And I could tell.
[09:44] <Techno Bacon> ..
[09:45] <XeRhyme> Well,It would just take someone who dives for past lives really.
[09:45] <ImAMonkey> A scanner?
[09:45] <ImAMonkey> Or you know, DIY past life viewing?
[09:45] <Ahmedrashwan> Hey
[09:45] <XeRhyme> The second one.
[09:45] <ImAMonkey> Or someone could soul dive you.
[09:45] <Dragonologist123> Well, I scan pretty well. 
[09:45] <XeRhyme> Someone would basically "dive" you for your past life memories.
[09:46] <ImAMonkey> The first time I ever heard of soul diving was yesterday where someone soul dived me
[09:46] <XeRhyme> The thing is,were they right about anything?
[09:46] <Dragonologist123> Scanning is probably my best none psychokinesis ability.
[09:47] <ImAMonkey> yes they were
[09:47] <XeRhyme> What did they tell you about?
[09:47] <ImAMonkey> Well it was a soul dive for race
[09:48] <ImAMonkey> I knew my soul was a wolf
[09:48] <ImAMonkey> They soul dived and found out as well
[09:48] <ImAMonkey> this* person
[09:48] <XeRhyme> Dragon,Are you able to find out about that kind of thing?
[09:48] <Lesami> its so annoying when a person tries to explain magic to me without understnading what magic actually is
[09:48] <ImAMonkey> Why would people try to explain magic to you?
[09:48] <XeRhyme> "Tries to explain magic to a mage,But doesn't know what magic is"
[09:48] <XeRhyme> Makes no sense rly.
[09:49] <ImAMonkey> You are like, the magic expert of the wiki.
[09:49] <Dragonologist123> Yes.
[09:49] <Lesami> then denyingg any attempt to explain what magic is to them and denying any relation to psionics or the skill they practice
[09:49] <XeRhyme> In that case,Would you like to test you accuracy on me?I already know what I am.
[09:49] <XeRhyme> *your
[09:49] <Lesami> i dont really classify myself as a mage i prefer the term witch
[09:49] <XeRhyme> Oh right,Wicca
[09:49] <XeRhyme> Forgot
[09:50] <Lesami> a person can be a mage and study the wiccan religion, i simply prefer one term over the other
[09:50] <XeRhyme> Ah.
[09:52] <Dragonologist123> In that case, I will avoid explaining magic.
[09:52] <Jonas.g> dragon do you make psi links with scanning or not
[09:52] <Dragonologist123> Ys.
[09:52] <Jonas.g> ok
[09:52] <Dragonologist123> *Yes.
[09:53] <XeRhyme> So,Drag how bout it?If you don't want to I understand.
[09:53] <Jonas.g> if you could, may i ask that you scan for my past life
[09:53] <Dragonologist123> How about what?
[09:53] <ImAMonkey> Past lives*
[09:53] <XeRhyme> "Gauging your accuracy on me,for "Race""
[09:53] <ImAMonkey> There are multiple
[09:53] <ImAMonkey> A soul isnt limited to one reincarnation
[09:53] <ImAMonkey> A soul can reincarnate an infinite amount of times
[09:53] <Dragonologist123> true.
[09:54] <Dragonologist123> *True.
[09:54] <XeRhyme> Past lives are rather fun to look at imo
[09:54] <Jonas.g> yes monkey i know but i was asking if he could scan for one of my past lives
[09:54] <Arro Yunora> Sup
[09:54] <Jonas.g> hey arro
[09:54] <Arro Yunora> been afk, cant believe i didnt get disconnected yet, 
[09:54] <Dragonologist123> I could, Jonas. As a test?
[09:54] <Lesami> dragon, have you studied magic to anby extend and practiced it? 
[09:54] <Arro Yunora> Whats been goin on Jonas
[09:55] <Arro Yunora> Ooo and Dragono has shown himself in chat, it's been awhile since i seen you as well
[09:55] <Dragonologist123> I do psychokinesis and EM. Is that magic?
[09:55] <Dragonologist123> Hey Arro, it's been a while.
