[11:43] <Truely Unknown> Back
[11:43] <Truely Unknown> and nobody has said a word since I said tht -_-
[11:44] <Okamiden12> xD
[11:49] <KarmaReforged> yo
[12:08] <IM STILL ALIVE> tell me
[12:08] <Okamiden12> ?
[12:08] <Okamiden12> tell ya what
[12:08] <IM STILL ALIVE> was xxDawnShadowsxx here?
[12:08] <Okamiden12> idk
[12:08] <Okamiden12> why
[12:08] <IM STILL ALIVE> ....
[12:08] <IM STILL ALIVE> If she comes by.
[12:08] <IM STILL ALIVE> Tell her "IM STILL ALIVE" is looking for her
[12:08] <IM STILL ALIVE> And that she should meet me where we met the first time.
[12:08] <Okamiden12> >.> idk why she would stop here
[12:09] <Okamiden12> :|
[12:09] <Okamiden12> hai lamia :D 
[12:09] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hi
[12:11] <XxDarkRavenxX> ..That guy just creeped me the fuck out ..
[12:12] <Okamiden12> i was gunna ban him anyway
[12:12] <Okamiden12> XD
[12:13] <XxDarkRavenxX> He was weird
[12:13] <Okamiden12> troll?
[12:13] <XxDarkRavenxX> Maybe..
[12:13] <XxDarkRavenxX> Idk o.o 
[12:14] <UniTato> O-O
[12:14] <XxDarkRavenxX> Just the fact his name was in caps and shit I pictured something coming up behind me whispering "IM STILL ALIVE.."
[12:14] <UniTato> my foot is numb >:|
[12:14] <Okamiden12> i thought about portal
[12:14] <XxDarkRavenxX> Good ;3
[12:15] <UniTato> C:
[12:15] <XxDarkRavenxX> Brb 
[12:16] <UniTato> * UniTato stares at oka <>_<>
[12:17] <Okamiden12> -blinks on purpose
[12:20] <Angilioth> awwww everyone leaving
[12:20] <Angilioth> ?
[12:23] <Angilioth> hello
[12:24] <Lesami> hello
[12:24] <Angilioth> how are you?
[12:24] <Lesami> im okay
[12:24] <Truely Unknown> Who is in still alive 
[12:25] <Truely Unknown> im*
[12:25] <Angilioth> i dont know
[12:25] <Angilioth> thats good lesami
[12:30] <Angilioth> hello
[12:31] <Lesami> boop
[12:31] <Angilioth> who did you boop?
[12:35] <Angilioth> just curious
[12:50] <Techno Bacon> Anyone here watch Arrow?
[01:35] <Ahmedrashwan> Me
[01:36] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I'm dead but I'm still breathing
[01:36] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Oh it was a question
[01:37] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> That I.misread
[01:37] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I'm still alive is someone who was on earlier no idea
[01:37] <Ahmedrashwan> واو
[01:37] <Ahmedrashwan> ‎(~.^)‎
[01:40] <Ahmedrashwan> Congrats anyway 😤 :S
[01:58] <Ahmedrashwan> Idk what u even talking about try to use Google translate XD
[02:07] <MageMelissa> hi
[02:08] <Maskedmoon> Hello mage
[02:08] <Maskedmoon> Welcome
[02:08] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[02:24] <ImAMonkey> Stabbing stuff is wonderfully fun
[02:24] <KibaTheWolf> O.O
[02:25] <ImAMonkey> Hehe
[02:26] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi Michael
[02:26] <ImAMonkey> Stab stab stab :3
[02:26] <ImAMonkey> The end product is always so kawaii with scratches and pokes in it
[02:26] <ImAMonkey> Hello Ahmed~
[02:26] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi
[02:27] <Ahmedrashwan> I love stabbing in assassins creed :3
[02:28] <ImAMonkey> Hey Ahmed did you test out the Tulpa Gen yet?
[02:28] <ImAMonkey> Also your English is good...
[02:28] <Ahmedrashwan> Ya many times
[02:28] <ImAMonkey> And? Any results?
[02:28] <ImAMonkey> Did your subconscious actually function?
[02:28] <Ahmedrashwan> Ya I noticed that XD
[02:28] <ImAMonkey> What did you see and/or hear
[02:29] <ImAMonkey> The dots should form a face and the under the white noise a voice should form
[02:29] <Ahmedrashwan> I saw the head taking shape
[02:29] <ImAMonkey> How long were you watching for?
[02:29] <Ahmedrashwan> Little closer to tulpa head
[02:29] <Ahmedrashwan> Mine
[02:29] <Ahmedrashwan> About 2 hrs
[02:29] <ImAMonkey> Oh
[02:29] <Ahmedrashwan> Two hrs *
[02:29] <ImAMonkey> The whole video is an hour and a half though...
[02:30] <Ahmedrashwan> Not in one shot
[02:30] <Ahmedrashwan> Of course
[02:30] <ImAMonkey> I still need to test it out
[02:30] <ImAMonkey> So what did your tulpa look like?
[02:30] <Ahmedrashwan> It's still taking shape of my tulpa head
[02:31] <ImAMonkey> Oh
[02:31] <Ahmedrashwan> Little closer to my tulpahead
[02:32] <Ahmedrashwan> Also I can hardly hear my tulpa voice in white noise
[02:32] <ImAMonkey> Cool
[02:32] <ImAMonkey> Did you determine if it will form to be a male or female?
[02:32] <Ahmedrashwan> Female :3
[02:32] <Ahmedrashwan> Well
[02:33] <Ahmedrashwan> Umm
[02:33] <ImAMonkey> I want my tulpa to be female
[02:33] <ImAMonkey> A girl like my old one :3
[02:33] <MageMelissa> hi
[02:33] <ImAMonkey> She was a kawaii girl :3
[02:34] <MageMelissa> cute
[02:34] <ImAMonkey> She
[02:34] <ImAMonkey> is
[02:34] <ImAMonkey> Dead
[02:34] <ImAMonkey> :3
[02:34] <ImAMonkey> I'm going so crazy I'm not even bothered by that
[02:34] <MageMelissa> sorry for your loss who died
[02:35] <Maskedmoon> Welcome back melissa
[02:35] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[02:35] <MageMelissa> I'm fine thanks for asking!
[02:35] <ImAMonkey> She was a tulpa. A little sentient being inside my head. 
[02:36] <MageMelissa> Tulpa? You mean those supernatural creatures that you can make with your mind and exist on an astral scale?
[02:37] <MageMelissa> How did it die?
[02:38] <Maskedmoon> Mage, what kind of magic do you practice'
[02:38] <ImAMonkey> I won't get into specific details
[02:38] <ImAMonkey> Only a few members know 
[02:39] <MageMelissa> I practice mostly influintial magic and I also dabble in spiritual healing/cleansing and mojos/curses
[02:39] <ImAMonkey> Sup Lemmon
[02:39] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> just finished a poem
[02:39] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> You?
[02:39] <ImAMonkey> Going crazy
[02:40] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It'll snap you
[02:40] <MageMelissa> hi
[02:40] <ImAMonkey> I snapped long ago
[02:40] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hi Melissa
[02:40] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It may be too long to post on here actually lol
[02:41] <MageMelissa> is it dark?
[02:41] <ImAMonkey> Is it your PsiN poem? :3
[02:42] <ImAMonkey> Wb Ahmed
[02:42] <MageMelissa> I like peotry my fave is Nothing gold can stay by Robert Frost
[02:42] <KibaTheWolf> You can post it, i guess
[02:43] <MageMelissa> Ooo I have to go eating chicken!
[02:43] <Ahmedrashwan> 
[02:43] <Ahmedrashwan> 
[02:43] <Ahmedrashwan> Did u noticed something Michael???...99.999999999% of male ppl prefer to make their tulpa females XD
[02:43] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm good thx for asking
[02:43] <Ahmedrashwan> Sorry for bad connection
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> That's for their perverted minds
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> But I'm gender fluid
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> Sooooo that doesn't really apply to me :3
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> And I'm not a pervert :3
[02:44] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Kinda
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> Anyways
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> Bye bye
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> I gotta go
[02:44] <Ahmedrashwan> Okay
[02:44] <ImAMonkey> I'm gonna re-try the Tulpa Gen
[02:45] <ImAMonkey> On a tiny phon e:3
[02:45] <Ahmedrashwan> I think I will do that
[02:45] <Ahmedrashwan> Also
[02:45] <Ahmedrashwan> ..kk
[02:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It's too long too posts l
[02:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol
[02:46] <KibaTheWolf> How so?
[02:47] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It's too long. Chat won't let it post. Anf the blogs fk up the paragraph stanza
[02:47] <KibaTheWolf> Oh lol
[02:48] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I'll blog it. But it'll take a bit to fix stanzas
[02:53] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> [[User blog:Lamia.Anima.Comedenti/Poetry- %22Broken Soul%22|User blog:Lamia.Anima.Comedenti/Poetry- "Broken Soul"]]
[02:54] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Stanza refuse to cooperate
[03:03] <Aerys-ICTX> Back
[03:13] <Aerys-ICTX> wb lamia
[03:13] <Aerys-ICTX> I had a date today that went well :) first time that's happened since prom
[03:13] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I've been here
[03:13] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Nice
[03:19] <Aerys-ICTX> hi
[03:19] <Jonas.g> hey
[03:19] <Angilioth> hey
[03:20] <Jonas.g> man i hate the people in my class
[03:20] <Jonas.g> i am so glad to be away from them
[03:21] <Jonas.g> oh...hey
[03:21] <Aerys-ICTX> Why do you hate them?
[03:22] <Jonas.g> well theres this idiot in my class who calls himself a wizard just because he made a random guess of when the bell was going to ting
[03:22] <Jonas.g> *ring
[03:23] <Aerys-ICTX> What grade are you in
[03:23] <Jonas.g> 8th
[03:23] <Aerys-ICTX> you're on summer break?
[03:23] <Jonas.g> yeah
[03:24] <Aerys-ICTX> so you're a rising freshman
[03:24] <Jonas.g> yep i have to go now cya
[03:24] <Aerys-ICTX> bye
[03:41] <Minato5000> hey
[03:42] <Maskedmoon> hello minato
[03:42] <Maskedmoon> welcome
[03:42] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[03:42] <Minato5000> i am fine 
[03:43] <Minato5000> is this kinesis real
[03:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Which kinesis
[03:46] <Minato5000> ay kinesis
[03:46] <Minato5000> any kinesis
[03:47] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Many are. We try to keep the fake ones off of herr
[03:47] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Pyri. Electro aero. 
[03:47] <Aslal> "Try"
[03:47] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I've used tge basics on those three
[03:47] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> They work. But don't expect to summon fire tornadoes
[03:48] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Cyz that's not gonna happen
[03:48] <Minato5000> what is your kinesis
[03:48] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Basically if you see it in a movie it's not possible
[03:48] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Me I use ESP and EM 
[03:49] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> But what I know is on my page
[03:50] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I can use some aerokinneis. And some electrokinsis but I don't use kinetics really
[03:50] <Minato5000> wow
[03:51] <Minato5000> how many day you train 
[03:53] <Maskedmoon> Hello aslal
[03:53] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[03:53] <Maskedmoon> Hello reveur
[03:53] <Maskedmoon> How are youj?
[03:53] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I've trained for years
[03:54] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It's kinda become a hobby 
[03:54] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It took me about a week to learn to make a psi ball. 
[03:55] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> So it does take time. But the more you practice the better you get the more you can do
[03:55] <Minato5000> what is first thing i must train on it
[03:55] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Energy manipulation
[03:55] <Minato5000> why
[03:55] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Nothing can be Done until you know the basics of that
[03:56] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It is the origin of all the abilities here. 
[03:56] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> All the kinesis are specialization of energy manipulation
[03:56] <Minato5000> is there kinesis make me teleport from place to another
[03:56] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Not physically
[03:56] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> But you could try bi location under ESO
[03:57] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> ESP
[03:57] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It will allow you to mentally send your mind somewhere to observe
[03:57] <Minato5000> but what is most danger kinesis
[03:57] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> That's something I'm currently working on. It's rather hard :/
[03:58] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Dangerous? They all come with dangers. Most common sense. Obviously fire will burn you
[03:58] <Minato5000> what is kinesis i can hurt any one with it
[03:58] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> None
[03:58] <Minato5000> really why
[03:59] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> You can't really use any of these for self defense
[03:59] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It takes too much focus. In a fight you'd be beaten to a pulp before you even began
[03:59] <Minato5000> who is invent the kinesis
[04:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> We all make our own techniques. Trial and error. Every ome can do anything within reason of course
[04:01] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Those who became good found new ways to do things and taught others
[04:01] <Minato5000> what is your favourit kinesis
[04:02] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I don't use kinetics I prefer EM
[04:02] <Minato5000> why
[04:02] <Minato5000> why
[04:02] <Minato5000> why
[04:03] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Because that's what I chose to learn. It
[04:03] <Minato5000> what you use in em
[04:03] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Why is this seeming like an interrogation for a newspaper interview ?
[04:04] <Minato5000> lol
[04:04] <Minato5000> i am new 
[04:04] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> If kt is you cannot publish it. Against site rules. Copyright infringement etc etc
[04:04] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I use constructs. 
[04:05] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Programmed energgy with a purpose
[04:05] <Minato5000> if i want to train on kinesis or em what i learn
[04:05] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Just read the pages. 
[04:06] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It explains the basics. 
[04:06] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> If you still need help after a few days of Energy Manipulation (EM) then ask around 
[04:06] <Minato5000> what is strongest em 
[04:13] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> whatever you practice the most
[04:17] <VeilOfReality> Hello
[04:18] <DioMago> I wish to teach you something better knowledge
[04:18] <DioMago> between fake and real
[04:18] <DioMago> You also learn theory work about what is real and what's not...psionics in a sense is fake because the concepts behind it is fake...
[04:18] <DioMago> For example, they encourage visualisation during their practises, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER... Visualisation is a distraction!!
