[11:41] <EinsVanCat> Oh, I have a not so serious side, did I never show that here?
[11:41] <VeilOfReality> Not really.
[11:41] <EinsVanCat> huh. well then.
[11:41] <VeilOfReality> :I All I've seen of you is seriousness and angriness, with a tad bit of hostility.
[11:42] <EinsVanCat> angry? I seem angry a lot of the time?
[11:42] <EinsVanCat> Hostile, maybe, because honestly people irritate me all the time.
[11:42] <Okamiden12> mm....nah
[11:42] <VeilOfReality> The anger is mostly mixed with the hostility.
[11:43] <Rêveur of the Night> *nasally voice* Did it hurt.... 
[11:43] <Rêveur of the Night> When you fell from heaven?
[11:43] <EinsVanCat> .___.
[11:43] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 slaps rev
[11:43] <Okamiden12> bad cousin
[11:43] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[11:45] <VeilOfReality> Did it hurt when you rose from hell and broke through the earth's crust?
[11:45] <EinsVanCat> lol
[11:45] <Okamiden12> only a little
[11:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes
[11:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes it did
[11:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Thank you for caring about me :3
[11:47] <VeilOfReality> Rev, you remain one of my least favorite people on this chat.
[11:48] <VeilOfReality> That list includes Oka and Vegeta.
[11:48] <Okamiden12> thanks 
[11:48] <Rêveur of the Night> Yeah
[11:48] <Rêveur of the Night> I know
[11:48] <Rêveur of the Night> It's a shame that you're one of me favorite
[11:48] <Rêveur of the Night> my*
[11:48] <VeilOfReality> You still won't be most hated though.
[11:48] <VeilOfReality> Am I your favorite least favorite?
[11:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm?
[11:50] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[11:50] <Okamiden12> why am i one of your least favorites?
[11:50] <EinsVanCat> Probably the kind of obnoxious behavior you have, along with the inappropriate things you do.
[11:50] <Okamiden12> oh yeh
[11:50] <Okamiden12> :P
[11:51] <VeilOfReality> See, there you go again Eins. Scolding everyone.
[11:51] <VeilOfReality> xD
[11:52] <EinsVanCat> Lol thats not even being serious or hostile.
[11:52] <VeilOfReality> You sure about that?
[11:52] <Maskedmoon> Hello everyone
[11:52] <SuperKrill99> hi
[11:52] <SuperKrill99> 
[11:52] <Maskedmoon> How are you all?
[11:52] <Maskedmoon> 
[11:52] <SuperKrill99> I wanna create a tornado any tips?
[11:53] <XeRhyme> Yes,Don't.
[11:53] <Okamiden12> erm
[11:53] <Okamiden12> yeh
[11:53] <Okamiden12> what he said
[11:53] <XeRhyme> Hi Masked.
[11:53] <KibaTheWolf> Krill PM
[11:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Agreed
[11:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Just don't
[11:53] <VeilOfReality> I have a tip, try training for a couple thousand years.
[11:53] <Maskedmoon> O hai rhyme
[11:53] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[11:53] <Maskedmoon> 
[11:53] <SuperKrill99> yes 
[11:53] <XeRhyme> Pretty good.
[11:53] <Maskedmoon> Good to hear
[11:54] <XeRhyme> I recall someone who was good at atmo who could influence the weather into things that were actually possible.But of course,creating a tornado would be stupid,insane and take an incredible amount of force.
[11:54] <XeRhyme> Only thing I've done atmo related was,"Making the air around me colder" slightly.
[11:54] <VeilOfReality> And actual ability, of which krill does not possess.
[11:55] <Okamiden12> lol
[11:55] <XeRhyme> Yes,Pursue things that are not absurd and that you should actually try out before trying to get yourself hurt.
[11:55] <VeilOfReality> Hello, Masked.
[11:55] <XeRhyme> or pull a brain cell.
[11:55] <Maskedmoon> Hello veil, how are you?
[11:55] <VeilOfReality> If he has one.
[11:55] <EinsVanCat> You won't be creating a tornado anytime soon.
[11:55] <VeilOfReality> I'm good, and you?
[11:55] <SuperEliteJordan> If you will eins make it that way
[11:55] <KibaTheWolf> Anytime EVER
[11:55] <EinsVanCat> ?
[11:55] <EinsVanCat> what jordan?
[11:56] <SuperEliteJordan> *points to his school
[11:56] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh you comment "I won't be making tornados soon"
[11:56] <SuperEliteJordan> I was making a joke...
[11:56] <Okamiden12> :|
[11:56] <Okamiden12> hush
[11:56] <Maskedmoon> Im good, thanks for asking veil
[11:57] <SuperEliteJordan> Never oka never
[11:57] <Okamiden12> :|
[11:58] <VeilOfReality> You're hushed now.
[11:58] <Rêveur of the Night> With a ton on set up you could, but It'd be really hard o_o
[11:58] <Rêveur of the Night> And a lot of knowledge on it
[11:58] <VeilOfReality> Welcome back, Ms. True.
[11:58] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi tu.
[11:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Ms?
[11:59] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[11:59] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Truely
[11:59] <Okamiden12> it's a joke revvy
[11:59] <Truely Unknown> Hi Queen Bitch and Jordan. 
[11:59] <Rêveur of the Night> o-o
[11:59] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[11:59] <Truely Unknown> ..-. 
[11:59] <Truely Unknown> What's the topic.
[11:59] <Okamiden12> (wave) 
[12:00] <Okamiden12> ...idk any more
[12:00] <VeilOfReality> Woah woah woah, was I just called Queen?
[12:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Tornados making I guess
[12:00] <Okamiden12> it's all just gone to shit :|
[12:00] <Rêveur of the Night> "Queen"
[12:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh do I wave icon
[12:00] <VeilOfReality> I thought it was Royal Bitch. Or princess. Your choice. 
[12:00] <Rêveur of the Night> "Me leige"
[12:00] <SuperEliteJordan> I royal pain In The ass
[12:00] <Rêveur of the Night> My liege*
[12:00] <Truely Unknown> You 
[12:01] <KibaTheWolf> Wasnt it Witch?
[12:01] <KibaTheWolf> NO
[12:01] <VeilOfReality> Bwitch
[12:01] <KibaTheWolf> Bwitch, right?
[12:01] <Truely Unknown> .-.
[12:01] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[12:01] <VeilOfReality> Royal Bwitch
[12:01] <Truely Unknown> lol
[12:01] <VeilOfReality> Wait. (witch)
[12:02] <Rêveur of the Night> (Sophie) 
[12:02] <KibaTheWolf> (bwitch)
[12:02] <VeilOfReality> Oh good it doesn't show my profile pic anymore. xD
[12:02] <KibaTheWolf> Damn
[12:02] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[12:02] <VeilOfReality> Kiba why are you blue?
[12:02] <Okamiden12> (okam) 
[12:02] <Okamiden12> c:
[12:02] <KibaTheWolf> Because im an epic wolf
[12:02] <KibaTheWolf> (:D) 
[12:02] <VeilOfReality> Wolves aren't blue.
[12:02] <VeilOfReality> (:D) 
[12:02] <VeilOfReality> 
[12:02] <KibaTheWolf> Its not blue
[12:02] <KibaTheWolf> Its
[12:02] <KibaTheWolf> Something
[12:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Triple epic face
[12:03] <VeilOfReality> Aqua
[12:03] <VeilOfReality> ?
[12:03] <SuperEliteJordan> (:D) (:D) (:D) 
[12:03] <KibaTheWolf> No its just light D:
[12:03] <VeilOfReality> KibaTheAquaWolf
[12:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Friends with sonic the hedgehog^^
[12:04] <KibaTheWolf> Bwitch .-.
[12:04] <KibaTheWolf> KibaTheEpicWolf
[12:04] <VeilOfReality> Royal Bwitch*
[12:05] <VeilOfReality> KibaTheAquaWolf*
[12:05] <VeilOfReality> It sounds like Kiba the awkward wolf.
[12:05] <SuperEliteJordan> Royal Pain in the ass
[12:05] <KibaTheWolf> Im Moon Moon
[12:05] <VeilOfReality> Super, don't insult yourself like that. No matter how brutally honest it is.
[12:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Haha
[12:06] <SuperEliteJordan> That's you bwitch(:D)
[12:06] <VeilOfReality> Kiba, did you see that thing that tells you your wolf name. (I forget where I saw it)
[12:06] <VeilOfReality> Damn it, who invited moon moon again?
[12:06] <KibaTheWolf> What?
[12:06] <KibaTheWolf> Oh i saw that XD
[12:07] <Lesami> i want some latex clothing
[12:07] <Okamiden12> :) 
[12:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Latex is sexy
[12:07] <Okamiden12> yeh
[12:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes that's blunt (:D) 
[12:07] <Lesami> buy me stuffs =3 
[12:08] <Okamiden12> RHYMEEE
[12:08] <XeRhyme> Yes hon?
[12:08] <Okamiden12> THISS
[12:08] <Okamiden12> wow that's a long link XD
[12:08] <XeRhyme> o_o
[12:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Nope bye your own stuff lesami (:D) 
[12:09] <XeRhyme> You want this?
[12:09] <VeilOfReality> I'm afraid to click on it considering who posted it.
[12:09] <Okamiden12> i'll have to make some modifications i think :P
[12:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[12:09] <KibaTheWolf> Dahell is that Oka XD
[12:09] <VeilOfReality> And now reading what the link says, I think I can live my whole life without ever clicking on it.
[12:09] <Okamiden12> it's what ima punish Rhyme in c:
[12:10] <SuperEliteJordan> I saw that on youtube already oka rhyme videotaped the last time...
[12:10] <XeRhyme> O_o
[12:10] <XeRhyme> Oka,Don't even consider it lol.
[12:10] <Okamiden12> consider what
[12:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes that's also blunt as a spoon (:D) 
[12:11] <Okamiden12> oh god Brian
[12:11] <Okamiden12> i just found the best thing pm
[12:12] <XeRhyme> I'll be blunt physically tho
[12:12] <XeRhyme> ^_^
[12:12] <XeRhyme> 
[12:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[12:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Dang boney knuckles 
[12:12] <Okamiden12> totally not a teasing whip
[12:12] <XeRhyme> Sometimes I wonder what you browse in your spare time honey.
[12:12] <Okamiden12> i need to enable incognito 
[12:12] <Okamiden12> XD
[12:12] <Okamiden12> hold on a second
[12:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[12:14] <Okamiden12> i found my new favorite website XD
[12:14] <Truely Unknown> FUUUU
[12:14] <Okamiden12> buying flavored condoms :|
[12:15] <SuperEliteJordan> What's the matter tu
[12:15] <Truely Unknown> Bad okami.
[12:15] <Okamiden12> strawberry
[12:15] <Okamiden12> chocolate
[12:15] <Okamiden12> Grape
[12:15] <XeRhyme> Oka,Why on earth do flavored condoms exist.
[12:15] <Okamiden12> TUTU DON'T U WANT ME TO BE SAFE
[12:15] <Truely Unknown> And I keep refreshing.
[12:15] <Truely Unknown> That's inappropriate.
[12:15] <Okamiden12> :|
[12:15] <Okamiden12> yeh yeh yhe -3-
[12:15] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[12:15] <SuperEliteJordan> How do condoms work?
[12:15] <Truely Unknown> Keep that talk out of main chat.
[12:15] <Rêveur of the Night> ^
[12:16] <SuperEliteJordan> ^^
[12:16] <Rêveur of the Night> What Tutu said
[12:16] <Okamiden12> meh
[12:16] <XeRhyme> Yeah I really don't wanna discuss that either.
[12:16] <VeilOfReality> Super, no. Just be quiet.
[12:16] <SuperEliteJordan> o.o
[12:16] <XeRhyme> You'll find out when your Older.
[12:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Koi
[12:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[12:16] <Okamiden12> ...they have cola flavor ;)
[12:16] <SuperEliteJordan> XD
[12:16] <Okamiden12> rhyme check pm
[12:19] <XeRhyme> I did oka
[12:19] <Okamiden12> i know i saw
[12:19] <Okamiden12> :P
[12:19] <VeilOfReality> I'm afraid to know what Oka and Rhyme talk about when they're alone.
[12:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Ignoreance first sign of break up
[12:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Me to veil
[12:19] <XeRhyme> You should be.
[12:19] <VeilOfReality> You spelled ignorance wrong.
[12:19] <VeilOfReality> You ignorant. (:D) 
[12:19] <Okamiden12> lel
[12:19] <XeRhyme> The first sign of ignorance.Is when you spell it wrong.
[12:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Suuuuusssssshhhh,
[12:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Shhhhhhuuuuuussssshhhhh
[12:20] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[12:20] <VeilOfReality> You shush.
[12:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Faces
[12:20] <Okamiden12> the sad thing is this chat spell checks
[12:20] <EinsVanCat> x3
[12:20] <Okamiden12> xD
[12:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes I spelled shush rong first (:D) 
[12:20] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[12:21] <EinsVanCat> *yawns* I need to come up with some event ideas.. this wiki could use a good fun progressive thing every once in awhile..
[12:22] <Okamiden12> such as
[12:22] <XeRhyme> Hm.
[12:22] <XeRhyme> Eins I'd gladly work with you on that?
[12:22] <Truely Unknown> What okami said.
[12:22] <VeilOfReality> Super, you mean "wrong"?
[12:22] <XeRhyme> If you don't mind?
[12:22] <Okamiden12> xD
[12:22] <EinsVanCat> dont know yet, Im still coming up with things.
[12:22] <Okamiden12> ART CONTESTS
[12:22] <Okamiden12> no? okay
[12:22] <Okamiden12> -goes back to licking brian-
[12:22] <EinsVanCat> Well, I did say progressive things, things relevant to what we practice, but in a fun way.
[12:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Joke veil
[12:23] <EinsVanCat> And sure, rhyme, you could help me come up with something if you wanted.
[12:23] <Rêveur of the Night> Fun
[12:23] <VeilOfReality> What do you want me to joke about?
[12:24] <EinsVanCat> It still has to be passed to be official, but even if its not official it can still happen aslong as no rules are broken.
[12:24] <HawkTech> v]
[12:24] <VeilOfReality> Eins bad sense of humor or Oka's obnoxious ignorance to the world around him?
[12:24] <EinsVanCat> o.o
[12:24] <Okamiden12> C: fuck u too
[12:24] <VeilOfReality> Aaaw, I hate you too.
[12:24] <Okamiden12> ^_^ good 
[12:24] <Truely Unknown> Well good luck with that Eins.
[12:27] <Okamiden12> i love this many things
[12:29] <Truely Unknown> So silent
[12:29] <VeilOfReality> Only because we let it become that way.
[12:30] <KibaTheWolf> Lack of topics
[12:31] <EinsVanCat> Hm..
[12:31] <EinsVanCat> Has anyone got any experience with spirits?
[12:31] <Okamiden12> none that come to mind :|
[12:31] <EinsVanCat> Ill include Tulpa's into that.
[12:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes, but nothing worthy of conversation o.O
[12:32] <EinsVanCat> Thats fine, its just to be a conversation starter.
[12:33] <Lesami> not many people understand what a tulpa actually is 
[12:33] <VeilOfReality> I know somewhat about Tulpas, care to explain them Lesami?
[12:34] <Rêveur of the Night> What she said^
[12:34] <Lesami> a tulpa, in the simplest sense, is a physical object or being, brought into existance through dedicated belif and focus onto the existance of the object or being, 
[12:34] <Lesami> it is not, as many people like to belive, an energetic construct given some sembelance of sentience
[12:35] <Lesami> for instance, if a guru stamps his foot to produce a 50 dollar note under it, that is a tulpa (or a very generous palour trick) however, to create a ball of energy with a name and a sense of self, its just constructed energy
[12:37] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Rush
[12:37] <Truely Unknown> Hi rush .
[12:38] <Okamiden12> it's funny cuz he's already away
[12:38] <HawkTech> chathack
[12:38] <Okamiden12> i know -3-
[12:39] <KibaTheWolf> What?
[12:39] <HawkTech> that
[12:40] <VeilOfReality> Kiba respond to my pm.
[12:41] <KibaTheWolf> What PM
[12:41] <Lesami> and noone notes upon my explanation of tulpas
[12:41] <KibaTheWolf> THE PM IS A LIE
[12:42] <EinsVanCat> It was good. Sorry, Im looking through the admins board to see if theres any pages or what not I could fix up.
[12:42] <VeilOfReality> YOUR LIFE IS A LIE
[12:44] <Truely Unknown> WB
[12:45] <KibaTheWolf> I liked it too, but sadly it didnt start a conversation .-.
[12:45] <Rêveur of the Night> I AM A LIE
[12:45] <Rêveur of the Night> O_O
[12:46] <KibaTheWolf> " Your life is a lie ", are you my life, Rev? XD
[12:46] <VeilOfReality> Rev is love, Rev is life. (At least Kiba's anyways.)
[12:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Only because you don't like me ._.
[12:47] <VeilOfReality> I hate you with a burning passion. 
[12:47] <VeilOfReality> I'd rather jump off a bridge than stand within 20 feet of you.
[12:48] <Okamiden12> lel
[12:48] <Maskedmoon> ...?
[12:48] <KibaTheWolf> Thats too much hate for a single person
[12:49] <VeilOfReality> Who's to say I'm not a single person.
[12:49] <EinsVanCat> *jumps off cliff*
[12:49] <EinsVanCat> *floats*
[12:49] <EinsVanCat> 
[12:49] <EinsVanCat> What. Spiritual Physics are fun.
[12:49] <VeilOfReality> I might just be the collective thoughts and ideas of an anti-Rev group.
[12:49] <KibaTheWolf> I said its too much hate for a SINGLE person
[12:49] <KibaTheWolf> Not for more than one .-.
[12:49] <Rêveur of the Night> Love you too Sophie
[12:49] <VeilOfReality> Hate you too.
[12:50] <KibaTheWolf> Rev is Veil's life
[12:50] <KibaTheWolf> At least hating him is (:D) 
[12:51] <Rêveur of the Night> :3 Glad we have a mutual disagreement
[12:51] <VeilOfReality> You spelled Kiba wrong. You meant to spell it as K-I-b-a rather than v-e-I-l.
[12:52] <KibaTheWolf> Im pretty sure i spelt your username right
[12:52] <KibaTheWolf> Are you me?
[12:52] <KibaTheWolf> Are you a blue epic Wolf?
[12:53] <VeilOfReality> No, I'm a Royal Bwitch and you are Kiba the aqua wolf.
[12:53] <698344> Epic bkue wolf,?
[12:53] <VeilOfReality> ugly aqua wolf*
[12:53] <698344> Alpha?
[12:53] <VeilOfReality> Aqua.
[12:53] <KibaTheWolf> You are ugly ;-;
[12:54] <Okamiden12> kiba ish bootiful
[12:54] <698344> That u it's blackswordsmen?
[12:54] <KibaTheWolf> IM NOT A BOOTY
[12:54] <698344> How white spirit n green wolf n salmander?
[12:54] <Okamiden12> mm...he's a shexi blue epic wolf then
[12:55] <VeilOfReality> Kiba did you call me ugly?
[12:55] <KibaTheWolf> Oh sorry
[12:55] <VeilOfReality> Well your...
[12:55] <VeilOfReality> right
[12:55] <VeilOfReality> xD
[12:55] <KibaTheWolf> Royal uglyness (:D) 
[12:55] <VeilOfReality> Royal Bwitchy Ugliness*
[12:56] <698344> Your both being royal pains in the ass so how bout ya both shut up
[12:56] <EinsVanCat> lol
[12:56] <Okamiden12> and you've sealed your fate numbers XD
[12:56] <698344> * 698344 irritated look but thinks he sounded really badass inside
[12:57] <Okamiden12> the Royal Bwitch may eat you alive...
[12:57] <Rushontherun> lol
[12:57] <Okamiden12> i suggest A1
[12:57] <EinsVanCat> Lets talk about ways one can use energy efficiently.
[12:57] <VeilOfReality> No, I prefer toasted faces.
[12:57] <Okamiden12> oh okay
[12:57] <VeilOfReality> I hate eating people alive.
[12:57] <Rêveur of the Night> o-o
[12:57] <VeilOfReality> Okay Eins, you start th topic.
[12:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Good
[12:58] <KibaTheWolf> Do you want your 698 toast or fried, Royal Bwitch?
[12:58] <EinsVanCat> One way that I prefer involves motions, like pointing and moving my arm to assist in manipulating the movement of energy.
[12:58] <EinsVanCat> or grabbing to, well, grab, the energy.
[12:58] <EinsVanCat> Its a simple medium of your will.
[12:59] <VeilOfReality> Toasted >:D
[12:59] <698344> U would eat fellow wolf 
[12:59] <698344> * 698344 sad face
[12:59] <698344> How dare u
[12:59] <698344> U sick monsters
[01:00] <KibaTheWolf> Im no monsters
[01:00] <KibaTheWolf> Monster*
[01:00] <Okamiden12> i do that too eins
[01:00] <Okamiden12> only much more theatrical
[01:00] <KibaTheWolf> Im an epic wolf
[01:00] <698344> Oh by the way I taste delicious anyway no mater how ya cook me
[01:00] <VeilOfReality> Eins, has it seemed to help you or just makes it easier to visualize the actual motion of energy?
[01:00] <Rushontherun> I picture my energy move only when i exhale it helps for me
[01:00] <Okamiden12> it helps oki-kyun
[01:01] <698344> I just move it
[01:01] <EinsVanCat> It helps me personally, when I need to focus deeper I can use that, only until I reach a certain point.
[01:01] <Okamiden12> im a very kinesthetic person 
[01:01] <KibaTheWolf> I do it too, it helps a bit, actually, but i mostly use it to visualize the moving energy
[01:01] <Okamiden12> i need to like use my hands with everything
[01:01] <VeilOfReality> I talk with my hands a lot.
[01:02] <VeilOfReality> I'll not be thinking about it and my hands will just move along with my words.
[01:03] <698344> I just move
[01:03] <VeilOfReality> I don't know what it is, but if I'm trying to affect something farther away I outstretch my arm.
[01:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Yo
[01:04] <Rushontherun>
[01:04] <Okamiden12> -chat dies on jordans entry-
[01:04] <SuperEliteJordan> I know right
[01:05] <SuperEliteJordan> Like you guys love to troll me ;-;
[01:05] <VeilOfReality> Shhh! If you don't look at him he'll go away.
[01:05] <SuperEliteJordan> Bwitch
[01:05] <Okamiden12> -loudly whispers- He's not leaving...what's plan B
[01:06] <VeilOfReality> Slowly back away and don't make eye contact or directly talk to him.
[01:06] <KibaTheWolf> You killed the topic with your comment, Veil ;-;
[01:06] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[01:06] <Okamiden12> -backs away slowly keeping eyes at the ground-
[01:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Meanie
[01:06] <Okamiden12> v_^
[01:06] <Rêveur of the Night> * Rêveur of the Night pokes Oka
[01:06] <VeilOfReality> * VeilOfReality covers eyes as backing away and walks into a tree
[01:06] <SuperEliteJordan> *Pushes oka to a wall
[01:06] <Okamiden12> -slaps rêv-
[01:07] <Okamiden12> hi tutu
[01:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi tu
[01:07] <Truely Unknown> Hi
[01:07] <VeilOfReality> Hi True, we were so not off topic or anything.
[01:07] <SuperEliteJordan> They are tying to be mean to me!!
[01:07] <Okamiden12> ...
[01:07] <Truely Unknown> I can scroll up you know.
[01:07] <EinsVanCat> lol..
[01:07] <Okamiden12> -cough- what was the topic again -cough-
[01:07] <KibaTheWolf> Veil isnt trying
[01:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Logic
[01:08] <KibaTheWolf> She IS being (:D) 
[01:08] <Lesami> the topic is laveyan satanism
[01:08] <Okamiden12> i wonder if rhyme got my links
[01:08] <Okamiden12> i found edible body paint C:
[01:08] <Lesami> i know a few satanists, all very nice people
[01:08] <Rushontherun> lol
[01:08] <Okamiden12> yeh they are
[01:08] <KibaTheWolf> I wonder if we'll ever manage to stay on topic without arguing fore more than 10 minutes
[01:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah I know some from facebook
[01:08] <Okamiden12> good luck with that
[01:09] <Okamiden12> @kiba
[01:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Isn't that aganist the law kiba
[01:09] <KibaTheWolf> No
[01:09] <Truely Unknown> .-.
[01:09] <KibaTheWolf> Its the purpose of the damn chat XD
[01:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Nope its illegal XD
[01:09] <Lesami> hmm, people dont really understand that satanism dosent actually teach needless violence 
[01:09] <SuperEliteJordan> I know right
[01:10] <SuperEliteJordan> My parents punishednme for talking to followers
[01:10] <EinsVanCat> lol..
[01:10] <SuperEliteJordan> From facebook
[01:10] <EinsVanCat> wow.
[01:10] <VeilOfReality> My friend's sister is one, she isn't bad.
[01:10] <SuperEliteJordan> I was like stfu
[01:11] <SuperEliteJordan> That is how chat gets off topic
[01:12] <SuperEliteJordan> And how it dies...
[01:12] <Truely Unknown> ._.
[01:12] <KibaTheWolf> Stop killing the chat, Jordan XD
[01:12] <SuperEliteJordan> ;-;
[01:12] <SuperEliteJordan> T.T
[01:12] <KibaTheWolf> You are doing somethin illegal, killing is illegal
[01:13] <SuperEliteJordan> Your breaking the laws of nature by being a blue wolf!
[01:13] <KibaTheWolf> IM NOT BLUE
[01:13] <Lesami> both of you shut the fuck up, kindly
[01:13] <Okamiden12> it's possible there could be an undiscovered blue wolf...
[01:13] <SuperEliteJordan> That's like eternal punishment
[01:13] <KibaTheWolf> He started it ;-;
[01:13] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah oka ON MARS
[01:13] <Truely Unknown> Sigh. 
[01:13] <VeilOfReality> Lesami, seeing you swear. It just isn't right.
[01:13] <Okamiden12> :|
[01:14] <EinsVanCat> goodness
[01:14] <EinsVanCat> Can we be on topic? kthx
[01:14] <KibaTheWolf> Actuaçy shes right, we need to stop being so off topic .-.
[01:14] <SuperEliteJordan> See that time oka killed chatM
[01:14] <SuperEliteJordan> !
[01:14] <KibaTheWolf> Actually*
[01:14] <VeilOfReality> Both of you, do the public a favor and shut up.
[01:14] <KibaTheWolf> What did i do?
[01:15] <VeilOfReality> Be quiet, Kiba.
[01:15] <Lesami> you are spamming in a sense, so listen to shaff, and shut up, and speak on topic
[01:15] <SuperEliteJordan> There is no topic when chatsbdead
[01:15] <VeilOfReality> Now, continuing on. Who wants to talk about something on topic for once. And not argue about stupid things.
[01:15] <SuperEliteJordan> But ok
[01:15] <EinsVanCat> Then make a topic.
[01:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Who is able to spar I can't but I'm curious who can
[01:16] <KibaTheWolf> Thats what i was defending, well, after being stupid with Jordan, anyways, does someone have a topic?
[01:16] <Truely Unknown> Hmmmm
[01:16] <EinsVanCat> I am able to spar, and wish spars happened more often on this site, but we have no referee's so..
[01:16] <Lesami> well, i explain something in detail then noone cares,m so how about people actually elaborate on topics instead of LETTING THEM DIE conversations dont work when you abandon them instantly you dolts!
[01:16] <EinsVanCat> also, lesami, that information you said about tulpas, Im gonna save it, it was really good.
[01:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Hey lesami you brought back a dropped topic shut up
[01:17] <EinsVanCat> Jordan
[01:17] <SuperEliteJordan> We let it die you revived it
[01:17] <EinsVanCat> Don't do that.
[01:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok
[01:17] <XeRhyme> I almost am able to ref,I THINK.
[01:17] <VeilOfReality> Hey Super, you immature moron. Shut up and let the grown ups talk.
[01:17] <XeRhyme> I'm practicing scanning and trying to progress at it
[01:17] <EinsVanCat> Enough.
[01:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Hey by my grades I'm 21
[01:18] <Okamiden12> ...
[01:18] <Okamiden12> get the fuck out
[01:18] <Truely Unknown> .....
[01:18] <EinsVanCat> Anyone who proceeds to insult one another is going to get a warning right off the bat now.
[01:18] <Lesami> if people would like to discuss tulpas, enchantments, magic or the like please just ping me
[01:18] <KibaTheWolf> Uhm, i actually dont know what sparing is, can someone explain it/
[01:18] <Okamiden12> ^
[01:18] <EinsVanCat> [[Sparring]]
[01:18] <Okamiden12> oh 
[01:18] <KibaTheWolf> Thanks, i didnt know we had a page for it
[01:18] <VeilOfReality> By my mind I should skip a grade, but I don't try due to my inability to concentrate when I'm forced to do something. Super, by your grades I bet you could be considered 7.
[01:19] <EinsVanCat> Veil.
[01:19] <VeilOfReality> I'm not even that smart. I just have good memory. 
[01:19] <Truely Unknown> Enough Sophie 
[01:19] <VeilOfReality> K
[01:19] <VeilOfReality> I'm getting carried away.
[01:19] <SuperEliteJordan> I've been taking collage classes sense 12 I'm not a idiot
[01:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok let's drop it
[01:19] <VeilOfReality> xD yeah yeah, continuing on.
[01:20] <Okamiden12> ~sigh~
[01:20] <Lesami> jordan, if you are going to make rediculous claims, provide proof
[01:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Its not ridiculos!
[01:20] <Truely Unknown> Best line I have heard all day.
[01:20] <XeRhyme> -_-
[01:20] <XeRhyme> Just drop it.
[01:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Stupid autocorrect
[01:20] <Truely Unknown> It kind of is.
[01:20] <KibaTheWolf> We are already off topic again
[01:21] <XeRhyme> Like,For reals.
[01:21] <KibaTheWolf> Can we stop doing this?
[01:21] <Okamiden12> can we let veil continue to strike at him :| i mean honestly it would be good for him
[01:21] <XeRhyme> I don't need this,none of us need this,It's unnesecary and stupid.
[01:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Ugh fine believe what. You want to I don't care anymore
[01:21] <EinsVanCat> alright..
[01:21] <EinsVanCat> Rhyme, what do we talk about right now
[01:21] <KibaTheWolf> If they want to contiue, do it in a PM
[01:21] <XeRhyme> Hm.
[01:21] <Lesami> i just dont appreciate liars
[01:22] <XeRhyme> Lets talk about...The energy system.
[01:22] <KibaTheWolf> Not in the main chat, where we want to stay on the damn topic that's up
[01:22] <Truely Unknown> Well afk. 
[01:22] <VeilOfReality> But in PM's there is no way to publically humiliate someone to knock sense back into them.
[01:22] <SuperEliteJordan> What is the energy system anyway like the circulatory system for energy?
[01:22] <XeRhyme> Actually that is a interesting thing to compare it too.
[01:22] <Okamiden12> indeed
[01:23] <XeRhyme> I mean it has the chakras,the Pranas,The nadis,etc.The chakras seem to be capable of influencing individual parts of a person.
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Well it travels around a lot around the body so its alike in a way
[01:23] <KibaTheWolf> Veil, we already had enough tries to humiliate people
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Just more complex
[01:23] <XeRhyme> not to mention the energy body needs all 7 functioning equally/balanced in order to have a good energy output.
[01:23] <EinsVanCat> Kiba, shhhhhh
[01:23] <VeilOfReality> Eins, shhhhhh.
[01:23] <EinsVanCat> Just ignore it and join the topic.
[01:23] <Lesami> xe, the number is disputed from none to over 500 
[01:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Should the chakras be like arteries then?
[01:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Or a type of heart?
[01:24] <Lesami> not really, no
[01:24] <XeRhyme> I wouldn't say their arteries but.
[01:24] <Rêveur of the Night> Piiieeeee.......
[01:24] <Lesami> they resemble organs more than anything, basically, they are nothing more than pools of energy within the body, 
[01:25] <SuperEliteJordan> The diffrence is the energy does diffrent things right?
[01:25] <Lesami> energy pools at many points across the body, the eergy is known to circulate from point to point, when physical excertation is perfomed in those areas, 
[01:25] <Lesami> no, actually, there is very little difference over what they represent and what we percive them to represent, 
[01:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok
[01:26] <KibaTheWolf> One thing that i wanted to ask sometime ago, btw, whats the most effective way to focus energy on your hand?
[01:26] <Lesami> a chakra point, generally, represents an aspect of a person, this, is generally summarized in a single name like an element, a mental state, or an organ, 
[01:26] <KibaTheWolf> Just thinking of it?
[01:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Visualize it happen
[01:26] <698344> Well the only info on djinns anywhere r on spellsofmagick n cost money which we all know is bull so looks like I have to do it th e hard way
[01:27] <Lesami> you visualize your hand, and visualize energy flowing into it, feel the energy, use all your senses to replicate the sensation
[01:27] <XeRhyme> ^Is a good exercise
[01:27] <698344> Or just move it
[01:27] <Lesami> you want information on djinn? 
[01:27] <SuperEliteJordan> I just use touch didn't think of using other senses
[01:27] <698344> U hav some
[01:27] <KibaTheWolf> Whats a Djinn?
[01:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Learn something new everyday...
[01:27] <698344> Need to summon one
[01:27] <VeilOfReality> Tell us what Djinn is Lesami.
[01:28] <Lesami> as in, one of the three races created by allah, humans of the eearth, angels of the light and djinn of the fire, 
[01:28] <698344> Kiba stuff u shouldn't mess unless u want to die
[01:28] <698344> Or worse
[01:28] <698344> There very dangerous
[01:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Isn't a djinn islamkc
[01:28] <Lesami> 698, please do not be harsh towards someone for simply wanting to know, it makes me far less eager to explain to you what it is myself
[01:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh you typed the word allah
[01:28] <XeRhyme> -_-.
[01:28] <VeilOfReality> I think I've read a book based on them before.
[01:29] <EinsVanCat> K guys, shut up and listen.
[01:29] <HawkTech> yeah
[01:29] <HawkTech> shut up and listen
[01:29] <Lesami> djinn are known to originate from abrihimic religion, but they share similarities with other beings across the world
[01:29] <EinsVanCat> ...hawk..
[01:29] <698344> I wasn't I was trying to warn him is all
[01:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Aren't they thought of as genies and such?
[01:29] <EinsVanCat> Don't, if they are dangerous, then a warning will be mentioned by the person explaining.