[09:55] <Jonas.g> yes dragon i can let you test me
[09:56] <Lesami> its a development upon the foundations of maghic in my personal opinion, 
[09:56] <Arro Yunora> Yarg it has been last i heard of you was from the electrokinesis training you had for Everland and GrantHope
[09:56] <ImAMonkey> Who wants to see my soul
[09:56] <ImAMonkey> Its so cute and violent :3
[09:57] <Arro Yunora> lil afk, reading up on like.... EEEVERYTHING. 
[09:57] <Arro Yunora> That's been goin on since i was afk
[09:57] <Dragonologist123> I don't really study it though. Just use it in my everyday life.
[09:57] <Lesami> brb
[09:57] <ImAMonkey> Who wants to see my beautiful soul
[09:58] <Dragonologist123> "Beautiful soul?"
[10:00] <Jonas.g> so dragon could you scan my soul
[10:00] <Jonas.g> for past lives of course
[10:00] <XeRhyme> Still haven't answered me btw.Drag.
[10:00] <Dragonologist123> As a test?
[10:01] <Jonas.g> yes
[10:01] <Dragonologist123> Sorry, Xe.
[10:01] <Dragonologist123> Maybe.
[10:01] <Jonas.g> if you can scan my soul
[10:01] <Dragonologist123> Just a second.
[10:01] <XeRhyme> It's alright.
[10:01] <ImAMonkey> Wolves are beautiful creatures
[10:01] <ImAMonkey> Except there are different branches
[10:01] <ImAMonkey> Some in the Ether
[10:01] <ImAMonkey> Where my soul originated
[10:01] <XeRhyme> It's only so you'd have a testimony.CJ got like,Barely anything on me when he tried scanning for "race".
[10:02] <XeRhyme> Hence it's nice to gauge accuracy.
[10:02] <ImAMonkey> Actually
[10:03] <ImAMonkey> If anyone can find out the exact name of my race
[10:03] <ImAMonkey> You get all my cookies
[10:03] <ImAMonkey> :3
[10:03] <ImAMonkey> Dont say wolf therian because therian is an umbrella term
[10:03] <Jonas.g> so dragon you got it yet
[10:03] <Arro Yunora> Mmm well that was a delicious read
[10:03] <Arro Yunora> Race? You are, erg.
[10:03] <ImAMonkey> Arro dont eat books...
[10:03] <XeRhyme> Well.Wolf Therian would just be saying "Their a wolf".
[10:04] <ImAMonkey> But there are branches of wolves in the Ether
[10:04] <Dragonologist123> What country do you love in?
[10:04] <ImAMonkey> I live in Canada
[10:04] <Arro Yunora> Noo this topic feels like it'd be a little uncomfortable
[10:04] <Arro Yunora> Race sucks
[10:04] <ImAMonkey> Why does race suck?
[10:04] <ImAMonkey> We arent fighting over which is better
[10:04] <XeRhyme> Actually it's a rather interesting topic and ^
[10:05] <XeRhyme> Just when people bring up absurdly unrealistic facts,it gets stupid
[10:05] <ImAMonkey> I said if anyone can find out the exact name they get all my cookies
[10:05] <Arro Yunora> It's a sensitive subject, and those kind of things always sucks because it's all touchy and anyone at any moment can react the worst way possible and be in their right
[10:05] <XeRhyme> Honestly I'd suggest all "scans" for it,Be in PM,Unless the person doesn't mind doing it on here.
[10:05] <ImAMonkey> Arro, we will keep this civilized
[10:05] <ImAMonkey> I can make a group PM
[10:06] <Dragonologist123> We can?
[10:06] <ImAMonkey> I can
[10:06] <ImAMonkey> Just who wants to be in it
[10:06] <Dragonologist123> I.
[10:06] <XeRhyme> Would be really nice.
[10:06] <Arro Yunora> Monkeh has dah hacks Drago
[10:06] <ImAMonkey> About this race scanning thing
[10:06] <ImAMonkey> So Drago and Xe
[10:07] <Dragonologist123> Originally, I j
[10:07] <ImAMonkey> Jonas you want in?
