[4.5:29] <KibaTheWolf> So, i guess when Ryuuku leaved he took the chat with him XD
[4.5:29] <Stormmer> The main one, yes
[4.5:29] <Torquil> Pm is as lively as always 
[4.5:29] <Stormmer> Agreed
[4.5:30] <KibaTheWolf> Lol
[4.5:30] <Whygaming5> sup
[4.5:31] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Gaming
[4.5:31] <Torquil> Hey Hyga
[4.5:31] <Torquil> How are you?
[4.5:34] <Torquil> WB Hyga
[4.5:37] <AlSy> finally.... 
[4.5:37] <AlSy> I finished my video diary project 
[4.5:37] <Torquil> NICE!
[4.5:37] <Torquil> can we see it?
[4.5:37] <Torquil> pwease
[4.5:37] <Torquil> X-x
[4.5:37] <AlSy> I mean I have everything I need 
[4.5:37] <AlSy> but I still need to edit it out torquil 
[4.5:37] <AlSy> and no.....
[4.5:38] <Torquil> oh LOL, and (cry) meanie 
[4.5:38] <Stormmer> Does it have sex scenes?
[4.5:38] <AlSy> no lol
[4.5:38] <Torquil> Alsy and fion sexting is in it
[4.5:38] <AlSy> it wasn't allowed
[4.5:38] <AlSy> but
[4.5:38] <AlSy> lol
[4.5:38] <AlSy> something funny happened
[4.5:38] <Stormmer> yummy :3
[4.5:38] <AlSy> I'll start from the beggining 
[4.5:38] <AlSy> *beginning 
[4.5:38] <Stormmer> Oh my goddie goddess Eris, I found the perfect target for the turkey curse!!!
[4.5:39] <AlSy> our teacher said no sex, violence or politics 
[4.5:39] <AlSy> and my friends came over
[4.5:39] <Torquil> ....turkey curse?
[4.5:39] <AlSy> they wanted to help me
[4.5:39] <Torquil> O_o
[4.5:39] <AlSy> and they just came in, I was taping the whole time 
[4.5:39] <AlSy> and I said hi
[4.5:39] <AlSy> they said hi
[4.5:39] <AlSy> and just stood there
[4.5:39] <AlSy> and then one of them said
[4.5:39] <AlSy> let's talk about sex 
[4.5:39] <AlSy> and started to take of her shirt
[4.5:39] <AlSy> lol 
[4.5:39] <Stormmer> No sex , violence or politics- that allows religion and sexuality!! XD
[4.5:39] <Torquil> O-o
[4.5:39] <AlSy> no no religion too 
[4.5:40] <AlSy> I forgot about that one
[4.5:40] <AlSy> anyway I want to put that thing she did in the video 
[4.5:40] <Torquil> what a bold friend considering she was a girl 
[4.5:40] <AlSy> lol
[4.5:40] <AlSy> she wouldn't really take her shirt off lol
[4.5:40] <AlSy> she just startred
[4.5:40] <Torquil> oh lol
[4.5:40] <AlSy> and then stopped
[4.5:40] <AlSy> and started laughing
[4.5:40] <AlSy> ohh
[4.5:41] <AlSy> and we did the cinnamon challenge..... 
[4.5:41] <AlSy> they didn't know what it was
[4.5:41] <AlSy> lol
[4.5:41] <AlSy> they spit everything out on my bed tho.....
[4.5:42] <AlSy> she had to clean it up then
[4.5:42] <Stormmer> Hi there
[4.5:43] <Hermes000> howdy
[4.5:43] <AlSy> we have 67 clips in total....
[4.5:43] <AlSy> this will take a while
[4.5:43] <Stormmer> -please goddie goddess-, tell me you're into hermetics
[4.5:43] <AlSy> and hey hermes 
[4.5:43] <AlSy> hey crow
[4.5:43] <Stormmer> Welcome back Democracy
[4.5:43] <Crow Demoncry> I am back
[4.5:43] <AlSy> yes you are
[4.5:43] <Stormmer> ...speaking of politics Aisy
[4.5:43] <Crow Demoncry> No I am not
[4.5:44] <Crow Demoncry> Yes you are!
