[12:21] <VeilOfReality> :I My sister has a friend over. 
[12:21] <VeilOfReality> 0_0 He looks like a Hippy.
[12:28] <Okamiden12> make sure they use protection then
[12:28] <VeilOfReality> xD
[12:28] <Okamiden12> ;3
[12:28] <Okamiden12> yehh i know what's up
[12:28] <VeilOfReality> Just to bother them I've been playing Disney love songs very loudly.
[12:29] <Okamiden12> good girl XD
[12:30] <VeilOfReality> Hello Vegeta
[12:30] <VeilOfReality> I see how it is.
[12:30] <Okamiden12> xD
[12:31] <Okamiden12> -gives veil a clementime-
[12:31] <VeilOfReality> *hiss*
[12:34] <VeilOfReality> Huh, pretty quiet today.
[12:35] <VeilOfReality> Hello Skwirl.
[12:35] <Okamiden12> hallå skwirl
[12:36] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *pokes Okami*
[12:37] <Okamiden12> ?
[12:37] <Skwirl13> ello
[12:37] <Okamiden12> hi monchie
[12:37] <ImAMonkey> (wave) 
[12:37] <Okamiden12> hallå veggie
[12:37] <Okamiden12> how was your week ban
[12:38] <ImAMonkey> Ohayo minna~
[12:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *pokes the vegetable and the monkey*
[12:38] <ImAMonkey> Why was Vegetable banned?
[12:38] <Okamiden12> -gives monchie a childrens card game-
[12:38] <ImAMonkey> * ImAMonkey pokes Hero with a knife
[12:38] <Okamiden12> veggie is a notorious troll and spammer
[12:38] <Okamiden12> so he's up to week long ban=s now
[12:38] <Okamiden12> XD
[12:38] <Okamiden12> ban's
[12:38] <ImAMonkey> I thought he stopped trolling
[12:38] <VeilOfReality> MIKEY
[12:39] <Okamiden12> he never stahps
[12:39] <Vegeta Reborn> Hola okami 
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> Hey Sophie
[12:39] <Okamiden12> :) 
[12:39] <Vegeta Reborn> Da lag
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> I wanna learn Japanese
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> So I can go to Japan
[12:39] <Vegeta Reborn> :p
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> And watch anime
[12:39] <Vegeta Reborn> Monkey
[12:39] <Okamiden12> japan isnt as great as it seems >.>
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> Lots of anime
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> Japan is greater than it seems :D 
[12:40] <Okamiden12> ever then hush
[12:40] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> No?
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> Yea Vegetable?
[12:40] <Maskedmoon> Hello everyone?
[12:40] <Maskedmoon> How are you all?
[12:40] <Vegeta Reborn> Haii :3
[12:40] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Japan is worse but good.
[12:40] <Vegeta Reborn> Hey moon
[12:40] <VeilOfReality> Hey Masked.
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> Hi Moon and I'm coping with lyfe
[12:40] <Vegeta Reborn> Anything new?
[12:40] <Maskedmoon> Hello vegeta, veil, and monkey
[12:40] <Maskedmoon> How are you all?
[12:40] <VeilOfReality> For shame, I was second.
[12:41] <Vegeta Reborn> Mehh
[12:41] <ImAMonkey> I was last ;-;
[12:41] <Maskedmoon> Veil, monkey and vegeta*
[12:41] <Maskedmoon> Or veilonkeygeta
[12:41] <ImAMonkey> No
[12:41] <Vegeta Reborn> Veil on keygeta
[12:41] <VeilOfReality> Good, I hate being second.
[12:41] <ImAMonkey> My name is my name
[12:42] <ImAMonkey> It shall not be fused
[12:42] <Okamiden12> monchieee
[12:42] <Maskedmoon> Lol
[12:42] <Maskedmoon> Im not either one
[12:42] <Maskedmoon> Im INFINITE
[12:42] <Maskedmoon> ooooooh
[12:43] <ImAMonkey> Yea Okaaaa
[12:43] <Okamiden12> hi <3
[12:43] <ImAMonkey> Ohayo Oka-kun~
[12:44] <Okamiden12> hiiii
[12:45] <ImAMonkey> ^~^
[12:46] <ImAMonkey> I want Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax soooo much
[12:46] <ImAMonkey> Why do all the good games have to be only in Japan ;-;p
[12:46] <ImAMonkey> ;-; *
[12:46] <Okamiden12> cuz life
[12:49] <ImAMonkey> I'm leaving now
[12:49] <ImAMonkey> Oyasumi minna~
[12:50] <HawkTech> l
[12:50] <Rushontherun> おやすみ
[01:14] <Vegeta Reborn> .
[01:14] <Vegeta Reborn> .
[01:14] <Vegeta Reborn> .
[01:16] <Neptune 3> erm
[01:16] <Neptune 3> oi
[01:17] <VeilOfReality> So
[01:17] <VeilOfReality> How about them psionics?
[01:17] <Neptune 3> idk
[01:18] <Neptune 3> but i heard about that tourney coming up
[01:18] <VeilOfReality> tourney?
[01:20] <Neptune 3> tournament
[01:20] <VeilOfReality> Ooh
[01:21] <VeilOfReality> I heard of that as well.
[01:22] <Okamiden12> i had hot wings :D 
[01:29] <Vegeta Reborn> .
[01:30] <Okamiden12> :) 
[01:33] <Vegeta Reborn> :3
[01:34] <Okamiden12> -lick-
[01:37] <Okamiden12> ohi tutu
[01:37] <Vegeta Reborn> haii tutu
[01:37] <Neptune 3> so are you joining
[01:38] <Neptune 3> ya
[01:38] <Okamiden12> nah
[01:39] <SuperEliteJordan> HAAAAALLLLLLLLPPPP
[01:39] <SuperEliteJordan> excuse my caps
[01:39] <Vegeta Reborn> ??
[01:39] <Vegeta Reborn> ya need help?
[01:39] <SuperEliteJordan> My gf asked a question I don't jniw how to answer
[01:39] <Truely Unknown> Nope I'm not joining 
[01:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Know*
[01:39] <Okamiden12> jordan pm =+=
[01:39] <Okamiden12> i'll tell you what to say
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Oka what ever you think it is
[01:40] <Okamiden12> just go to the damn pm
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Kqy
[01:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Kay*
[01:41] <Vegeta Reborn> true
[01:41] <Vegeta Reborn> you should join lol
[01:42] <Okamiden12> tutu doesn't practice anyway
[01:42] <Okamiden12> XD
[01:42] <Truely Unknown> Why vegeta?
[01:42] <Truely Unknown> It's a waste of time ._.
[01:42] <Vegeta Reborn> for the fun of it XD
[01:42] <SuperEliteJordan> The alchemy tornament
[01:42] <Vegeta Reborn> show up like a pro
[01:42] <Vegeta Reborn> slap someone
[01:42] <Vegeta Reborn> say i won
[01:43] <Vegeta Reborn> you won
[01:43] <Okamiden12> jordan do you know what alchemy cook-off is
[01:43] <SuperEliteJordan> Uh
[01:43] <SuperEliteJordan> Make a alchemy 
[01:43] <Okamiden12> thaat's what i thought -_-
[01:43] <SuperEliteJordan> Product
[01:43] <SuperKrill99> Could the manipulation of negativity work? (Like pain and sorrow)
[01:43] <SuperEliteJordan> And cook it off
[01:43] <Okamiden12> -_- krill
[01:43] <SuperEliteJordan> Sounds like empathy
[01:43] <Okamiden12> how many times have we told you
[01:43] <SuperKrill99> Oh
[01:43] <Vegeta Reborn> minecraft forever 
[01:43] <Vegeta Reborn> ._.