[01:29] <Lesami> genie, is another name for djinn, another spelling or romanizationm, 
[01:29] <698344> No jk
[01:29] <698344> Eins there okay
[01:30] <698344> There adorable
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Uh immortal beings tend ti have hatered 698
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> To*
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Hatered*
[01:30] <KibaTheWolf> So, what are their characteristics?
[01:30] <HawkTech> hatred*
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Stupid autocorrect!!
[01:30] <EinsVanCat> What makes you say an immortal is going to have hatred?
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> thanks kawk
[01:30] <HawkTech> its not even
[01:30] <HawkTech> hatred
[01:30] <698344> Please allow les to finish
[01:31] <SuperEliteJordan> I don't kniw just read that a long time ago
[01:31] <VeilOfReality> Eins, there could be jealousy over them.
[01:31] <698344> Or I will hav to use alot of blood : ( 
[01:31] <EinsVanCat> Anyways, I want to hear what lesami has to say
[01:31] <698344> Again
[01:31] <698344> For another ritual
[01:31] <698344> Homemade
[01:31] <SuperEliteJordan> Lesami must be typing a lot
[01:31] <VeilOfReality> Or waiting for us to shut up.
[01:32] <SuperEliteJordan> That to
[01:33] <SuperEliteJordan> I do know djinns are called" jinn" sometimes I know that
[01:33] <Lesami> so, what are they, they are in a sense, a race similar to humans, created from smoke and fire at the same time as humans according to the islamic scriptures, they are known to be noble, cunning and tricky, however they have their differences, various different djinn are known to exist in folklore, such as ghul, djin of fire, known by names such as iblis, andf other djin of various other elements though their names escape me, while said to be able to grant wishes, it is more liklety that they posess the same magical ability as humans, but, are not bound by religous morals, as almosty all islamic people at the time were, thus could grant wishes with it, butt generally also backstabed the person who summoned them, its thought you can seal a djinn, the rituals are mentioned in various places including the lesser key of king solomon, who had djinn as slaves, but its a disputed claim and the origin for the genie in the lamp
[01:33] <Rêveur of the Night> I'm jealous for you 
[01:33] <Okamiden12> e.e
[01:33] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[01:33] <Okamiden12> i knew she was typing a lot but damn...
[01:33] <Lesami> thats a short summary on djinn from my own studies
[01:34] <SuperEliteJordan> Interestng...
[01:34] <SuperEliteJordan> Do djinn have their own realm or no?
[01:34] <KibaTheWolf> Where can someone find a Djinn, Les?
[01:35] <Lesami> djinn, in various forms, bear similarities to revenants, are predecesors to ghouls, and bear similarities to fae, christian demons, and various other nature spirits
[01:35] <SuperEliteJordan> They are tricksters then in that case
[01:35] <Lesami> one can summon a djinn, though they really dont appreciate it, because who likes being ripped from their homes and made to serve someone? djinn are though to have their own real that overlaps this one
[01:36] <Lesami> some are jordon, others feel far too noble for that, some are humble, some eat humans, depending on the type the lore changes dramatically
[01:36] <KibaTheWolf> And how can someone summon one?
[01:36] <698344> Ok internet is back
[01:36] <Okamiden12> lol
[01:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Think they might have a djinn form of earth in there realm or is ut not universap to all djinns
[01:37] <Lesami> i dont really want to say, i feel its immoral and wrong to summon any spiritual sentient being without its consent
[01:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Universal*
[01:37] <Lesami> jordan, its likley the plane they exist on perfectly overlaps the physical
[01:37] <Okamiden12> how would one attain it's consent 
[01:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Ohok
[01:37] <698344> How do I summon while asking permission
[01:37] <KibaTheWolf> I didnt say i want to summon one, i just like to know stuff like this
[01:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Id guess you'd have to talk to one 698
[01:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Then reach a agreement
[01:38] <698344> Ahhh 
[01:38] <KibaTheWolf> Like, i probably would get caught in a really bad situation if i did
[01:38] <HawkTech> call him on the phone
[01:38] <HawkTech> and ask for permission
[01:38] <Okamiden12> lol
[01:38] <698344> I hav to cut myself again : (
[01:38] <Lesami> you call out with a braodcast? or, work a broadcast into the summoning ritual, how you choose to summon one is up to you, one i have seen before, is to inscribe the type of djinn, in blood or ink, on a candle lit mirror, to call out to a type of djin as so you may communicate
[01:39] <Okamiden12> ...did he just..
[01:39] <XeRhyme> -_-
[01:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Did oka just make a suspenseful moment?
[01:39] <Arro Yunora> My lord, it's nice to see so many people on all day for once xD
[01:39] <Okamiden12> numbers pm
[01:39] <EinsVanCat> Okami, he meant cut as in for the blood
[01:39] <EinsVanCat> to use as a part of a ritual.
[01:39] <Okamiden12> i know eins
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> But like 5 actually talk arro
[01:40] <EinsVanCat> Alright
[01:40] <Okamiden12> but i figured he would use like an egg yolk
[01:40] <698344> So If I wanted a flame element related djinn , thwn call out specifically for it
[01:40] <Okamiden12> can't those be substituted
[01:40] <Arro Yunora> Still if there were less on even less than 5 would be talking
[01:40] <698344> Meh
[01:40] <Arro Yunora> it's pretty oke
[01:40] <Okamiden12> or is that like..a load of horse shit
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Second chose oka :) 
[01:40] <698344> I could use the extra endorphins
[01:40] <Lesami> blood is never a nessecity in ritual and if you wanted a flame djinn, an ifrit would be the type to call out for
[01:41] <Okamiden12> ifrit?
[01:41] <698344> Ifrit
[01:41] <Arro Yunora> A fire spirit, correct?
[01:41] <698344> Okay im sure coinz will be happy
[01:41] <Okamiden12> ima just google this
[01:41] <XeRhyme> "The power,Of the internet"
[01:41] <Okamiden12> damns straight XD
[01:41] <698344> So she can get that wish for u guys
[01:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Sounds like a achlemy ingredient on dq9
[01:41] <Okamiden12> much beyblade XD
[01:41] <Okamiden12> what the hell?
[01:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[01:42] <Lesami> its thought to be, however all djinn originated from fire, thus all draw in some way from it
[01:42] <698344> I don't know if we have a base element or just suppose to be attune to one more 
[01:42] <698344> But I believe water to be my element but fire is suppose to be
[01:43] <Lesami> your element is what you choose it to be
[01:43] <XeRhyme> ^^^^^^^^
[01:43] <XeRhyme> Words out of my soul and existance
[01:43] <Lesami> you are not born with one, you develop a preferance, an affinity through activley working with what you choose
[01:43] <Arro Yunora> I prefer basing it off personality.
[01:43] <Arro Yunora> But honestly there's no right or wrong answer, lol
[01:43] <698344> But I feel connected to water
[01:44] <698344> Ah I see
[01:44] <Lesami>
[01:44] <698344> That explains it then
[01:44] <698344> Thabk you master
[01:44] <XeRhyme> Sorry for what may be spam but ohhhhhhhhh Les be savin my soul from strangling ppl over it.
[01:44] <698344> I can always rely on you 
[01:44] <Lesami> dont call me master it makes me uncomfortable
[01:44] <698344> Im sorry
[01:44] <Arro Yunora> One day the mighty Lesami shall acknowledge one worthy of being...
[01:44] <Arro Yunora> Student...
[01:44] <698344> Tsubaki then? Like the good ol days
[01:45] <698344> I was les student kinda on mytk
[01:45] <Lesami> just call me lesami, 
[01:45] <698344> Ok then 
[01:45] <698344> I respect your wishes
[01:45] <Lesami> i hate dominant terms used for me, they make me feel uncomfortable as im not a dominant person
[01:45] <Rêveur of the Night> I only call Sophie master o_o
[01:45] <Arro Yunora> And one day I shall get away with the term...
[01:45] <Arro Yunora> Salami.
[01:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Lag
[01:45] <VeilOfReality> WAT
[01:46] <Arro Yunora> Least it's not a dominant term. xD
[01:46] <Lesami> so, any other questions on djinn? 
[01:46] <VeilOfReality> Rev, I think you should go to a counselor. 
[01:46] <SuperEliteJordan> So can chinks be anything heat related then les?
[01:46] <698344> No im good, I hope I can make friends them
[01:46] <Lesami> chinks? 
[01:46] <VeilOfReality> Lesami, do djinns that grant wishes exist?
[01:46] <Arro Yunora> Chicks... right?
[01:46] <Arro Yunora> please tell me thats what you were trying to say >:
[01:46] <EinsVanCat> No, I have no idea what hes saying in that context, but its not that.. lol
[01:47] <Lesami> they are thought to, though in the quaran, they are mainly known for fortune telling, some djinn did grant wishes but their methods were most likley exxagerated
[01:47] <698344> I hope to make peace between us n all entities
[01:47] <SuperEliteJordan> Sorry autocorrect meant djinn
[01:47] <EinsVanCat> how the ell does that autocorrect to that.
[01:47] <Rushontherun> djinns are very interesting 
[01:47] <KibaTheWolf> What were their methods?
[01:47] <SuperEliteJordan> I don't know eins
[01:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Of course I don't need a counselor
[01:48] <Lesami> supposedley, yes, some are not related to heaty specifically but live in hot climates, such as the apparent desert foot vampire
[01:48] <Rêveur of the Night> Why would I need a counselor, Master?
[01:48] <VeilOfReality> You misspelled bwitch.
[01:48] <SuperEliteJordan> So in marco paulos desert crisis were "wizards" tried to kill him might have been chinks?
[01:48] <Arro Yunora> Because she demanded you'd need one.
[01:48] <Arro Yunora> Don't be disobedient Rev!
[01:48] <SuperEliteJordan> Djinns
[01:49] <SuperEliteJordan> Autocorrect again
[01:49] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[01:49] <VeilOfReality> Autocorrect on my kindle makes it so whenever I refer to my friend Jess it corrects it to Jesus.
[01:49] <698344> I wonder if I can make peace with entities
[01:50] <698344> I ll try really hard
[01:50] <SuperEliteJordan> You can if they aren't angered 
[01:50] <698344> N ill learn to walk on water too Les : )
[01:51] <Rushontherun> Ohhh how do you walk on water
[01:51] <Rêveur of the Night> So Veil is god, and her friend is Jesus
[01:51] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[01:51] <Arro Yunora> ~
[01:51] <Lesami> jordan, i have never even heard of this marco polos desert crisis, if its a work of fiction, it was wizards, however i cant fing anything relating to marco polo and wizards
[01:51] <VeilOfReality> Why do I have to be god?
[01:51] <Lesami> you compress the waters surface to a level where it can support the weight of a human being
[01:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Because you're my master :3
[01:52] <Rushontherun> How do you compress it?
[01:52] <VeilOfReality> -_- Rev, do you live to bother me?
[01:52] <SuperEliteJordan> Marco paulo was a kid he went through a desert with his pa to get to china and a legend spoke of all knowing wizard spirts who spoke your name in the voice of your friends and family and kill you
[01:52] <Lesami> you focus your energy into pulling the molecules tightly together 
[01:52] <Rushontherun> ohh thank you
[01:53] <SuperEliteJordan> They tried and took marcos camel
[01:53] <Rushontherun> Have you been able to do it
[01:53] <Rêveur of the Night> I live to praise you ._.
[01:53] <SuperEliteJordan> Praise who reveur?
[01:54] <698344> I have all your lessons from mytk saved onto my computer n I study them
[01:54] <Lesami> sorry jordan, but i listerally cannot find anything at all to support what you are saying
[01:54] <SuperEliteJordan> OK
[01:54] <Rêveur of the Night> To praise Master Veil
[01:54] <VeilOfReality> -_-
[01:54] <VeilOfReality> Bwitch Veil*
[01:55] <SuperEliteJordan> I'll just forget about it then it popped into my head I was just reading this marco polo book in the car
[01:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Master Bwitch Veil
[01:55] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[01:55] <SuperEliteJordan> We still doimg that?
[01:55] <Lesami> right, because marco polo set off as an adult to reach china as the first european to reach asia
[01:56] <698344> Ok guys wishvme luck hopefully I don't die or anything : )
[01:56] <VeilOfReality> I will track you down. Roast you over a fire. And eat your arm while you're still alive. Got that, Rev?
[01:56] <EinsVanCat> x3
[01:56] <Aslal> Fun.
[01:57] <Lesami> 698, advice, simply because you speak to one djinn dosent mean you make peace with all djin, and some you will not be able to reasomn with, as they are all different
[01:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes, Master 
[01:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Bwitch
[01:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Veil
[01:57] <Rêveur of the Night> oops
[01:57] <VeilOfReality> -_- I hope you drown in a river.
[01:57] <SuperEliteJordan> 0.0
[01:57] <Truely Unknown> Rhys not nice
[01:58] <Truely Unknown> Thats*
[01:58] <Lesami> *meows and nuzzles people*
[01:58] <Okamiden12> e.e
[01:58] <SuperEliteJordan> Ahh I'm allergic to cats!
[01:58] <EinsVanCat> *hugs lesami close*
[01:58] <Lesami> *mews*
[01:58] <Rêveur of the Night> As you command
[01:58] <Okamiden12> -hugs jordan close, smothering him-
[01:58] <Okamiden12> shhh...just let it happen
[01:58] <Okamiden12> go to the light
[01:58] <EinsVanCat> Oh, my.
[01:58] <SuperEliteJordan> Ahhhhh!
[01:59] <SuperEliteJordan> Chooo!
[01:59] <SuperEliteJordan> *catches the legendary okamiden in a psi ball*
[01:59] <Okamiden12> :|
[01:59] <Okamiden12> that ..doesn't work
[01:59] <Lesami> *naps on eins* mrow
[01:59] <EinsVanCat> You can't catch another trainers Pokemon!
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Did reveur leave to drown in that river?
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Has!
[02:00] <Okamiden12> yes
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Ha 
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Hax
[02:00] <Okamiden12> who's my trainer?
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Me
[02:00] <EinsVanCat> Rhyme is, duh.
[02:00] <Okamiden12> oh 
[02:00] <Okamiden12> lel
[02:00] <Okamiden12> wait
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> I caught you all over again :(
[02:00] <Okamiden12> he's going out with his pokemon?
[02:00] <Okamiden12> hmm..
[02:00] <EinsVanCat> Yup.
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[02:00] <Okamiden12> -writes this as fanific-
[02:00] <EinsVanCat> Better then going out with someone -elses- pokemon.
[02:00] <Arro Yunora> too much kink.
[02:01] <SuperEliteJordan> I was about to say something but its nasty so no I'm not goona type it
[02:01] <Lesami> never enough kink
[02:01] <Okamiden12> ^
[02:01] <Okamiden12> damn right
[02:01] <Arro Yunora> Go for it, we aren't even at the lowest of this kink feast
[02:01] <Okamiden12> PVC riding crop C:
[02:01] <XeRhyme> Datin Pokemon?Dang
[02:01] <Okamiden12> -licks trainer-
[02:01] <EinsVanCat> lol.
[02:01] <SuperEliteJordan> Xe I hacked your pokemon
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Now it can only use splash
[02:02] <XeRhyme> I don't even know what's going on
[02:02] <Lesami> PVC is cheap, you want a high quality leather foldedcrop with fibreglass post and wrapped nylon grip in braided colours
[02:02] <XeRhyme> I just came bac
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> A useless attack
[02:02] <EinsVanCat> The GM will ban you for hacking.
[02:02] <XeRhyme> k\
[02:02] <Okamiden12> oh okay :D 
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Ash can't do crap
[02:02] <Okamiden12> thanks lesami
[02:02] <Okamiden12> ;P
[02:02] <EinsVanCat> Who said Ash was the GM
[02:02] <EinsVanCat> Its RED.
[02:02] <XeRhyme> Woah.Gettin pretty Detailed.Dang Oka.What you buyin?
[02:02] <XeRhyme> 
[02:03] <Okamiden12> oh nothing bby
[02:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Oka fight my kyrem!
[02:03] <Lesami> *paws eins*
[02:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Lv1 oka vs 99 kyrem
[02:03] <EinsVanCat> what is it? : o
[02:03] <EinsVanCat> Oka win.
[02:03] <EinsVanCat> *wins.
[02:03] <Lesami> mew ^^
[02:03] <EinsVanCat> *pets lesami*
[02:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Oka can only use splash
[02:03] <Lesami> *murrs*
[02:04] <EinsVanCat> He groped the kyrem. So..
[02:04] <Okamiden12> splash of what ;)
[02:04] <EinsVanCat> It fainted from shock.
[02:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Kyrem flew up to dodge
[02:04] <VeilOfReality> What is even going on anymore.
[02:04] <SuperEliteJordan> *Kyrem freezes oka with ice beam
[02:04] <Lesami> im going to bed
[02:04] <EinsVanCat> I dont know, Im just messing with people.
[02:04] <SuperEliteJordan> ^^
[02:05] <Okamiden12> wait lesami
[02:05] <EinsVanCat> Id like an actual topic to show up.
[02:05] <Okamiden12> i wanna show u dis
[02:05] <SuperEliteJordan> Its a hobby you now frezzing oka
[02:05] <XeRhyme> Night less
[02:05] <Truely Unknown> WB
[02:05] <Truely Unknown> rev
[02:05] <SuperEliteJordan> I thought rev went to that river XD
[02:05] <Rêveur of the Night> -_- I was hoping no one saw
[02:06] <SuperEliteJordan> We have been expecting you reveur
[02:06] <SuperEliteJordan> *pets cat*
[02:06] <Rêveur of the Night> I did ._.
[02:06] <SuperEliteJordan> .-.
[02:06] <SuperEliteJordan> '-'
[02:07] <698344> Omg
[02:08] <698344> Omg
[02:08] <SuperEliteJordan> What djinn got your tongue?
[02:08] <Okamiden12> lel
[02:08] <698344> Nice to meet u all
[02:08] <Rushontherun> (dance) 
[02:08] <SuperEliteJordan> ^^awesome
[02:08] <698344> Im using this humans body to communicate as of this moment
[02:09] <Rushontherun> ...
[02:09] <Arro Yunora> ugh.
[02:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok well hello then
[02:09] <EinsVanCat> .............
[02:09] <Arro Yunora> Please don't do that.
[02:09] <SuperEliteJordan> ((Totally doesn't believe))
[02:09] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[02:09] <Rêveur of the Night> [[Penguin Rainbow]]
[02:09] <Truely Unknown> Lol
[02:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[02:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Just a blank page
[02:10] <698344> You do not believe me yet this a simple skill you use is it not?
[02:10] <Okamiden12> [[Not a blank page]]
[02:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Contents:pire epicness
[02:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Pure
[02:10] <HawkTech> [[Penguin Doesntgiveafuck]]
[02:11] <SuperEliteJordan> Stop I'm falling outta my bed
[02:11] <Arro Yunora> It's actually a skill i'm hoping to learn.
[02:11] <Arro Yunora> You being able to perform it in mere minutes is just insulting.
[02:11] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[02:11] <SuperEliteJordan> What?
[02:11] <SuperEliteJordan> Djinn possesing your body?
[02:11] <698344> Well when I take the reins it is quite simple
[02:12] <Arro Yunora> Not specifically djinn.
[02:12] <Arro Yunora> But it's a technique in shamanism. Seeing it used in such a joking way is just kinda annoying.
[02:12] <Lesami> hmm, djinn are not known to ever possess people
[02:12] <698344> He allowed it I assure you
[02:12] <Okamiden12> hey there jonas 
[02:12] <SuperEliteJordan> So what's your name djinn
[02:12] <EinsVanCat> ...
[02:12] <HawkTech> ...
[02:12] <SuperEliteJordan> ((Still doesn't beliieve a bit))
[02:12] <Rushontherun> ...
[02:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Dots
[02:13] <Lesami> 698, provide indesputable proof that you are in fact a djinn, or repeal the statment in its entirety or risk being banned for trolling
[02:13] <SuperEliteJordan> (((Throwing him a bone))
[02:13] <HawkTech> dot dot dot
[02:13] <Arro Yunora> all aboard the ellipsis train xD
[02:13] <EinsVanCat> indeed.
[02:13] <SuperEliteJordan> Thanks les
[02:13] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[02:13] <EinsVanCat> I wasn't quite sure how to handle this one yet.
[02:13] <SuperEliteJordan> What's with the smug face rev (:D) 
[02:13] <EinsVanCat> Kinda in the "Warn.. Or wait.." stage.
[02:13] <698344> My name you ask happens to be iblis
[02:14] <EinsVanCat> ANNNND ITS GONE
[02:14] <Rêveur of the Night> "Smug"
[02:14] <SuperEliteJordan> That's the devils name!
[02:14] <698344> Crap I had it tho I was doin good
[02:14] <Lesami> i dont belive i asked your name, prove you are a djinn, 
[02:14] <698344> Fine I repeal 
[02:14] <Rushontherun> lol
[02:14] <SuperEliteJordan> I goovled it
[02:14] <EinsVanCat> Smart move
[02:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Googled
[02:14] <Lesami> good,m no trolling please
[02:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Thanks
[02:14] <EinsVanCat> Hand was hovering over the ban button.
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[02:15] <698344> Okay but I did have it's thoughts tho
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> How long would thre ban be?
[02:15] <698344> It just wasn't in my body
[02:15] <EinsVanCat> ...Doubtful.
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> *raises eyebrow
[02:15] <EinsVanCat> Most likely delusion.
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Placbo mabye
[02:15] <698344> Delusion u say?
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Food poisoning?
[02:15] <HawkTech> yeah
[02:16] <HawkTech> delusion me says
[02:16] <Arro Yunora> Okey he repealed -_-
[02:16] <Lesami> iblis wouldnt bother even talking to you, hes a ruler, a king of a real am djin are far too noble to lover themselves to commerce with thosethey see as lower
[02:16] <Arro Yunora> You guys all bein some bullies xD
[02:16] <HawkTech> WOW
[02:16] <698344> I wanted to lighten the place up is all
[02:16] <HawkTech> rekt
[02:16] <HawkTech> 698 got rekt
[02:16] <Truely Unknown> It's his fault for lying. I just wish people where more like this towards everyone else's claims -_-
[02:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Iblis id the king of djinns and would kill a human who.summoned him most likely
[02:16] <698344> Oh I did try as well tho
[02:17] <698344> Lol
[02:17] <Okamiden12> :|
[02:17] <Okamiden12> 
[02:17] <698344> Tried not to get anemia this time
[02:17] <Okamiden12> erm
[02:17] <Okamiden12> okay
[02:17] <698344> Unless I can use egg yoke I have no offerings
[02:17] <Arro Yunora> Hmm.
[02:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Well your full of blood!
[02:17] <698344> Im not able to get any at the moment so all I hav is my blood
[02:18] <698344> My head hurts tho
[02:18] <SuperEliteJordan> And stem cells to replace it
[02:18] <Okamiden12> :|
[02:18] <698344> Maybe I should stixk to demons
[02:18] <Nomonepova> so what's everyone working on
[02:19] <698344> Djinns : )
[02:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Apperently djinns
[02:19] <XeRhyme> Stuff.
[02:19] <698344> Well as envoy Ijust kbow I don't screw around 
[02:19] <EinsVanCat>
[02:20] <698344> I don't pretend to hav feelings
[02:20] <Okamiden12> Rhyme i'm buying the liquid love
[02:20] <Okamiden12> C:
[02:20] <SuperEliteJordan> 0.0
[02:20] <Okamiden12> ...this is the main chat..
[02:20] <Okamiden12> fuck -3-
[02:20] <698344> O.o
[02:20] <Aslal> Um.
[02:20] <SuperEliteJordan> So the truth flowth forth
[02:20] <Aslal> Umm.
[02:20] <Aslal> Kay then.
[02:20] <Arro Yunora> They buyin the love liquids
[02:20] <XeRhyme> Liquid Love?-_o
[02:20] <XeRhyme> Honey.We don't need that.
[02:21] <SuperEliteJordan> So that's what they talk about
[02:21] <Okamiden12> its just massage oils that warm up
[02:21] <EinsVanCat> lol
[02:21] <Okamiden12> comes in a variety of scents 
[02:21] <XeRhyme> I'm totally comfortable now.
[02:21] <Arro Yunora> lol, my brains losing functionality 
[02:21] <Okamiden12> lol bby what did u think it was
[02:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Thought you meant the C word
[02:21] <Okamiden12> ...
[02:21] <Aslal> .__.
[02:21] <Okamiden12> how would u get that from liquid love
[02:21] <Arro Yunora> aaand its gone.
[02:21] <Okamiden12> ....
[02:22] <HawkTech> cex?
[02:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Thus jordan was kicked
[02:22] <EinsVanCat> Oh boy..
[02:22] <XeRhyme> Uh,No.I didn't think it was anything.
[02:22] <Okamiden12> xD
[02:22] <Okamiden12> hawk
[02:22] <HawkTech> hawk? where hawk?
[02:22] <HawkTech> in the ski?
[02:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Listen to that silence
[02:23] <HawkTech> its becouse
[02:24] <HawkTech> i talked
[02:24] <Jake16682> Ugh! I messed up!
[02:24] <SuperEliteJordan> On what?
[02:24] <Jake16682> AtmoK
[02:25] <Okamiden12> ?
[02:25] <Okamiden12> wut u do
[02:25] <HawkTech> yeah
[02:25] <HawkTech> happened to me once
[02:25] <Jake16682> I wanted to summon a storm on a very clear day by the afternoon!
[02:25] <SuperEliteJordan> That's why I have neverending rain!
[02:25] <HawkTech> next thing i saw katrina was destroying everything
[02:25] <Jake16682> Now it's nighttime and NOW it decides to storm!
[02:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[02:25] <Okamiden12> xD
[02:26] <Jake16682> I wanted to get out of mowing the lawn ;_;
[02:26] <Okamiden12> dumb
[02:26] <Jake16682> Almost workd
[02:26] <Jake16682> If my storm just came a few hours earlier it would've been nice
[02:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Well you made a storm at least
[02:27] <Okamiden12> it might not even be your storm
[02:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Congrats
[02:27] <698344> Imma go later guys 
[02:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok
[02:28] <Jake16682> It was clear skies today Oka
[02:28] <Okamiden12> nuu lesami was helping me with selecting a riding crop
[02:28] <VeilOfReality> So many people, yet so quiet.
[02:28] <Okamiden12> and jake
[02:28] <Jake16682> It has to be my storm
[02:28] <Okamiden12> that doesn't matter
[02:28] <Okamiden12> iit doesn' HAVE to be your storm
[02:28] <Jake16682> Well aren't you just a little ray of sunshine?
[02:28] <Okamiden12> no fuck that
[02:28] <KibaTheWolf> Many people are afk
[02:28] <Rêveur of the Night> My philosophy
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> As long as what you want happens every time
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> and nothing dies by accident
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> I don't care
[02:29] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> REV
[02:29] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> REV
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> HERO
[02:29] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> REV BRO
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> What? ._.
[02:29] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *TACKLES REV*
[02:29] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> MK7
[02:29] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> LETS DO THIZ SHIT
[02:29] <Okamiden12> does this make HOTEC my cousin too?
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> Enough caps
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> xD
[02:30] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *Fires my lazer*
[02:30] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[02:30] <EinsVanCat> good god.
[02:31] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Rev?
[02:31] <Rêveur of the Night> I was practicing my marching band stuff ._.
[02:32] <Rêveur of the Night> And finding a charger
[02:32] <VeilOfReality> What instrument do you play?
[02:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm? 
[02:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Trumpet
[02:32] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> MK7 or so help me god i shall destroy the invention of music forever
[02:32] <VeilOfReality> Cool, I play the flute.
[02:32] <Rushontherun> I use to play tenors for marching band i stopped this year
[02:32] <Okamiden12> Violin :P
[02:33] <Rêveur of the Night> Nice :) 
[02:33] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> I play the DJ <_>
[02:33] <Arro Yunora> lol, yo capcoms about to be bought out
[02:34] <Okamiden12> lol
[02:34] <Okamiden12> by who
[02:34] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> actually xD that'd be cool
[02:34] <Arro Yunora> not to turn the conversation to gaming, but i just thought that was funny xD
[02:34] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> a DJ in a marching band
[02:34] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[02:34] <Okamiden12> arroooo
[02:34] <Okamiden12> by who
[02:34] <Arro Yunora> lol, sorry one sec
[02:35] <Arro Yunora> i may have jumped the gun, i'll let you know in a moment
[02:35] <Okamiden12> ok
[02:35] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> REV
[02:35] <Rêveur of the Night> I'm on, Hero
[02:35] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> you got your 3DS?
[02:36] <Daedraa> Hi.
[02:36] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Daedra
[02:36] <Daedraa> Hi aslal~ 
[02:36] <Aslal> Hello
[02:37] <Maskedmoon> Hello daedraa
[02:37] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[02:37] <Daedraa> Im fine.
[02:37] <Daedraa> You?
[02:37] <Maskedmoon> Im good, thanks
[02:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Heh
[02:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> wtf?
[02:39] <Rêveur of the Night> What?
[02:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> it said i was first the whole race
[02:39] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[02:39] <HawkTech> im thinking about snorting weed
[02:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Nahh
[02:40] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> i kinda figured it was glitching a little
[02:40] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> you wouldn't drive into walls
[02:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Lmao
[02:41] <Daedraa> Snorting weed.
[02:42] <Daedraa> Are you sure you're allowed near a device of technology? 
[02:42] <HawkTech> what do you mean?
[02:42] <Okamiden12> he's just takin tha piss daedraa
[02:43] <EinsVanCat> uhhmmm what the hell am I looking at?
[02:43] <Okamiden12> we don't know
[02:43] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> that time rarely any lag
[02:43] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh?
[02:43] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> you did drive off once
[02:43] <Rêveur of the Night> I did
[02:43] <Rêveur of the Night> And you jumped
[02:43] <Rêveur of the Night> Like
[02:43] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> on the swirly bit
[02:43] <Rêveur of the Night> EVERYWHERE\
[02:43] <HawkTech> my friend
[02:43] <HawkTech> told me
[02:43] <HawkTech> he injected weed in the left eye
[02:44] <Rêveur of the Night> ...
[02:44] <Okamiden12> your friend is a dumb ass
[02:44] <HawkTech> i asked if i could try
[02:44] <Daedraa> I think you should understand you can't inject or snort weed.
[02:44] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD let me guess, im not connecting well enough so it causes you to not know where i am?
[02:44] <EinsVanCat> uhhm. .-.
[02:44] <HawkTech> and he said that since im new i should snort
[02:44] <Daedraa> Its a plant you smoke.
[02:44] <Daedraa> Not shoot up or sniff.
[02:44] <Daedraa> You should get new friends, boo.
[02:44] <Arro Yunora> Yea my apologies Oka it was me reading the title and not watching the video
[02:44] <EinsVanCat> what the.. hell.. ok.. you know what.. lets get off the subject of drugs, thanks.
[02:44] <HawkTech> drugs?
[02:45] <HawkTech> weed is a plant
[02:45] <Okamiden12> hi kile
[02:45] <HawkTech> not a drug
[02:45] <HawkTech> get your facts straight
[02:45] <Kile574> Hawk, do what she says .
[02:45] <Arro Yunora> One of my fave youtubers talking about how Nintendo's most likely going to buy, which honestly
[02:45] <Arro Yunora> Wouldn't be all so bad considering how it's been these last few years
[02:45] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Kile
[02:45] <Kile574> Hey kiba
[02:45] <Kile574> o__o
[02:45] <Kile574> Gimmimorecoins..
[02:45] <KibaTheWolf> What about Rain?
[02:45] <Kile574> Your picture looks like the person i keep killing in roblox..
[02:45] <Kile574> Rain?
[02:45] <Okamiden12> <3 roblox
[02:46] <EinsVanCat> their picture is CurlyBrace.
[02:46] <HawkTech> daedra
[02:46] <Maskedmoon> Cave story FTW
[02:46] <Maskedmoon> 
[02:46] <KibaTheWolf> GimmeMoreCoinz AKA Rain
[02:46] <Kile574> These people with that hair and stuff, and this weird cat head keep popping up in my server on the only game i play.
[02:46] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD stole your victory there
[02:47] <Rêveur of the Night> what did I just see o_o
[02:47] <Kile574> Well i only play "whatever floats your boat" and "Ultimate Power"
[02:47] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> did i happen to spin out for no reason?
[02:47] <EinsVanCat>
[02:47] <Rêveur of the Night> xD
[02:47] <Kile574> Ultimate power is my favorite there, I've beaten all the "pros" on the game. Even the owner, and the scriper of the game .
[02:47] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[02:47] <Arro Yunora> damn... not bad
[02:47] <Kile574> But then my mouse started acting weird causing me to mess up. But i can still beat them with it . Just not with my usb plug in one .
[02:48] <Kile574> I can take out anyone with diamond skin in a serious chain of attacks that lasts 5 seconds. And for those of you who dont know, diamond skin more than quadruples your health.
[02:49] <Kile574> Like i use 8 moves in those 5 seconds XD
[02:49] <Okamiden12> oh kile can u script ?
[02:49] <Okamiden12> cuz i need help
[02:49] <Kile574> Nope.
[02:49] <Okamiden12> with my
[02:49] <Okamiden12> nvm
[02:49] <Kile574> Not at all ._.
[02:49] <Okamiden12> XD
[02:49] <Kile574> xD
[02:49] <Okamiden12> i learned
[02:49] <Okamiden12> but i'm having troubles
[02:49] <Okamiden12> making a tool to use it
[02:49] <Okamiden12> pm me ur user name
[02:49] <Okamiden12> ima send u an fr
[02:49] <Okamiden12> c:
[02:49] <Kile574> Ive gone into those Script Builder games, and basically become everyones Er.. Adult.. 'friend'
[02:50] <Kile574> oh i dont have to pm it .
[02:50] <Kile574> Your looking at it .
[02:50] <Okamiden12> oh
[02:50] <Kile574> xD
[02:50] <Okamiden12> ..i feel silly XD
[02:50] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[02:50] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> tie page
[02:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Got a 7
[02:50] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *game
[02:50] <Kile574> That site was where Kile574 had his internet birth.
[02:50] <Okamiden12> oh lol
[02:50] <Rêveur of the Night> then stepped on ;-;
[02:50] <Kile574> :3
[02:50] <Okamiden12> my character is fabulous
[02:50] <Okamiden12> just sayin
[02:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Killed by my own hand .__.
[02:51] <Kile574> Honestly i only go on the keep in touch with an old friend, and to play ultimate power.
[02:51] <Kile574> But Whatever Floats Your Boat has cought my attention. Its pretty cool.
[02:51] <Kile574> Ultimate Power FTW though ._.
[02:51] <Okamiden12> kile are you banned?
[02:51] <Kile574> Nope~
[02:51] <Kile574> i dont think so...