[4.5:44] <AlSy> lol
[4.5:44] <AlSy> lol 
[4.5:44] <AlSy> these videos are too funny
[4.5:44] <Crow Demoncry> Basically I have no idea wtf am I saying
[4.5:44] <AlSy> now I need to get an editing program.....
[4.5:44] <AlSy> do you guys know any good ones?
[4.5:44] <AlSy> lol
[4.5:49] <AlSy> * AlSy is bored....
[4.5:49] <Stormmer> * Stormmer is oferring help for the ones in need
[4.5:50] <AlSy> find me a good video editor then 
[4.5:50] <Torquil>
[4.5:50] <Stormmer> Help as in teaching
[4.5:50] <AlSy> kay teach me how to find a good video editor 
[4.5:51] <Torquil> DO you have apple?
[4.5:51] <Stormmer> Google!
[4.5:51] <AlSy> no torquil 
[4.5:51] <AlSy> and I'm looking stormmer 
[4.5:51] <Torquil> Use windows movie maker 
[4.5:52] <AlSy> it sucks 
[4.5:52] <AlSy> I used it on my last project 
[4.5:52] <AlSy> it was about violence or soemthing 
[4.5:52] <AlSy> *something 
[4.5:52] <AlSy> it sucks
[4.5:52] <AlSy> closes every time lol
[4.5:53] <AlSy> LOL
[4.5:53] <AlSy>
[4.5:53] <AlSy> that is such an old serbian song 
[4.5:53] <AlSy> they use to play it all the time
[4.5:53] <AlSy> like all the time
[4.5:53] <AlSy> I forgot about it
[4.5:53] <Stormmer> Aisy, please don't talk to yourself and by yourself alone XD
[4.5:53] <AlSy> well no one else is talking 
[4.5:53] <AlSy> and 
[4.5:53] <AlSy> * AlSy is bored
[4.5:54] <AlSy> so I'll just continue 
[4.5:54] <AlSy> :P
[4.5:54] <KibaTheWolf> Im bored too
[4.5:55] <Torquil> me too
[4.5:56] <Hermes000> back, how about psionic practice?
[4.5:56] <Crow Demoncry> Back
[4.5:56] <AlSy> everyone is back....
[4.5:56] <AlSy> * AlSy is back 
[4.5:56] <Hermes000> such as telepathy, scanning, etc
[4.5:56] <AlSy> hmm......
[4.5:56] <Crow Demoncry> Alsy
[4.5:56] <Mip321> im back (troll) 
[4.5:56] <AlSy> ?
[4.5:56] <Stormmer> Let's talk energy alchemy
[4.5:56] <AlSy> wb mip...
[4.5:57] <Crow Demoncry> Wait
[4.5:57] <AlSy> and nooo stormmer.......
[4.5:57] <Crow Demoncry> A sec
[4.5:57] <Hermes000> wb
[4.5:57] <KibaTheWolf> Energy alchemy?
[4.5:57] <Crow Demoncry> Alsy
[4.5:57] <Crow Demoncry> Sony Vegas :|
[4.5:57] <AlSy> thank you
[4.5:57] <Crow Demoncry> Sony Vegas Pro 12
[4.5:57] <Crow Demoncry> It's cheap
[4.5:58] <Crow Demoncry> $599.95 :3
[4.5:58] <AlSy> yes, I'm totally gonna buy it for a 7 minute video (:D) 
[4.5:58] <Crow Demoncry> lol
[4.5:58] <Jaacob> hey alsy and everyone else :o
[4.5:58] <AlSy> haha
[4.5:59] <AlSy> why did you say hi to me
[4.5:59] <AlSy> and then to everyone else?
[5.5:00] <AlSy> * AlSy is special 
[5.5:00] <Jaacob> well you're a little retarded so :/
[5.5:00] <Torquil> cause he doesn't want to club the weird ppl with everyone else 
[5.5:00] <AlSy> D:
[5.5:00] <Jaacob> lol 
[5.5:00] <AlSy> lol
[5.5:01] <Torquil> (hehehe) 
[5.5:01] <AlSy> hahah
[5.5:01] <AlSy> * AlSy bans torquil 
[5.5:02] <Jaacob> lol
[5.5:02] <AlSy> jaac too >_>
[5.5:03] <Jaacob> ;_;
[5.5:03] <Jaacob> how's the diary going alsy?