[01:44] <Okamiden12> lol'
[01:44] <SuperKrill99> I always forget how funny you guys are XD
[01:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[01:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Mincraft 4 life
[01:44] <Truely Unknown> Vegeta. If anything I would get a laugh off of the competitions.
[01:44] <SuperKrill99> ^
[01:44] <Okamiden12> i'm baal's protesh proof reader now btw
[01:45] <Vegeta Reborn> thats why i said you should join, or at least watch lol
[01:45] <Vegeta Reborn> protesh proof reader?
[01:45] <Truely Unknown> I'm better off researching something else that could lead to something.
[01:45] <Okamiden12> yeh
[01:45] <Truely Unknown> I haven't read that link someone links to me :/
[01:46] <Vegeta Reborn> understandable
[01:46] <Vegeta Reborn> hey true, you should try researching obe's
[01:46] <SuperEliteJordan> What's a good place to learn alchemy?
[01:47] <SuperKrill99> A masters degree in medicine 
[01:47] <Truely Unknown> I have vegeta.
[01:47] <SuperKrill99> Its called being a doctor
[01:47] <SuperKrill99> Nah jk
[01:47] <SuperEliteJordan> Don't text me in that tone
[01:47] <Truely Unknown> Lol take a chemistry course 
[01:47] <SuperEliteJordan> No
[01:47] <SuperKrill99> A good place is shamanism and learning about herbs
[01:47] <SuperEliteJordan> Last time we lost the school roof
[01:47] <Truely Unknown> Anyway my research on OBEs did not turn out well 
[01:48] <SuperEliteJordan> Liquid hydrogen +bunsien burner= Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[01:48] <Okamiden12> i have an herbalism book
[01:48] <Aerys-ICTX> why truely?
[01:48] <Okamiden12> :) 
[01:48] <SuperEliteJordan> My computers IE is fucked up
[01:48] <SuperEliteJordan> IE=internet exploer
[01:49] <Okamiden12> use chrome or firefox
[01:49] <SuperKrill99> Hydrogenkinesis 
[01:49] <Truely Unknown> I found nothing conclusive.
[01:49] <Okamiden12> -smacks krill with oxygen atom-
[01:49] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[01:49] <SuperEliteJordan> I can't
[01:49] <SuperEliteJordan> I can't even use it
[01:49] <SuperEliteJordan> So I can't download quit
[01:49] <SuperEliteJordan> Shit*
[01:50] <Okamiden12> lollllllllll
[01:50] <SuperEliteJordan> Mabye I should download on my gmas computer
[01:50] <Okamiden12> ةشغلاث غع يخهح
[01:50] <SuperEliteJordan> And us a file drive to bring it to my computer
[01:50] <Truely Unknown> AFK for abut 
[01:50] <Truely Unknown> Bit*
[01:51] <Okamiden12> damn it keyboard -_-
[01:52] <Aerys-ICTX> bye
[01:52] <Aerys-ICTX> for now
[01:52] <SuperEliteJordan> Bai
[01:53] <SuperEliteJordan> Seriously what's a good site for learning alchemy
[01:53] <Okamiden12> ?
[01:53] <Okamiden12> mmm...just google herbalism
[01:54] <Okamiden12> i could also give you an herbalism book
[01:55] <SuperEliteJordan> Kay
[01:55] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Suppi
[01:55] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan using google
[01:55] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi lamia
[01:56] <SuperKrill99> Why do you wish to learn about alchemy?
[01:56] <Okamiden12> maybe he's just interested -_-
[01:56] <SuperKrill99> Hm
[01:56] <SuperEliteJordan> Seems fun :P
[01:56] <SuperEliteJordan> And also that
[01:56] <Okamiden12> anywayy jordannn
[01:57] <Okamiden12> i can help ya out too if u want in pm :) 
[01:57] <SuperEliteJordan> Kay if I get stuck I'll pm you
[01:57] <Okamiden12> alright :3
[01:58] <SuperEliteJordan> So
[01:59] <SuperKrill99> no one ever helps me
[01:59] <SuperEliteJordan> What's the most useful psi-related thing anyone knows about?
[01:59] <SuperKrill99> Healing and biok
[01:59] <Okamiden12> ^
[01:59] <Okamiden12> I use them a lot ^_^
[01:59] <SuperEliteJordan> Id have to say healing telepathy and thermoK
[02:00] <Okamiden12> thermoK doesn't work >.>
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Thermocis useful when I'm cold and don't want a blanket
[02:00] <Okamiden12> it's just a placebo like thing
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[02:00] <Okamiden12> soo..i guess technically it does work...
[02:00] <Okamiden12> e.e
[02:00] <SuperKrill99> I honestly don't care about the risks about BioK if I mess up it will just be like flying an airplane down a river (that didn't sound harsh at all, did it? lol)
[02:00] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 's head hurts
[02:00] <SuperEliteJordan> All of my hate*)!!!
[02:00] <Okamiden12> oh jordan, spam warning
[02:01] <SuperKrill99> BioK does work 
[02:01] <Okamiden12> yup
[02:01] <SuperKrill99> Scientists are working on what's called a gene pool
[02:01] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm useing it to make my muscles bigger
[02:01] <SuperEliteJordan> And its slowly working
[02:01] <SuperKrill99> So technically that's still biok just technology and easier
[02:01] <Okamiden12> can't do that with just bio-k
[02:02] <Vegeta Reborn> .
[02:02] <Okamiden12> you gotta do the work
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm doing that to
[02:02] <SuperKrill99> Jordan 
[02:02] <Okamiden12> good boy
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> I mean like help it grow
[02:02] <SuperKrill99> That's not good
[02:02] <Okamiden12> of course jordan ^_^
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Well fuck you too krill
[02:02] <SuperKrill99> You should actually work out (says the one that doesn't)
[02:02] <Okamiden12> he does...
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[02:02] <SuperEliteJordan> I do
[02:02] <Okamiden12> biokinesis is simply a catalyst
[02:03] <SuperEliteJordan> I have a job ya know -_-
[02:03] <SuperKrill99> You idiot Jordan
[02:03] <Okamiden12> -_-
[02:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Some people
[02:03] <SuperKrill99> Oka he said something worse to me
[02:03] <Okamiden12> did he?
[02:03] <SuperKrill99> Yes
[02:03] <Okamiden12> when e.e
[02:03] <Okamiden12> i was probably checking skype
[02:03] <SuperKrill99> SuperEliteJordan:
[02:03] <SuperKrill99> Well fuck you too krill 7:02
[02:04] <Okamiden12> oh
[02:04] <Okamiden12> jordan
[02:04] <Okamiden12> ima kick u now okay?
[02:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Escapey
[02:04] <Vegeta Reborn> ???