[02:51] <Okamiden12> lol swapped the 7 and 4
[02:51] <Okamiden12> ur char XD
[02:52] <Kile574> i hope not ;-;
[02:52] <Kile574> Oh xD
[02:52] <Kile574> I have like.. 8 accounts..
[02:52] <Okamiden12> i suppose i'll show u min
[02:52] <Okamiden12> mine
[02:52] <Kile574> And ones female xD
[02:52] <Okamiden12>
[02:52] <Kile574> And ones female and black
[02:52] <Kile574> And ones a nub
[02:52] <Kile574> And another is a guest
[02:52] <Kile574> And another is a famous person impersonator account 
[02:52] <EinsVanCat> lol.
[02:52] <Okamiden12> who you impersonating
[02:52] <Okamiden12> lol
[02:52] <EinsVanCat> And ALL OF THEM ARE KILE
[02:53] <Kile574> It was... erm..
[02:53] <Kile574> Fleskajeherta 
[02:53] <Okamiden12> oh god -3-
[02:53] <EinsVanCat> Kile 574, Kile1337, KileDerpina, KiletheTroll, KiletheDarkSkinned
[02:54] <Kile574> hang on, im about to roll w/ crome. Firefox is being stupid.
[02:54] <Kile574> Freezes every five seconds .
[02:54] <Kile574> and your account is a girl ? o.o
[02:54] <Kile574> IS OKA FEMALE ?
[02:54] <Okamiden12> my char is
[02:54] <XeRhyme> Okas male....
[02:54] <Kile574> xD
[02:55] <Kile574> Its okay, i do that too oka.
[02:55] <Okamiden12> i've been impersonating a girl for 6 years kile XD
[02:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Tf o_o
[02:55] <Kile574> XD
[02:55] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> checkmate
[02:55] <Kile574> I think ive only been at it for 5.
[02:55] <Rêveur of the Night> I love how you teleport XD
[02:55] <Rêveur of the Night> I think I'm winning'
[02:55] <Rêveur of the Night> then
[02:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Poof
[02:55] <Rêveur of the Night> You're way up there XD
[02:55] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> i love how you teleported befoye
[02:55] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[02:55] <KibaTheWolf> Whats Roblox?
[02:55] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD ikr?
[02:55] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> annoying wifi
[02:56] <Kile574>
[02:56] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> i just assume your right next to me now
[02:56] <HawkTech> i have
[02:56] <Kile574> Its an old game that was launched in 2006 i think.
[02:56] <Okamiden12> yeh
[02:56] <HawkTech> hacked blox
[02:56] <HawkTech> in roblox
[02:56] <Kile574> but its a 3d mmorpg
[02:56] <HawkTech> tesla coil
[02:56] <HawkTech> rules
[02:56] <Okamiden12> only too many children
[02:56] <Kile574> i really like it o.o
[02:56] <Kile574> There are.
[02:56] <Okamiden12> exposed to all this adult ness
[02:56] <Okamiden12> now kile keep in mind
[02:56] <Kile574> But there are getting to be some older members .
[02:56] <Okamiden12> i'm on there
[02:56] <Okamiden12> XD
[02:56] <Kile574> XD oh god
[02:57] <Okamiden12> yeh
[02:57] <Okamiden12> i know someone who's in their 20's on there too
[02:57] <HawkTech> who has gta v?
[02:57] <Kile574> me.
[02:57] <HawkTech> psn
[02:57] <Kile574> me.
[02:58] <HawkTech> lets play?
[02:58] <Kile574> No >_>
[02:58] <Kile574> Yourra troll
[02:58] <Okamiden12> REJECTEDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:58] <Kile574> And i dont wanna pay to fix all my rich cars 
[02:58] <HawkTech> even if i trolled you
[02:58] <HawkTech> i would pay
[02:58] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> aw hell no
[02:58] <HawkTech> if i destroy the car i have to pay
[02:58] <Kile574> I dont roll with trolls.
[02:58] <HawkTech> not you
[02:58] <Rêveur of the Night> Crash
[02:58] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> communication error D:
[02:58] <Rêveur of the Night> Lmao
[02:58] <Angilioth> rawr~
[02:59] <Okamiden12> Heppy :P
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Lmao o_o
[02:59] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> ah well
[02:59] <HawkTech> lol
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Hephy
[02:59] <HawkTech> whats your kd?
[02:59] <HawkTech> probably 0.50
[02:59] <Kile574> Picture chaaaange !
[02:59] <Angilioth> lol
[02:59] <Angilioth> yeah
[02:59] <Okamiden12> we all got new pics
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o Crap
[02:59] <Angilioth> lol
[02:59] <Angilioth> what
[03:00] <Kile574> Ang whats the url in your picture ?
[03:00] <Okamiden12> ?
[03:00] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[03:00] <Rêveur of the Night> Just
[03:00] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[03:00] <EinsVanCat> Raghhh
[03:00] <Okamiden12> ?
[03:01] <Maskedmoon> WB veil
[03:01] <VeilOfReality> Thank you.
[03:01] <EinsVanCat> Everyones gotten to the darn thing now lol
[03:01] <Okamiden12> hey i made my own ;)
[03:01] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[03:01] <VeilOfReality> What darn thing?
[03:01] <Angilioth> wooooo
[03:02] <Angilioth> random pic changes
[03:02] <Okamiden12> it's not random for me
[03:02] <Kile574> everyone except me ;_;
[03:02] <Angilioth> it is for me
[03:02] <Okamiden12> oh my XD
[03:02] <Kile574> <----- But im actually getting attached to this 
[03:02] <Kile574> I think i might keep it .
[03:02] <Angilioth> lol yeah you just put it on yesterday
[03:03] <Okamiden12> <----------- keeping it until u get a new favicon
[03:03] <Kile574> He even has a name .
[03:03] <Arro Yunora> Tostidos
[03:03] <Kile574> Torilos. 
[03:03] <Kile574> Torilos the :3
[03:03] <Kile574> Torilos the third colon.
[03:03] <Kile574> Or colon 3.
[03:03] <Okamiden12> colon three
[03:03] <Okamiden12> XD
[03:03] <Kile574> Whichever.
[03:04] <Arro Yunora> Whats a favicon?
[03:04] <Okamiden12> that thing on the tab
[03:04] <Okamiden12> of ur browser
[03:04] <Okamiden12> where it says PsiWiki
[03:04] <Angilioth> mines name is anggy
[03:04] <Okamiden12> right up there
[03:04] <Arro Yunora> That reminds me
[03:05] <Arro Yunora> has anyone seen the sites icon in the browser tab :(
[03:05] <Kile574> i have ?
[03:05] <HawkTech> wut?
[03:05] <Kile574> Whats wrong with it ? o.o
[03:05] <Arro Yunora> lol, nothing. just... has it always been that?
[03:05] <EinsVanCat> Has a white underbar.
[03:06] <Kile574> no it hasnt
[03:06] <HawkTech> on chrome?
[03:06] <Okamiden12> it's fixed for me eins
[03:06] <Kile574> i just changed it a few weeks ago
[03:06] <EinsVanCat> On chrome yeah.
[03:06] <HawkTech> not for me
[03:06] <Okamiden12> u may need to clear ur cache again e.e
[03:06] <Kile574> But we all have to wait for it to update.
[03:06] <EinsVanCat> and opera.. >..<;
[03:06] <Okamiden12> it's fixed for me
[03:06] <Okamiden12> so
[03:06] <Kile574> Yeah, i just wait for my cache to clean itself .
[03:06] <Okamiden12> XD
[03:06] <EinsVanCat> Well, yeah thats probably why.
[03:06] <Arro Yunora> Oh yaa it has changed
[03:06] <Kile574> ... 
[03:06] <Arro Yunora> wait a sec.... 
[03:06] <Kile574> * Kile574 goes to play roblox
[03:07] <Arro Yunora> This i it... now i know why it is what it is!!!
[03:07] <Okamiden12> can i come too
[03:07] <Arro Yunora> Oka... is the original.... O.O
[03:07] <Kile574> Oka
[03:07] <Okamiden12> oka made the damn thing
[03:07] <Kile574> Oka, come play ultimate power with me 
[03:07] <HawkTech> kil
[03:07] <Okamiden12> idk what that is
[03:07] <Kile574>
[03:07] <Okamiden12> xD
[03:07] <HawkTech> tell me its not you
[03:07] <HawkTech>
[03:08] <Kile574> It is.
[03:08] <Okamiden12> yup
[03:08] <Okamiden12>
[03:08] <Okamiden12> thats me
[03:08] <Okamiden12> XD
[03:09] <Okamiden12> kile i'm correct in assuming you accepted my fr right?
[03:09] <Kile574> Oka start oining
[03:09] <Kile574> ohn o, not yet xD
[03:09] <Kile574> i usually ignore my friend requests lol
[03:09] <Okamiden12> you should probably do that XD
[03:09] <Kile574> i will
[03:09] <Kile574> There, done 
[03:09] <Okamiden12> u are now best friended
[03:10] <Okamiden12> lol
[03:10] <Okamiden12> i miss this tool
[03:15] <KibaTheWolf> (deadchat) 
[03:17] <Kile574> i killed oka
[03:17] <Okamiden12> a lot XD
[03:17] <Angilioth> lol
[03:18] <KibaTheWolf> How can you kill someone a lot XD
[03:18] <Angilioth> in a game
[03:19] <Kile574> i told you oka, im like. god level.
[03:19] <Kile574> This is my playing around >:3
[03:19] <KibaTheWolf> Oh lol XD
[03:21] <Rêveur of the Night> I would go around in zombie games
[03:21] <Rêveur of the Night> get good gear
[03:21] <Rêveur of the Night> Assassinate people in their homes
[03:22] <Rêveur of the Night> Get all de points
[03:22] <Rêveur of the Night> Become god >:D
[03:23] <VeilOfReality> Oh, so you're god now? 
[03:24] <VeilOfReality> xD
[03:24] <Rêveur of the Night> No o_o
[03:25] <VeilOfReality> =^._.^=
[03:25] <VeilOfReality> katz
[03:25] <VeilOfReality> I'm so tired right now I don't know what I'm doing.
[03:26] <Rêveur of the Night> Do you like kittens, Sophie?
[03:26] <VeilOfReality> Why wouldn't I?
[03:27] <Rêveur of the Night> :3 Good
[03:27] <VeilOfReality> I don't want to know why you asked.
[03:28] <VeilOfReality> Well, good night everyone. I need sleep.
[03:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Anyone play aqw?
[03:28] <VeilOfReality> Well, good night everyone. I need sleep.
[03:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Anyone play aqw?
[03:32] <KibaTheWolf> Me
[03:32] <KibaTheWolf> Well
[03:32] <KibaTheWolf> I used to play XD
[03:32] <EinsVanCat> I did aswell
[03:33] <EinsVanCat> Even subscribed once, but after that, I went *meh* to it.
[03:33] <Rêveur of the Night> Yeah
[03:33] <Rêveur of the Night> I just took it back up
[03:33] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[03:34] <EinsVanCat> That was random.
[03:34] <Rêveur of the Night> :D 
[03:34] <Rushontherun> I just went 16 and 3 in Leauge lol
[03:34] <EinsVanCat> Bot was just like "Hnnnnng" *ded*
[03:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Hmm
[03:34] <Rêveur of the Night> How does the bot work anyways?
[03:34] <Rushontherun> with ez plaing bot
[03:35] <EinsVanCat> I host it.
[03:35] <Rêveur of the Night> I mean
[03:35] <Rêveur of the Night> How does it log and store stuff?
[03:35] <EinsVanCat> Thats a seeeecreeeeet
[03:38] <Rêveur of the Night> I like secrets :3
[03:39] <Aris Hazard> Hi?
[03:39] <Arro Yunora> Haaai Aris
[03:40] <Aris Hazard> What's up?
[03:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[03:40] <Arro Yunora> Questioning why I feel reeeally good right now :3
[03:41] <Arro Yunora> Anything new with you?
[03:42] <Rêveur of the Night> On the road
[03:42] <Rêveur of the Night> Far from home
[03:42] <Rêveur of the Night> you don't have to
[03:42] <Rêveur of the Night> feel alone
[03:42] <Rêveur of the Night> brave and strong
[03:42] <Rêveur of the Night> together we will be
[03:42] <Aris Hazard> Nope. I've been happy for nearly 7 monthd
[03:43] <Rêveur of the Night> First time I've ever heard that
[03:43] <Buck45> Hey 
[03:43] <Rêveur of the Night> hey
[03:43] <Buck45> I'm new 
[03:43] <Arro Yunora> Hai Buck, Welcome to the Psi Wikia and all that business!!!
[03:43] <Kile574> WE-...
[03:43] <Kile574> you beat me to it...
[03:43] <Okamiden12> HI buck
[03:43] <Buck45> thxs lol
[03:43] <Arro Yunora> Well, the chat for the psi wikia i mean
[03:44] <Arro Yunora> Yeaaa, that's one for me!!! and like
[03:44] <Arro Yunora> 267 for you :/
[03:44] <Buck45> so wuts up?
[03:44] <Arro Yunora> Actually leaving, xD
[03:44] <Aris Hazard> Revuer
[03:44] <Buck45> o bye arro 
[03:45] <Aris Hazard> Revuer
[03:45] <Buck45> ????
[03:45] <Okamiden12> mkay back
[03:45] <Aris Hazard> Answer me, Revuer
[03:45] <Arro Yunora> So before i go Buck what brings you to the chat?
[03:45] <Kile574> Anyways, welcome to the site Buck
[03:45] <Arro Yunora> Wanna know if there's anything i can help with before i head out
[03:46] <Rêveur of the Night> O_O
[03:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Pie
[03:46] <Okamiden12> :P
[03:46] <Rêveur of the Night> what?
[03:46] <Angilioth> pie? WHERE?!?!
[03:47] <Arro Yunora> Mmm... gotta go >.< 
[03:47] <Arro Yunora> Hope you enjoy yoa stay Bucks
[03:47] <EinsVanCat> Oh
[03:47] <HawkTech> kile
[03:47] <Buck45> idk just looking around the site 
[03:47] <Aris Hazard> Revuer
[03:47] <HawkTech> ur not on roblox anymore?
[03:47] <EinsVanCat> Buck, are you the guy that was trying to make an account?
[03:47] <Buck45> Yeah 
[03:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Reveur*
[03:48] <EinsVanCat> glad to see you managed to make it
[03:48] <Aris Hazard> Sorry.
[03:48] <Aris Hazard> So, you don't know I'm happy?
[03:48] <Aris Hazard> Or why
[03:48] <Buck45> Thxs it was the username 
[03:48] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o You said you were happy
[03:48] <Aris Hazard> Yes, but you said you didn't know that
[03:48] <Aris Hazard> 7 months
[03:48] <Rêveur of the Night> No I didn't o.O
[03:49] <Buck45> G2g guys bye 
[03:49] <Okamiden12> ok bai
[03:49] <Rêveur of the Night> Bye :3
[03:49] <Aris Hazard> Well, if you remember back in early March, I had a breakup
[03:49] <Aris Hazard> Late March, I got back together
[03:49] <Aris Hazard> But I still was like in love with the girl when we broke up
[03:50] <Aris Hazard> Through when we broke up
[03:50] <Aris Hazard> And we originally started dating 7 months ago Wednesday
[03:50] <Aris Hazard> So I've been happy for nearly 7 months
[03:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh
[03:53] <Aris Hazard> Yeah
[03:59] <Okamiden12> ping me if i'm needed
[03:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Oka
[04:00] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[04:00] <Okamiden12> i swear to god rêv
[04:00] <Rêveur of the Night> I need help though
[04:00] <Okamiden12> with?
[04:01] <Rêveur of the Night> What do you do when someone wants to kill you? o_o
[04:01] <EinsVanCat> Talking about Veil?
[04:01] <KibaTheWolf> You kill him instead ^^
[04:01] <Okamiden12> oh 
[04:01] <Okamiden12> easy rêv
[04:02] <Okamiden12> just seduce them
[04:02] <Okamiden12> and kill them whilst theyäre
[04:02] <Okamiden12> erm..
[04:02] <Okamiden12> maybe this isn't the method for you
[04:02] <Rêveur of the Night> Not Veil
[04:02] <Okamiden12> come revvie
[04:02] <Okamiden12> pm your cousin aboot it
[04:02] <Rêveur of the Night> :3 I wouldn't hurt Veil
[04:02] <KibaTheWolf> ABOOT IT
[04:04] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[04:04] <KibaTheWolf> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 people online
[04:04] <KibaTheWolf> 5 AFK
[04:04] <Angilioth> lol
[04:05] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[04:05] <Rushontherun> Im here i was playing leauge
[04:06] <KibaTheWolf> The BR server isnt working ;-;
[04:06] <Okamiden12> revvie
[04:06] <Okamiden12> i know how to fix ur problem
[04:07] <KibaTheWolf> Killing the guy that wants to kill you? :3
[04:07] <Okamiden12> ...maybe
[04:08] <EinsVanCat> Im online, Im just myeh.
[04:08] <EinsVanCat> and catlog isn't a person
[04:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[04:08] <Okamiden12> lol
[04:08] <Rêveur of the Night> How?
[04:08] <Rushontherun> Was it a death threat or did they say they were really gonna kill you
[04:08] <KibaTheWolf> I didnt count it
[04:08] <Okamiden12> keel dem
[04:08] <EinsVanCat> ok :3
[04:08] <Okamiden12> run a knife over their throat
[04:09] <Rêveur of the Night> <_>
[04:09] <KibaTheWolf> Or a car over their body
[04:09] <Okamiden12> yeh
[04:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Lmao
[04:09] <Okamiden12> any method works
[04:09] <Okamiden12> mandrake oils work too
[04:09] <KibaTheWolf> As long as they die :3
[04:09] <Okamiden12> if u can get the root
[04:09] <Rêveur of the Night> -_-
[04:10] <Rêveur of the Night> I'll remember that
[04:10] <EinsVanCat> You could also chloroform them, tie them up, throw them in your trunk, take them to the grand canyon, and throw them over the edge..
[04:10] <EinsVanCat> That works too.
[04:10] <Rêveur of the Night> If I want to kill someone
[04:10] <Okamiden12> i'd probably just hire Avin to do it for me
[04:10] <Okamiden12> XD
[04:10] <KibaTheWolf> Or just shooting them
[04:11] <Okamiden12> GOod night people
[04:11] <Okamiden12> ,,|,,
[04:11] <Rêveur of the Night> I am good aren't I?
[04:12] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[04:13] <KibaTheWolf> :3 the :3
[04:14] <HawkTech> kile
[04:14] <KibaTheWolf> Kile is afk
[04:15] <Rêveur of the Night> You know how to fix that?
[04:15] <Rêveur of the Night> kile
[04:16] <Rêveur of the Night> kile
[04:16] <Rêveur of the Night> kile
[04:16] <Rêveur of the Night> Say the magic word three times
[04:16] <KibaTheWolf> Does he even have a ping?
[04:16] <KibaTheWolf> Kile574
[04:17] <Rêveur of the Night> Hold on
[04:18] <EinsVanCat> he does.
[04:18] <EinsVanCat> pineapple.
[04:19] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[04:19] <Rêveur of the Night> pineapple?
[04:19] <HawkTech> pineapple
[04:19] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[04:19] <KibaTheWolf> I SUMMON YOU ANANAS
[04:20] <KibaTheWolf>
[04:21] <Rêveur of the Night> That link is now my ping phrase
[04:21] <EinsVanCat> lol
[04:21] <KibaTheWolf> LOL
[04:22] <KibaTheWolf> Thats Kile
[04:22] <KibaTheWolf> Well
[04:22] <KibaTheWolf> At least was XD
[04:22] <Rêveur of the Night> I wonder if it works...
[04:22] <KibaTheWolf> Je suis um ananas
[04:22] <KibaTheWolf> Um*
[04:22] <KibaTheWolf> Un*
[04:23] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[04:33] <KibaTheWolf> 4 people that arent afk
[04:33] <KibaTheWolf> Damn
[04:33] <KibaTheWolf> Cya guys later
[04:36] <Kile574> Stahp talkin 'bout me 
[04:37] <Kile574> Thats weird.. All my pings were replaced with EinsCatLog
[04:37] <EinsVanCat> lol what
[04:38] <Kile574> these are my pings, minus two japanese ones i couldnt remember Kile
[04:38] <Kile574> kile574
[04:38] <Kile574> admin
[04:38] <Kile574> staff
[04:38] <Kile574> pineapple
[04:38] <Kile574> papple
[04:38] <Kile574> virgo
[04:38] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[04:38] <Rêveur of the Night> pineapple
[04:38] <Kile574> <>_<>
[04:39] <Kile574> Eins, CrazyUndertaker sends her congratulations to your promotion
[04:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Mine are 
[04:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Rêveur of the Night
[04:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Rev
[04:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Giygas
[04:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Voyeur 
[04:39] <Kile574> wtf, those last two
[04:39] <EinsVanCat> ah, where is she at now?
[04:39] <Kile574> my email.
[04:39] <EinsVanCat> Shes in your email?
[04:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[04:40] <Kile574> daww yeah
[04:40] <HawkTech> kile
[04:40] <HawkTech> come to welcome to roblox
[04:40] <Kile574> hm?
[04:40] <Kile574> No...
[04:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Email and tell her I send her my hugs. Pineapple
[04:40] <HawkTech> i have hacked blocks
[04:40] <Kile574> magical
[04:40] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[04:42] <Kile574> so i was playing roblox on ultimate power
[04:42] <Kile574> and this guy was bragging
[04:43] <Kile574> and remember, im not on my usual god level because that mouse is broken ( my normal laptop one, its weird on roblox)
[04:43] <Kile574> so im not in my zone.
[04:43] <Kile574> And i get the guy within inches of his life several times
[04:43] <Kile574> and we're not like.. close to friends
[04:44] <Kile574> and then he ends up sending me a link to a starwars game and his usernames, and a list of classes and their abilities and im like "..kay den"
[04:44] <EinsVanCat> wtf..
[04:44] <Kile574> Yeah.
[04:44] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[04:44] <Kile574> But i can almost take down Shadownox again (the guy who scripted the game and an admin of it )
[04:44] <EinsVanCat> oh, neat.
[04:45] <Kile574> but not quite, since one hand is on the keyboard and the other is left on the mouse
[04:45] <EinsVanCat> lol.
[04:45] <Kile574> so its hard for me to use the powers on the right side of my keyboard, cause i use a lot on the left.
[04:45] <Kile574> >_>
[04:45] <Kile574> like you press keys to use a power
[04:45] <Kile574> And this guy can script his lasers to destroy the whole map
[04:46] <Kile574> and i could take him down
[04:46] <EinsVanCat> Lol
[04:46] <Kile574> Just so you all know my #skill
[04:46] <EinsVanCat> #noskill
[04:46] <Kile574> ;_;
[04:46] <EinsVanCat> *hugs*
[04:46] <Kile574> *pets*
[04:46] <EinsVanCat> *purrs*
[04:46] <Kile574> Dawww yeh
[04:48] <Kile574> Guys, cool sounding usernames for use in an MMORPG
[04:48] <Kile574> GO!
[04:48] <Rêveur of the Night> o.o
[04:48] <EinsVanCat> Derpina
[04:48] <Kile574> :|
[04:48] <Rêveur of the Night> XD
[04:48] <Rêveur of the Night> Eins
[04:48] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[04:49] <Rêveur of the Night> hmm
[04:49] <Kile574> I might..
[04:49] <Kile574> Can i use avinuous ?
[04:49] <Kile574> Avineins o_o
[04:49] <EinsVanCat> erghhhhh
[04:49] <Rêveur of the Night> RagnartheDestroyer
[04:49] <EinsVanCat> I will claw you.
[04:49] <Kile574> Can i use Avineins ? c:
[04:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Avinious o.O
[04:50] <EinsVanCat> *gets claws ready*
[04:50] <Kile574> ..
[04:50] <Kile574> * Kile574 goes to type it in
[04:50] <Rêveur of the Night> ...
[04:50] <Rêveur of the Night> *tackles Eins*
[04:51] <Kile574> * Kile574 hits create account while she's down for the count
[04:51] <EinsVanCat> Im actually getting my claws ready spiritually.. and I will claw kile.. xD
[04:51] <Kile574> o_o
[04:51] <Kile574> * Kile574 that moment when you remember she can hurt you
[04:51] <EinsVanCat> Lol
[04:51] <EinsVanCat> meh.
[04:51] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[04:51] <Kile574> ....
[04:51] <Kile574> ._.
[04:51] <EinsVanCat>
[04:51] <Kile574> * Kile574 fills in the rest of the information
[04:51] <Kile574> #worthit
[04:52] <EinsVanCat> I just want to claw someone.
[04:52] <EinsVanCat> Painful Playful
[04:52] <Kile574> xD
[04:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Claw me then
[04:52] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[04:52] <Kile574> Relish his moan of pleasure <>_<>
[04:52] <EinsVanCat> *claws kile*
[04:52] <Rêveur of the Night> I give you permission
[04:52] <Kile574> ;-;
[04:52] <Rêveur of the Night> xD
[04:52] <EinsVanCat> You are my post now. *claws*
[04:53] <EinsVanCat> Im done n.n
[04:53] <Rêveur of the Night> ;-; Lucky
[04:53] <Kile574> Are you legit gonna claw me ? o.o
[04:53] <EinsVanCat> Yeah, I did, Its just not a lot of energy is put into it so its not really gonna be noticed until you know.. you're bleeding out.. so..
[04:54] <SuperKrill99> I am a natural at thermokinesis
[04:54] <PsylockePsion3> Hello
[04:54] <EinsVanCat> If you feel realllllyyyy hungry or weak tonight, you're bleeding out. lol.
[04:54] <SuperKrill99> Hi]
[04:54] <EinsVanCat> ofcourse you have energy you can use now :3
[04:54] <Kile574> Honestly i think i might have felt it 
[04:54] <Kile574> Or that was hunger 
[04:54] <SuperKrill99> Just use energy as foos
[04:54] <SuperKrill99> food*
[04:55] <EinsVanCat> He could just heal himself now, unlike before lol
[04:55] <EinsVanCat> You been working on overcoming that problem kile?
[04:55] <Kile574> i er..
[04:55] <Kile574> er...
[04:55] <EinsVanCat> ...
[04:55] <Rêveur of the Night> o-o
[04:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Kile?
[04:55] <EinsVanCat> ......
[04:55] <Kile574> Have been thinking of reasons to want my flame to exist
[04:55] <Kile574> Been trying to think of something to ignite it .
[04:55] <EinsVanCat> Ok.
[04:55] <Kile574> I promise .
[04:55] <EinsVanCat> Try love.
[04:56] <Kile574> HEUHEUHEUHEU
[04:56] <Kile574> She called me love.
[04:56] <Kile574> xD
[04:56] <EinsVanCat> I said try love as in
[04:56] <EinsVanCat> Try using love.
[04:56] <EinsVanCat> *bites you*
[04:56] <Kile574> oh ;_;
[04:57] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[04:57] <EinsVanCat> You adopted a demonic cat. lol.
[04:57] <Rêveur of the Night> >_>
[04:57] <Rêveur of the Night> <_<
[04:57] <Rêveur of the Night> *slaps kile*
[04:57] <EinsVanCat> I actually took cat form for the night, so..
[04:57] <EinsVanCat> Im prolly a lot more like a cat then usual. lol.
[04:58] <Kile574> Ahahayeah
[04:58] <Kile574> Got me a Hellcat
[04:58] <Kile574> thats not slang for a girl
[04:58] <PsylockePsion3> It should be...
[04:58] <PsylockePsion3> jk
[04:58] <Kile574> lol
[04:59] <Rêveur of the Night> p-p
[05:01] <Angilioth> hmmmm
[05:01] <Kile574> Rev, you got a roblox?
[05:01] <Kile574> I think eins does .
[05:01] <EinsVanCat> No. No I don't.
[05:01] <Kile574> And im not just saying that because i google yalls usernames to see what comes up.
[05:01] <Kile574> which was roblox, for eins .
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> You looked up..
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> Eins.
[05:02] <Kile574> No >_>
[05:02] <Aris Hazard> Hi
[05:02] <Kile574> Avinuous 
[05:02] <ExitHere> Yo.
[05:02] <Kile574> or however you spell it 
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> Avinious
[05:02] <Aris Hazard> Wauup
[05:02] <Kile574> yeh, that
[05:02] <Aris Hazard> Wassup
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> And I may at one point have signed up
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> But I do not play
[05:02] <Kile574> Whaddup
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> And never will.
[05:02] <Kile574> why? ;-;
[05:02] <I--DarkGod--I> I ask again
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> It sucks. :3
[05:02] <Aris Hazard> Learning about Tulpas
[05:02] <Kile574> /ne shoots himself
[05:02] <I--DarkGod--I> is Tai chi and or qi gong good for some psionics?
[05:02] <EinsVanCat> *curls up*
[05:03] <Kile574> Oh, if you need any information about them you can ask me .
[05:03] <ExitHere> Whatever helps you relax, man.
[05:03] <EinsVanCat> They both would help, honestly.
[05:03] <Aris Hazard> So I've heard, Kile
[05:03] <Aris Hazard> PM me Kile
[05:03] <I--DarkGod--I> ...
[05:03] <I--DarkGod--I> .......
[05:03] <I--DarkGod--I> ........
[05:03] <EinsVanCat> Tai Chi is very much usable as a moving meditation.
[05:03] <I--DarkGod--I> and can it be used in psionics for energy uses?
[05:04] <EinsVanCat> Sure, most likely to an extent anything could.
[05:04] <I--DarkGod--I> I heard it helps generate more chi, also quicker
[05:04] <EinsVanCat> It might.
[05:04] <EinsVanCat> *grooms*
[05:04] <I--DarkGod--I> can chi be converted to psi
[05:04] <I--DarkGod--I> or just used as it is
[05:05] <PsylockePsion3> some can argue they are the same energy; those that don't normally say yes
[05:05] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[05:05] <EinsVanCat> Even if its the same energy it might still 'generate' faster.
[05:05] <I--DarkGod--I> because i think that having more control of chi by using tai chi
[05:06] <I--DarkGod--I> I can speed up psychokinesis progress in all fields of psychokinesis
[05:06] <I--DarkGod--I> mainly telekinesis and pyrokinesis
[05:06] <I--DarkGod--I> is this possible
[05:09] <ExitHere> All I've ever been able to do is theorize, never been actually able to practice anything.
[05:11] <I--DarkGod--I> oh
[05:12] <I--DarkGod--I> I really wish I could learn something other than telepathy/precognition/aura reading
[05:13] <ExitHere> I suppose you could transfuse that mental energy into the world around you.
[05:13] <ExitHere> Think of this world as a Matrix.
[05:13] <ExitHere> Just giving ideas :) 
[05:16] <I--DarkGod--I> hm
[05:16] <ExitHere> As if this world was nothing, only what was real was what was inside you and others.
[05:17] <ExitHere> Like this world was like a mirror of your soul! :D 
[05:17] <Rêveur of the Night> Some say you are simply the universe experiencing itself 
[05:17] <ExitHere> Whatever that means.
[05:18] <HawkTech> dude
[05:18] <HawkTech> we should make a movie
[05:19] <HawkTech> called matrix
[05:19] <HawkTech> wait...
[05:19] <ExitHere> Damn dude. GENIUS.
[05:19] <ExitHere> I like it! :D 
[05:19] <Rêveur of the Night> "Whatever that means." It means exactly what I said ._.
[05:20] <ExitHere> I like things in laments terms. :3
[05:22] <ExitHere> That way I don't have to think about something else.
[05:22] <Rêveur of the Night> Layman's terms?
[05:22] <ExitHere> Or that.
[05:23] <ExitHere> Or Laywomen!
[05:23] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[05:23] <ExitHere> Yes, lets stick with laywomen.
[05:25] <ExitHere> Any objections?
[05:25] <ExitHere> No?
[05:25] <ExitHere> Good.
[05:27] <ExitHere> So.. how was everyone's day today?
[05:28] <ExitHere> Thats great. Just me and my thoughts.
[05:33] <Gizmic> hi
[05:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[05:34] <Gizmic> how're you?
[05:37] <Rêveur of the Night> Bored
[05:37] <Rêveur of the Night> You?
[05:38] <Gizmic> soso
[05:40] <Horsyqueen> hey
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> some random kid fb messaged me some odd stuff
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> and i cant remember who they are
[05:41] <Rêveur of the Night> Like?
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> they called me a whore and a bitch
[05:42] <Horsyqueen> but i dont know who they are
[05:43] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[05:44] <SuperKrill99> they are the same
[05:45] <SuperKrill99> chi is the gateway to psi
[05:45] <SuperKrill99> without chi there would be no psi
[05:45] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[05:45] <SuperKrill99> Its just like
[05:45] <SuperKrill99> A computer
[05:45] <SuperKrill99> Without the hard drive there is no computer
[05:46] <SuperKrill99> And no computer no hard drive
[05:46] <SuperKrill99> Unless you live under a rock and your so cheap you get electricity from foil
[05:46] <SuperKrill99> Which is highly possibel
[05:47] <EinsVanCat> To me, all the energy is the same.. lol
[05:47] <SuperKrill99> yes they are
[05:47] <SuperKrill99> But no chi no psi
[05:47] <SuperKrill99> chi is the energy
[05:47] <SuperKrill99> Psi is the tk you can do with chi
[05:48] <Kile574> Everyone has their own opinions.
[05:48] <Kile574> Most people consider them all to be the same thing.
[05:48] <SuperKrill99> yes but that's a fact
[05:48] <Kile574> to you.
[05:48] <Kile574> Its just an opinion.
[05:48] <SuperKrill99> Chi is the energy to use psi am I right?
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> damn lag
[05:49] <Kile574> thats an opinion.
[05:49] <SuperKrill99> Well
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> all those things are the same
[05:49] <Kile574> Some people say psi and chi are the same thing, just different names.
[05:49] <Kile574> me? I dont really care.
[05:49] <Kile574> Energy is energy.
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> the names just originate from different cultures
[05:49] <SuperKrill99> That's what I am saying
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> and a few just identify the location of the energy
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> doesnt make the energy any different
[05:50] <SuperKrill99> I will try to have no energy one day and try tk lets see how that works out, ^_^
[05:50] <Horsyqueen> ki is pronounced the same way as chi i think
[05:51] <SuperKrill99> ok 
[05:51] <SuperKrill99> I'll prove all of you wrong in a moment
[05:51] <Rêveur of the Night> C
[05:51] <Rêveur of the Night> X*
[05:51] <Horsyqueen> pranna chi and ki are exactly the same 
[05:52] <Horsyqueen> psi and others just differ in their location to chi etc
[05:52] <SuperKrill99> Qi-the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.
