[11:42] <Ahmedrashwan> Are there chakra in hands
[11:42] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[11:42] <Jonas.g> no but you can feel them right
[11:43] <Jonas.g> in your hands
[11:44] <Ahmedrashwan> No
[11:44] <Ahmedrashwan> Just asking
[11:45] <Ahmedrashwan> What if I feel them?
[11:47] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[12:02] <Kile574> There are, not major ones but there are ._.
[12:02] <Kile574> Even if your not here to see it 
[12:26] <Maskedmoon> WB karma
[12:26] <KarmaReforged> ty
[12:26] <Maskedmoon> Telekinesis sure is frustrating
[12:26] <Maskedmoon> Results take quite a time
[12:27] <Maskedmoon> Still, gotta get the right mindset too
[12:59] <Maskedmoon> O hai reveur
[12:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Darn
[12:59] <Rêveur of the Night> I need Kile
[01:00] <Rêveur of the Night> I found the perfect song for him to die to during that game
[01:01] <Kile574> Rev ! rev revy boy
[01:01] <Kile574> rev.. revv
[01:01] <Rêveur of the Night> (pervert) 
[01:01] <Kile574> whatchya need ?
[01:01] <Kile574> And pm 
[01:02] <Rêveur of the Night> Kk
[01:04] <Rêveur of the Night>
[01:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Kile ^
[01:08] <Kile574> Heard it, it was pretty cool
[01:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Good
[01:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Play it when you die
[01:09] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[01:14] <Kile574> WOOOO~!
[01:15] <Kile574> Whaddyens think ?
[01:16] <Kile574> I could go for a deeper shade of green myself, or something other than a white background which i might fix on my own 
[01:16] <Kile574> But besides that i like it. Opinions ?
[01:16] <Kile574> And rush !
[01:16] <Kile574> There ARE chakras in the hands.
[01:16] <Kile574> Infact there are some in the feet too.
[01:16] <Kile574> They just arent major chakras .
[01:17] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[01:17] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[01:19] <Kile574> No? Yes ?
[01:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Personally, I liked the other. But it isn't bad
[01:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey Ray
[01:20] <Maskedmoon> Im back
[01:20] <Maskedmoon> hello raver
[01:20] <Maskedmoon> Raven
[01:21] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[01:21] <XxDarkRavenxX> I smell like a woman *0* just took a shower..Hey guys ~ 
[01:21] <Kile574> I smell like a comic book fan
[01:21] <Kile574> <--- guess who it is 
[01:22] <XxDarkRavenxX> OMG ~ On the tip of thy tongue 
[01:22] <Kile574> Comon, get the first letters !
[01:23] <Kile574> Get the initials even !
[01:23] <XxDarkRavenxX> Reminds me of Beast Boy though to be honest..e.o
[01:23] <Kile574> Comon hes green there are only s- NAILED IT 
[01:23] <XxDarkRavenxX> ;3 
[01:23] <Kile574> :3
[01:23] <XxDarkRavenxX> Took me a moment ;3
[01:23] <Kile574> im editing it, im gonna do something with the skin tone. maybe make it darker. might add a background.
[01:23] <XxDarkRavenxX> Killer *0*
[01:24] <XxDarkRavenxX> Kile..Wanna know something..My name is because of Teen Titans Raven ..In the comics I believe Beast Boy and Raven hook up but break up because of weird shizz ;3
[01:24] <Maskedmoon> Lol
[01:24] <XxDarkRavenxX> like the bad people turn them on each other *0*
[01:25] <Maskedmoon> Dark, do you write?
[01:25] <Maskedmoon> 
[01:25] <XxDarkRavenxX> Mhms
[01:25] <Maskedmoon> What kind of things?
[01:25] <Rêveur of the Night> " Ray Ray"
[01:25] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD Rev Rev ~ 
[01:25] <Maskedmoon> Hello rhyme
[01:25] <XxDarkRavenxX> Mainly my visions honestly..
[01:25] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[01:26] <XeRhyme> Same as usual really.
[01:26] <XxDarkRavenxX> I wrote one 'Story' with my ex 
[01:26] <XeRhyme> How did it go?
[01:26] <XeRhyme> 
[01:27] <XxDarkRavenxX> Me? ..
[01:28] <XeRhyme> Yeah.
[01:29] <XxDarkRavenxX> Oh XD I feel stupid ~ eh..It was okay I wrote it with him when we met, and then we dated..It was about a girl in a post apocalyptic world and the 'Government' captures all these people with psionic like abilities and you don't know why, and the girls parents were the one that turned her she kills them in the end ~ 
[01:29] <XxDarkRavenxX> after she escapes ~ 
[01:30] <XeRhyme> For some reason,That story sounds very familiar.
[01:30] <XxDarkRavenxX> And I wanna write another one explaining why they capture them..
[01:30] <Maskedmoon> You seem like an amazing writer
[01:30] <XxDarkRavenxX> I posted it on Psion Nation I think but I did on Psiwarriors before things went to hell
[01:30] <XeRhyme> I recall reading your poems on nation,Your pretty good at them.
[01:31] <XeRhyme> Like,You make the reader feel the emotions of them
[01:31] <XxDarkRavenxX> Not really XD I mean I came up with the plot kinda but my ex wrote it..
[01:31] <XeRhyme> Just.Don't write one about death.You'll make me drop dead.
[01:31] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD ~ lmfao my 'Poems' are really my visions so I mean..I write as I see them..
[01:32] <XxDarkRavenxX> I get told a lot though people really feel the emotions though XD I didn't really think of them as that powerful though..
[01:32] <XeRhyme> Trust me.It doesn't seem like it,but it is
[01:32] <Maskedmoon> I write a lot about this little universe I have
[01:32] <Maskedmoon> And thing is that it always grows, and it has SO much posibilities lol
[01:33] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD ~ <3 nice ;3 
[01:34] <Maskedmoon> Its "The Krañiel continent"
[01:34] <XxDarkRavenxX> I haven't really updated on my visions really..The more I kinda do then the more like..things happen and stuff and just XD ~ I mean I may idk..
[01:34] <XxDarkRavenxX> Sounds Sassy *0*
[01:34] <Kile574> mmk, i think im done with my profile picture .-.
[01:34] <Maskedmoon> Its centered on an empire known as the galilean empire
[01:35] <Maskedmoon> A empire, whose idea of humanity at first was perfection and purity
[01:35] <Maskedmoon> Through mind and progress
[01:35] <Maskedmoon> Then, came the idea of a man, whose limits were beyond wisdom
[01:36] <Maskedmoon> He made machines, or a technology, based of one of the biggest forces, nature
[01:36] <XxDarkRavenxX> Oh my o.o
[01:36] <Maskedmoon> as this technology came, a movement of progress and technology came to the empire
[01:36] <Maskedmoon> Culture, religion and even the governors started to reform
[01:37] <Maskedmoon> The monarquic reign was the one that leaded this golden age
[01:37] <Maskedmoon> Of a king, and 12 diciples 
[01:37] <Maskedmoon> But then, as the wealth came
[01:37] <Maskedmoon> The owners of companies and industries
[01:37] <Maskedmoon> started to make an idea
[01:37] <Maskedmoon> of using the machines, and even human itself as a tool
[01:37] <EinsVanCat> *lead
[01:37] <Maskedmoon> Thanks
[01:38] <Maskedmoon> This ideal was quickly said as blasphemy
[01:38] <Maskedmoon> and came a political conflict
[01:38] <Maskedmoon> The wealthy started to make a movement of this ideal
[01:38] <Maskedmoon> called the hand nail movement
[01:38] <Maskedmoon> It quickly took over the kingdom
[01:39] <Maskedmoon> and Made the galileans go under a industrial age
[01:39] <Maskedmoon> of decay, power and progress of a dead soul
[01:39] <Maskedmoon> But not everything was lost for the monarchs
[01:39] <Maskedmoon> They still planned their counter attack
[01:39] <Maskedmoon> or what was left of em
[01:39] <Maskedmoon> As a religion, under the noses of the wealthy
[01:40] <Maskedmoon> They made a cultural riot and movement
[01:40] <Maskedmoon> Known as the spiral rose
[01:40] <Maskedmoon> A symbol of infinite beauty and a spiral of mind
[01:40] <Maskedmoon> Then, as the riots strarted
[01:40] <Maskedmoon> The government was taken down, as the ones that leaded it
[01:41] <Maskedmoon> They were hanged, a the feet of a burning pile of machinery
[01:41] <Maskedmoon> With the echoing screams, of the ones who were under their hand
[01:41] <Maskedmoon> cussings, and curses
[01:41] <XeRhyme> Dude,Write a book
[01:41] <Maskedmoon> The religion was once again in there, but so did corruption
[01:41] <Maskedmoon> The ideal of cleansing was nothing more but a expansion of it now
[01:41] <XxDarkRavenxX> Kile :
[01:42] <Maskedmoon> The galileans, with its power started to attack other leands
[01:42] <Maskedmoon> lands
[01:42] <Maskedmoon> and so.... came the galilean war
[01:42] <Maskedmoon> The decay of a golden age
[01:42] <Maskedmoon> and the reborn of a black soul
[01:44] <Kile574> arent the galileans the species that The Doctor is ?
[01:44] <Kile574> thats the titan that ate Erins mom.
[01:45] <XeRhyme> The titan that ate erins mom is the Smiling titan rite?
[01:45] <XxDarkRavenxX> ;3
[01:45] <XxDarkRavenxX> I think so ;3
[01:45] <XeRhyme> Who reads the manga btw.
[01:45] <Maskedmoon> That drawing is amazing dar
[01:45] <XeRhyme> Becuz.Somethin interesting occurs if you read it.
[01:45] <Maskedmoon> dark
[01:45] <XxDarkRavenxX> Thanks ~ 
[01:45] <XxDarkRavenxX> I don't wanna know!
[01:45] <XeRhyme> Don't worry I won't spoil it
[01:45] <XeRhyme> But.It will be amazing when it goes to anime
[01:46] <XxDarkRavenxX> I will read the manga after the anime is full dubbed and I watch it all
[01:46] <Rushontherun> xerhyme is btw an abreviation for it
[01:46] <XxDarkRavenxX> I only can watch to episode 13..
[01:46] <XeRhyme> Btw is By the way
[01:47] <Kile574> I like manga, i just dont have the patience to read it .
[01:47] <Rushontherun> yeah ik that but ive never heard of the manga btw
[01:47] <XxDarkRavenxX> I wanna read the Loveless Manga, I started it a year ago and never got intense ~ 
[01:48] <Rushontherun> im not into shojou manga i like shonen and seinen
[01:48] <XeRhyme> Some mangas,I just wish got an anime
[01:49] <Rushontherun> yeah psyren would be a good anime
[01:49] <Rushontherun> have you ever read psyren
[01:49] <XeRhyme> Nah.Because it has psionics in it and I heard the eden was similar to cage of edens,I kinda got disinterested in it.
[01:49] <Rushontherun> it has to do with psionics
[01:50] <XxDarkRavenxX> To me the Animes are better then the Mangas, then there's America ..'The book is better then the movie'
[01:50] <XeRhyme> the manga not the eden
[01:50] <XeRhyme> Mean't it's ending
[01:50] <XeRhyme> lmao.My grammar is dieing on me
[01:50] <Rushontherun> its so much better than cage of eden 
[01:51] <Rushontherun> at least read the first couple chapters
[01:51] <XeRhyme> See,I can't watch or read anything that uses fantasy psionics.Otherwise.I'm gonna start doing weird things.
[01:51] <XeRhyme> Cause,I won't practice anything if I check it out
[01:52] <Rushontherun> yeah the abilities are a bit crazy but its still really good
[01:52] <Rushontherun> and the manga deadman wonderland is really good
[01:52] <XeRhyme> One I find interesting is I am a Hero
[01:52] <Maskedmoon> I got a friend who is making a adventure time manga lol
[01:53] <Maskedmoon> a fan one
[01:53] <Maskedmoon> But a good one
[01:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Slendy pants is out to kill you
[01:54] <Rushontherun> a good manga about people making manga is bakuman xerhyme
[01:54] <XeRhyme> So happy right now,They finallt came out with a new volume of the manga I just mentioned
[01:56] <Rushontherun> what volume is the series on
[01:57] <Arro Yunora> ''What a shame what a shame we all remain... Such fragile broken things.
[01:57] <Arro Yunora> That beauty has betrayed.
[01:57] <Arro Yunora> Butterflies with punctured wings!''
[01:57] <Arro Yunora> We talkin attack on titan?
[01:58] <Arro Yunora> And good drawing btw Courtney
[01:58] <XeRhyme> Volume 9 the chapter is like...
[01:58] <XeRhyme> 155 is the latest.
[01:58] <XeRhyme> It's a really good series imo.
[01:59] <Rushontherun> ill look into it scince its about a manga artist because i love bakuman
[01:59] <XeRhyme> Well.The main character Was a manga artist.
[02:00] <Maskedmoon> if you guys like sci fi manga
[02:00] <Rushontherun> oh he quit
[02:00] <Maskedmoon> Read "The baltic knife"
[02:00] <Rushontherun> yea sci fi manga ftw
[02:00] <Maskedmoon> Its a really epic manga
[02:01] <XeRhyme> Well.More of.The end of the world sort of happened
[02:01] <Rushontherun> akira is my favorite sci fi manga
[02:01] <XeRhyme> You see,I am a hero is about a manga artist attempting to survive a virus outbreak,which reanimates people in a very unusual way.It doesn't follow the stereotypes of other "zombie" mangas and isn't cliche.
[02:01] <Rushontherun> ohhh xerhyme i know that series
[02:01] <XeRhyme> Though it does get very disturbing in some pages.
[02:01] <Rushontherun> i saw it on myanimelist
[02:01] <Rushontherun> yeah im gonna check it out
[02:02] <Arro Yunora> Ooo is that an anime Rhyme?
[02:02] <Arro Yunora> Or do I have to read 
[02:02] <Rushontherun> a good zombie manga thats not cliche is fort of apocalypse
[02:02] <KibaTheWolf> Kile574
[02:03] <XeRhyme> It's a manga Arro
[02:03] <XeRhyme> I really hope it becomes an anime.
[02:03] <Arro Yunora> ah, well that stinks, 
[02:03] <Arro Yunora> hopefully will develop into anime soon
[02:03] <Rushontherun> sometimes the manga is better than the anime 
[02:03] <Rushontherun> like with one piece
[02:03] <Rushontherun> and death note
[02:04] <Arro Yunora> Yea, but i am pretty picky when it comes to manga
[02:04] <Arro Yunora> As in, I only read if it's in my hands
[02:04] <Rêveur of the Night> Kiba
[02:04] <Rushontherun> same here i have 247 volumes of manga
[02:04] <KibaTheWolf> Hey
[02:05] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[02:05] <Arro Yunora> Mmm, i want some Jinx dangit -_-
[02:05] <KibaTheWolf> Hi lol
[02:06] <Rêveur of the Night> Winx
[02:06] <Rêveur of the Night> ;3
[02:06] <Arro Yunora> Club
[02:06] <Arro Yunora> OP
[02:06] <Rushontherun> (pervert) oh yes
[02:06] <Rêveur of the Night> Kiba, do you need something? o.O
[02:06] <Arro Yunora> Lol, you'll most likely see in a second Kiba.
[02:06] <Arro Yunora> Rev*
[02:07] <Arro Yunora> Not the wolf boy
[02:07] <KibaTheWolf> Im trying to talk with Kile, he asked me to get on the chat, but he didnt answer my PM
[02:07] <KibaTheWolf> And why, Arro?
[02:09] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[02:09] <Rêveur of the Night> (pervert) 
[02:09] <Rêveur of the Night> (likeasir) 
[02:09] <Arro Yunora> I really feel like drawing Jinx right now...
[02:09] <Kile574> KIBAAAAAAA
[02:09] <Arro Yunora> * Arro Yunora drools a lil.
[02:09] <Arro Yunora> Ugh.
[02:09] <KibaTheWolf> Hi, Kile
[02:10] <Kile574> Well my pms arent working so HI!
[02:10] <KibaTheWolf> You wanted to talk with me?
[02:10] <Kile574> Yeppers
[02:10] <KibaTheWolf> About?
[02:10] <Kile574> Im actually glad you got on the wiki
[02:10] <Kile574> Id like for you to come back :c 
[02:10] <Kile574> Spend some more time with us
[02:10] <Kile574> i miss you
[02:10] <Kile574> trusty isnt here, you arent here, and oka's just not the same .
[02:10] <Arro Yunora> Rhyme changed Oka all to hell >.>
[02:10] <KibaTheWolf> Im sorry, but Psiwiki changed alot, and for me, it didnt change to better
[02:11] <Kile574> Somethins goin on between those too 
[02:11] <Kile574> How so ?
[02:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Jinx is...
[02:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Is...
[02:11] <XeRhyme> The heck r u talkin bout arrow,lol
[02:11] <Rêveur of the Night> (pervert) 
[02:11] <XeRhyme> arro
[02:11] <KibaTheWolf> Most of my friends left the wikia, and i just think the administration of the site is messed up, no offense to you or the other admins, tho
[02:12] <Arro Yunora> x3 I dunno... maybe you'd like to show me~
[02:12] <Rêveur of the Night> Yeah
[02:12] <EinsVanCat> .___.
[02:12] <Kile574> Actually its just me and the other admin... Horsy was removed from the staff.
[02:12] <Rêveur of the Night> A lot of the older people left
[02:12] <Kile574> They did, and that depresses me .
[02:12] <Rêveur of the Night> Except for
[02:12] <KibaTheWolf> And that was yet another motive i stopped using the chat
[02:12] <EinsVanCat> *waves* Im around.
[02:12] <Kile574> Because a lot of these newer people arent even informed 
[02:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Her^^
[02:13] <Kile574> Yeah, eins is here. and shes been here longer than any of us .-.
[02:13] <Kile574> Maybe longer than truely.
[02:13] <Arro Yunora> Nor static.
[02:13] <Kile574> Shes a relic of the old world <>_<>
[02:13] <Arro Yunora> ^
[02:13] <KibaTheWolf> Reveur, where you online when Ahris Hazard typed that giant text about the wikia?
[02:13] <EinsVanCat> around the same amount of time, I think?