[04:19] <DioMago> Also, Psi balls... They make Psi balls look simple... Its actually quite advanced to create a ball of energy...
[04:19] <DioMago> Their energy manipulation techniques are incorrect, it does not include expelling or repelling energy properly, neither is their mind ready to perform such functions (since most don't know how to meditate properly)
[04:20] <DioMago> They also talk about otherkins and spirit guides which are false...we are more than a human body as we have a soul...but nothing 'otherkin' about it, as for spirit guides, no spirit is bound to you...spirits have freedom..they have feelings and emotions too...
[04:20] <DioMago> Psi wheel is bullshit, its all a result of heat convection which is a scientific fact... There's no 'magic' in this.
[04:20] <VeilOfReality> Dio, I understand and respect your opinions but wasn't that a bit rude towards some people?
[04:20] <DioMago> Push, pull or levitate things from a table is when you know your doing it right.
[04:21] <DioMago> it's not a rude, everything I said is true but not a rude way.
[04:21] <DioMago> let me write..
[04:22] <DioMago> This is included in the mystical Arts of the Mind...
[04:22] <DioMago> owever, its not simple as it requires great concentration, focus and clear mind...bending the flames of the candle (called pyrokinesis in 'psionics') is the first training that is done as a apprentice mage and is considered easy providing you can clear your mind... 
[04:22] <VeilOfReality> No, you didn't say it respectfully. You were saying that they were wrong and you were right.
[04:22] <DioMago> *however
[04:23] <DioMago> that's all I have to tell you truths
[04:23] <VeilOfReality> And I understand you are very sure of what you say, but the truth? Honestly. You sound very arrogant.
[04:24] <DioMago> prove me if you think that I'm arrogant... prove your psionic
[04:25] <VeilOfReality> This type thing works in different ways for everyone, maybe not using visualization helps you. But for some people it works for them.
[04:25] <DioMago> go ahead and prove me your psionic
[04:25] <VeilOfReality> Okay, do you have a camera and a thermometer? 
[04:25] <DioMago> how can you do make a clear mind when you're visualizing? explain me?
[04:25] <VeilOfReality> I don't visualize.
[04:25] <DioMago> so stop calling me arrogant
[04:26] <VeilOfReality> But some people do.
[04:26] <DioMago> continued from last post...
[04:26] <DioMago> Psions are also crazy about astral projection which is pathetic. Its called 'dream delving' and is the recesses of their minds own dreamworld so there is no astral plane...its all mental...and is exactly the same as lucid dreaming...but a little different in 'sleep stages' as you'd say...
[04:27] <VeilOfReality> Okay, but some people believe it's astral projection. So lay off it. 
[04:27] <DioMago> Ok chakras aka 'energy centres'
[04:27] <DioMago> 
[04:27] <DioMago> Chakras are real but not as 'wow' as many believe, they are only points of cumulation and useful in some situtation but not all...its not necessary to make a big deal over it and you can't 'open' them. So leave all meridians and chakras alone...and you'll be fine..
[04:28] <DioMago> ou are most likely physically aware of the chakras ... Not always though. Chakras are cummulative areas for energy .. Like the energy gathers in those points. You need to make sure no one aims a spell at one or it could be fatal. You need to protect your chakras which is done through simple meditation...keep your eyes, ears and sense actute. You wanna be ready for anything..
[04:28] <DioMago> *You
[04:29] <VeilOfReality> Ready for anything. What do you think is going to happen?
[04:29] <DioMago> you're liar...
[04:30] <VeilOfReality> When did I lie? 
[04:30] <DioMago> I've tested on many and they don't listen... such a simple
[04:30] <DioMago> Ok... About Entities and Spirits.
[04:30] <DioMago> 
[04:30] <DioMago> Yes, they exist and there are different types, and even 'levels' meaning one can be more powerful and/or older than another. If you have some questions about entities, feel free to shoot...
[04:30] <VeilOfReality> -_- I'm listening to you, and when did I lie?
[04:31] <DioMago> Reincarnation -
[04:31] <DioMago> It exists but highly uncommon...does not happen much... It only happens when karma has not been able to run its course the way it should have, one way or you don't have to worry about reincarnating .. As demented/twisted people only do...
[04:31] <DioMago> So if you die and your karma has run its course, you turn into an entity... And some entities can be messed up mind-wise for e.g if they were religious before they died, they would forever search for heaven
[04:32] <DioMago> that's all I have told ya'll
[04:32] <VeilOfReality> Listen, Dio, the way you're wording things is as if they are fact. Which so far they seem to be theory.
[04:32] <DioMago> and I will ask you a few important question... if I like you, I wil lteach you probably
[04:32] <VeilOfReality> Teach me? I don't need teaching.
[04:33] <VeilOfReality> You aren't even listening to me, you're blind to what I'm saying.
[04:33] <DioMago> okay... you're used to be a psion user... forever.
[04:35] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> lol
[04:35] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Do you know where ''karma'' originates from
[04:35] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> It's a Buddhism belief
[04:35] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> And they believe we reincarnate to bugs, or other creatures but this site along with other downies like to think that demons and angels reincarnate into human bodies
[04:36] <Aerys-ICTX> Hello
[04:36] <DioMago> of course, they proved it so the mystical arts took their knowledge for sure.
[04:36] <Aerys-ICTX> I always wanted to ask, how did you get your name calgary?
[04:38] <DioMago> however, they are wrong for something..
[04:38] <DioMago> actually
[04:38] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Calgary, where will my wife find -- that's what it actually means
[04:38] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> nah im just joking
[04:38] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> just a random name
[04:38] <DioMago> I got a rank for Eligos... you know.... the goethian name!
[04:39] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Diomago
[04:40] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> word of advice; veil is a 13yr old girl with an attitude
[04:40] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> if you know how children are, they always want the last word just keep that in mind next time you try proving something to her.
[04:40] <DioMago> I'm supposed to notice her attitude...
[04:40] <DioMago> I appologize
[04:42] <Aerys-ICTX> and how old are you?
[04:42] <DioMago> 24
[04:43] <DioMago> my practitioner is Vassago... damn real mage...
[04:43] <DioMago> his older tha nme
[04:43] <Aerys-ICTX> vassago lol
[04:44] <DioMago> can't wait to learn ancient language...
[04:44] <VeilOfReality> Calgary, what was that? I leave for a few minutes and you say that about me.
[04:44] <Aerys-ICTX> Hi noxx
[04:44] <DioMago> uhcvonrl rchomma aerys elgiliois?
[04:44] <DarkNoxx> Noble arts :3
[04:44] <DioMago> :P
[04:45] <Aerys-ICTX> I know a specialized language to respond to that >.>
[04:45] <VeilOfReality> I still never knew what people meant by noble arts. I just remember that time I heard it everywhere and it was quite annoying.
[04:45] <DarkNoxx> It's some bs.
[04:46] <DarkNoxx> Noble arts to some is true practice while psionics is fake.
[04:46] <DarkNoxx> A guy named wolfman use to spread it to those he considered "worthy"
[04:46] <Aerys-ICTX> it is well known for its monosyllabic structure.
[04:46] <VeilOfReality> xD I just saw it everywhere and it was so confusing.
[04:46] <Aerys-ICTX> Toddlers are quite apt at picking it up quickly
[04:47] <DarkNoxx> Lol Toddlers
[04:48] <DarkNoxx> Heroooooooooooooo 
[04:48] <VeilOfReality> Welcome back Hero.
[04:48] <DarkNoxx> What's the full extent of a tulpa.
[04:48] <DarkNoxx> *?
[04:49] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Huh?
[04:49] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> I was never on all day.
[04:49] <VeilOfReality> Idek
[04:49] <VeilOfReality> I haven't slept all day so I can't remember anything.
[04:49] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> DiosMago what were you willing to teach VeilOfInsanity anyways
[04:50] <DioMago> i told everyone, not just her...
[04:51] <VeilOfReality> I'm not insane.
[04:51] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> what were you offering to teach
[04:51] <DioMago> it was joke because it's simple that i will not teach anyone xD
[04:52] <DioMago> owned
[04:52] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> uhm k
[04:52] <VeilOfReality> Dio, you aren't very clear with what you say.
[04:53] <DioMago> relax... I'm not trolling anymore..
[04:54] <DioMago> Most pactitioners will not teach anyone... a few practitioners will do...
[04:54] <DioMago> sry
[04:54] <DioMago> it's wolfman!
[04:54] <DioMago> very rare person
[04:55] <VeilOfReality> Uhm, you aren't even speaking in context anymore.
[04:55] <DioMago> mmmkay
[04:57] <DioMago> ...
[04:57] <DioMago> silent is gold....
[04:57] <DioMago> xD
[04:58] <VeilOfReality> What?
[04:58] <VeilOfReality> silence*
[05:02] <Aerys-ICTX> mew
[05:03] <VeilOfReality> *rawr*
[05:14] <DioMago> mewo
[05:16] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Mango!!
[05:19] <VeilOfReality> Hello
[05:24] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> hi veil
[05:27] <VeilOfReality> So.
[05:27] <VeilOfReality> How about them cats?
[05:29] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Umm I'm more a dog person
[05:30] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Cuz dogs don't keep me up at 3 am getting laid on my deck ...
[05:30] <Aerys-ICTX> alrighty
[05:31] <Aerys-ICTX> speaking of getting laid... I laid down earlier today for sleep
[05:31] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[05:31] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Da Fuck.
[05:32] <Aerys-ICTX> hi krill
[05:32] <SuperKrill99> hi
[05:32] <SuperKrill99> atmo+manifestation=?
[05:34] <SuperKrill99> would those be a good combo?
[05:35] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> good combo for what? 
[05:35] <SuperKrill99> Abilitys
[05:35] <SuperKrill99> Like would they work good together?
[05:36] <SuperKrill99> One for visualizing how the event plays out be it rain and another for actually putting intention into that event
[05:38] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It's easier to train one at a time
[05:38] <SuperKrill99> Yeah 
[05:38] <SuperKrill99> They are all hard tbh
[05:38] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Yup
[05:38] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> If was easy every one would be a Psion
[05:39] <SuperKrill99> No matter how much people say ones harder than the other it really depends on you and how much work and effort you put into it
[05:39] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Some really are harder tho
[05:39] <SuperKrill99> Yeah
[05:40] <SuperKrill99> Atmo takes a lot of energy
[05:40] <SuperKrill99> But like for everything you have to believe it will work
[05:40] <SuperKrill99> And keep practicing 
[05:40] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Yepp soul manipulation takes an insane amount of time and several other abilities first
[05:41] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I think I'm the only user of soul manipulation here that's active
[05:41] <SuperKrill99> Soul manipulation is merely impossible and its dangerous messing with your ownb soul
[05:41] <SuperKrill99> own*
[05:41] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Depends on what you do
[05:41] <SuperKrill99> You can heal
[05:41] <SuperKrill99> But you are taking chances 
[05:42] <SuperKrill99> Its cool though
[05:42] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I know what I can do lol. But I prefer healing to soul manipulation
[05:42] <SuperKrill99> Have you ever absorbed the energy from a soul?
[05:43] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I can make others feel warm or cold by toying with their nerves. I also know how to concentrate their psi on a specific spit to cause pain
[05:43] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I'm a psi vamp. I drain daily
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> That's horrible 
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> imo
[05:43] <SuperKrill99> But you depend on it
[05:43] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Life force, soul ., prana
[05:44] <SuperKrill99> If there is no energy to give you are screwed
[05:44] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I drain trees
[05:44] <SuperKrill99> Hmmm
[05:44] <SuperKrill99> :/
[05:44] <SuperKrill99> You are supposed to use the energy in your enviroment
[05:45] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> There's life force in every if I get to low a tree can sustain me
[05:45] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Everything
[05:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> My gf donates her life force to me sometimes too
[05:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Since a person soul can heal on its own. It doesn't hurt if I drain every so often
[05:47] <SuperKrill99> I don't rely on anything to give me energy besides myself I don't forcefully take energy I just connect with enviroment
[05:48] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I don't regenerate energy like you. 
[05:49] <SuperKrill99> hm
[05:49] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> My energy recovery rate is too slow. I will use more than I make breathing every day
[05:49] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hence why I vamp. I
[05:51] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> The physical advantages are quite nice tho. When your body is used to functioning on low energy all yoir life having a normal or higher energy level spills over into the physical. 
[05:51] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Direct conversion of excess psi into physical abilities lol
[06:13] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> So...
[06:13] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> You have a small storage cap?
[06:31] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> No I have a large storage cap I have a low regen
[06:32] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> If I drain a storm I can go for days and days without needing to drain. 
[06:32] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> My capacity is high. My regen is near non existent
[06:38] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> But if your cap is high, then it can't seep into physical.
[07:08] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Kyaa!
[09:31] <UniTato> -_- still dead
[03:07] <UselessItaly> Finally
[03:07] <UselessItaly> Since I like need to do energy work
[03:07] <UselessItaly> like nao
[03:07] <Okamiden12> kinda
[03:07] <Okamiden12> if u wanna go to pm
[03:07] <UselessItaly> since I am sleep deprived and need to get my haze off by energy work
[03:07] <UselessItaly> ye
[03:25] <Truely Unknown> It's dead in the mornings ._.
[03:26] <Okamiden12> i told you -_-
[03:30] <UselessItaly> it is
[03:30] <UselessItaly> the eins
[03:31] <Okamiden12> just the chat log xD
[03:36] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *pokes Oami*
[03:36] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> NOPE! it's totally not dead.
[03:36] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Just asleep.
[03:36] <UselessItaly> um
[03:36] <UselessItaly> lol
[03:36] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Heck, what if the chat was a conscious being!!!
[03:36] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> :D 
[03:37] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Let's ask the logger.
[03:37] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> It has bot status after all.
[03:37] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> It should know a thing or two.
[03:38] <UselessItaly> lol
[03:42] <UselessItaly> So..
[03:42] <UselessItaly> boredom!