[05:52] <SuperKrill99> Psi-supposed parapsychological or psychic faculties or phenomena
[05:53] <Horsyqueen> Qi is pronounced like chi is
[05:53] <SuperKrill99> The proper word is qi though
[05:53] <Horsyqueen> they are the same thing
[05:53] <SuperKrill99> Think of qi gong
[05:53] <Horsyqueen> you pronounce it like your gonna say qilin or kirin
[05:54] <SuperKrill99> Qi is the life force you use for psi
[05:54] <Horsyqueen> psi and qi are energy
[05:54] <Horsyqueen> theres no dfference
[05:54] <SuperKrill99> Yes but different definitions
[05:54] <Horsyqueen> except psi is every form
[05:55] <SuperKrill99> Using qi isn't ubeing a psychic
[05:55] <Horsyqueen> and chi is specific to in organisms
[05:55] <SuperKrill99> Qi is the life force
[05:55] <Horsyqueen> you use chi in psychic abilities
[05:55] <SuperKrill99> Yes
[05:55] <SuperKrill99> But
[05:55] <Rêveur of the Night> From my point
[05:55] <SuperKrill99> Which make them diff
[05:56] <Rêveur of the Night> It sounds like you're saying Psi is the abilities, not energy
[05:56] <Horsyqueen> blood which is out the body is still blood
[05:56] <SuperKrill99> Life force is needed for psi
[05:56] <SuperKrill99> which means psi is a psychic term
[05:56] <Horsyqueen> psi is an american and british term
[05:56] <SuperKrill99> Well
[05:57] <Horsyqueen> its just to describe the energy used for psychic abilities from the mind
[05:57] <SuperKrill99> Qi is just plainly life force nothing more nothing less
[05:57] <Daedraa> Actually.
[05:57] <Kile574> but some would say psi or chi is life force.
[05:57] <Horsyqueen> it is no different to psi
[05:57] <Daedraa> Psi is mental energy.
[05:57] <Kile574> Theres so many opinions, its best to stick to your own.
[05:58] <Daedraa> Life force is Ki, physical and spiritual.
[05:58] <Horsyqueen> just because things come from a different culture people get confused
[05:58] <SuperKrill99> Psi is in fact just the energy you use for qi
[05:58] <Horsyqueen> ki is japanese for chi and qi
[05:58] <SuperKrill99> I mean no
[05:58] <Horsyqueen> they are the same prefix with the same pronounciation
[05:58] <SuperKrill99> Its the energy 
[05:59] <SuperKrill99> from qi that's used for psi
[05:59] <Horsyqueen> qi doesnt become psi
[05:59] <Horsyqueen> they are the same thing
[05:59] <Horsyqueen> just different names
[05:59] <SuperKrill99> ok whatever
[05:59] <Horsyqueen> from different cultures
[06:00] <Horsyqueen> at the time of creation of the word psi there would be little to no knowledge of the eastern worlds
[06:00] <Horsyqueen> as they were and still are very secretive
[06:00] <SuperKrill99> Not anymore lol
[06:00] <Horsyqueen> no 
[06:00] <Rêveur of the Night> "Clash of the opinions"
[06:00] <Horsyqueen> theres a lot most people dont know
[06:00] <Horsyqueen> you think you do
[06:01] <Horsyqueen> like telling the difference between geisha and courtesan
[06:02] <SuperKrill99> That's true
[06:02] <Horsyqueen> then working out the difference between meiko and geisha
[06:02] <Horsyqueen> then the different types of courtesan
[06:02] <Horsyqueen> because not all courtesans have sex
[06:02] <HawkTech> horsy
[06:02] <HawkTech> i just realised
[06:02] <HawkTech> ur not mod anymore
[06:02] <HawkTech> why
[06:03] <Horsyqueen> china and japan are really not understood
[06:03] <Horsyqueen> and neither is their spirituality
[06:04] <Horsyqueen> its proven that ageupuncture works but they dont know how and its actually used as a recognised alternative treatment, sometimes the only treatment
[06:05] <HawkTech> horsy
[06:05] <HawkTech> are you ignoring me?
[06:06] <Rêveur of the Night> Lmao
[06:07] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[06:07] <Horsyqueen> -.-
[06:07] <Rushontherun> Japanese call it ki chinese call it chi and qi we call it psi same stuff lol
[06:07] <Horsyqueen> one day krill i am really gonna have to shout at you and tell you off
[06:08] <Rêveur of the Night> -_-
[06:08] <Rêveur of the Night> No need for that
[06:08] <HawkTech> what is happening
[06:09] <SuperKrill99> No you wont
[06:09] <SuperKrill99> You cant shout through the screen
[06:09] <Horsyqueen> your just for the last few weeks trying to get on peoples nerves
[06:09] <SuperKrill99> I AM NOT'
[06:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Ayye
[06:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Really?
[06:10] <Rêveur of the Night> No need for fighting
[06:10] <SuperKrill99> sorry
[06:10] <Horsyqueen> its not fighting
[06:10] <Horsyqueen> its dealing with children
[06:10] <Rêveur of the Night> -_-
[06:11] <Horsyqueen> and someone who is avid in annoying people
[06:11] <HawkTech> why are you ignoring me?
[06:12] <Angilioth> rawr~
[06:12] <Angilioth> well im 22 so do i count?
[06:13] <Horsyqueen> your not like in any way trying to be rude or annoying
[06:13] <Horsyqueen> or atempting to troll
[06:13] <SuperKrill99> I wasn't a troll
[06:13] <SuperKrill99> I was just asking questions
[06:14] <Horsyqueen> you were yesterday
[06:14] <Horsyqueen> and before that
[06:14] <SuperKrill99> yes yesterday
[06:14] <Rêveur of the Night> Who cares about what happened yesterday? ._.
[06:15] <Rêveur of the Night> It's yesterday
[06:15] <SuperKrill99> lol she left
[06:16] <Rêveur of the Night> Raven~
[06:16] <XxDarkRavenxX> Hi..
[06:16] <Rêveur of the Night> What happened? ._.
[06:16] <XxDarkRavenxX> I don't want to talk about it..
[06:17] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright ._.
[06:17] <Rêveur of the Night> *imagination hug*
[06:17] <XxDarkRavenxX> Rev..not the best time..
[06:18] <Rêveur of the Night> .__.
[06:21] <Rêveur of the Night> I'm here if you need to talk
[06:21] <XxDarkRavenxX> mk...I should go..this place is causing lag..
[06:21] <Rêveur of the Night> .-.
[06:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Hawk
[06:36] <HawkTech> ?
[06:36] <Rêveur of the Night> You asked why Rebecca was removed from staff
[06:42] <HawkTech> yeah?
[06:44] <Rêveur of the Night> I'm not sure, but it might be from an apparently large amount of people who wanted her to be dropped
[06:45] <Kile574> Nailed it .
[06:45] <Rêveur of the Night> 12:32, May 5, 2014 Semanticdrifter (wall | contribs) changed group membership for User:Horsyqueen from bureaucrat and administrator to (none) (Community Consensus.)
[06:45] <Kile574> and she banned like. 3 people just for being from another site.
[06:45] <EinsVanCat> o.o
[06:45] <Rêveur of the Night> Probably why she ignored your question
[06:45] <Kile574> actually.. i feel like it was more, but it might not have been.
[06:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Hold uo
[06:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Sean
[06:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Sean was on o_o
[06:46] <EinsVanCat> The people she was banning from psionnation were actually the same people who are getting onto thin ice with me.
[06:46] <Kile574> SeanA?
[06:46] <EinsVanCat> However
[06:46] <EinsVanCat> How she handled it, was very unprofessional
[06:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Semanticdrifter
[06:47] <Rêveur of the Night> That Sean^
[06:47] <Kile574> And we couldnt work with her..
[06:47] <EinsVanCat> Semanticdrifter is from community.wikia
[06:47] <Kile574> She didnt give us people's feedback.
[06:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Hmm
[06:47] <Kile574> And if we tried to give her feedback she would ask who it was from (and we cant share that with eachother)
[06:48] <Kile574> and when we said we cant tell her she would rant and take it as a personal attack and how we hate her and how shes all alone and so forth.
[06:48] <Kile574> and im like "....what..."
[06:48] <EinsVanCat> She didn't wait to gather evidence of foul play, and these are the only things I can't back up from what I myself saw happening. I honestly .. wish that she was able to handle that better, she let her feelings get the better of her, and thats all, and it was very unfortunate.
[06:49] <EinsVanCat> Thats all I can say about the matter, as thats all I myself witnessed.
[06:49] <EinsVanCat> She could have handled the situation better, thats my observation.
[06:49] <EinsVanCat> Its the same reason many people don't make good administrators, they let their hearts get in the way of their duty.
[06:49] <Rêveur of the Night> She was just on. If you want to see how she handled Krill saying "LOL" ._.
[06:50] <EinsVanCat> I really care about horsy, and I want to see her get better.
[06:50] <Kile574> that was weird...
[06:51] <Kile574> It logged me out ._.
[06:51] <EinsVanCat> I want to see her be able to handle the things that people do to her better then she does.
[06:51] <Rêveur of the Night> I want that for every person whom has issues with that
[06:52] <Rêveur of the Night> But you know
[06:52] <EinsVanCat> But, I guess, its really hard for me to understand why she reacts so susceptibly to things?
[06:52] <EinsVanCat> Im not very emotional, atleast, not to most people, the exceptions are the people I am in love with.
[06:52] <Rêveur of the Night> ...
[06:52] <Kile574> wow
[06:52] <EinsVanCat> So I dont know.. where its coming from.
[06:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Are you in love with anyone? (don't have to name who)
[06:52] <Kile574> i was almost like "ive seen your emotions" but first off i havent, and then i read that and im just like.. -silence-
[06:53] <EinsVanCat> No, I do, but nobody in this world has my heart.
[06:53] <EinsVanCat> You've seen my affection, not my emotions. n.n
[06:54] <EinsVanCat> And if you have, thats where the "Very" in that comes in
[06:54] <EinsVanCat> Glimpses do happen.
[06:54] <Rêveur of the Night> very?
[06:55] <EinsVanCat> Im not -very- emotional, to anyone except those I love.
[06:55] <EinsVanCat> So thats where the very comes in.
[06:55] <EinsVanCat> If I do show emotions, its not much.
[06:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh, I missed that
[06:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Sorry ._.
[06:56] <EinsVanCat>
[06:56] <EinsVanCat> 
[06:56] <EinsVanCat> So that people can get to know me atleast a little more then before.
[06:58] <Kile574> grah, computer please >_>
[06:58] <Kile574> you know..
[06:58] <Kile574> My $wag makes it hard for me to have friends ;_;
[06:58] <EinsVanCat> lol?
[06:59] <HawkTech> its $weg
[06:59] <Kile574> Lol.
[06:59] <HawkTech> spell it right
[06:59] <Kile574> No but really, i have friends. just ... we dont interact unless we're in the same place together.
[06:59] <Kile574> Except for my nerd friends...
[06:59] <Rêveur of the Night> o_O
[07:00] <Rêveur of the Night> Your nerd friends must be sweet
[07:00] <Kile574> But last time we were together, we built a giant shrine to Talos, and then someone tried to attack it and it ended up being thrown int oa river.
[07:00] <Rêveur of the Night> :3 Punny
[07:00] <Kile574> So we cant interact too much.
[07:00] <Kile574> XD
[07:00] <Kile574> or get together very often* would be a better way of saying it .
[07:00] <Kile574> And for those of you who dont know, Talos is a god in Skyrim. a popular videogame .
[07:02] <Rêveur of the Night> Yup
[07:02] <Rêveur of the Night> And Demacia is a signal of dea....a country in League of Legends
[07:07] <HawkTech> what if hawktech was not kill?
[07:07] <Rêveur of the Night> ?
[07:07] <HawkTech> wut if hawktech triked deat itself
[07:08] <HawkTech> and caem bak from heavn
[07:08] <HawkTech> to compleet his tsak on eatrh
[07:08] <HawkTech> he wonreded
[07:08] <HawkTech> wow such heavn
[07:08] <EinsVanCat> Well, I just made my profile huge.
[07:08] <HawkTech> am i kill?
[07:08] <EinsVanCat> Hawk, you need to stop typing retardedly
[07:08] <EinsVanCat> Talk like a normal person.
[07:09] <HawkTech>
[07:09] <EinsVanCat> You've been warned about this spammy behavior before, Im letting it go only because pretty much nobody is here except you.
[07:09] <HawkTech> must watch
[07:09] <HawkTech> fuck wrong video
[07:09] <EinsVanCat> ...
[07:09] <HawkTech>
[07:10] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[07:10] <Rêveur of the Night> .-.
[07:10] <Angilioth> hey im still here
[07:11] <EinsVanCat> And angi
[07:11] <Rêveur of the Night> I took that test
[07:11] <EinsVanCat> And rev, kind of. Rev doesn't count though.
[07:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Thanks ._.
[07:11] <EinsVanCat> lol.
[07:11] <EinsVanCat> So you took the 16 personalities test?
[07:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes
[07:11] <EinsVanCat> What did you get?
[07:11] <Rêveur of the Night> I think I confused it
[07:12] <HawkTech> watch the video
[07:12] <HawkTech> everyone
[07:12] <Rêveur of the Night> 
[07:12] <Rêveur of the Night> Your personality type: INTP (Assertive variant).
[07:12] <Rêveur of the Night> Breakdown of preferences: Mind - Introverted (83%), Energy - Intuitive (11%), Nature - Thinking (7%), Tactics - Prospecting (15%), Identity - Assertive (13%).
[07:12] <EinsVanCat> lol.
[07:13] <EinsVanCat> So apparently the same kind as I am..? You weren't doing that intentionally, right?
[07:13] <Rêveur of the Night> No ._.
[07:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Not intentionally
[07:13] <EinsVanCat>
[07:13] <EinsVanCat> Does it sound like you?
[07:15] <EinsVanCat> Im 47% intro, 20% intuitive, 12% thinking, 39% prospecting
[07:15] <EinsVanCat> 9% turbulent, I think.
[07:17] <EinsVanCat> lol, I just know, and I just wing it. Go figure.
[07:17] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes o_o
[07:18] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[07:18] <EinsVanCat> oh great
[07:18] <EinsVanCat> Im the same as you.
[07:19] <EinsVanCat> Lol.
[07:19] <Rêveur of the Night> More so, if you refer to the test results. But yeah ._.
[07:19] <EinsVanCat> Honestly though, wtf is with you being almost 100% introvert instead of anything else.
[07:19] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[07:20] <EinsVanCat> Hows that happen o-o
[07:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Any where but here, I'm about as socially active as a rock ._.
[07:20] <Rêveur of the Night> anywhere*
[07:23] <HawkTech> Your personality type: INTP (Turbulent variant).
[07:23] <HawkTech> Breakdown of preferences: Mind - Introverted (99%), Energy - Intuitive (42%), Nature - Thinking (50%), Tactics - Prospecting (39%), Identity - Turbulent (33%).
[07:23] <Kile574> chat froze 
[07:23] <EinsVanCat> ... lol. what.
[07:23] <HawkTech> ?
[07:23] <EinsVanCat> Do those numbers even happen.
[07:23] <HawkTech> what?
[07:24] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[07:24] <HawkTech>]
[07:24] <HawkTech> *
[07:24] <EinsVanCat> Alright Hawk, how come you are so immature then?
[07:24] <HawkTech> what exactly are you talking about?
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> ...
[07:25] <HawkTech> hey not my fault
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> Not your fault you're incredibly immature?
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> It is.
[07:25] <HawkTech> the site made the results
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> ..Did it?
[07:30] <HawkTech> but what if hawktech not was immature
[07:30] <EinsVanCat> Please, just show some maturity. As much as I hate binding people to rules, I also hate when people can't fuckin talk with some civility, or think they're funny when they're actually kind of pissing me off and everyone else off. And by pissing me off I mean "Mildly irritating".
[07:31] <EinsVanCat> Cause actually getting me angry is nearly impossible.
[07:32] <HawkTech> srry ;+(
[07:33] <EinsVanCat> Thank you.
[07:34] <HawkTech> the site doesnt say anything about maturity though
[07:34] <EinsVanCat> No, but it does about trolling and spamming.
[07:34] <HawkTech> no i mean the perso test
[07:34] <EinsVanCat> ..Maturity tends to stem from whether someone is more emotionally active or thought based.
[07:35] <EinsVanCat> I pretty much don't have the emotional -capacity- to go and be immature.
[07:35] <EinsVanCat> I don't even understand it.
[07:35] <EinsVanCat> Honestly.
[07:35] <EinsVanCat> Beyond that, theres the fact that if you're an introvert you likely don't show how you feel, so if you are immature? You're likely to act more mature.
[07:36] <Rêveur of the Night> Sometimes I use it as a coping mechanism
[07:36] <Rêveur of the Night> but lately I just stay away from people altogether
[07:36] <EinsVanCat> Especially as a turbulent.
[07:36] <EinsVanCat> Im only what.. a sliver turbulent? And Im a manipulative coniving .. well.. I work to maintain a good image, even though its mostly subconscious that I do.
[07:36] <HawkTech> its because
[07:37] <HawkTech> im only introver in real life
[07:37] <HawkTech> introvert*
[07:37] <EinsVanCat> Im more active socially online too
[07:37] <EinsVanCat> But I still don't show much emotions.. if you haven't noticed.
[07:37] <EinsVanCat> Like rev said though, there are reasons one may act immature.
[07:37] <EinsVanCat> Problems to be solved.
[07:38] <EinsVanCat> And perhaps that was my condescension talking earlier when it was so strikingly different that it was kinda.. well.. offensive.
[07:38] <Rêveur of the Night> This is real life
[07:38] <HawkTech> you mean like that compensating thing?
[07:38] <Rêveur of the Night> Just online
[07:38] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[07:39] <Rêveur of the Night> I hate when people say that
[07:39] <EinsVanCat> I felt a little degraded at the idea that someone so incredibly immature was sharing the same personality type. It was a little like.. are you joking? This person has to be trolling me, persons known for it.
[07:39] <EinsVanCat> Id feel -just- as degraded seeing an INTJ acting the same way
[07:39] <HawkTech> im intp
[07:40] <HawkTech> *doesnt even knows what that stands for*
[07:40] <EinsVanCat> Im INTP too.. I was talking about the fact that INTJ's are even more frighteningly non-emotional
[07:40] <EinsVanCat> They have them, its just like, that doesn't even enter into them
[07:41] <Rêveur of the Night> INTP - Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving
[07:42] <EinsVanCat> My friend is INTJ and holy jesus I was seriously startled at the change in tone she had. She acts fun and emotional around people but when you start talking about something interesting? It was .. very noticeable that she was an INTJ.
[07:42] <EinsVanCat> Like she was just pulling in all the information, and assembling it into her minds databanks.
[07:43] <EinsVanCat> So, sure, normally she's fun and emotional, but even then I noticed, theres a pattern to it, one I dont even know if she realizes, but her feelings are seperated from what she's perceived to feel.
[07:45] <Rêveur of the Night> There's almost always a patter to people
[07:45] <Rêveur of the Night> pattern*
[07:45] <Rêveur of the Night> Even if the pattern is in the randomness of them selves
[07:46] <EinsVanCat> INTP's run on the same notion, except we're Improvisers rather then building from set information.
[07:46] <EinsVanCat> Me personally? If I show emotions on chat with things like :3
[07:46] <EinsVanCat> and x3
[07:46] <EinsVanCat> I'm mostly just showing I'm "in a good mood" inside, not if I am happy, or ok.. I have a pattern, but its not very large.
[07:46] <EinsVanCat> Needless to say, I mostly find that your decision to be immature here is illogically based.
[07:46] <EinsVanCat> It was not wanted, warranted, or appropriate.
[07:48] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[07:48] <EinsVanCat> So, if you are INTP, where did that notion come from? It interests me, now that Ive come down from the initial condescension that came from feeling a little offended that I could be sharing personality types with someone that is showing such a display of.. well.. lack of logic behind their own communications.
[07:49] <EinsVanCat> Oh, along with the fact I felt like you may be lying just to seem funny. That was even worse.
[07:49] <Rêveur of the Night> I suppose it depends
[07:49] <HawkTech> i can print e.e
[07:49] <EinsVanCat> huh?
[07:49] <HawkTech> screenshot
[07:49] <HawkTech> wouldnt matter anyway
[07:49] <Rêveur of the Night> ... on weather he acts different in person compared to online,
[07:50] <HawkTech> because i can edit the pages
[07:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Because I have no validation of one or the other
[07:50] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[07:50] <EinsVanCat> There we go, you've dropped the bs.
[07:50] <EinsVanCat> Now, I would genuinely like to know what your reasoning was.
[07:51] <HawkTech> what bs?
[07:51] <EinsVanCat> Most of what I said was one long rant of my own head processing things.. It would seem..
[07:51] <HawkTech> that i can the page?
[07:51] <EinsVanCat> The stupid doge bs.
[07:51] <HawkTech> what doge?
[07:51] <EinsVanCat> ...
[07:51] <HawkTech> dafuq i didnt even say anything
[07:51] <Rêveur of the Night> "Journey of the Doge"
[07:51] <HawkTech> but i posted that ages ago
[07:52] <EinsVanCat> All the stuff you've been doing the last few days that you've been getting warned and banned about.
[07:52] <HawkTech> ...
[07:52] <EinsVanCat> Now that you've -actually- stopped doing it, for now, we might be able to -talk-.
[07:52] <EinsVanCat> And I might be able to understand what your reasoning is behind it.
[07:53] <HawkTech> There we go, you've dropped the bs.
[07:53] <HawkTech> seriously
[07:53] <EinsVanCat> ...I see you haven't, then.
[07:54] <Rêveur of the Night> I see one person constantly avoiding the subject
[07:54] <Rêveur of the Night> And one picking on every single thing
[07:54] <Rêveur of the Night> ._. This does not work
[07:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Well
[07:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Sorta
[07:55] <EinsVanCat> Its what I do, honestly, most of what I said could be internalized, but where would that get me, its great for testing what another will do.
[07:55] <EinsVanCat> It -interests- me.
[07:56] <Rêveur of the Night> Yeah, I do that
[07:56] <Rêveur of the Night> Often in person anyways
[07:58] <EinsVanCat> Lemme shake this off I kinda lost myself in thoughts there, and yes, it spilled out, and no Im not sorry because it genuinely interests me to find out what the solution is to this little.. puzzle.
[08:01] <Rêveur of the Night> I've been wanting to ask this
[08:01] <EinsVanCat> hum?
[08:01] <Rêveur of the Night> What caused you sudden willingness to talk to me? Much less go into conversation.
[08:01] <Rêveur of the Night> your*
[08:01] <EinsVanCat> Mine?
[08:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes
[08:01] <EinsVanCat> Curiosity.
[08:01] <HawkTech> probably cuz
[08:02] <HawkTech> you got similar results
[08:02] <HawkTech> as her
[08:02] <HawkTech> so she wanted to study you
[08:02] <Rêveur of the Night> Before that
[08:02] <Rêveur of the Night> When you changed accounts, to be specific
[08:02] <EinsVanCat> First about that squad, now because Im curious just how similar you are, the next is because, I want to find out more about you for fun, and because you're a 'co-worker'.
[08:03] <Rêveur of the Night> Ah
[08:03] <EinsVanCat> Most people I talk to, to pass the time.
[08:04] <Rêveur of the Night> I see...
[08:07] <Rushontherun> I just took a personality test im INTP
[08:08] <HawkTech> yeah everyone in this site tend to be
[08:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Hmm
[08:09] <Rushontherun> Does anyone know why?
[08:09] <Rêveur of the Night> -_-
[08:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Why?
[08:09] <Rushontherun> Yeah
[08:09] <Rêveur of the Night> If you need to ask that, then go think for yourself ._.
[08:09] <Rushontherun> Hm alright
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> The likelyhood of 4 in a row in one place is extremely low, even here.
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> The best I can figure is that we can count several others out due to the fact they are outgoing, here isn't going to garner to their desires.
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> The thinking types are likely to show up more likely in a theoretical field such as spiritual science.
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> at most I think we have half the possible types showing up on a site like this actively.
[08:11] <HawkTech>
[08:12] <HawkTech> 10/10 IGN
[08:12] <EinsVanCat> Bring in that each combination coming up more then once is more likely the more there are available, the chances of the same type popping up is higher then average, but still fairly uncommon.
[08:12] <EinsVanCat> Now you just factor in that chance happens a lot where you can easily get 7 heads in a row.
[08:12] <Rêveur of the Night> That isn't even a Shiba Inu ._.
[08:12] <HawkTech> 10/10 GameFront
[08:12] <EinsVanCat> and would you stop with doge, its a stupid meme.
[08:13] <Rushontherun> That dogs got nothing on this guy
[08:13] <HawkTech> 10/10 Game Informer
[08:13] <EinsVanCat> how irritating..
[08:14] <HawkTech> song of the video is darude - sandstorm
[08:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Sounded like Requiem for a Dream
[08:16] <HawkTech> im pretty sure its sandstorm
[08:16] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[08:16] <HawkTech> and requiem for a dream is a movie
[08:17] <Rêveur of the Night>
[08:17] <Rêveur of the Night> It's a song too
[08:18] <HawkTech> lux aeterna is the name of the song
[08:18] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[08:19] <HawkTech> but the song of the doge is still sandstorm by darude
[08:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Okay. I can agree to that
[08:19] <HawkTech> just youtube it
[08:19] <Rêveur of the Night> I did -_-
[08:20] <Rêveur of the Night> I haven't heard that in years
[08:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Anyways
[08:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Eins, have you been busy lately?
[08:21] <EinsVanCat> Huh? Kinda but not really.
[08:21] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm? Do you work?
[08:23] <HawkTech>
[08:23] <EinsVanCat> No I dont work
[08:23] <HawkTech> not a meme
[08:23] <Rêveur of the Night> Ah, I figured
[08:24] <Rêveur of the Night> Do you enjoy writing?
[08:26] <HawkTech> this clip is sik
[08:26] <HawkTech> are you watching the vid?
[08:26] <HawkTech> seriously watch it
[08:26] <HawkTech> its not a meme
[08:27] <Rêveur of the Night> I'm good, but thanks
[08:27] <HawkTech> dude
[08:27] <HawkTech> watch it
[08:27] <HawkTech> its a songe
[08:27] <HawkTech> song*
[08:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Rêveur of the Night
[08:28] <Rêveur of the Night> I'm good, but thanks
[08:29] <HawkTech> watch
[08:29] <HawkTech> it
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> Hawk, shush.
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> He doesn't wanna watch it.
[08:29] <HawkTech> but its a good song
[08:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Subjective
[08:31] <HawkTech> how would you know if you havent watched it?
[08:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Something subjective is something that is based on the perspective of the individjual
[08:32] <Rêveur of the Night> individual*
[08:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Like beauty
[08:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Or music
[08:33] <HawkTech> no shit
[08:33] <HawkTech> but how would you know if you like or not if you havent watched it
[08:33] <HawkTech> ¬¬
[08:33] <Rêveur of the Night> Because I have, and don't care to again ._.
[08:34] <HawkTech> k
[08:34] <HawkTech> afk
[08:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Better
[08:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Welcome back/Hi
[08:40] <Jaacob> hey
[08:40] <HawkTech> hawktech threw a grenade
[08:41] <HawkTech> it killed 50 people
[08:41] <HawkTech> then exploded
[08:42] <Rushontherun> Its almost 5 in the morning lol im going to sleep guys ttyt
[08:42] <Rêveur of the Night> What's new, Jaacob?
[08:42] <Rushontherun> or later today
[08:43] <Rêveur of the Night> Night/morning
[08:43] <Jaacob> night rushon
[08:43] <Jaacob> well, actually nothing is new D: another regular boring day :D 
[08:43] <Jaacob> what about you?
[08:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Hmm
[08:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Same
[08:46] <Jaacob> awesome
[08:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey, Lesami
[08:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[08:51] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi
[08:51] <Ahmedrashwan> Revur
[08:51] <Ahmedrashwan> U changed ur pic again
[08:51] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[08:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Yeah
[08:53] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[08:54] <Rêveur of the Night> What?
[08:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Hello
[08:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Geh
[08:54] <Ahmedrashwan> We was shared our pic
[08:55] <Ahmedrashwan> S
[08:56] <Ahmedrashwan> Was sharing our pic
[08:56] <Ahmedrashwan> S
[08:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Huh?
[08:57] <Ahmedrashwan> Images
[08:58] <Ahmedrashwan> We was sharing our images in chat
[08:59] <Rêveur of the Night> With who?
[08:59] <Ahmedrashwan> Most of us
[08:59] <Ahmedrashwan> Me
[08:59] <Ahmedrashwan> And gimmecoinz
[08:59] <Ahmedrashwan> And les too
[09:00] <Ahmedrashwan> And xryhme
[09:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm. What kind of images?
[09:01] <Ahmedrashwan> Normal
[09:01] <Ahmedrashwan> About us
[09:03] <EinsVanCat> urghh my head hurts.. the music isn't sitting well its causing all kinds of chaos in my head @_@
[09:03] <EinsVanCat> I think I need a drink..
[09:03] <Rêveur of the Night> The music Hawk sent?
[09:03] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm listening to music now
[09:04] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[09:04] <EinsVanCat> no, my own music
[09:05] <EinsVanCat> I had to turn it off
[09:05] <Ahmedrashwan> Oh b
[09:05] <Ahmedrashwan> Birnal beats
[09:05] <Ahmedrashwan> Right?
[09:05] <EinsVanCat> No..
[09:07] <EinsVanCat> Ach, ok, never mix Drink with Fruitpunch.. Even if the Drink is spiritual..
[09:07] <Rêveur of the Night> o__o
[09:07] <EinsVanCat> Wow, gonna have to flavor the spiritual thing just to make it taste good..
[09:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh god
[09:08] <Ahmedrashwan> Morning or night?
[09:08] <Rêveur of the Night> I was bored, so I took that test again
[09:08] <Rêveur of the Night> 
[09:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Your personality type: INTP (Assertive variant).
[09:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Breakdown of preferences: Mind - Introverted (97%), Energy - Intuitive (16%), Nature - Thinking (13%), Tactics - Prospecting (36%), Identity - Assertive (12%).
[09:08] <Rêveur of the Night> 
[09:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Morning
[09:08] <EinsVanCat> loool.
[09:10] <Rêveur of the Night> ._. It went up
[09:10] <HawkTech> l
[09:11] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[09:11] <HawkTech> 5 am here
[09:11] <Ahmedrashwan> Wow
[09:11] <HawkTech> just got out of the shower
[09:11] <Ahmedrashwan> 12 pm here
[09:11] <EinsVanCat> Oh god.. this feels so much better..
[09:11] <HawkTech> what?
[09:12] <Ahmedrashwan> Her drink
[09:12] <Ahmedrashwan> Or ..
[09:12] <EinsVanCat> My head was turning too much about things.. I was forgetting everything except whatever I was thinking.. Needed a drink.
[09:12] <HawkTech> like beer?
[09:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Why beer?
[09:13] <EinsVanCat> Spirit Spirits :3
[09:13] <HawkTech> cuz bear
[09:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Punny
[09:14] <HawkTech> no need for this pun-ishment
[09:14] <Ahmedrashwan> Bear
[09:14] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[09:14] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[09:15] <Ahmedrashwan> dude..she is have headache
[09:15] <EinsVanCat> huh?
[09:15] <Ahmedrashwan> Beer..wrong guess
[09:16] <Ahmedrashwan> BRB
[09:17] <Rêveur of the Night> Okay o.o
[09:18] <Ahmedrashwan> Sry..but I will make blog
[09:18] <Ahmedrashwan> Bye
[09:18] <EinsVanCat> isn't beer..
[09:18] <Rêveur of the Night> Okay
[09:18] <Rêveur of the Night> bye
[09:22] <Stormmer> Hi there
[09:22] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey Stormmer
[09:23] <Stormmer> How's you?
[09:24] <Rêveur of the Night> I's good
[09:24] <Rêveur of the Night> How's you?
[09:24] <HawkTech> stormmer
[09:25] <Stormmer> Me's quite good as well
[09:25] <Stormmer> Yes, Hawk? (again XD)
[09:26] <HawkTech> do you want to know
[09:26] <HawkTech> how you picture sounds
[09:26] <HawkTech> ?
[09:26] <Stormmer> I don't want to know how sounds can be pictured
[09:26] <Stormmer> I don't want to induce myself synesthesia
[09:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm
[09:27] <HawkTech> you picture
[09:27] <HawkTech> can be converted to sound
[09:27] <Stormmer> And even if I could induce such state once in a while, I wouldn't like to learn from someone
[09:27] <HawkTech> anything can
[09:27] <Stormmer> Pardon me, but why did you ask me, even then, continue to answer despite my clear 'no' answer.
[09:28] <HawkTech> probably cuz
[09:28] <HawkTech> ur thinking i was about this "synesthesia" shit
[09:29] <Stormmer> I couldn't have figured that idea if you wouldn't have asked me in the first place, could I ?
[09:29] <Rêveur of the Night> What...?
[09:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey there
[09:32] <Stormmer> Well, if he hadn't asked me, I wouldn't have said the 'synesthesia' thingy. That's why I asked him why did he asked me in the first place.
[09:32] <XSCENEx> Hello.
[09:32] <Stormmer> Hi there
[09:33] <EinsVanCat> ..Thas a sigt for sore ees.
[09:33] <EinsVanCat> 
[09:33] <EinsVanCat> Ugh.. ofcourse.. the nososober is.. w/e..
[09:33] <EinsVanCat> Hi..
[09:34] <XSCENEx> I just laughed of PsiWarriors. Not that I hate it, but they made an update and added those social froum groups feature. Now, they just switched to vBulletin forums.
[09:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Eins is a bit drunk right now.
[09:35] <XSCENEx> Cause of the switch to vBulletin, Social Forum Groups (the update they just made yesterday) is gone now.
[09:36] <Stormmer> They didn't have the resources to keep up the previous layout, I take it?
[09:36] <EinsVanCat> blocating no more..
[09:36] <EinsVanCat> kk, prolly need to go..?
[09:36] <Rêveur of the Night> go?
[09:36] <EinsVanCat> Sceene, I missed you.
[09:36] <EinsVanCat> 
[09:36] <EinsVanCat> And .. bed.. best to .. yeah..
[09:37] <Rêveur of the Night> If you need to go to bed, be my guest
[09:37] <XSCENEx> Everyone misses me lately.
[09:38] <EinsVanCat> Spirit Spirits .. strange effect on the body.
