[11:52] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi HOTEC
[11:53] <Leo14> hi Hero
[11:54] <HeroOfTheEightChakras>
[11:56] <SuperEliteJordan> Well seems this chat needs a topic :/
[11:57] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Pick one
[11:57] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I was gonna head outside and ground myself but that can wait
[11:58] <Horsyqueen> *yawns*
[11:58] <Horsyqueen> flops to the floor*
[11:58] <SuperEliteJordan> How about...
[11:58] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> *pets horsy on the mane*
[11:58] <SuperEliteJordan> Anyone see or do anything interesting recently
[11:59] <Horsyqueen> *swishes tail*
[11:59] <Xavier1409> sup people
[11:59] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Well my gut said my friend had a brain tumor and my gut was right
[11:59] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> And she's getting treatment and I'm hating being right
[11:59] <SuperEliteJordan> Well
[11:59] <SuperEliteJordan> Hope your gut says she gets healed
[12:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Other than that I got a job at target for stocking and. Back room
[12:00] <Horsyqueen> brain tumors are one of the hardest to treat
[12:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> My gut says nothing now. 
[12:00] <Horsyqueen> due to the delecate nature of the brain
[12:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Cool that's a jod job to get
[12:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Unfortunately yea. But I don't know if its cancerous yet
[12:01] <SuperEliteJordan> My grand-uncle has a brain tumor
[12:01] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Sge is getting scans abd mri n stuff
[12:01] <SuperEliteJordan> He is told he will be fine though
[12:01] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> My buddy down two hiuses had a lipoma removed from his head this summer
[12:02] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[12:02] <SuperEliteJordan> Well at least they were removed
[12:02] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> That was scary. But he's doing fine. Slight problems with math and heavy graphing but he's doing well
[12:03] <Horsyqueen> if the world ended in 14 dayswhat would you do
[12:03] <608673> hmmmm
[12:03] <SuperEliteJordan> Id do my bucket list
[12:03] <SuperEliteJordan> And also make a bucket list
[12:04] <Agunnimon> Answer please, does anyone know about the 10% mind thing. Is there some truth or is complete bull?
[12:04] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Makes me think how impure our genes have become as a whole all this stuff that would have been killed off with natural selection allowed to run rampant because of our medicine and treatment
[12:04] <Horsyqueen> whats your bucket list?
[12:04] <Agunnimon> I would fall in love and start wwlll
[12:04] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> If it ended in fourteen days id go hike up a mountain and get a good view
[12:05] <SuperEliteJordan> Id party and climb Mt everest
[12:05] <SuperEliteJordan> I'll die anyway
[12:05] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It's bull. No one can prove the 10% bs
[12:05] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> There's no way ti actually measure it
[12:05] <SuperEliteJordan> I think its the concess uses 10% and the subcon uses 90%
[12:05] <Agunnimon> Ahhh okay
[12:05] <608673> dman
[12:05] <SuperEliteJordan> But I still think its bull
[12:05] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It's theory and hoaxes
[12:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Though that new movie on it is cool
[12:06] <SuperEliteJordan> Not carrie but that other one
[12:06] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lucy? 
[12:07] <Xavier1409> you Guys know jetblack
[12:07] <SuperEliteJordan> That's it -snaps fingers-
[12:07] <Horsyqueen> you could climb mt everest that quickly?
[12:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Nope
[12:07] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hollywood is full of melarrchy but it's useful for constructs ideas
[12:07] <Xavier1409> i forgot but remembered that he made it on the news lol
[12:07] <Horsyqueen> we all know he did
[12:07] <SuperEliteJordan> Not if I steal a plane to cheat half way
[12:07] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Id take a chopper to the Rockies
[12:07] <Xavier1409> suprised he didnt dress up in his superhero costume xD
[12:08] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Go crack a cold one and watch her end
[12:08] <ImAMonkey> More people should look at my blog :D 
[12:08] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> The tulpa?
[12:08] <608673> hmmm
[12:09] <ImAMonkey> Yea
[12:09] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan jordan looks at blog
[12:09] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> It was interesting
[12:09] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[12:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Brb.gotta shower
[12:09] <Alucard82> Hi
[12:09] <608673> mew
[12:09] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I already got beast in my skull. Don't need anymore voices lolol
[12:09] <Horsyqueen> *sighs
[12:10] <Horsyqueen> depressing film
[12:10] <ImAMonkey> Still it's wonderful
[12:10] <Horsyqueen> i need a positive film to watch
[12:10] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> *eats sigh*
[12:10] <ImAMonkey> Amazing methods
[12:10] <Horsyqueen> maybe resident evil
[12:10] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Oooo you should watch blade
[12:10] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Great movies
[12:10] <Horsyqueen> i dont have movie thing on my laptop
[12:10] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Oh
[12:11] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Neither do I
[12:11] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I own all 3 lol
[12:11] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Kinda old
[12:11] <ImAMonkey> The one about the vampire who is a vampire hunter?