[02:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes
[02:13] <EinsVanCat> Im a relic of a -lot- of old worlds.
[02:13] <EinsVanCat> lol.
[02:13] <Rêveur of the Night> I think. Unless he did several
[02:14] <Kile574> lemme refresh real quick kiba
[02:14] <KibaTheWolf> I was the one that said all that stuff to him, and he thought of saying it in the chat
[02:14] <KibaTheWolf> I guess my opinion influenced his, idk
[02:14] <Arro Yunora> I found out about an interesting member a few days ago
[02:14] <EinsVanCat> hmm?
[02:14] <Kile574> who said what stuff that you said. what ? ._.
[02:15] <Arro Yunora> Like, Anubi... Or, Anubiah? Or, i dunno something like that
[02:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Omm
[02:15] <Arro Yunora> I wish i could talk to that one, xD
[02:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Anu-IAH?
[02:15] <Arro Yunora> Yea thats the name
[02:16] <Rêveur of the Night> Ah
[02:16] <Rêveur of the Night> I have her on skype o.o
[02:16] <Arro Yunora> Apparently left a great impression on all the members here who remember her
[02:16] <Arro Yunora> She online?1
[02:16] <XxDarkRavenxX> Kile : - Sitri:
[02:16] <XxDarkRavenxX> You Are Made For Belly Dancing Passionate and exotic, bellydancing is the perfect expression of your feminine ways >_> <_< >____>
[02:16] <XxDarkRavenxX> 
[02:16] <Rêveur of the Night> She isn't
[02:16] <EinsVanCat> Anush : o
[02:16] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[02:17] <Arro Yunora> Lemme know if she does, i might be a lil intimidated to talk though since.
[02:17] <Arro Yunora> I don't know who the hell she is. 
[02:17] <Arro Yunora> But please lemme know when : D
[02:18] <Kile574> WOAH! lookie there truely is here !
[02:18] <Kile574> Truely, pm. now .
[02:18] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[02:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Okay
[02:22] <Arro Yunora> Da silence... Moa CHAOS!
[02:22] <Arro Yunora> But no seriously not really kinda maybe yea psyche.
[02:26] <Kile574> in 14 minutes ill leave .-. 
[02:29] <SuperKrill99> hi guys
[02:29] <SuperKrill99> Do any of you have a juicer at home?
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[02:29] <Rêveur of the Night> I don't, at least
[02:29] <SuperKrill99> That stinks
[02:29] <Kile574> It was just two weeks ago that i did this for Crazy and Eins .
[02:30] <Kile574> And in that time we lost two chatmods ._.
[02:30] <EinsVanCat> >~<
[02:30] <SuperKrill99> Sup Eins
[02:30] <Kile574> Anyways ! Here how this goes !
[02:30] <SuperKrill99> Eins of epicness
[02:30] <Rêveur of the Night> You alright, Eins?
[02:30] <EinsVanCat> Lol
[02:30] <SuperKrill99> She's to busy being epic 
[02:31] <EinsVanCat> Im watching Warehouse 13
[02:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh
[02:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Sorry
[02:31] <Kile574> there will be a period of two weeks where you will be in a form of 'testing' to see if you are fit to be a chatmod . This includes being active enough to maintain the position and enforcing and following the rules properly.
[02:31] <SuperKrill99> lol
[02:31] <Rushontherun> does anybody get to take it
[02:31] <SuperKrill99> No one will like me being a mod
[02:32] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[02:32] <SuperKrill99> Eins
[02:32] <SuperKrill99> Will get mad
[02:32] <Kile574> If you do not live up to expectations we reserve the right to remove you from the position, and you now, and far into the future will have the right to quite the position at any time.
[02:32] <Rêveur of the Night> Well duh o.o
[02:32] <SuperKrill99> Do you have special privlages?
[02:32] <Kile574> Kiba, do you see this ?
[02:33] <KibaTheWolf> I see what?
[02:34] <SuperKrill99> You guys should have a psi test
[02:34] <Kile574> It was just two weeks ago that i did this for Crazy and Eins .
[02:34] <Kile574> And in that time we lost two chatmods ._. 
[02:34] <Kile574> Anyways ! Here how this goes ! there will be a period of two weeks where you will be in a form of 'testing' to see if you are fit to be a chatmod . This includes being active enough to maintain the position and enforcing and following the rules properly. If you do not live up to expectations we reserve the right to remove you from the position, and you now, and far into the future will have the right to quite the position at any time.
[02:34] <Kile574> To sum it all up 
[02:34] <Rêveur of the Night> *insert snappy "Well duh" comment here*
[02:35] <Kile574> my 16 year old friend just sent me a picture of his newborn baby. :|
[02:35] <Arro Yunora> Congratulations on your moderation positions you two!
[02:35] <Arro Yunora> I wish you both the best!~ And all that jazz xD
[02:35] <SuperKrill99> Kile we didn't need to know that :/
[02:35] <KibaTheWolf> Uhm, ok i guess?
[02:35] <Rêveur of the Night> :|
[02:36] <SuperKrill99> Can you troll as a mod\?
[02:36] <Arro Yunora> It's like something just died at a birthday party, xD.
[02:37] <Kile574> four minutes till my computer shuts off 
[02:37] <SuperKrill99> Can you troll as a mod?
[02:37] <SuperKrill99> xD
[02:37] <KibaTheWolf> Kile PM
[02:37] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[02:37] <SuperKrill99> Why not?
[02:37] <Kile574> Oh, and by the way the 'trial period' is two weeks .
[02:37] <Rêveur of the Night> Because you get reported
[02:37] <SuperKrill99> D:
[02:37] <SuperKrill99> I'm a sad troll
[02:38] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[02:39] <Kile574> Most sites dont let their mods troll lol
[02:40] <EinsVanCat> You shouldn't troll.
[02:40] <Rushontherun> are there more of these things (pervert) 
[02:40] <EinsVanCat> Even as a member.
[02:40] <Arro Yunora> loads of them
[02:40] <Kile574> Yep, here [[MediaWiki talk:Emoticons]]
[02:40] <Rêveur of the Night> It's only appropriate on the Troll Wikia
[02:40] <Arro Yunora> daw Kile >:
[02:41] <Kile574> wait what... that page is clear..
[02:41] <SuperKrill99> yes
[02:41] <EinsVanCat> not the talk page
[02:41] <KibaTheWolf> (mew) 
[02:41] <EinsVanCat> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
[02:41] <SuperKrill99> trolls should be president
[02:42] <KibaTheWolf> Yay mew still exist
[02:42] <EinsVanCat> (sparkle) 
[02:42] <Rêveur of the Night> That page has a lot of old users as emotes on it
[02:42] <SuperKrill99>
[02:42] <Arro Yunora> (fairy) 
[02:42] <EinsVanCat> (fairy) Hey! Listen!
[02:43] <SuperKrill99> How do you use them?
[02:43] <Angilioth> rawr~
[02:43] <SuperKrill99> (heart) 
[02:43] <SuperKrill99> oooh
[02:43] <Rêveur of the Night> (allears) What Eins?
[02:43] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[02:43] <SuperKrill99> (dance) 
[02:43] <EinsVanCat> =.=;
[02:43] <Angilioth> (pervert) 
[02:44] <EinsVanCat> Anyways lets not spam the emotes
[02:44] <SuperKrill99> (derp)
[02:44] <Arro Yunora> xD
[02:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Yeah
[02:44] <SuperKrill99> (butter) 
[02:44] <Arro Yunora> Dang forgot Saadi's been missin for awhile
[02:44] <SuperKrill99> Everyone likes butter
[02:44] <Rêveur of the Night> I don't like butter
[02:45] <Rushontherun> [[189637151067601]]
[02:45] <EinsVanCat> (ban2) 
[02:45] <EinsVanCat> I know Ill be using this one more often. lol :3
[02:45] <EinsVanCat> So, anyone got anything to talk about?
[02:45] <Arro Yunora> Agh... and Nitsualol. One of the first people i ever talked to here.
[02:45] <Rushontherun> what the i meant to do a emoticon 
[02:45] <Rushontherun> lol
[02:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Vvbb too
[02:46] <Angilioth> is there a ban hammer emote?
[02:46] <Rêveur of the Night> (banhammer)
[02:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Darn
[02:47] <EinsVanCat> (ban) 
[02:47] <Rêveur of the Night> (kick) 
[02:47] <Angilioth> wooo!!
[02:48] <Angilioth> is there an emote list?
[02:48] <Rêveur of the Night> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
[02:48] <SuperKrill99> (foreveralone) 
[02:49] <Arro Yunora> Eww the hell is that thing
[02:49] <SuperKrill99> (fail) 
[02:49] <Arro Yunora> oh its a meme. okey nvm, lost interest
[02:49] <SuperKrill99> (ban) 
[02:49] <Rushontherun> (y) 
[02:49] <SuperKrill99> (ban2) 
[02:50] <Rushontherun> (dance) 
[02:50] <Angilioth> (hiding) 
[02:50] <Rushontherun> (ninja)
[02:50] <Rushontherun> (ninja2) 
[02:50] <Angilioth> (dance) 
[02:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Alriight
[02:50] <Rushontherun> emoticons are amazing
[02:51] <Angilioth> (spam) 
[02:51] <Rushontherun> Ill only do one more
[02:51] <Rushontherun> (hehehe) 
[02:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright then
[02:52] <Angilioth> (gtfo) 
[02:52] <Angilioth> lol ok i is done now
[02:52] <Rêveur of the Night> If you want to test out more, you can pm me
[02:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Meanwhile
[02:53] <Angilioth> hi hero
[02:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey
[02:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Hero
[02:54] <Rêveur of the Night> You lagging?
[02:54] <Angilioth> herro hero
[02:56] <Maskedmoon> Greetings hive
[02:56] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[02:56] <Maskedmoon> 
[02:56] <Hiveofone> fine and you
[02:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey
[02:57] <Angilioth> hi
[02:58] <Hiveofone> hey guys
[02:58] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[02:58] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[02:58] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[02:58] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[02:58] <SuperKrill99> (troll) 
[02:58] <Hiveofone> krillian the first to die
[02:58] <Maskedmoon> Im good, thanks
[02:58] <Rêveur of the Night> No spam please
[02:58] <Rushontherun> (vegeta) 
[02:58] <SuperKrill99> (vegeta) 
[02:58] <Rushontherun> sorry im done
[02:59] <SuperKrill99> (goku)
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Vegeta was a user here
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> Still is, selomly
[02:59] <Rêveur of the Night> seldomly*
[03:00] <Rushontherun> yeah i think i remember him before yesterday ive only been on chat like once
[03:00] <KibaTheWolf> Speaking of him, i never saw him again
[03:00] <KibaTheWolf> Did he leave or what?
[03:00] <Rêveur of the Night> Sort of
[03:00] <Angilioth> maybe
[03:00] <Rêveur of the Night> He comes on
[03:00] <Rêveur of the Night> But rarely
[03:00] <KibaTheWolf> What about Fiona and Veil?
[03:01] <Arro Yunora> Fiona should be back in a few days or so.
[03:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Yeah
[03:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Veil was on yesterday
[03:01] <Rêveur of the Night> Fiona got banned
[03:01] <KibaTheWolf> Why?!
[03:02] <Arro Yunora> She was with Jemma.
[03:02] <KibaTheWolf> I know the two, but why was she banned?
[03:02] <Rêveur of the Night> Spam. Language.
[03:02] <Rêveur of the Night> Overall overdoing it
[03:02] <KibaTheWolf> Hehe, dosnt surprise me
[03:02] <Hiveofone> yah I was on that day way too much...
[03:02] <Arro Yunora> Saying she was with Jemma should spell out = Trouble. xD
[03:03] <KibaTheWolf> I kinda miss the chat, guess i wont leave the wiki for long periods of time anymore
[03:04] <Arro Yunora> That's the spirit!
[03:06] <KibaTheWolf> Oh, did you guys see TheWizard17 online?
[03:06] <Rêveur of the Night> I didn't
[03:06] <KibaTheWolf> Wait, i just noticed something
[03:06] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm>
[03:06] <Hiveofone> what?
[03:07] <Rêveur of the Night> ?*
[03:07] <KibaTheWolf> Why were you demoted Arro?
[03:07] <Arro Yunora> Eh. Stuff happened yesterday.
[03:07] <Arro Yunora> I regretted it and requested to get mod status removed.
[03:07] <Rêveur of the Night> Apparently, to make up to Undertaker. Is that so?
[03:07] <Arro Yunora> That was the idea
[03:08] <KibaTheWolf> Undertaker?
[03:08] <SuperKrill99> lol that's from WWE
[03:08] <Arro Yunora> CrazyUndertaker, who was a mod as of yesterday
[03:08] <KibaTheWolf> Why was he demoted
[03:08] <Rêveur of the Night> She
[03:08] <Rêveur of the Night> She left it
[03:09] <KibaTheWolf> She left the wiki?
[03:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Couldn't handle it
[03:09] <Rêveur of the Night> Probably
[03:09] <Rêveur of the Night> I don't really know that part
[03:10] <KibaTheWolf> Seems like the staff is messed up lately
[03:10] <KibaTheWolf> And why was Crow demoted?
[03:11] <Arro Yunora> Dang Kiba you missed a lot, xD
[03:11] <KibaTheWolf> Sigh, i did
[03:11] <Arro Yunora> Like sleeping for 5 years and coming back to a wasteland
[03:11] <Arro Yunora> ghost town would have made more sense... dangit >.<
[03:11] <KibaTheWolf> You know, thats exactly how i feel when getting back to the site
[03:11] <KibaTheWolf> On a wasteland XD
[03:11] <Arro Yunora> But Crow left on his own accord. Things here just didn't shine like they did when he first joined.
[03:12] <Arro Yunora> And yea it kinda feels like that
[03:12] <KibaTheWolf> Cant disagree with that
[03:12] <KibaTheWolf> But ill do my best to help the wiki, and our community as a whole
[03:12] <Rêveur of the Night> Basically why I left for my month or several too
[03:13] <Rêveur of the Night> *late*
[03:13] <KibaTheWolf> Maybe one day the chat will be used to learning again and not argueing about spamming or the content of the site XD
[03:14] <Hiveofone> there are always people who will just screw everything pver
[03:14] <Rêveur of the Night> And there will always be those who won't
[03:15] <KibaTheWolf> And those who dont will stop the ones that do
[03:15] <Hiveofone> I meant over as the last word
[03:15] <SuperKrill99> o3yq4k-]-0gkrpjhq4i943 9y0j
[03:15] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[03:16] <SuperKrill99> (mb) 
[03:16] <KibaTheWolf> If someone spams too much, he/she gets kicked or banned, if na arguement starts because of a dumb reason, the people arguing get kicked and warned not to do it again, or do in a PM, at least
[03:16] <SuperKrill99> Im sorry
[03:16] <SuperKrill99> I never really spammed though
[03:16] <KibaTheWolf> Speaking of bans, where is 608?
[03:16] <Rêveur of the Night> 608?
[03:16] <Rêveur of the Night> No idea
[03:17] <KibaTheWolf> He used to get banned alot
[03:17] <Arro Yunora> Hahaha
[03:17] <Arro Yunora> him, he's actually coming back on the 22nd
[03:17] <KibaTheWolf> Cant say i liked him, cant say i hated him
[03:17] <Arro Yunora> 10 more days
[03:17] <KibaTheWolf> Did he get better?
[03:17] <KibaTheWolf> You know, less annoying?
[03:17] <Arro Yunora> He was put on a 3 month ban because of some stuff.
[03:17] <Arro Yunora> Hmm.
[03:17] <Arro Yunora> Dunno, will have to wait and see.
[03:18] <KibaTheWolf> Because, yah know, he used to ruin even the most simple conversations XD
[03:18] <Arro Yunora> I have high hopes though, he contacted me and said an awesome apology that felt as though he realized he was doing something really...
[03:18] <Arro Yunora> Well dumb.
[03:18] <Arro Yunora> Yea... Like
[03:18] <Arro Yunora> ...
[03:18] <Arro Yunora> ...
[03:18] <Arro Yunora> And that one rage emote
[03:19] <EinsVanCat> You guys have to remember that things aren't as cut and dry as you probably think it is :3
[03:19] <KibaTheWolf> I remember rage quiting the chat because of him
[03:19] <KibaTheWolf> I actually kinda miss doing that XD
[03:19] <SuperKrill99> Yeah listen to Eins
[03:20] <EinsVanCat> .__.
[03:20] <SuperKrill99> You can learn something from him
[03:20] <EinsVanCat> =___=
[03:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Her
[03:20] <Hiveofone> If things were cut and dry it wouldn't be as much fun as it is now would it 
[03:20] <EinsVanCat> What did I say, krill.
[03:20] <EinsVanCat> What have I said about doing that.. lol
[03:20] <SuperKrill99> lol
[03:20] <SuperKrill99> sorry
[03:20] <Arro Yunora> I know well of the situation with 608.
[03:20] <SuperKrill99> WE NEED FROM GIRLS HERE
[03:21] <SuperKrill99> You can learn something from her
[03:21] <KibaTheWolf> I dont, i left for a really long time, what happened while i left?
[03:21] <Arro Yunora> Sigh,... 3 weeks of constant back and forth...
[03:21] <Arro Yunora> That guy was making me lose my mind.
[03:22] <Arro Yunora> i gotta go though, amigo waitin for me outside.
[03:22] <KibaTheWolf> Cya Arro
[03:22] <Rêveur of the Night> Bye
[03:22] <Arro Yunora> If you're on when im back i'll tell you what i can about whats been goin on.
[03:22] <Hiveofone> bye
[03:23] <Arro Yunora> Peace, and best wishes to the both of you. 
[03:23] <Arro Yunora> Bye all~
[03:23] <KibaTheWolf> Guess im going to go too, im almost falling asleep
[03:23] <KibaTheWolf> See you guys Saturday
[03:28] <SuperKrill99> All of you know eachother
[03:28] <SuperKrill99> ?
[03:29] <Rêveur of the Night> Who?
[03:29] <Hiveofone> Docter?
[03:30] <SuperKrill99> Kiba said see you guys saturday
[03:30] <Rêveur of the Night> On chat
[03:30] <SuperKrill99> Oh
[03:30] <SuperKrill99> Why so specific?