[02:04] <Vegeta Reborn> lol
[02:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok I kicked myself
[02:04] <Okamiden12> now you two play nice
[02:04] <Okamiden12> XD
[02:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Perfectly normal
[02:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Self ass-kick
[02:04] <SuperKrill99> I thought you did that cuz you hated me Oka
[02:04] <SuperKrill99> XD
[02:05] <Okamiden12> nahhh
[02:05] <Okamiden12> just doing mah job
[02:05] <Okamiden12> i only hate one person
[02:05] <Okamiden12> and it's for a good reason
[02:05] <SuperKrill99> Who?
[02:05] <Okamiden12> the mother of my child
[02:05] <SuperKrill99> hm
[02:05] <SuperKrill99> I need to start working on biok
[02:05] <Okamiden12> need help?
[02:05] <SuperEliteJordan> So your wife?
[02:06] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 has been doing it for 7 years
[02:06] <SuperKrill99> Yes I need help
[02:06] <Okamiden12> and ...not wife 
[02:06] <SuperKrill99> Than you (happy) 
[02:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh...
[02:06] <Vegeta Reborn> haii
[02:06] <Okamiden12> jordan that was a joke
[02:06] <Okamiden12> i don't have a kid XD
[02:06] <XxDarkRavenxX> Hi
[02:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi raven
[02:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh thank god
[02:06] <SuperKrill99> Nice pic Raven
[02:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Thought you did a prostitute or something
[02:07] <SuperEliteJordan> JK
[02:07] <Okamiden12> nahh
[02:07] <SuperKrill99> Bad Jordan
[02:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Nice new pic raven
[02:07] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD thanks Krill
[02:07] <XxDarkRavenxX> Thanks Jordan ~ 
[02:07] <SuperKrill99> But you look serious
[02:07] <SuperKrill99> Its like you never smile
[02:07] <XxDarkRavenxX> Ya..I hate my smile
[02:07] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm sure your smile hate you too
[02:08] <XxDarkRavenxX> I got told several times It looks like I wanna kill someone when I smile in pictures 
[02:08] <SuperKrill99> That didn't make any sense @Jordan
[02:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Aww I'm sure you'll look cute with a smile
[02:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Hates*
[02:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Makes more sense now :3
[02:09] <Truely Unknown> Back.
[02:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> True Bear <3
[02:09] <Truely Unknown> Hey ;D
[02:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> I do somewhat half way smiles 
[02:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD
[02:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Show me a pic with your best smile pills
[02:10] <XxDarkRavenxX> Which I wanted to do for on here but then like I have to edit it because it has to be 500 KB, 2000x2000 resolution and ain't nobody got time fo' that
[02:10] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD Jordan like it's on my Psion Nation Profile 
[02:11] <Okamiden12> hi tutu
[02:11] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan dashes to psi nation
[02:12] <XxDarkRavenxX> Ow fuck D: I burned my finger
[02:12] <Truely Unknown> Hi
[02:12] <Vegeta Reborn> .'
[02:12] <Truely Unknown> PM
[02:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi tu
[02:12] <Okamiden12> okay
[02:13] <SuperEliteJordan> That's nit a fucking smile at all
[02:14] <SuperEliteJordan> That's your current pic with a camera
[02:14] <Truely Unknown> You sound upset
[02:15] <SuperEliteJordan> I wanted to see her smile she said it looked weird so I'm curious
[02:17] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD
[02:17] <XxDarkRavenxX> I was smiling!
[02:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Wow
[02:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Are your lips tied or something
[02:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Or did you go full on glamor girl smile
[02:18] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD I was like :D 
[02:18] <XxDarkRavenxX> That was my best smile I swear <3
[02:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Do a full smile
[02:18] <XxDarkRavenxX> When I skype I smile and laugh a lot
[02:18] <Aerys-ICTX> ready for srla when school starts
[02:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Like big ole' teeth
[02:18] <Aerys-ICTX> whoo
[02:18] <XxDarkRavenxX> nah
[02:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Yea
[02:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Nah=nyan cat
[02:19] <XxDarkRavenxX> Seeeeee I have self conscious a teeth aren't like REAL bad but they are bad e.o
[02:20] <SuperEliteJordan> My teeth suck but I smile
[02:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Like freaking gingivitis
[02:20] <Aerys-ICTX> what is bad about them?
[02:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Its leaving though
[02:23] <Aerys-ICTX> mew
[02:28] <Aerys-ICTX> So anyone been keeping up with the hamas israel conflict?
[02:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> back
[02:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> I stopped watching the news TBH..People laughed at me for it XD
[02:29] <XxDarkRavenxX> Me : If you aren't bombing America idgf..Nah that's mean XD
[02:30] <Aerys-ICTX> lol
[02:30] <Aerys-ICTX> I am mainly looking because of the iron dome
[02:31] <Rushontherun> My dad told me about it
[02:31] <Okamiden12> iron dome e.e
[02:31] <Okamiden12> allo revvie
[02:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Eh
[02:33] <Aerys-ICTX> hey
[02:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Hmm
[02:35] <Aerys-ICTX> How you be son?
[02:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Son?
[02:35] <Rushontherun> lol
[02:36] <Aerys-ICTX> holmes?
[02:40] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[02:42] <TheFiredude50> Hello.
[02:43] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[02:43] <Aerys-ICTX> hi
[02:43] <Aerys-ICTX> hi
[02:45] <TheFiredude50> I failed at Aura Reading yesterday. So that happened.
[02:45] <Rêveur of the Night> Oooh fun o_o
[02:50] <Aerys-ICTX> did you try your best?
[02:51] <TheFiredude50> Yeah, but I did it wrong... Just read the comments on the page, you'll see why...
[02:52] <Aerys-ICTX> which page?
[02:52] <TheFiredude50> Aura Reading.
[02:53] <Aerys-ICTX> well take solace in the words of a wise man, "You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is: never try."
[02:54] <TheFiredude50> lol
[02:55] <TheFiredude50> Anyways, I think I played way too much TF2 in the past 2 days...
[02:56] <TheFiredude50> I played for like 12 hours total...
[02:56] <Aerys-ICTX> what is so interesting about total fortress 2?
[02:57] <TheFiredude50> And no, I'm not exaggerating.
[02:57] <TheFiredude50> I don't know. Usually, I hate FPS gmes but for some reason, this one is really fun...
[02:57] <Okamiden12> TF2 OMG
[02:57] <Aerys-ICTX> ok oka why do you like it?
[02:58] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 had to uninstall it because it was an addiction
[02:58] <Okamiden12> hats bro
[02:58] <Okamiden12> ...hats
[02:58] <TheFiredude50> I don't know. Probably because I'm actually semi-decent at the game and it's fun to be an Engy.
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh god
[02:59] <Aerys-ICTX> hats?
[02:59] <TheFiredude50> Especially when you put your Sentries in the cheapest spot on the map. >:)
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Go spy on everyone
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> >:3
[02:59] <TheFiredude50> I'm not good with Spy.
[03:00] <TheFiredude50> Spy is too stealthy for me.
[03:00] <TheFiredude50> The only time I'm good at stealth is Skyrim.
[03:00] <TheFiredude50> And that's only because the enemies are apparently lind.
[03:00] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[03:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Too stalthy
[03:01] <Rêveur of the Night> stealthy
[03:01] <TheFiredude50> I literally stood right in front of a bandit, shot him in the face, and he still didn't notice me.