[03:42] <Okamiden12> lel
[03:42] <UselessItaly> leedleedlele
[03:43] <UselessItaly> ravem
[03:44] <XxDarkRavenxX> hm
[03:44] <UselessItaly> Did you forget about the email
[03:44] <UselessItaly> since baal is on
[03:44] <UselessItaly> and still no dice
[03:44] <UselessItaly> I sent the email succesfully
[03:44] <UselessItaly> too
[03:47] <UselessItaly> FINALLY
[03:47] <UselessItaly> THERE ARE PEOPLE
[03:47] <UselessItaly> IN THE ROOM
[03:47] <UselessItaly> BUT IT IS STILL QUIET
[03:47] <WorshipMidnight> what
[03:47] <UselessItaly> -drops a pin-
[03:47] <UselessItaly> -heard the pin-
[03:47] <UselessItaly> -shakes head-
[03:48] <WorshipMidnight> what?
[03:48] <UselessItaly> Um
[03:48] <UselessItaly> I thought that said where will I find my wife's fecal
[03:48] <UselessItaly> im confused
[03:48] <UselessItaly> #random
[03:48] <UselessItaly> * UselessItaly loves acting stupid
[03:50] <Okamiden12> xD
[03:50] <UselessItaly> ... why are there so many people but it's quiet.
[03:50] <UselessItaly> Like what the fuck, logic.
[03:50] <Okamiden12> cuz thats how we operate ;3
[03:50] <UselessItaly> ,o,
[03:50] <UselessItaly> -dies-
[03:50] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> I had a dream of me using mixed martial arts to win a fight but since I was losing, I called to god for help as I ended up conquering everyone who bothered me -- what can this mean
[03:50] <UselessItaly> Um
[03:50] <UselessItaly> It was a dream
[03:50] <UselessItaly> you can control your dreams
[03:51] <XeRhyme> Hey guys.
[03:51] <UselessItaly> therefore it means you had a nice dream with a good ending
[03:51] <UselessItaly> Hiii.
[03:52] <Okamiden12> lel
[03:52] <UselessItaly> Why is it still quiet.
[03:52] <UselessItaly> hjajkldasfh
[03:52] <Okamiden12> cuz
[03:52] <Okamiden12> life
[03:52] <Okamiden12> :D 
[03:52] <UselessItaly> cuz sombrero
[03:52] <UselessItaly> tips
[03:52] <UselessItaly> RANDOMWORDSHERE
[03:52] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> But I believe dreams have meanings
[03:52] <UselessItaly> If you see Italy on Hetalia
[03:52] <UselessItaly> I am acting like him.
[03:52] <XeRhyme> Some dreams have meanings.
[03:52] <UselessItaly> Not on purpose but on purpose.
[03:52] <XeRhyme> Some are just for us to enjoy.
[03:52] <UselessItaly> Honestly I don't believe in that bullcrap.
[03:53] <Okamiden12> -sedates italy- e.e
[03:53] <UselessItaly> um
[03:53] <UselessItaly> I am already North Italy
[03:53] <UselessItaly> ;D
[03:53] <UselessItaly> 
[03:53] <Okamiden12> ;3
[03:53] <UselessItaly> There are so many people actice.
[03:53] <UselessItaly> I CANT SPELL damn.
[03:53] <UselessItaly> Let me use grammar for like 5 minutes.
[03:54] <Okamiden12> lolno
[03:54] <UselessItaly> So much "activity"
[03:54] <UselessItaly> White names and such.
[03:54] <UselessItaly> fml.
[03:54] <Okamiden12> get used to it
[03:54] <Okamiden12> we are a quiet wiki most of the time
[03:54] <UselessItaly> ;p
[04:04] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi theeeeeea
[04:04] <UselessItaly> much rejoin
[04:04] <Ahmedrashwan> Sounds like new
[04:04] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[04:05] <Ahmedrashwan> Use?
[04:10] <Truely Unknown> Okami pm 
[04:10] <Ahmedrashwan> He is away
[04:11] <Ahmedrashwan> Tutu
[04:11] <Truely Unknown> ._.
[04:11] <Truely Unknown> Hi lamia.
[04:12] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hi
[04:12] <Ahmedrashwan> Tutu ...there's new notification in new rules page
[04:13] <Ahmedrashwan> Not comment
[04:13] <UselessItaly> Lol not.
[04:14] <Ahmedrashwan> No the rules which are been edited from kill
[04:14] <UselessItaly> i was pointing out the not comment
[04:14] <UselessItaly> thing
[04:15] <Ahmedrashwan> R u from Italy?
[04:15] <Truely Unknown> ._.
[04:15] <Truely Unknown> 12. No multiple accounts are allowed on the site
[04:15] <Truely Unknown> 
[04:15] <UselessItaly> no..
[04:15] <Truely Unknown> Is most likely not going to be changed.
[04:15] <Okamiden12> krill edited the rules?
[04:16] <Ahmedrashwan> Kills
[04:16] <Ahmedrashwan> Kill*
[04:16] <XeRhyme> Krill editted the rules?XD
[04:16] <Truely Unknown> Your reason for it to be changed does t make much sense
[04:16] <Okamiden12> tutu why must i put up with him anyway -_-
[04:16] <Ahmedrashwan> BTW
[04:16] <Truely Unknown> Nobody can edit the rules lol 
[04:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Then there's someone must be active it the rules on
[04:18] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[04:18] <Ahmedrashwan> Active this rule*
[04:18] <Jonas.g> well i can eat the rules
[04:18] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi g
[04:18] <Jonas.g> *pulls out a fork and a knife
[04:18] <Jonas.g> yum
[04:18] <Jonas.g> but has a bitter taste
[04:19] <Ahmedrashwan> Tutu
[04:19] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[04:19] <Ahmedrashwan> No for god sake -_-+
[04:20] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[04:20] <Jonas.g> well thats why thier so bitter they were made by truely
[04:21] <Ahmedrashwan> G pm
[04:22] <Jonas.g> ok
[04:25] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[04:41] <UselessItaly> much join
[04:41] <UselessItaly> much leave
[04:54] <XxDarkRavenxX> Oka ~ ~~~~~~
[04:54] <Okamiden12> yes bby?
[04:54] <XxDarkRavenxX> AOT ..Now ;3
[04:54] <Okamiden12> i'm busy
[04:54] <Okamiden12> -_-
[04:54] <Okamiden12> ...well fine
[04:54] <Okamiden12> gimme a sec
[04:54] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD <3
[04:54] <XxDarkRavenxX> we are on the chatroom
[04:55] <Okamiden12> who's we
[04:57] <UselessItaly> you guys play aottg
[04:57] <UselessItaly> O_O_O
[05:04] <HereticHellian> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen
[05:04] <UselessItaly> Um
[05:04] <UselessItaly> Good
[05:04] <UselessItaly> hamburgers
[05:04] <UselessItaly> idk
[05:04] <UselessItaly> It's dead atm
[05:04] <UselessItaly> wait until later for the speech
[05:04] <UselessItaly> xD
[05:04] <HereticHellian> i can see
[05:04] <HereticHellian> :p'
[05:05] <UselessItaly> It's usually much
[05:05] <UselessItaly> MUCH
[05:05] <UselessItaly> more active xD
[05:09] <UselessItaly> RAVEM
[05:09] <UselessItaly> Whats the server name
[05:09] <UselessItaly> on AOTTG
[05:09] <UselessItaly> pls
[05:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> We haven't started yet o.o
[05:09] <UselessItaly> o.o What's the map gunna be
[05:09] <XxDarkRavenxX>
[05:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> Go there..
[05:12] <HereticHellian> wish i could play
[05:12] <HereticHellian> but all my games are cracked/pirated
[05:25] <Maskedmoon> Hello MB
[06:12] <SuperKrill99> hi]
[06:17] <SuperKrill99> hi
[06:19] <Maskedmoon> hello
[06:32] <KibaTheWolf> MB was here?
[06:40] <SuperKrill99> I just meditated outside
[06:40] <SuperKrill99> Kiba
[06:40] <SuperKrill99> moon
[06:42] <SuperKrill99> hello?
[06:45] <SuperKrill99> Karma
[06:46] <SuperKrill99> Sup Les
[06:46] <Lesami> nothing really
[06:48] <SuperKrill99> why is the chat dead?
[06:49] <UselessItaly> ,_, still dead
[06:49] <UselessItaly> that sucks
[06:49] <SuperKrill99> Yeah
[06:49] <SuperKrill99> There should be more ppl
[06:49] <SuperKrill99> what do you practice?
[06:50] <Okamiden12> allo :D 
[06:50] <SuperKrill99> hi
[06:50] <SuperKrill99> (happy) 
[06:50] <Okamiden12> :P
[06:50] <UselessItaly> Hiii
[06:50] <UselessItaly> I do energy manipulation
[06:50] <SuperKrill99> Italy what do you practice?
[06:50] <Okamiden12> -_-
[06:50] <UselessItaly> ^^
[06:50] <UselessItaly> Read above.
[06:51] <Okamiden12> ima assume krilly was in the middle of typing XD
[06:51] <Okamiden12> when u said it
[06:51] <SuperKrill99> oh I see
[06:51] <UselessItaly> lol.
[06:51] <SuperKrill99> Whats the use of hemokinesis?
[06:51] <SuperKrill99> To stop bleeding?
[06:51] <UselessItaly> um.
[06:52] <UselessItaly> these kinesis
[06:52] <UselessItaly> omfg
[06:52] <UselessItaly> I can't deal.
[06:52] <SuperKrill99> heal?
[06:52] <UselessItaly> Um. Nevermind.
[06:52] <Truely Unknown> Hemokinesis has no valuable use. If it even exist.
[06:52] <UselessItaly> ^^
[06:52] <SuperKrill99> Hm
[06:52] <SuperKrill99> What does have use? lol
[06:53] <SuperKrill99> I think atmo is pretty cool
[06:53] <SuperKrill99> If its raining outside cloudbust a big cloud to make it stop
[06:53] <UselessItaly> -facepalm-
[06:53] <SuperKrill99> Seriously
[06:53] <Truely Unknown> I guess telepathy and some esp abilities have use.
[06:54] <SuperKrill99> Sure
[06:54] <SuperKrill99> -_-
[06:54] <SuperKrill99> You cant see the future because its not definite 
[06:55] <UselessItaly> -triple deskface-
[06:55] <Truely Unknown> What nobody said anything about seeing the future.
[06:56] <SuperKrill99> Oh
[06:56] <Truely Unknown> Also some scientist would disagree with you on that ._. Some believe that free will is an illusion and that your preprogrammed in your DNA to do things 
[06:56] <SuperKrill99> Precognition is to predict the future that may happen
[06:56] <UselessItaly> -quadruple deskface-
[06:57] <SuperKrill99> No you cant really see the future 
[06:57] <SuperKrill99> Whats the point if it may not even happen?
[06:57] <UselessItaly> Here comes an argument -eyeroll0
[06:57] <SuperKrill99> No
[06:57] <SuperKrill99> I just like asking question
[06:57] <SuperKrill99> XD
[06:57] <Okamiden12> seeing the future could be like putting on a condom, it's all about prevention
[06:57] <UselessItaly> um.
[06:58] <UselessItaly> ER
[06:58] <UselessItaly> 
[06:58] <Truely Unknown> Bad okami :/
[06:58] <Okamiden12> sorry desperately needed to make that joke XD
[06:58] <SuperKrill99> You are being crazy over something that may not even happen? That's dumb
[06:59] <SuperKrill99> Tomorrow is Monday, I saw the future
[06:59] <Truely Unknown> Krill you do realize that there are different interpretations of how precognition works.
[06:59] <Truely Unknown> Some belive the future isn't set in stone and some people believe it is.
[06:59] <SuperKrill99> Its not
[07:00] <SuperKrill99> I can die today
[07:00] <SuperKrill99> Its never set in stone 
[07:00] <Truely Unknown> But you most likely won't ._. 
[07:00] <Okamiden12> unless he wants to
[07:00] <Okamiden12> >.>
[07:00] <SuperKrill99> I don't want to
[07:01] <SuperKrill99> I'm just saying the precognition is like putting an umbrella over your head waiting for it to rain
[07:01] <Okamiden12> techncially you could be (using the theory tutu stated) preprogrammed to do the unthinkable
[07:01] <Okamiden12> >.>
[07:01] <Okamiden12> or if , life is actually a game of chance
[07:01] <SuperKrill99> No
[07:01] <Okamiden12> you could be shot in your sleep :P
[07:01] <UselessItaly> My brain hurts ;l
[07:01] <Truely Unknown> ^ Morgan freeman show taught me that ._.
[07:01] <Okamiden12> xD
[07:01] <SuperKrill99> Life is a game of chance 
[07:02] <Truely Unknown> Who knows it probably is.
[07:03] <Lesami> and chance is a creation of humanity to explain a hard tyo grasp concept of physics, 
[07:03] <SuperKrill99> Hm\
[07:03] <SuperKrill99> All I can say is that its all about the now
[07:04] <Lesami> precognition when it comes down to it, works in both when the future is set and when it is not, and the way it works is generally quite similar, in one, it is simply seeing a future course of events, however, in the other, is is seeing many potential ones, and decifering which is most likley based on current information, potential cause, and many other factors
[07:04] <SuperKrill99> Hm
[07:04] <SuperKrill99> I get it
[07:04] <Truely Unknown> Krill lives the YOLO lifestyle 
[07:04] <SuperKrill99> But its luck and chance
[07:05] <Okamiden12> ~sigh~
[07:05] <SuperKrill99> Ok
[07:05] <SuperKrill99> So a person with precognition could die from a gun and not even seen it in his visions
[07:06] <SuperKrill99> Its to many chances and your imagination can run wild while doing so
[07:07] <Truely Unknown> Lmao
[07:07] <Okamiden12> c:
[07:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi everyone!
[07:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Fuck
[07:07] <Truely Unknown> Hi jordan.
[07:07] <SuperEliteJordan> I juat got a phone call
[07:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Just*
[07:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Brb
[07:07] <Truely Unknown> @kril who says imagination has anything to do with it 
[07:07] <SuperKrill99> You can day dream
[07:08] <SuperKrill99> You may never get any visions
[07:08] <SuperEliteJordan> So?