[03:30] <Rêveur of the Night> 2 days
[03:30] <Hiveofone> I'll be camping then
[03:32] <Hiveofone> I'll probably be on Sunday 
[03:33] <Hiveofone> now any have a topic for disscusion
[03:33] <Rêveur of the Night> Well
[03:34] <Rêveur of the Night> I've been really into this thing called Hitori Kakurenbo
[03:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Or one man hide-and-seek
[03:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Apparently
[03:34] <Hiveofone> huh
[03:34] <SuperKrill99> I'm on everyday
[03:34] <SuperKrill99> 
[03:34] <Rêveur of the Night> If you lose, you die
[03:35] <Hiveofone> hey TruelyUnknown
[03:35] <Truely Unknown> Hi.
[03:37] <Hiveofone> well then
[03:38] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[03:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Now
[03:44] <SuperKrill99> They are different
[03:45] <Rêveur of the Night> Sew the bear up with one string of red thread
[03:45] <SuperKrill99> (gun)
[03:45] <Rêveur of the Night> wrap the excess around the bear
[03:45] <SuperKrill99> Do the troll dance
[03:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Eins, you logs' gone
[03:46] <Rêveur of the Night> your
[03:46] <EinsVanCat> goddamnit
[03:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Now
[03:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Hive, you were the one that wanted to hear this right?
[03:47] <Hiveofone> yes
[03:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright
[03:47] <Rêveur of the Night> So
[03:47] <Rêveur of the Night> At 3am
[03:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Go into the bathroom and fill your tub with water
[03:48] <Rêveur of the Night> Hold up the bear and (you need a name for it later) and say. "I (your name) will first be it" three times
[03:48] <Rêveur of the Night> Drop it in the water
[03:49] <Rêveur of the Night> Run through your house turning off every light
[03:49] <Rêveur of the Night> Put your tv on a static channel if you have one, but you don't have to
[03:49] <Rêveur of the Night> Put a cup of salt water in your hiding place
[03:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Grab something like a knife and go back to the bathroom
[03:50] <SuperKrill99> why?
[03:50] <XxDarkRavenxX> One Person Hide And Seek?
[03:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey Ray.
[03:50] <Rêveur of the Night> 
[03:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Now, say "I have found you e.x. Mr. Squish"
[03:50] <Rêveur of the Night> Yus
[03:51] <XxDarkRavenxX> xD creepy pasta <3 
[03:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Not creepy pasta
[03:51] <XxDarkRavenxX> it is XD
[03:51] <Rêveur of the Night> >.> Creppy pasta took it
[03:51] <XxDarkRavenxX> pff
[03:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Japanese folklore
[03:51] <XxDarkRavenxX> ;3 Now I wanna listen to creepy pasta..
[03:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Anyways
[03:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Now
[03:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Stab the living $#!&
[03:52] <Rêveur of the Night> out of that bear
[03:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Make sure the red string is cut
[03:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Leave the knife in the bear
[03:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Run. Run, out of the room and quietly get in your hiding spot
[03:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Now, don't die
[03:54] <XxDarkRavenxX> that stuff never really works XD
[03:54] <Rêveur of the Night> xD I don't care o_o
[03:54] <EinsVanCat> Ded
[03:55] <Rêveur of the Night> To stop the game
[03:55] <Rêveur of the Night> You take half the salt water in your mouth
[03:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Don't swallow it
[03:55] <Rêveur of the Night> Go to the bathroom
[03:56] <Rêveur of the Night> If you see it before getting there, (if it isn't there, find it) or if it's there
[03:56] <Rêveur of the Night> Spit the water on it, and dump the rest on it
[03:56] <Rêveur of the Night> Say "I win" three times
[03:57] <Rêveur of the Night> And then burn the living stuff out of it
[03:57] <Kile574> Angilioth ! Two days in a row ! Must be my lucky day !
[03:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Done Kile
[03:58] <Hiveofone> well then
[03:58] <XxDarkRavenxX> Kile ~ will you twerk with me
[03:58] <Kile574> Nope~
[03:58] <XxDarkRavenxX> Damn D:
[03:59] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[04:04] <Rêveur of the Night> My word brings (rip) 
[04:05] <Hiveofone> is that breathing
[04:05] <Rêveur of the Night> To the chat >.>
[04:05] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[04:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Playin LoL
[04:08] <Rêveur of the Night> Be back soon
[04:10] <Hiveofone> finally he's gone
[04:14] <Kile574> Lol
[04:15] <HawkTech>
[04:25] <Hiveofone> night all
[04:26] <Angilioth> i is back
[04:26] <Angilioth> what i miss
[04:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Back
[04:39] <Rêveur of the Night> Hawk
[04:40] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD
[04:42] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[04:49] <Angilioth> lol
[04:49] <EinsVanCat> *yawns*
[04:49] <Rêveur of the Night> Sleepy?
[04:49] <EinsVanCat> always.
[04:51] <EinsVanCat> Omfg amber
[04:51] <EinsVanCat> Hi
[04:51] <AmberTempest> O_O hi
[04:51] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[04:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Amber
[04:51] <Rêveur of the Night> IS ALIVE
[04:52] <AmberTempest> ...
[04:52] <Rêveur of the Night> *hugs*
[04:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Going back into another lol game
[04:52] <Rêveur of the Night> Text me
[04:53] <AmberTempest> ...
[04:53] <Angilioth> hi amber
[04:53] <AmberTempest> Hi
[04:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh G+
[04:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Or
[04:57] <Angilioth> huh?
[04:57] <AmberTempest> No clue... so how are you?
[04:58] <XxDarkRavenxX> Twerk Team
[04:58] <EinsVanCat> >..>
[04:58] <Angilioth> im good
[04:58] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD
[04:59] <AmberTempest> That's good to hear
[05:01] <Angilioth> yeah how are you?
[05:02] <XxDarkRavenxX> Imma go ~ Bye ;3 
[05:02] <AmberTempest> Ohhh, same as usual
[05:02] <AmberTempest> Adios
[05:05] <Rebechat> Hi All
[05:05] <AmberTempest> Hi
[05:06] <EinsVanCat> Hi there
[05:06] <Angilioth> hi
[05:06] <Rebechat> I come to search for some answers
[05:06] <Rebechat> LOL
[05:06] <AmberTempest> *blinks*
[05:07] <Rebechat> Anybody had kinetic energy experiences?
[05:08] <Rebechat> Maybe I'm in the wrong forum?
[05:08] <EinsVanCat> I major in EM
[05:08] <EinsVanCat> and you didn't even wait for a minute for an answer.
[05:09] <Rebechat> sorry 
[05:09] <Rebechat> what is EM?
[05:09] <EinsVanCat> [[Energy Manipulation]]
[05:09] <Rebechat> Oh cool! =o)
[05:11] <Rebechat> Last weekend I took a 3 day class in Theta Healing and I had several thermal waves thru my body, head and hands.
[05:12] <AmberTempest> Sounds exhaustingly boring
[05:13] <Rebechat> I don't really know what was happening to my body, but my output was hot and sweaty, when I was focused thru meditation, so I called thermal. Is that the type of energy you call EM?
[05:14] <AmberTempest> I'm pretty sure manipulating any energy is energy manipulation...
[05:15] <AmberTempest> ...That came off more sarcastic than I intended
[05:15] <Rebechat> Okay, I'm not familiar with all the terms, but I read a little bit on this page. 
[05:16] <EinsVanCat> Energy can make you feel warm
[05:16] <Rebechat> Nobody in the class had really encountered my energy before.
[05:17] <AmberTempest> Hi
[05:17] <SuperKrill99> I NEED HELP
[05:17] <AmberTempest> ...Hi
[05:17] <Rebechat> Yes very warm, but for me I got hot and sweaty during every exercise.
[05:17] <SuperKrill99> I was meditation on my third eye
[05:17] <SuperKrill99> And I began to see bad memorys
[05:18] <SuperKrill99> I need help
[05:18] <AmberTempest> Hi 
[05:18] <Rêveur of the Night> Done
[05:18] <SuperKrill99> Can you help me?
[05:18] <AmberTempest> You didn't say please
[05:18] <SuperKrill99> Can you please help me?
[05:18] <SuperKrill99> Im sorry
[05:19] <AmberTempest> Alright, exactly what do you need help with? Because there isn't exactly a problem that I can see...
[05:19] <SuperKrill99> Well its a third eye problem
[05:19] <AmberTempest> Alright, go on
[05:19] <EinsVanCat> I get incredibly warm with my energy when its moving even a little, but I have a lot of it
[05:20] <Rêveur of the Night> *Listens*
[05:20] <SuperKrill99> I was meditating with an Amethyst near my third eye and I began to see good and bad images 
[05:20] <SuperKrill99> With the bad images I felt nagetive energy
[05:20] <SuperKrill99> Any thoughts
[05:20] <SuperKrill99> ?
[05:20] <SuperKrill99> 
[05:20] <Rebechat> Well EinsVanCat, I've never had this happen before, so I wasn't sure what was happening to my body?
[05:20] <EinsVanCat> Just becoming sensitive to energy
[05:20] <EinsVanCat> Thats all
[05:20] <SuperKrill99> Most of the bad were memorys
[05:21] <SuperKrill99> With the good
[05:21] <Rebechat> Oh cool EinsVanCat! =o)
[05:21] <SuperKrill99> I saw a woman with what looked liked a baby
[05:21] <SuperKrill99> She had black hair
[05:21] <AmberTempest> Okay, just a moment, do you think something's wrong with your third eye to be seeing these things?
[05:21] <EinsVanCat> Oh, you just saw yourself in a few years krill.
[05:22] <SuperKrill99> lol
[05:22] <Rebechat> Became sensitive to energy, got it! Thank you!
[05:22] <SuperKrill99> IM NOT A GIRL'
[05:22] <EinsVanCat> You call me a guy all the time so Im gonna call you a girl until you start calling me what I am. K?
[05:22] <Angilioth> lol
[05:22] <SuperKrill99> Im sorry mam
[05:22] <EinsVanCat> Thank you.
[05:22] <SuperKrill99> Anyways
[05:23] <HawkTech>
[05:23] <SuperKrill99> I don't know whats wrong
[05:23] <HawkTech> telekinesis tutorial
[05:23] <Angilioth> maybe you future wife
[05:23] <HawkTech>
[05:23] <SuperKrill99> How could have I seen that far?!!!!
[05:23] <AmberTempest> It's typical with meditation to see things
[05:23] <EinsVanCat> Ive seen things 2 years before they happened
[05:24] <SuperKrill99> Im not going to talk about bad memorys
[05:24] <Rebechat> is that for me HawkTech?
[05:24] <Angilioth> iv seen things almost a decade before they happened
[05:24] <SuperKrill99> I also felt strange vibrations
[05:24] <SuperKrill99> I felt overwhelmed
[05:24] <AmberTempest> I just plain see things... hell if I know if they're visions or not
[05:24] <AmberTempest> Nothing's wrong, SuperKrill
[05:25] <SuperKrill99> My visualization has gotten better
[05:25] <SuperKrill99> WAAY BETTER
[05:26] <Rebechat> Thanks for chatting with me all.... =o)
[05:26] <EinsVanCat> mhmm
[05:27] <SuperKrill99> No problem
[05:27] <Angilioth> no prob
[05:27] <Rebechat> bye....
[05:27] <SuperKrill99> Some of my visions were warnings
[05:27] <SuperKrill99> Bye
[05:28] <SuperKrill99> Have a nice day! :D 
[05:29] <AmberTempest> Visions tend to do that
[05:29] <AmberTempest> It's annoying.
[05:29] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[05:29] <SuperKrill99> IKR
[05:29] <SuperKrill99> Pineal gland does that
[05:29] <Rêveur of the Night> o.O
[05:30] <SuperKrill99> Its your wisdom and intuition
[05:30] <SuperKrill99> Some of my visions made me cry
[05:30] <AmberTempest> ...*whacks Rev with newspaper*
[05:30] <Angilioth> lol
[05:30] <Rêveur of the Night> ;-;
[05:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Whaaaattt?
[05:31] <AmberTempest> You know what you did
[05:31] <Rêveur of the Night> I do?
[05:31] <AmberTempest> Yes you do
[05:31] <Rêveur of the Night> What do I know I did? o.o
[05:31] <SuperKrill99> The part of my vision that's sticking out is the baby
[05:32] <SuperKrill99> I cant lose one grip of her
[05:32] <AmberTempest> ...Guys...
[05:32] <AmberTempest> Hmm... what about socks?
[05:32] <SuperKrill99> Lol
[05:32] <AmberTempest> No seriously, what about socks?
[05:33] <Rêveur of the Night> They're fluffy
[05:33] <SuperKrill99> Sooo could this baby be my daughter?
[05:33] <AmberTempest> Boring assessment
[05:33] <AmberTempest> Eh, who knows
[05:33] <SuperKrill99> I'm worried
[05:33] <Rêveur of the Night> Socks are thine bread of life
[05:33] <AmberTempest> It's the future, there's not much you can do except live through it
[05:33] <SuperKrill99> I cant change it?
[05:33] <AmberTempest> Also a boring assessment, something interesting, come on now
[05:34] <AmberTempest> I never said you couldn't
[05:34] <Rêveur of the Night> ...
[05:34] <SuperKrill99> How do I?
[05:34] <SuperKrill99> Whatever made me fall in love
[05:34] <AmberTempest> Simply knowing the future can change it, making the diviner completely useless indeed
[05:34] <AmberTempest> ...I dunno
[05:34] <AmberTempest> It's not happening
[05:34] <AmberTempest> Hi
[05:34] <Rêveur of the Night> o.o
[05:34] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi
[05:34] <SuperKrill99> Hi
[05:35] <Rushontherun> Hi
[05:35] <SuperKrill99> I need to eat healthier foods
[05:35] <AmberTempest> What is so important about socks
[05:35] <698344> How do I be a hipster
[05:35] <SuperKrill99> For my intuition to increase
[05:35] <AmberTempest> Hmm... you should try the Justin Beiber wiki
[05:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Amber has a golden fluffy sock with unicorns of her head, while fireworks set ablaze a nearby skyline
[05:35] <698344> Ahh no
[05:35] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[05:35] <698344> Not how to be pansy 
[05:35] <698344> But a hipster
[05:36] <Rêveur of the Night> How to be a hipster
[05:36] <EinsVanCat> If you're asking how to be a hipster
[05:36] <EinsVanCat> You will never be a hipster.
[05:36] <Rêveur of the Night> Step one: Don't ask instructions
[05:36] <AmberTempest> We don't handle those problems
[05:36] <698344> Lol
[05:36] <698344> Thanks eins
[05:36] <HawkTech>
[05:36] <698344> I wanted someone to say that
[05:36] <AmberTempest> ....So socks.
[05:36] <SuperKrill99> How to be emo
[05:36] <698344> N I knew it would be u
[05:37] <Rêveur of the Night> Socks are important O_O
[05:37] <AmberTempest> Rev, stop going through my dresser and making things up
[05:37] <AmberTempest> Yeah, you mentioned that the last time...
[05:37] <698344> Jk guys u can only just be hipster kinda born it genetic deposition mumbo jumbo
[05:37] <Rêveur of the Night> Unless you have something else to warm your feet
[05:37] <AmberTempest> Come oooonnnnn, I need an idea.... what are so important about socks?
[05:38] <AmberTempest> Answer peoples
[05:38] <EinsVanCat> I liked through the fire and the flames before it was cool.
[05:38] <EinsVanCat> Lol
[05:38] <SuperKrill99> Omg that's one of the most dramatic third eye experiences ever
[05:38] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[05:38] <Rêveur of the Night> Socks
[05:38] <EinsVanCat> Not even joking, it became mainstream like... 3 months after I was like "This is actually pretty cool."
[05:39] <EinsVanCat> I was like "Wow, now its lame because I can't seem to stop hearing it wherever I go, or people talking about it. Goddamnit people lemme enjoy my musix."
[05:39] <AmberTempest> This is even more disappointing than the meat dagger...
[05:40] <SuperKrill99> I heard voices
[05:40] <698344> Socks help us from getting skin rash from shoe n help support it n insulate heat
[05:40] <Rêveur of the Night> If you expect to be thrown into the cold dark danky place know as real life. Not that monitored, boring city life. You'll need something to keep your feet warm. Especially in winter. An optimum choice is socks.
[05:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Rags work too though
[05:41] <AmberTempest> I always hear voices
[05:41] <AmberTempest> I get the feeling there was something behind the meaning of socks, or else, why would socks be important and not them?
[05:41] <SuperKrill99> No
[05:41] <AmberTempest> Them seemed pretty important to me, but no, the socks were emphasized, so why?
[05:41] <SuperKrill99> I was thinking of a bad memory and I began to hear voices
[05:41] <AmberTempest> Lucky, you don't hear them all the time
[05:42] <Rêveur of the Night> I heard one some time ago O_O
[05:42] <SuperKrill99> If I were to do this, sort of thing
[05:42] <Rêveur of the Night> Told me to stand up
[05:42] <AmberTempest> One...
[05:42] <Rêveur of the Night> Asked me why I was behind a bush
[05:43] <Rushontherun> I only heard a voice one time it was yelling hey to me
[05:43] <Rêveur of the Night> No one was there ;-;
[05:43] <AmberTempest> .............................Lucky
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> Im always seeing visions
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> now
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> This is scaring me
[05:43] <AmberTempest> Turn it off, simple.
[05:43] <698344> Omg guys I listened to binural beats n I felt like relaxed bn it was first time I meditated
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> How?
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> lol
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> I feel stressed
[05:43] <AmberTempest> Tell yourself to turn it off, block it out *shrugs* Just do it
[05:44] <SuperKrill99> Im a having visions
[05:44] <AmberTempest> Usually, people know exactly how without knowing EXACTLY how
[05:44] <Rêveur of the Night> Nike methos
[05:44] <Rêveur of the Night> method
[05:44] <SuperKrill99> LOL
[05:44] <Rushontherun> mind blown
[05:44] <Rêveur of the Night> That's what they call it o_o
[05:45] <AmberTempest> Yeah, you laugh, but it works 99% of the time
[05:45] <698344> I felt high tho
[05:45] <AmberTempest> Sugar
[05:45] <SuperKrill99> That's the good way to meditate
[05:45] <SuperKrill99> I hope I get more positive visions tomorrow
[05:46] <Rushontherun> I never meditate lol
[05:46] <Rêveur of the Night> ^
[05:46] <SuperKrill99> But these are good visions because they warn me
[05:46] <SuperKrill99> and lol
[05:46] <AmberTempest> *snorts* positive...