[03:01] <Aerys-ICTX> do you only play on PC?
[03:01] <TheFiredude50> Yeah.
[03:01] <Rêveur of the Night> xDD
[03:02] <TheFiredude50> "I used to be a bandit like you. Then I took a point blank arrow to the face. Still have no clue where it came from, though.
[03:02] <Rêveur of the Night> xD
[03:20] <Aerys-ICTX> no complaints
[03:22] <Rêveur of the Night> L9ol
[03:23] <Aerys-ICTX> laos ;
[03:23] <Aerys-ICTX> *lao
[03:25] <Aerys-ICTX> brb
[03:26] <Vegeta Reborn> .______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
[03:26] <Vegeta Reborn> is dat silence
[03:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Veggir
[03:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Veggie o_o
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> idk what to practice
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> But I have an idea
[03:37] <SuperKrill99> Like negative energy manipulation, astral projection, chrono, and remote viewing
[03:41] <Rêveur of the Night> Nyeh
[03:23] <Aerys-ICTX> *lao
[03:25] <Aerys-ICTX> brb
[03:26] <Vegeta Reborn> .______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
[03:26] <Vegeta Reborn> is dat silence
[03:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Veggir
[03:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Veggie o_o
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> idk what to practice
[03:36] <SuperKrill99> But I have an idea
[03:37] <SuperKrill99> Like negative energy manipulation, astral projection, chrono, and remote viewing
[03:41] <Rêveur of the Night> Nyeh
[03:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[03:56] <SuperKrill99> yo
[03:56] <SuperKrill99> I wanna know how chronokinesis works?
[04:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[04:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Is that a statement or question?
[04:08] <SuperKrill99> lol
[04:09] <SuperKrill99> A question
[04:10] <SuperKrill99> so how does chrono look?
[04:10] <SuperKrill99> I hear its from perception but what would it look like in a users eye?
[04:10] <Aerys-ICTX> hello
[04:10] <SuperKrill99> hi
[04:10] <SuperKrill99> What do you practice?
[04:17] <Rêveur of the Night> To the use, how it would look is obvious
[04:17] <Rêveur of the Night> user*
[04:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[04:20] <Fire2ash> hi
[04:21] <SuperKrill99> Would chrono be useful in everyday life?
[04:21] <SuperKrill99> Like not being late for class?
[04:22] <SuperKrill99> Could that work?
[04:22] <Rêveur of the Night> Possibly
[04:23] <SuperKrill99> Hm....
[04:23] <Ahmedrashwan> U must be badass in chorno to slow down like that
[04:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Time
[04:23] <SuperKrill99> I actually think I might start doing aero 
[04:24] <Ahmedrashwan> But
[04:24] <SuperKrill99> I am already doing em
[04:24] <SuperKrill99> But not to long
[04:24] <Ahmedrashwan> U may get out of class with this ability easily XD
[04:24] <Rêveur of the Night> Ahmed
[04:24] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[04:25] <Rêveur of the Night> The point of learning it in the first place is to be good at it, or use it
[04:25] <SuperKrill99> True
[04:25] <Rêveur of the Night> So that much is obvious
[04:25] <Rêveur of the Night> Same goes for many other things
[04:25] <SuperKrill99> True ^
[04:25] <SuperKrill99> I like atmo
[04:26] <Rêveur of the Night> Cool
[04:26] <SuperKrill99> It has so many strings and other ability's attached to it 
[04:26] <SuperKrill99> Are you a natural at it?
[04:26] <Ahmedrashwan> ???
[04:26] <Ahmedrashwan> Didn't understand
[04:26] <SuperKrill99> Rev does atmo
[04:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Understood*
[04:27] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[04:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Mmm
[04:28] <SuperKrill99> Does the subliminal exercise for chronokinesis work? 
[04:28] <Rêveur of the Night> If you mean that I have no trouble doing what I do, then yes
[04:28] <SuperKrill99> Hm cool
[04:28] <Rêveur of the Night> I wouldn't know about subs. I don't use them
[04:29] <SuperKrill99> In order to slow down time does it just take listening to the ticks and tocks all day?
[04:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Uh
[04:31] <Rêveur of the Night> I doubt it
[04:31] <Rêveur of the Night> But eh
[04:31] <Rêveur of the Night> You never know until it has happened
[04:32] <SuperKrill99> So what should I do?
[04:33] <Ahmedrashwan> Make the space longer if u will use this method
[04:33] <Ahmedrashwan> Between tick and tok
[04:33] <SuperKrill99> This energy and esp is weird, also very broad
[04:34] <Ahmedrashwan> Energy??
[04:34] <Ahmedrashwan> U mean ability /
[04:34] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[04:34] <Rêveur of the Night> The best way to do something is to understand it
[04:34] <Ahmedrashwan> And believe?
[04:35] <Rêveur of the Night> (In my opinion, but that goes without saying)
[04:35] <SuperKrill99> Well I know that time is an illusion and is made up of a specific perception 
[04:35] <Ahmedrashwan> Good
[04:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Okay
[04:35] <Rêveur of the Night> So based on that
[04:35] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm using breathing to slow down time..just for a little
[04:36] <Rêveur of the Night> Saying it's about your perception, what would you do?
[04:36] <SuperKrill99> Work on slowing it down and speeding it up
[04:37] <SuperKrill99> However this cant effect everyone only the user
[04:37] <Rêveur of the Night> Mhm
[04:37] <Ahmedrashwan> Ya
[04:37] <Ahmedrashwan> Only the use
[04:37] <Ahmedrashwan> User *
[04:38] <Rêveur of the Night> From what I understand, if you want to move faster or something while using it, you'd have to train your body to be able to take it
[04:38] <SuperKrill99> Listening to the ticks and toks could help but once you reach adept you should steer away from listening to the ticks and tocks and start actually implying it to your body so pretty much what you just said
[08:26] <Rêveur of the Night> Hello?
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> *hugs horsy* hey n.n
[08:29] <Rêveur of the Night> Cat log left o_o
[08:29] <Rêveur of the Night> It was odd
[08:29] <Horsyqueen> avin
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> yes horsy?
[08:29] <EinsVanCat> and I turned the log off temporarily cause I was on league
[08:30] <EinsVanCat> until I can find a better browser to use I have to use firefox, which clashes with league
[08:30] <EinsVanCat> so I have to turn the log off or something for that.