[09:38] <Kile574> eins your still awake ?
[09:38] <Kile574> This is most uncommon.
[09:38] <EinsVanCat> sora..
[09:39] <EinsVanCat> Gonna go.. before I do smething stupid..
[09:39] <Kile574> Nooooo
[09:41] <EinsVanCat> scne please return more!
[09:41] <EinsVanCat> Is been a year..
[09:42] <Rêveur of the Night> What's new Scene?
[09:42] <XSCENEx> Mh, I wrote a new topic about psi constructs in PsiWarriors.
[09:43] <XSCENEx>
[09:43] <Kile574> Rev, what happened to eins ?o.o
[09:44] <Angilioth> no clue
[09:44] <Rêveur of the Night> She had a bit of drink
[09:44] <Kile574> Ah
[09:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Spirit Spirits
[09:45] <Rêveur of the Night> She''ll be fine
[09:46] <Angilioth> i see
[09:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Anyways
[09:49] <Stormmer> You meant spritz?
[09:50] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[09:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Spirits
[09:50] <Rêveur of the Night> As in alchohol
[09:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Spiritual Alcohol* 
[09:51] <Stormmer> Reminds me of the Spirits from Bastiong
[09:51] <Stormmer> Bastion*
[09:52] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[09:53] <Stormmer> It's basically the same concept
[09:59] <Stormmer> ...which I ahould totally try to apply once
[09:59] <Stormmer> should*
[09:59] <Angilioth> spiritual alcohol is kinda weak
[10:00] <Angilioth> well for me
[10:00] <Kile574> GRAAAH!
[10:00] <Stormmer> I was thinking of enchanting alcohol
[10:00] <Kile574> i lost connection to my server! D:<
[10:01] <Kile574> i had a ship the size of an apartment building !
[10:01] <Kile574> And it had four coats of iron armor !
[10:01] <Kile574> But ooooo when it flipped
[10:01] <Kile574> i flipped it back!
[10:02] <Kile574> But it shot halfway across the map
[10:02] <Kile574> then it happened again
[10:02] <Stormmer> H there
[10:02] <Stormmer> Hi*
[10:02] <Kile574> right before i fixed it, i lost connection!
[10:02] <Angilioth> hey stormmer its been a while
[10:02] <Ahmedrashwan> I just finished my blog posts
[10:02] <Stormmer> Yeah, how have you been?
[10:03] <Ahmedrashwan> Good
[10:03] <Angilioth> pretty good
[10:03] <Ahmedrashwan> Hey stormed
[10:03] <XSCENEx> So, updated the energy alchemy article.
[10:04] <Kile574> ...We have an energy alchemy article ?
[10:04] <Ahmedrashwan> Is ur pic from bioshock infinite
[10:04] <Ahmedrashwan> Stormmer
[10:04] <XSCENEx> @Kile
[10:04] <XSCENEx> Yes, we have. Since a while actually. It's just a bit hard to understand for those who don't work with hermetics.
[10:06] <Stormmer> It's from Alice Madness Returns
[10:07] <Rêveur of the Night> o_e
[10:07] <Rêveur of the Night> There's a sequel?
[10:08] <Kile574> sigh... my girlfriend told me to sleep.. but im so close to the time that she wakes up ...
[10:08] <Stormmer> Yeah, there's American McGee's Alice, then Alice Madness Returns
[10:08] <Stormmer> THere won't be a third game - Alice Otherlands is going to be a movie, or something
[10:09] <Rêveur of the Night> * Rêveur of the Night is gonna sleep
[10:09] <Stormmer> Sweet dreams
[10:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Morning
[10:09] <Rêveur of the Night> (salute)
[10:09] <Rêveur of the Night> (kick) 
[10:14] <Kile574> goodnight
[10:14] <Kile574> aaaand hes already left.
[10:14] <Stormmer> too late, it seems
[10:16] <Kile574> hmm..
[10:17] <Kile574> Im wondering if instead of 'energy manipulation' at the top of the site, it should be 'Energy' and then a list of links to pages about energy.
[10:17] <Kile574> or involving energy, like constructs and such.
[10:17] <Kile574> How does that sound ?
[10:17] <Kile574> i thought of this because Energy Alchemy has only one link to it .
[10:18] <Stormmer> Agreed
[10:18] <Stormmer> And maybe we should make more pages on general things, which apply on everything, like meditation, visualization, techniques etc.
[10:18] <Kile574> I dont know what you mean.
[10:18] <Kile574> Can you explain it some more ?
[10:19] <Kile574> ughh.. that means ill have to make the energy page which i said i would a few days ago..
[10:19] <Kile574> ughhhhh then i need to ask people to revise it
[10:19] <Stormmer> There's a lot of structural problems XD
[10:19] <Kile574> Then went from good to bad pretty fast 
[10:19] <Kile574> Like ? ._.
[10:19] <Stormmer> The wikia is pretty much a mess when it comes to information
[10:19] <Kile574> More or less agreed...
[10:20] <Stormmer> There is no main place where you can look for a list of thingies, for general skills required or adviseable to practice, for a list of abilities or such
[10:20] <Stormmer> There's almost no clear categorization on pages - yeah, there's categories...but I doubt anyone actually checks them
[10:20] <Kile574> well there is a list of abilities.
[10:20] <Stormmer> But not as a main page
[10:20] <Kile574> Except its been more... split up and stuff
[10:20] <Kile574> True.
[10:21] <Kile574> And apparently there are pages i didnt even know existed xD Like energy alchemy 
[10:21] <Stormmer> Also, every single page is differently structured from the other XD
[10:21] <Stormmer> Yeah, there are lots of pages like that
[10:21] <Stormmer> same with the Technique page
[10:22] <Kile574> ...Crap.. your suggesting we make a guideline and then reform the pages to it ?
[10:22] <Stormmer> I ain't suggesting that
[10:22] <Stormmer> Not yet, at least
[10:23] <Stormmer> I'm suggesting we'd better put some order in everything generally, at first, then maybe order everything individually (meaning editing the pages)
[10:24] <Kile574> this sound like a lot of work that i dont wanna do, but will probably end up doing.
[10:24] <Stormmer> There are always other admins as well XD
[10:24] <Stormmer> I could help you, with ideas or reeditting whatever I can access
[10:24] <Stormmer> (I wasn't quite subtle, was I?)
[10:25] <Kile574> lol its fine
[10:26] <Kile574> So. where do you suggest we begin ?
[10:26] <Stormmer> Well, organizing all pages into a few but comprohensive categories
[10:26] <Stormmer> Which can be opened in the main page
[10:27] <Stormmer> So it'd be easier to navigate
[10:28] <Kile574> Alright, and then ?
[10:29] <Stormmer> Clearing some pages...that meaning deletion of some of them...which can be quite hard, because people care too much about separating the control of blood, for example, from anything else.
[10:30] <Stormmer> Then, rewriting most pages , not necessarily under a certain layout, but at least to be professional and help more than just novices (like most pages here do).
[10:30] <Kile574> And then work on the categories ?
[10:35] <Stormmer> in deleting the most
[10:35] <Stormmer> Maybe have the categories the first thing, and put them on the main page for quick reference to all pages in here
[10:35] <Stormmer> and have it a neat little thingy 
[10:36] <Kile574> i was just thinking that
[10:37] <Kile574> and sorry, my chat froze. here and on my game >_>
[10:37] <Stormmer> well then, what would the categories be?
[10:38] <Kile574> maybe the basics.
[10:40] <Stormmer> that being?
[10:40] <Kile574> like Energy manipulation, kinetic or esp.
[10:40] <Stormmer> [[Special:AllPages]]
[10:40] <Stormmer> look at all the things that don't fit in any of them
[10:41] <Stormmer> I'd say Energy, Physical Manipulation, ESP, Magic and General Skills
[10:42] <Kile574> that sounds better ._.
[10:42] <Kile574> And what would be under general skills ?
[10:43] <Stormmer> Visualization, Meditation, Techniques, Gnosis, Subconscious 
[10:45] <Kile574> brb ._.
[10:45] <Stormmer> Maybe other I haven't seen
[10:53] <Kile574> back.
[10:53] <Kile574> Truely isnt gonna like this xD
[10:53] <Kile574> but it really is for the better.
[10:53] <HawkTech>
[10:53] <HawkTech> proceed
[10:53] <HawkTech> with caution
[10:53] <HawkTech> to see this link
[10:54] <Stormmer> What truely likes doesn't matter
[10:54] <Stormmer> What's the best matters
[10:54] <Stormmer> Which is a bit subjective, mind you , but XD
[10:55] <Kile574> So why were you taken off the staff again ? o-o
[10:55] <Stormmer> I wasn't
[10:55] <Kile574> Why did you leave ?
[10:55] <Stormmer> I demoted myself for a vacantion
[10:55] <Stormmer> A 2 months one
[10:55] <Kile574> and you were never promoted back ?
[10:55] <Stormmer> And truely refused to give me back my b-cracy
[10:55] <Kile574> what? Why ??
[10:56] <Stormmer> My guess, he feared that he'd get demoted
[10:56] <Stormmer> Because, you see, truely was promoted by torquil as a replacement
[10:56] <Kile574> A~h
[10:56] <Stormmer> And once he got in power, he refused both my and torquil's requests, both of us demoted ourselves for a holiday
[10:56] <Stormmer> brb, lunch
[10:57] <Kile574> mmk
[10:57] <Kile574> I had no idea it was like that. Why was he even given bureaucratic rights ?
[10:59] <HawkTech> l
[10:59] <HawkTech> we have a chat log now
[10:59] <HawkTech> truely will see that
[11:00] <HawkTech> and use the banhammer
[11:00] <Kile574> Meh
[11:00] <Kile574> oh well.
[11:04] <Kile574> Soo
[11:04] <HawkTech> did you see the image?
[11:05] <Kile574> Yeah.
[11:05] <HawkTech> so?
[11:05] <Kile574> that was weird.
[11:06] <HawkTech> straight from deep web
[11:06] <HawkTech> dont know what is it related to though
[11:06] <Kile574> Deep web? How exactly did you get to it ?
[11:06] <HawkTech> i didnt
[11:06] <HawkTech> it was my friend
[11:06] <HawkTech> but its easy
[11:06] <HawkTech> you just need tor
[11:06] <HawkTech> but set up a virtual machine before
[11:07] <HawkTech> so if you get virus your actual pc wont be affected
[11:09] <Kile574> virtual machine ?o.o
[11:10] <HawkTech> ?
[11:15] <Stormmer> back
[11:16] <Stormmer> Truely got promoted because Torquil thought he might have deserved that, though he wanted to demote him soon after
[11:16] <HawkTech> so why didnt he do it?
[11:17] <Stormmer> We needed to play a bit of a power game and do some chaos
[11:17] <Stormmer> So we don't look like we wanted to monopolize everything
[11:18] <Stormmer> Because people would have disagreed straight ahead otherwise
[11:18] <Stormmer> We still had Horsy, who was a great person to be in power because of her charisma and maybe popularity
[11:18] <Stormmer> I wanted her to still be there
[11:18] <Stormmer> We as well promoted Alsy and Okamiden
[11:19] <Stormmer> Okami quit, Alsy hold on
[11:20] <Stormmer> But Truely kinda started going powerhungry and soon after, not only he dismissed my and Torquil's request for getting back what was ours, but as well wanted to mute Torquil (who stirred up some chaos exactly for that matter), and effectively rewire everything
[11:20] <Stormmer> Which, in my opinion, got Psi Wikia way worse than it was last summer
[11:22] <Kile574> ._.
[11:23] <Kile574> So it was kinda like a game at first ?
[11:24] <Stormmer> We played it that way, but we cared about the community
[11:24] <Stormmer> We changed the interface, added the layouts, added lots of utilities like the tabs, the features on the main page, added some pages ourselves
[11:25] <Stormmer> And deleted lots of 'em, from 200-300 to 100 and such
[11:25] <Stormmer> Got sure everything was well in chat and so forth
[11:25] <Stormmer> Yeah, it was a game, like politics is - but our goal was to make a better community
[11:26] <Stormmer> It didn't matter who won
[11:26] <Kile574> Looks like you took a wrong turn then huh? lol
[11:26] <Stormmer> We basically won that one, because tutu was just an admin, not a b-crat, and anyone else didn't oppose
[11:27] <Stormmer> Since we thought we pretty much won the game, we got rid of all the old b-crats, such as MasterBeliever, or Dragon, thanks to wikia support
[11:27] <Kile574> Then how did he deny your rights ?
[11:27] <Stormmer> He didn't...he actually couldn't
[11:27] <Kile574> Then why arent you still an admin ?
[11:27] <Stormmer> He just opposed our views when it came to certain changes we made
[11:27] <Stormmer> Because I demoted myself
[11:27] <Stormmer> Same with Torquil
[11:27] <Stormmer> I said that already
[11:27] <Kile574> yeah but you said truely wouldnt give it back
[11:28] <Stormmer> So, me and Torquil quit because we won that game and needed a vacantion
[11:28] <Stormmer> We didn't actually think we'd return
[11:28] <Kile574> Oh.
[11:28] <Stormmer> Now, on October, when we did return, Truelly didn't want to give our position back
[11:29] <Stormmer> Nor Horsy, who for some moments was the Founder
[11:29] <Kile574> i can understand not giving it to torquil.
[11:29] <Stormmer> And Alsy couldn't say a thing either, because it would have been against them
[11:29] <Kile574> He went about it so wrong....
[11:30] <Stormmer> I do subscribe to what Torquil points, Truely is a tyrant, more or less , no need to hide my opinion
[11:30] <Stormmer> But I don't find it necessary to actually bother about it
[11:30] <Stormmer> Now I find it necessary because the Wikia is going down
[11:31] <Kile574> Well, ill try to make it a point to implement what youve suggested .
[11:31] <Stormmer> as in downhill
[11:31] <Kile574> More or less its going to happen so long as one of the two other admins agree.
[11:31] <Stormmer> Trying to make a point isn't enough - actually making a change is the thing.
[11:31] <Stormmer> And I honestly doubt that there's going to be something made if Truely disagrees with you two, I honestly don't see him that submissive
[11:32] <Stormmer> When me , truely, torquil and horsy were admins, we deleted most of the pages.
[11:32] <Stormmer> Like really most of them, since lots were useless
[11:32] <Stormmer> And Truely , even though it was a 3v1 choice, he started putting some back
[11:32] <Stormmer> Because he didn't like seeing them down
[11:32] <Stormmer> and he claims it was because the community doesn't want them down
[11:33] <Kile574> Well ive changed a lot of whats happened.
[11:34] <Kile574> pm
[12:24] <HawkTech> l
[12:26] <Kile574> Hey.
[12:36] <HawkTech> l
[12:41] <SuperEliteJordan> That akward moment when you forget your password
[12:43] <Kile574> lol
[12:46] <Kile574> ._.
[12:46] <SuperEliteJordan> ^^
[12:47] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm to lazy to make a face (:D) 
[12:49] <HawkTech> kile sux
[01:00] <Lisalisa444> yo yo yo
[01:00] <Lisalisa444> what up
[01:02] <Kile574> too early.
[01:02] <Kile574> Come back later
[01:02] <Lisalisa444> why is everyone away, lame
[01:03] <HawkTech> because
[01:03] <HawkTech> we
[01:03] <HawkTech> are not
[01:03] <HawkTech> sleeping
[01:03] <HawkTech> we are awake
[01:03] <HawkTech> since yesterday
[01:03] <HawkTech> thats why we are lame
[01:04] <Lisalisa444> dude its already 9 here where the fuck are you
[01:04] <HawkTech> its 10
[01:04] <HawkTech> here
[01:04] <HawkTech> i woke up
[01:04] <HawkTech> yesterday
[01:04] <HawkTech> 2
[01:04] <HawkTech> pm
[01:04] <HawkTech> and havent slept
[01:04] <HawkTech> since
[01:04] <Lisalisa444> sounds like a you problem
[01:04] <HawkTech> a what?
[01:05] <Lisalisa444> a you problem, as in it doesn't involve or matter to me and is your own damn fault, hun
[01:07] <Lisalisa444> well kile is from britain i believe so he gets a pass
[01:07] <Lisalisa444> *she
[01:09] <Lisalisa444> wake up in the mornin' feelin like Ron Howard
[01:09] <Kile574> no im not.
[01:09] <Kile574> USA FTW
[01:09] <Lisalisa444> really
[01:10] <Lisalisa444> must be lesami then
[01:10] <Kile574> Yep, been up all night
[01:10] <Kile574> lesami and horsy are fron the uk
[01:10] <Lisalisa444> idk anymore
[01:10] <Lisalisa444> kile why are you avoiding me
[01:10] <Kile574> im not im on a game >_>
[01:11] <Lisalisa444> ).)oh well the 
[01:11] <Lisalisa444> what game
[01:12] <Kile574> Ultimate Power on Roblox
[01:12] <Lisalisa444> im so lonely, i need somebody, to share my love
[01:13] <Lisalisa444> wow kile, how olod are you
[01:13] <Kile574> Old enough >_>
[01:13] <Lisalisa444> roblox, really
[01:15] <Kile574> Yep.
[01:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Yo
[01:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile you play ultimate power on roblox?
[01:16] <Lisalisa444> with only one person in the chat, i know i'll bring it back, with a tether and zip to bring you to your keyboards, ROCK , EVERY PLANET WE REACH IS A CHALLENGE A TRIBULATION TO MAKE YOU, make you who you are
[01:17] <Lisalisa444> don't encourag her
[01:17] <SuperEliteJordan> *-*
[01:17] <Lisalisa444> *encourage 
[01:18] <Lisalisa444> jordan i'm bored and lonely, don't judge
[01:18] <Lisalisa444> unless you want cuz its your own choice
[01:19] <Lisalisa444> mew
[01:19] <SuperEliteJordan> No I'm just wait for kile to answer me
[01:19] <Lisalisa444> (mew) 
[01:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Cause I play ultimate power
[01:19] <Lisalisa444> stop playing roblox
[01:19] <SuperEliteJordan> (:3)
[01:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Never
[01:20] <Lisalisa444> but kile is currently playing
[01:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Even though minecraft is better
[01:20] <Lisalisa444> just find him
[01:20] <SuperEliteJordan> If my roblox wasn't glitching I would
[01:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Won't load T.T
[01:20] <HawkTech> looser
[01:21] <Lisalisa444> i'm just not a fan of building things, WITHOUT THE POW'R OF SCIENCE
[01:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Eh
[01:21] <Lisalisa444> ?
[01:21] <SuperEliteJordan> (:D) 
[01:21] <Lisalisa444> DON'T BASH SCIENCE
[01:22] <Lisalisa444> lol
[01:22] <SuperEliteJordan> *bashes science
[01:22] <Lisalisa444> (banhammer) guilty for treason, AGAINST SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!
[01:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Starting roblox my fingers are crossed
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Configuring...
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Upgradi g
[01:23] <Lisalisa444> FAILURE
[01:23] <Lisalisa444> FAILURE
[01:23] <Lisalisa444> CRASH
[01:23] <Lisalisa444> DO IT NOW
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Lagging my computer horribly
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Not loading at all...
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Done
[01:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Logging in
[01:24] <Lisalisa444> now i have to talk to hawks dumbass
[01:24] <Kile574> lol
[01:25] <Lisalisa444> i'm so mean
[01:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes yes you are
[01:26] <SuperEliteJordan> I'll still talk I'm chatting via tablet
[01:26] <Lisalisa444> oh damn this joker
[01:27] <SuperEliteJordan> I get to troll you all day :) 
[01:27] <Lisalisa444> aslal, away with thee
[01:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile ima kill you on roblox :) 
[01:27] <Lisalisa444> thine mayst not draw breath from mine plane
[01:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Oooooooooookie
[01:29] <Lisalisa444> super is trash at ultimate power
[01:29] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm not even there yet XD
[01:29] <Kile574> i had to get off, im too tired to play with the big boys on there.
[01:30] <Kile574> and by big boys i mean the top dogs.
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Nooooooooo
[01:30] <Kile574> the OG's.
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> We can team them 
[01:30] <Kile574> nuhuh.
[01:30] <Kile574> Teams are for weaklings.
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> :(
[01:30] <Kile574> ever since i couldnt use my laptops mouse in that game ive been pretty much trash at it 
[01:30] <SuperEliteJordan> How about underground war?
[01:31] <Kile574> but im getting there.
[01:31] <SuperEliteJordan> Or NSNS3
[01:31] <Kile574> that still a thing?
[01:31] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes
[01:31] <Kile574> im playing whatever floats your boat
[01:32] <Aslal> ._.
[01:32] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm playing undf
[01:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Ground war
[01:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Typo...
[01:33] <Aslal> [[Thread:55278]] This thread made me laugh. 
[01:33] <SuperEliteJordan> That's a funny thread
[01:34] <SuperEliteJordan> That would be weird thogh talking to a plant and its saying "asshole you stepped on me yesterday"
[01:34] <Lisalisa444> plant talking
[01:34] <Lisalisa444> hey
[01:34] <Lisalisa444> hey, kile
[01:34] <Lisalisa444> guess what
[01:35] <Kile574> Look, I am looking at the plant but how can I flash a picture in my mind when I kept on seeing it and I tried like 3 times this day but the plant did'nt respond. Does it talk English?
[01:35] <Kile574> but the plant did'nt respond. Does it talk English?
[01:35] <Lisalisa444> you can do ANYTHING with kinesis
[01:35] <Kile574> **Does it talk English?**
[01:36] <SuperEliteJordan> I think teleK and empathy are the only usefull ones here
[01:36] <SuperEliteJordan> For beginners that is
[01:36] <Lisalisa444> such grammar, much good, me no dissapoint
[01:37] <SuperEliteJordan> You there kile?
[01:37] <SuperEliteJordan> *waves hand infront of kile
[01:38] <Lisalisa444> super do youthink kile is a boy or a girl
[01:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Boy
[01:38] <HawkTech> kile
[01:38] <HawkTech> i killed
[01:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Kause his name is kile
[01:38] <HawkTech> you
[01:38] <HawkTech> many times
[01:38] <HawkTech> in the super power shit
[01:38] <Lisalisa444> i think she is a tomboy
[01:38] <HawkTech> i was the guest
[01:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Hawk you playing roblox to?
[01:39] <HawkTech> yes
[01:39] <HawkTech> i have hacked blox
[01:39] <Kile574> he didnt kill me 
[01:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Which game?
[01:39] <HawkTech> on welcome to roblox building
[01:39] <Kile574> whats hacked blox?
[01:39] <HawkTech> hacked items
[01:39] <HawkTech> c4
[01:39] <HawkTech> a special tesla coil
[01:39] <Kile574> Whaaat.. your joking...
[01:39] <HawkTech> a item ta flies
[01:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile you on underground war
[01:39] <Kile574> How you get that ? e.e
[01:39] <HawkTech> you copu
[01:39] <HawkTech> copy
[01:39] <HawkTech> from someone who has it
[01:40] <Kile574> you should skype it to me 
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> *covers eyes and hears screaming lalalalalalalala
[01:40] <HawkTech> nah
[01:40] <HawkTech> im going to sleep
[01:40] <Kile574> meh
[01:40] <HawkTech> when i wake up if ur here i give you
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Lag
[01:40] <HawkTech> u just need to copy
[01:40] <Lisalisa444> hawk doesn't talk good english kile
[01:40] <HawkTech> but i can only use in welcome to roblox
[01:40] <HawkTech> you*
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> I can't get on the game roblox keeps updating
[01:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Getting on!
[01:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Page is up!
[01:41] <Lisalisa444> crash
[01:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile is dead
[01:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Then the game closed for no resson!
[01:41] <Kile574> link me .
[01:41] <SuperEliteJordan> I hate you roblox
[01:42] <Kile574> im sure it hates you too
[01:42] <SuperEliteJordan> I cant link on tablet
[01:42] <Lisalisa444> kile is a technomancer, don't fuck with her
[01:42] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm on!
[01:42] <SuperEliteJordan> Whfdats your user kile?
[01:42] <SuperEliteJordan> What*
[01:42] <HawkTech> kile574
[01:43] <HawkTech> ¢¢
[01:43] <SuperEliteJordan> You on under ground war?
[01:43] <Lisalisa444> lets just take time to realize the sheer fail of what just happened
[01:43] <HawkTech> ground
[01:43] <HawkTech> under
[01:43] <Kile574> nope.
[01:43] <Lisalisa444> the real word:what
[01:43] <Kile574> xDD
[01:43] <Lisalisa444> what you said whjdat
[01:44] <Lisalisa444> dmmit kyal speak to me you stupid jew
[01:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile you on yet!
[01:45] <Lisalisa444> aslal... away
[01:46] <Aslal> Nah. 
[01:48] <SuperEliteJordan> Why am I getting send so many friend request?!
[01:49] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile hurry up
[01:49] <Lisalisa444> yah
[01:49] <Lisalisa444> aslal 
[01:49] <Lisalisa444> BOUNCE
[01:49] <Lisalisa444> SWERVE
[01:50] <Lisalisa444> RETREAT
[01:50] <Aslal> Nah boo. 
[01:52] <Truely Unknown> Anyone here?
[01:52] <Kile574> Yep.
[01:52] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile r u there yet
[01:52] <Lisalisa444> i'm present
[01:52] <Aslal> No. 
[01:53] <SuperEliteJordan> Gtg
[01:53] <Kile574> NOIMNOTTHEREYET
[01:53] <Truely Unknown> How's it going 
[01:53] <Kile574> D:
[01:53] <Kile574> its going.
[01:53] <Kile574> Why are you up so early ?
[01:53] <Lisalisa444> kile keep it together girl i believe in you
[01:53] <Aslal> Pineapple, those images. 
[01:54] <Truely Unknown> I had a couple of errands to do so I thought why not come on here.
[01:54] <Kile574> ohoh, i found a remake of the floating isles..
[01:54] <Lisalisa444> umm because you have erands?
[01:54] <Lisalisa444> right?
[01:54] <Kile574> Sweet...
[01:54] <Aslal> Also, I love how Pineapple pings Kile. 
[01:54] <Lisalisa444> *errands
[01:54] <Kile574> Oh, you me and eins have to talk about something.
[01:55] <Kile574> Go shoot yourself.
[01:55] <Kile574> oh wow this remake is eerily realistic...
[01:55] <Aslal> After I set you on fire, Pineapple 
[01:55] <Lisalisa444> Pings?
[01:55] <Lisalisa444> wtf
[01:55] <Truely Unknown> What does it pertain.
[01:56] <Kile574> the site as a whole.
[01:56] <Truely Unknown> Ok. 
[01:56] <Lisalisa444> fuck you justin
[01:57] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> No
[01:57] <Aslal> So, Pineapple. How's the fruiting going?
[01:57] <Lisalisa444> guys this is my friend... sorta
[01:58] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> I don't know this guy
[01:58] <Lisalisa444> why do you call him pineapple, robot
[01:58] <Lisalisa444> aslal gtfo
[01:59] <Lisalisa444> you're killing the veibe
[01:59] <Aslal> Et tu. 
[01:59] <Aslal> Pourriez-vous sortir?
[01:59] <Lisalisa444> et tu, porquoi
[02:00] <Lisalisa444> i think that is how you say what in french
[02:00] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> You have not been approved to post in this forum, please contact a moderator Lisalisa444
[02:00] <Aslal> Pourquoi is why. 
[02:00] <Lisalisa444> but i haven't been in french 1 since 9th grade
[02:00] <Lisalisa444> k
[02:01] <Lisalisa444> so it's "et tu? pourquoi
[02:01] <Lisalisa444> "
[02:01] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile get on the game plz
[02:01] <Aslal> Qui, quoi, où, quand, pourquoi, comment
[02:01] <Kile574> nuuu
[02:01] <Kile574> im exploring another game
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Which one?
[02:02] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> me chingar tu madre
[02:02] <Aslal> Parce que les vibes sont mort. 
[02:02] <Lisalisa444> im saying "'and you?' why"
[02:02] <Lisalisa444> as a response to your sentence fragment
[02:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Which gamw kule
[02:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile*
[02:03] <Aslal> L'ambiance*
[02:03] <Lisalisa444> non, je vie le vibe
[02:04] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Buy my Call of Duty mods on xbox 360. I aslo do GTA V mods
[02:04] <Lisalisa444> l'ambience is male right
[02:04] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Global Warming Is Fake
[02:04] <Lisalisa444> vie should be vier
[02:05] <Lisalisa444> sry
[02:05] <Lisalisa444> aslal explain
[02:05] <Lisalisa444> pleash
[02:05] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy
[02:06] <Aslal> I can't explain. You don't want me here, after all. 
[02:06] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> how do you talk to a plant?
[02:06] <Aslal> With interpretive dance. 
[02:06] <Lisalisa444> i digress from my previous arguement stay so i can learn french, then kick you out again
[02:07] <Lisalisa444> kile do plants talk good english
[02:07] <Aslal> Nope. You can't learn French. 
[02:07] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> I want to know
[02:07] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Howww do i talk to a plant
[02:07] <Lisalisa444> chumpar me penie
[02:07] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Does it speak english
[02:08] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> or some other language
[02:08] <Lisalisa444> thaats totally how you spell that phrase too
[02:08] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> tell me
[02:08] <Aslal> Tu ne pourrais le parler. 
[02:08] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> idk
[02:08] <Aslal> Ne pourrais pas*
[02:08] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> frenchie what do you have to say for yourself?
[02:08] <Lisalisa444> you ___ are ___ the speaking
[02:09] <Lisalisa444> is all i got
[02:09] <Aslal> It actually means "you could not speak it"
[02:09] <Lisalisa444> unless its you cant learn the speaking
[02:10] <Lisalisa444> nak'd
[02:10] <Lisalisa444> nak'd
[02:10] <Aslal> Tu devrais sortir
[02:10] <Lisalisa444> nak'd
[02:10] <Truely Unknown> Kile pm
[02:10] <Lisalisa444> you aren't ______
[02:10] <Lisalisa444> 
[02:10] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Lisalisa444, I did your mom and it was sooooooooo gooooooddd
[02:10] <Aslal> "You should exit"
[02:11] <Lisalisa444> wow
[02:11] <Aslal> Partir would've been a better verb, actually. 
[02:11] <Lisalisa444> so close
[02:11] <Lisalisa444> yet so far
[02:11] <Aslal> Tu devrais partir
[02:11] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> nawwww. you hang up first
[02:11] <Lisalisa444> you should leave
[02:11] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> no you hang up first
[02:11] <Aslal> Because sortir implies that you're going to come back. 
[02:11] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> come on you first
[02:12] <Lisalisa444> chumpar me penie
[02:12] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> It's pene not penie
[02:12] <SuperEliteJordan> More like bing translator
[02:12] <Lisalisa444> k bro
[02:13] <SuperEliteJordan> (:D) 
[02:13] <Lisalisa444> aslal give me your loving
[02:13] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Get it right
[02:13] <Aslal> Espèce de bête
[02:13] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> me pene es mucho grande
[02:13] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile what are you playing now?!
[02:14] <Kile574> some ... beautiful game
[02:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Name?
[02:14] <Kile574> irregularity WIP
[02:14] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> This DICK
[02:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Is global trolling?
[02:14] <Lisalisa444> fuck kile, fuck the sky, fuck aslal fuck robots, fuck auto correct fuck shitty hummers fuck this chat 
[02:14] <Lisalisa444> my president is black and my lambo is blue, and if i see you on the street i'm smacking the shit out of you
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Thanks kile
[02:15] <Lisalisa444> rly kile
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Thanks again kile
[02:16] <Kile574> yeah really, its called my job.
[02:16] <Aslal> Foutrez une mouche. 
[02:16] <Kile574> And theres something called the [[Rules]]
[02:16] <SuperEliteJordan> ^^eell said
[02:16] <Aslal> <3
[02:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Well*
[02:16] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> I sowwy
[02:17] <Lisalisa444> i didn't even do that much
[02:17] <Lisalisa444> but i understand
[02:17] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Lisalisa444 I'm watching you
[02:17] <Aslal> But yeah. 
[02:17] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Im looking right at you
[02:17] <Aslal> Stalker. 
[02:17] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> LEGIT
[02:18] <Lisalisa444> global is the best troll i know
[02:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Kile your pic
[02:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> I no stalk we are literally sitting next to each other 
[02:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Is better than my art
[02:18] <Lisalisa444> wow
[02:19] <Lisalisa444> i never even saw the excessive profanity rule
[02:19] <Lisalisa444> i was just doing a parody of Riley from the boondock
[02:19] <Aslal> Still is stalking 
[02:20] <Aslal> Cause you're a stalker. 
[02:20] <Lisalisa444> dude he is right here
[02:20] <Lisalisa444> i could punch him in the mouth if i wanted to
[02:20] <Lisalisa444> but i don't
[02:20] <Aslal> Exactly. He's not a good stalker, either. 
[02:21] <Aslal> Not even hidden. Smh. 
[02:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Rookie
[02:21] <Lisalisa444> kick aslal for text language
[02:22] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> ikr
[02:22] <Aslal> Really want me kicked, do you? Sigh. Smfh. 
[02:22] <SuperEliteJordan> He is just shaking his head....
[02:23] <Lisalisa444> i have only been kicked thrice
[02:23] <SuperEliteJordan> A celeberty got famous for that...
[02:23] <Lisalisa444> lol
[02:23] <SuperEliteJordan> I shake my hair back and forth
[02:23] <Lisalisa444> whip
[02:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Eh
[02:23] <Lisalisa444> the word is whip
[02:23] <Lisalisa444> philistine 
[02:23] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> whip this D
[02:24] <SuperEliteJordan> He kicked himself
[02:24] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> lol
[02:24] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> yup he did
[02:24] <Lisalisa444> it doesn't count
[02:24] <Aslal> I accidentally closed it, but if it makes you feel better. 
[02:24] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> but it does though
[02:24] <Lisalisa444> you have to be having a good time and have it rpped away with a mouse click
[02:24] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Noooooo. he's back
[02:25] <Aslal> Love you too Global. 
[02:25] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> awww <3
[02:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[02:25] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> no homo
[02:25] <Aslal> All the homo. 
[02:25] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> nawww.
[02:25] <Aslal> (Horny) 
[02:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Thats how internet dating was born
[02:25] <SuperEliteJordan> (:P)
[02:26] <Lisalisa444> (mew
[02:26] <Lisalisa444> (mew) 
[02:26] <SuperEliteJordan> (Mew) 
[02:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Now I can do that
[02:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Spamming time!!!