[05:46] <698344> Duces gonna ap
[05:46] <AmberTempest> The universe loooooves to fuck us up
[05:46] <SuperKrill99> Lol
[05:46] <698344> For the first time
[05:46] <AmberTempest> Positive...
[05:46] <Rêveur of the Night> Payback
[05:47] <Rushontherun> are we allowed to post links
[05:47] <AmberTempest> I dunno, I don't work here anymore
[05:47] <SuperKrill99> lol
[05:47] <AmberTempest> Nor do I want to
[05:47] <SuperKrill99> lol
[05:48] <HawkTech> sure sure
[05:48] <Rushontherun> im gonna do it because this video is funny
[05:48] <HawkTech> we believe you
[05:48] <AmberTempest> We do?
[05:49] <Rushontherun> do you guys believe in me
[05:49] <Rushontherun>
[05:49] <Rushontherun> watch the whole thing lol
[05:49] <AmberTempest> Hi Horsy
[05:50] <HawkTech> video older than you
[05:50] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[05:50] <Horsyqueen> hey
[05:51] <Rushontherun> That kid went ss
[05:51] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[05:52] <Angilioth> hi horsy
[05:53] <Rêveur of the Night> *Comparing mind to a machine*
[05:55] <SuperKrill99> lol
[05:57] <Rushontherun> I hear that Geokinesis is really hard
[05:57] <Rêveur of the Night> xD
[05:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Puns
[05:59] <Rushontherun> Ohh I see what you did there (hehehe) 
[05:59] <Rushontherun> lol
[05:59] <Rushontherun> lol
[05:59] <Rushontherun> didnt mean to put lol twice
[06:00] <Rêveur of the Night> lol
[06:03] <Rêveur of the Night>
[06:09] <Rushontherun> Lol his name is jaylyn and he is a super saiyan
[06:09] <HawkTech>
[06:10] <HawkTech> watch till the end
[06:10] <HawkTech> max volume
[06:11] <HawkTech>
[06:11] <Rêveur of the Night> o.o
[06:12] <Rêveur of the Night> Rip headphone users
[06:12] <Rushontherun> lol that screaming
[06:12] <HawkTech> watch the second vid
[06:12] <Rushontherun> kk i will now
[06:13] <HawkTech> first 15 seconds are freakin gold
[06:14] <Angilioth> rawr~
[06:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Nya~
[06:16] <AmberTempest> Bwerp
[06:16] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey
[06:16] <ExitHere> Yo
[06:16] <AmberTempest> Hola
[06:18] <ExitHere> Hows it going on?
[06:18] <ExitHere> That sounded better in my head.
[06:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Heheh. It's going alright for me
[06:19] <Rêveur of the Night> What about you?
[06:20] <ExitHere> Doin' pretty well! Just wanted to check up on the wiki chat and see whats happening then head over to my books when I feel like it
[06:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Books?
[06:20] <ExitHere> Well.. Visual Novels.
[06:21] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm? May I ask their names?
[06:21] <ExitHere> Hmm.. well I finished Katawa Shoujo, now I'm on G-Senjou no Maou.
[06:22] <Angilioth> ooo
[06:23] <Rushontherun> ive never read any visual novels ik angel beats and steins gate were originally visual novels though
[06:23] <Rushontherun> fate stay night i think to
[06:23] <ExitHere> Yeah, I heard of a bunch of good ones and scoured the internet.
[06:24] <ExitHere> For a total of almost 50GBs XD
[06:25] <Rêveur of the Night> Wow
[06:26] <ExitHere> Yeah dude, I prepared for the summer!
[06:27] <ExitHere> I really got into them after many manly tears with Katawa Shoujo.
[06:27] <Rushontherun> do you guys watch anime
[06:27] <Angilioth> i do
[06:27] <Angilioth> a lot
[06:27] <ExitHere> I actually haven't got into anime, but I try sometimes.
[06:27] <Rushontherun> do you have a crunchyroll acount 
[06:28] <Rushontherun> and exithere you should some of them are really good
[06:28] <HawkTech> i like Ai no Kusabi
[06:28] <HawkTech> Antique Bakery
[06:28] <HawkTech> My Sexual Harassment.
[06:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> NO
[06:28] <HawkTech> I Shall Never Return
[06:28] <HawkTech> Close the Last Door
[06:29] <HawkTech> Earthian
[06:29] <HawkTech> Enzai
[06:29] <Rushontherun> i just looked it up lol i cannot unsee what i just saw lol
[06:29] <HawkTech> and many others
[06:29] <ExitHere> Are these Animes or Visual Novels? XD
[06:29] <Rêveur of the Night> SAO was a Visual Novel
[06:30] <Rushontherun> thought it was a light novel
[06:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Light nover*
[06:30] <Rêveur of the Night> novel*
[06:30] <Rêveur of the Night> Double fail
[06:30] <Rêveur of the Night> That's why no one can find it on manga sites
[06:30] <Rushontherun> i have the first volume of it i like the light novel better than the anime the second half of the anime wasnt good
[06:31] <ExitHere> My friends have tried to get me into Attack on Titan
[06:31] <Rushontherun> season 2 comes out in july though 
[06:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Attack on Titan is good
[06:31] <HawkTech> do you guys know how to assembly an ak 47?
[06:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Slightly overrated
[06:31] <Rushontherun> oh and attack on titan its good but it think its over rated
[06:31] <Rêveur of the Night> But good
[06:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Yes o-o
[06:31] <Rushontherun> yeah hawk teck 
[06:32] <ExitHere> I agree, it looks good but everyone likes it for the same reasons.. which I never hear about XD
[06:32] <HawkTech> what about a colt 1911?
[06:32] <HawkTech> mp5
[06:32] <HawkTech> tec9
[06:33] <ExitHere> No sorry, why?
[06:33] <Rushontherun> yep not a mp5 or tec 9 though
[06:33] <HawkTech> because theres a game
[06:33] <HawkTech> for that
[06:33] <HawkTech> xD
[06:33] <ExitHere> Dude.. I might need that game.
[06:33] <Rushontherun> Oh i thought you meant rl lol
[06:34] <ExitHere> Me too! Whats the game?
[06:34] <HawkTech>
[06:35] <Rushontherun> downloading it now lol
[06:35] <Rushontherun> have you ever played day z
[06:35] <HawkTech> its not as easy as it sounds though
[06:35] <ExitHere> Hmm.. do you need to earn the guns or buy them in order to assemble? 
[06:35] <HawkTech> you need a good memory
[06:35] <HawkTech> you buy them with exp
[06:35] <ExitHere> I have not.
[06:35] <ExitHere> Alright, good.
[06:35] <Rushontherun> yeah ive got a preety good memory
[06:36] <HawkTech> which you acquire by playing with other guns
[06:36] <HawkTech> but you can buy all the guns and play around instead of actually playing the whole game
[06:37] <ExitHere> I'd rather commit them to memory.
[06:37] <Rushontherun> Rev have you ever seen The Unlimited Hyobu Kyosuke its about esp and psychokinesis its good but the mc is op
[06:38] <Rushontherun> im gonna play the game right now
[06:38] <ExitHere> I'll get to my VN soon
[06:38] <HawkTech> theres like the tutorial where the game places arrows
[06:38] <ExitHere> Likely after the DL
[06:38] <HawkTech> and like you can click anywhere
[06:38] <HawkTech> to guide you
[06:38] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm?
[06:38] <HawkTech> but then there is "super" mode
[06:39] <HawkTech> where if u try to use one wrong you lose
[06:39] <ExitHere> Dang dude
[06:40] <ExitHere> I'm off to the pain and ruin, good night friends!
[06:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Good night?
[06:40] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright
[06:40] <HawkTech> theres also xray and slowmo features so you can see how the weapons works
[06:42] <Rushontherun> Rev have you ever seen The Unlimited Hyobu Kyosuke its about esp and psychokinesis its good but the mc is op
[06:42] <Rêveur of the Night> No
[06:45] <Rushontherun> you should watch it its only 12 or 13 eps i forgot
[06:47] <Rushontherun> i forgot if it was 12 or 13 eps
[06:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Mmm
[06:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Hi Noxx
[06:47] <DarkNoxx> hi
[06:47] <Rêveur of the Night> Oh deat
[06:47] <Rêveur of the Night> What is that image?
[06:48] <DarkNoxx> Shadow being.
[06:48] <AmberTempest> Deat?
[06:48] <DarkNoxx> I believe he meant dear.
[06:48] <AmberTempest> I was summoned?
[06:49] <Rêveur of the Night> dear*
[06:49] <AmberTempest> Hi, by the way
[06:50] <DarkNoxx> Hi
[06:51] <Rêveur of the Night> Hm
[06:51] <Rêveur of the Night> So, what's new?
[06:52] <AmberTempest> ..*disappears to the realm of PM*
[06:53] <DarkNoxx> .-.
[06:53] <Rêveur of the Night> Noxx
[06:53] <Rêveur of the Night> What account did you used to have?
[06:53] <Rêveur of the Night> If any
[06:54] <DarkNoxx> I don't remember, but I figure this is a new start.
[06:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Ah
[06:54] <Rêveur of the Night> Alright
[06:55] <DarkNoxx> Yeah.
[06:57] <Rêveur of the Night> Any interesting happenings lately?
[07:16] <Angilioth> (deadchat) 
[07:17] <AmberTempest> Shhhh, chat is sleeping
[07:18] <Angilioth> hahaha
[07:19] <Rêveur of the Night> Lol
[07:19] <Rêveur of the Night> (kick) 
[07:20] <AmberTempest> *rolls eyes* Kick on your own time, this is important stuff
[07:20] <AmberTempest> Knowing when chat is sleeping and not waking it up *nods convincingly*
[07:20] <Rêveur of the Night> Xilia Mirita Kimmata
[07:21] <Rêveur of the Night> Miria*
[07:24] <Kile574> Hi amber .-.
[07:24] <AmberTempest> Hi
[07:25] <AmberTempest> *Hi Kile
[07:25] <Rêveur of the Night> No killer teddy bears this time
[07:25] <AmberTempest> No promises
[07:26] <Rêveur of the Night> :3 I've assaulted him with Hitori Kakurenbo for two days now
[07:26] <Kile574> * Kile574 slowly leaves the chat 
[07:26] <Kile574> OOOOOH my gosh
[07:26] <Rêveur of the Night> *hugs*
[07:26] <Rêveur of the Night> NO
[07:26] <Kile574> * Kile574 quickly exits 
[07:27] <AmberTempest> Did you know there are teddy bears that shoot poison darts out their eyes? O_O
[07:27] <Rêveur of the Night> ;-;
[07:27] <Rêveur of the Night> o-o
[07:27] <AmberTempest> ....*backs into shadows*
[07:28] <AmberTempest> I said nothing
[07:36] <Rushontherun> Im gonna go to sleep talk to you guys tommorow
[08:31] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey
[09:02] <Rêveur of the Night> Hey, again
[09:11] <Rêveur of the Night> (kick) 
[03:43] <Jaacob> how come
[03:43] <The21starchivist> Helping my friend set up his graduation/birthday party all day yesterday
[03:44] <Jaacob> oo
[03:44] <The21starchivist> If I didn't bring decongestants and claratine or h/e u spell it I would be gagging on cat hair
[03:45] <Jaacob> lol
[03:46] <Ahmedrashwan> Jason
[03:46] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[03:46] <The21starchivist> U seem like a some what empathetic person selfless to a point until people start begging for things
[03:47] <Ahmedrashwan> Wat?
[03:47] <The21starchivist> Talking to jacpob ._. 
[03:47] <Ahmedrashwan> Oh.
[03:47] <Jaacob> some might take the advantage of that :s
[03:48] <Jaacob> hey eins
[03:49] <EinsVanCat> Ima be havin a chat with reveur soon
[03:49] <Jaacob> what for
[03:50] <The21starchivist> Kya is that you?
[03:50] <Maskedmoon> Guys, isnt it interesting how a single thing or word can modify a whole society?
[03:50] <EinsVanCat> Yeah
[03:51] <EinsVanCat> Who are you star?
[03:51] <Jaacob> wow ignored by a chat mod
[03:51] <EinsVanCat> ah.
[03:51] <Jaacob> what you mean, mask?
[03:51] <The21starchivist> If I'm right u used to be called Kya the cat on Skype
[03:51] <EinsVanCat> Hi keph.
[03:52] <The21starchivist> Heyo cappuccino!! X3
[03:54] <The21starchivist> Why is it so quiet? >,<?
[03:55] <The21starchivist> and its
[03:55] <EinsVanCat> its because its early in the day
[03:55] <The21starchivist> The 21st archivist 
[03:55] <The21starchivist> I am not a potato a bag of flour or bread DX
[03:56] <EinsVanCat> So, bag of flour, how are you today?
[03:58] <The21starchivist> *bites u*
[03:58] <The21starchivist> -.-
[04:04] <Jonas.g> wow i can already see someone knows i practice hydrokinesis
[04:05] <Jonas.g> btw he/she is asking for tips
[04:06] <Jaacob> that's great : D
[04:06] <Maskedmoon> I would love to not be weak mentally
[04:06] <Maskedmoon> It dosnt helps lol
[04:08] <Maskedmoon> archivist can I ask you a question in PM?
[04:08] <Jonas.g> so brb off to practice hydro
[04:12] <Horsyqueen> hey
[04:12] <Jaacob> hey
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> jaacob
[04:14] <Maskedmoon> Hello horsy
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> get a spaniel
[04:14] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[04:14] <Horsyqueen> they are a little manly
[04:15] <Jaacob> omg enough with tha manly thing x.x
[04:15] <Jaacob> buhund is great and cute
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> hounds are good
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> except dashounds
[04:16] <Jaacob> lol
[04:16] <Horsyqueen> keep thinking on that line
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> no toy dogs
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> gun dogs are good
[04:17] <Jaacob> toy dogs?
[04:17] <Jaacob> gun dogs? ._.
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> omfg u do not know about dogs
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> okay lets start basic lessons
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> all breeds are put into sections
[04:17] <Horsyqueen> depending on their jobs
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> toy dogs are like those silly little things
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> that look like bald rats
[04:18] <Jaacob> omg
[04:18] <Jaacob> stop that
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> gun dogs are dogs used in hunting so sounds and retrivers
[04:18] <Jaacob> I know alot about dogs but it's all finnish. I don't know what they are in english
[04:18] <Horsyqueen> utlility is other dogs
[04:18] <Jaacob> yeah I don't want any hunting dogs
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> it includes companions, child care, horse care
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> hunting dogs include labridoors
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> jack russels
[04:19] <Jaacob> jack russel isn't a hunting dog
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> yes they are
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> their job is to go down rabbit and badger holes
[04:19] <Horsyqueen> or to kill rats
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> parsons terriers are more for rats as their legs are longer and cant go down holes
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> dash hounds go down holes
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> wolf hounds go after wolves
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> deer hours deer
[04:20] <Jaacob> that was hundreds of years ago. now they are "companion and hobby" dogs 
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> otter hounds otters
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> they are still bred for hunting
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> most jack russels are used on farms
[04:20] <Horsyqueen> or by hunters
[04:21] <Jaacob> I have read lots of pages and every single one of them says they are now companion and hobby dogs. they aren't used for hunting anymore
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> the farm ones are to catch rats
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> but they usually have short life spans as they get run over by tracktors
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> by hobby they mean hunting
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> but they are farm dogs
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> like sheep dogs are
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> but not for working with live stock
[04:21] <Jaacob> no by hobby they mean agility togo and stuff like that
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[04:21] <Horsyqueen> jack russels arent for agility
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> they are too small
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> you use sheep dogs for agility
[04:22] <Jaacob> they aren't hunting dogs x.x
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> they are
[04:22] <Jaacob> whatever
[04:22] <Horsyqueen> its like saying a shire horse isnt for plowing
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> most breeds of dogs continue their use
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> except english fox hounds
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> of which can only be used in scent hunting now
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> as fox huntng is illegal
[04:23] <Horsyqueen> and dalmations are no longer used in stables, for firemen or carriages
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> dogs are better used for what they are born to do usually
[04:24] <Jaacob> hmm
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> like retrivers for hunting game birds
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> they love it
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> their face just brightens up
[04:24] <Horsyqueen> and fox hounds love scent hunting
[04:25] <Horsyqueen> dogs and horses are probibly the only animals world wide bred for soo many different uses
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> cattle, sheep, goats have two reasons which is milk, meat and environment
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> and for sheep milk would be switched with wool
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> but the wool trade isnt worth much anymore
[04:26] <Horsyqueen> like 60p a kg
[04:26] <Jaacob> hey tu
[04:27] <Jaacob> I see, horsy
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> farming isnt worth what it was
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> and people are having to compete with america
[04:27] <Horsyqueen> which increases animal cruelity
[04:27] <Truely Unknown> Hey jaac how have you been.
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> as america farms like concentration camps
[04:28] <Jaacob> great thanks. I was thinking of becoming more active again, lol. how about you?
[04:28] <Horsyqueen> like plowing using horses is much better for the soil
[04:29] <Jaacob> true
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> takes more time but produces better crops
[04:29] <Truely Unknown> I am doing ok and that was great to hear.
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> keeping chickens how they did in the past was better too
[04:29] <Truely Unknown> Is*
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> pigs were fed waste or hunted as like wild boar
[04:29] <Horsyqueen> much better produce
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> at the moment i'd rather eat game birds then chicken
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> as its much more ethical
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> and better meat
[04:30] <Horsyqueen> i would learn to shoot but i wouldnt be very good
[04:31] <Horsyqueen> and i cant personally kill anything
[04:32] <Jaacob> if your life was depending on it I'm sure you would
[04:33] <Horsyqueen> game birds aren't like ostrage
[04:33] <Horsyqueen> its like phesents and partrage
[04:33] <Horsyqueen> they arent gonna kill us
[04:35] <Jaacob> lol who said they are? ._.