[08:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Ah
[08:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright
[08:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Have you tried chrome? It hasn't clashed with League when I had been on
[08:33] <Horsyqueen> nevermind
[08:38] <Horsyqueen> lol princess and the frog is adorable
[08:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[08:41] <Horsyqueen> people say disney is racist
[08:41] <Horsyqueen> when its not
[08:42] <Horsyqueen> it has pleanty of princesses from diffferent ethnicities
[08:43] <Rêveur of the Night> Meh
[08:44] <Horsyqueen> just it acts appropiately to countries at their tim periods
[08:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Mmm
[08:44] <Rêveur of the Night> I suppose
[08:44] <Rêveur of the Night> In a childish friendly way
[08:45] <Horsyqueen> *time
[08:45] <Horsyqueen> frozen is denmark
[08:45] <Rêveur of the Night> Mmm
[08:46] <Horsyqueen> snow white, sleeping beauty and those ones are british
[08:46] <Horsyqueen> alladdin i am sure is indian
[08:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Mmm
[08:46] <Horsyqueen> but my sister says its arabic
[08:47] <Rêveur of the Night> I think it's arabic o_O
[08:47] <Rêveur of the Night> But eh
[08:47] <Horsyqueen> tigers are indian
[08:47] <Rêveur of the Night> They're similar in some ways
[08:47] <Horsyqueen> and what they were is indian
[08:48] <Rêveur of the Night> *shrugs* Okay
[08:49] <Horsyqueen> mulan is just a fail at being chinese
[08:49] <Horsyqueen> since the dresses are korean
[08:49] <Horsyqueen> the dragon is japanese
[08:49] <Horsyqueen> cherry blossom is japanese 
[08:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[08:50] <Rêveur of the Night> To be honest
[08:50] <Horsyqueen> the sleves on the dress is japanese
[08:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Thinking about it, for a second I thought it was japanese too
[08:51] <Horsyqueen> but the army is chinese
[08:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm
[08:55] <Rêveur of the Night> I don't tend to spend my time thinking of things like disney 
[09:02] <EinsVanCat> I use chrome for everything, including this account, btw.
[09:02] <EinsVanCat> Thats why its kind of annoying.
[09:05] <Rêveur of the Night> Ah
[09:05] <Rêveur of the Night> Fair enough
[09:08] <Horsyqueen> mew
[09:09] <Rêveur of the Night> wem
[09:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Wyrm
[09:20] <Asddsa2009> Hello?
[09:20] <Asddsa2009> 
[09:20] <Asddsa2009> Is this chat dead?
[09:20] <Asddsa2009> 
[09:22] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[09:23] <Rêveur of the Night> Well
[09:23] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes
[09:23] <Rêveur of the Night> But
[09:23] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[09:24] <Asddsa2009> But what?
[09:24] <Asddsa2009> Well, whatever.
[09:25] <Asddsa2009> Seriously, did somebody tried to use meditation in daily life activities?
[09:25] <Asddsa2009> 
[09:25] <Asddsa2009> I used meditation in bullethell games and I was barely hit by those
[09:25] <Rêveur of the Night> Uh
[09:26] <Rêveur of the Night> What?
[09:26] <Rêveur of the Night> Bullethell?
[09:26] <Asddsa2009> Games
[09:26] <Asddsa2009> A game like:
[09:26] <Asddsa2009> Space invaders
[09:26] <Asddsa2009> But with alot, and I mean, ALOT of bullets
[09:26] <Asddsa2009> Google images :D 
[09:27] <Asddsa2009> Most basicly, instead of avoiding a bullet
[09:27] <Asddsa2009> You must find a hole in those rows of bullets
[09:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Ah
[09:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Fun :2
[09:27] <Rêveur of the Night> :3
[09:27] <Asddsa2009> Yep
[09:27] <Asddsa2009> Played frantic
[09:28] <Asddsa2009> Or how is that game called
[09:28] <Asddsa2009> Alot of bullets xD
[09:28] <Asddsa2009> 
[09:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Mmm
[09:28] <Asddsa2009> So, how this actually helps me?
[09:28] <Rêveur of the Night> *shrugs*
[09:29] <Asddsa2009> I`m waiting an answer, not giving it xD
[09:29] <Asddsa2009> 
[09:30] <Asddsa2009> Btw, this one, is just ridiculous
[09:30] <Asddsa2009>
[09:31] <Rêveur of the Night> o__o
[09:31] <Asddsa2009> Ikr
[09:31] <Asddsa2009> Ok, but what causes this thing?
[09:31] <Asddsa2009> Subconcious working?
[09:31] <Asddsa2009> Or what?
[09:32] <Rêveur of the Night> I suppose there could be various benefits depending on the person 
[09:32] <Rêveur of the Night> But it's said to do things like reduce stress
[09:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Improve focus
[09:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Stuff like that
[09:32] <Asddsa2009> Or duo to the fact that if there is alot of people on street, we don`t focus on all, rather ourselves?
[09:32] <Asddsa2009> 
[09:34] <Rêveur of the Night> o_O
[09:34] <Rêveur of the Night> What?
[09:34] <Asddsa2009> Now I don`t understand nothing too xD
[09:34] <Asddsa2009> 
[09:34] <Asddsa2009> Nevermind.
[09:34] <Asddsa2009> I wonder if I`m a hydrokinetic
[09:35] <Asddsa2009> My zodiac tells that, my eye color tells that.
[09:35] <Asddsa2009> This is also fun xD
[09:35] <Asddsa2009>
[09:36] <Rêveur of the Night> Reminds me of Cherry Blossom Panic
[09:36] <Asddsa2009>
[09:36] <Asddsa2009> This one?
[09:38] <Asddsa2009> Ever tried Technopathy or Techokinesis?
[09:38] <Asddsa2009> I still find it funny to close a tab just thinking at it, but can`t just do it.
[09:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Uhhuh
[09:39] <Rêveur of the Night> And no, I havent
[09:39] <Rêveur of the Night> haven't* 
[09:39] <Asddsa2009> Awww
[09:40] <Asddsa2009> Wish could do it, I mean, I quite know the language, but to manipulate it using brain, just nevermind
[09:41] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[09:42] <Horsyqueen> gtg
[09:43] <Rêveur of the Night> Okie
[09:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[09:45] <Rêveur of the Night> Or not ._.
[09:46] <Asddsa2009> Ok
[09:46] <Asddsa2009> Just of curiosity
[09:46] <Asddsa2009> If there is effort too,
[09:46] <Asddsa2009> How much % subliminal videos help?
[09:48] <Rêveur of the Night> o_O
[09:48] <Rêveur of the Night> I don't understand what you're asking
[09:49] <Asddsa2009> Ugh
[09:49] <Asddsa2009> Let`s say we do a progress with the abilities we want
[09:49] <Asddsa2009> Lets say 100% till beginner.
[09:50] <Asddsa2009> The sort of beginner that can move a psiwheel
[09:50] <Asddsa2009> How much % of that progress does fill subliminal videos listened daily?
[09:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Are you asking if subs ca substitute as training to allow you to use abilities?
[09:51] <Rêveur of the Night> can*
[09:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Or how much it contributes to using abilities?
[09:54] <Asddsa2009> Not substitute, something additional
[09:54] <Asddsa2009> And yes, how much it contributes at learning and using of those abilities
[09:55] <Rêveur of the Night> It probably depends on the person
[09:55] <Rêveur of the Night> As most things do
[09:55] <Rêveur of the Night> It
[09:55] <Rêveur of the Night> It's not something I can tell you
[09:57] <Asddsa2009> Did a photo of myself playing a bullethell game, want to see ? :D 
[09:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Sure?
[10:00] <Asddsa2009> Yep, proof is in the psiball tab opened xD
[10:04] <Rêveur of the Night> ...
[10:05] <Asddsa2009> I had another photo but can`t seem to find it
[10:05] <Asddsa2009>
[10:05] <Asddsa2009> Got this one though
[10:07] <Rêveur of the Night> Okay then
[10:08] <Asddsa2009> Ever thought to add some sort of sound when someone says something on chat?