[10:07] <Dragonologist123> I really just said I can scan.
[10:07] <ImAMonkey> Ill add him anyways
[10:08] <Dragonologist123> Good idea.
[10:08] <Jonas.g> sure ill take a pm group
[10:08] <XeRhyme> I don't mind dis.Seems great.
[10:08] <ImAMonkey> Crap
[10:08] <ImAMonkey> Wikia is being 
[10:08] <ImAMonkey> Evil to me
[10:08] <ImAMonkey> And my group chats
[10:09] <ImAMonkey> Or
[10:09] <ImAMonkey> Lets go on another wiki chat
[10:09] <Jonas.g> ok so when can we get started
[10:09] <ImAMonkey> go on ml88s otherkin wikia chat
[10:09] <Arro Yunora> you can go ahead on this chat if you'd like
[10:09] <Arro Yunora> I mean it is psionic related so nothing wrong with that xD
[10:09] <ImAMonkey>
[10:09] <Dragonologist123> Yeah, I'm talking to other people too.
[10:10] <ImAMonkey> You can switch between chats
[10:10] <ImAMonkey> Go on different tabs...
[10:11] <Dragonologist123> Doesn't work too well in my experience.
[10:11] <Dragonologist123> I have to refresh the page each time I do.
[10:11] <ImAMonkey> ........
[10:11] <ImAMonkey> Just come ples 
[10:12] <Arro Yunora> Brutal honesty vs Tactful consideration
[10:12] <Arro Yunora> A harsh battle indeed.
[10:12] <Dragonologist123> What?
[10:15] <ImAMonkey> Dragon ples join
[10:15] <ImAMonkey> We are all waiting for you
[10:15] <Dragonologist123> Still have more important things to do here. 
[10:15] <Dragonologist123> We can come here.
[10:17] <Lesami> whats this about soul scanning
[10:17] <Dragonologist123> Ask them.
[10:18] <XeRhyme> Basically,Drag is "scanning" for races.Well he said he could.So I asked if he could scan me,To verify how good he is,Jonas wanted to see what he would see in him,I am suggested we go to some chat so we could discuss it
[10:18] <Lesami> right, please dont promote yourt own off site chatshere it ruins buissiness
[10:18] <EinsVanCat> dragonologist
[10:18] <DarkNyxx> o.o 
[10:18] <EinsVanCat> It seems you're wanted on that other chat.
[10:18] <DarkNyxx> Was he right XeRhyme? 
[10:18] <EinsVanCat> You know
[10:19] <EinsVanCat> I could just make the group pm
[10:19] <EinsVanCat> if you wanted
[10:19] <Dragonologist123> I'm helping people here though.
[10:20] <ImAMonkey> Eins make the PM ples :3
[10:20] <Lesami> i wonder what would come of scanning me, im always interested to hear the theories surrounding myself, even though i am reletivvley sure i am what i am
[10:20] <EinsVanCat> I did
[10:20] <ImAMonkey> Im not in D:
[10:20] <XeRhyme> Where is it?
[10:20] <XeRhyme> I don't think I'm in it
[10:20] <EinsVanCat> arg
[10:21] <ImAMonkey> You dont put spaces after the commas in the names by the way
[10:21] <EinsVanCat> Ohh
[10:21] <EinsVanCat> Well that explains it
[10:21] <ImAMonkey> It would be ImAMonkey,Dragonologist123,Jonas.g,XeRhyme
[10:21] <EinsVanCat> Yeah, I got it
[10:22] <Lesami> npo scanning offers? a shame
[10:22] <EinsVanCat> I did it btw
[10:22] <EinsVanCat> Check if it worked?
[10:23] <ImAMonkey> Nuu
[10:23] <ImAMonkey> Sowwy
[10:23] <EinsVanCat> =.=;
[10:23] <XeRhyme> He left the chat.@_@>.....