[07:08] <SuperKrill99> So its not reliable 
[07:08] <SuperEliteJordan> So don't use it 
[07:08] <SuperKrill99> Its alright 
[07:08] <Okamiden12> nothing here is that reliable anyway
[07:09] <Okamiden12> -_-
[07:09] <SuperEliteJordan> (Facepalm) 
[07:09] <SuperKrill99> Some stuff is fake here
[07:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok
[07:09] <SuperEliteJordan> So
[07:09] <Okamiden12> ermm...
[07:09] <Okamiden12> 87%
[07:09] <Okamiden12> ;)
[07:09] <SuperKrill99> They think you can change the weather with atmo in a drop of a dime
[07:09] <SuperEliteJordan> People complain when its gone
[07:09] <SuperKrill99> True^
[07:10] <Okamiden12> drop of a dime? e.e
[07:10] <SuperEliteJordan> So we keep some of it
[07:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Means quickly
[07:10] <Okamiden12> oh
[07:10] <SuperKrill99> Its more complex
[07:10] <Truely Unknown> What are we talking about?
[07:11] <SuperKrill99> Users say they get worn out by it
[07:11] <Okamiden12> probably something i'll forget in 10 mins
[07:11] <Okamiden12> XD
[07:11] <SuperKrill99> Atmokinesis
[07:11] <SuperEliteJordan> I don't even know anymore tu
[07:11] <SuperKrill99> )-_-)
[07:11] <SuperKrill99> I just said it
[07:11] <SuperEliteJordan> (o^-^o)
[07:11] <Truely Unknown> I don't really consider atmokinesis as a legitimate ability :/ especially when people try to use it to move clouds.
[07:12] <SuperKrill99> I think its possible its just questionable ho
[07:12] <SuperKrill99> how*
[07:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Jersey was destroyed bybpsions ;)
[07:12] <Lesami> to be fair, clouds are very heavy things techcinally
[07:12] <SuperEliteJordan> By psions*
[07:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah they are water
[07:12] <SuperKrill99> Once I tried it and felt worn out afterwards 
[07:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Just spread out more
[07:13] <SuperKrill99> Is anything legit here?
[07:13] <SuperEliteJordan> YES
[07:13] <SuperKrill99> Or is it more of imo and PoV
[07:13] <Truely Unknown> Scientifically speaking no but belief wise yes ._.
[07:13] <SuperKrill99> ?
[07:13] <SuperKrill99> ._. That sucks
[07:13] <Okamiden12> bascially
[07:13] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan googles imo and PoV
[07:14] <Okamiden12> we can't rely on science to back us up
[07:14] <Lesami> krill, you belive the illuminatti exists, .-. so its really up to you what you belive in
[07:14] <SuperKrill99> imo=In my opinion PoV=Point of Veiw
[07:14] <SuperKrill99> Illuminati has nothing to do with psionics :P
[07:14] <Okamiden12> -_______________________-
[07:15] <Truely Unknown> ._.
[07:15] <Lesami> nope, but it also has nothing to do with anything in the real world
[07:15] <Lesami> at all
[07:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Sometimes I think this is a form of troll
[07:15] <SuperKrill99> No
[07:15] <SuperEliteJordan> Like trollism
[07:15] <SuperKrill99> Trollism is stupid
[07:15] <Okamiden12> ...i'm watching two guys twerk whilst baking a life is over
[07:15] <Okamiden12> XD
[07:16] <SuperKrill99> That's nasty
[07:16] <Okamiden12> it's actually pretty damn funny
[07:16] <SuperKrill99> No
[07:16] <Okamiden12> yes <>_<>
[07:16] <SuperKrill99> <.<
[07:16] <SuperKrill99> Bad Oka
[07:17] <Okamiden12> -_-
[07:17] <SuperKrill99> I thought only girls twerk
[07:17] <Okamiden12> you thought wrong
[07:17] <Lesami> its a dance move, of course anyone can do it -.-
[07:18] <SuperKrill99> But girls look better while twerking
[07:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah
[07:18] <SuperKrill99> Imo
[07:18] <Okamiden12> xD
[07:18] <Lesami> and your opinion in this case dosent matter -.-
[07:18] <SuperEliteJordan> @Twerkworld
[07:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Shit meant ashtag
[07:18] <SuperEliteJordan> Hashtag#
[07:19] <Okamiden12> ashtag
[07:19] <SuperKrill99> Those idiots think they get somewhere in life just by shaking their butt
[07:19] <SuperEliteJordan> They do in twerking contest
[07:19] <SuperEliteJordan> Look it up ;)
[07:19] <Okamiden12> ~sigh~ krill ~sigh~
[07:20] <SuperKrill99> lol
[07:20] <Lesami> krill, you just say its nasty then you think girls look good doing it then call everyone an idiot for doing it anyway, get your damn facts straight .-.
[07:20] <SuperKrill99> Its all at the same time
[07:20] <Okamiden12> -_-
[07:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Brb gotta peeel potatos for dinner ;P
[07:20] <Okamiden12> krill....for real, pick a side and stick to it
[07:20] <SuperEliteJordan> Peel*
[07:21] <SuperKrill99> I think its nasty when guys do it
[07:21] <Lesami> too bad for you
[07:21] <Okamiden12> ^
[07:21] <SuperKrill99> Hahahaha
[07:21] <Okamiden12> (:D) 
[07:24] <SuperKrill99> I think I ap in my sleep once
[07:24] <Okamiden12> cool bruh
[07:24] <SuperKrill99> Because I was sitting at the side of my bed 
[07:25] <The Angel That Fell> hi
[07:25] <SuperKrill99> And than it was weird
[07:25] <SuperKrill99> Hi
[07:25] <The Angel That Fell> (:D) 
[07:25] <SuperKrill99> Angel whats your Skype?
[07:25] <The Angel That Fell> er...
[07:25] <The Angel That Fell> Lemme add you
[07:25] <SuperKrill99> its
[07:26] <The Angel That Fell> Internet: Thank you for telling us your email, we shall now be selling it so you can be filled with spam offers on life insurance an such useless shit.
[07:26] <Okamiden12> thanks krill for ur email
[07:26] <Okamiden12> XD
[07:27] <The Angel That Fell> Krill, send u contact
[07:27] <SuperKrill99> ok
[07:27] <The Angel That Fell> I just did it!
[07:27] <The Angel That Fell> I feel so bred.
[07:27] <The Angel That Fell> *bored
[07:28] <The Angel That Fell> someone give me some cyanide.
[07:28] <Okamiden12> -gives arsenic- >.>
[07:28] <Okamiden12> it's all we got
[07:28] <The Angel That Fell> whatever
[07:28] <Okamiden12> take it or leave it
[07:28] <Okamiden12> xd
[07:29] <The Angel That Fell> *downs arsenic and 50 ml of brandy.*
[07:29] <Horsyqueen> mew
[07:48] <SuperEliteJordan> Back
[07:55] <Kile574> Huh.
[07:55] <Kile574> Dead . :l
[07:55] <Kile574> Hello.
[07:57] <UselessItaly> hai..
[07:59] <UselessItaly> ugh dead
[07:59] <UselessItaly> oh
[07:59] <UselessItaly> someone
[08:00] <AlSy> hey everyone
[08:00] <UselessItaly> It
[08:00] <UselessItaly> It is dead. ;(
[08:04] <Kile574> Gasp !
[08:04] <Kile574> People !
[08:05] <Kile574> Hia Alsy
[08:05] <Kile574> Eins
[08:05] <EinsVanCat> yes kile?
[08:05] <Kile574> Hello! :3
[08:05] <EinsVanCat> Hi
[08:05] <Kile574> Hows your day ?
[08:05] <EinsVanCat> Exhausting. I feel particularly weak today, can barely lift things .__.
[08:06] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Try caffeine
[08:06] <EinsVanCat> No sodas
[08:06] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Always perks me up
[08:06] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Coffee
[08:06] <EinsVanCat> No coffee..
[08:06] <EinsVanCat> We're pretty much out of food and drink till thursday
[08:06] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Sasafrass tea
[08:07] <EinsVanCat> We'll have enough to get to thursday, its just that its going to be annoyingly low in selection.
[08:07] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Go find some sasafrass out back it grows along forest edges
[08:07] <EinsVanCat> WE LIVE IN A DESERT lol
[08:07] <EinsVanCat> Where the fuck am I gonna find a Forest Edge? XD
[08:07] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> You live in north America right?
[08:07] <EinsVanCat> Yes.
[08:07] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol. Whar state
[08:07] <EinsVanCat> California. -.-
[08:07] <Kile574> you live in a desert ?
[08:07] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> There's sasafrass there
[08:08] <UselessItaly> YES
[08:08] <UselessItaly> EINS
[08:08] <EinsVanCat> What.
[08:08] <Kile574> Eins, my mental image of you has completely changed .
[08:08] <EinsVanCat> .-.
[08:08] <EinsVanCat> Im pale as a ghost kile
[08:08] <Kile574> im sure you are, wearing those egyptian wraps constantly.
[08:08] <Kile574> :l
[08:08] <EinsVanCat> Hahahahaha
[08:08] <Kile574> Thats legit how i think of you now .
[08:09] <EinsVanCat> No, I live in a desert that someone put -golf courses- into.. Its WORSE
[08:09] <Kile574> XD
[08:09] <EinsVanCat> Id honestly rather live in an area with legit nothing but dunes and some oasis's.
[08:09] <EinsVanCat> 113 degrees with somewhere along 50% humidity?
[08:09] <EinsVanCat> OH SO FUN
[08:09] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I always thought of eins as a hermit in a cave. Now i think of you as a caddt driver
[08:09] <Kile574> id rather live in an area with nothing but dunes and oasisi..?
[08:09] <Kile574> i mean dude, thats the life XD
[08:10] <UselessItaly> I'd rather live in an ice cold
[08:10] <UselessItaly> and rather cold summer
[08:10] <UselessItaly> where theres no animals to be seen
[08:10] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I wanna live on the side of a cliff and take a flying squirrel suit to work
[08:10] <Kile574> oooh.. no, id rather be stranded on a deserted island with my girlfriend
[08:10] <EinsVanCat> Yeah, so you can procreate..
[08:10] <Kile574> Legit eating coconuts, plants for clothes, the whole 9 yards .
[08:11] <Kile574> D:
[08:11] <EinsVanCat> Ahahahaha
[08:11] <Kile574> NO! Theres no protection on the deserted island 
[08:11] <UselessItaly> I literally DIE in heat.
[08:11] <UselessItaly> My sperm would wilt.
[08:11] <Kile574> XD
[08:11] <EinsVanCat> ergh
[08:11] <Kile574> be shooting out fireballs..
[08:11] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Kile gonna spend lont nights alone with a coconut hole
[08:11] <EinsVanCat> oh god
[08:11] <Kile574> lolsorryishouldntsaythatimstaff XD
[08:11] <UselessItaly> I'd ejaculate powder.
[08:11] <EinsVanCat> now Im thinking of mario doing that..
[08:11] <Kile574> LOL
[08:11] <UselessItaly> That's how bad I am in heat.
[08:11] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol
[08:12] <EinsVanCat> *shiver*
[08:12] <UselessItaly> I just visualised me doing that
[08:12] <UselessItaly> It'd hurt.
[08:12] <Kile574> Honestly, i die in heat too.
[08:12] <Kile574> I'm like a fish.
[08:12] <UselessItaly> I'm like a 1000 year old grandmother
[08:13] <Kile574> *cough* thats actually my nickname *cough* ;-;
[08:13] <UselessItaly> who squirts powder out of every orfice
[08:13] <Kile574> gross.
[08:13] <EinsVanCat> *throws kile into bottomless pit with a small puddle at the bottom*
[08:13] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> *announcer voice* In high def we can clearly see thar Mario shoots fire balls from his...iooo ooo god. Put it back to 8bit.put it back to 8 bit
[08:13] <Kile574> xD
[08:14] <Kile574> Like i had a teacher call me The Man From Atlantis for an entire school year.
[08:14] <Kile574> Of course, that was when i had my mohawk and he said it was like a fin.
[08:14] <Kile574> But still.
[08:14] <EinsVanCat> ew.
[08:14] <Kile574> You dissing my mohawk ?
[08:14] <UselessItaly> um
[08:14] <EinsVanCat> You had a mohawk.
[08:14] <UselessItaly> vomit
[08:14] <EinsVanCat> Thats..
[08:14] <EinsVanCat> No.
[08:14] <Kile574> Yeah, and it was beautiful.
[08:14] <EinsVanCat> -.- no.
[08:14] <Kile574> Like 5-6 inches high.
[08:14] <EinsVanCat> Mohawks are stupid.
[08:14] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> A Mohawk is a self diss kile
[08:14] <Kile574> naaah.. .like 4-5
[08:14] <UselessItaly> -slits throat-
[08:15] <UselessItaly> -bleeds pasta-
[08:15] <Kile574> Dude no, mohawks are awesome !
[08:15] <Kile574> i even colored it for holidays like mardigras 
[08:15] <Kile574> madigras *
[08:15] <UselessItaly> um
[08:15] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Maybe if your 14 and think that every bad ass ever has a mohawk
[08:15] <UselessItaly> dshhfhgaoglfofygds
[08:15] <UselessItaly> * UselessItaly dies
[08:15] <Kile574> * Kile574 was 13 when he had it 
[08:15] <EinsVanCat> ...
[08:15] <EinsVanCat> No wonder.
[08:16] <Kile574> ...They do have have mohawks ..
[08:16] <EinsVanCat> No they don't. lol
[08:16] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Name a celebrity other thar Mr.T with a mohawk
[08:16] <Kile574> Dont lie to me :l
[08:16] <UselessItaly> um
[08:16] <Kile574> ......
[08:16] <Kile574> uhm...