[10:08] <Asddsa2009> Quite hard to see when someone types something new, so I need to check often
[10:12] <Rêveur of the Night> Mhm
[10:12] <Rêveur of the Night> It's called a ping
[10:12] <Rêveur of the Night> If you have chat hax
[10:12] <Asddsa2009> Isn`t ping a packet of data that is mostly used to Ping flood servers?
[10:13] <Rêveur of the Night> ._.
[10:14] <Rêveur of the Night> Ping is an onomatopoeia 
[10:14] <Rêveur of the Night> A sound word
[10:14] <Asddsa2009> Whatever
[10:14] <Asddsa2009> I found the mother of all bullethell bosses
[10:15] <Asddsa2009> And seems that spamming pause is incredibely efficient
[10:16] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[10:17] <Born.Villain> heeloo
[10:18] <Asddsa2009> Got to the boss of stage 8
[10:18] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[10:18] <Asddsa2009> Now this is more ridiculous D:
[10:18] <Asddsa2009> 
[10:18] <Born.Villain> ergh how does multitasking happen...
[10:19] <Asddsa2009> I love pause button :D 
[10:19] <Asddsa2009> 
[10:19] <Asddsa2009> And I bugged the game`s music o.o
[10:20] <Born.Villain> bugged?
[10:20] <Asddsa2009> I paused before to go to mainscreen
[10:20] <Asddsa2009> The victory music and the normal one played at once after unpaused
[10:22] <Born.Villain> hmm
[10:22] <Born.Villain> i'm trying to do my homework...
[10:22] <Asddsa2009> Got to stage 9
[10:22] <Asddsa2009> And not even pause helps me now D:
[10:22] <Asddsa2009> 
[10:22] <Born.Villain> hahaha
[10:22] <Asddsa2009> Just too many bullets
[10:22] <Born.Villain> damn
[10:23] <Asddsa2009> Bullethell games if you ask
[10:23] <Born.Villain> hmm
[10:23] <Rêveur of the Night> Hmm
[10:23] <Born.Villain> i was playing halo a minute ago but multiplayer drives me nuts
[10:23] <Asddsa2009> Owned him! >:D
[10:23] <Asddsa2009> 
[10:23] <Asddsa2009> Last stage :O
[10:24] <Rêveur of the Night> New here, Em?
[10:24] <Born.Villain> damn....
[10:24] <Born.Villain> 
[10:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm
[10:27] <Born.Villain> well.
[10:27] <Rêveur of the Night> Wonder why people do that
[10:27] <Asddsa2009> Whaty
[10:27] <Asddsa2009> What*
[10:27] <Born.Villain> escape randomly?
[10:28] <Asddsa2009> Last life
[10:28] <Asddsa2009> Last stage
[10:28] <Rêveur of the Night> Come in and leave suddenly without a word
[10:28] <Born.Villain> UNITATO
[10:28] <UniTato> TUNA
[10:28] <Born.Villain> !
[10:28] <UniTato> -runs in slow motion-
[10:29] <Born.Villain> * Born.Villain runs in slow motion
[10:29] <UniTato> Tuuuuuuunnnaaaaaaaaaaaa! !
[10:29] <Born.Villain> UUUNNIIIIII!!! <3 XD
[10:29] <UniTato> #Reuniun
[10:29] <Asddsa2009> Lol I wreak the last boss so easily
[10:29] <UniTato> xD
[10:29] <Born.Villain> *reunion
[10:29] <Asddsa2009> I can escape his bullet hell
[10:29] <UniTato> omg whatevs XD
[10:29] <Asddsa2009> Just by spamming pause xD
[10:29] <Asddsa2009> 
[10:29] <Born.Villain> XD
[10:30] <UniTato> hmmmmmmmmm
[10:30] <Born.Villain> howsit?
[10:30] <Born.Villain> 2 weeks is a killer
[10:30] <Asddsa2009> Owned him :D 
[10:30] <Born.Villain> haha
[10:30] <Asddsa2009> Inserting a pause button in a bullethell game
[10:30] <Born.Villain> its a million dollar moment
[10:30] <Asddsa2009> Was worst idea
[10:30] <Asddsa2009> But for him not for me xD
[10:30] <Asddsa2009> 
[10:31] <Asddsa2009> Just pause
[10:31] <Asddsa2009> find a hole through the walls of bullets
[10:31] <Asddsa2009> put mouse over it
[10:31] <Asddsa2009> unpause
[10:31] <Asddsa2009> Then, repeat
[10:32] <Born.Villain> or, throw an A bomb
[10:32] <Asddsa2009> And by bullethell, I mean this xD
[10:32] <Asddsa2009>
[10:32] <Asddsa2009> I played out there :D 
[10:32] <Asddsa2009> Proof, the psiball page opened in corner
[10:34] <Asddsa2009> Why so quiet?
[10:34] <Asddsa2009> Born, or do ^ ^ v v < > < > A B :D 
[10:35] <Asddsa2009> Konami code :P
[10:35] <Rêveur of the Night> YOU FORGOT THE START Penguins~
[10:35] <Rêveur of the Night> At least
[10:35] <Rêveur of the Night> For Contra (cool) 
[10:35] <Asddsa2009> It`s not really necessary
[10:35] <Asddsa2009> What I did wron
[10:35] <Asddsa2009> wrong
[10:36] <Asddsa2009> Was that it was B A not A B
[10:37] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[10:39] <Horsyqueen> hey
[10:41] <Asddsa2009> For any branch of Psychokinesis (and itself), we need to know EM, right?
[10:42] <UniTato> I don't
[10:43] <UniTato> Well it basically is EM in a way imo
[10:43] <Horsyqueen> lol have u seen the fire fly in the princess and the frog
[10:43] <Rêveur of the Night> Depends
[10:43] <Rêveur of the Night> It it's using energy then it's technically em
[10:44] <Horsyqueen> its soo funny
[10:45] <UniTato> For school we have to watch Priscilla Queen of the desert XD omg
[10:45] <Born.Villain> wtf is that
[10:45] <Horsyqueen> whats that
[10:45] <UniTato> movie
[10:45] <UniTato> about two drag queens and a transgender
[10:46] <Horsyqueen> oh
[10:46] <UniTato> who travel in a bus called Priscilla to Alice Springs to start a drag race :3
[10:46] <Asddsa2009> For some reasons couldn`t type
[10:46] <UniTato> #Ala Prings
[10:46] <UniTato> #Stabbing Capitol
[10:46] <UniTato> #wow
[10:46] <Asddsa2009> And when tried to join the chat, I was logged off
[10:46] <Asddsa2009> Whatever
[10:46] <Asddsa2009> What`s the best solution for a beginner?
[10:47] <UniTato> idk
[10:48] <Horsyqueen> mew
[10:51] <Asddsa2009> Did someone here succesfully learned Electrokinesis or one of it`s branches?
[10:56] <Horsyqueen> time for 101 dalmatians
[10:57] <UniTato> omg
[10:57] <UniTato> the movie thing?
[10:57] <Horsyqueen> the live action one
[10:58] <Asddsa2009> Let me guess, no one did technokinesis or technopathy here. xD
[10:58] <Asddsa2009> 
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> you know mulan
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> theres a live action version
[10:59] <Horsyqueen> shall wtch that after 101
[10:59] <UniTato> :|
[11:00] <Asddsa2009> Do you think atmokinesis is easy to do?