[12:11] <ImAMonkey> I read the comics
[12:11] <608673> resident evil is kwl
[12:12] <608673> the games are kwl too
[12:12] <Horsyqueen> resident evil is sexy
[12:12] <608673> ive played all them pretty much 
[12:12] <Horsyqueen> i mean the movies
[12:12] <608673> mila jovovich 
[12:12] <Horsyqueen> the only vampire movie i really like is underworld
[12:12] <608673> yh 
[12:13] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Ywa that one monkey
[12:13] <Agunnimon> I forgot to make my tulpa
[12:13] <608673> but the werewolves are better in that movie :) 
[12:13] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Monkey pm 
[12:13] <Horsyqueen> they are called lycans in underworld
[12:13] <Horsyqueen> but
[12:13] <608673> lycan means werewolf 
[12:13] <Horsyqueen> the creators of underworld did make a werewolf movie
[12:13] <ImAMonkey> Lycanthrope*
[12:13] <608673> yes
[12:14] <Horsyqueen> blood and chocolate
[12:14] <Maskedmoon> Hello
[12:14] <Horsyqueen> its not lycanthrope
[12:14] <Horsyqueen>
[12:14] <608673> lesbian vampire killers is a funny movie :D 
[12:14] <Horsyqueen> its like a childrens version of underworld
[12:15] <Maskedmoon> What a cool name...
[12:16] <Horsyqueen> i got annoyed with the trailar
[12:16] <Horsyqueen> its very teenage oritentated
[12:16] <Horsyqueen> too much romance
[12:16] <Xavier1409> LOL
[12:17] <608673> interview with a vampire is kwl
[12:17] <Xavier1409> good saying
[12:17] <Xavier1409> dont think my dad would Watch it
[12:17] <Xavier1409> so makes sense
[12:17] <Horsyqueen> i liked abriham lincon vampire hunter
[12:17] <Horsyqueen> i watched five minitures of the zombie hunter
[12:17] <Horsyqueen> but that was crap
[12:17] <Horsyqueen> like totally different to the vampire one
[12:18] <Horsyqueen> in the zombie one his beard was falling off
[12:18] <Horsyqueen> and the acting was soo dry
[12:18] <608673> true blood,TVD TO,being human UK and US awesome 
[12:18] <Horsyqueen> true blood is for teenage girls
[12:18] <Horsyqueen> so is supernatural and vampire diaries
[12:18] <608673> woooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
[12:18] <608673> back up
[12:19] <ImAMonkey> Agun you said something about a tulpa?
[12:19] <608673> supernatural is freaking awesome :) 
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> my cousin was in being human
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> its for teenage girls
[12:19] <Agunnimon> No supernatural is not fir just fan girls
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> look at the actors
[12:19] <Agunnimon> So
[12:19] <608673> jensen ackles and jarad 
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> i personally dont like them
[12:19] <Agunnimon> It's still good fights
[12:19] <Agunnimon> Yes monkey
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> but its oritentated towards girls
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> watch game of thrones
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> thats good
[12:19] <Horsyqueen> american horror story is okay
[12:20] <Agunnimon> Imma make my tulpa naruto
[12:20] <Agunnimon> Lol
[12:20] <Agunnimon> It might change it's self
[12:20] <Horsyqueen> torchwood is good
[12:20] <Horsyqueen> hey fifi
[12:20] <Horsyqueen> feeling better?
[12:21] <Horsyqueen> or shall i get some stuff to cheer u up
[12:21] <UniTato> I think it's the tablets
[12:21] <UniTato> So I'm not taking them today
[12:21] <Horsyqueen> ah
[12:21] <608673> hope you feel better :D 
[12:21] <Horsyqueen> well i think your good without them
[12:21] <Horsyqueen> your always a little angel
[12:21] <UniTato> *you're
[12:21] <Horsyqueen> fucks sake
[12:21] <ImAMonkey> You should look at my blog as your tulpa would most likely change it's appearance anyways :D 
[12:21] <UniTato> hehe... yes... fallen angel...