[02:26] <Lisalisa444> (mew) weilding (banhammer)
[02:26] <Lisalisa444> wielding*
[02:26] <Aslal> Welding*
[02:26] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> ;)
[02:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Wedding*
[02:27] <Lisalisa444> wedding*
[02:27] <Lisalisa444> damn
[02:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Trolling*
[02:27] <Lisalisa444> ninjad
[02:27] <SuperEliteJordan> We are so off topic
[02:27] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> trololololol
[02:27] <Aslal> Exactly. 
[02:27] <Lisalisa444> who's trolling?
[02:27] <Aslal> Hang your head in shame. 
[02:27] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> meh
[02:27] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> naw jk
[02:28] <Lisalisa444> i really don't know
[02:28] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> i have phun en her
[02:28] <Lisalisa444> so the other day i was drowning babies in the name of volcanos
[02:28] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> guys youll never guess what happened the other day
[02:28] <SuperEliteJordan> My granma turned off the light in my room and wonder why I'm slightly punk emo
[02:29] <Lisalisa444> and satan said from the under heavens, don't drown them stab thim
[02:29] <Aslal> Kile, si tu es ici. Tu es un ananas. 
[02:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Beutiful poetry aslal
[02:29] <SuperEliteJordan> O think
[02:29] <SuperEliteJordan> I think
[02:30] <Lisalisa444> super those are just normal sentences
[02:30] <Aslal> Google Translate if you don't know what I said. 
[02:30] <SuperEliteJordan> I know
[02:30] <SuperEliteJordan> I can't on tablet
[02:30] <Kile574> i know what it says.
[02:30] <Kile574> i just know.
[02:30] <Lisalisa444> kile you know nothing
[02:30] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> kick Lisalisa444 for religious stuff... i guess. he was talking about how he worships volcanoes
[02:30] <SuperEliteJordan> My computer restarted for no reason
[02:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Update mabye
[02:31] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> maaaaybbbbe
[02:31] <Lisalisa444> because you haven't embraced the idea (truth) that all can be done through psi waves
[02:31] <Aslal> Tu étais un ananas, tu es un ananas, et tu seras un ananas. 
[02:33] <Lisalisa444> i thought truely was a pineapple
[02:34] <Aslal> No, Truely is a cupcake. 
[02:34] <Kile574> no thas me.
[02:34] <Lisalisa444> kile whats your sex
[02:35] <Lisalisa444> and why are you a pineapple
[02:36] <Kile574> im genderless, most fruit are.
[02:36] <SuperEliteJordan> back
[02:36] <Aslal> Pineapple. 
[02:37] <Lisalisa444> kile most plants are both genders
[02:37] <Lisalisa444> what the fuck are you talking about
[02:39] <Aslal> Fruits are actually the uteri of the plant. 
[02:39] <Aslal> So Kile is actually a uterus. 
[02:40] <Lisalisa444> can we add uterus to kile's title
[02:40] <Aslal> Uterus or ovary, either one. 
[02:40] <Truely Unknown> Makes sense.
[02:41] <Lisalisa444> lets put kile's gender up for a vote 
[02:41] <Lisalisa444> al who say boy
[02:41] <Aslal> He's a uterus. 
[02:41] <Truely Unknown> He already said his gender though....
[02:42] <Lisalisa444> when
[02:42] <Kile574> long time ago
[02:42] <Kile574> months ago.
[02:42] <Aslal> When you weren't on. 
[02:43] <Aslal> He said he was a uterus. 
[02:43] <Kile574> a male*
[02:43] <Aslal> Uterus*
[02:43] <Truely Unknown> And I've seen him before 
[02:43] <Truely Unknown> on webcam.
[02:43] <Lisalisa444> wow i thought i was right being the hpster who thought you were just a tomboy
[02:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Back
[02:44] <Lisalisa444> sup
[02:44] <Truely Unknown> Well your wrong. He's an okami.
[02:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Now the chat is allowed to die
[02:45] <Aslal> He's a "great god"/wolf?
[02:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Am I allowed to catch that
[02:45] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Lisalisa444 thinks he can beat me up???
[02:46] <SuperEliteJordan> Okanami
[02:46] <Aslal> That's what Okami means...
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> vrai
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> deux chaine
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> 
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> fum sur le gas
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> vie est le theatre
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> filme, achete ma femme plus gros seins, et plus gros cul
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> qui-il, non je,
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> je fumer fort le pop-eye
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> Louie V's en ma archives, noir diamants
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> apartheid
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> frapp vous avec le pow-pow
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> frais assez pour odeur
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> je prendre votre fille, attacher sa
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> la battre elle à ma lit
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> une squelette en ma chambre
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> probablement un morte cul rappeur
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> problamont
[02:46] <Lisalisa444> 
[02:47] <Truely Unknown> Please speak English in the main chat please.
[02:47] <Lisalisa444> can any one guess the song through this shity google translation
[02:47] <Aslal> "Vrai
[02:47] <SuperEliteJordan> Vrai
[02:47] <Aslal> deux chaines"
[02:47] <SuperEliteJordan> No I definatly didnt copy aslal
[02:47] <Aslal> True/truth, 2chainz
[02:48] <Lisalisa444> "no lie" by drake featuering two chains
[02:48] <Lisalisa444> *chainz
[02:49] <Aslal> Close enough. 
[02:49] <Lisalisa444> skype me aslal
[02:49] <Lisalisa444> so i can have your babies
[02:50] <Truely Unknown> ...... Lisa
[02:50] <Lisalisa444> yo
[02:50] <Truely Unknown> You are weird.
[02:51] <Lisalisa444> no i'm a troll... sometimes
[02:51] <Lisalisa444> not always
[02:51] <Kile574> lolsweg
[02:52] <Aslal> Nah boo. 
[02:52] <Aslal> You ain't worthy for my babies. 
[02:53] <SuperEliteJordan> :O
[02:53] <SuperEliteJordan> :o
[02:53] <Lisalisa444> >.>
[02:53] <Lisalisa444> oh snap
[02:53] <SuperEliteJordan> DX
[02:54] <Lisalisa444> don't call me boo, hun. generic nicknames are my thing
[02:54] <Lisalisa444> lol
[02:54] <Lisalisa444> ?
[02:55] <Lisalisa444> (sad) 
[02:55] <Lisalisa444> its all my fault
[02:56] <Aslal> Then you would want me to can you boo, Felicia?
[02:56] <Lisalisa444> i hurt the fam, as unit
[02:56] <Aslal> Call*
[02:56] <Lisalisa444> as a unit*
[02:57] <Lisalisa444> don't steal that old ass line from friday
[02:57] <Lisalisa444> don't do it for the love of memes
[02:58] <Aslal> Since they're your thing and all. 
[02:58] <Aslal> I'll make sure to steal it, Felicia. 
[02:59] <Lisalisa444> aslal you're just a hater who can never step to my level, and if you think your gonna make it, i'm going to push you back down and level up again, so bounce, hun
[02:59] <Lisalisa444> #thuglyfe
[03:00] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> bad grammar lyfe
[03:00] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> get sh*t on
[03:00] <Lisalisa444> and ill beat you in dat 2kl
[03:01] <Aslal> Step up another level? You're going to end up like Mario, misjudging the jump and plummeting to your death. 
[03:01] <Lisalisa444> only little kids fail at mario
[03:01] <Aslal> Exactly. 
[03:01] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> #GetOnMyLevel
[03:01] <Lisalisa444> if you can't get the jumps that your fault
[03:01] <Aslal> No, it's your fault. 
[03:01] <Aslal> You're the one jumping, after all. 
[03:01] <Lisalisa444> I don't fall
[03:02] <Lisalisa444> i don't jump i transcend, like a fucking god
[03:02] <Aslal> You said that only little kids fall. So you must be falling. 
[03:02] <Lisalisa444> i'm 17
[03:03] <Lisalisa444> what even
[03:03] <Aslal> Then that's pathetic, a 17 year-old with the skill level of a little child. 
[03:03] <Lisalisa444> aslal i taste salt
[03:03] <Aslal> Please, this is entertaining. 
[03:04] <Lisalisa444> i forget that you enjoy my musings
[03:04] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> your not 17
[03:04] <Lisalisa444> maybe because you are the fool wearing horns
[03:04] <Lisalisa444> and I am the loveable hero of the stor
[03:04] <Lisalisa444> *story
[03:05] <Aslal> Antlers*
[03:05] <Aslal> Should at least get my anatomy right. 
[03:05] <Kile574> Aslal has antlers ?
[03:05] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> OMG it's true
[03:06] <Lisalisa444> so you are saying you are as majestic as stag or elk, silly mortal try again, godspeed be with you
[03:06] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> truuuuuuuuu
[03:06] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> im doing math
[03:07] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Lisalisa444 is supposed to be doing biology
[03:07] <Aslal> I never said I was majestic. 
[03:07] <Lisalisa444> aslal if you are anything with antlers you are a 12 point buck, waiting in my crosshairs
[03:07] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> gaayyyy
[03:07] <Lisalisa444> i wonder how you taste
[03:07] <Aslal> Then the hunter will be hunted 
[03:07] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> soooo goooood
[03:08] <Aslal> Oh, you want to know how I taste? Get on your knees, and I may let you. 
[03:08] <Lisalisa444> oh how i don enjoy our banter, more small-beer, more quips and lashes from your tongue
[03:08] <Lisalisa444> i crave it, as well as your babes
[03:08] <Aslal> You crave my babies? Nah, as I said before, you're not worthy. 
[03:09] <Aslal> You're not even worthy for a taste. 
[03:09] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> uhhhhhhh. i'll take a rain check
[03:09] <Aslal> But I may be nice
[03:09] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> you babies will sufer
[03:09] <Lisalisa444> worthy of you or of your babies, neither can be that high on the chain of command
[03:10] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> no im good
[03:10] <Aslal> Hah. You're still stuck on the chain. 
[03:10] <Lisalisa444> aslal do not tempt me with tarnished meat, i see now that you carry disease in your animal flesh
[03:10] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> Guys what is f(x)=e^6+2?
[03:11] <Lisalisa444> sir i am the anchor at the top of the line, and you are the anchor in the bottom of the sea
[03:11] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> he is the anal at the top of the line
[03:11] <Lisalisa444> gtfo global
[03:12] <Aslal> Tarnished meat? Mongeloid, you'd be lucky to even witness this meat. 
[03:12] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> why does unknown keep leaving and joining????
[03:12] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> PICK A FREAKING SIDE
[03:12] <Lisalisa444> aslal you stop jesting, is your mind empty
[03:12] <Aslal> Anchors always sink. Please, at best you could've used balloon. 
[03:13] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> anal baloon
[03:13] <Lisalisa444> aslal you sound in love with your folly
[03:13] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> buy me mods $20
[03:13] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> i do good job
[03:14] <Lisalisa444> could this be a proposal from one exiting his closet
[03:14] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> only 20 dollar
[03:14] <Aslal> If I was in a closet, I wouldn't be interested in you. 
[03:15] <Lisalisa444> and why not young one
[03:15] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> ohhhhhhh buuurrrrnnnn
[03:15] <Lisalisa444> you have not seen my face nor my meat, of which i believe you could handle a taste
[03:16] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> ohhhhh snnnappappppaaaappp
[03:16] <Aslal> No, you're the one who wanted a taste. 
[03:16] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> ohhhhhh
[03:16] <Lisalisa444> until i saw the imperfectiojns through a magnifying glass
[03:16] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> ill get you an ice pack
[03:16] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FOR THAT BURN
[03:17] <Lisalisa444> but riddle me this, are you entertained by our conversation
[03:17] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> who wants to talk about global warming?
[03:17] <Aslal> Of course I am. 
[03:17] <Aslal> Distracting me from math. 
[03:17] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> IT'S FAKE
[03:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Its real
[03:18] <Lisalisa444> for what reason for my stupidity, your stupidity, or the absurdity of our own humorous stylings
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> FAKE
[03:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Mostly caused by volcanos
[03:18] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> im done
[03:18] <SuperEliteJordan> If a admin was here you'd be banned
[03:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Hai willow
[03:18] <Aeriel Willow> Hi there
[03:18] <Aslal> All three. 
[03:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Three?
[03:19] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> noo weally you tink so?
[03:19] <Aslal> To Lisa
[03:19] <Lisalisa444> your not to bad when you let your emotions out just a little
[03:19] <Aslal> Pffft, this is nothing. 
[03:19] <Aslal> I remember using this line against someone
[03:19] <Aeriel Willow> I must say, Global Warming is a lie.
[03:19] <Lisalisa444> then give me more loved one
[03:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Its real
[03:20] <Aeriel Willow> @Lisa, pm
[03:20] <Lisalisa444> as you now know i crave your attention and not your meat
[03:20] <Aeriel Willow> I have seen it as fake through the eyes of an Angel...
[03:21] <Aslal> You look like you're going to spend your life having one epiphany after another, always thinking you've finally figured out what's holding you back, and how you can finally be productive and creative and turn your life around. Nothing will ever change. That cycle of mediocrity isn't due to some obstacle; it's who you are. The thing standing in the way of your dreams is that the person having them is you.
[03:21] <SuperEliteJordan> ^^^
[03:21] <Aslal> i used this on Mip321
[03:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Sounds like hom
[03:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Him*
[03:22] <Aeriel Willow> LEL
[03:22] <SuperEliteJordan> (:D) 
[03:22] <Lisalisa444> aslal i don't try to expand my knowledge through spiritual epiphany, i learn through the world and study my findings and put them to heavy scrutinization
[03:23] <Aslal> No, Lisa. That wasn't to you. 
[03:23] <Aeriel Willow> I jest, of course. Global Warming IS coming, so we had all best be prepared for, if I may say,when "shit has hit the fan".
[03:23] <GlobalWarmingIsFake> peace bitches
[03:24] <Lisalisa444> @aslal by love
[03:24] <Aslal> You're not bad enough for me to use that on you. Then again, you're not good enough for me to try, either. 
[03:24] <Lisalisa444> don't think about our meats too much
[03:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Finally he left
[03:25] <SuperEliteJordan> I hate people who troll when no adminis around
[03:25] <Aeriel Willow> yep
[03:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Anyone play yugioh?
[03:25] <Lisalisa444> aslal i am a foil to you and when you realize this, you will turn gay
[03:26] <Lisalisa444> me
[03:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Awesome
[03:26] <Lisalisa444> i play the yugioh
[03:26] <Lisalisa444> i used to be a judge
[03:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Wish we could deul
[03:26] <Lisalisa444> do you have DN
[03:26] <Aslal> Nah, Felicia. I'm already taken. 
[03:26] <Lisalisa444> ?
[03:26] <SuperEliteJordan> No what's that?
[03:26] <Lisalisa444> by yourself
[03:27] <Lisalisa444> because from what i know he is a dick
[03:27] <Lisalisa444> Dueling network is where people go to duel
[03:28] <Lisalisa444> aslal tell me when you are available
[03:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh yeah that's there free no download thing
[03:28] <Lisalisa444> i need to know
[03:28] <Aslal> Yes, I am taken by myself. And yes, he is a dick. 
[03:28] <Lisalisa444> peace
[03:28] <SuperEliteJordan> What type of deck doyou use lisa?
[03:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Rude
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> hi
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> hello?
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> Aeriel
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> Rins
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> Eins*
[03:37] <SuperKrill99> Truely
[03:37] <Truely Unknown> I am watching push. 
[03:37] <SuperKrill99> Cool
[03:37] <Truely Unknown> How are you? 
[03:37] <SuperKrill99> Isnt that a movie with tk? I am good
[03:37] <SuperKrill99> thanks for asking
[03:38] <SuperKrill99> I'm going to do some aerokinesis later
[03:38] <Truely Unknown> Yeah it is 
[03:38] <Truely Unknown> And cool 
[03:39] <SuperKrill99> and atmo I am only a beginner but with the power of thought and intention I can makes things happen
[03:40] <Chriswalt> Hello everyone.
[03:40] <Chriswalt> Been a while since ive been here.
[03:40] <Chriswalt> How does everyone fair?
[03:40] <Truely Unknown> Hey chriswalt. 
[03:40] <Chriswalt> Hey Truely, it's been a while.
[03:40] <Truely Unknown> Ikr
[03:40] <SuperKrill99> Hi Chris
[03:40] <Chriswalt> Yea, haha. 
[03:41] <Truely Unknown> How's mentoring going. 
[03:41] <Chriswalt> Hello Super
[03:41] <Aeriel Willow> *throws porcupines at everyone*
[03:42] <Chriswalt> Mentoring is going.. Well, not too great. No students to teach since most people have, well, been lazy I guess, or never reply? I mean, I cant blame them completely. Eh, I just need new students.
[03:42] <Chriswalt> I do got a couple faithful students.
[03:42] <SuperKrill99> About em?
[03:42] <Chriswalt> Hmm?
[03:42] <SuperKrill99> Mentoring on em?
[03:42] <SuperKrill99> em=energy manipulation
[03:43] <Chriswalt> Oh, I mentor on just about anything really.
[03:43] <Truely Unknown> I don't know why but I hate the concept of EM
[03:43] <SuperKrill99> But what?
[03:43] <Chriswalt> Alchemy, EM, Politics, Occult, etc.
[03:43] <SuperKrill99> Cool
[03:43] <SuperKrill99> 
[03:43] <SuperKrill99> Is it on Skype?
[03:43] <Truely Unknown> And also spiritual topics 
[03:43] <Chriswalt> I can teach people anywhere really. 
[03:44] <Chriswalt> Facebook, Skype, Google +
[03:44] <SuperKrill99> Hmmm that's interestion
[03:44] <Chriswalt> Though im almost always on FB/Skype.
[03:44] <SuperKrill99> interesting*
[03:44] <SuperKrill99> How old do you have to be?
[03:44] <Chriswalt> Ive done via email too, but I find that doesnt work out a whole lot, I hardly check it,
[03:44] <Chriswalt> I teach any age.
[03:44] <SuperKrill99> Cool
[03:44] <SuperKrill99> I'm only a beginner
[03:44] <Aeriel Willow> Chris >>>>
[03:45] <SuperKrill99> So could you teach me?
[03:45] <Chriswalt> Well, ive been spending a large portion of my life to research and recently revolution; so sharing knowledge is what I do best.
[03:45] <Aeriel Willow> hmm
[03:45] <Aeriel Willow> I need a name for a character
[03:45] <Aeriel Willow> Female, Kitsune.
[03:45] <Aeriel Willow> Uses a sword. Fire Mage
[03:45] <Truely Unknown> Deathstroke the terminator is a good name.
[03:45] <Chriswalt> I could teach you if you want.
[03:46] <SuperKrill99> I hope your not some creep no offense
[03:46] <Chriswalt> Me? Heavens no. 
[03:46] <SuperKrill99> I want to stay safe
[03:46] <Chriswalt> Ask Truely. Anything but creepy.
[03:46] <Truely Unknown> Hmm I don't know that anarchist blog was kind of creepy.
[03:46] <SuperKrill99> How old are you?
[03:46] <Aeriel Willow> Don't tryst Truely!
[03:46] <Aeriel Willow> He very creepy!
[03:46] <Truely Unknown> But on a serious note he's cool.
[03:47] <Aeriel Willow> Truely scares me!
[03:47] <Aeriel Willow> *cowers in fear*
[03:47] <Chriswalt> 16, nearing 17 soon. Been researching for almost 5 years now. To think I have been doing it since 12 years of age.
[03:47] <SuperKrill99> Hmmm
[03:47] <Chriswalt> Ive dedicated my self to knowledge and truth.
[03:47] <SuperKrill99> I could trust you
[03:47] <Chriswalt> Also I am not sure how my Anarchist blog was creepy.
[03:47] <SuperKrill99> My parents wouldn't be ok with a 30 year old
[03:47] <Aeriel Willow> lol
[03:48] <Chriswalt> The problem is people freak out when they here" anarchy" or "communism"]
[03:48] <Truely Unknown> You wanted to go to war. 
[03:48] <Chriswalt> ITs because people are too uneducated. And war was never my idea.
[03:48] <SuperKrill99> I like anarchy
[03:48] <Aeriel Willow> ANARCHY!
[03:48] <Chriswalt> Revolution is what I want.
[03:48] <SuperKrill99> Chris whats your Skype?
[03:48] <Aeriel Willow> DOWN WITH THE QUEEN!
[03:48] <Chriswalt> chriswalt11, should come up as Chris Arcanus.
[03:48] <SuperKrill99> lets skype
[03:48] <SuperKrill99> Hold on
[03:48] <Chriswalt> Currently I cant unfortunately.
[03:49] <Aeriel Willow> *Accidentally pinches SuperKrill's ass.*
[03:49] <SuperKrill99> When can you?
[03:49] <Aeriel Willow> Oh Gods!
[03:49] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[03:49] <Aeriel Willow> So very sorry!
[03:49] <Truely Unknown> I'll stick to my democracy and capitalism.
[03:49] <Aeriel Willow> please forfive me!
[03:49] <Chriswalt> Hmm.. Not for a little while.
[03:49] <Aeriel Willow> forgive*
[03:49] <Chriswalt> You see, capitalism is a very corrupt system, America only survives when it exploits the weak, the reason we "capitalize" is to leech of the lesser beings of the planet.
[03:49] <Aeriel Willow> * Aeriel Willow is not fogiven.
[03:50] <Chriswalt> Sweat shops, going to war for profit, corrupt bankers and monopolies exploiting the system.
[03:51] <Chriswalt> We can build a better world around cooperation rather then extortion, which is what I intend to try and do; and I do realize I cant do it just with one man. And Its no over night thing. It will take longer then I can live.
[03:51] <Truely Unknown> And what's the problem?
[03:51] <Chriswalt> The problem is extortion, greed, exploitation, going to war with other countries for the sole purpose of making money.
[03:51] <Chriswalt> People on the streets poor, raping and piliging foreign lands, I.E China and there sweat shops.
[03:52] <Chriswalt> I personally cant wake up in the morning and shrug that off.
[03:52] <Chriswalt> I cant wake up knowing everything good in my life is because of the suffering of another.
[03:52] <Chriswalt> Can you?
[03:52] <Truely Unknown> I actually can. 
[03:52] <Chriswalt> And why is that?
[03:53] <Aeriel Willow> I need a name for a Female Kitsune. Uses a sword. Hell Fire Mage.
[03:53] <SuperKrill99> Anarchy is good
[03:53] <Chriswalt> What makes you care so little for those who suffer so much so you can have that car, that house, the food on your plate? Besides, your just as much a slave as those who suffer, a mere cattle being milked for money.
[03:54] <Chriswalt> Anarcho Communism will destroy this self destructive path.
[03:54] <SuperKrill99> Well all politics are bad
[03:54] <Truely Unknown> Not trying to be mean it anything but I am not affected by most of these problems so yeah. Plus I though China was a communist country. 
[03:54] <Chriswalt> Its not communist, far from communist. China uses currency, the whole idea of communism was to abolish currency.
[03:54] <Okamiden12> China?
[03:55] <Truely Unknown> Also no matter what system you make people will find a way to exploit it and these problems will a raise again.
[03:55] <Truely Unknown> arise*
[03:55] <Chriswalt> Us American Monopilies exploit China.
[03:55] <Okamiden12> actually we're not really exploiting it
[03:55] <Okamiden12> and they could easily fuck us over (considering we still owe them A LOT of money)
[03:55] <Chriswalt> Trust me, I can not garuntee a utopia. But with Anarcho Communism, I can garuntee the egalitarian uprising, for all to prosper without the worrying of another man.
[03:56] <Okamiden12> Communism = a good idea in writing
[03:56] <SuperKrill99> Anarchy is an ok thing
[03:56] <Jaacob> hey
[03:56] <SuperKrill99> Hi
[03:56] <Truely Unknown> Anarchy is a horrible idea. Regardless 
[03:56] <Chriswalt> Tell me why its horrible.
[03:57] <Chriswalt> What makes it so bad?
[03:57] <SuperKrill99>
[03:57] <Okamiden12> erm...everything
[03:57] <SuperKrill99> Watch it
[03:57] <SuperKrill99> You win $100
[03:57] <Truely Unknown> absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.
[03:57] <Truely Unknown> You do realize that would be total chaos.
[03:57] <Okamiden12> it will be like the Purge
[03:58] <Chriswalt> Anarcho Communism is the idea of a direct consensus democracy within an economic system of cooperation.
[03:58] <Chriswalt> Your ideas of Anarchism is biased and flawed. Is chaos all that runs in your mind?
[03:58] <SuperKrill99> I don't care about the chaos
[03:58] <Truely Unknown> Everyone would be free to do whatever they please.
[03:58] <Chriswalt> Anarchist Catalonia, 1936-1939.
[03:58] <Okamiden12> yeh
[03:58] <Chriswalt> False.
[03:58] <Chriswalt> Very false.
[03:59] <SuperKrill99> I do
[03:59] <SuperKrill99> But
[03:59] <Chriswalt> Look up Anarchist Catalonia. Perfect example of a successful Anarcho-Syndicalist society.
[03:59] <Chriswalt> The whole idea of Anarchism is not entirely to rid of the government, but make the majority the ruling power, through Direct Consensus Democracy.
[03:59] <Chriswalt> Through the voting of the people to make the laws and rules of each commune.
[04:00] <SuperKrill99> ANONYMOUS FTW
[04:00] <Chriswalt> Anarchism isnt merely the void of government
[04:00] <Chriswalt> It is the collapse of a ruling government in turn for an egalitarian ruling class, the working class, everyone and everybody.
[04:00] <Chriswalt> I rest my case.
[04:01] <Truely Unknown>
[04:01] <Truely Unknown> according to this page it didn't end well z
[04:01] <Chriswalt> Oh, and for future references, Anarchist Catalonia, Peter Kropotkin, Noam Chompsky.
[04:01] <Chriswalt> Of course it didnt, because of the Facist uprising funded by Hitler himself.
[04:02] <Truely Unknown> So it wasn't successful. 
[04:02] <Chriswalt> They were exterminated because they had more fire power.
[04:03] <Chriswalt> It was successful, but just because something was exterminated by a larger force, doesnt mean its ideas were bad.
[04:03] <Chriswalt> If I killed Bill Gates, that must mean the whole idea of Windows was a bad idea.
[04:03] <Chriswalt> And it wasnt successful.
[04:03] <Okamiden12> yup
[04:04] <Chriswalt> If I had bombed all the factories that made those computers, apparently that means it wasnt succesful to your thinking, correct?
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> anarchy can be really silly
[04:04] <Chriswalt> Cause I garuntee if they rebuilt those factories, they would be very successful once again over time.
[04:04] <Chriswalt> Just like Anarchist Catalonia.
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> a lot of active anarchists make situatoons worse
[04:04] <SuperKrill99> Unless I make my computer out of foil
[04:04] <Horsyqueen> *situatiosn
[04:04] <Chriswalt> Which is why I do not tag myself as a mere Anarchist.
[04:05] <Truely Unknown> I'm not saying that but according to the page there was plenty of crimes and war. I don't see how that is so perfect or any different from any other system.
[04:05] <Horsyqueen> like the world trade organisation protests was nearly ruined by aggressive active anarchists
[04:05] <Horsyqueen> which could have cost a lot of people
[04:06] <Chriswalt> Truely, of course there was still a bit of conflict, after all this was during a revolution. America was founded in war and revolution was it not? Did we not have to fight for our, once known freedoms we were supposed to have?
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> anonymous is good as long as its not for silly reasons
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> like legalising weed
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> america was founded because the british wanted more land
[04:06] <Truely Unknown> Yes I guess that's correct.
[04:06] <Chriswalt> They only survived 4 years, if you expect a society being attacked by facists to be able to be completely settled in four years, then my god America would be in ruin.
[04:06] <Horsyqueen> we put all our extremists in america
[04:07] <Horsyqueen> and the dutch put their extremists there too
[04:08] <Chriswalt> You see, the whole idea of Anarchism has a bad reputation, like feminists; lets face it, every group will have its extremists, those bad apples that make the whole thing look bad.
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> the only reason america exists is because the natives were nearly all whiped out
[04:08] <SuperKrill99> Anarchy is good though
[04:08] <Okamiden12> not really
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> feminists only have a bad name cos of the media
[04:08] <Okamiden12> lol 
[04:08] <SuperKrill99> I'd rather be dangerously free than silently a slave
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> and we had to fight for america
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> by lying to the natives
[04:08] <Chriswalt> Anarchy combined with Communism is good. Anarchism on its own may not work out well without some sort of economic system.
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> giving them stuff covered in small pox if they wouldnt move
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> communism is totally bad
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> marxism is better
[04:09] <Okamiden12> mhm
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> but its better to have a capatalist democracy
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> its much healthier
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> for the people
[04:09] <Chriswalt> I like Marxism, but Marxism is communism which leads to Anarchist Communism.
[04:09] <Chriswalt> >Healthier
[04:09] <Chriswalt> Ha
[04:09] <Chriswalt> Funny.
[04:09] <Horsyqueen> caring for everyone isnt healthy
[04:10] <SuperKrill99> I like trollism
[04:10] <Chriswalt> The only thing I dont like about marxism is the dictatorship transitional phase.
[04:10] <Horsyqueen> it just increases the risks of people getting genetic diseases
[04:10] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[04:10] <Truely Unknown> .... 
[04:10] <SuperKrill99> trollism
[04:10] <Okamiden12> lol the removed troll
[04:10] <Truely Unknown> 12:09
[04:10] <Truely Unknown> Horsyqueen
[04:10] <Truely Unknown> caring for everyone isnt healthy
[04:10] <Truely Unknown> 
[04:10] <Horsyqueen> diseases used to be specific
[04:10] <Truely Unknown> I like that sentence.
[04:10] <Horsyqueen> now they are world wide
[04:10] <Okamiden12> XD
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> haemophilia
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> thats more common now
[04:11] <Okamiden12> is haemophilia a disease or a disorder
[04:11] <Chriswalt> Im not saying to literally care for everyone, obviously we will have our differences that make us a little, well, not friendly amongst fellow man; but lets face it, capitalism is literally killing not only humanity, but its killing the very Earth we live on.
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> disease
[04:11] <Okamiden12> mkay
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> it stops the blood clotting
[04:11] <Okamiden12> i know what it does ;)
[04:11] <Horsyqueen> they cant be cured
[04:12] <Okamiden12> it's genetic isn't it?
[04:12] <Chriswalt> Its only a matter a time before this Earth is completely polluted, destroyed, corrupted.
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> but they live longer and pass on their genes nowerdays
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> yes
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> only mals are effected
[04:12] <Okamiden12> ...fuck
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> *males
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> females are just carriers
[04:12] <Okamiden12> i think females can be affected too
[04:12] <Chriswalt> I am not exactly sure how caring for one another is going to increase genetic diseases, that makes no sense.
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> but its only more common because people who have the disease can breed
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> if soo its new
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> never used to be
[04:13] <SuperKrill99> ~ Aeriel Willow has left this plane.~
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> basically
[04:13] <Chriswalt> Your GMO's, pollution, and apathy is whats killing us.
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> unhealthy population
[04:13] <SuperKrill99> Fast food
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> with people who have genetic disorders
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> if they live
[04:13] <SuperKrill99> fast food is killing
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> they can pass on their genes
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> to other generations
[04:13] <SuperKrill99> You eat more and more until you know
[04:13] <Horsyqueen> which can then breed with other populations
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> spreading the genetic disease further
[04:14] <SuperKrill99> With anarchy we wouldn't have that
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> in a healthy population
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> they would have died
[04:14] <Chriswalt> What does this have to do with anything.. If anything its proving my point more..
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> and the genetic disorder would have not been passed on
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> in the ideal communism its about helping everyone
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> to make everyone survive
[04:15] <SuperKrill99> Communism is bad
[04:15] <Truely Unknown> Why can't we all just agree that the strong will survive the smart will survive and the weak and dumb will die
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> some people think that icecream is healthier then fruit salad because icecream contains cream
[04:15] <SuperKrill99> Yeah
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> the dumb wont usually die
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> the weak hardly ever die
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> ales its extremes
[04:15] <SuperKrill99> Yes they will
[04:15] <Horsyqueen> luckly mrsa is here
[04:15] <Okamiden12> XD
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> and its probibly gonna kill a lot of people
[04:16] <SuperKrill99> why cant we have trollism?
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> unforchantly for me
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> i am female and when you give birth
[04:16] <Truely Unknown> The dumb people and the weak do die.
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> you usually leave cuts
[04:16] <Okamiden12> MRSA is definitely the result of our over medicated society :P
[04:16] <SuperKrill99> In trollism you get nothing\
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> giving access for mrsa to access the wounds
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> so females have an added risk of gaining mrsa
[04:16] <Okamiden12> oh yeh
[04:16] <SuperKrill99> omg
[04:16] <Okamiden12> cuz hospitals are crawling with it
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> because we can give birth
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> which was like 100 years ago
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> where death during childbirth was common
[04:17] <SuperKrill99> watch this video everyone
[04:17] <SuperKrill99>
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> TB is also on the rise
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> and its now becomming resistant
[04:18] <Chriswalt> Well anyways, can we leave our political ideologies behind us, I really don't wish to create conflict or anything. Besides, its quite off topic to what this website advocates for. The sites prime fuction is to teach and share knowledge on the esoteric wisdom of energy manipulation and other such things. I believe we should just stick with the sole goal here.
[04:18] <Truely Unknown> What is the video .
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> also due to global warming
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> were getting more poisoness animals
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> where there wasnt before
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> risks from diseases are higher
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> cholera is much easier to die from
[04:18] <SuperKrill99> the video is a rap song
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> oh and HIV is on the rise
[04:19] <SuperKrill99> just watch it
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> apparently HIV is from monkeys
[04:19] <Okamiden12> really?
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> chimps
[04:19] <Okamiden12> Ebola is too
[04:19] <Okamiden12> C:
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> but not sure how we got it
[04:19] <Okamiden12> oh horsy
[04:19] <Truely Unknown> Well if anyone wants to talk about psychokinesis and esp minus the spiritual talk or energy talk then ping me.
[04:19] <Okamiden12> let oka explain
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> as chimps are aggressive carnvores/omnivores
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> they kill their owners quite a bit
[04:20] <Okamiden12> when a man and a chimp are in close quarters for a long time
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> omfg
[04:20] <SuperKrill99> ok
[04:20] <Okamiden12> XD
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> what if
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> the americn governement allows people to keep dangrous animals
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> to reduce the population
[04:20] <Okamiden12> OMG
[04:20] <Okamiden12> Dear Obama,
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> as all apes attack their owners when they grow up
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> and big cats are rough
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> lesser cats are dangrous too
[04:22] <SuperKrill99> that's stupid
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> wolves and canines can get jelous
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> hyenas are rough in social systems
[04:22] <SuperKrill99> Truely
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> they bite and land on eachother when fighting
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> its sorta funny how many people want monkeys
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> most species of primate make shit pets
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> this guy is talking rubbish
[04:24] <Truely Unknown> Push is good movie imo
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> any apes or monkeys can carry zoological diseases
[04:24] <Truely Unknown> critics think otherwise though :/
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> push is good
[04:25] <Truely Unknown> You liked it?