[11:01] <UniTato> idk
[11:01] <Asddsa2009> I`ve started to think that I`m atmokinetic after seeing that I can calm down storms, stop clouds and generate other storms
[11:01] <UniTato> depends on the person imo
[11:01] <UniTato> why do you use ` instead of '
[11:01] <Asddsa2009> Where I used that?
[11:01] <UniTato> I'm having like an OCD moment and the ` is pissing me off
[11:01] <UniTato> "I`ve" "It`s"
[11:01] <UniTato> etc
[11:02] <Asddsa2009> It`s true that I should use ' instead of `
[11:02] <Born.Villain> hmm
[11:02] <Born.Villain> who cares for now. time for that at school.
[11:02] <UniTato> omg
[11:02] <Asddsa2009> So true xD
[11:02] <UniTato> the look of it is bothering me
[11:02] <UniTato> OCD MOMENTS
[11:02] <UniTato> AHHHHH
[11:03] <Asddsa2009> Ok, using this ' now. Better?
[11:03] <Asddsa2009> What are OCD moments, btw?
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> cant watch 101 dalmatians
[11:04] <Asddsa2009> Ever tried to watch on YouTube?
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> cos i cant read mandirin
[11:04] <Asddsa2009> What's Mandirin? Is it a language?
[11:04] <UniTato> Chinese...
[11:04] <UniTato> omg
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> O.O
[11:04] <Asddsa2009> So yes: a language.
[11:04] <UniTato> (facepalm) its Chinese...
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> mandarin is the main laguage spoken in china
[11:04] <Asddsa2009> Notice that I used ' instead of ` :) 
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> other then candanese
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> *cantonese
[11:05] <Asddsa2009> Should I try to generate a storm in order to prove myself that I'm an atmokinetic?
[11:06] <Asddsa2009> Or is it just coincidence?
[11:06] <Asddsa2009> Oh wait, sure not coincidence xD
[11:07] <Asddsa2009> I remembered that once before going to bed, tried to generate a storm. Next morning it said that it will be sunny, but at 3PM it got rainy.
[11:09] <Born.Villain> lol
[11:13] <Asddsa2009> Want to hear a funny thing?
[11:14] <Asddsa2009> Sometimes, on that bullet hell games, I accidentally collect bullets instead of coins xD
[11:17] <Horsyqueen> i got stung by a bug
[11:17] <Asddsa2009> What bug?
[11:18] <Horsyqueen> i dont know
[11:18] <Asddsa2009> Oh, an insect xD
[11:18] <Horsyqueen> it was on my hand
[11:18] <Horsyqueen> and i accidently squashed it
[11:18] <Asddsa2009> I talked about bug/glitch
[11:18] <Asddsa2009> Whatever
[11:18] <Horsyqueen> cos i didnt reealise it was there
[11:19] <UniTato> o.o
[11:19] <Born.Villain> ._.
[11:20] <UniTato> .-.
[11:31] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[11:31] <UniTato> hmmm
[11:32] <Asddsa2009> OCD Moments ended?
[11:32] <UniTato> Yes
[11:32] <Asddsa2009> Good.
[11:32] <UniTato> OCD OTTER
[11:32] <Asddsa2009> Ok, what means OCD, and OTTER?
[11:32] <UniTato> otter, the animal
[11:33] <UniTato> OCD, obsessive compulsive dissorder
[11:33] <UniTato> Don't have it but I sometimes get OCD like symptoms with certain things
[11:33] <UniTato> btw, there is such a thing as google...
[11:37] <Asddsa2009> Anyone else interested in Pokemon Creepypastas? Nope? Oh well...
[11:59] <Asddsa2009> I found the debugger of this chat (I guess) but it`s opened using meta key.
[11:59] <Asddsa2009> WTH IS THAT
[11:59] <Asddsa2009> 
[12:02] <Asddsa2009> Just nevermind.
[12:02] <Horsyqueen> mew
[12:02] <Asddsa2009> Mewtwo?
[12:03] <Asddsa2009> Any game to play?
[12:03] <Asddsa2009> 
[12:03] <Asddsa2009> I`m just bored
[12:04] <Asddsa2009> nvm
[12:07] <Horsyqueen> chinese warfare is smart
[12:11] <Horsyqueen> in the real mulan there was a dragon, interesting
[12:28] <Horsyqueen> hey reality
[12:28] <VeilOfReality> Hello
[12:28] <VeilOfReality> brb in 2 minutes
[12:28] <Horsyqueen> okay
[12:38] <VeilOfReality> Okay, I'm back.
[12:38] <VeilOfReality> And it's been 10 minutes. xD
[12:39] <Horsyqueen> wb
[12:40] <VeilOfReality> So, how's life?
[01:03] <Horsyqueen> stupid postman
[01:34] <Okamiden12> >.>
[01:51] <Okamiden12> :|
[01:58] <Horsyqueen> mew
[03:10] <Horsyqueen> mew
[03:18] <Horsyqueen> everyones died :(
[03:39] <VeilOfReality> I've been dead for years.
[03:40] <Horsyqueen> thought so
[03:46] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *pokes Becca and Sophie*
[03:47] <Horsyqueen> watching a japanese vampire movie
[03:47] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Bleh, bbl.
[03:48] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Your all dead right now. :P
[03:48] <Horsyqueen> death is only the beginning :P
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> omfg damn americans
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> insulting he japanese in japan
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> and taking their land
[03:59] <Horsyqueen> and banning them from where they have always lived
[04:08] <Horsyqueen> mew
[04:09] <Okamiden12> moo
[04:09] <Okamiden12> :_
[04:09] <Okamiden12> :) 
[04:45] <Horsyqueen> me
[04:45] <Horsyqueen> w
[05:04] <HawkTech> efefgrgerfefedf
[05:09] <Okamiden12> hi
[05:09] <VeilOfReality> I just realized something.
[05:09] <Cinaybaysan> hey guys
[05:09] <VeilOfReality> Hi.
[05:09] <Cinaybaysan> can someone give me a site for gravitokinesis
[05:09] <Okamiden12> gravitokinesis isn't...well not possible
[05:10] <Okamiden12> it's quite litterally glorified TK
[05:10] <Cinaybaysan> i heard that its like tK
[05:10] <VeilOfReality> Isn't not possible? xD
[05:10] <Cinaybaysan> so they didnt put it
[05:10] <Cinaybaysan> kile does it
[05:10] <Okamiden12> ik veil my english slips up some times
[05:10] <Okamiden12> nahhh
[05:10] <Okamiden12> kile does Overglorified TK
[05:11] <VeilOfReality> If it isn't not possible, then that makes it possible. Silly Oka.
[05:11] <Okamiden12> yeh yeh yeh -3-
[05:11] <Horsyqueen> hey
[05:11] <VeilOfReality> Hello Horsey.
[05:12] <Okamiden12> /pm okamiden12
[05:12] <Okamiden12> aww
[05:12] <Okamiden12> i can't pm myself with the commmand
[05:12] <Okamiden12> i have to use the button -3-
[05:14] <VeilOfReality> I think Cinay didn't like your explanation.
[05:14] <Okamiden12> he can fuckin deal with it
[05:14] <Okamiden12> i speak only the truth....sometimes
[05:15] <VeilOfReality> And sometimes you just blabber nonsense.