[12:21] <Horsyqueen> its late
[12:22] <Horsyqueen> i was thhinking
[12:22] <UniTato> It's not late it's early ffs horsy :P
[12:22] <SuperEliteJordan> Back
[12:22] <608673> its 1:22
[12:22] <Horsyqueen> *leans on jamie*
[12:22] <Horsyqueen> i am tired
[12:23] <UniTato> no it's 9:52 AM... "early"
[12:23] <Horsyqueen> had college today
[12:23] <SuperEliteJordan> 8:22 pm
[12:23] <Horsyqueen> thats too early to wake up
[12:23] <SuperEliteJordan> That rupla generator looks interesting monkey
[12:23] <Horsyqueen> waking up should be at 11
[12:23] <Horsyqueen> or 12
[12:23] <SuperEliteJordan> I wake up at 6:30 for school
[12:23] <SuperEliteJordan> And sleep at 9:30
[12:23] <UniTato> x3 I used to wake up at 4 am but ver since I stayed up whole nights on tinychat I've been sleeping in
[12:23] <SuperEliteJordan> :p
[12:24] <ImAMonkey> It looks interesting so test it out :D 
[12:24] <UniTato> *ever
[12:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Tupla*
[12:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah I'm get myself a tupla
[12:24] <ImAMonkey> Tulpa*
[12:24] <608673> lol i know college can be tiring horsy
[12:24] <SuperEliteJordan> How many days do I go to watch the video
[12:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Like 10?
[12:25] <Agunnimon> Ill fall in love with it so then I can ask to change into asuna for life
[12:25] <Horsyqueen> *puts my legs on fifi*
[12:25] <Agunnimon> Ohhhh
[12:25] <Horsyqueen> dont blame me if i fall asleep
[12:25] <Horsyqueen> fifi
[12:25] <UniTato> *hisses*
[12:25] <UniTato> yah?
[12:25] <608673> lol
[12:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Lmao
[12:25] <Horsyqueen> dont say u dont like mikko
[12:25] <ImAMonkey> AGUN YOU ARE AMAZING
[12:25] <UniTato> ew.
[12:25] <Horsyqueen> cos hes kind to u
[12:25] <608673> *falls asleep at his desk*
[12:25] <ImAMonkey> ASUNA <3 
[12:25] <Horsyqueen> i mean as a friend
[12:25] <UniTato> He still annoys me
[12:26] <ImAMonkey> Still you can ask your tulpa to change it's form
[12:26] <Horsyqueen> he helps u
[12:26] <UniTato> I know
[12:26] <ImAMonkey> When it is fully imposed 
[12:26] <UniTato> but it's like with my friend claire
[12:26] <UniTato> I don't know what it is but
[12:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Asuna is the sword and art online character right?
[12:26] <UniTato> something about her face makes me want to punch her
[12:26] <ImAMonkey> The more people that try out the Tulpa Gen 
[12:26] <ImAMonkey> YES JORDAN
[12:26] <ImAMonkey> SHE IS AMAZING <#
[12:26] <SuperEliteJordan> The more asunas are made
[12:26] <ImAMonkey> 3
[12:27] <ImAMonkey> Same with the GGO girl Sinon
[12:27] <ImAMonkey> New episode comes out tomorrow
[12:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh great another tsunade
[12:27] <UniTato> Horsy has an adorable voice
[12:27] <SuperEliteJordan> (Facepalm) 
[12:27] <ImAMonkey> Tsunade?
[12:27] <SuperEliteJordan> A naruto character who is a woman with super strength
[12:27] <ImAMonkey> Ew
[12:28] <SuperEliteJordan> And can heal herself to were a organ can heal
[12:28] <ImAMonkey> Asuna isn't Tsunade
[12:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Kay
[12:28] <Agunnimon> But she is bigger eheheheheh
[12:28] <ImAMonkey> Asuna is the cutest anime girl
[12:28] <608673> XD
[12:28] <ImAMonkey> If I were to experience attraction it would be with Asuna
[12:28] <ImAMonkey> Or Sinon
[12:29] <ImAMonkey> Or Yuno from Mirai Nikki
[12:29] <Agunnimon> Yes yuno would be good with some freaky stuff
[12:29] <ImAMonkey> Lol
[12:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Looks like you need three tuplas
[12:29] <ImAMonkey> If I make my second tulpa through the gen Imma ask her to look like Sinon 
[12:29] <Aerys-ICTX> Hello
[12:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi aerys
[12:30] <ImAMonkey> Hello
[12:30] <ImAMonkey> I just dont know if real life, ALO, or GGO Sinon is better
[12:30] <Aerys-ICTX> someone say aerys again 
[12:30] <ImAMonkey> Aerys
[12:30] <Aerys-ICTX> it works
[12:30] <Agunnimon> Both
[12:30] <Aerys-ICTX> thanks
[12:30] <608673> (heart) 
[12:30] <ImAMonkey> Whats with the heart>
[12:31] <608673> why not 
[12:31] <Hermes000> Heyo
[12:31] <SuperEliteJordan> I feelsad
[12:31] <608673> heyo
[12:31] <SuperEliteJordan> All the animes are ending
[12:31] <Agunnimon> Do I really have to spend 4 straight days thinking about it?