[04:25] <Horsyqueen> yer
[04:25] <Chriswalt> Well, I suppose I am off now, if anyone needs me, add me on skype. chriswalt11
[04:25] <Horsyqueen> its cruel to keep social animals alone
[04:25] <Chriswalt> Au revoir.
[04:25] <Okamiden12> ...
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> like monkeys on their own -.-
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> rabbits shouldnt be alone either
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> guinea pigs
[04:26] <Okamiden12> well
[04:26] <Okamiden12> 2 rabbits + 5 mins = bunnie army
[04:26] <Truely Unknown> Again with monkey hate.
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> guinea pigs and rabbits can be kept alone if your willing to spend atleast 3 hours a day with them
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> i am talking like two of the same sex
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> or one or both have their sexual organs dealt with
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> which i personally think is cruel
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> when i get animals i wont get them castrated or nutered
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> i may buy a pill or injection for them
[04:28] <Truely Unknown> Lol the vets recommend that you niter them 
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> but its cruel to change an animal permantly 
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> i know
[04:28] <Truely Unknown> Nuter*
[04:28] <Truely Unknown> And PETA does too.
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> but vets always want more and more money
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> PETA doesnt know a thing about animals
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> vets would rather you pay to treat something that cant be healed rather then put it down
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> and PETA doesnt know anything about exotic animals at all
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> disgusting soft fernishings
[04:30] <Okamiden12> neuter* tutu
[04:30] <Truely Unknown> I hate PETA....
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> same
[04:30] <Okamiden12> everyone hates PETA
[04:30] <Okamiden12> except for PETA members
[04:31] <Truely Unknown> How dare they say that Pokemon encourages animal cruelty. 
[04:31] <Truely Unknown> I'm like wtf....
[04:31] <Horsyqueen> i want a parrot like in rio
[04:31] <Horsyqueen> but a parrot that can sing the periodic table song
[04:31] <Horsyqueen> and say i love you
[04:33] <Truely Unknown> Sooo.
[04:33] <Horsyqueen> i do want a pet miniture crocodile
[04:34] <Truely Unknown> You must want to die.
[04:34] <Okamiden12> xD
[04:34] <Truely Unknown> Those types of pets aren't pets :/
[04:35] <Okamiden12> xD 
[04:35] <Okamiden12> i want a pet tutu :P
[04:35] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[04:35] <Horsyqueen> miniture crocs are tiny
[04:35] <Truely Unknown> I used to want a tiger before i realized they can't get domesticated
[04:36] <Okamiden12> xD
[04:36] <Okamiden12> Brotha needs a liger :P
[04:36] <Okamiden12> i'm craving bacon
[04:36] <Okamiden12> soo...brb
[04:36] <Horsyqueen>
[04:36] <Horsyqueen> ligers are massive
[04:36] <Horsyqueen> tigers arent pets
[04:36] <Horsyqueen> they are too large
[04:36] <Horsyqueen> they have large teratories
[04:37] <Horsyqueen> pigs are beautiful
[04:38] <Horsyqueen> they have a simular digestive system
[04:38] <Horsyqueen> to us
[04:38] <Horsyqueen> but the wild ones are aggressive
[04:39] <Horsyqueen>
[04:40] <Horsyqueen> why would people have a pet ostrage
[04:41] <Okamiden12> Ostriches are funny
[04:41] <Horsyqueen> they bite and kick pretty bad
[04:41] <Horsyqueen> cammels are much nicer
[04:46] <Horsyqueen> hmmm crocs or monoters
[04:46] <Truely Unknown> Hey Saadian long time no see.
[04:47] <Okamiden12> it has been a while hasn't it
[04:47] <KibaTheWolf> Hey guys
[04:48] <Okamiden12> hai
[04:48] <Truely Unknown> Go kiba
[04:49] <Truely Unknown> hi*
[04:56] <Truely Unknown> Anyone still here.
[04:56] <Okamiden12> you know oki is
[04:56] <Truely Unknown> Anyone except you.
[04:57] <Okamiden12> oh gee thanks -3-
[04:57] <Truely Unknown> Lol
[04:58] <KibaTheWolf> Me
[04:58] <KibaTheWolf> Just waiting for a topic
[04:59] <Horsyqueen> i could get a pet tapir
[04:59] <Horsyqueen> if i did i would breed them
[04:59] <Truely Unknown> Well what would you like to talk about kiba 
[05:00] <Horsyqueen> unlike in america theres like a whole list of rules to follow for getting animals
[05:00] <Horsyqueen> you even have to do an exam
[05:00] <Truely Unknown> Just to own a per
[05:00] <KibaTheWolf> I would like to learn more about Etheric Projection
[05:00] <Truely Unknown> pet.... 
[05:00] <Horsyqueen>,_Beardsley_Zoo,_2009-11-06.jpg a pet one of these would be cool
[05:01] <Truely Unknown> [[Etheric Projection]]
[05:02] <KibaTheWolf> I was actually wanting to know if anyone one here has done it before
[05:02] <Okamiden12> Brian has and i have
[05:03] <KibaTheWolf> Like, we hear a lot about Astral Projection but not much about Etheric Projection
[05:03] <KibaTheWolf> For how much time did you train, Oka?
[05:03] <Okamiden12> mm....
[05:03] <Okamiden12> not long i don't think
[05:03] <Okamiden12> i don't recall my first time (for anything ;) )
[05:04] <Truely Unknown> I really don't believe in it so I am not much help in this subject 
[05:05] <XeRhyme> I do Etheric Projection Yeh
[05:05] <XeRhyme> Hey guys.
[05:05] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Xe
[05:06] <Horsyqueen> people keep tazmanian devils
[05:06] <Horsyqueen> O.O
[05:06] <KibaTheWolf> Exomental Projection seems...... disturbing
[05:06] <XeRhyme> *cough* isn't a thing.But people can get into others heads tho.
[05:07] <XeRhyme> Okaaaa
[05:07] <XeRhyme> EP with me
[05:07] <Okamiden12> no ur gunna do stuff to my butt
[05:07] <XeRhyme> no
[05:07] <Okamiden12> u lie
[05:08] <XeRhyme> Name one time hon.
[05:09] <Liliun> hi
[05:09] <XeRhyme> Hi Lillun
[05:09] <Liliun> so how are you all
[05:10] <XeRhyme> Pretty good,Vacation finally started.
[05:10] <Horsyqueen> oooo an okapi would be suitable
[05:10] <XeRhyme> Okapi?
[05:10] <Horsyqueen> like keeping a non domesticated horse
[05:10] <Okamiden12> ?
[05:10] <XeRhyme> And that is?
[05:10] <Horsyqueen>
[05:10] <XeRhyme> Never seen one before.
[05:11] <Horsyqueen>
[05:11] <Liliun> awesome
[05:11] <Horsyqueen> they were only recently discovered
[05:11] <Horsyqueen> and endangered
[05:11] <Horsyqueen> relitives of the giraffe
[05:11] <Horsyqueen> brb dinner
[05:11] <KibaTheWolf> They look like a zebra na giraffe breed
[05:13] <Truely Unknown> Hi.
[05:13] <Daedraa> Hi~
[05:13] <Liliun> who would want that you could break every house in gta 6.
[05:13] <Truely Unknown> I wouldn't care. 
[05:14] <Liliun> ok
[05:14] <Truely Unknown> Most likely by the time gta 6 comes out I would be done with games.
[05:14] <Truely Unknown> But honestly of it came out now tht would be awesome.
[05:15] <Daedraa> Are you a boring person?
[05:15] <Liliun> no
[05:16] <Truely Unknown> No.
[05:17] <Liliun> who has tried the mini nuke mod in gta 5
[05:18] <Liliun> no one
[05:19] <Jaacob> well I don't own gta 5 so ._.
[05:19] <Liliun> o thats bad
[05:19] <Liliun> ups sad
[05:19] <Jaacob> lol
[05:20] <Liliun> do you know that lol means league of legends
[05:20] <Daedraa> LoL
[05:21] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[05:21] <Liliun> im just saing
[05:26] <SuperKrill99> troll
[05:27] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[05:29] <Liliun> o and in my country whe have a vana sõna that means old word that is see kes ütleb see on that means that if you call me something like lol you are the lol your self
[05:30] <Okamiden12> wot
[05:32] <Liliun> it means if you call me lol then you will be calling your self lol
[05:35] <Liliun> ok i hope im alone
[05:37] <Liliun> im gona go now
[05:38] <Horsyqueen> hey
[05:39] <XeRhyme> hey Horsy
[05:40] <Horsyqueen> bullshit sea world doesnt know anything about animals
[05:40] <XeRhyme> Of course they don't is whales are dieing out very quick over there.
[05:40] <XeRhyme> if
[05:40] <Horsyqueen> yer
[05:40] <Truely Unknown> Do not insult the sea world. Sea world is god 
[05:40] <Horsyqueen> they dont even keep whales
[05:40] <Horsyqueen> killer whales are dolphins
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> and they said killer whales live longer in captivity
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> infact
[05:41] <Truely Unknown> Wait was sea world the place were a performer got killed by a orca or some animal like that.
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> whales dont even live a quarter of their life span in captivity
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> yes
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> because they didnt keep the animal properly
[05:41] <Maskedmoon> sea world is love, sea worldi is life
[05:41] <Truely Unknown> Did they kill that orca/killer dolphin/whale?
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> about 5 different whales have killed people
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> no
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> they kept it in a tiny swimming pool
[05:42] <Truely Unknown> Shame.
[05:42] <Horsyqueen> and you can see tilikum every so often
[05:42] <Horsyqueen> the keepers made him go insane
[05:42] <Truely Unknown> If it was me I would have gutted it 
[05:42] <Horsyqueen> he was bullied, harrassed and attacked by the other whales
[05:42] <Horsyqueen> as killers are matriarchal
[05:42] <Truely Unknown> I don't see how performing is bullying.
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> the other whales bullied him
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> and the whales if they peform not as well as the keepers think
[05:43] <XeRhyme> How do whales "bully"
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> the whales are starved
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> which makes them fustrated
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> and thats when people die
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> the females scrape skin off the males
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> using their teeth
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> and bite them
[05:44] <I--DarkGod--I> ....
[05:44] <Liliun> good to know
[05:44] <Horsyqueen> one trainner died because the whale waved all around the swimming pool
[05:44] <Horsyqueen> not just to the audience
[05:44] <Horsyqueen> so was staved of food
[05:44] <Horsyqueen> so the whale peformed more then he should
[05:44] <Horsyqueen> so then when the diver came in
[05:45] <Horsyqueen> the whale just killed him
[05:45] <I--DarkGod--I> ...
[05:45] <Truely Unknown> And thru should have killed the whale.
[05:45] <Truely Unknown> thry*
[05:45] <Horsyqueen> this person survived
[05:45] <I--DarkGod--I> why are we talking about this?
[05:45] <Horsyqueen> its a different whale
[05:45] <Horsyqueen> and a female this time
[05:45] <I--DarkGod--I> This is a chat for psionics not whales killing people
[05:45] <Truely Unknown> An animal ho kills a human deserves death.
[05:45] <Horsyqueen> who was seperated from her mother
[05:45] <Truely Unknown> who*
[05:45] <Horsyqueen> and both went into a depression
[05:45] <Okamiden12> this chat has rarely been about psioniscs
[05:46] <Horsyqueen> a human that kills an animal deserves to die then
[05:46] <Okamiden12> thought yesterday i think we did good
[05:46] <I--DarkGod--I> Truely, a human who tortures an animal deserves to die
[05:46] <I--DarkGod--I> however
[05:46] <I--DarkGod--I> We are predators
[05:46] <Horsyqueen> so are animals
[05:46] <I--DarkGod--I> I don't really care about humans killing animals
[05:46] <Truely Unknown> It's not the same.
[05:46] <Horsyqueen> it is
[05:46] <I--DarkGod--I> No, no it's not
[05:46] <Horsyqueen> its worse when humans kill for no reason
[05:46] <Truely Unknown> yea
[05:46] <XeRhyme> It''s unethical to just torture animals.
[05:46] <Okamiden12> true
[05:46] <I--DarkGod--I> When humans kill for no reason is stupid
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> those whales and dolphins are kept in horrid conditons
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> alone
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> and in a tiny tank
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> its like you being stuffed with 3 other girls
[05:47] <I--DarkGod--I> Hunting is still a sport i'd like to do as long as the animals do not suffer
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> who have never met before
[05:47] <Okamiden12> e.e
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> in a meter squared room
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> for 30 years
[05:47] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 's worst nightmare
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> the girls get bitchy
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> they take it out on the guy
[05:47] <I--DarkGod--I> I hate vegans and vegetarians who dont eat meat just because they dont want to be an "animal murderer"
[05:47] <Okamiden12> actually okami would have killed them
[05:47] <I--DarkGod--I> The animals are already dead.
[05:47] <Okamiden12> and eaten them
[05:47] <Horsyqueen> those whales are driven to insanity and depression
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> For every animal you don't eat,
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> I will eat 3
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> ;)
[05:48] <Okamiden12> :|
[05:48] <Okamiden12> who the hell are you btw
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> many animals loose their children
[05:48] <Truely Unknown> Lol god.
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> in whales the pod is tracked
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> who am I?
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> for miles
[05:48] <Okamiden12> yes you
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> DarkGod
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> That's who
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> >_>
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> and then they are herded into nets
[05:48] <Okamiden12> mmhm....
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> the babies dragged out
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> mhmmm.
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> some babies die
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> and are thrown back into the water
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> I think the real question is
[05:48] <I--DarkGod--I> who are YOU
[05:48] <Horsyqueen> infront of their mothers
[05:49] <Okamiden12> i'm the most amazing person ever ;)
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> the others are taken away from their parents
[05:49] <I--DarkGod--I> orly ;)
[05:49] <Okamiden12> yeh
[05:49] <Okamiden12> XD
[05:49] <I--DarkGod--I> And I've been a user here for a few months now
[05:49] <I--DarkGod--I> just not very common
[05:49] <Okamiden12> aye
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> thats why people die
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> its the trainers fault
[05:49] <Horsyqueen>
[05:50] <I--DarkGod--I> afk, playing Dark Souls
[05:50] <Liliun> you play dark souls
[05:50] <Okamiden12> i play Dark Souls 2
[05:50] <Okamiden12> c:
[05:51] <Liliun> me to
[05:51] <Horsyqueen> peg 13
[05:51] <Horsyqueen> *pg
[05:52] <Liliun> who wants to talk about something else
[05:53] <Liliun> then show me a smily face
[05:53] <Liliun> or not
[05:53] <Horsyqueen> this is just horrifying
[05:55] <Liliun> show me a shark video
[05:55] <Liliun> pleas
[05:55] <Horsyqueen>
[05:56] <Liliun> not a whale shark a shark who rips a human apart.
[05:57] <Horsyqueen> these are the largest species of shark
[05:57] <Horsyqueen> they are carnvores
[05:57] <Horsyqueen> and no shark eats humans
[05:57] <Horsyqueen> they show an ability all intelegent species have
[05:57] <Horsyqueen> and that they are curiousity
[05:58] <Horsyqueen> thats why sharks bite
[05:58] <Liliun> exept for tiger sharks
[05:58] <Liliun> thei kill
[05:58] <Liliun> *they
[05:58] <Horsyqueen> heres a differnt type of shark
[05:59] <Horsyqueen> i find them erey
[06:00] <Horsyqueen> if you want to see an aggressive fish
[06:00] <Horsyqueen> let me get you a video
[06:00] <Horsyqueen>
[06:02] <Horsyqueen> the arowana is tiny
[06:02] <Horsyqueen> but aropama and larger arowana will jump at people knocking them out and drowning them
[06:02] <Horsyqueen> on purpose as well
[06:03] <Liliun> ok
[06:04] <Liliun> can i tell you something
[06:05] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[06:05] <Liliun> its about a bat
[06:08] <Horsyqueen> okay
[06:08] <Liliun> last night a bat flew in to my house and it was awesome sadly he or she left in the morning
[06:08] <Ahmedrashwan> Jonas
[06:08] <Ahmedrashwan> Dude
[06:09] <Ahmedrashwan> Did u said in blog that u leaving the chat?
[06:09] <Ahmedrashwan> . 
[06:11] <Liliun> you thot your chat froze didnt you
[06:11] <Ahmedrashwan> Yes
[06:11] <Ahmedrashwan> Oh guys here is my pic
[06:11] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm who wearing glasses
[06:12] <Ahmedrashwan> I was trying whole night to get it
[06:15] <Ahmedrashwan> The chat froze again
[06:15] <Ahmedrashwan> It's always froze
[06:16] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[06:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Oh my blogs
[06:18] <Ahmedrashwan> Did u all froze?
[06:18] <Maskedmoon> nope
[06:21] <Ahmedrashwan> Then.. 
[06:25] <Liliun> then what
[06:26] <Horsyqueen> anyone in the uk can watch this
[06:26] <Horsyqueen> it looks interesting
[06:28] <Ahmedrashwan> Nothing
[06:28] <Liliun> to chat about?
[06:31] <Liliun> if you leave againg it means your computer is a litle bit slow
[06:31] <Okamiden12> ?
[06:32] <Liliun> bye bye bub
[06:32] <Steven.maceachern.92> hey everyboidu
[06:32] <Agunnimon> Gonna get a name change
[06:32] <Agunnimon> Oh neber mind got it
[06:32] <Horsyqueen> hey agu
[06:32] <Agunnimon> Hello
[06:32] <Steven.maceachern.92> hey guys
[06:33] <Agunnimon> Lol imma scsre everyone with my new name
[06:33] <Steven.maceachern.92> OMG I LOVE YOUR NAME
[06:34] <Agunnimon> Why thabk you
[06:34] <Liliun> how old are you agu?
[06:35] <Agunnimon> 14 
[06:35] <Liliun> ok :) 
[06:35] <Horsyqueen> i need a new computer background
[06:35] <Agunnimon> Use a pic of me
[06:36] <Agunnimon> Then everytime u see it you ll feel a rush of hapiness n hav a light from my beautiful smile
[06:38] <Horsyqueen>
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> this is even sadder
[06:39] <Ahmedrashwan> Water background
[06:39] <Ahmedrashwan> And rabbit
[06:39] <Agunnimon> Almost exstinct poor things
[06:39] <Horsyqueen> its not water
[06:40] <Horsyqueen> dougongs are a species of like sea cow
[06:40] <Horsyqueen> like fat dolphins
[06:40] <Ahmedrashwan> Did anyone saw in 9gag..the most scary rabbits will hunt u in ur dreams?
[06:41] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[06:41] <Ahmedrashwan> Froze
[06:41] <Okamiden12> nope
[06:42] <Horsyqueen>
[06:43] <Agunnimon> Hey oka
[06:43] <Okamiden12> ?
[06:43] <Okamiden12> hi
[06:44] <Agunnimon> Do u not know me?
[06:44] <Agunnimon> Or am numbers as u say
[06:44] <Okamiden12> oh
[06:46] <Agunnimon> Surprised I see
[06:46] <Okamiden12> not really
[06:46] <Liliun> who knows markiplier
[06:46] <Okamiden12> like irl
[06:47] <Agunnimon> Never heard of him
[06:48] <Liliun> hes a youtuber
[06:49] <Horsyqueen> who
[06:50] <Okamiden12> Markiplier
[06:50] <Okamiden12> i don't watch him
[06:50] <Okamiden12> so
[06:50] <Okamiden12> idgaf
[06:50] <Okamiden12> :P
[06:51] <Liliun>
[06:51] <Agunnimon> Oh she left
[06:52] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[06:52] <Liliun> wach some of his videos
[06:54] <Liliun> who knows vanossgaming
[06:55] <Liliun> hw about skydoesminecraft
[06:55] <Liliun> *how
[06:57] <Okamiden12> i don't know if you've gathered this
[06:57] <Okamiden12> but
[06:57] <Okamiden12> [[w:c:uncyclopedia:Nobody cares|Nobody cares]]
[06:59] <Liliun> i have and why did they make a wikia like that
[07:00] <Okamiden12> it's a meme of some sort
[07:01] <Okamiden12> it's a link to wikipedia
[07:01] <Okamiden12> not this
[07:01] <Okamiden12> oh i guess it changed
[07:01] <Okamiden12> to uncyclopedia 
[07:01] <Okamiden12> XD
[07:01] <Liliun> ok
[07:02] <Maskedmoon> It would be amazing to be able to fire lasers lol
[07:02] <Agunnimon> Djinns r hard to summon, I need to come up with more complex ritual s
[07:04] <Okamiden12> you would need to use fire
[07:04] <Okamiden12> c:
[07:04] <Okamiden12> where's lesami ;-; i want her to help me shop for kinky shit
[07:05] <Agunnimon> I can't use fire
[07:05] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[07:05] <Okamiden12> sucks :|
[07:05] <Liliun> i dont know
[07:05] <Agunnimon> Back off oka les is mine
[07:05] <Okamiden12> it's the best way to summon one
[07:05] <Agunnimon> Ture
[07:05] <Agunnimon> True*
[07:05] <Agunnimon> Plusci know les longer n were veeeeeeeeeery close
[07:05] <Liliun> what?
[07:06] <Okamiden12> seems like you're just an annoyance to her :|
[07:06] <Agunnimon> I can use one of moms matches maybe
[07:06] <Agunnimon> Not at all
[07:06] <Liliun> like wtf
[07:06] <Liliun> are you talking about
[07:07] <Okamiden12> ?
[07:07] <Agunnimon> Your new huh Lil
[07:07] <Liliun> not realy
[07:07] <Agunnimon> Well just know it has to do with summoning
[07:07] <Horsyqueen> why are most girls not interested in science
[07:08] <Horsyqueen> they just seem to do it cos they can
[07:08] <Okamiden12> lol C:
[07:09] <Horsyqueen> theres like little enthusiasm in it
[07:09] <Agunnimon> To prove a point that they can because this world is so prejudice against n sexist towards women
[07:09] <Okamiden12> ?
[07:10] <Liliun> o agu you should know that i dont come here because i do extreem stuff litly
[07:10] <SuperKrill99> they seem to troll
[07:10] <Agunnimon> Why im suporting my lov cuz she wants to be a astro physicist
[07:10] <Agunnimon> Wat?
[07:11] <Agunnimon> U risk your life for little things, I like that u risk it with no fear but r still smart about it
[07:13] <Agunnimon> I respect that
[07:16] <Liliun> do you want to see a musicvideo of me playng gta 5
[07:16] <Aslal> ._.
[07:19] <Liliun>
[07:21] <Liliun> thats my channel
[07:21] <Horsyqueen>
[07:23] <Liliun> who wachd my channel and wacht my videos
[07:23] <Liliun> *wached
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> i subbed
[07:25] <SuperKrill99> the quality is horrible
[07:25] <SuperKrill99> so is the music
[07:26] <SuperKrill99> You should do commentaries
[07:26] <Hyperbeing> hi guys
[07:26] <SuperKrill99> hi
[07:26] <SuperKrill99> what do you practice?
[07:26] <Hyperbeing> me?
[07:26] <SuperKrill99> yes
[07:27] <Hyperbeing> i meditate thats basically it
[07:27] <Hyperbeing> or rather i try to
[07:27] <SuperKrill99> cool
[07:28] <Hyperbeing> thanks i guess what about you 
[07:28] <Hyperbeing> what do you practice
[07:28] <SuperKrill99> At the moment
[07:28] <SuperKrill99> pyro
[07:28] <SuperKrill99> Heat resistance
[07:28] <SuperKrill99> I need more candles
[07:28] <Hyperbeing> cl what tech do you use
[07:28] <Hyperbeing> cool
[07:29] <SuperKrill99> I want to do aerokinesis and atmo too
[07:29] <SuperKrill99> I can heat my body in meditation
[07:30] <Liliun> thats cool
[07:30] <SuperKrill99> Its ok I guess
[07:30] <SuperKrill99> But Liliun you should get better quality for your videos
[07:31] <SuperKrill99> also change up the music 
[07:31] <Liliun> sorry
[07:31] <SuperKrill99> Its fine
[07:31] <SuperKrill99> But youtube is a commitment
[07:32] <SuperKrill99> Even though I don't do videos
[07:32] <SuperKrill99> The last video you made was 6 months ago
[07:33] <SuperKrill99> Hyper
[07:33] <Liliun> i don't do videos animore
[07:33] <SuperKrill99> Oh
[07:34] <SuperKrill99> Have you heard of reality manipulation?
[07:34] <Liliun> first i have a shiti phone second i cant download videos to youtube anymore
[07:34] <SuperKrill99> Oh that stnks
[07:35] <Liliun> and no i havent
[07:35] <SuperKrill99> Reality Manipulation is the ability to shift, change or manipulate the world around you. By doing reality manipulation you can change, destroy, or even alter reality just by thinking about it. 
[07:35] <Liliun> can you tell me abot it
[07:36] <Liliun> sorry
[07:36] <SuperKrill99> its fine
[07:36] <Liliun> im a slow writer
[07:36] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[07:36] <SuperKrill99> I just copyed and pasted it
[07:37] <SuperKrill99> So what do you practice Liliun
[07:37] <SuperKrill99> ?
[07:37] <Liliun> crono
[07:37] <SuperKrill99> THATS EPIC
[07:37] <Liliun> cronokinesis
[07:37] <SuperKrill99> I have always wondered about that
[07:37] <SuperKrill99> Does it workz?
[07:38] <SuperKrill99> work/
[07:38] <SuperKrill99> work*
[07:38] <Liliun> yes
[07:38] <SuperKrill99> How?
[07:38] <SuperKrill99> That's amazing
[07:38] <SuperKrill99> Tell me about it
[07:39] <Liliun> the part about how i do it or the part how it looks like
[07:39] <SuperKrill99> looks like
[07:39] <Hyperbeing> hmm
[07:40] <Hyperbeing> time and space is distorted by gravity i hear
[07:40] <Liliun> ok when you freeze time everithing will turn slower entil it stops
[07:41] <SuperKrill99> Everything looks slow?
[07:41] <Liliun> whell at first then it stops
[07:41] <SuperKrill99> THATS AMAZING
[07:42] <SuperKrill99> How do you train?
[07:42] <Liliun> and then you can have funn
[07:43] <SuperKrill99> how do you train?
[07:43] <Hyperbeing> are you sure thats what happens 
[07:43] <SuperKrill99> By just listening to a clock?
[07:44] <Hyperbeing> i heard of a case invlovling that one sec let me check t up
[07:45] <Hyperbeing> its on wikipedia somewhere but i cant ind it
[07:45] <Hyperbeing> i forgot what it was called but basiclly it when you look at a clock
[07:45] <Hyperbeing> and focus on it 
[07:45] <Liliun> you close your eyes and hear the clock ticking then consitrate and then think that everithing stops and then do it very lon and it will work.
[07:46] <Hyperbeing> and for a moment it looks as if the clock stops 
[07:46] <Hyperbeing> or is slowed down
[07:46] <SuperKrill99>
[07:46] <SuperKrill99> read this
[07:47] <Hyperbeing> me
[07:47] <SuperKrill99> yes
[07:47] <Hyperbeing> not a good idea using real super powers as an axample
[07:47] <Hyperbeing> i been a member there once
[07:48] <Hyperbeing> it has a bad rep among the sites
[07:48] <Hyperbeing> lat time check
[07:48] <Hyperbeing> brb
[07:49] <Liliun> do you know that i took a break in school by using cronokinesis
[07:50] <SuperKrill99> cool
[07:50] <SuperKrill99> How long did it take for you to master the abilitie?
[07:50] <Liliun> about 13 years
[07:51] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[07:51] <SuperKrill99> That's legit
[07:51] <SuperKrill99> Well I typed master it
[07:51] <Liliun> ok ok 5
[07:51] <SuperKrill99> Cool
[07:51] <SuperKrill99> I may train today
[07:52] <SuperKrill99> I hear you have to focus on the ticks and tocks right?
[07:52] <Liliun> o remember you half to meditate
[07:52] <SuperKrill99> I know
[07:52] <Liliun> good
[07:52] <SuperKrill99> That's awsome
[07:53] <SuperKrill99> I never met someone that could do chrono
[07:53] <SuperKrill99> Now I can speed up time in school
[07:53] <SuperKrill99> And slow it down to study
[07:54] <Liliun> o and be in a quiet room ok
[07:54] <SuperKrill99> fine
[07:54] <Liliun> it will help
[07:54] <SuperKrill99> Its weird how the brain works
[07:55] <Liliun> i know
[07:55] <SuperKrill99> How long should I practice?
[07:57] <Liliun> about 1 or 2 hours you can try 3 or 4 to if you want
[07:57] <Liliun> i try 4
[07:57] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[07:57] <SuperKrill99> That's long
[07:57] <SuperKrill99> I am a beginner though
[07:57] <SuperKrill99> wouldn't it hut my brain
[07:57] <Hyperbeing> im back
[07:57] <Liliun> at first i tried 1
[07:57] <Liliun> hour
[07:58] <SuperKrill99> It takes so much concentration
[07:58] <Liliun> and no
[07:58] <Liliun> i know
[07:58] <Hyperbeing> i ound it
[07:58] <SuperKrill99> I guess during the meditation you speed up time right?
[07:58] <Hyperbeing>
[07:59] <Hyperbeing> hi
[07:59] <Hyperbeing> i wonder why i mostly miss the f
[07:59] <Liliun> you can try that if you want you can slow it down to
[08:00] <Liliun> hi hyper
[08:00] <SuperKrill99> so 
[08:01] <SuperKrill99> Time is an illusion
[08:01] <SuperKrill99> no action or event= no time
[08:01] <Hyperbeing> time is confusing
[08:01] <SuperKrill99> It is really complex
[08:01] <Hyperbeing> one theory is that everhing that happened already happened
[08:02] <Hyperbeing> but we are merly living in the past
[08:02] <SuperKrill99> That's why we get Deja Vu
[08:02] <Hyperbeing> i am gonna ook that up later
[08:02] <SuperKrill99> In order to stop time that would take a long time to master
[08:04] <SuperKrill99> I believe in this stuff though
[08:04] <SuperKrill99> Because there is no real
[08:04] <SuperKrill99> This world is just a perception of thought
[08:04] <Hyperbeing> when you look up to the sky you see into te past
[08:04] <Hyperbeing> it takes min or the light of the sun to reach earth
[08:04] <Ahmedrashwan> So u r using blinking technique
[08:05] <Hyperbeing> 8
[08:05] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[08:05] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[08:05] <Saadian> Hello!
[08:05] <Hyperbeing> that means when we se the sun we are looking 8 min into the past
[08:05] <Hyperbeing> hey saad
[08:05] <Saadian> I have returned!
[08:05] <Liliun> hi saadian
[08:05] <Saadian> HOLY SHIT
[08:06] <Saadian> You mean... if I look at the sun right NOW
[08:06] <Hyperbeing> you looking 8 min into the past
[08:06] <Saadian> I will be looking at what it was like 8 mins ago?!
[08:06] <Saadian> HOLY SHIT!
[08:06] <Saadian> MIND! BLOWN!
[08:06] <Hyperbeing> similar or other stars
[08:06] <Hyperbeing> expet the ywould be over thousands o ears
[08:07] <Saadian> * Saadian 's mind explodes so many times. *
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> hey saadian
[08:07] <Saadian> Horsy :D 
[08:07] <Saadian> * Saadian glomps Horsy. *
[08:07] <XeRhyme> Hey guys.
[08:08] <Hyperbeing> something is wrong with my keyboard
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> *hugs*
[08:08] <Saadian> hey
[08:08] <Saadian> I need sex ed stuff....
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> why
[08:08] <Saadian> I'm doing a talk to my citizenship class about sex and the human body
[08:09] <Saadian> lol, I was typing that out
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> go on fb
[08:09] <Saadian> then you asked
[08:09] <Saadian> XD
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> message me
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> i forgot your name
[08:09] <Saadian> oh gods.
[08:09] <Saadian> Ima get spammed
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> i know a lot
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> but your bio text book should have what u need
[08:13] <Saadian> What text book Horsy?
[08:13] <Saadian> This is citizenship, not biology
[08:13] <Hyperbeing> wb
[08:13] <Saadian> + we haven't moved onto sex and the human body in Biology
[08:13] <Saadian> (thanks)
[08:14] <Horsyqueen> GCSE AQA biology
[08:14] <Saadian> Don't have access
[08:15] <Saadian> :/
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> someone keeps logging into my thing i think
[08:15] <Saadian> :/
[08:15] <Hyperbeing> hmm
[08:16] <Liliun> the look who it is
[08:16] <Saadian> You should change your password...
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> i aint sure if they are
[08:17] <Saadian> Jaacob!
[08:17] <SuperKrill99> guys I am trying atmo indoors right now
[08:17] <Jaacob> hey saad ^-^
[08:17] <Saadian> * Saadian glomps Jaacob. *
[08:17] <Jaacob> (squeeze) 
[08:17] <XeRhyme> brb
[08:17] <Saadian> Been too long bud!
[08:17] <Liliun> hi jaacob
[08:17] <Saadian> Krill
[08:17] <Jaacob> hey lili :D 
[08:18] <Saadian> I did that at school yesterday
[08:18] <Saadian> It was hilarious!
[08:18] <Horsyqueen> its mikko
[08:18] <SuperKrill99> why?
[08:18] <Horsyqueen> *hey
[08:18] <Saadian> I'll pm you
[08:18] <Jaacob> lol, hey
[08:19] <Jaacob> wouldn't it be fun to stay awake all night?
[08:19] <Liliun> i did it many times
[08:20] <Liliun> and it works only on game
[08:20] <Liliun> fun game
[08:20] <Liliun> *games
[08:20] <Jaacob> hmm I'm curious to try. I haven't tried it this summer lol
[08:21] <Saadian> I did it this weekend
[08:21] <Saadian> I was up at 10 am, got to sleep the following day at c11am
[08:21] <Liliun> try it
[08:21] <Liliun> jaacob
[08:22] <Jaacob> but here's the thing. I don't want to fall asleep in the morning. if I'm to stay awake all night I have to stay till next evening/night lol
[08:22] <Jaacob> cool saad :D 
[08:22] <Horsyqueen> mikko
[08:22] <Horsyqueen> arent u tired?
[08:22] <Jaacob> no
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> u said u were
[08:23] <Jaacob> I was 
[08:23] <Liliun> trye it with awesome games
[08:23] <Jaacob> somehow got refreshed lol
[08:23] <Jaacob> but I don't play any awesome game D:
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> suddenly
[08:23] <Jaacob> yeah, lol
[08:23] <Horsyqueen> when its best for u?