[05:15] <Okamiden12> yep
[05:15] <Horsyqueen> *hugs realiy*
[05:15] <VeilOfReality> *bursts into flames*
[05:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Going to change my pic
[05:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Profile
[05:17] <Okamiden12> okej
[05:17] <Okamiden12> -puts out Veil-
[05:18] <Okamiden12> are you licensed for spontaneous combustion ma'am
[05:18] <VeilOfReality> Dead people don't need licenses.
[05:18] <Okamiden12> ...very well, carry on Ma'am
[05:19] <Horsyqueen> mew
[05:20] <Ahmedrashwan> Mission accomplished
[05:20] <VeilOfReality> Hm, the picture is okay I guess.
[05:21] <VeilOfReality> You could've done better.
[05:21] <VeilOfReality> xD
[05:23] <VeilOfReality> So.
[05:23] <VeilOfReality> How's them, stuff?
[05:23] <Okamiden12> good :) 
[05:23] <Okamiden12> i got paid for an art commission yesterday :3
[05:24] <VeilOfReality> What'd you make?
[05:24] <Horsyqueen> what is it of
[05:24] <Okamiden12> it's ....not appropriate for the chat >//>
[05:24] <Okamiden12> but it was worth the 30 bucks
[05:24] <VeilOfReality> Oh.
[05:24] <Ahmedrashwan> It's anime
[05:25] <Ahmedrashwan> Shino mishero
[05:25] <VeilOfReality> Oka, I'm scared to know what you drew now.
[05:25] <Okamiden12> yeh, lets just say if this was france, i could show it
[05:25] <Ahmedrashwan> I guess
[05:25] <Horsyqueen> lol
[05:25] <Okamiden12> get it...
[05:25] <Okamiden12> cuz france ;3
[05:26] <Ahmedrashwan> Okay afk for while
[05:26] <Truely Unknown> Hi everyone.
[05:26] <Okamiden12> hi tutu <3
[05:27] <Truely Unknown> How are you?
[05:27] <Horsyqueen> does france have the death penilty?
[05:31] <VeilOfReality> Way to kill the chat Horsey. xD
[06:21] <Horsyqueen> hey austin
[06:22] <Okamiden12> ohi austin
[06:24] <Horsyqueen> hey aerys
[06:24] <Aerys-ICTX> hello
[06:24] <Horsyqueen> how is everyone
[06:25] <Aerys-ICTX> i'm good
[06:25] <Aerys-ICTX> planning to bomb the flagship selfridges 
[06:26] <Horsyqueen> whats that
[06:26] <Okamiden12> AC4?
[06:26] <Horsyqueen> selfridge's is a shop
[06:26] <Horsyqueen> in the uk
[06:26] <Aerys-ICTX> i know
[06:26] <Aerys-ICTX> AC4 is fun
[06:26] <Horsyqueen> posh one
[06:26] <Aerys-ICTX> on oxford street
[06:26] <Aerys-ICTX> it go boom
[06:27] <Horsyqueen> boom?
[06:27] <Horsyqueen> they have amazing stuff they sell
[06:27] <Aerys-ICTX> I know
[06:29] <Aerys-ICTX> after i take it down I'm going to get harrod's 
[06:30] <Horsyqueen> have u ever been there?
[06:30] <Horsyqueen> dont get harrods
[06:31] <Horsyqueen> i like harrods
[06:31] <Aerys-ICTX> no
[06:32] <Horsyqueen> lol star wars
[06:32] <Horsyqueen> i think it just looks outdated
[06:33] <Aerys-ICTX> The new movie is going to ruin the franchise :) 
[06:33] <Horsyqueen> theres a new movie?
[06:33] <Horsyqueen> didnt notice
[06:34] <Horsyqueen> they all seem the same since the end of like the triology
[06:34] <Horsyqueen> or the main films
[06:34] <Horsyqueen> theres only soo much you can do when darth vader is dead
[06:34] <Aerys-ICTX> it is coming out next year
[06:35] <Aerys-ICTX> i'm off for now
[06:36] <Horsyqueen> okay
[06:40] <Horsyqueen> omg
[06:40] <Horsyqueen> i didnt know some people entered 
[06:41] <Horsyqueen> i need iffy
[06:41] <Horsyqueen> iffy
[06:41] <Horsyqueen> fifi
[06:45] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Heya Nitsy.
[06:46] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> You guys really should remove user of the month... xD
[06:46] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> User of the month has not been updated since you started it.
[06:47] <Horsyqueen> lol
[06:49] <Aeriel Willow> Hi
[06:49] <Aeriel Willow> Nitsua... Nitsua... where do I know that name from?!
[06:49] <Horsyqueen> his name is austin
[06:52] <Aeriel Willow> Ah!
[06:52] <Aeriel Willow> Saadian talks about you
[06:53] <Horsyqueen> lol
[06:53] <NitsuaReturns> what does he say
[06:53] <Horsyqueen> omfg i am soo bored
[06:54] <Horsyqueen> i may bake cakes tommrow
[06:54] <NitsuaReturns> and I have saads ip address lol
[06:54] <Aeriel Willow> D:
[06:54] <Aeriel Willow> haxxx
[06:54] <Aeriel Willow> I'm using his internet xDE
[06:54] <Aeriel Willow> the E is a beard
[06:54] <Aeriel Willow> don't judge me
[07:00] <Aeriel Willow> anyone here AP?
[07:00] <Okamiden12> is it wrong to hate youself for inadvertently causing a friend mental anguish?
[07:00] <Aeriel Willow> @Okam, no it's not
[07:00] <Okamiden12> good because i feel like shit 
[07:13] <Horsyqueen> mew
[07:38] <Ahmedrashwan> Dafaq
[07:39] <Ahmedrashwan> BWTFHSH
[07:40] <ImAMonkey> I cant believe this absurdity 
[07:40] <ImAMonkey> [[Tulpa#comm-70318]]
[07:40] <ImAMonkey> Someone told me I'm wrong in my the field I'm most experienced in ;-;
[07:40] <XxDarkRavenxX> Do you guys wanna play Town Of Salem with me and Oka ?~ 
[07:40] <ImAMonkey> No because Im watching OreImo
[07:41] <ImAMonkey> I am just very pissed off
[07:41] <ImAMonkey> No one tells me I'm wrong when it comes to tulpae ;-;
[07:43] <XxDarkRavenxX> xD Aw
[07:43] <ImAMonkey> Someone should slap that person with a metal bar 
[07:43] <ImAMonkey> Immediately
[07:49] <XxDarkRavenxX> Horsy ~ You wanna play?
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> i cant
[07:53] <ImAMonkey> Well I'm pissed off so I'm gonna go watch more OreImo
[07:53] <ImAMonkey> Bye
[07:54] <Ahmedrashwan> If that person more badass in tulpa..then he has right to talk in tulpas
[07:55] <Ahmedrashwan> About it
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> mew
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[08:16] <Aerys-ICTX> hi
[08:19] <Horsyqueen> hey aerys
[08:20] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[08:22] <Aerys-ICTX> tired
[08:22] <Horsyqueen> how come?
[08:24] <Aerys-ICTX> workout
[08:24] <Aerys-ICTX> and I woke up earlier 
[08:26] <Horsyqueen> ohhh