[12:31] <608673> veil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:31] <608673> :) 
[12:31] <VeilOfReality> What?
[12:31] <SuperEliteJordan> Yugih zexal (which sucks) and naruto
[12:31] <VeilOfReality> Hello
[12:31] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi sophia
[12:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi AISy
[12:32] <Aerys-ICTX> that moment when you realize superman used to be on the tudors shivers
[12:32] <Aerys-ICTX> Hi
[12:32] <ImAMonkey> No Agun
[12:32] <ImAMonkey> Just use the Gen method
[12:32] <AlSy> Hey everyone
[12:32] <ImAMonkey> Its easy and lazy
[12:32] <ImAMonkey> Until the final step in which you only have to tulpaforce once
[12:32] <ImAMonkey> SOPHIE
[12:32] <VeilOfReality> Ugh, Alsy why are you here?
[12:32] <ImAMonkey> ALSY
[12:32] <VeilOfReality> MIKEY
[12:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Tulpaforce?
[12:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Never heard of it
[12:33] <HeroOfTheEightChakras> *pokes everyone*
[12:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Eh
[12:33] <ImAMonkey> Black Bullet ended which sucked
[12:33] <608673> (heart) (heart) (heart) 
[12:33] <ImAMonkey> But SAO 2 just started
[12:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Naruto is ending
[12:33] <ImAMonkey> Naruto is stupid as fuck
[12:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Yep guess I'll watch that
[12:33] <ImAMonkey> So is One Piece
[12:33] <ImAMonkey> So is Bleach
[12:33] <AlSy> I came here so you wouldn't be depressed 
[12:33] <AlSy> Veil
[12:33] <SuperEliteJordan> One piece is bad
[12:34] <SuperEliteJordan> Bleach is bad
[12:34] <ImAMonkey> Except Bleach is the best of all of them
[12:34] <SuperEliteJordan> Shonen jump is normally bad -ish
[12:34] <ImAMonkey> Naruto's voice actor in both English and Japanese is shitttttttttttttt
[12:34] <ImAMonkey> Fairy Tail is the only good long-running anime
[12:34] <AlSy> Everyone knows you have problems...
[12:34] <SuperEliteJordan> The english actor is a girl
[12:34] <SuperEliteJordan> Fairy tail is funny
[12:34] <ImAMonkey> Because its A-1 pictures who made Blue Exorcist and SAO
[12:34] <VeilOfReality> I'm only depressed when you're here, Alsy.
[12:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Kewl
[12:35] <ImAMonkey> And the bloopers for the English Blue Exorcist were fucking hilarious
[12:35] <AlSy> *not depressed 
[12:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Fairy tail should have been one of the "big three"
[12:35] <ImAMonkey> No it shouldnt have
[12:35] <Aerys-ICTX> reddit has a tulpa forum/thread/whatever the fuck they call it
[12:35] <AlSy> You're so excited to see me you can't even spell correctly
[12:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Big three = bleach naruto and one piece
[12:35] <ImAMonkey> The other animes are over 350 episodes long
[12:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah but most is filler
[12:36] <SuperEliteJordan> AGREED
[12:36] <SuperEliteJordan> (Omg) 
[12:36] <ImAMonkey> Fairy Tail has barely any filler
[12:36] <Agunnimon> One piece is good but they make each arc to long
[12:36] <VeilOfReality> -_- I'm so excited to see you leave Alsy, that my spelling is perfect. 
[12:36] <608673> lol
[12:36] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah the creator was actually smart and didn't need much filler
[12:36] <ImAMonkey> You guys fight a lot ;3
[12:36] <Agunnimon> *hugs veil "it's okay friend let it all out 
[12:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[12:37] <AlSy> It's okay to be in denial, Veil
[12:37] <ImAMonkey> Jordan, watch Black Bullet
[12:37] <AlSy> I understand 
[12:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Kay
[12:37] <608673> lol
[12:37] <AlSy> But you can be honest with us
[12:37] <VeilOfReality> I hate you so much.
[12:37] <ImAMonkey> Its about 10 year old girls with superpowers and they are called Initiators
[12:37] <608673> (hiding) beware the wrath of veil
[12:37] <AlSy> We want to help you overcome your problems
[12:37] <AlSy> and you have so many...
[12:37] <ImAMonkey> While they work with Civil Police officers called Promoters
[12:37] <AlSy> It's completely okay
[12:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Kewl
[12:37] <VeilOfReality> What problems? My only problem is you.
[12:37] <ImAMonkey> And they fight these things called Gastrea
[12:37] <ImAMonkey> Its amazing 
[12:37] <ImAMonkey> SOPHIE NOT ONLY HIM
[12:37] <SuperEliteJordan> What site can I watch it on?