[5.5:03] <AlSy> my program is...
[5.5:03] <AlSy> umm...
[5.5:03] <AlSy> I'm "getting" it right now :D 
[5.5:04] <Jaacob> program? :o
[5.5:04] <AlSy> editing one
[5.5:04] <Stormmer> 'catching' the seed are you Aisy?
[5.5:04] <Stormmer> in the 'spot'
[5.5:04] <Stormmer> On the 'hard'drive
[5.5:04] <AlSy> lol
[5.5:05] <Jaacob> lol
[5.5:05] <Ryuke69> I'MMM BACK!!!!!!!
[5.5:05] <Ryuke69> Hey AlSy
[5.5:05] <AlSy> hey 69
[5.5:05] <AlSy> wb
[5.5:05] <Ryuke69> Lol
[5.5:05] <Torquil> WB!
[5.5:05] <Jaacob> wb ryuke
[5.5:05] <Torquil> HOW GOES IT?
[5.5:05] <Ryuke69> Thank you, I feel loved (:D) 
[5.5:05] <Ryuke69> Perty good Torq
[5.5:05] <Torquil> - (kiss)
[5.5:05] <Jaacob> cus you're loved :) 
[5.5:05] <Ryuke69> Hbu?
[5.5:05] <Ryuke69> YYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!! :d 
[5.5:05] <Torquil> i am feeling kissy
[5.5:06] <Torquil> made a new word
[5.5:06] <Ryuke69> Umm, Kissy?
[5.5:06] <Stormmer> Kissey
[5.5:06] <Ryuke69> You're not getting any kisses from me :p
[5.5:06] <Stormmer> I can be kissey with you Torquil
[5.5:06] <AlSy> lol
[5.5:06] <Ryuke69> And brb again :| Gotta put up stuff.
[5.5:06] <Torquil> (blush) totally stormmer 
[5.5:06] <Stormmer> Since Aisy got his twin
[5.5:06] <Torquil> lol
[5.5:06] <Torquil> incest
[5.5:07] <AlSy> wtf
[5.5:07] <Stormmer> -approaches slowly to kiss Torquil-
[5.5:07] <Stormmer> -grabs his face-
[5.5:07] <Torquil> -torquil snores-
[5.5:07] <Stormmer> -plays with his lower lip with my thumb-
[5.5:07] <Torquil> -in bed-
[5.5:07] <AlSy> * AlSy is disturbed 
[5.5:07] <Stormmer> -makes eye contact-
[5.5:07] <Stormmer> -kisses Aisy-
[5.5:07] <AlSy> * AlSy blushes 
[5.5:08] <Torquil> * Torquil slaps alsy
[5.5:08] <KibaTheWolf> * KibaTheWolf is confused with what the hell is going on
[5.5:08] <Torquil> you bitch
[5.5:08] <Torquil> go lick ur own twin
[5.5:08] <Crow Demoncry> Left for a sex
[5.5:08] <Crow Demoncry> Sec*
[5.5:08] <Stormmer> XD
[5.5:09] <Crow Demoncry> And shit happens here :|
[5.5:09] <Stormmer> Left for sex
[5.5:09] <AlSy> sure crow 
[5.5:09] <Stormmer> That's like left for dead
[5.5:09] <AlSy> for sec
[5.5:09] <KibaTheWolf> XD
[5.5:09] <AlSy> * AlSy is disturbed 
[5.5:09] <Torquil> XD
[5.5:09] <Stormmer> Don't ask Kiba, just get in the sexuality or not XD
[5.5:09] <Torquil> left for a sex
[5.5:09] <AlSy> them images in my head
[5.5:09] <Torquil> -crow
[5.5:09] <AlSy> * AlSy cries 
[5.5:10] <Torquil> Thats so going on my profile 
[5.5:10] <KibaTheWolf> * KibaTheWolf buys Alsy sony vegas pro 12
[5.5:10] <AlSy> I am "buying" it right now 
[5.5:10] <AlSy> lol
[5.5:10] <KibaTheWolf> * KibaTheWolf is never getting his new PC
[5.5:10] <AlSy> for free
[5.5:11] <Crow Demoncry> Alsy
[5.5:11] <Crow Demoncry> Just saying
[5.5:11] <AlSy> ?