[10:23] <EinsVanCat> I did it with just commas
[10:24] <XeRhyme> Dark I forgot to answer u
[10:25] <DarkNyxx> * DarkNyxx likes being scanned
[10:29] <Lesami> *sighs sadly*
[10:30] <DarkNyxx> o.o
[10:30] <ImAMonkey> I like being scanned
[10:30] <ImAMonkey> One person said I was a neko
[10:30] <ImAMonkey> And I laughed a lot
[10:31] <XeRhyme> One person said I was a girl
[10:31] <XeRhyme> The fuck
[10:31] <XeRhyme> sorry for language.
[10:33] <ImAMonkey> Thats not a different race...
[10:33] <XeRhyme> I know
[10:33] <XeRhyme> lol
[10:36] <Kile574> Whats up lesami ?
[10:38] <Lesami> well, it may be an observation of your inner gender identiy
[10:38] <Lesami> and i feel sad, 
[10:39] <ImAMonkey> Well the soul can actually be a different gender than your physical body
[10:39] <ImAMonkey> This is one of my theories with transgenderism
[10:39] <DarkNyxx> o.o
[10:40] <Lesami> there are many theories, monkey, all thats important is that it exists and needs its attention
[10:42] <ImAMonkey> Hey Aslal
[10:45] <Lesami> i wonder if anyone can work out what i am,
[10:45] <ImAMonkey> Soul-wise
[10:45] <ImAMonkey> ?
[10:46] <Lesami> potentially
[10:47] <ImAMonkey> Sorry
[10:47] <ImAMonkey> Im a crappy scanner
[10:47] <ImAMonkey> Do you have an idea of what you are?
[10:47] <Lesami> yup
[10:47] <ImAMonkey> Can I know? :3
[10:48] <ImAMonkey> Wb Arro
[10:48] <Lesami> a form of sexual vampire
[10:48] <ImAMonkey> Erotic Vampires
[10:48] <Arro Yunora> thank ya :3
[10:48] <ImAMonkey> Possibility
[10:48] <ImAMonkey> but that seems to correlate more with succubi/incubi
[10:49] <ImAMonkey> Although Etherically, succubi and incubi can change their gender
[10:49] <ImAMonkey> And they feed off of life force during sex
[10:49] <ImAMonkey> Isnt that fun? D:
[10:50] <Lesami> well, technically, any spirtual being can temporarily change their form, but a fundemental spitual basis is there and i dont belive ive ever found anything on gender switching for sucubi and incubi, 
[10:50] <ImAMonkey> I read up on it courtesy of someone I know
[10:51] <ImAMonkey> But yes they can switch their sex
[10:51] <Lesami> good for them i cant, 
[10:53] <Lesami> it may be this person you spoke to is in fact genderfluid, 
[10:53] <ImAMonkey> Bigender*
[10:54] <Lesami> well that isnt a universal concept and is never mentioned in folklore nor has it been mentiuoned to me by any people of this apparent position
[10:57] <DarkNyxx> Hm
[10:58] <DarkNyxx> I don't see why you'd look to the past to find out about beings.
[10:58] <DarkNyxx> All that would ever be recorded is a human's thoughts, actions or form of logic on what it is.
[11:01] <Lesami> nyx, history is a form of recording of information, as is folklore, as is information scriptures and manuals passed down, we cannot look to the future, and the presrent is never visible due to the factor of lights speed to the eye at whatever distance, thus we are forever looking to the past to further learn and improve our knowledge, the fact is without the past you would not speak, nor would you know cooking, or have clothes, for it is all past information developed upon 
[11:02] <DarkNyxx> You know, if you're going to be too literal, am I going to have to be more specific and go in depth?
[11:02] <DarkNyxx> Because what you said applies to more solid, literal things than the existence of so called succubi and inccubi. 
[11:02] <DarkNyxx> The point is : 
[11:02] <Rêveur of the Night> <_>
[11:03] <DarkNyxx> For things of a spiritual nature that have no definitive proof going on for them except for personal experience, all that would be in the past in the folklore and written pieces would be each man's personal experience, which could be limited by the experience itself. One man sees a little demon standing over him that doesn't speak and only watches, and all of a sudden there it goes that "demons can't speak". 