[12:38] <ImAMonkey> What about Oka, Hero,. etc
[12:38] <SuperEliteJordan> myAnimeList
[12:38] <SuperEliteJordan> ?
[12:38] <AlSy> Monkey
[12:38] <VeilOfReality> Oh yeah, I hate hero too.
[12:38] <ImAMonkey> KissAnime
[12:38] <AlSy> you misunderstood her
[12:38] <VeilOfReality> I don't mind oka though.
[12:38] <AlSy> she was looking in a mirror when she said that
[12:38] <Aerys-ICTX> Yeah I'm not on the list
[12:38] <AlSy> She was saying that her only problem was herself
[12:38] <ImAMonkey>
[12:39] <VeilOfReality> Alsy, one day I am going to cut your limbs off. Then while you're still alive set you on fire.
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> Its only 12 episodes but its good in my opinion
[12:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Thx monkey
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> Also the intro is fuckin epic
[12:39] <AlSy> What if I don't have limbs?
[12:39] <ImAMonkey> They picked amazing intro music
[12:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Hmost intros suck
[12:39] <Aerys-ICTX> She'll make you some
[12:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Most*
[12:39] <608673> what about me veil
[12:39] <AlSy> Aww... that would be nice of her
[12:39] <608673> hate me too
[12:39] <AlSy> Veil you're so nive
[12:39] <AlSy> *nice
[12:39] <VeilOfReality> I don't mind you 608.
[12:39] <AlSy> Even tho you have problems
[12:39] <608673> yay 
[12:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Like I try to make my friends watch anime and they don't like the intro and leave
[12:39] <608673> (omg) 
[12:40] <VeilOfReality> What problems are those Alsy?
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> Jordan the intro isn't everything
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> But black bullet has an amazing intro
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> Actually it has 2
[12:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah I know
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> With the same epic song
[12:40] <SuperEliteJordan> But. Its nice to put good effort to go that extra mile
[12:40] <ImAMonkey> The first intro only runs for 4 episodes though
[12:40] <AlSy> I can't tell you, you have to figure it out by yourself 
[12:41] <Agunnimon> Veil stop bein mad you'll get wrinkles n won't be cute anymore
[12:41] <AlSy> Her face is made of wrinkles 
[12:41] <VeilOfReality> -_- 
[12:41] <AlSy> :D 
[12:42] <VeilOfReality> I will wrap you in barbed wire and feed you to a starving tiger.
[12:42] <ImAMonkey> Sophie's never showed her face tho
[12:42] <AlSy> Tigers wouldn't eat me
[12:42] <VeilOfReality> Some people've seen it.
[12:42] <ImAMonkey> Damn Sophie you are violent
[12:42] <AlSy> Tigers love me
[12:42] <ImAMonkey> AND YOU DIDN'T SHOW ME 
[12:42] <ImAMonkey> IM OFFENDED D:
[12:42] <608673> (heart) =broken 
[12:43] <VeilOfReality> xD Relax, I showed them a picture from like 2 years ago.
[12:43] <SuperEliteJordan> I don't know what the hell going on any more
[12:43] <VeilOfReality> You're missing out on nothing/
[12:43] <ImAMonkey> Why can't I see ;-;
[12:43] <SuperEliteJordan> Aw I'm sure your cute
[12:43] <SuperEliteJordan> :3
[12:43] <608673> im adorable :) 
[12:43] <VeilOfReality> And I'm sure you look like a donkey's ass Jordan.
[12:43] <AlSy> I'm AlSy
[12:43] <Maskedmoon> Hello 
[12:43] <Maskedmoon> Greetings veil
[12:43] <Maskedmoon> How are you'
[12:43] <Maskedmoon> 
[12:43] <AlSy> * AlSy is AlSy
[12:43] <VeilOfReality> I'm decent, and you?
[12:44] <ImAMonkey> Sophie show me the picture
[12:44] <SuperEliteJordan> I look like a normal person
[12:44] <ImAMonkey> I wanna see
[12:44] <AlSy> * AlSy is VeilOfReality
[12:44] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm told I look handsome but I think I'm average at best
[12:44] <Agunnimon> Veilis the most beautiful girl ever stop hatin Alsy
[12:44] <AlSy> I look like myself
[12:44] <AlSy> believe it or not
[12:44] <SuperEliteJordan> I wanna see :3
[12:44] <608673>
[12:44] <ImAMonkey> Sophie show me. There is nothin to worry about. 
[12:45] <608673> i look awesome 
[12:45] <Aerys-ICTX> I don't believe you
[12:45] <AlSy> No one's hating 
[12:45] <ImAMonkey> Don't believe who?