[04:37] <Truely Unknown> I need lesami. ::
[04:38] <Jaacob> why :o
[04:39] <Jaacob> I haven't seen her for long time D:
[04:39] <Truely Unknown> I need her knowledge in martial arts.
[04:39] <Truely Unknown> I saw her two days ago.
[04:40] <Jaacob> oh good so she hasn't left, lol
[04:40] <Jaacob> ah
[04:41] <Arro Yunora> be back later
[04:41] <Jaacob> bye arro
[04:43] <Horsyqueen> mew
[04:53] <Truely Unknown> Bbl.
[04:53] <Jaacob> alright, bye
[05:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Hello
[05:03] <Jaacob> hey there
[05:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Anybody here know what jing is?
[05:05] <Jaacob> nope, sorry :/
[05:05] <SuperEliteJordan> To my knowledge its supposed to be hardened chi
[05:05] <SuperEliteJordan> I thunk its fake though
[05:05] <SuperEliteJordan> Think*
[05:06] <Jaacob> hardened chi? what does that even mean, lol
[05:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Like the chi is concentrated in one spot but isn't a construct
[05:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Like a gathering spot
[05:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Though that's a thoery my friend linked me to when he found it
[05:07] <Jaacob> okay ._.
[05:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Don't text me in that tone XC
[05:08] <Jaacob> what's wrong with that tone D:
[05:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Its mean XD
[05:09] <Jaacob> lol <.<
[05:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Brb
[05:09] <Jaacob> alright
[05:10] <Jonas.g> just one quick question about hydrokinesis
[05:10] <SuperEliteJordan> What?
[05:11] <Jonas.g> hyrdrokinesis the movement of water
[05:11] <SuperEliteJordan> I know that the question
[05:11] <SuperEliteJordan> Is what I mean
[05:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Back bw
[05:12] <Jonas.g> ok my question is does the water have to ripple for moving the toothpick or cork
[05:13] <SuperEliteJordan> I would say yes
[05:13] <Jonas.g> ok 
[05:13] <SuperEliteJordan> I reccomend tying the cork down with a paper weight at the bottom of the container
[05:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Like wrap it around with string
[05:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Helps it stat
[05:14] <Jonas.g> maybe
[05:14] <Jonas.g> ill have to see what i can do
[05:14] <Jonas.g> alright thank ya
[05:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Stay in place with a non-kinetic source
[05:14] <SuperEliteJordan> Welcome
[05:14] <Jonas.g> maybe ill try cultivating water energy
[05:14] <Jaacob> I guess it would be telek if you manage to move the toothpick without any sort of water movement
[05:15] <Jonas.g> yeah kinda what i was thinking
[05:15] <Jonas.g> alright so i guess ill try cultivating water energy
[05:15] <Jonas.g> bbl
[05:16] <Jaacob> bye <.<
[05:17] <Jonas.g> oh one more thing
[05:17] <Jonas.g> i found a vid that might help check it
[05:18] <Jonas.g>
[05:18] <Jonas.g> post your reply on my message wall
[05:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Back I crashed
[05:27] <Jaacob> it happens, lol
[05:28] <Jaacob> hey 698
[05:28] <698344> Hey
[05:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Hello
[05:29] <698344> Hey u guys know any good magick sites
[05:29] <Jaacob> no :/
[05:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Nope
[05:29] <Jaacob> where did you come up with that name if I may ask?
[05:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Walkers of light might
[05:32] <Jonas.g> yeah defnitely doing Tk
[05:32] <Jonas.g> so water and cryo are not one of my abilities
[05:32] <SuperEliteJordan> How many fairy tail pics do you have
[05:32] <Jonas.g> but pyro and electro are
[05:32] <Jonas.g> about two
[05:33] <Jaacob> you shouldn't give up yet
[05:33] <SuperEliteJordan> ElectroK is awesome wish I'm at that level
[05:33] <SuperEliteJordan> The diffrence of powers is like 30min of training
[05:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Mabye less
[05:34] <698344> You guys r lucky I can barely do anything
[05:34] <Jonas.g> well i try connecting myself to water but i end up moving the toothpick instead with Tk
[05:34] <698344> physical
[05:34] <Jonas.g> plus i can control fire a little bit better
[05:34] <Jonas.g> and electricity
[05:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Think of the water as energy and imagine that energy merging with yours and have the water energy move
[05:36] <Jonas.g> i try but it always fails on me
[05:36] <Jonas.g> ill try later
[05:36] <Jonas.g> my energy is kinda drained
[05:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Kay
[05:37] <698344> The concept of water is quick and fluid, try getting the mindset of how feels n moves mighr help
[05:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Any way to get rid of energy fast?
[05:38] <698344> Fast? Just visualize it pouring out
[05:38] <698344> Push it out 
[05:40] <Jonas.g> i just dont know
[05:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Did it
[05:40] <Jonas.g> ill have to think on it a little while
[05:40] <EinsVanCat> .-.
[05:41] <698344> Uhh Im gonna go train so I can see energy
[05:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Know I feel better to I has to much energy I think
[05:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok
[05:41] <Jonas.g> plus ive heard of people saying the element has to connect with your personality
[05:41] <Jonas.g> btw Xe told me that
[05:42] <SuperEliteJordan> Might be true
[05:42] <SuperEliteJordan> IDK I'm pretty new
[05:42] <698344> Lol
[05:42] <Jonas.g> yeah so Xe told me it has to connect with your personality
[05:43] <Jonas.g> plus every time i put my hand in water it goes numb
[05:43] <698344> Personality I guess that makes sense but each element corrisponds to each emotion it's oqn way
[05:43] <SuperEliteJordan> I get healed by water
[05:43] <698344> Fire happy will be excited n bright flicker alot,anger will make it go wild, sadness can make it go out,
[05:44] <698344> Water happy will be calm anger makes it go wild storm ,sadness causes rain
[05:45] <698344> U kinda get a sense of what I mean yes?
[05:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes
[05:46] <The21starchivist> Nya??~
[05:46] <698344> Kawaiii 
[05:46] <698344> Neko chan
[05:46] <Eris Discordia> good day there
[05:46] <698344> Hey eris
[05:46] <698344> Im a rune god again yayayay jk
[05:46] <The21starchivist> *hisses*
[05:47] <698344> * 698344 pets star
[05:47] <The21starchivist> -_-
[05:47] <Eris Discordia> *plays a flute*
[05:47] <698344> * 698344 burns flute
[05:47] <Jonas.g> well i think so 698
[05:47] <Jonas.g> cause emotion can do a lot
[05:47] <698344> They make u blind
[05:48] <Jonas.g> and i did notice when i was calm i could control fires movement
[05:48] <Eris Discordia> emotions are necessary aspects of the human experience
[05:48] <698344> Meh
[05:48] <698344> They screw with our logic, but still do good
[05:49] <Eris Discordia> emotions still have a logic, otherwise our biology wouldn't allow them to be
[05:49] <698344> True
[05:49] <Eris Discordia> hormones have a logic, obviously
[05:50] <698344> How do I draw out the power of runes I forgot already, I want to draw isa and freeze stuff
[05:50] <Eris Discordia> hey Daedra
[05:51] <The21starchivist> Trying to put logic to everything is pointless
[05:51] <Eris Discordia> 69, where have you got your rune info from?
[05:51] <The21starchivist> It destroys the wonder
[05:51] <Eris Discordia> I totally agree with archivist
[05:51] <The21starchivist> That and emotion has aspects that we cxanot comprehgenbd with mere logic
[05:52] <Maskedmoon> Hello everyone
[05:52] <The21starchivist> If we could depend on logic only then cwhy have emotions?
[05:52] <The21starchivist> U must walk to paths in life 
[05:52] <The21starchivist> Two reasonoings
[05:52] <The21starchivist> Logic and illogic
[05:52] <Eris Discordia> good day there
[05:53] <Maskedmoon> Hello eris, how are you?
[05:53] <Maskedmoon> 
[05:53] <The21starchivist> Use one to temper the other and reign it in
[05:53] <The21starchivist> Maskjed moon what were u wanting to talk about earlier?
[05:53] <The21starchivist> Dam touch screen DX
[05:54] <698344> I do not know the answer star
[05:54] <698344> I speak from experience n I do not quite understand emotions yet
[05:54] <Eris Discordia> I am quite fine, what about you masked?
[05:54] <Maskedmoon> Im fine thanks
[05:56] <The21starchivist> Take them as is when your about to explode kill some one suicide etc use logic to reason the consequences and over come it if we relied soly on emotion we would have no technology none of this modern fantasy we would be animals no language no real form of art
[05:57] <698344> Ahh I see
[05:57] <The21starchivist> Logic can relate to science the dissection and study of the universe and its functions
[05:57] <698344> We need both with out the other were screwed
[05:57] <698344> I see
[05:57] <The21starchivist> Emotion ius magic its creative but brutal and hard to tamne
[05:58] <The21starchivist> Its like a primal force in of itself
[05:58] <698344> I wish I could feel n understand them more
[05:58] <Eris Discordia> I like your view of it
[05:58] <The21starchivist> U must be black hearted like I am at times u feel it but don't give a shit
[05:59] <698344> Yes 
[05:59] <698344> Ever since I was little
[05:59] <The21starchivist> Here's the trick
[05:59] <The21starchivist> Empathy
[05:59] <Maskedmoon> I think of logic as a programming in life
[05:59] <698344> I feel it but at the same it doesn't affect me, but I have experienced sadness
[05:59] <The21starchivist> But I warn u when u hgavecsomneonbe extremely close to you and you cxare how they make you feel
[06:00] <698344> Yes
[06:00] <The21starchivist> He/she is anbdry your upset angry or hurt
[06:00] <The21starchivist> Especially if they lash out at u
[06:01] <698344> My gf, she's the reason im still here, I don't know how to explain it but I feel alive,like I feel the emotions more n I just feel I have to care for her idk
[06:01] <698344> I feel energized n tingly on the inside
[06:02] <698344> Is that happy?
[06:04] <698344> And love?
[06:05] <Temp321> heyo
[06:05] <Temp321> anybody a scanner
[06:06] <698344> Nope
[06:06] <Temp321> damn
[06:06] <Temp321> so
[06:07] <Temp321> wassup
[06:07] <Temp321> brb
[06:07] <698344> Ok
[06:07] <The21starchivist> *laughs* you have to find out for yourself
[06:08] <Temp321> bk
[06:08] <Temp321> sorry
[06:08] <The21starchivist> if I tell u how to feel you could mistake joy for love who knows?
[06:08] <698344> I see, I mean I do care about her a lot tho,
[06:08] <698344> I understand it but I just don't feel it I guess
[06:08] <The21starchivist> Find out on your own I can help u reason with it when nedd be
[06:09] <698344> Oh but n I gave up on empathy
[06:09] <The21starchivist> Emotions are more spiritual their not closed inline circuits like logic
[06:09] <698344> I used ritual instead with runes
[06:09] <698344> I feel anger and sadness just fine
[06:10] <698344> But thats for reasons
[06:10] <Jonas.g> uh huh
[06:10] <The21starchivist> Sporatic and livelky like aan abstract painting
[06:11] <The21starchivist> runs I don't like as much as words 
[06:11] <698344> Omg how do I see enrgy I do not hav the info
[06:11] <698344> Yes jonas, I use Elder futhark
[06:13] <Temp321> bk
[06:13] <Temp321> minecraft crashed
[06:13] <Temp321> so i had to reopen it and then get bk to chat
[06:14] <Temp321> so
[06:14] <The21starchivist> Merp
[06:14] <Temp321> what has cchanged since i left
[06:15] <The21starchivist> Idk when did u lkreave again? o,o??
[06:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Yo
[06:15] <Temp321> no
[06:15] <Temp321> i am mip321
[06:15] <Temp321> im using this account cause my mom is monitoring my other account
[06:16] <698344> ?
[06:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Mip321 that's a roblox account
[06:16] <Maskedmoon> Why is she so paranoid?
[06:16] <Maskedmoon> 
[06:17] <Temp321> it is also my psi wiki account
[06:17] <Temp321> i gtg
[06:17] <Temp321> bai
[06:17] <SuperEliteJordan> Bai
[06:17] <698344> Later mippi
[06:17] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm thinking of making a page on jing
[06:17] <The21starchivist> Meh well I'm getting bored now ._.
[06:18] <The21starchivist> I'm gonna go blow stuff on my game talk to y'all later X3
[06:18] <698344> Duces
[06:18] <698344> I forgot bout jing
[06:19] <Truely Unknown> No pages about jing.
[06:19] <SuperEliteJordan> I read a page on another wikia
[06:19] <Truely Unknown> If you want you can make a blog but not a page.
[06:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Seems legit and fake in some cases classic psi
[06:19] <SuperEliteJordan> OK
[06:19] <Maskedmoon> anyone wanna tell any encouters with deities?
[06:20] <698344> Is jing not allowed Eins?
[06:20] <EinsVanCat> huh?
[06:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok one question about spirits
[06:20] <EinsVanCat> Isn't Jing just energy?
[06:20] <698344> Yeah
[06:20] <EinsVanCat> That would be why
[06:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Like hardened energy I think
[06:20] <Truely Unknown> It's not that it isn't allowed. We have a page about manipulating energy in general we don't need pages about how to use each types of energy. 
[06:21] <698344> Ahh
[06:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah good point
[06:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Just more enrgys might increase control
[06:21] <SuperEliteJordan> But can lead to placebo I guess
[06:21] <698344> But shouldn't we atleast have info about it
[06:22] <SuperEliteJordan> There's a page on walkers of light wikia
[06:22] <698344> I believe it is different I forgot how, think it was magick related brb
[06:22] <Truely Unknown> Energy is energy. I don't get else we would add about it.
[06:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok
[06:24] <PsylockePsion3> Hello all
[06:25] <Eris Discordia> good day
[06:25] <698344> Yup jing is totally different
[06:26] <The21starchivist> frequency, layers or reality (different from vibrations, temporal/spacial points, vibration, specialized, aura, spirit, mental, elemental, inner force energy(ki/chi) outer force energy( or mana), chakras etc
[06:26] <EinsVanCat> Thats why you make a blog
[06:26] <The21starchivist> U could seriously elaborate ._.
[06:26] <EinsVanCat> You can add your own information in a blog, if its really well made it might get added to the pages.
[06:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Ah I see
[06:27] <SuperEliteJordan> I'll research more though it just seems interesting
[06:27] <EinsVanCat> The only time Ive rewritten a page is when its completely off.
[06:27] <SuperEliteJordan> What was it about
[06:27] <Eris Discordia> didn't Stormmer make a new page and entirely rewritten 2 others?
[06:28] <Eris Discordia> so the blog-before-article rule isn't old
[06:28] <The21starchivist> I've done plkenty of research on it if u need a question answered just ask writing out all in a blog will give me a head ache
[06:28] <698344> So my sources tell me jing is what makes our energy interact with the physical realm, yes I said it sounds cooler
[06:28] <698344> Realm*
[06:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Bye gtg
[06:30] <Eris Discordia> cya
[06:30] <698344> It is a small part of our energy n can not retain form unless it is mixed in with our chi
[06:30] <698344> Duces
[06:31] <The21starchivist> I have no idea what jing is and I'm not the manifesting kind I can't hurl fire balls ._.
[06:32] <698344> Aye
[06:32] <Maskedmoon> 21, pm
[06:34] <698344> Meh
[06:35] <698344> I wish there was a huge convention where we could all me n show our skills
[06:36] <Eris Discordia> I wish I had more time for reading
[06:36] <PsylockePsion3> Why aren't you reading now?
[06:37] <Eris Discordia> I am
[06:37] <698344> Our word
[06:37] <698344> S
[06:37] <Eris Discordia> I just finished a chapter
[06:37] <The21starchivist> The most I can do is disect people's minds by how they write and study their energy I'm not very good at anything else excepots words ._. 
[06:37] <PsylockePsion3> Which book?
[06:42] <Eris Discordia> Techniques of Modern Shamanism, Volume III, Phil Hines
[06:48] <Maskedmoon> Eris
[06:48] <Maskedmoon> What was your first spell?
[06:48] <Maskedmoon> 
[06:49] <Eris Discordia> I can't recall
[06:49] <Eris Discordia> good day there
[06:49] <StevenTheBanshee> hey everybody
[06:54] <EinsVanCat> ok then steven, lets not stay around long enough for a reply.. lol
[06:58] <Jonas.g> wait eris your a wiccan
[07:00] <PsylockePsion3> back later
[07:00] <698344> Wiccans for life
[07:01] <Electron567> Hey, whatsup.
[07:01] <Maskedmoon> Hello electron
[07:01] <Maskedmoon> how are you?
[07:02] <Electron567> I'm ok.
[07:02] <Electron567> how about you?
[07:05] <Maskedmoon> im good thanks
[07:07] <Jonas.g> yawn
[07:07] <Jonas.g> i wonder what i should practice first pyro or electro
[07:10] <Eris Discordia> I'm a discordian
[07:10] <Eris Discordia> not wiccan
[07:11] <Maskedmoon> Sorry to ask, but what is a discordian?
[07:12] <Eris Discordia> a parody religion focused around Eris Discordia and lots of absurdities
[07:14] <Maskedmoon> Sounds interesting
[07:14] <Lesami> bleh
[07:16] <Jonas.g> *jonas sleeps upside down
[07:18] <Eris Discordia> why bleh>
[07:18] <Eris Discordia> ?
[07:18] <Horsyqueen> mew
[07:19] <Horsyqueen> hey mikko
[07:19] <Horsyqueen> i found a good dog for u
[07:20] <Horsyqueen> heres a manly dog
[07:20] <Jaacob> hey
[07:20] <Jaacob> too big ._.
[07:20] <Horsyqueen> nooo
[07:21] <Jaacob> and again I don't care if it's manly or not, lol
[07:21] <Horsyqueen> this is nice
[07:21] <Horsyqueen> well u dont want a little fussy girly dog
[07:22] <Horsyqueen> i bet u get one of these
[07:22] <Jaacob> the only girly dog is chihuahua with pink bow
[07:22] <Jaacob> the second one looks better
[07:23] <Horsyqueen> u like that sorta dog?