[08:16] <Kile574> brb
[08:16] <UselessItaly> idk
[08:16] <UselessItaly> LOLO
[08:16] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol
[08:16] <UselessItaly> I am intensely bored
[08:16] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> And kilr just realized he's not cool and ran to google to defend himself
[08:17] <Kile574> I'm totally cool ;_;
[08:17] <Kile574> and so are mohawks...
[08:17] <Kile574> MILEY CYRUS HAS ONE
[08:17] <Kile574> its a tiny one
[08:17] <UselessItaly> LOL
[08:17] <Kile574> but its there <>_<>
[08:17] <UselessItaly> THAT SLOT
[08:17] <Kile574> XD
[08:17] <UselessItaly> How dare you use her as a comparison
[08:17] <EinsVanCat> ....thats
[08:17] <UselessItaly> That buttlicking dingslinger of a woman
[08:17] <EinsVanCat> oh god.
[08:17] <Kile574> Not the best person to defend my case lol
[08:17] <UselessItaly> shdfjsdgs
[08:18] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Milet is a porn star. She don't count
[08:18] <EinsVanCat> XD
[08:18] <UselessItaly> Not even a PORN star.
[08:18] <UselessItaly> She is a tentacle rape on roids star.
[08:18] <UselessItaly> NOT even.
[08:18] <Kile574> Seth Green.
[08:18] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Wanna be. Even porn said no
[08:18] <EinsVanCat> Whos seth green?
[08:18] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Seth green isnt a celebrity he's a troll
[08:18] <Kile574> Rihanna...
[08:18] <EinsVanCat> Whos that?
[08:18] <EinsVanCat> lol.
[08:19] <Kile574> ...Kesha...
[08:19] <EinsVanCat> ew.
[08:19] <UselessItaly> Kile
[08:19] <UselessItaly> You might as well choose britney spears
[08:19] <UselessItaly> who shaved her hair
[08:19] <EinsVanCat> Which btw
[08:19] <UselessItaly> I think that was the one
[08:19] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Rihanna is a black steroypye no one has the guts to say she looks grody
[08:19] <UselessItaly> who shaved her hair
[08:19] <EinsVanCat> Not one of those people sound "badass"
[08:19] <Kile574> WOOP
[08:19] <EinsVanCat> Infact most of them look dumb as fuck
[08:19] <EinsVanCat> xD
[08:19] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Those are all whiny bitches kile
[08:19] <Kile574> I WIN
[08:19] <UselessItaly> Why are all the men black
[08:19] <EinsVanCat> Btw
[08:19] <UselessItaly> the system is racist
[08:19] <UselessItaly> RACIST!!11!!
[08:19] <UselessItaly> jk
[08:20] <EinsVanCat> Just because someone wearing a mohawk happens to be badass
[08:20] <EinsVanCat> doesnt mean YOU
[08:20] <EinsVanCat> are going to be badass
[08:20] <Kile574> ;-;
[08:20] <UselessItaly> I've seen 
[08:20] <Kile574> i was totally badass
[08:20] <EinsVanCat> Doubtful
[08:20] <UselessItaly> That means you're obviously not
[08:20] <Kile574> ;_;
[08:20] <UselessItaly> ^
[08:20] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> There are more racist black ppl in my state than their are anything else. Interracial couples get bashed by the blacks not whites here
[08:21] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Its petty baf
[08:21] <EinsVanCat> Ouch.
[08:21] <Kile574> Badassery level:
[08:21] <UselessItaly> wot
[08:21] <Kile574> ....he was a member of the black eyed pease
[08:21] <Kile574> peas*
[08:21] <UselessItaly> pease
[08:21] <UselessItaly> k
[08:21] <Kile574> Boom boom pow?
[08:21] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Kile. I'm sorry. But ypu must be this tall to be. Bad ass *hand is 2ft above kile" 
[08:21] <UselessItaly> LOL
[08:21] <UselessItaly> 
[08:22] <Kile574> ;_;
[08:22] <EinsVanCat> Kile, never use a mohawk again n.n
[08:22] <UselessItaly> You mustn't be square to enter this ride
[08:22] <UselessItaly> and you musn't be a sponge
[08:22] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Kile wanna know what's bad ass?
[08:22] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Muscles 
[08:22] <EinsVanCat> Having a full head of hair
[08:22] <Kile574> Groooos
[08:22] <Kile574> no
[08:22] <UselessItaly> Miley Cyrus has muscles
[08:22] <EinsVanCat> thats whats badass.
[08:22] <EinsVanCat> Having hair on your head.
[08:22] <UselessItaly> and look at her
[08:22] <UselessItaly> She's a slot.
[08:22] <Kile574> muscles are just because people want to look good, it by no means says that your healthy
[08:22] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Waut wait guys I got an idea
[08:22] <UselessItaly> With a negative badass level.
[08:23] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Kile. I heard pixie cuts are bad ass
[08:23] <Kile574> or are in good physical condition
[08:23] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> You should get one bro
[08:23] <Kile574> whats a pixie cut...?
[08:23] <UselessItaly> I also heard wings with glitter make you manlier
[08:23] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Google it 
[08:23] <UselessItaly> It has testosterone
[08:23] <UselessItaly> clearly
[08:23] <Kile574> .................................
[08:23] <Kile574> * Kile574 has that hair style
[08:23] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Actually my toned muscles pretty much scream healthy. 
[08:24] <Kile574> lol no jk
[08:24] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Theyre a side effects of working out
[08:24] <Kile574> no, no no. it doesnt even mean that your fit .
[08:24] <UselessItaly> It means you're miley cyrus
[08:24] <Kile574> it means your work out.
[08:24] <UselessItaly> your
[08:24] <Kile574> actually that pixie cut looks pretty cute...
[08:25] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Fit kinda goes hand and hand with working out
[08:25] <Kile574> no it doesnt ._.
[08:25] <UselessItaly> so bored
[08:25] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Does too
[08:25] <Kile574> Working out doesnt increase dexterity, or overall fitness.
[08:26] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Does for me :) 
[08:26] <UselessItaly>
[08:26] <UselessItaly> This video
[08:26] <UselessItaly> please watch it
[08:26] <Kile574> .__.
[08:26] <UselessItaly> and especially the TESSSTOSTERONE scene
[08:27] <Kile574> "nah"
[08:28] <EinsCatLog> bbl playing skyrim~
[08:28] <EinsCatLog> Skype me if I am needed.
[08:28] <Ahmedrashwan> Best photo in world cup 2014
[08:29] <Ahmedrashwan> Skyrim I was plying it for about three years ago
[08:29] <Ahmedrashwan> Or four
[08:30] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lmao
[08:30] <UselessItaly> hsddgf
[08:31] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> World cup was so lame my tv didn't even play it
[08:31] <Kile574> Dude i was boss at skyrim
[08:31] <Kile574> but i lost my game save >_>
[08:32] <UselessItaly> TESSSS
[08:32] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I make too many new files lol
[08:32] <UselessItaly> TOSTERONE
[08:33] <Kile574> :l
[08:37] <SuperKrill99> I am skypeing and he said a black sploge took my energy
[08:40] <EPhoenix27> Hi guys
[08:40] <Kile574> blag sploge ?
[08:40] <Kile574> black*
[08:41] <UselessItaly> um
[08:41] <UselessItaly> Kinda sounds like a black cloud
[08:41] <UselessItaly> by Eins
[08:41] <UselessItaly> but idk
[08:41] <UselessItaly> I didn't scan you so yeah.
[08:42] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> who scanned u?
[08:43] <EPhoenix27> * EPhoenix27 hides in the shadows waiting to be addressed
[08:43] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Black spplots in auras are generally auric parasite. Easy killed by grounding
[08:44] <UselessItaly> never scanned anyone
[08:44] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> You can pick them up while doing energy work unintentionally
[08:44] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> They just latch on and drain you slowly. Kinda like leeches
[08:44] <Kile574> Hiya phoenix 
[08:45] <Kile574> * Kile574 will call you fenix from now on
[08:45] <EPhoenix27> * EPhoenix27 surges from shadows
[08:45] <EPhoenix27> Hi Kile
[08:45] <EPhoenix27> and go ahead
[08:51] <Truely Unknown> Hi everyone 
[08:51] <EPhoenix27> Hello Truly
[08:52] <Truely Unknown> How's it going pheonix?
[08:52] <Truely Unknown> AISy you here?
[08:52] <UselessItaly> hii
[08:53] <EPhoenix27> Well y'know... making more progress, brandishing my skills here and there. But it's been pretty good. How have you been from the hours of yesterday to today?
[08:53] <AlSy> good thing I remembered to check the chat...
[08:53] <AlSy> Tutu you didn't spell my name right -_-
[08:53] <AlSy> didn't ping me
[08:54] <Truely Unknown> Autocorrect writes out your name so yeah.
[08:54] <UselessItaly> energy work chat
[08:54] <UselessItaly> no energywork
[08:54] <UselessItaly> cry
[08:54] <AlSy> excuses 
[08:57] <UselessItaly> and the epicness fades
[08:57] <EPhoenix27> Hi Italy, i'm Phoenix, nice to meet you.
[08:59] <Truely Unknown> @Pheonix I have been working on things so I'm doing alright 
[09:00] <EPhoenix27> Good to hear Truly
[09:00] <UselessItaly> Nice to meat you too
[09:00] <UselessItaly> meet
[09:00] <UselessItaly> wow
[09:01] <EPhoenix27> Haha meat.
[09:01] <EPhoenix27> Funny
[09:02] <Jaacob> hey
[09:03] <EPhoenix27> hi
[09:03] <Jaacob> what's up?
[09:03] <EPhoenix27> Not much.
[09:03] <Truely Unknown> Hey Jaac
[09:04] <Jaacob> hey tu
[09:04] <EPhoenix27> I actually have to leave. I'll be back guys.. gotta finish this paper.
[09:04] <Jaacob> aw. byee
[09:04] <Truely Unknown> Ok bye.
[09:04] <Jaacob> how have you been, tu?
[09:05] <EPhoenix27> * EPhoenix27 waves and leaves a burning "Until I Return" floating in his wake
[09:05] <Jaacob> ._.
[09:05] <Jaacob> well that was rude D:
[09:11] <Truely Unknown> I have been alright. How about you?
[09:11] <Jaacob> I've been okay, thanks
[09:13] <Jaacob> so.. what's new?
[09:15] <Truely Unknown> Nothing much.
[09:15] <Truely Unknown> its been really quiet latelyz
[09:16] <Jaacob> how come?
[09:16] <Truely Unknown> No idea 
[09:18] <Jaacob> I see :/
[09:22] <Jaacob> well this was fun. I gotta go now :D take care 
[09:26] <Aerys-ICTX> Hello
[09:44] <Kile574> o_o
[09:44] <Kile574> how long have i been in here ?XD
[09:45] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *pokes Kile*
[09:47] <XxDarkRavenxX> Hi guys *0*
[09:47] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *pokes Courtney*
[09:47] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Hey sis. :P
[09:47] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> This seems cool
[09:48] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Finding isolated tribe people.
[09:48] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Probably dangerous, but neat.
[09:51] <HeroOfTheEightChakras>
[09:52] <Xcell> Hello friends.
[09:53] <XxDarkRavenxX> brb XD
[09:53] <Xcell> ,-,
[09:54] <Maskedmoon> hello xcell
[09:54] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[09:54] <Xcell> Very good, you?
[09:55] <Maskedmoon> Im good, thanks
[09:56] <Xcell> No problem ^_^ what have you been up to lately? in terms of practice, if you practice
[09:56] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Who are you X?
[09:56] <Xcell> Just a humble soul o,o
[09:57] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Oh okay, thought you were divinity for a second.
[09:57] <Xcell> whom might you be friend?
[09:57] <Xcell> I do not know divinity .-.
[09:58] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> I know all!
[09:58] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> ... Or most of the people here.
[09:59] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> (silly) 
[09:59] <UselessItaly> Is boredom still permeating this room.
[09:59] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> Nah.
[09:59] <Xcell> You did not know me :o
[09:59] <UselessItaly> Is non-energetic topic permeating this room
[09:59] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> It just so happens to seem you poison the chat somehow. :P
[09:59] <Xcell> o,o?
[10:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi everyone!
[10:00] <Xcell> I poison the chat!? D:
[10:00] <SuperEliteJordan> How's it going?
[10:00] <Xcell> Good, you?
[10:00] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> I was joking about the 'I know all.'
[10:00] <SuperEliteJordan> .
[10:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Preety good
[10:00] <Xcell> I kno
[10:00] <Xcell> I was playing along
[10:00] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> And no, Italy did.
[10:00] <Xcell> Well
[10:00] <Xcell> What has everyone been up to lately?
[10:00] <Xcell> In terms of practice ,-,
[10:01] <SuperEliteJordan> I've been taking some preety tough em practice
[10:01] <UselessItaly> Who poisons the chat.
[10:01] <UselessItaly> -_-
[10:01] <Kile574> Hero doesnt know me 
[10:01] <Xcell> Like?
[10:01] <SuperEliteJordan> Like 5 figures each a diffrent color 
[10:01] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> I know your Kile, and the dictator from that movie.
[10:01] <SuperEliteJordan> 6*
[10:02] <SuperEliteJordan> And I have to spin them
[10:02] <Kile574> <>_<>
[10:02] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> That's all I really need to know. o_o
[10:02] <Xcell> not bad
[10:02] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> xD
[10:02] <SuperEliteJordan> And move them fingure to fingure
[10:02] <UselessItaly> Hero, can you scan?
[10:02] <SuperEliteJordan> 6 on each hand
[10:02] <Kile574> * Kile574 should learn to scan
[10:02] <Xcell> can anyone here scan?
[10:02] <SuperEliteJordan> SOOOOO hardrd
[10:02] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> I can't scan good.
[10:02] <Xcell> * Xcell should kill kile before he develops useful abilities
[10:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Scan is the one thing I can't do
[10:02] <Kile574> XD
[10:02] <UselessItaly> I can, but I want someone to scan me to see what I see but from another person's view.
[10:03] <UselessItaly> HORSY.
[10:03] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan hate scaning
[10:03] <UselessItaly> You promised me a scan!