[12:45] <AlSy> I know how Veil looks like
[12:45] <SuperEliteJordan> ERMERGHERD
[12:45] <Aerys-ICTX> AISy because he said believe it or not
[12:45] <SuperEliteJordan> My tablet is lagging on kissanime
[12:46] <LordPsylocke> Hello all
[12:46] <Aerys-ICTX> Hi you two
[12:46] <VeilOfReality> Alsy, are you going to post that picture from that cartoon again and say it was me?
[12:46] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi psylocke
[12:46] <Xavier1409> EHH MAGARITY
[12:46] <AlSy> No 
[12:46] <Xavier1409> MAGARITA*
[12:46] <AlSy> But I could
[12:46] <LordPsylocke> Oh look he speaks
[12:46] <AlSy> I meant the real picture lol
[12:46] <AlSy> I was serious for once
[12:46] <Strippykitten> Hi
[12:46] <AlSy> Can you believe it?
[12:46] <Aerys-ICTX> How are you
[12:46] <Aerys-ICTX> no..
[12:46] <LordPsylocke> Of course not
[12:47] <AlSy> Hey Xavier 
[12:47] <AlSy> didn't see you in a long time.....
[12:47] <Xavier1409> just training with evan so thats why im on here
[12:47] <Xavier1409> if any trolling should occur
[12:47] <AlSy> So you didn't come back to see me!?
[12:47] <LordPsylocke> ... shouldn't you be bothering PI AI
[12:47] <AlSy> * AlSy is offended 
[12:47] <Xavier1409> NO!
[12:47] <Xavier1409> add me on facebook though
[12:48] <608673> the lack of mods disturbs me
[12:48] <AlSy> where did you get an idea I have a facebook?
[12:48] <SuperEliteJordan> Hey any tips on scanning?
[12:48] <ImAMonkey> Lack of?
[12:48] <SuperEliteJordan> the log is here 608
[12:48] <ImAMonkey> There are no mods
[12:48] <AlSy> * AlSy maybe doesn't have a facebook
[12:48] <ImAMonkey> And some of the mods don't even pay attention to the chat
[12:48] <Xavier1409> where did you get the idea that i got the idea that you didnt have one?
[12:48] <SuperEliteJordan> Doesn't the chat log count
[12:48] <AlSy> Hmm...
[12:48] <608673> lol
[12:49] <SuperEliteJordan> He caught you in a lie AISy
[12:49] <SuperEliteJordan> (Omg) 
[12:49] <AlSy> * AlSy doesn't lie
[12:49] <SuperEliteJordan> Lie^
[12:49] <AlSy> Maybe
[12:49] <Strippykitten> Hey guys did u hear about webster dieing its sad he was so sweet
[12:49] <608673> * 608673 is the picture of goodness 
[12:49] <SuperEliteJordan> Webster died?
[12:50] <608673> webster?
[12:50] <Aerys-ICTX> Anyone who says they don't lie is a dirty dirty liar 
[12:50] <Strippykitten> Yes unfortunatly
[12:50] <Xavier1409> well
[12:50] <Xavier1409> Magnus Bergmann Carstensen
[12:50] <Xavier1409> add me
[12:50] <Xavier1409> and experience the magic
[12:51] <608673> hello lucem 
[12:51] <Strippykitten> Oh u guys don't know this guy named facelessassassin killed hi
[12:51] <ImAMonkey> Hello person I haven't seen before so therefore am assuming is a newcomer
[12:51] <Strippykitten> M
[12:52] <Strippykitten> Oh u know who iam 
[12:52] <ImAMonkey> Oh that's nice
[12:52] <Aerys-ICTX> This episode of psi wikia chat is brought to you by the number e
[12:52] <ImAMonkey> I scared 'im off
[12:52] <Strippykitten> I am your nightmare
[12:52] <AlSy> What is that suppose to mean Xavier?
[12:52] <ImAMonkey> Sorry Strippy
[12:52] <AlSy> Are you a "lady of the night"?
[12:52] <Aerys-ICTX> not the letter, but the number e
[12:52] <Xavier1409> dunno
[12:52] <ImAMonkey> I don't have an efficient dream recall
[12:52] <Xavier1409> just dont stalk my gf
[12:52] <ImAMonkey> I don't know my own nightmares
[12:52] <Xavier1409> or im gonna delete you
[12:52] <Xavier1409> xD
[12:52] <608673> lol
[12:53] <Strippykitten> I am everything you hate 
[12:53] <AlSy> People can't stalk someone who doesn't exist
[12:53] <ImAMonkey> I hate people
[12:53] <Xavier1409> hahahaha
[12:53] <AlSy> * AlSy is offended
[12:53] <608673> lol
[12:53] <ImAMonkey> You are a person that I've just met 
[12:53] <Strippykitten> Iam facelessassassin 
[12:53] <608673> * 608673 laughs 
[12:53] <ImAMonkey> So therefore I hate you
[12:53] <Xavier1409> got nothing to prove over for a guy on the internet aL ;)
[12:53] <ImAMonkey> Al I don't hate you
[12:53] <608673> * 608673 laughs hysterically 
[12:53] <ImAMonkey> You are nice to me
[12:54] <Strippykitten> I am facelessknight
[12:54] <AlSy> So that will be your excuse...