[07:23] <Horsyqueen> its got no fur
[07:23] <Horsyqueen> the fox hound looks nicer
[07:23] <Jaacob> I like jack russel or the one I sent you earlier
[07:23] <Horsyqueen> you cant go for a yappy thing
[07:23] <Horsyqueen> a parsons terrier looks better
[07:23] <Electron567> Rebecca!
[07:23] <Electron567> Hey
[07:23] <Horsyqueen>
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> see longer legs
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> hey ellie
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> and it looks must better
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> guys dont look right with small yappy dogs
[07:24] <Jaacob> yeah I did read some stuff about that breed and I liked it
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> it makes them look like they are from LA and are either feminine
[07:24] <Horsyqueen> or its the wifes dog
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> and you do not wanna look like your walking the wifes dog
[07:25] <Jaacob> omg who cares!
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> lol
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> ...Why are we talking about dogs?
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> guys dont have small yappy dogs
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> a parsons terrier is the limmit
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> mikko wants a girly dog
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> My uncle had a chihuahua..
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> avin has a good manly dog
[07:25] <EinsVanCat> Uhm
[07:25] <Horsyqueen> yer but thats america
[07:26] <Horsyqueen> america is odd
[07:26] <EinsVanCat> This dog is fuckin insane
[07:26] <Horsyqueen> look at these
[07:26] <Horsyqueen> your dog is fucking adorable
[07:26] <EinsVanCat> lol
[07:26] <Horsyqueen> sheepdogs are soo traditional
[07:26] <EinsVanCat> Ima lay down for a nap
[07:26] <Horsyqueen> look at that face mikko
[07:27] <Horsyqueen> dont u just wanna hug it
[07:27] <Horsyqueen> and you can exercise with it
[07:27] <Horsyqueen> no mikko get these
[07:27] <Horsyqueen> they look soo much more huggly
[07:27] <Horsyqueen> you could even practice hair styling the dog
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> poodles count as working dogs
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> well they should be
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> just hardly anyone keeps them as what they are bred for
[07:28] <Horsyqueen> even the cut is built for them to hunt like ducks and shit like that
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> the bow is useful but they arent a plesent breed
[07:29] <Jaacob> lol
[07:30] <Horsyqueen> get one of the fluffy sheep dogs
[07:31] <Lesami> girly dogs -.- what an absurd notion that we apply social expectations to pets, if a person chooses a breed of dog based on their gender, they are clearly insecure in their own identity
[07:32] <Horsyqueen> dog breeds are specific for perpose
[07:33] <Horsyqueen> like horses their purposes are still applied
[07:33] <Lesami> some are, sure, however that not ottally related to what im speaking about
[07:33] <Horsyqueen> all breeds have a purpose
[07:33] <Horsyqueen> and their purpose is what they are built for
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> you would not walk a border collie through london
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> full stop
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> you cannot have it in the city
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> and they are not really house pets
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> big dogs arent generally house pets
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> small dogs are
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> staffies are for guarding children
[07:34] <Horsyqueen> most guard dogs are specific to their job
[07:34] <Lesami> how does this relate to gender based identity insecurity? 
[07:35] <Horsyqueen> its not insecurity
[07:35] <Horsyqueen> small toy dogs are generally handbag dogs
[07:35] <Horsyqueen> except the retrivers, terriers and hounds
[07:35] <Jonas.g> horsy
[07:35] <Horsyqueen> and some exceptions
[07:36] <Jonas.g> i have a big dog and shes the best indoor dog ever
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> how big?
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> by big i mean hounds
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> deer hounds
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> wolf hounds
[07:36] <Jonas.g> here ill tell you the breed
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> collies and farm dogs are really active
[07:36] <Lesami> if a person dosent get a chiwawa simply on the basis that they are scared to feel feminine or be seen as such thats an element of insecurity, its an association of a stereotype onto a personal irrational fear, like wearing earrings 
[07:36] <Jonas.g> german shorthair pointer
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> thees also the asian breeds
[07:36] <Horsyqueen> some large are for protecting children in china
[07:37] <Jonas.g> i also have a half poodle whos basically an attack dog
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> pointers arent large
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> thats basically along with the spaniels and other gun dogs
[07:37] <Jonas.g> or a terrorist 
[07:37] <Horsyqueen> the larger ones are really not meant for most houses
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> people who keep wolf hounds have to be really careful
[07:38] <Lesami> jonas, what? .-. 
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> and the dogs moult a lot
[07:38] <Lesami> what are you on about or a terrorist? 
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> also poodles arent bred to be attack
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> of people
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> they are water retrivers
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> like a spaniel
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> but for diving into the water and collecting water foul
[07:38] <Jonas.g> yeah id tell that to my dog if i were you horsy
[07:38] <Maskedmoon> Horsy, can you speak with animals?
[07:38] <Horsyqueen> hence why their hair is shaved in certain places
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> breeds have the behavior inside of them
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> but they also need to be trained
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> i can 
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> so if u sent a poodle into a marsh
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> and you shot a duck
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> it will go for it
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> but it may not bring it back for you
[07:39] <Maskedmoon> How do you do so?
[07:39] <Maskedmoon> 
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> it probibly wont drop it
[07:39] <Horsyqueen> telepathy
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> i also am working on my body language
[07:40] <Jonas.g> well id start sending my dog a telepathic message that he aint an attack dog if i were you
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> animals which spook easily arent the best
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> attack is opinionated
[07:40] <Maskedmoon> can you teach me?
[07:40] <Maskedmoon> 
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> all breeds except a few can attack
[07:40] <Horsyqueen> not at the moment
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> but the question is are they attacking, defending or doing what they are supposed to
[07:41] <Jonas.g> plus the behavior may depend on the breed but the personality i think is completely different
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> the thing about domestic animals
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> is they are very specific
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> what cross is it
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> labridoodle?
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> cockapoo?
[07:41] <Jonas.g> we dont know the other half
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> toy poodles are more victorian
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> they are like standard poodles
[07:41] <Jonas.g> all we know is hes half poodle
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> but not as good
[07:41] <Horsyqueen> do u have a picture?
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> its probibly a spaniel cross
[07:42] <Jonas.g> uh......
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> whats the fur like
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> does he moult?
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> colouring?
[07:42] <Jonas.g> well i can tell you he has blond fur with red fur on the tip of his tail
[07:42] <Maskedmoon> I wonder, do cats forgive?
[07:42] <Maskedmoon> 
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> hmmmmm
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> thats a odd thing
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> yes
[07:42] <Jonas.g> blond fur covering his whole entire body
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> cats are very interesting
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> as they are solitery
[07:42] <Horsyqueen> they dont make friends really
[07:43] <Horsyqueen> so a white
[07:43] <Horsyqueen> small or big?
[07:43] <Jonas.g> small
[07:43] <Horsyqueen> that would be a toy poodle cross
[07:43] <Maskedmoon> Thing is I got a cat which I didnt treat really well
[07:43] <Maskedmoon> And well... he still loves me
[07:43] <Jonas.g> well thats called a bond
[07:43] <Horsyqueen>
[07:43] <Horsyqueen> poodles were very fashionable
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> so they have many colours
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> and toy poodles came to be
[07:44] <Jonas.g> simmilar
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> like a small poodle
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> for a small house
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> standard poodles are like a meter tall
[07:44] <Jonas.g> except he doesnt have an afro around his face
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> cats dont really love owners much
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> they bond yes
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> but it depends on the beed
[07:44] <Horsyqueen> do you cut yours?
[07:45] <Maskedmoon> My cat?
[07:45] <Jonas.g> yeah when the rockies reach up to about 85 90 degrees
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> unshaved standard
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> i meant jonas
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> well cutting could have mean it will take time togrow
[07:45] <Jonas.g> here ill post a pic of him on deviant art
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> poodles should look like this
[07:45] <Horsyqueen> its cruel
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> but its actually good for the dog
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> because when swimming
[07:46] <Maskedmoon> a british shorthair
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> the heart and lungs are protected and warm
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> and so is the brain
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> the bow keeps fur out of the eyes
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> awwww i want your cat masked
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> i have a british blue
[07:46] <Horsyqueen> but i really want a pet red fox
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> i love studying breeds of animals
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> but i find them very like artifical
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> the largest breed of cat is the savannah cat
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> its a cross breed between serval and domestic cat
[07:47] <Horsyqueen> but they make crap pets
[07:47] <Maskedmoon> I still dont know how he forgave me
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> like any large lesser cat they are not really pets
[07:48] <Maskedmoon> I did horrible stuff to him in my worst age
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> how old were u?
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> one of my neighbours children grew up with a cat
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> she tortures it
[07:48] <Horsyqueen> and it isnt bad around her
[07:48] <Maskedmoon> 7 to 11 years old
[07:48] <Horsyqueen>
[07:48] <Jonas.g> here ill post him on the psi wikia
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> ohhh thats understandable
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> children are horrid to animals when young
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> dogs get basically destroyed
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> and cats just get pissed off
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> with all the bad stroking
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> and chasing
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> cats are not meant to be social
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> so children are not best with them
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> okay jonas
[07:49] <Horsyqueen> dogs are better with children
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> although its best not to leave a child alone with a dog
[07:50] <Horsyqueen> dogs can turn suddenly and some still have the biting habbit
[07:51] <Horsyqueen> theres soo many dog, cat, horse, sheep, chicken, donkey, cattle, pig breeds that most are going extinct
[07:51] <Maskedmoon> Something I dont understand too, its that i was and am bad with my dog
[07:51] <Horsyqueen> theres a possiblity there will no longer be any heavy horses
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> or large gun dogs
[07:52] <Maskedmoon> Still, she loves me
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> dogs have non-conditional love
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> and they are in packs
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> pack order involves violence
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> hyenas are really bad and can be fatal
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> but dogs are just very mean
[07:52] <Horsyqueen> a dog at the bottom will never have puppies till she moves to alpha
[07:53] <Maskedmoon> Nature hates me
[07:53] <Maskedmoon> Lol
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> the only social animals who are ever nice are herding animals
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> like horses and cattles
[07:53] <Jonas.g> [[File:Yoda.jpg]]
[07:53] <Jonas.g> my dog
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> where all are equal
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> those legs are very short
[07:53] <Horsyqueen> it looks like it has terrier in it
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> by the face and hair
[07:54] <Jonas.g> yeah
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> but terriers, theres soo many different types
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> like westies
[07:54] <Maskedmoon> Im the only one in my family that nature hates... lol
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> or border terriers
[07:54] <Jonas.g> he's also a huge attention hound
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> wire fox terrier
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> dogs are
[07:54] <Jonas.g> same with my sisters cat
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> masked nature doesnt hate u
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> maybe its just one group of animals u cant get on with
[07:54] <Jonas.g> whos a mancoon
[07:54] <Horsyqueen> your in south america
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> make friends with the reptiles and insects
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> mancoons are massive
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> not my cup of tea
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> i like cats to look natural usually
[07:55] <Jonas.g> yeah hes kinda really hyper and active
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> my cousin has one
[07:55] <Maskedmoon> How do you know that?
[07:55] <Maskedmoon> 
[07:55] <Horsyqueen> i think my neighbour does
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> well you said you were in south america
[07:56] <Jonas.g> he's a huge attention hound and loves to be around everyone
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> and south america is very good for reptiles and insects
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> i found a preying mantis in brazil
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> cats like their own company most the time
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> when they rub against you
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> its not cos they love you
[07:56] <Jonas.g> not this cat
[07:56] <Horsyqueen> they are whiping pheramones over you
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> ohhh dog
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> dogs love attention
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> expecially food
[07:57] <Maskedmoon> Still, when dogs see me at first sight, they want to kil me
[07:57] <Jonas.g> yeah but this dog really loves to get belly rubs and loves to roll around in moose crap
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> masked how do you approach a dog
[07:57] <Horsyqueen> licking your lips and yawning is a friendly gester
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> dont lower down
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> or lie on the floor
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> it shows submission
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> ooo u get moose?
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> your lucky
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> never seen one
[07:58] <Jonas.g> yeah i live in idaho aka the rocky mountains
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> i found panting attracts dogs
[07:58] <Horsyqueen> have u seen the rocky mountain ponies?
[07:59] <Jonas.g> think so
[07:59] <Jonas.g> ive also seen a fox 30 times in a row
[07:59] <Horsyqueen>
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> foxes in north america would be red foxes
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> the only places you find true urban foxes is in the uk and japan
[07:59] <Horsyqueen> but rural foxes live longer
[08:00] <Jonas.g> and ive also been into yellowstone national park
[08:00] <Jonas.g> about 40 times
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> i dont wanna go to yellow stone
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> and i am not interested in wolves anyway
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> i find them like very over done
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> people are like obbessive over them
[08:00] <Jonas.g> actually its kinda rare to see a wolf in yellowstone
[08:00] <Horsyqueen> yer
[08:00] <Jonas.g> but its not rare to see a bison
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> their populations are kept down
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> bison are fantastic
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> some people keep them as pets
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> and you can eat them
[08:01] <Jonas.g> yeah i know about that
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> but like most relatives of cattle
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> totally unpredictable
[08:01] <Jonas.g> they sell buffalo jerky in town for 5 bucks
[08:01] <Jonas.g> its pretty good
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> not worth the risk ales u are good with other herding animals first
[08:01] <Horsyqueen> it would be
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> but wild bufflo would be better then ones kept on farms
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> i wanna try wild boar
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> i love wild boar
[08:02] <Jonas.g> yeah
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> they are just beautiful
[08:02] <Jonas.g> ive also seen old faithful
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> also dangrous
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> all pigs are
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> they charge
[08:02] <Jonas.g> yep
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> they are omnivores
[08:02] <Horsyqueen> and they bite
[08:03] <Horsyqueen>
[08:03] <Maskedmoon> seems like nature is quire hostile
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> i think england should bring back lynx
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> it is
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> you just need to know how to approach certain animals
[08:03] <Jonas.g> ive aslo tried huckleberry ice cream
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> like horses are basic
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> and they are really dangrous
[08:03] <Jonas.g> huckleberries are so good
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> like you should never go behind
[08:03] <Horsyqueen> always talk quietly
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> and make them know you are there
[08:04] <Jonas.g> i tried one and they are so sweet
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> and dont stand between a younster and its mother
[08:04] <PsylockePsion3> back
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> cattle are just very unpredictable
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> i really like the smaller breeds
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> and highland cattle
[08:04] <Horsyqueen> i am happy to approach some
[08:05] <Jonas.g> oh and this one time this jackass tried riding a wild buffalo and he was bucked about 24 30 feet in the air
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> just a lot of them have a fear of humans due to people who cant control their pet dogs
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> mhmmm
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> understand able
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> people complain when they get attacked by cows, horses or other herding animals
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> its their fault usually
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> if your around them
[08:05] <Jonas.g> yeah
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> dont have a dog off the lead
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> or a dog at all
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> if you get your dog killed
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> its your fault
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> and if you get killed
[08:05] <Horsyqueen> its your fault
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> like 100 people a year get killed by cattle or something like that
[08:06] <Jonas.g> uh i dont have a leash for my dogs cause i can control them poretty well
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> and its always because they let their dog off the lead
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> and the dog chases the cattle
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> still
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> in a field with cattle especially
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> have a lead
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> horses are usually good natured but it depends on the dogs
[08:06] <Jonas.g> i yell at them in danish if they run off or sumething
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> sheep are fine
[08:06] <Maskedmoon> Lol, did you guys hear bout "The otherkin hunters"?
[08:06] <Maskedmoon> 
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> its rubbish
[08:06] <Horsyqueen> ignore it
[08:06] <Jonas.g> who are they
[08:06] <Lesami> racists
[08:07] <Jonas.g> the otherkin hunters
[08:07] <Jonas.g> who are they
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> i wanna see these more often around
[08:07] <Lesami> would taking kratom be classed as getting high i wonder
[08:07] <DarkNoxx> Otherkin hunters dont exist.
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> they would be just soo stunning to see in more places
[08:07] <DarkNoxx> It's nonsense wannabekin made up.
[08:07] <Horsyqueen> and soo ionic of what england was
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> pigs are also intelegent so they shouldnt get into stupid situations 
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> they will also help reduce deer numbers
[08:08] <Horsyqueen> also bring back wolves, bears and lynx's
[08:08] <Maskedmoon> Hello nox
[08:09] <Maskedmoon> how are you?
[08:09] <Maskedmoon> 
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> and breeding beevers to come down south
[08:09] <DarkNoxx> I'm decent. you?
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> that means no more deer culling needed
[08:09] <Maskedmoon> Im good, thanks
[08:09] <DarkNoxx> np.
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> and no one ever gets killed by wolves
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> or lynx
[08:09] <Horsyqueen> bears are different but people should know how to approach them
[08:10] <Jonas.g> i wonder i can tell animals off just by using my mind
[08:10] <DarkNoxx> Lol.
[08:10] <Jonas.g> i wonder what form of ability that is
[08:10] <Lesami> hmm, cannabis in the UK is very unregulated despite being illegal, it is very easy to buy the plant seeds to grow and generally an arrest is not something you will get if you are caught using it, howwever selling is a different amtter
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> telling them off depends on the animal
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> telepathy jonas
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> most animals bite
[08:10] <Horsyqueen> or nudge
[08:12] <Jonas.g> well i used it against my dog cause he was jumping on me to get the leftovers before i even gave it to him so i told him with my mind to back off and to wait until i put into the bowl
[08:12] <Horsyqueen> say no
[08:12] <Jonas.g> i did
[08:12] <Horsyqueen> thats a bad habit of his
[08:12] <Horsyqueen> shout
[08:12] <Horsyqueen> be bossy
[08:13] <Jonas.g> i try
[08:13] <Horsyqueen> never give them any
[08:13] <Ahmedrashwan> Joans g
[08:13] <Horsyqueen> the best thing is ignore them
[08:13] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[08:13] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi
[08:13] <Jonas.g> what left overs?
[08:13] <Horsyqueen> dont feed him ales its in his bowl
[08:13] <Jonas.g> hey ahmed
[08:14] <Jonas.g> yeah
[08:14] <PsylockePsion3> anyone else watching spain vs the netherlands?