[11:04] <DarkNyxx> Which is why I said it wouldn't be wise to look towards past folkores and mythologies to see what "spiritual beings" like inccubi and succubi can do, simply because it would only be up to each person's personal experience and is in no way the full truth of the matter. Or it could very well be a lie.
[11:04] <EnchantedDove> :3
[11:04] <DarkNyxx> Smh.
[11:04] <Lesami> anything can be considered solid and literal, its simple objective fact that everything we know originated before us at this moment, sand to cast everything away to start again every single time is foolish arrogance and ignorance to the subject, 
[11:06] <DarkNyxx> Except that has little to do with what I said. Let me summarize it simpler then.
[11:06] <Lesami> you do not belive every single word, you use both your mind in the current and information of the past from multiple scources compared against each-other in a rational and in depth way to define truths or suspected falacies, both are nessasary in progression, both the acceptance of the past and its potential offerings and the use of the present self to define and work on the developments as so one may progress this cycle
[11:07] <DarkNyxx> The point is, looking at past folklores and myths for stuff will almost never reveal the full story of a situation, which is why I wondered why you would use folklore as a source for something ever changing.
[11:07] <Lesami> i stated that i had not seen any evidence within folklore, as in, i considered it one of several viable scources
[11:08] <Lesami> i do not consider it the one truth nor was it the onhly thing i had used to come to the conclusion, it was a scource
[11:08] <DarkNyxx> And I was wondering why you used it as a source, is all. And as you so lengthily explained your thoughts above, you somewhat answered my question. That is all. 
[11:09] <Daedraa> (-""_""-)
[11:11] <Lesami> all information is to be considered for to cast off information of any form is to develop an arrogant ignorance and superiority to another, one instead should look through many scources, comparing and correlating deta from many places to reach a conclusion, then, work on this conclusion once more, the fact is, folklore does not develop from one spoken word, it develops from many spanning outwards across generations becomming added to, you look at similar folklore and information from different places tribes and cultures and correlate the innatre similarities, its cross referancing, 
[11:11] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[11:13] <Lesami> i have literal piles of material ive read and research, so many books, so much material, i then worked upon the information that corelated and added my personal experiences to reach my own conclusions, i speculate upon the subjects and work to find out the truthful factor, 
[11:14] <Rêveur of the Night> This kinda reminds me of 9/11
[11:14] <Lesami> -.-
[11:14] <Rêveur of the Night> For some reason
[11:14] <Rêveur of the Night> What?
[11:15] <Jonas.g> meow
[11:17] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[11:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Welcome back
[11:20] <Ahmedrashwan> O(. )O
[11:20] <Ahmedrashwan> My leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg
[11:21] <Ahmedrashwan> Not stop tingling
[11:22] <Rêveur of the Night> Standing up might help if your legs tingling :P
[11:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Not tingling like painful..but its loooooooong
[11:23] <ImAMonkey> EinsVanCat *ping*
[11:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Why raven talon is dead wiki?
[11:24] <ImAMonkey> Because no one goes on anymore
[11:24] <EinsVanCat> ...
[11:25] <Jonas.g> so....
[11:25] <Jonas.g> i didnt get a scan at all
[11:25] <Ahmedrashwan> Or maybe Is all of the abilities go to this wiki?
[11:26] <Rêveur of the Night> All of the members of Raven's Talon are people who don't really come on the wikias anymore
[11:26] <Ahmedrashwan> Ahhhh
[11:26] <Rêveur of the Night> I know them
[11:26] <Ahmedrashwan> Just kidding
[11:26] <Rêveur of the Night> Talk to them almost daily ._.
[11:27] <Rêveur of the Night> One of them was just on here .__.
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> And now..they will not come back?
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> One of them
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Maybe u?
[11:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[11:29] <Kile574> "hey kile!"
[11:29] <Kile574> OH HEY GUYS !
[11:30] <ImAMonkey> HEY KILE
[11:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[11:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey
[11:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Kiillee o_o
[11:36] <KarmaReforged> sup
[11:37] <Rêveur of the Night> He ignored me. It hurts ;-;
[11:37] <Rêveur of the Night> Sup
[11:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> REV
[11:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *tackles rev* let us play Mario Kart 7!!!