[12:54] <AlSy> Okay
[12:54] <Strippykitten> Iam just leave webster alone 
[12:54] <Xavier1409> :-)
[12:54] <Strippykitten> I am your worst nightmare
[12:54] <Xavier1409> would you be jelly if i said that she does this stuff too?
[12:54] <608673> ...
[12:54] <ImAMonkey> Webster can fucking die a painful death
[12:54] <608673> ...
[12:55] <608673> * 608673 is offened 
[12:55] <Strippykitten> You cannot kill me!
[12:55] <ImAMonkey> I'll burn his arms and dip him in a pool of lava
[12:55] <AlSy> No, I'm sorry but you're not gonna make me turn my self into jelly
[12:55] <Agunnimon> Crap I don't know how I should make this tulpa
[12:55] <608673> * 608673 is immune to fire#
[12:55] <AlSy> Are you jelly that I can turn myself into jelly?
[12:55] <AlSy> I bet you are
[12:55] <Strippykitten> I will find him I will find HIM!
[12:55] <Aerys-ICTX> This drama brought to you by the letters s&m
[12:55] <ImAMonkey> I NEED TESTERS
[12:55] <Xavier1409> are you jelly that i can do pyrokinesis?
[12:55] <608673> * 608673 sets up the flammable jelly trap
[12:55] <Xavier1409> I BET YOU ARE
[12:55] <ImAMonkey> Oh right
[12:56] <Xavier1409> AL YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BITCH :3 <3
[12:56] <Xavier1409> no homo xD
[12:56] <Xavier1409> 
[12:56] <ImAMonkey> I saw the video of you doing PyroK
[12:56] <AlSy> I can do it too
[12:56] <AlSy> I just need a lighter
[12:56] <ImAMonkey> ^
[12:56] <ImAMonkey> In theory it is with your mind
[12:56] <AlSy> I bet you're starting to get jelly now
[12:56] <Strippykitten> And how's your apergers or should Isay assburgers 
[12:56] <ImAMonkey> Strippy
[12:56] <ImAMonkey> Go fucking murder yourself
[12:56] <ImAMonkey> In a hole
[12:56] <608673> * 608673 is done setting up the flammable jelly trap saw theme song kicks in 
[12:57] <ImAMonkey> And die alone like the little bitch you are
[12:57] <ImAMonkey> And autism is never a good thing you cunt
[12:57] <Aerys-ICTX> You know you gont ta be banned right little pussy
[12:57] <Strippykitten> I cannot die you CANNOT KILL ME!
[12:57] <AlSy> wait what...
[12:57] <608673> no mods
[12:57] <Xavier1409> ive gotte alot better since lol
[12:57] <AlSy> what's going on....
[12:57] <608673> the lack of mods is bad 
[12:57] <Xavier1409> dont use hands no more
[12:57] <608673> someone promote me :) 
[12:57] <Xavier1409> hahahahahahaha
[12:57] <Xavier1409> BET YOU CANT DO THAT
[12:57] <AlSy> lol Xavier
[12:57] <ImAMonkey> Never 608
[12:57] <AlSy> "dont use hands no more"
[12:58] <608673> why not monkey 
[12:58] <Strippykitten> You think Icare ill make another account 
[12:58] <Agunnimon> Where is the gen method I wanna ask my tulpa to kill him
[12:58] <Aerys-ICTX> They will keep banning you
[12:58] <ImAMonkey> What Agun
[12:58] <ImAMonkey> The gen method is my blog
[12:58] <Strippykitten> YOU CANNOT KILL ME
[12:58] <ImAMonkey> I need people to test the blog
[12:58] <Agunnimon> That way making another won't matter : )
[12:58] <Aerys-ICTX> Wrong, Only I can leave forever
[12:58] <ImAMonkey> ACTUALLY
[12:58] <Aerys-ICTX> *live
[12:59] <608673> true 
[12:59] <AlSy> Yeah
[12:59] <Aerys-ICTX> You can still bypass that, but still
[12:59] <AlSy> I did that always when I blocked someone
[12:59] <AlSy> just in case
[12:59] <Xavier1409> join Skype call aL
[12:59] <Xavier1409> im on cam
[12:59] <Xavier1409> its a rare thing
[12:59] <608673> woah chill monkey 
[12:59] <Strippykitten> OH NO YOUR NOT GONNA BAN ME I don't give a fuck
[12:59] <AlSy> Can't open skype anymore
[12:59] <AlSy> it's broken
[12:59] <Aerys-ICTX> *you're
[12:59] <AlSy> and don't type in caps guys...