[10:03] <UselessItaly> –≥–
[10:03] <Xcell> useless
[10:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Tghats smart useless
[10:03] <Xcell> Scan me please?
[10:03] <SuperEliteJordan> That's*
[10:03] <UselessItaly> Um.
[10:03] <UselessItaly> I don't scan until I get my scan
[10:03] <UselessItaly> that I want.
[10:03] <Xcell> I cant scan
[10:03] <Xcell> Scan me please
[10:03] <SuperEliteJordan> I know what you meant
[10:03] <UselessItaly> Um, it doesn't have to be by you.
[10:03] <UselessItaly> Super, yep.
[10:04] <SuperEliteJordan> So is scanning like basic telepathy practice?
[10:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Hiii fiona
[10:04] <UselessItaly> um
[10:04] <UselessItaly> dnno
[10:04] <UniTato> Hi :/
[10:04] <Xcell> Sorta
[10:04] <SuperEliteJordan> Kay
[10:04] <Xcell> Everything you do
[10:04] <Xcell> Helps you a bit
[10:05] <Xcell> all around
[10:05] <UselessItaly> I don't like to use terminology for things.
[10:05] <UselessItaly> So yeah.
[10:05] <Xcell> that's why it's good to practice a lotta diff things
[10:05] <UselessItaly> LOL He booked it.
[10:05] <Xcell> ?
[10:05] <SuperEliteJordan> We scared a guy off!
[10:05] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan feels accomplished in life
[10:05] <Xcell> xD why did he leave?
[10:05] <UniTato> * UniTato has to go back to school today...
[10:05] <SuperEliteJordan> Why the face fiona?
[10:06] <SuperEliteJordan> NUUUUUUUUUU
[10:06] <Horsyqueen> hey
[10:06] <UselessItaly> I live in the US.
[10:06] <UniTato> HORSY
[10:06] <Horsyqueen> my summer starts tommrow
[10:06] <UselessItaly> We have summer vacation now.
[10:06] <SuperEliteJordan> ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE
[10:06] <UniTato> *huggles le horse queen*
[10:06] <SuperEliteJordan> I feel sorry for fifi
[10:06] <Xcell> FIFI :D 
[10:06] <UniTato> -_- no call me fifi
[10:06] <SuperEliteJordan> My summer was a month ago
[10:06] <Xcell> I wub yew fifi
[10:06] <Xcell> tehe fifi
[10:06] <UniTato> -_-
[10:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Fifi means a special type of tool
[10:07] <Horsyqueen> tommrow
[10:07] <Xcell> * Xcell hugs fifi and doesn't let go :p
[10:07] <Xcell> TEHE
[10:07] <Horsyqueen> i shall make pancakes
[10:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Awesome horsey
[10:07] <UniTato> AlSy told me the meaning of fifi in his language.
[10:07] <Horsyqueen> then i shall walk the dog
[10:07] <Xcell> shanks yew fifi
[10:07] <UniTato> GIMME PANCAKES
[10:07] <Horsyqueen> fifi means whore
[10:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Ima steal your pancakes horsey
[10:07] <SuperEliteJordan> No it means a certain device
[10:07] <Xcell> I WUNT Pancars
[10:07] <Xcell> puncakes
[10:07] <UniTato> xD he told me it mean other word for cat
[10:07] <Horsyqueen> i may actually go on skype if people want while i make them
[10:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:08] <Xcell> xD
[10:08] <Xcell> Do eet
[10:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Thriw the panckaes at the screen
[10:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Throw*
[10:08] <UselessItaly> BACK
[10:09] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan punched a wall
[10:09] <Xcell>
[10:09] <Xcell> ^Merika
[10:09] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan feels proud of doimg it
[10:09] <UselessItaly> Changed my icon
[10:09] <UselessItaly> Yay
[10:09] <UselessItaly> Let me reload
[10:09] <Xcell> Meanwile.. In Merika
[10:09] <Horsyqueen> mew
[10:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:09] <Xcell> (mew2)
[10:09] <Horsyqueen> *hugs everyone*
[10:09] <SuperEliteJordan> (Mew) 
[10:09] <Xcell> (mew) 
[10:09] <Xcell> DA FUQ
[10:10] <Xcell> Where my mew two :c
[10:10] <Kile574> XD
[10:10] <SuperEliteJordan> (Mew) (mew) 
[10:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Mew two^
[10:10] <Xcell> (dance2) 
[10:10] <UselessItaly> (shit)
[10:10] <UselessItaly> aw
[10:10] <Xcell> (anger)
[10:10] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan can't breath
[10:10] <Xcell> (angry2) 
[10:10] <Kile574> XD
[10:10] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan the hugs are suffocateing
[10:10] <Xcell> I got this
[10:10] <UniTato> (omg) 
[10:10] <Xcell> (hug)
[10:10] <UselessItaly> ^ orgasm
[10:10] <Xcell> (troll) 
[10:10] <Horsyqueen> fifi
[10:10] <Xcell> (orgasm)
[10:10] <UniTato> xD LOL Italy
[10:10] <Xcell> (fifi)
[10:10] <Kile574> <>_<>
[10:10] <UselessItaly> lele.
[10:11] <SuperEliteJordan> (Fire)
[10:11] <SuperEliteJordan> (Funny)
[10:11] <Horsyqueen> fifi
[10:11] <SuperEliteJordan> Brb
[10:11] <UniTato> Yah horsy
[10:11] <UselessItaly> <**>__<**> = orgasm
[10:11] <Horsyqueen> did u ask aisy
[10:11] <Xcell> (omg) 
[10:11] <UselessItaly> or boob stare
[10:11] <UselessItaly> idk
[10:11] <UselessItaly> OMFG THE ORGASM
[10:11] <Kile574> Italy, stop.
[10:11] <UselessItaly> EMOTE
[10:11] <UselessItaly> 
[10:11] <UselessItaly> ok
[10:11] <UselessItaly> ;l
[10:11] <UniTato> omg ask what
[10:11] <Xcell> (emote)
[10:11] <UniTato> <**>_<**>
[10:11] <UniTato> :P
[10:12] <UselessItaly> :P
[10:12] <UselessItaly> (:P)
[10:12] <Horsyqueen> hey
[10:12] <UselessItaly> bs
[10:12] <Horsyqueen> no boob stares
[10:12] <UniTato> HORSY
[10:12] <UselessItaly> SHE
[10:12] <Horsyqueen> or i will releas fifi
[10:12] <UselessItaly> AGREES
[10:12] <UniTato> ASK WHAT
[10:12] <Horsyqueen> nd she will beat u lot up
[10:12] <Horsyqueen> *it
[10:12] <UselessItaly> D:
[10:12] <Horsyqueen> ask him u know what
[10:12] <UniTato> omg. No.
[10:12] <Horsyqueen> and why do u keep tesing mikko
[10:12] <UniTato> <>_<> because he is finlandish
[10:12] <UselessItaly> I am boredddd
[10:13] <Horsyqueen> i saw what u said earlier
[10:13] <UselessItaly> UniTato
[10:13] <UselessItaly> nvm
[10:13] <UniTato> whot i say
[10:13] <Horsyqueen> while i was at church
[10:13] <UniTato> ew
[10:13] <Horsyqueen> i was forced to go
[10:14] <UniTato> oh okay *is sorry for you*
[10:14] <Horsyqueen> i was tricked into going
[10:14] <Horsyqueen> so i went gothic style
[10:14] <UniTato> xD
[10:14] <UselessItaly> miley cyrus
[10:14] <Horsyqueen> i also refused to prey or sing
[10:14] <UselessItaly> prayer > miley cyrus
[10:15] <UniTato> :P = Miley Cyrus
[10:15] <UselessItaly> nah
[10:15] <UselessItaly> it's more like
[10:15] <UselessItaly> ~```¡``2`1¡`2`1
[10:15] <UselessItaly> That tongue wave tho.
[10:15] <UniTato> Horsy what did I say
[10:15] <UniTato> what you on about
[10:15] <UniTato> xD omg Italy
[10:16] <UselessItaly> ;D
[10:16] <UselessItaly> `~~`1¡™``™`¡™`¡`™`¡
[10:16] <UniTato> I have to go *cries*
[10:16] <UniTato> *shivers* back to hell...
[10:17] <UselessItaly> :O
[10:17] <UselessItaly> What happened
[10:17] <Xcell> Tato..
[10:17] <UniTato> bye everybody~ ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡
[10:17] <Xcell> May you get out.. before the devil knows your there.
[10:17] <UniTato> School happened.
[10:17] <UniTato> *you're
[10:17] <Xcell> >_> gr
[10:17] <UniTato> gr?
[10:18] <UselessItaly> Wait
[10:18] <UniTato> omg
[10:18] <UselessItaly> Let's have one more orgasm together
[10:18] <UselessItaly> Do that emote
[10:18] <Xcell> I just say gr a lot
[10:18] <Xcell> (omg) 
[10:18] <UselessItaly> YAS
[10:18] <UselessItaly> YAS
[10:18] <UniTato> <**>_<**>
[10:18] <UselessItaly> I love that emote
[10:18] <UselessItaly> What's that emote
[10:18] <UniTato> (omg) 
[10:18] <Xcell> (om g)
[10:18] <UselessItaly> (happy) 
[10:18] <UniTato> ( omg )
[10:18] <Xcell> no space
[10:18] <UselessItaly> (omfg)
[10:18] <Xcell> (omg) 
[10:18] <Horsyqueen> i may get marias boon <3
[10:18] <UselessItaly> (omg) 
[10:18] <UselessItaly> YAS
[10:18] <Horsyqueen> let me get a picture
[10:18] <UselessItaly> omfg omfg omfg fdgisdhf'
[10:18] <UselessItaly> UNI TATO
[10:18] <UselessItaly> WE ARE UNITARDED
[10:18] <UselessItaly> AND UNITED
[10:18] <UniTato> (omg) byeee~
[10:18] <Xcell> (omg) YEAS *moan* (omg) 
[10:18] <UselessItaly> (omg) 
[10:18] <Horsyqueen> fifi is getting marrid?
[10:19] <UselessItaly> Yeah
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> to italy?
[10:19] <Xcell> (dance2) (omg) 
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> omfg
[10:19] <UselessItaly> We're in a Unitarded relationship
[10:19] <UselessItaly> Ye
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> can i be a brides maid
[10:19] <UselessItaly> It isn't literal
[10:19] <UselessItaly> But if you don't do the miley cyrus
[10:19] <UselessItaly> and rock that goth shit
[10:19] <UselessItaly> sure.
[10:19] <UselessItaly> I am gay tho xD
[10:19] <UselessItaly> 
[10:19] <Xcell> I dun like miley syrus
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> i may get this horse here <3
[10:19] <Xcell> I listen to metal
[10:19] <Xcell> Screamo
[10:19] <Xcell> dubstep
[10:19] <Xcell> etc
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> i love gothic stuff though
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> not silly pop
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> fifi
[10:19] <UselessItaly> lol.
[10:19] <Horsyqueen> look at that hors
[10:20] <UselessItaly> I hate Miley cyrus
[10:20] <Horsyqueen> O.O
[10:20] <UselessItaly> (OMG) 
[10:20] <UselessItaly> (OMG) 
[10:20] <UselessItaly> (OMG) 
[10:20] <UselessItaly> Truely.
[10:20] <Xcell> Truely
[10:20] <UselessItaly> Have an orgasm with me. (OMG) 
[10:20] <Xcell> Orgasm with us
[10:20] <Xcell> (omg) 
[10:20] <Horsyqueen> thats too far
[10:20] <UselessItaly> Same exact through.
[10:20] <Horsyqueen> no organism talk please
[10:20] <UselessItaly> thought*
[10:20] <Xcell> ikr?
[10:20] <UselessItaly> organism
[10:20] <UselessItaly> ded
[10:20] <Xcell> That's awesome haha
[10:20] <XxDarkRavenxX> Truely ~ You here?
[10:20] <Truely Unknown> I'm goin to kick you two now._.
[10:20] <Xcell> Nuuu
[10:20] <Xcell> please dont
[10:20] <UselessItaly> NOO
[10:20] <Xcell> my wifi sucks
[10:21] <UselessItaly> We got the warning
[10:21] <UselessItaly> Remember
[10:21] <Xcell> I not orgasm with yu again
[10:21] <UselessItaly> there's 4 stages
[10:21] <UselessItaly> So that's our warning. –≥–
[10:21] <Truely Unknown> ._. Who did you he a warning from?
[10:21] <XxDarkRavenxX> Depending on a situation they can skip warnings
[10:21] <UselessItaly> You gave the warning
[10:21] <UselessItaly> Seriously.
[10:21] <UselessItaly> It didn't say that. We learned our lesson anyways
[10:21] <UselessItaly> xD
[10:21] <Xcell> no one yet
[10:21] <UselessItaly> the threat of a kick
[10:21] <UselessItaly> is scarier
[10:21] <UselessItaly> than the actual kick
[10:22] <Xcell> Thats true actually
[10:22] <Xcell> the threat of anything
[10:22] <Horsyqueen> omfg i feel soo tense
[10:22] <Xcell> is scarier than the actual thing
[10:22] <Xcell> due to how the brain works .-.
[10:22] <Horsyqueen> i am never going to florida
[10:22] <UselessItaly> I love this emoticon.
[10:22] <UselessItaly> (OMG) 
[10:22] <XxDarkRavenxX> Horsy, Truley ~ Pm
[10:22] <Xcell> leave people wondering what your punishment for them is
[10:22] <Horsyqueen> if all of florida acts like my cousins
[10:22] <Xcell> they fear it ten times more
[10:22] <Horsyqueen> i am practically going insane
[10:22] <Horsyqueen> i have to drink alchol to survive
[10:23] <Truely Unknown> Sigh just don't so it again, I see you using the emoticons for spam purposes or speaking inappropriate again and I'll skip to the two hour ban 
[10:23] <Xcell> (omg) 
[10:23] <Xcell> o,o
[10:23] <Aerys-ICTX> The right is going crazy, now ap tests are liberal indoctrination 
[10:23] <Xcell> I will never touch an emote again... x.x
[10:23] <Horsyqueen> that emote looks dodgy
[10:23] <UselessItaly> IKR
[10:23] <Aerys-ICTX> Well the far right
[10:23] <UselessItaly> I LOVE that emote.