[5.5:11] <Crow Demoncry> Vegas is complicated 
[5.5:11] <AlSy> I have 12 hours
[5.5:12] <Stormmer> Hi
[5.5:12] <ProdigyOX> hello humans
[5.5:13] <Stormmer> Hello fellow human-ish humanly human
[5.5:13] <Torquil> Hi Prodigy
[5.5:13] <Torquil> How are you?
[5.5:14] <Torquil> [[User:Torquil]]
[5.5:14] <ProdigyOX> im good how are you
[5.5:14] <Torquil> added it
[5.5:14] <ProdigyOX> ok
[5.5:14] <Torquil> I am doing quite well
[5.5:14] <ProdigyOX> how do i add you
[5.5:14] <Crow Demoncry> Wait
[5.5:14] <Crow Demoncry> WHAT
[5.5:14] <Torquil> ?.?
[5.5:14] <Crow Demoncry> What's with that quote e_e
[5.5:14] <ProdigyOX> huh
[5.5:14] <Crow Demoncry> It was a typo e_e
[5.5:14] <AlSy> nothing....
[5.5:15] <Torquil> I know
[5.5:15] <AlSy> go for a sex crow
[5.5:15] <AlSy> *sec
[5.5:15] <AlSy> (:D) 
[5.5:15] <Torquil> its supposed to be a funny section 
[5.5:15] <Torquil> ^_^
[5.5:15] <Stormmer> I read 'sex cow'
[5.5:15] <Torquil> LOL
[5.5:15] <AlSy> it can go both ways stormmer 
[5.5:16] <Crow Demoncry> lol
[5.5:16] <Torquil> Crow i changed it to wise words by others
[5.5:16] <Torquil> ^_6
[5.5:16] <Crow Demoncry> Okay..
[5.5:17] <Stormmer> crow sex!
[5.5:17] <Torquil> SEX CROW!
[5.5:17] <Torquil> sounds know...something
[5.5:17] <AlSy> ...
[5.5:17] <Stormmer> With a torch!
[5.5:17] <Stormmer> (torquil) 
[5.5:17] <AlSy> jac
[5.5:17] <AlSy> you here
[5.5:17] <AlSy> *jaac
[5.5:17] <AlSy> guys
[5.5:17] <AlSy> I'm bored
[5.5:17] <Torquil> I am not a torch
[5.5:17] <Torquil> I am the blood
[5.5:17] <AlSy> ohh
[5.5:17] <AlSy> torquil
[5.5:17] <Jaacob> oh my god don't ping me !
[5.5:18] <Torquil> what alsy?
[5.5:18] <AlSy> do you want to play that card game?
[5.5:18] <Torquil> SURe lol
[5.5:18] <AlSy> and fine jaac
[5.5:18] <Torquil> anytime
[5.5:18] <AlSy> yy
[5.5:18] <Jaacob> why did "what alsy" ping me? o.o
[5.5:18] <AlSy> yay*
[5.5:18] <AlSy> anyone else wanna play?
[5.5:18] <Jaacob> no
[5.5:18] <Torquil> *yes
[5.5:18] <AlSy> because magic? 
[5.5:18] <Torquil> WB! spammer
[5.5:18] <Ryuke69> Lol
[5.5:18] <AlSy> wb 69 
[5.5:18] <Jaacob> ryuke don't do that x.x
[5.5:18] <Ryuke69> Why?
[5.5:18] <AlSy> do you want to play the game with us?
[5.5:19] <Ryuke69> What game?
[5.5:19] <AlSy> you'll see
[5.5:19] <Jaacob> cus using caps like that is not allowed
[5.5:19] <AlSy> torquil make a room
[5.5:19] <AlSy> and jaac
[5.5:19] <AlSy> play with us
[5.5:19] <Ryuke69> Oh, I didn't know.