[08:14] <Jonas.g> ive also petted him with energy
[08:14] <Ahmedrashwan> Meeee
[08:14] <Ahmedrashwan> Psilock
[08:15] <Ahmedrashwan> I watching it
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> i dont like football
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> its good exercise but the world is obbessive over it
[08:15] <PsylockePsion3> the netherlands keep fouling
[08:15] <Ahmedrashwan> Yes
[08:16] <PsylockePsion3> People are only obsessive about it in America now
[08:16] <PsylockePsion3> and even then... not that much
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> i thought america was into the super bowl
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> not football
[08:16] <Ahmedrashwan> They not playing football...they playing kung fu
[08:16] <PsylockePsion3> The super bowl is american football
[08:16] <Ahmedrashwan> Nether lands
[08:16] <PsylockePsion3> And yeah we are
[08:16] <PsylockePsion3> 1/3 of our country watched the last one
[08:17] <PsylockePsion3> that is the average actually
[08:17] <PsylockePsion3> 100 million viewers
[08:17] <Jonas.g> what its like to me
[08:17] <PsylockePsion3> But as Americans we will root for our team even if we have no chance
[08:17] <PsylockePsion3> ... like now
[08:18] <Ahmedrashwan> Robbin is bad as*
[08:20] <Horsyqueen> hmmmm
[08:20] <StevenTheBanshee> Hello everyone
[08:21] <Ahmedrashwan> In the talking about
[08:21] <Jonas.g> well of to go absorb some sun 
[08:21] <Jonas.g> and turn it into energy
[08:21] <DarkNoxx> Fun.
[08:21] <Horsyqueen> this is sweet
[08:22] <Ahmedrashwan> F***..another goal for nether land
[08:22] <Ahmedrashwan> *s
[08:22] <PsylockePsion3> horsy do you play video games
[08:23] <PsylockePsion3> is he watching spirited away?
[08:24] <Ahmedrashwan> What?
[08:25] <Ahmedrashwan> F********** side...whaaaaaaay
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> no
[08:27] <Horsyqueen> my neighbour totoro
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> i need to play more games
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> i am half way through zelda skyward sword and twilight princess
[08:28] <PsylockePsion3> ds?
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> also to finish lira croft
[08:28] <Horsyqueen> no wii
[08:29] <Horsyqueen> i play pokemon on the ds
[08:29] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm playing it on gba
[08:29] <Horsyqueen> yer but thats not skyward sword of twilight princess
[08:29] <Horsyqueen> they are wii only
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> i like the wii cos it has good games
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> and i prefer lira croft and stuff like that to xbox
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> like its more about the adventure
[08:30] <Horsyqueen> then the killing
[08:30] <Ahmedrashwan> Another goal for Netherlands...casslis is bulls***
[08:32] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[08:35] <Jonas.g> hey heres a good source of tutorials i found
[08:37] <Jonas.g>
[08:40] <Ahmedrashwan> Nooooo..another goal for Netherlands...i want to spam hardly 😠
[08:41] <Ahmedrashwan> I won't spasm
[08:41] <SuperKrill99> I need help
[08:42] <Ahmedrashwan> Krill
[08:42] <Ahmedrashwan> What u need?
[08:42] <SuperKrill99> telekinesis
[08:42] <SuperKrill99> I have not done it yet but when trying my hands feel weird
[08:43] <Ahmedrashwan> Telekiness
[08:43] <Ahmedrashwan> From ur hand
[08:43] <Truely Unknown> Back.
[08:43] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[08:43] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[08:43] <Truely Unknown> Hi okami.
[08:43] <SuperKrill99> lol
[08:43] <Okamiden12> nya :P
[08:43] <Ahmedrashwan> haghgggagaggggghhhhhh
[08:43] <Okamiden12> hai tutu
[08:43] <Ahmedrashwan> Krill LOL
[08:44] <Okamiden12> i had a really bad nosebleed just now but i jammed a tampon up my nose :|
[08:44] <Okamiden12> so everything is fantastic
[08:46] <Ahmedrashwan> Krill...blbbbbb..telekinss from ur hand..or feeling thing in ur hand while trying to do tk?
[08:46] <SuperKrill99> feeling thing
[08:46] <SuperKrill99> in ur hand in tk
[08:47] <Ahmedrashwan> While u ry to do it..or u doing it from ur hand?
[08:47] <SuperKrill99> just doing tk
[08:49] <Aeriel Willow> Hello
[08:49] <The21starchivist> Okami
[08:49] <Okamiden12> ?
[08:50] <Horsyqueen> urghhh writing is soo hard
[08:50] <The21starchivist> Are u a menophilic?
[08:50] <Horsyqueen> i am trying to develop my main charactor but i need it to be some what apathic but emotional
[08:50] <Okamiden12>
[08:51] <Okamiden12> why would you even think that
[08:51] <Okamiden12> (especially since i'm gay :|)
[08:51] <SuperKrill99> We never wanted to know that
[08:51] <Okamiden12> everyone here already knew -3-
[08:51] <Okamiden12> deal with it
[08:51] <The21starchivist> *cackles* X3
[08:51] <SuperKrill99> And you best shut up
[08:52] <Okamiden12> nah :3
[08:52] <SuperKrill99> This is a PsiWikia
[08:52] <The21starchivist> Ur not the only one sweetie and another thing it was just a joke
[08:52] <The21starchivist> So calm ur tits
[08:52] <Okamiden12> alrighty
[08:52] <SuperKrill99> It was a joke?
[08:52] <Okamiden12> just seems kinda weird for you to ask that e.e
[08:53] <Jonas.g> going to go take a hot bath
[08:53] <Jonas.g> brb
[08:53] <The21starchivist> Sorry in pervo mode >,<
[08:54] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 is in that mode almost 24/7
[08:54] <Aeriel Willow> @Horsy, check your pm's
[08:55] <Okamiden12> :3
[08:56] <Aeriel Willow> ._.
[08:57] <The21starchivist> Lahgggggggg
[08:59] <The21starchivist> Work u piece of gresda gocn DX
[08:59] <The21starchivist> Better >,<
[08:59] <Aeriel Willow> Friday 13th...
[08:59] <Aeriel Willow> I should really do something tonight...
[09:00] <The21starchivist> Tonight iusnt a night to walk the streets alone bad things follow those who can see
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow> mwahaha
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow> I am the bad thing
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow> *laughs maniacally*
[09:01] <Aeriel Willow> dead
[09:04] <Okamiden12> fuck it ima pirate watch dogs -3-
[09:05] <Aeriel Willow> ...
[09:08] <Okamiden12> :|
[09:08] <Okamiden12> i'll be sure to buy it on steam when i can ;)
[09:09] <KarmaReforged> lol
[09:09] <Okamiden12> yeh..i'm not gunna do that :|
[09:15] <Aeriel Willow> /..
[09:16] <Aeriel Willow> Hi
[09:17] <Temp321> heyo
[09:17] <Okamiden12> Mipples
[09:17] <Aeriel Willow> >>
[09:17] <Okamiden12> how are ya :P
[09:17] <KarmaReforged> yo
[09:18] <Temp321> good
[09:18] <Temp321> oka pm
[09:19] <Okamiden12> k
[09:20] <Temp321> sorrry
[09:20] <Temp321> i accidentally broke a block on the monitor
[09:21] <Temp321> can u pm me again oka
[09:21] <Temp321> thanks
[09:21] <Horsyqueen> i am going to check out my university of choice tommrow
[09:21] <Horsyqueen> all the way in cornwall
[09:22] <Horsyqueen> further then any university i know of
[09:22] <Horsyqueen> hey vinny
[09:22] <EinsVanCat> Hey
[09:22] <EinsVanCat> I enjoyed my nap n.n
[09:23] <Horsyqueen> will u be on kik tommrow
[09:23] <EinsVanCat> it mostly depends on if I am awake at that time or not
[09:23] <Horsyqueen> cos i wont have any internet except phone
[09:24] <EinsVanCat> alright
[09:24] <EinsVanCat> Ill be on, but I might be asleep for awhile
[09:24] <Horsyqueen> i ordered new lip stick :) 
[09:24] <EinsVanCat> aww you dont need that stuff o..o n.n; *hugs*
[09:24] <Horsyqueen> i do
[09:24] <Horsyqueen> expecially in summer
[09:25] <Horsyqueen> when everyone is like loosing any inperfections
[09:25] <Horsyqueen> i dont tan
[09:25] <Horsyqueen> i rarely burn these days
[09:25] <Horsyqueen> i remain like vampire coloured
[09:25] <EinsVanCat> vampire colored is cute. lol
[09:26] <Horsyqueen> no.
[09:26] <Aeriel Willow> argh, browser
[09:26] <Horsyqueen> urghhhh i am underweight and i think i am getting problems from it
[09:26] <Aeriel Willow> I hate you
[09:26] <Horsyqueen> no dont
[09:27] <Jonas.g> im back
[09:27] <Horsyqueen> its shit
[09:28] <EinsVanCat> x3 you dont want me to call you cute about anything, do you. xD
[09:28] <Horsyqueen> no.
[09:28] <EinsVanCat> lol :3
[09:28] <Horsyqueen> lol
[09:28] <Jonas.g> lolololol,ololol
[09:29] <Horsyqueen> its not like with guys where they hate the word cute
[09:29] <Temp321> oka
[09:29] <Horsyqueen> kawaii only works till they figgure out what it means
[09:29] <Jonas.g> I know what kawaii means i listened to so much anime i now know the definition
[09:29] <Temp321> okamiden12
[09:30] <Okamiden12> ?
[09:30] <Horsyqueen> i dont get why guys dont like being called cute
[09:30] <Temp321> pm
[09:30] <Okamiden12> i like it horsy :P
[09:30] <Jonas.g> because it makes us feel wimpy
[09:30] <Okamiden12> that's stupid -3-
[09:31] <Horsyqueen> yer but okami ur just special
[09:31] <Horsyqueen> stormmer doesnt mind it either
[09:31] <Okamiden12> i'm an amazing person ;)
[09:31] <Horsyqueen> but both of u are uneque
[09:31] <Okamiden12> we know XD
[09:32] <Horsyqueen> except i couldnt get you into like any sorta girly dresses i bet
[09:32] <Horsyqueen> you wouldnt like it
[09:32] <Okamiden12> i could
[09:32] <Horsyqueen> ooo yay
[09:32] <Okamiden12> and i was dressed up as a girl one time
[09:32] <Okamiden12> :|
[09:32] <Horsyqueen> you in brolita
[09:34] <Okamiden12> my friend dressed me up
[09:34] <Okamiden12> so i could stay at her house for a weekend
[09:34] <Horsyqueen> what?
[09:34] <Okamiden12> yeh
[09:34] <Horsyqueen> she wasnt alloud girls around?
[09:35] <Okamiden12> no i mean she dressed me up as a girl
[09:35] <Horsyqueen> but its not hard to spot most guys dressing up as girls
[09:35] <Horsyqueen> i mean guys sorry okami
[09:35] <Horsyqueen> like their facial structure
[09:35] <Okamiden12> yeh but i'm pretty :3
[09:35] <Horsyqueen> hair line
[09:35] <Horsyqueen> do you have boobs?
[09:35] <Okamiden12> no
[09:35] <Okamiden12> she made me stuff ;-;
[09:36] <Horsyqueen> like stuff tissue down there?
[09:36] <Horsyqueen> daymn that must have been....
[09:36] <Okamiden12> i mean a bra >.>
[09:36] <Okamiden12> well needless to say her parents bought it (though i think they knew deep down)
[09:37] <Horsyqueen> you shaved your legs?
[09:37] <Okamiden12> i shaved my everything
[09:37] <Horsyqueen> or were you going natural
[09:37] <Horsyqueen> not all females shave their legs though
[09:37] <Horsyqueen> i think its sorta cleaner too
[09:38] <Okamiden12> well i shaved them :P
[09:38] <Horsyqueen> you dont know what spiders could be there
[09:38] <Okamiden12> xD
[09:38] <Horsyqueen> i cant see u being female
[09:39] <Horsyqueen> your too like male
[09:39] <Okamiden12> that's cuz u haven't seen me
[09:39] <Okamiden12> in a girly outfit
[09:39] <Horsyqueen> wear brolita
[09:39] <Okamiden12> i'll let you pick that shit out for me Becca -3-
[09:39] <Horsyqueen> lol
[09:40] <Horsyqueen> or kimono style
[09:40] <Okamiden12> hehe
[09:40] <Horsyqueen> u and stormmer would be really sweet in yukata
[09:40] <Horsyqueen> but you would need the wig
[09:41] <Okamiden12> do you really want me and stormmie to be in the same area ..together
[09:41] <Horsyqueen> actually your hair may be longer if it were straightened
[09:41] <Okamiden12> yeh
[09:41] <Horsyqueen> not while i am around
[09:41] <Okamiden12> if u straighten my hair
[09:41] <Okamiden12> We'll be golden
[09:41] <Okamiden12> ^_^
[09:41] <Horsyqueen> still would it be long enough for geisha hair
[09:41] <Okamiden12> i might need like..extensions or something 
[09:41] <Horsyqueen> or atleast a bun
[09:41] <Horsyqueen> no
[09:41] <Horsyqueen> a wig
[09:41] <Okamiden12> i'm 1/4 Japanese ya know
[09:41] <Horsyqueen> fuck u
[09:41] <Okamiden12> xD
[09:42] <Okamiden12> my middle name is Tadashi
[09:42] <Okamiden12> after my great..great grandfather on my mum's dads side
[09:42] <Horsyqueen> u dont look japanese
[09:42] <Okamiden12> i know..but i'm a quarter
[09:42] <Okamiden12> :3
[09:42] <Horsyqueen> harry is a quarter
[09:42] <Horsyqueen> or half
[09:42] <Horsyqueen> but he looks more then you
[09:42] <Horsyqueen> you just look american
[09:43] <Okamiden12> yeh well
[09:43] <Okamiden12> life
[09:43] <Horsyqueen> your a merry merican 
[09:43] <Okamiden12> well
[09:43] <Okamiden12> i wouldn't say merry :P
[09:44] <Aslal> What even is this song.
[09:44] <Aslal> This song and video have no point for existence.
[09:44] <Okamiden12> :|
[09:44] <Okamiden12> 
[09:44] <Horsyqueen> no
[09:45] <Horsyqueen> your crazy
[09:45] <Okamiden12> yeh
[09:46] <Aslal> Nerf flare guns.
[09:46] <Jonas.g> i found uni's theme song
[09:46] <Jonas.g> on youtube
[09:47] <Horsyqueen> i want a nerf gun
[09:47] <Horsyqueen> but i think they are illegal in public places
[09:48] <Horsyqueen> some old lady would grass on me
[09:49] <Horsyqueen> wb
[09:50] <Jonas.g> sorry internet issues
[09:50] <Horsyqueen>
[09:55] <Jonas.g> the horse in the background the horse: nom, ima keep eating
[09:55] <Horsyqueen> thats why horses are cool
[09:56] <Jonas.g> yeah i like all animals except for pigs and monkeys
[09:57] <Horsyqueen> how can u not love pigs
[09:59] <HawkTech> oi gente
[09:59] <HawkTech> tudo bem?
[10:00] <Horsyqueen> i dont like monkeys either
[10:01] <HawkTech> eu gosto de macacos
[10:03] <Aslal> I swear.
[10:03] <Aslal> This group of singers.
[10:03] <Aslal> Legit song lyrics:
[10:03] <Aslal> 
[10:03] <Aslal> Okay, focus.
[10:03] <Aslal> We guys are probably in some sort of arena right now.
[10:03] <Aslal> And you may call it a... Stadium, or a colosseum,
[10:03] <Aslal> But face it, it’s an arena!
[10:03] <Aslal> And there’s usually a guy that lives in an arena,
[10:03] <Aslal> And his name is probably Bruce,
[10:03] <Aslal> And Bruce is hungry.
[10:03] <Aslal> He’s hungry for victory!
[10:03] <Aslal> Let’s feed Bruce!
[10:03] <Aslal> Let’s do this for BRUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!
[10:04] <Okamiden12> :|
[10:04] <Okamiden12> 
[10:04] <Aslal> All of this in some sort of stoner's voice.
[10:04] <Okamiden12> this is a legit song?
[10:04] <Aslal> Legit.
[10:04] <Aslal>
[10:04] <Aslal> About a minute in.
[10:06] <Rushontherun> Lol
[10:15] <Jonas.g> hey 
[10:15] <Jonas.g> is anyone here
[10:16] <Okamiden12> i'm soooooooooooooooooo not here
[10:16] <Jonas.g> :(
[10:16] <Aslal> Nope.
[10:17] <Aslal> Totally not here.
[10:20] <ImAMonkey> Hey
[10:23] <Okamiden12> -tackles monchie-
[10:25] <Jonas.g> hey monkey
[10:26] <ImAMonkey> Hey Oka
[10:26] <ImAMonkey> And Jonas
[10:26] <Okamiden12> :P
[10:27] <Jonas.g> so would you like a bannan monkey
[10:27] <ImAMonkey> I'm not actually a monkey...
[10:31] <Jonas.g> i know i just love messin with people
[10:31] <Horsyqueen>
[10:32] <Jonas.g> lol
[10:32] <Okamiden12> lol
[10:32] <HawkTech> so banana would you like a monkey?
[10:33] <ImAMonkey> xD
[10:33] <HawkTech> this song is really deep
[10:37] <ImAMonkey> dead chat
[10:38] <Okamiden12> moo
[10:40] <PsylockePsion3> the chat is alive and thriving
[10:40] <ImAMonkey> neigh
[10:41] <PsylockePsion3> your internet connection simply makes you miss all of it
[10:41] <Okamiden12> welcome back mippy
[10:42] <ImAMonkey> My Internet connection is absolutely amazing...
[10:42] <ImAMonkey> Hallo Mipster
[10:42] <Temp321> heyo
[10:42] <KibaTheWolf> OMG
[10:42] <KibaTheWolf> THE CHAT
[10:42] <Okamiden12> ?