[10:23] <Horsyqueen> i dont
[10:23] <Xcell> xD
[10:23] <Horsyqueen> (horsy) 
[10:23] <DioMago> hi
[10:23] <UselessItaly> what is that
[10:23] <Horsyqueen> (queen
[10:23] <UselessItaly> ew no animation
[10:23] <UselessItaly> ew
[10:23] <DioMago> long time no see guys :) 
[10:23] <UselessItaly> vomit
[10:23] <Horsyqueen> i have my own emotes
[10:23] <UselessItaly> IMO if I had a (queen) 
[10:23] <Horsyqueen> and i drew my horsy one
[10:24] <UselessItaly> it'd be Tyler Oakley
[10:24] <UselessItaly> doing the z snap
[10:24] <DioMago> guys
[10:24] <DioMago> anyone I know that I got rejection from arts...
[10:24] <Xcell> arts?
[10:24] <DioMago> but I really need your support to discover something what is real
[10:24] <Xcell> essplain
[10:24] <DioMago> together to raise
[10:25] <Xcell> Dio
[10:25] <Truely Unknown> Not this arts talk again.
[10:25] <Horsyqueen> people
[10:25] <DioMago> that's not a point, truelly
[10:25] <Xcell> Wut they talkin bout truely
[10:25] <Horsyqueen> do you lot know the difference between a hampster
[10:25] <Horsyqueen> and a guinea pig
[10:25] <DioMago> I need someone else to support
[10:25] <DioMago> but please don't be arrogant
[10:26] <DioMago> I discovered that a clear mind does exist
[10:26] <DioMago> they proved it
[10:26] <DioMago> that vipassana is damn real
[10:26] <XxDarkRavenxX> What's wrong with art talks True bear?
[10:26] <Xcell> someone
[10:26] <Xcell> please
[10:26] <Xcell> explain this arts shit
[10:27] <DioMago> so I agree that a clear mind is key that you need to quite a mind to practice those functions are expelling and repelling
[10:27] <Truely Unknown> He keeps bringing up this noble art group that he got kicked out of for trying to exposed them.
[10:27] <Horsyqueen> its squirrliey
[10:27] <DioMago> functions is like spell, you know what I mean...
[10:27] <DioMago> I'm not trying to expose
[10:27] <Horsyqueen> like a squirle
[10:27] <UselessItaly> Back.
[10:27] <DioMago> so this is very basic means no secrets
[10:27] <Horsyqueen> konichiwa
[10:27] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD Noble art group?
[10:27] <Horsyqueen> *hugs*
[10:27] <Truely Unknown> he never states what the group does or who is in the group.
[10:28] <DioMago> I don't really know about them... just a little info
[10:28] <DioMago> that they uses a rank like the goethian names...
[10:28] <DioMago> horsyqueen
[10:28] <Horsyqueen> church is horrid
[10:28] <DioMago> I noticed valdon's facebook that he have you in friend list
[10:28] <DioMago> you should check him
[10:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> It's a satanic group from the peanut man..that's the noble art group <3
[10:28] <DioMago> "Gualphas Marchosias"
[10:28] <Truely Unknown> Lol
[10:28] <Horsyqueen> how do u know i have his fb?
[10:28] <DioMago> gualphas is pronounced is Gu-Alphas I guess
[10:28] <Horsyqueen> stalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:28] <DioMago> I noticed his facebook
[10:28] <DioMago> with another account
[10:29] <DioMago> I'm not stalking you
[10:29] <XxDarkRavenxX> xD Reminds me, who can draw real well on Photoshop or has a drawing tablet?
[10:29] <Truely Unknown> Kile. Or okami 
[10:29] <Truely Unknown> And*
[10:29] <Horsyqueen> i can a little
[10:29] <DioMago> horsyqueen you're wrong... I didn't stalk...
[10:29] <Horsyqueen> i studied graphics
[10:29] <Horsyqueen> but i take ages
[10:29] <Horsyqueen> and i have a drawing tablet
[10:29] <DioMago> i saw his facebook that his friend list is on pub
[10:30] <XxDarkRavenxX> Truely, got any pics of their work?
[10:30] <Kile574> I CAN DRAW
[10:30] <Kile574> SEE?
[10:30] <Kile574> <---
[10:30] <Horsyqueen> graphic art sucks balls
[10:30] <Horsyqueen> real bad
[10:30] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD..I mean REAL well
[10:30] <DioMago> anybody can support me?
[10:30] <Horsyqueen> never do it
[10:30] <Kile574> Can you not say that horsy ? Thanks.
[10:30] <Kile574> Whats up Dio ?
[10:31] <DioMago> your supports that will help us to raise better knowledge
[10:31] <DioMago> for functions (like a spells)
[10:31] <Horsyqueen> why?
[10:31] <Horsyqueen> i hate it
[10:31] <DioMago> meditations -> flux -> functions
[10:31] <Truely Unknown> I took three graphic design classes and got certified in Photoshop but the classes were so boring and lame :/
[10:31] <Horsyqueen> i took an extra year at college i hated it that much
[10:31] <XxDarkRavenxX> Because like ~ My ex boyfriends mom has this thing and is selling shirts for her husbands cancer to get money to pay bills and I offered to draw this design and I need someone with digital art skills to like do the final draft
[10:32] <DioMago> flux is about to feel the energies around yourself and other
[10:32] <Kile574> Im good at editing raven, but oka is better at creating things .
[10:32] <Kile574> I suck at creating things in photoshop.
[10:32] <DioMago> it's been almost 2 months i didn't see you guys on psi wikia
[10:32] <UselessItaly> I'm just going to flare energy and stuff
[10:32] <UselessItaly> since I'm bored
[10:32] <Horsyqueen> ohhhhhhhhhhhh
[10:32] <DioMago> i tried to how does this fuctions works and i failed... they won't tell me
[10:32] <DioMago> this is reason... I'm here to ask your support, guys
[10:33] <Truely Unknown> What do you mean by functions 
[10:33] <XxDarkRavenxX> mk, I will try to talk to Oka, I know people who would do this for me like Wolf on my site or like my 2 friends but Wolf is like slow at returning to me XD And then my two friends either never get online, back up by requests or like one is out of town
[10:33] <XxDarkRavenxX> backed *
[10:35] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[10:35] <Horsyqueen> thank you
[10:35] <DioMago> who is oka, darkraven?
[10:35] <Horsyqueen> i posted a 5 minute video using my aunts phone of a guinea pig eating
[10:36] <DioMago> "Their energy manipulation techniques are incorrect, it does not include expelling or repelling energy properly, neither is their mind ready to perform such functions (since most don't know how to meditate properly)"
[10:36] <Horsyqueen> also mb cant tell the difference between a hamster and a guinea pig
[10:36] <Aerys-ICTX> Horsy expect 100k views lol
[10:36] <DioMago> this is copy of wolfman
[10:36] <Aerys-ICTX> in his defense teddy bear hamsters from far away look like baby guineas
[10:36] <Horsyqueen> lol
[10:36] <Horsyqueen> ofcourse
[10:37] <Aerys-ICTX> I remember my guinea
[10:37] <Aerys-ICTX> so sweet
[10:37] <Horsyqueen> theres a picture of my guinea pig on her stomach too
[10:37] <Horsyqueen> awwwww
[10:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Back
[10:37] <Horsyqueen> let me get a cute picture
[10:37] <Aerys-ICTX> i called her halliwell and her sister piper
[10:37] <Aerys-ICTX> I had them when i was younger
[10:38] <Aerys-ICTX> I found out i named them that because my mom was a charmed fan and i heard the names and liked them 
[10:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Kewl
[10:38] <Horsyqueen> mine is called bubble
[10:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Even though I don't know what the topic ism
[10:39] <Aerys-ICTX> I always liked my hamster
[10:39] <Aerys-ICTX> as my favorite pet
[10:39] <Horsyqueen> i havnt had a hamster in years
[10:39] <DioMago> truelly, i thought you don't want to hear this arts and now you're curious about functions -.-'
[10:39] <SuperEliteJordan> I always wanted a lizard or a parrot
[10:39] <Horsyqueen> "Whats wasted?" lol
[10:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Both can ride on my shoulder
[10:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:40] <Aerys-ICTX> I want to get chocolate wasted
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:40] <Horsyqueen> i want to get ice cream wasted
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Grown ups renfrence
[10:40] <Horsyqueen> mhmmm
[10:40] <DioMago> i don't really know how does functions works, that's why I'm here to ask for supports
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> I wanna bananna split wasted
[10:40] <DioMago> to do together and discover something real for knowledge.
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> (:D) 
[10:40] <DioMago> that's all i want
[10:41] <DioMago> any of you are interests to support?
[10:41] <SuperEliteJordan> This is thebest wasted I ever had ;D
[10:41] <Horsyqueen> mew
[10:42] <DioMago> but you will have to meditate Samadhi on 1 and vipassana on 1 month or more... and we will be able to discover something for real!
[10:42] <DioMago> come on, just little to live, please?
[10:42] <SuperEliteJordan> I wanna try that tupla generator monkey found
[10:43] <Truely Unknown> No thanks not interested 
[10:43] <DioMago> why you really want to stay a psion user that will not find a real path...
[10:43] <DioMago> i can't believe that you want to be coward to stay complete blind... i feel sorry for you
[10:43] <Horsyqueen> mew
[10:44] <DioMago> horyqueen, you didn't quit saying "mew" for 5 months..
[10:44] <SuperEliteJordan> That counts as harrasment and disrepect in my point of view
[10:44] <Horsyqueen> "I thought we we're going to get wasted"
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Stating your own opinon as superior and all others worse
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> LOL
[10:45] <DioMago> i did not tend to act superior... -.-
[10:45] <DioMago> i can't write normaly just my emotion is lower...
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh ok then
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Perfectly fine to me then
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan whistles akwardly
[10:46] <SuperEliteJordan> Phone brb
[10:47] <DioMago> Only weak people are afraid to know something real.... even they don't want to live better.... 
[10:47] <Horsyqueen> mew
[10:47] <DioMago> but i have to be honest that all of you are pathetich... this is damn right... come on, you can be strong and lets do together to discover this real
[10:48] <Horsyqueen> excuse me!
[10:49] <Horsyqueen> i am not pathetich
[10:49] <Horsyqueen> atleast learn to spell
[10:49] <DioMago> pathetic*
[10:49] <Horsyqueen> before u insult peoople
[10:49] <Aerys-ICTX> What are you talking about dio
[10:50] <DioMago> I'm not insulting, the poing is that im talking about all of you is true... look at yourself, haven't you changed?
[10:50] <HawkTech> ex fucking cuse me
[10:50] <HawkTech> fuck you sir
[10:50] <HawkTech> thanks
[10:50] <Truely Unknown> Dio I am 99% sure what you are seeking isn't real so again not interested.
[10:50] <UselessItaly> I am back.
[10:51] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[10:51] <DioMago> *point
[10:52] <UselessItaly> Boredom
[10:52] <UselessItaly> bai
[10:53] <Horsyqueen> avin
[10:53] <Horsyqueen> avin
[10:53] <Aerys-ICTX> Hi eins
[10:53] <EinsVanCat> yes?
[10:54] <EinsVanCat> Back to uninstalling and updating mods..
[10:54] <DioMago> btw
[10:55] <DioMago> who play diablo 1 with mod HD by belzebub?
[10:55] <Truely Unknown> Back to working on what I was doing 
[10:56] <Horsyqueen> avin
[10:56] <Horsyqueen> i may get this horse
[10:56] <EinsVanCat> doesnt look finished?
[10:56] <Horsyqueen> its pinto coloured
[10:57] <Horsyqueen> tobino
[10:57] <Maskedmoon> Guys, how can you do precognition?
[10:57] <Horsyqueen>
[10:57] <Horsyqueen> thats the real horse it is based on
[10:57] <Horsyqueen> and that horse is a special run
[10:57] <EinsVanCat> ah.
[10:57] <EinsVanCat> Im not sure Ill be able to understand what makes a model horse good.. xD
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> back side o it
[10:58] <EinsVanCat> Like, what makes it what it is O.o
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> its not hard once you get the hang of it
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> anatomy
[10:58] <EinsVanCat> Its a strange foreign world for me n.n;
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> personality
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> colouring
[10:58] <EinsVanCat> I see
[10:58] <SuperKrill99> no
[10:58] <SuperKrill99> hi
[10:58] <EinsVanCat> I might be a bit slow in that one.
[10:58] <Horsyqueen> in america u actually get mor points for more expencive horses
[10:59] <Horsyqueen> but in the uk we dont
[10:59] <Horsyqueen> as it is unfair
[10:59] <SuperKrill99> Horses are useless
[10:59] <EinsVanCat> .__.
[10:59] <SuperKrill99> Cars arent
[10:59] <EinsVanCat> wow krill.
[10:59] <DioMago> i agree with krill
[10:59] <Horsyqueen> baka
[10:59] <DioMago> horsyqueen seems compulsive...
[10:59] <SuperKrill99> I mean electronic cars are better since they don't pollute
[11:00] <Kile574> Horses freak me out, to be honest .
[11:00] <SuperKrill99> Hover cars are better\
[11:00] <EinsVanCat> We aren't even talking about the living animal. Its models that are being talked about.
[11:00] <SuperKrill99> People are too stupid to make on
[11:00] <Kile574> oh ._.
[11:00] <DioMago> yeah... i lost my faith in humanity...
[11:00] <SuperKrill99> As hover cars have many uses
[11:01] <SuperKrill99> I lost faith
[11:01] <SuperKrill99> too
[11:01] <Kile574> Still, horses freak me out .
[11:01] <Kile574> Their eyes are weird.
[11:01] <SuperKrill99> Yeah
[11:01] <Kile574> Its allll in their eyes .