[5.5:19] <Jaacob> omg ksoksrhop
[5.5:19] <AlSy> it's fun
[5.5:19] <Jaacob> I don't want to play x.x
[5.5:19] <Jaacob> it's a boring game lol
[5.5:19] <AlSy> no it's not
[5.5:19] <AlSy> just try it
[5.5:19] <ProdigyOX> you're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul
[5.5:19] <AlSy> you can give up any time
[5.5:19] <Jaacob> okay explain what's the point in it 
[5.5:19] <Ryuke69> ^
[5.5:19] <Crow Demoncry> Alsy I wanna play
[5.5:20] <AlSy> yay
[5.5:20] <AlSy> and crow
[5.5:20] <AlSy> can you explain
[5.5:20] <AlSy> ?
[5.5:20] <Crow Demoncry> No
[5.5:20] <Stormmer> @Progidy, is that Jar of Hearts?
[5.5:20] <AlSy> -_-
[5.5:20] <AlSy> fine
[5.5:20] <AlSy> and yes stormmer
[5.5:20] <AlSy> I think..
[5.5:20] <Jaacob> crow you still haven't done that little task or did you decide not to do it at all? :/
[5.5:20] <AlSy> that's what I thought of
[5.5:20] <ProdigyOX> yeah
[5.5:20] <AlSy> and torquil you here?
[5.5:20] <ProdigyOX> love that lyric
[5.5:20] <Crow Demoncry> I can't even fine the code anymore
[5.5:20] <Torquil> 1 sec
[5.5:20] <Torquil> maing it
[5.5:20] <Ryuke69> Sorry Had to restart my chat.
[5.5:20] <Torquil> making
[5.5:20] <AlSy> what was the code for?
[5.5:20] <Torquil> i
[5.5:21] <Torquil>
[5.5:21] <Crow Demoncry> Torq add the anime deck as well
[5.5:21] <Torquil> ok
[5.5:21] <AlSy> yay
[5.5:21] <Crow Demoncry> And not the polish translation..
[5.5:21] <AlSy> what is the password
[5.5:21] <AlSy> no polish one
[5.5:21] <AlSy> everyone go there
[5.5:21] <Crow Demoncry> psi is the pass
[5.5:21] <Crow Demoncry> "psi"
[5.5:22] <AlSy> word 
[5.5:22] <Torquil> COME guys
[5.5:22] <AlSy> guys
[5.5:22] <Ryuke69> What the hell? Do I do? Set my username as Ryuke69?
[5.5:22] <AlSy> go there
[5.5:22] <Ryuke69> Or nickname?
[5.5:22] <Torquil>
[5.5:23] <Torquil> anything
[5.5:23] <AlSy> set it however you want
[5.5:23] <Torquil> ryu
[5.5:23] <AlSy> it's not important 
[5.5:23] <Ryuke69> Ok I'm already on it Torq
[5.5:23] <AlSy> jaac play with us
[5.5:24] <Jaacob> tell me what's the point in it ( how to play it )
[5.5:24] <Jaacob> seriously stop pinging me, I zap everytime someone ping cus my volume is 100% 
[5.5:25] <AlSy> you try to make a funny sentance 
[5.5:25] <AlSy> sentence* 
[5.5:25] <AlSy> using the cards you have
[5.5:25] <AlSy> and one of the players
[5.5:25] <AlSy> chooses the one who he finds they funniest 
[5.5:25] <ProdigyOX> we're gonna die young
[5.5:25] <AlSy> and the person who picked that card get's a point
[5.5:25] <AlSy> and then who get's 8 points first
[5.5:25] <AlSy> wins
[5.5:26] <StalkerInWoods> Hi :D 
[5.5:26] <AlSy> hey stalker
[5.5:26] <Jaacob> hmm.. alright give me the link and pass :D 
[5.5:26] <StalkerInWoods> What's up?
[5.5:26] <Torquil>
[5.5:26] <Jaacob> hey stalker, love the name :D 
[5.5:26] <Torquil> join us
[5.5:27] <Torquil> password is psi
[5.5:27] <Stormmer> Hi there, long time no see
[5.5:27] <StalkerInWoods> thanks :) 
[5.5:27] <StalkerInWoods> yep and hi
[5.5:27] <StalkerInWoods> I've been on a long training and have been pretty busy XP
[5.5:28] <StalkerInWoods> So.. what else happened here?