[10:42] <Temp321> what
[10:42] <Okamiden12> WHAT
[10:42] <Okamiden12> 
[10:43] <Okamiden12> what bullshit >.<
[10:43] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[10:43] <Okamiden12> i can never get mine to work
[10:43] <Horsyqueen> the one that came out u okami
[10:43] <KibaTheWolf> There was a bug that it didnt work in my google chrome
[10:43] <Okamiden12> (i can't even log into wiki on chrome)
[10:43] <Temp321> well im on minecraft on the chat
[10:43] <Temp321> so
[10:43] <KibaTheWolf> So i had to use IE
[10:43] <Temp321> toped
[10:43] <Aslal> I'm on Google Chrome right now.
[10:43] <Aslal> It always worked for me ._.
[10:43] <Horsyqueen> i use googl chrome
[10:43] <Temp321> i do too
[10:43] <Okamiden12> i just use Firefox :|
[10:43] <Horsyqueen> its better then all the others
[10:44] <Horsyqueen> i used to use windows explorer
[10:44] <Okamiden12> u mean Internet Explorer
[10:44] <Horsyqueen> cos i was kool :P
[10:44] <Okamiden12> i use Firefox exclusively for this
[10:45] <KibaTheWolf> Im so happy i can use it on GO now ;-;
[10:45] <Jonas.g> i want darkrai so bad on supersmash bros for the wiii u
[10:47] <Okamiden12> why did they make him a thing -3-
[10:48] <Temp321> idk
[10:48] <Temp321> hey
[10:48] <Temp321> anyone know of any intense training programs
[10:48] <Jonas.g> no im just saying they need to put him in the game
[10:49] <Jonas.g> it would be so badass if they put him in the game
[10:49] <Okamiden12> yeh
[10:49] <Okamiden12> it would be much OP
[10:51] <Jonas.g> yeah
[10:51] <Jonas.g> and im also looking forward to hyrule warriors
[10:51] <Okamiden12> -less excited by that thought-
[10:51] <PsylockePsion3> training for what temp
[10:51] <Temp321> overall ability
[10:52] <PsylockePsion3> You could develop your own by taking training courses apart and using them for your need
[10:53] <ImAMonkey> EINS
[10:53] <Okamiden12> hello Lady Avin/Scarlet/Kya
[10:53] <EinsVanCat> lol..
[10:53] <Jonas.g> hey van cat
[10:53] <Okamiden12> you are many women XD
[10:53] <Temp321> well i need to get my overall ability as powerful asi can as fast as i can
[10:55] <Okamiden12> damn kids have no patience
[10:55] <Maskedmoon> Ugh, I cant do abilities
[10:55] <Temp321> bla bla bla
[10:55] <Maskedmoon> I tried the whole day to do 5 different kinesis
[10:55] <Rushontherun> Temp it takes awhile
[10:55] <Rushontherun> Maskedmoon did you start with EM
[10:55] <Rushontherun> 
[10:55] <Temp321> well i still need the fastest way possible
[10:55] <Rushontherun> have you done em
[10:56] <Temp321> me?
[10:56] <Rushontherun> yeah
[10:56] <Temp321> of course
[10:56] <Temp321> got that dow
[10:56] <Temp321> n
[10:56] <Temp321> very easy
[10:56] <Rushontherun> kk what ability are you intrested in
[10:56] <Maskedmoon> Yes
[10:56] <Temp321> i have a ton
[10:56] <Okamiden12> :|
[10:56] <Maskedmoon> I did em
[10:57] <Temp321> its on my weird wiki page
[10:57] <Maskedmoon> I tried to more exactly
[10:57] <Okamiden12> :|
[10:57] <Temp321> exept magic
[10:57] <Maskedmoon> 7 months trying to make a psiball
[10:57] <Temp321> i need to remove that
[10:58] <Temp321> damn
[10:58] <Temp321> i accidentally broke my monitor
[10:58] <Temp321> so i had to brb
[10:58] <Temp321> no brb nopw
[10:58] <Okamiden12> ok
[11:04] <KibaTheWolf> (deadcht)
[11:04] <Okamiden12> hehehe
[11:04] <KibaTheWolf> (deadchat) 
[11:05] <KibaTheWolf> Yay i managed to do it XD
[11:05] <Okamiden12> hi tutu
[11:05] <Truely Unknown> Hi.
[11:05] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Truely
[11:05] <Kile574> It warms my heart to see kiba here .
[11:05] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Kile
[11:05] <Kile574> Hey :3
[11:06] <KibaTheWolf> Why?
[11:06] <Kile574> Its just nice to see you here 
[11:06] <KibaTheWolf> Lol thanks XD
[11:06] <Truely Unknown> Lesami you here?
[11:06] <KibaTheWolf> She's afk
[11:06] <Okamiden12> yeh tutu
[11:07] <Okamiden12> that's a silly question :|
[11:07] <Truely Unknown> Trying to ping her.
[11:07] <Jonas.g>
[11:07] <Jonas.g> what the fuck happend to epic rap battles
[11:07] <ImAMonkey> Its thriving...
[11:08] <ImAMonkey> Its epic rap battles of HISTORY
[11:08] <ImAMonkey> Emphasis on HISTORY
[11:08] <Jonas.g> splain this
[11:08] <KibaTheWolf> Still it has things like Goku vs Superman
[11:09] <Jonas.g> so EMPHASIS on EPIC RAP BATTLES
[11:09] <ImAMonkey> Goku vs Superman is sexy
[11:10] <KibaTheWolf> It should be named EPIC RANDOM RAP BATTLES
[11:10] <ImAMonkey> Naah
[11:10] <ImAMonkey> Because in the raps
[11:10] <ImAMonkey> They involve facts
[11:11] <KibaTheWolf> Goku vs Superman
[11:11] <KibaTheWolf> I see no history there
[11:11] <KibaTheWolf> Rick Grimes vs Walter White
[11:11] <ImAMonkey> They made TV history xD
[11:12] <KibaTheWolf> None there too, they are fun, but not 100% is about history XD
[11:12] <ImAMonkey> Rasputin vs Stalin
[11:12] <ImAMonkey> ^^^ History
[11:12] <KibaTheWolf> But Darth Vader vs Hitler
[11:13] <ImAMonkey> Hitler is history
[11:13] <KibaTheWolf> Thats awesome, damn the history XD
[11:13] <ImAMonkey> Darth vADER is Vader
[11:13] <KibaTheWolf> Mozart vs Skrillex is awesome too
[11:13] <Kile574> That one was amazing 
[11:13] <ImAMonkey> Ye
[11:13] <KibaTheWolf> Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee
[11:13] <ImAMonkey> No
[11:14] <ImAMonkey> It was Clint Eastwood vs Bruce Lee
[11:14] <Temp321> im going to do some minecraft things but ill e watching on my minePad
[11:14] <ImAMonkey> Chuck Norris vs Abe Lincoln
[11:14] <KibaTheWolf> Yeah i didnt remember
[11:15] <KibaTheWolf> Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking
[11:15] <ImAMonkey> That was my fav
[11:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Chuck norris vs herobrine
[11:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Talking about ERB?
[11:16] <PsylockePsion3> stalin vs rasputing
[11:16] <PsylockePsion3> *rasputin
[11:16] <SuperEliteJordan> Obama vs abe vs mitt romney
[11:17] <PsylockePsion3> adam vs eve
[11:17] <Okamiden12> xD
[11:17] <Okamiden12> @osylocke
[11:17] <SuperEliteJordan> XD
[11:17] <KibaTheWolf> That one buged my brain
[11:17] <Okamiden12> that xD was for him
[11:17] <SuperEliteJordan> My fav is Superman vs Gook
[11:18] <KibaTheWolf> Goku*
[11:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku
[11:18] <Temp321> im gonna go
[11:18] <Temp321> bai
[11:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku won that one
[11:18] <KibaTheWolf> Cya Temp
[11:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Who would win in a fight superman or goku
[11:18] <Aeriel Willow> * Aeriel Willow attempts a swaggy exit, but fails.*
[11:18] <Temp321> ITS MIP
[11:18] <SuperEliteJordan> I say holy
[11:19] <Aeriel Willow> * Aeriel Willow runs out door crying.*
[11:19] <Temp321> and i say superman would win
[11:19] <PsylockePsion3> superman
[11:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku
[11:19] <KibaTheWolf> Mip changed account/
[11:19] <KibaTheWolf> ?*
[11:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku could destroy a planet with his pinkie
[11:19] <Okamiden12> his mommy won't let him be on chats
[11:19] <Temp321> the man who can overcome his limits against the man without any to begen with
[11:19] <Okamiden12> :|
[11:19] <Okamiden12> so she's watching his account
[11:19] <Okamiden12> he uses this one
[11:19] <Okamiden12> :P
[11:20] <KibaTheWolf> Ganghi vs Martin Luther King Jr.
[11:20] <KibaTheWolf> Gandhi*
[11:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Shakespear vs dr suess
[11:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Darth vader vs Dolf Hitler
[11:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Adolf
[11:21] <Kile574> Gandhi vs martin luther king jr was funny 
[11:21] <KibaTheWolf> That one is my favorite
[11:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku vs superman is my fav
[11:21] <SuperEliteJordan> Thinking of making one myself
[11:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Supermans laser beams vs gokus kamehameha
[11:22] <Kile574> Goku wins..
[11:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Or does he
[11:22] <Kile574> Goku's kamehameha has split planets .
[11:22] <Jonas.g> whos gonna stop this constipated jock with the awful animation and the never ending plot whos got the rap bombs to drop on japan this looks like a job for the og superman
[11:23] <KibaTheWolf> Godzilla vs the Power Rangers giant robot, what is it called? Megazord?
[11:23] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm villainous I'm krillinous I'm villianous to vegtabkes
[11:23] <PsylockePsion3> In a full out fight superman would win
[11:24] <SuperEliteJordan> HOW?
[11:24] <SuperEliteJordan> goku can teleport
[11:24] <PsylockePsion3> his speed and strength can match goku
[11:24] <Okamiden12> nah
[11:24] <Okamiden12> superman is shit
[11:24] <Okamiden12> :P
[11:24] <PsylockePsion3> While goku isn't as durable
[11:24] <HawkTech> flash would kill dem all
[11:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Like tap superman and teleport him to space
[11:24] <Kile574> goku can run and look like he teleported .
[11:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Battle over :P
[11:24] <Kile574> Well superman doesnt breathe, so thats a +1 for him.
[11:24] <PsylockePsion3> Silver age superman once sneezed the solar system out of place
[11:24] <Okamiden12> goku has died...a lot
[11:25] <PsylockePsion3> And superman can hold his breath nearly indefinitely.
[11:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku became a god
[11:25] <Jonas.g> oh well time to use the dragon balls again
[11:25] <PsylockePsion3> Superman can be seen as a symbol for god
[11:25] <Kile574> well.. you have to think about it , goku also gets more powerful each time he loses a fight or comes close to death. So all he really has to do is survive one fight with superman and he can probably take him down the second .
[11:25] <Jonas.g> superman would die from goku
[11:25] <SuperEliteJordan> When he became infused with dragonballs on the last episode akira toriyama said his power went up many times more than normal
[11:25] <PsylockePsion3> Superman can come back to life
[11:25] <Truely Unknown> Not this.....
[11:25] <Kile574> Theres one comic series where Superman got a green lantern ring and basically became a god .
[11:25] <PsylockePsion3> As long as he has a yellow sun
[11:25] <Okamiden12> Tutu
[11:26] <Okamiden12> save us ;-;
[11:26] <Jonas.g>
[11:26] <Jonas.g> goku has the power level of a god
[11:26] <Jonas.g> its all explained there
[11:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes
[11:26] <Okamiden12> tutu pm
[11:26] <PsylockePsion3> Supes wins....
[11:26] <SuperEliteJordan> He only lost cause bills is a god of fighting
[11:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku can heal with a sensu bean
[11:26] <PsylockePsion3> superman can heal with a sun dip
[11:27] <SuperEliteJordan> And then becomes stronger after he heals
[11:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku will just destroy the sun
[11:27] <PsylockePsion3> superman will find another star around the same age
[11:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Piccolo destroyed the moon
[11:27] <PsylockePsion3> And he has absorbed enough to go without for a while
[11:27] <Jonas.g> by what flying he cant do that once you destroy the sun
[11:28] <SuperEliteJordan> The 2nd closest star is 2.4 light yrs away
[11:28] <SuperEliteJordan> True jonas
[11:28] <PsylockePsion3> Silver Age superman used to move fast enough he looked like he teleported
[11:28] <Kile574> hes right, superman can go a little while without a yellow sun.
[11:28] <PsylockePsion3> therefore he can get away quickly
[11:28] <SuperEliteJordan> We mean at the end of there comics
[11:29] <SuperEliteJordan> goku can destroy the sun in the start and superman will lose his powers
[11:29] <PsylockePsion3> He wouldn't lose them instantly
[11:29] <Kile574> And in the new 52 comics, supergirl shows that she doesnt NEED a yellow sun after the initial mutation, but im not sure if thats genetic fact or just some hope crap to stir up the comic series for her .
[11:29] <Kile574> On no it would be a very very close battle .-.
[11:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku can become over 1000x stronger
[11:29] <PsylockePsion3> he can go weeks without it while barely losing any strength
[11:29] <SuperEliteJordan> SSJ4 is 400x stronger plus kio ken
[11:30] <PsylockePsion3> So can superman as long as he has the right radiation
[11:30] <SuperEliteJordan> No radiation with no sun
[11:30] <PsylockePsion3> There are more stars than the sun
[11:30] <PsylockePsion3> And superman learned how to replicate stars 
[11:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Not close enough
[11:30] <PsylockePsion3> He has flown to other galaxies before...
[11:30] <Okamiden12> nyaaaa :D 
[11:31] <SuperEliteJordan> How long did that take?
[11:31] <PsylockePsion3> Not long, and he wasn't flying full speed
[11:31] <PsylockePsion3> but he doesn't need a sun dip to be super strong
[11:31] <PsylockePsion3> I mean he once sneezed the galaxy out of place
[11:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Goku would destroy the sun take out the lights and sense supermans energy to attack him
[11:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Superman couldn't see
[11:32] <PsylockePsion3> Superman can see cosmic winds from light years away
[11:32] <HawkTech> do you know who would win?
[11:32] <PsylockePsion3> he can also hear them
[11:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Then goku would teleport to fight
[11:32] <Okamiden12> :|
[11:32] <PsylockePsion3> he would still sense him
[11:32] <Okamiden12> so let's switch topics
[11:32] <Kile574> Does anyone here know anything about scripting ? .-.
[11:32] <HawkTech> Atom would win
[11:32] <Okamiden12> i do kile
[11:33] <Kile574> Pm 
[11:33] <Okamiden12> well
[11:33] <PsylockePsion3> and superman is fast enough to look like he is teleporting
[11:33] <Okamiden12> okay
[11:33] <Okamiden12> :P
[11:33] <Okamiden12> hi bby
[11:33] <PsylockePsion3> how about we take this to pm
[11:33] <SuperEliteJordan> "Look like"
[11:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah
[11:33] <XeRhyme> Hey guys.
[11:33] <PsylockePsion3> to the flash who can see pretty well at high speeds
[11:33] <XeRhyme> Okaaaa
[11:33] <HawkTech> flash is stronger than superman
[11:34] <Okamiden12> RHYMEEEEE
[11:34] <Kile574> dude the flash is pretty amazing 
[11:34] <XeRhyme> The flash,Is just a guy who runs fast.How does he become stronger than a guy who surpassed all of his limits and is limitless?
[11:34] <HawkTech> flash can run faster than the speed of light
[11:34] <Kile574> You know what hero i have a problem with though ? The Hulk. They gave him almost no weakness 
[11:34] <EinsVanCat> hulk smash.
[11:35] <XeRhyme> His weakness is his brain?
[11:35] <PsylockePsion3> I have a problem with batman
[11:35] <Okamiden12> Eins destroy
[11:35] <SuperEliteJordan> To run fast you need strong muscles and heart
[11:35] <PsylockePsion3> he once beat a fully powered wonder woman with no problem
[11:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Along with bones
[11:35] <EinsVanCat> He knows everyones weakness. lol
[11:35] <HawkTech> dafuq?
[11:35] <Kile574> The flash was anatomically and biologically mutated to withstand the speed that he runs .-.
[11:35] <Okamiden12> xD
[11:35] <HawkTech> his boots
[11:35] <HawkTech> protect him
[11:35] <Okamiden12> :|
[11:36] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah that's what the mutatoins did
[11:36] <Kile574> well, id wear shoes if i could run that fast. Can you imagine what it would be like stepping on a nail at that speed ?
[11:36] <PsylockePsion3> @eins he just fought her
[11:36] <EinsVanCat> Batman is scary, dude.
[11:36] <EinsVanCat> lol
[11:36] <PsylockePsion3> Wonderwoman has no real weakness really
[11:36] <EinsVanCat> Nobody messes with batman.
[11:36] <HawkTech> for flash
[11:36] <HawkTech> nothing would happen
[11:36] <HawkTech> because of his boots
[11:36] <Kile574> * Kile574 brushes eins hair 
[11:36] <EinsVanCat> @_@
[11:36] <EinsVanCat> 
[11:37] <EinsVanCat> ded
[11:37] <EinsVanCat> *isded*
[11:37] <Kile574> * Kile574 puts makeup on her corps so she looks alive
[11:37] <EinsVanCat> LOL
[11:37] <PsylockePsion3> wb
[11:37] <HawkTech>
[11:38] <Kile574> "Some, notably later versions, can vibrate so fast that they can pass through walls in a process called quantum tunneling,"
[11:38] <Kile574> in the new 52 comics he says he discovered that when he drank coffee and got 'jittery' 
[11:38] <EinsVanCat> XD
[11:38] <EinsVanCat> Dont give flash coffee.. got it.
[11:38] <Kile574> so jittery that he fell through the fourth floor of the police department and ended up in the basement XD
[11:39] <XeRhyme> Anyone watch big bang theory and saw sheldon in a flash suit on coffee?
[11:39] <Kile574> i just put down the comic and laughed when i read that. it was hilarious 
[11:39] <XeRhyme>
[11:40] <SuperEliteJordan> This chat is active
[11:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Just saiyan
[11:41] <Okamiden12> Eins
[11:41] <Okamiden12> nvm
[11:42] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[11:46] <Kile574> So~
[11:47] <PsylockePsion3> #killed it
[11:47] <Okamiden12> Ima go shower :)