[11:01] <SuperKrill99> Imo we are killing ourselves which makes earth hell
[11:01] <EinsVanCat> Sure, I value technology, but what you seem to be taking for granted, is the very thing that got us to this point. Without the animals to use for travel and carrying back then, our world wouldn't have been able to advance quite as much. lol
[11:01] <EinsVanCat> Not that its really all that advanced..
[11:01] <SuperKrill99> Its not
[11:01] <Kile574> * Kile574 considers it advanced 
[11:01] <Horsyqueen> horses are needed
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> like vitally
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> they a re transport
[11:02] <SuperKrill99> Not really
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> farming
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> warcraft
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> without horses
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> america would not exist
[11:02] <Ahmedrashwan> And camels too
[11:02] <SuperKrill99> Trees are more vital
[11:02] <Kile574> i think he meant modern day uses, horsy.
[11:02] <SuperKrill99> Yeah
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> the french wouldnt have invaded england
[11:02] <Horsyqueen> the mongolians wouldnt be a problem
[11:02] <Ahmedrashwan> Without camels Arabians wouldn't be exist
[11:02] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[11:02] <Kile574> Lol...
[11:02] <DioMago> lol
[11:03] <SuperKrill99> I don't care to talk about animals much here it doesn't seem to make much sense
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> noooo
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> horses were tamed earlier then camels
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> horses were used in warcraft
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> in nearly every country
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> name a country
[11:03] <SuperKrill99> Donkeys are better
[11:03] <Kile574> i think he meant modern day uses*
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> and i bet theres a horse from there
[11:03] <SuperKrill99> Yeah
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> modern day
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> farming
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> meat
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> transport
[11:03] <Horsyqueen> the army
[11:04] <Ahmedrashwan> And eating
[11:04] <DioMago> in England, they have people with taboo that they eat horses
[11:04] <Ahmedrashwan> XE
[11:04] <DioMago> so stop talking about horses
[11:04] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> I think we should built space travel a long time ago
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> cos
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> horse meat is bad for you
[11:04] <Kile574> They have been replaced as transport, mostly. And they can easily be replaced as a food source .
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> those horses are injected with drugs
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> not everywhere
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> Any meat is bad for you
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> in many countries horses are still vital
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> No
[11:04] <Kile574> Kile574
[11:04] <Kile574> They have been replaced as transport, mostly.
[11:04] <EinsVanCat> ...actually we're omnivores
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> NO
[11:04] <DioMago> no, it is great, i ate it and it was super delicious
[11:04] <Kile574> Hence the mostly part of that.
[11:04] <Ahmedrashwan> * Ahmed eats donkey meats XD
[11:04] <EinsVanCat> so we need meat along with fruits and vegetables.
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> No
[11:04] <Kile574> yeah.
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> humans are omnivores
[11:04] <Horsyqueen> okay
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> basic anatomy
[11:05] <Kile574> ^
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> open your mouth
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> your front teeth
[11:05] <Ahmedrashwan> Ahhhh
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> are called inscissors
[11:05] <Ahmedrashwan> Ya
[11:05] <SuperKrill99> Despite I had to eat meat over my friends house
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> they are for cutting flesh
[11:05] <DioMago> a canine of course!
[11:05] <SuperKrill99> yesterday
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> your canines are for holding it
[11:05] <DioMago> of c
[11:05] <Horsyqueen> your mowlers are for grinding it
[11:05] <Kile574> * Kile574 gets bored with this and goes to skype 
[11:06] <SuperKrill99> I don't give a crap of what we are supposed to do anyway
[11:06] <DioMago> same
[11:06] <DioMago> /agree superkrill
[11:06] <Horsyqueen> also
[11:06] <DioMago> you really have perfection mind....
[11:06] <SuperKrill99> We should've been had done this stuff a long time agi
[11:06] <SuperKrill99> ago*
[11:06] <Ahmedrashwan> I don give ash**
[11:07] <EinsVanCat> I myself am preferentially carnivorous.. lol
[11:07] <Horsyqueen> if you eat bad foods
[11:07] <Kile574> ^^
[11:07] <SuperKrill99> I could careless
[11:07] <DioMago> meat is healthy we can eat almost everything
[11:07] <SuperKrill99> Any processed food is bad
[11:07] <EinsVanCat> Krill, just about everything you ever eat now
[11:07] <Ahmedrashwan> Finish that topic and let's start topic about
[11:07] <EinsVanCat> is processed to some degree.
[11:07] <DioMago> all vegans, all meants, all insects...
[11:07] <DioMago> meats*
[11:08] <Ahmedrashwan> Germany have world cup now yyyyyaaaaaayyy
[11:08] <DioMago> HEIL HITLER!
[11:08] <SuperKrill99> Meat is ok its just not my preference it always takes away my energy 
[11:08] <Kile574> honestly, i dont care about fifa or the world cup xD
[11:08] <DioMago> yeah
[11:08] <Horsyqueen> who here knows about paypal
[11:08] <Kile574> however, the fifa games are kinda funny to play. just for some of the stuff that happens in them.
[11:08] <DioMago> fifa destroys humanity
[11:08] <Kile574> I do.
[11:08] <SuperKrill99> Dio should get banned or something because that's offensive
[11:09] <Ahmedrashwan> I'm playing pes
[11:09] <DioMago> I'm just kidding, dude
[11:09] <SuperKrill99> But its not even a joke
[11:09] <Truely Unknown> Dude 
[11:09] <DioMago> i know, i like various humour types.
[11:09] <Horsyqueen> mew
[11:09] <Truely Unknown> Don't make a joke like that again.
[11:09] <SuperKrill99> No one should say that out in public
[11:09] <Truely Unknown> that statement is offensive to some people 
[11:09] <DioMago> okay...
[11:09] <SuperKrill99> I am German
[11:09] <Ahmedrashwan> LOL
[11:09] <DioMago> i agree, truelly... lol a german
[11:09] <Ahmedrashwan> me too
[11:10] <SuperKrill99> So......yeah
[11:10] <DioMago> okay, i apologize
[11:10] <Ahmedrashwan> I like helter XD
[11:10] <Ahmedrashwan> LOL
[11:10] <EinsVanCat> .........................
[11:10] <SuperKrill99> We kind of have a bad history on that one
[11:10] <EinsVanCat> *sigh*
[11:10] <DioMago> LOL
[11:10] <Horsyqueen> mew
[11:10] <SuperKrill99> apology accepted
[11:10] <SuperKrill99> gtg
[11:10] <SuperKrill99> cuz I want to XD
[11:11] <SuperKrill99> never mind
[11:11] <DioMago> i bet turelly is laughing but not on pub
[11:11] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[11:12] <DioMago> dude... i almost killed my lungs
[11:12] <Ahmedrashwan> Okay..
[11:12] <Ahmedrashwan> Kill urself
[11:12] <DioMago> i know that i think differently from "normal " people
[11:12] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[11:13] <DioMago> LOL
[11:13] <Ahmedrashwan> Too
[11:13] <DioMago> i can't wait to die by laughing when I'm ooooolldddd
[11:13] <Ahmedrashwan> Old
[11:13] <DioMago> ths will be thebest story of my life in the end.
[11:13] <Ahmedrashwan> How old r u
[11:13] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[11:13] <DioMago> 24
[11:14] <DioMago> and you ?
[11:14] <Ahmedrashwan> Oh I'm 16
[11:14] <Ahmedrashwan> Ahhhhhh
[11:14] <Ahmedrashwan> No
[11:14] <Horsyqueen> i am 17
[11:14] <Horsyqueen> cos i am old
[11:15] <Ahmedrashwan> Ur older thenmme
[11:15] <Ahmedrashwan> Dude ur very old
[11:15] <EinsVanCat> You aren't old
[11:15] <EinsVanCat> *hugs horsy*
[11:15] <Horsyqueen> i am
[11:15] <Horsyqueen> *hugs back*
[11:15] <EinsVanCat> Not in my books. lol
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> your books are outdated
[11:16] <Ahmedrashwan> Dio u should....RIP XD LOL
[11:16] <EinsVanCat> Nah they aren't, Im just older. :3
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> not much oldr
[11:16] <Ahmedrashwan> (~.^)
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> 1994
[11:16] <DarkNoxx> :3
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> wait
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> that makes u a hmmm horse?
[11:16] <EinsVanCat> no, Im a dog.
[11:17] <Horsyqueen> hahahaha
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> .........
[11:17] <EinsVanCat> Honest and Loyal, apparently.
[11:17] <XeRhyme> Hello
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi
[11:17] <Horsyqueen> i am stubbon
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Theeeee
[11:17] <Horsyqueen> with anger issues
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> A
[11:17] <Horsyqueen> 1997 ftw
[11:18] <Horsyqueen> i am 3 years younger?
[11:18] <Ahmedrashwan> And I'm mine
[11:18] <Ahmedrashwan> With big nose
[11:19] <Horsyqueen> ?????????
[11:19] <Horsyqueen> lag hates me
[11:19] <EinsVanCat> You are 3 years younger then me yes
[11:19] <Horsyqueen> hahahaha
[11:19] <EinsVanCat> You aren't old in my books :3
[11:19] <Horsyqueen> i feeel sick
[11:19] <EinsVanCat> Awww
[11:20] <Ahmedrashwan> That's deadly
[11:20] <Horsyqueen> ma tummy hurts
[11:20] <Ahmedrashwan> Dead*
[11:20] <Horsyqueen> i must be dying
[11:20] <DioMago> horsyqueen, you gotta close chat and re-enter chat.... there will beno lag
[11:20] <Horsyqueen> done that
[11:20] <Horsyqueen> like 7 times
[11:21] <Ahmedrashwan> Then restart ur computer
[11:21] <DioMago> ah... no lag anymore... cuz long scripts...
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> nah
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> its phases
[11:21] <Ahmedrashwan> Me off
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> where u going?
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> *lies on floor*
[11:22] <EinsVanCat> horsy, youre under the ox sign apparently.
[11:22] <Horsyqueen> me and my cousin have taken all the bed covers and made a basic tent
[11:22] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[11:22] <Horsyqueen> yer
[11:22] <Horsyqueen> it can be called a cow
[11:22] <Horsyqueen> i am just such a cow
[11:22] <DioMago> disrespecting counts nothing...
[11:22] <EinsVanCat> You dont want to be called a cow!
[11:22] <Horsyqueen> but atleast i aint a bitch :P
[11:22] <EinsVanCat> ouch
[11:22] <Horsyqueen> lol
[11:23] <Horsyqueen> you do know bitch means femal dog?
[11:23] <EinsVanCat> well, its true though, I can definitely be a bitch to people.
[11:23] <EinsVanCat> Yes
[11:23] <EinsVanCat> I do
[11:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Dafuq O_O
[11:23] <Horsyqueen> a female dog is a bitch
[11:23] <EinsVanCat> That is the literal term for the word
[11:23] <Horsyqueen> a male is a dog
[11:24] <Ahmedrashwan> Then
[11:24] <Horsyqueen> a female horse which has had babies is a broodmare
[11:24] <Ahmedrashwan> I have many bitches in my street 
[11:24] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[11:24] <Horsyqueen> a male horse is a stallion
[11:24] <Horsyqueen> a female which hasnt had foals is a sparce mare
[11:24] <Horsyqueen> a young female is a filly
[11:24] <Horsyqueen> a young male is a colt
[11:24] <EinsVanCat> We dont need to know what -everything- is called xD
[11:25] <Horsyqueen> a teenage male is a bacholer
[11:25] <HawkTech> lost
[11:25] <EinsVanCat> I think the knowledge would be wasted anyways.
[11:25] <HawkTech> was just reading the chat
[11:25] <Horsyqueen> a horse which is one year old is a yearling
[11:25] <HawkTech> and saw someone saying animals are not important
[11:25] <Horsyqueen> and when it leaves its parents is a weanling
[11:25] <DioMago> knowledge is power...
[11:25] <Ahmedrashwan> In Arabic
[11:25] <DioMago> we abuse this knowledge
[11:26] <Horsyqueen> this is why iforget to teach
[11:26] <Horsyqueen> it would be wasted
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Guys I think I have stupid secret?
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> :-S
[11:27] <Horsyqueen> what is it
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Maybe its stupid to say but
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Maybe its fake
[11:28] <EinsVanCat> huh?
[11:28] <Ahmedrashwan> I tried to use manifest to get Germany won in FIFA cup
[11:28] <Ahmedrashwan> Ahhhhhhh
[11:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> Horsy, you wanna join AOT or nah
[11:28] <Ahmedrashwan> Ahmed screaming
[11:28] <Ahmedrashwan> *
[11:29] <Ahmedrashwan> ..
[11:29] <Horsyqueen> i cant
[11:29] <Kile574> does she even play it ?
[11:29] <Horsyqueen> no
[11:29] <Horsyqueen> and she?
[11:29] <Kile574> ...You're a girl... right ?
[11:30] <Ahmedrashwan> LOL
[11:30] <Kile574> I mean i was referring to you....
[11:30] <Horsyqueen> no
[11:30] <Horsyqueen> i am a he
[11:30] <Horsyqueen> just i skin real humans
[11:30] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[11:30] <XxDarkRavenxX> Correction..You are an it ~ 
[11:30] <Horsyqueen> and wear their skins
[11:30] <DarkNoxx> * DarkNoxx touch Kile
[11:30] <Kile574> * Kile574 shivers
[11:30] <XxDarkRavenxX> xDDD Horsy lmfao
[11:30] <Kile574> o//.//o
[11:31] <Horsyqueen> i can skin you if u want?
[11:31] <Kile574> lollets not ._.
[11:31] <XxDarkRavenxX> No no Horsy skin me <3
[11:31] <Kile574> o.o
[11:31] <XxDarkRavenxX> I want you to wear me <3
[11:31] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD
[11:31] <DioMago> you can skin me for a statue
[11:31] <Horsyqueen> oh yes <3
[11:31] <Horsyqueen> lol
[11:31] <Kile574> O__O
[11:31] <DioMago> but without head