[5.5:28] <ProdigyOX> do you guys think those psychics on the street who u pay to get a fortune are legit
[5.5:28] <ProdigyOX> plz answer asap
[5.5:29] <ProdigyOX> Chuzzzz a girl was like ''you're gonna fight a monster one day'' and i asked for my 50 dollars back and she said no
[5.5:29] <StalkerInWoods> Well.. she surely wasn't legit
[5.5:30] <ProdigyOX> lol
[5.5:30] <StalkerInWoods> and 50 dollars?!.. o.O
[5.5:31] <ProdigyOX> kinda picked it off the floor was like.. hey 
[5.5:31] <ProdigyOX> yeah expensive
[5.5:31] <StalkerInWoods> Was she a young girl or some old creepy woman?
[5.5:32] <ProdigyOX> she was old but not creepy
[5.5:32] <ProdigyOX> she had lots of jewlery on
[5.5:32] <StalkerInWoods> Well idk what to say but you were fooled XP and also lost 50 dollars
[5.5:33] <StalkerInWoods> Bad day I guess?
[5.5:33] <StalkerInWoods> Wow.. everybody is "away"..
[5.5:33] <ProdigyOX> well maybe i will fight a monster >.>
[5.5:34] <StalkerInWoods> And is that all she told you?
[5.5:34] <ProdigyOX> well i summarized it to that but ill give u what she said to me
[5.5:34] <StalkerInWoods> If I were you I would've kicked her and take my money back :) 
[5.5:34] <ProdigyOX> She put her palm at the back of my neck slightly pressed down so my face was like
[5.5:35] <ProdigyOX> facing her feet and she said sum crap like ''I see a lot of pimps in your life and one day this mofo will grab u by the waist, throw you in his van and take you to wonderland for free and there you'll fight the monster''.
[5.5:35] <ProdigyOX> no im joking but yeah, a monster.
[5.5:36] <StalkerInWoods> Well she clearly lied and you also lost 50 dollars :P
[5.5:37] <StalkerInWoods> Hello horsy
[5.5:37] <ProdigyOX> can you get a cop introuble
[5.5:37] <ProdigyOX> for asking if you have weed on you?
[5.5:38] <StalkerInWoods> Um I don't think so
[5.5:41] <StalkerInWoods> Oh well.. it's silent as always here so I guess I'll go.. See ya all
[5.5:41] <ProdigyOX> bye
[5.5:50] <Stormmer> -sits on Horsy-
[5.5:50] <Horsyqueen> *hugs stormmy*
[5.5:50] <Stormmer> -hugs back-
[5.5:54] <Horsyqueen> *doesnt let go*
[5.5:54] <Horsyqueen> my feet are cold
[5.5:55] <Stormmer> Get a blanket
[5.5:55] <KibaTheWolf> Its summer here
[5.5:55] <Stormmer> It's winter here and at Horsy's
[5.5:55] <KibaTheWolf> Its friggin 40 C here
[5.5:55] <Horsyqueen> stormmer is gonna warm me up
[5.5:56] <Torquil>
[5.5:56] <Torquil> horsy
[5.5:56] <Torquil> join
[5.5:56] <KibaTheWolf> LOL
[5.5:56] <Torquil> password is psi
[5.5:56] <Stormmer> Yeah, Stormmy the blanket will worm you up
[5.5:56] <Stormmer> warm* XD
[5.5:58] <Torquil>
[5.5:58] <Torquil> saa
[5.5:58] <Torquil> password is psi
[5.5:59] <Saadian> O.o
[5.5:59] <Saadian> huh?
[5.5:59] <Saadian> joined
[5.5:59] <Saadian> I hope
[6.5:07] <Mip321> im back
[6.5:10] <Jaacob> wb mip
[6.5:15] <Stormmer> I had lag
[6.5:15] <Stormmer> It seems
[6.5:21] <Stormmer> The only one not away
[6.5:21] <Stormmer>
[6.5:22] <Jaacob> looks weird
[6.5:23] <Stormmer> It was
[6.5:23] <Jaacob> did I ruin it
[6.5:24] <Saadian> yep
[6.5:24] <Stormmer> Yer
[6.5:25] <Horsyqueen> hey
[6.5:26] <Saadian> I was getting to much lag
[6.5:26] <Saadian> I had to quit
[6.5:34] <Saadian> hellloooo
[6.5:35] <Stormmer> Hell.o
[6.5:35] <Saadian> topic?