[08:24] <Liliun> try it may times
[08:24] <Liliun> then
[08:24] <Jaacob> what you mean beccy? o.o
[08:24] <Jaacob> try what, lili? 
[08:24] <Horsyqueen> so your tired when u want to be
[08:24] <Liliun> to be awake
[08:25] <Jaacob> no I'm tired when I get bored lol
[08:25] <XeRhyme> Back
[08:25] <Jaacob> guess I should. I will get all hyper and weird when I'm really tired lol
[08:25] <Liliun> then do ssomething fun
[08:25] <Jaacob> hmm
[08:26] <Liliun> i thought of something funny
[08:26] <Jaacob> what is it lol
[08:27] <Liliun> nofthing
[08:27] <Jaacob> o.o okay then ._.
[08:27] <Saadian> * Saadian returns with ice-chilled lemon-and-lime flavoured water. *
[08:27] <Liliun> why dont you get some one to sleep in your house
[08:28] <Saadian> I'll sleep over!
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[08:28] <Saadian> Don't worry telling me where you live, I already know!
[08:28] <Liliun> good
[08:28] <Saadian> (pedo) 
[08:28] <Jaacob> (unamused) 
[08:28] <Liliun> then lets do that
[08:28] <Jaacob> hey rev
[08:28] <Saadian> * Saadian eats a packet of Pom-Bears suggestively. *
[08:28] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[08:28] <Jaacob> lol
[08:29] <Liliun> hi night guy
[08:29] <Saadian> * Saadian is happy to announce that they are now a member of the LGBT community. *
[08:29] <Rêveur of the Night> Hello
[08:29] <Saadian> Night Lili
[08:29] <Saadian> Best. Name. Ever.
[08:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[08:30] <Liliun> so how are you
[08:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Tired
[08:31] <Saadian> * Saadian is feeling bisexual. *
[08:31] <Rêveur of the Night> <_>
[08:31] <Saadian> * Saadian glomps Jaacob. *
[08:31] <Liliun> brb got to pee
[08:32] <Saadian> have fun!
[08:32] <Saadian> * Saadian watches through window. *
[08:32] <Horsyqueen> lol
[08:33] <Jaacob> lolol
[08:33] <Saadian> oh crap
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> mikko has a admirer
[08:33] <Saadian> I've been noticed!
[08:33] <Saadian> Quick!
[08:33] <Saadian> We all have to frame Jaacob!
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> its cute
[08:34] <Saadian> * Saadian frames Jaacob. *
[08:34] <Jaacob> ._.
[08:34] <Saadian> This painting of Jaacob looks goo there... I think if I move it just to the left..
[08:34] <Jaacob> lol
[08:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Awkward
[08:35] <Saadian>
[08:36] <Liliun> thats yust google
[08:37] <Liliun> *just
[08:38] <Rêveur of the Night> That's the point
[08:39] <Liliun> ok
[08:39] <Saadian> it's let me Google that for you
[08:39] <Liliun> soooo
[08:40] <Rêveur of the Night> I think I've seen you before, but I gotta ask
[08:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Are you new, Liliun?
[08:40] <Liliun> no
[08:41] <Rêveur of the Night> Though so
[08:41] <Liliun> i just dont come here a while
[08:41] <Liliun> ups typo
[08:42] <Liliun> sometimes
[08:42] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm
[08:43] <Ahmedrashwan> .___________.
[08:43] <Liliun> i might come here tommorow
[08:43] <Liliun> hi ahme
[08:43] <Saadian> * Saadian punches self in face. *
[08:43] <Liliun> *ahmed
[08:44] <Saadian> KAME HAME HAAAA
[08:44] <Saadian> FUS RO DAH!
[08:44] <Ahmedrashwan> * Ahmed want to have star
[08:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Saadian -3-
[08:44] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi
[08:44] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[08:44] <Ahmedrashwan> Liiun
[08:44] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi
[08:44] <Liliun> how do you get a star
[08:45] <Rêveur of the Night> I'm a chat moderator
[08:45] <Ahmedrashwan> Like revur and les XD
[08:45] <Ahmedrashwan> Ahmed want star
[08:45] <Liliun> i know les but not revur
[08:45] <Ahmedrashwan> ._________.
[08:46] <Liliun> ooooo ups
[08:46] <Ahmedrashwan> LOL
[08:46] <Liliun> sorry revur
[08:46] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[08:46] <Ahmedrashwan> I was just say that
[08:46] <Saadian> Reveur...
[08:46] <Saadian> is chat mod/admin?!
[08:46] <Saadian> * Saadian runs and hides for cover. *
[08:46] <Saadian> * Saadian quivers in fear. *
[08:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Mod
[08:47] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[08:47] <Liliun> * Liliun is tierd. *
[08:48] <Saadian> help...
[08:48] <Rêveur of the Night> As long as you don't break the rules, you're fine
[08:48] <Ahmedrashwan> * Ahmed want star...ahmed want to be *
[08:48] <Ahmedrashwan> Mid
[08:48] <Liliun> i hope i never get banned
[08:48] <Saadian> * Saadian totally wasn't breaking the rules by perving through Reveur's window earlier. *
[08:49] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[08:49] <Kile574> Hold the phone !
[08:49] <Kile574> Saadian!
[08:49] <Liliun> hi kile
[08:49] <Kile574> Hello
[08:49] <Truely Unknown> Ahmed 
[08:49] <Kile574> Saadian come back D:
[08:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Tutu, Kile
[08:50] <Kile574> Yes?
[08:50] <Truely Unknown> I would like it if you wouldn't post blogs about stuff we deleted already .
[08:50] <Ahmedrashwan> * the admins came in chat... Ahmed hide in corner *
[08:50] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[08:50] <Ahmedrashwan> Oh
[08:50] <Kile574> waitt what did he post ?
[08:50] <Truely Unknown> Yes Rev
[08:51] <Truely Unknown> A blog about Kaioken and Aggulokinesis.
[08:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi o_o
[08:51] <Kile574> aggulokinesis? o.o
[08:51] <Ahmedrashwan> Will
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> ahemd are u okay?
[08:51] <Ahmedrashwan> Well
[08:51] <Ahmedrashwan> Umhdhwskgx
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> O.o?
[08:52] <Ahmedrashwan> My tongue in 
[08:52] <Ahmedrashwan> Plaryze 
[08:52] <Ahmedrashwan> My blogs
[08:52] <Liliun> o no ahmed is crazy or tierd
[08:52] <Ahmedrashwan> Will be deleted right?
[08:53] <Ahmedrashwan> My blogs
[08:53] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[08:53] <Liliun> no they wont
[08:53] <Liliun> mabye
[08:53] <Kile574> Why did you even title it that ?
[08:53] <Kile574> like. really xD
[08:53] <Truely Unknown> I don't know. I'm just trying to prevent it from happening again.
[08:54] <Ahmedrashwan> Wow..titls like I movies XD
[08:54] <Ahmedrashwan> In movie
[08:54] <Ahmedrashwan> S
[08:54] <Liliun> kile can i ask a question
[08:54] <Kile574> Sure
[08:55] <Ahmedrashwan> Well...I love copied the articles in this site
[08:55] <Ahmedrashwan> Even if it deleted before?
[08:55] <Liliun> whats the time at your country?
[08:55] <Kile574> 3:55pm
[08:56] <Horsyqueen> you can be smart with titles
[08:56] <Liliun> mins 23:56
[08:56] <Ahmedrashwan> Me
[08:56] <Ahmedrashwan> Horsy
[08:56] <Horsyqueen> ?
[08:56] <Truely Unknown> Why don't you just copy them into your computers hard drive instead of bringing old fake pages back in the shape of blogs.
[08:57] <Ahmedrashwan> About titles
[08:57] <Kile574> Alright about that aggulokinesis one 
[08:57] <Kile574> lets say it IS real.
[08:57] <Ahmedrashwan> Well I love reading them
[08:57] <Kile574> If it was possible it would kill you.
[08:57] <Horsyqueen> creative titles look better
[08:57] <Kile574> or at the very leas fossilize you o.o
[08:58] <Horsyqueen> in articles anyway
[08:58] <Ahmedrashwan> Agglukinss I tried it before
[08:58] <Rushontherun> Whats aggulokinesis?
[08:58] <SuperKrill99> its trollkinesis
[08:58] <Truely Unknown> Proof please?
[08:58] <Liliun> whats aggulokinesis?
[08:58] <Kile574> Unless somehow your skin/body only took on the characteristics , but it doesnt say that. it says that your merging with it which im sure would ...not turn out well
[08:58] <Ahmedrashwan> I tried it on my wall house
[08:59] <Rushontherun> What is it
[08:59] <Ahmedrashwan> Rush..
[08:59] <Ahmedrashwan> See my blogs
[08:59] <Rushontherun> kk
[08:59] <Kile574> Well if you could do it again and post a picture of the result (given that it has a visible result) id love to see it o.o
[08:59] <Horsyqueen> oh phasing
[08:59] <Kile574> not phasing. merging with objects :|
[08:59] <Truely Unknown> Not phasing.
[08:59] <Truely Unknown> thats borderline fusion.
[08:59] <Kile574> Basically what Kevin11 does in ben10.
[09:00] <Ahmedrashwan> Not really agglukiness
[09:00] <Kile574> its like the part of phasing where you get stuck in the wall xD
[09:00] <Horsyqueen> ohhhh merging
[09:00] <Truely Unknown> So can I delete it.
[09:00] <Ahmedrashwan> Delete them
[09:00] <Kile574> Thats more up to him o.o
[09:00] <Kile574> welp.
[09:01] <Kile574> * Kile574 backs away
[09:01] <Ahmedrashwan> But I want
[09:01] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[09:01] <Truely Unknown> He have me the green light.
[09:01] <Ahmedrashwan> Wait
[09:01] <Horsyqueen> well since people dont attempt to learn
[09:01] <Horsyqueen> and you aint willing to do anything about it
[09:01] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm already have them
[09:01] <Ahmedrashwan> But 
[09:01] <Rushontherun> Itd be impossible to merge with diamond and metal
[09:01] <Horsyqueen> you might as well leave it there
[09:02] <Kile574> Well by all means someone train the ability and post proof it works
[09:02] <Saadian> * Saadian throws a pamphlet at Kile-kun. *
[09:02] <Ahmedrashwan> If quantikinss
[09:02] <Truely Unknown> Ignoring your comments horsy.
[09:02] <Horsyqueen> proof is overused
[09:02] <HawkTech> kile
[09:02] <Ahmedrashwan> Is possible
[09:02] <Horsyqueen> theres little proof that can be provided for a lot of things
[09:02] <HawkTech> did you sleep?
[09:02] <Ahmedrashwan> Truly
[09:02] <Ahmedrashwan> In pm
[09:03] <Truely Unknown> Then it means then it might not be real off there is no proof.
[09:03] <Ahmedrashwan> Pls
[09:03] <HawkTech> oh kile do you want the blox
[09:03] <Horsyqueen> you dont need proof for something to be real
[09:03] <Kile574> Yes !
[09:03] <Horsyqueen> theres no proof atoms are the shape we think they are
[09:03] <Liliun> mabie it is
[09:04] <Horsyqueen> theres just proof its organised
[09:04] <Truely Unknown> But there is evidence that suggests so.
[09:04] <Hyperbeing> hi
[09:04] <Jokunenf> hello!
[09:04] <Kile574> Hello
[09:04] <Hyperbeing> hello hello 
[09:04] <Ahmedrashwan> Don't delete it now truly
[09:04] <Liliun> sup
[09:04] <Horsyqueen> theres evidence to surgest noahs ark exists
[09:04] <Ahmedrashwan> My blogs
[09:04] <Jokunenf> can someone tell me where I can find staff list, please? :) 
[09:04] <Ahmedrashwan> It's just blogs
[09:05] <HawkTech> KILE
[09:05] <Rêveur of the Night> I'll link it
[09:05] <HawkTech> stop ignoring me
[09:05] <Horsyqueen> or that the nephilium were real
[09:05] <Rêveur of the Night> [[Staff List]]
[09:05] <Hyperbeing> hey hawk
[09:05] <Hyperbeing> horsy i watched ancient aliens
[09:05] <Hyperbeing> and they came with an intresting theory n it
[09:05] <Horsyqueen> ancient aliens is a waste of time
[09:05] <Jokunenf> thanks!
[09:05] <Kile574> Dude i love ancient aliens 
[09:05] <Kile574> Its so entertaining 
[09:05] <Hyperbeing> i think they do it good
[09:06] <Horsyqueen> its missed soo many points
[09:06] <Hyperbeing> and i omewhat beleive
[09:06] <Horsyqueen> and ignoring fossil records
[09:06] <Rêveur of the Night> No problem
[09:06] <Hyperbeing> anyway n ancient aliens they suggested it was a spaceship that instead o having actualy animals
[09:06] <Jokunenf> i know its not my place but why is there only 3 admins and mods? :O
[09:07] <Kile574> That's just how we roll.
[09:07] <Liliun> what hapens when you click edit in the staff files
[09:07] <Kile574> 3 admins so one can always be a tiebreaker in our decisions , and 3 mods because... well. you know, chat mods .
[09:07] <Hyperbeing> they had the dna
[09:07] <Horsyqueen> they surgested stupid stuff
[09:07] <Horsyqueen> a tiebreaker inwhich you ignore one of the persons opinions
[09:07] <Horsyqueen> ales it suits you
[09:07] <Horsyqueen> even if it causes problems later on
[09:08] <Kile574> Horsy can you not ?
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> well its not my fault
[09:08] <Jokunenf> well i understand the admin part but shouldnt there be like 5 or 6 mods :O you know when some are asleep 
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> i told you
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> and you ignored me
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> if you didnt
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> there wouldnt be soo many arguments recently
[09:08] <Kile574> Our mods are surprisingly active .
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> oor so many problems
[09:08] <Hyperbeing> horsy i you have a problem with somone then pm them or ignore them 
[09:08] <Kile574> Horsy, this can go on all day from both sides.
[09:08] <SuperKrill99> kile you have a pm
[09:08] <Truely Unknown> I still feel incomplete without that final mod.
[09:08] <Kile574> If you wanna talk about it pm me.
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> tried that
[09:09] <Horsyqueen> they wont listen
[09:09] <Kile574> we have a final mod ._. the normal number was 3.
[09:09] <Horsyqueen> i could give them logs
[09:09] <Horsyqueen> or pictures
[09:09] <Hyperbeing> wait were you responding to me horsy
[09:09] <Horsyqueen> nothing would work
[09:09] <Hyperbeing> about the pm thing
[09:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Can you do that in pm?
[09:09] <Horsyqueen> so i have stuff i aint gonna bother to show
[09:09] <Horsyqueen> because no ones gonna do anything
[09:09] <Kile574> no you have to do it in skype.
[09:10] <Rêveur of the Night> Or skype*
[09:10] <Horsyqueen> something could happen
[09:10] <Horsyqueen> and no on would do anything
[09:10] <Kile574> brb
[09:10] <Liliun> ok
[09:10] <Horsyqueen> they claim they will
[09:10] <Horsyqueen> but all i have seen is a couple of warnings and kicks
[09:10] <Horsyqueen> kicks just make people more pissed off
[09:10] <Liliun> brb
[09:10] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright, I'm giving you your first warning ._.
[09:10] <Horsyqueen> and make situations worse
[09:11] <Horsyqueen> -.-
[09:11] <Rêveur of the Night> -.-
[09:11] <Hyperbeing> hey reveur
[09:11] <Hyperbeing> how are you
[09:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm?
[09:11] <Horsyqueen> see your not listening
[09:11] <SuperKrill99>
[09:11] <Horsyqueen> i say somethings wrong
[09:11] <Horsyqueen> and i just get warnings
[09:12] <Horsyqueen> so when someone comes here with racist comments its fine is it?
[09:12] <SuperKrill99> NO
[09:12] <Horsyqueen> i dont like people trying to on purposly insult me and my friends
[09:12] <SuperKrill99> :yes 
[09:12] <SuperKrill99> 1:30 Saadian:I visualized the sky 
[09:12] <SuperKrill99> : how it was 
[09:12] <SuperKrill99> 1:30 SuperKrill99:I think I did atmo just a minute ago 
[09:12] <SuperKrill99> : Like 
[09:12] <SuperKrill99> : I kind of felt
[09:12] <Rêveur of the Night> If you want to talk about this with the admins
[09:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Take it to pm, or skype please
[09:13] <Liliun> im back
[09:13] <Horsyqueen> well first listen
[09:13] <Horsyqueen> get people to listen for once
[09:13] <Horsyqueen> because i have said soo many times
[09:13] <Horsyqueen> and nothing is done
[09:13] <Horsyqueen> and its not nice
[09:13] <SuperEliteJordan> Hello all
[09:13] <Truely Unknown> Horsy enough or I will kick you. Take it to PM or drop it.
[09:13] <Liliun> hi
[09:14] <Hyperbeing> hi jordan
[09:14] <Horsyqueen> especially to be insulted every few days
[09:14] <Hyperbeing> horsy come talk with me in pm
[09:14] <Horsyqueen> please listen then
[09:14] <Arro Yunora> Corrosion~ 
[09:15] <Kile574> my hair has been perfect the past few days.
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[09:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Arguement I presume?
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[09:15] <Saadian> * Saadian pokes Tutu's face. *
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[09:15] <Horsyqueen> i proved my point
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[09:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Krill
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[09:15] <Horsyqueen> brb gonna talk to hyper
[09:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Enough
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> Ok
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> (dance) 
[09:15] <Kile574> Shoullda just kicked him
[09:15] <SuperKrill99> No
[09:16] <SuperEliteJordan> (Stick)
[09:16] <Arro Yunora> ^ @Kile
[09:16] <Liliun> yes
[09:16] <SuperKrill99> (dance) 
[09:16] <Rêveur of the Night> So far I think this is the third time
[09:16] <SuperKrill99> Liliun'
[09:16] <Kile574> ban him ._.
[09:16] <SuperKrill99> DONT
[09:16] <Truely Unknown> Yes ban him.
[09:16] <SuperKrill99> IM SORRY
[09:16] <Kile574> Go rev ._.
[09:16] <Rushontherun> lol
[09:16] <Liliun> nooooooooooo
[09:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Now your doing caps
[09:17] <Truely Unknown> if he spammed like this over 3 times I think it's time for a ban.
[09:17] <SuperKrill99> no
[09:17] <Liliun> wait what
[09:17] <SuperKrill99> I did this 1 time
[09:17] <Kile574> Thats a lie :l
[09:17] <SuperKrill99> itr wasn't a spam
[09:17] <SuperEliteJordan> And is direspecting with caps I beliebe
[09:17] <SuperKrill99> it was the lag
[09:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Believe*
[09:17] <SuperKrill99> the lag did this
[09:17] <Arro Yunora> If he's been doing this for the past few days i'd say that fairly adds on to it ^-^
[09:17] <Rushontherun> The lagg lol
[09:17] <Liliun> can i just leave
[09:17] <SuperKrill99> I havnt yesterday
[09:17] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright
[09:18] <Rêveur of the Night> 1 hour
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> i have dislexya
[09:18] <Liliun> yes bbt
[09:18] <Kile574> isnt the limit two hours ?
[09:18] <SuperEliteJordan> For ban?
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> i can read thing faster when it spams
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> im sorry
[09:18] <Kile574> yeah, i think thats the shortest amount of time.
[09:18] <Horsyqueen> 2 hours is the least
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> n
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> o
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> no
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> plz
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> im sorry
[09:18] <Horsyqueen> krill you do need a lesson
[09:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Longest I heard was 2 days
[09:18] <Rêveur of the Night> Can't I end it though?
[09:18] <Horsyqueen> but theres other methods
[09:18] <SuperKrill99> no i dont
[09:18] <Horsyqueen> i think its a year is the most
[09:19] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[09:19] <Rushontherun> Krill ive seen you provoke fights to
[09:19] <Horsyqueen> not through banning
[09:19] <SuperKrill99> you can never catch me
[09:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Infinite is the most
[09:19] <Horsyqueen> theres alternative methods
[09:19] <SuperKrill99> TO THE BATCAVE
[09:19] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[09:19] <Ahmedrashwan> Run krill
[09:19] <Rêveur of the Night> I was about to do that
[09:19] <Horsyqueen> i spent weeks working with a kid
[09:19] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[09:19] <SuperEliteJordan> How long was the ban?
[09:19] <Horsyqueen> who had problems
[09:19] <Truely Unknown> Took too long.
[09:19] <SuperEliteJordan> How long was the ban?
[09:19] <Rêveur of the Night> You beat me by half a second XD
[09:19] <Horsyqueen> avin
[09:20] <Horsyqueen> i need to message u
[09:20] <EinsVanCat> ok..
[09:20] <Horsyqueen> cos i need some advise
[09:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Did he really type to the batcave...
[09:20] <Rushontherun> lol he did
[09:20] <Rêveur of the Night> You feeling better today eins?
[09:21] <Rêveur of the Night> Eins*
[09:21] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm just glad you guys saw it to
[09:21] <Rushontherun> lol
[09:21] <EinsVanCat> Yeah.. I feel better.
[09:21] <Rushontherun> he said you guys can never catch me to lol
[09:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Then he'll say "id never do that!"
[09:22] <Rushontherun> Lol he blamed it on the lag
[09:22] <SuperEliteJordan> How long was his ban though?
[09:22] <Truely Unknown> 2 hours.
[09:22] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[09:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok thanks
[09:22] <Ahmedrashwan> A
[09:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Good bye krill
[09:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Turly......PM
[09:24] <Ahmedrashwan> What he did...he spammed?
[09:24] <Truely Unknown> Yup.
[09:25] <SuperEliteJordan> For some reason I think spamming as trolling
[09:25] <Truely Unknown> Ahmed.
[09:25] <Truely Unknown> Pm
[09:26] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[09:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Jonas g was spamming in his blog
[09:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Leaving the chat
[09:27] <EinsVanCat> huh?
[09:27] <Truely Unknown> He was? 
[09:27] <Rêveur of the Night> ^
[09:27] <SuperEliteJordan> I rad that blog
[09:27] <Horsyqueen> word of mouth
[09:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Read*
[09:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Said he can't improve his psionics on chat
[09:29] <Ahmedrashwan> But I think Jonas has point
[09:29] <Arro Yunora> Jonas G wasn't spamming.
[09:29] <Hyperbeing> who is jonas
[09:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Jonas.g
[09:30] <SuperEliteJordan> ...
[09:30] <Arro Yunora> That was someone else Jordan
[09:30] <EinsVanCat> good god
[09:30] <Ahmedrashwan> The chat its just waste of time
[09:30] <EinsVanCat> he's messaged every single one of us
[09:30] <EinsVanCat> on our walls
[09:30] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm not
[09:30] <Ahmedrashwan> Well..i will see
[09:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Really eins he did that?
[09:32] <EinsVanCat> Ahmed
[09:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Bye gtg to the movies
[09:32] <EinsVanCat> I'm working on things that will make the chat better to be in.
[09:32] <Horsyqueen> 'laugh at the hangman as he puts the noose around your neck. But an eye, an ear, for the ridiculous, the absurd in life, can get you through a lot.'
[09:33] <Horsyqueen> the first bit of the quote is boring
[09:33] <Horsyqueen> but something is drawing me to a phrase so some symbology work has to be done
[09:34] <Ahmedrashwan> .. 
[09:34] <HawkTech> who
[09:34] <HawkTech> was
[09:34] <HawkTech> banned
[09:34] <HawkTech> ?
[09:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Krill
[09:35] <HawkTech> full name
[09:35] <Rêveur of the Night> SuperKrill
[09:35] <HawkTech> 99?
[09:35] <Rêveur of the Night> The one and only
[09:35] <Hyperbeing> why is he being banned
[09:35] <Hyperbeing> srry i m multitasking 
[09:35] <Hyperbeing> so i am not ully following everything
[09:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Spam
[09:35] <HawkTech> he spammed
[09:35] <HawkTech> got banned for 2 hours
[09:35] <Hyperbeing> i see 
[09:36] <Hyperbeing> hey hawk
[09:36] <EinsVanCat> Then pretty much proceeded to spam us about it.. lol
[09:36] <Hyperbeing> how have you been
[09:36] <HawkTech> good
[09:38] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[09:39] <Hyperbeing> silence feels the chat
[09:39] <Hyperbeing> ills
[09:39] <Hyperbeing> fills
[09:39] <Hyperbeing> man that was a superfail
[09:39] <Rêveur of the Night> lo
[09:39] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[09:39] <Rêveur of the Night> <_>
[09:39] <EinsVanCat> Silence is feeling up the chat?
[09:39] <Hyperbeing> ha you failed to
[09:39] <Hyperbeing> i meant to say fillled
[09:40] <Hyperbeing> though i hope a person named silence doesnt do that to a person named chat
[09:40] <PsykJames> hey
[09:40] <Hyperbeing> hiiiiii
[09:40] <Truely Unknown> Hi James.
[09:40] <PsykJames> so how's it goin'
[09:42] <Ahmedrashwan> Psy
[09:42] <Ahmedrashwan> Leaves again
[09:42] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[09:43] <Ahmedrashwan> he didn't lived too long
[09:44] <Hyperbeing> may he rest in peace
[09:45] <Hyperbeing> one by one we are going away
[09:45] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> REV
[09:45] <Hyperbeing> hiii
[09:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Brb, going into match
[09:46] <Truely Unknown> There is no interesting topics to keep me on.
[09:46] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> want more MK7b
[09:46] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *?
[09:46] <Hyperbeing> hey truely
[09:46] <Hyperbeing> how is your day
[09:47] <Truely Unknown> My day was fine. Thanks for asking.
[09:47] <Truely Unknown> and yours?
[09:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Not now, Hero
[09:47] <Hyperbeing> im good 
[09:47] <Hyperbeing> imm sooo hyper at the moment
[09:48] <EinsVanCat> If theres no topics, then, make one.
[09:48] <Horsyqueen> i need herbs that can be used in a spell i want to do
[09:48] <Hyperbeing> what kind o spell
[09:48] <Horsyqueen> cant say
[09:49] <Hyperbeing> awww
[09:49] <EinsVanCat> Is everyone fuckin lazy about it or something?
[09:49] <EinsVanCat> "Nothing good being talked about.. Ill just AFK.."
[09:49] <EinsVanCat> Rather then
[09:49] <EinsVanCat> "Nothin good.. Lets see.. Oh! Lets talk about [x]!"
[09:49] <Hyperbeing> hey avin do you like ace in base 
[09:49] <HawkTech> eins is talking
[09:49] <Horsyqueen> i dont say any like possible spells in the places they are active or close to the time it was case
[09:49] <HawkTech> better get afk
[09:49] <Horsyqueen> *cast
[09:49] <Horsyqueen> or before it has an effect
[09:49] <Horsyqueen> or after
[09:49] <Hyperbeing> hawk dont go
[09:49] <Horsyqueen> i got shit last time
[09:49] <Hyperbeing> its been sooo long since we talked
[09:50] <HawkTech> im already gone
[09:50] <Hyperbeing> awwww
[09:50] <HawkTech> 2intense4u
[09:50] <EinsVanCat> Hawk Doesn't Like Me.
[09:50] <EinsVanCat> Understandable.
[09:50] <EinsVanCat> I pretty much hate him right now, so whatever.
[09:50] <Hyperbeing> hi
[09:51] <Hyperbeing> so avin how have you been
[09:51] <Truely Unknown> WB James.
[09:51] <EinsVanCat> Fine
[09:51] <EinsVanCat> You?
[09:51] <Truely Unknown> And lol Hawk
[09:51] <Horsyqueen> hawk reminds me of a todler
[09:51] <HawkTech> is eins hating?
[09:51] <HawkTech> sample text
[09:51] <Horsyqueen> well more of a young child
[09:51] <EinsVanCat> Drop the meme's.
[09:51] <Hyperbeing> im very hyper at the moment
[09:51] <Hyperbeing> i am also hppy or mkx
[09:52] <Horsyqueen> omfg what is blood like to burn
[09:52] <Horsyqueen> i am curious
[09:52] <Horsyqueen> i have burnt keratin
[09:52] <EinsVanCat> I'm actually getting really sick of meme's being all you say, its spammy, its non-contributive, and it can stay where it came from, every once in awhile is fine, but you're only doing it, so.
[09:52] <HawkTech> u mad m9?
[09:52] <Hyperbeing> i hear there is a small metalic smell
[09:52] <Horsyqueen> and wood
[09:52] <Horsyqueen> and plastic
[09:52] <Horsyqueen> its tempting to test it
[09:52] <PsykJames> Who wants to hear chapter 4 of "The Ghetto Chronicles"
[09:53] <Horsyqueen> but i dont have any more large candles
[09:53] <EinsVanCat> Keep it up, watch where it puts you hawk.
[09:53] <Hyperbeing> wb aslal
[09:54] <Horsyqueen> i dont really know but does anyone use an anthame?
[09:54] <Horsyqueen> icant get one till i am 18
[09:54] <Horsyqueen> but theres substitutes
[09:54] <PsykJames> so anyone learn any powerful PSI?
[09:54] <EinsVanCat> hm, I don't practice Psionics, just energy.
[09:55] <Hyperbeing> i always thought energy is part of psi 
[09:55] <PsykJames> what types of energy? energy manipulation is a part of psionics
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> psi is energy
[09:55] <Hyperbeing> oh 
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> energy manipulation is silly to me
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> i lke the term energy working
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> but since i dont do it
[09:55] <Hyperbeing> anthame is a ristual dagger right horsy
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> i dont use the term
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> yes
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> ritual dagger
[09:56] <PsykJames> PSI is a type of energy there are many other forms of energy such as KI and Jing
[09:56] <Horsyqueen> usually blunt
[09:56] <Horsyqueen> but i think sharp is better
[09:56] <Hyperbeing> i hear it is now always made o metal but sometmes wood and its purpose is not to cut anything but energy or to help focus energy
[09:56] <Horsyqueen> it represents masculinity
[09:56] <PsykJames> why is EM silly to you?
[09:56] <Horsyqueen> but the chalice doesnt appeal to me
[09:56] <Horsyqueen> well thats in wicca
[09:56] <Horsyqueen> and most paganism
[09:57] <Hyperbeing> yeah i read a wiccan book
[09:57] <Horsyqueen> in many cultures its meant to cut
[09:57] <Hyperbeing> thats where i got this
[09:57] <Horsyqueen> flesh
[09:57] <Horsyqueen> or just simple slits
[09:58] <Horsyqueen> its just how wicca is more modern
[09:58] <Horsyqueen> so its adapted to modern life
[10:00] <EinsVanCat> lol
[10:00] <EinsVanCat> before I could finally reply to Psyk.
[10:01] <Horsyqueen> avin please be on kik tommrow
[10:01] <Horsyqueen> i need someone to talk to
[10:01] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[10:01] <EinsVanCat> Hi ahmed.
[10:01] <XeRhyme> Hey guys.
[10:01] <EinsVanCat> And good morning rhyme.
[10:01] <XeRhyme> I thought we had this discussion earlier eins.
[10:01] <EinsVanCat> Lol
[10:02] <EinsVanCat> Anyways, anything anyone wants to talk about related to spiritual things?
[10:02] <XeRhyme> Eins can I talk on skype with u bout somethin?
[10:02] <EinsVanCat> sure but brb
[10:02] <XeRhyme> k
[10:02] <Horsyqueen> i am going to dream plane
[10:02] <XeRhyme> Astral?
[10:02] <Horsyqueen> no
[10:02] <Horsyqueen> sleep
[10:03] <Hyperbeing> lol
[10:05] <EinsVanCat> back
[10:07] <Hyperbeing> wb
[10:08] <Truely Unknown> Hi aslal
[10:08] <Aslal> Hello
[10:11] <Hyperbeing> hmm
[10:11] <Hyperbeing> so .... who like cake
[10:22] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[10:24] <EinsVanCat> well dead chat is dead.
[10:26] <Hyperbeing> im back
[10:28] <Hyperbeing> so what do all o you practice
[10:28] <Hyperbeing> i am currently fcung on mediation
[10:28] <EinsVanCat> Energy Control :3
[10:28] <Hyperbeing> cool
[10:28] <Hyperbeing> any progress
[10:28] <Rêveur of the Night> I mess with clouds :P
[10:29] <Hyperbeing> cool
[10:29] <Kile574> baaack
[10:29] <Kile574> Eins, le pm
[10:29] <Hyperbeing> welcome baaaaaaaack
[10:29] <EinsVanCat> ok
[10:29] <Rêveur of the Night> What do you do, Hb
[10:29] <Rêveur of the Night> ?
[10:30] <Hyperbeing> i mediate thats basicaly it
[10:31] <Hyperbeing> though i have an intrest in magick electro pyro hydro and telepathy among others
[10:32] <Rêveur of the Night> That's a lot
[10:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Interesting
[10:33] <Hyperbeing> what about you what is your intrest aside from atomokinesis
[10:34] <Rêveur of the Night> I've always wanted to fly.
[10:34] <Rêveur of the Night> But meh
[10:37] <Hyperbeing>,d.aWw
[10:37] <Hyperbeing> or you rev
[10:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Lmao
[10:39] <Hyperbeing> i coudlnt resist
[10:41] <Hyperbeing> this song makes me cry
[10:42] <Hyperbeing> * Hyperbeing holds up candle 
[10:42] <Hyperbeing> * Hyperbeing waves it around
[10:43] <Hyperbeing> hi
[10:43] <Truely Unknown> Hi.
[10:44] <HawkTech> hi
[11:23] <Kile574> So i have this recliner in my room and im officially calling it the All Nighter Recliner.
[11:28] <HawkTech> l
[11:30] <Truely Unknown> Kile quick question. Do we really need to add the ESP category when it already has the Extrasensory Perception as a category 
[11:31] <Kile574> We were replacing extrasensory perception with ESP
[11:31] <EinsVanCat> not only was it Extrasensory perception, literally its Extrasensory perception instead of Perception ( yay Im being OCD I guess. )
[11:32] <EinsVanCat> But ESP is easier to read :3
[11:32] <Truely Unknown> Meh ok.
[11:32] <EinsVanCat> Don't worry Im handling that anyways
[11:32] <EinsVanCat> Kiles too slow
[11:32] <Kile574> ;-; im watching a movie
[11:32] <Kile574> ill publish the energy page and put it on the ribbon.
[11:33] <Kile574> So excited i get to do this .__.
[11:34] <EinsVanCat> lol
[11:36] <Kile574> my mouse froze...
[11:36] <Kile574> Kiba, were about to publish the energy page. But theres not much right now.