[12:59] <ImAMonkey> hahaha Ally
[12:59] <AlSy> And you've been always on cam when I was on 
[12:59] <Aerys-ICTX> be a good pussy and let the hammer pound you to death
[01:00] <Strippykitten> YOU CANNOT FAZE ME
[01:00] <Aerys-ICTX> *phase
[01:00] <608673> (ban) 
[01:00] <AlSy> Hammer time
[01:00] <Agunnimon> If you can't die then imma have fun torturing you until it is
[01:00] <Xavier1409> i know its irony
[01:00] <608673> (banhammer)
[01:00] <Xavier1409> never had a problem with being on cam
[01:01] <AlSy> Most times when I cammed no one else did...
[01:01] <ImAMonkey> Why can't murder be legal for 24 hours
[01:01] <AlSy> so everyone was just staring at me...
[01:01] <Strippykitten> U CAN NOT hurt me
[01:01] <ImAMonkey> I can hurt anyone
[01:01] <AlSy> Wait for the Purge 
[01:01] <AlSy> monkey
[01:01] <ImAMonkey> It's called a knife
[01:01] <Aerys-ICTX> Can you at least type out you
[01:01] <608673> just fyi i would make a excellent mod :D 
[01:01] <Aerys-ICTX> Why?
[01:01] <AlSy> sure you would 
[01:02] <ImAMonkey> Umm 608
[01:02] <AlSy> I miss being an admin....
[01:02] <ImAMonkey> Oka became a mod
[01:02] <ImAMonkey> OKA
[01:02] <AlSy> It was so fun to kick people
[01:02] <ImAMonkey> The sex obsessed freak
[01:02] <Aerys-ICTX> this is the 2nd time
[01:02] <Aerys-ICTX> I think the first time he was an admin 
[01:02] <AlSy> Yes
[01:02] <Xavier1409> aL
[01:02] <Strippykitten> A KNIFE DOESN'T HURT ME
[01:02] <Xavier1409> tell vegeta to add you
[01:02] <AlSy> where?
[01:02] <AlSy> and Oka was an admin
[01:02] <Xavier1409> skype
[01:03] <AlSy> and then he left
[01:03] <AlSy> I have him on skype
[01:03] <Aerys-ICTX> Bleh it doesn't really make a difference to me
[01:03] <ImAMonkey> I don't even know how Oka became an admin
[01:03] <AlSy> We voted
[01:03] <Aerys-ICTX> Why him?
[01:03] <AlSy> I don't remember 
[01:03] <AlSy> but I know I voted for him lol
[01:03] <ImAMonkey> XD
[01:03] <Aerys-ICTX> He had been banned before because of his inappropriate behavior and excessive spam
[01:03] <Aerys-ICTX> or kicked repeatedly 
[01:03] <ImAMonkey> AlSy you should've stayed admin
[01:03] <AlSy> Yeah I should have...
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> You were a great admin
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> Except you kicked me one time
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> ;-;
[01:04] <AlSy> lol
[01:04] <Strippykitten> BAN ME CMON CAN YOU DO IT
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> COURTNEY
[01:04] <AlSy> Don't type in capsssss
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> Strippy
[01:04] <XxDarkRavenxX> hi ~ 
[01:04] <AlSy> Hey
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> I want to shove the ban hammer up your arse right now'
[01:04] <Aerys-ICTX> Users should have the power to approve moderators
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> And watch you bleed
[01:04] <608673> yh an admin 
[01:04] <Aerys-ICTX> Ahh do the honors eins
[01:04] <ImAMonkey> Because you are pissing me off
[01:04] <XxDarkRavenxX> e.o
[01:04] <XxDarkRavenxX> What's goin' on e.o
[01:04] <EinsVanCat> So, whats he doing?
[01:05] <Agunnimon> Monkey it's time I shall begin formibg it
[01:05] <Aerys-ICTX> Making fun of users
[01:05] <Aerys-ICTX> Typing in all caps
[01:05] <608673> being a pricj 
[01:05] <608673> *prick 
[01:05] <Aerys-ICTX> Begging to be banned
[01:05] <Aerys-ICTX> literally begging
[01:05] <ImAMonkey> Give me feedback Agun
[01:05] <XxDarkRavenxX> Kill it with fire
[01:05] <ImAMonkey> ^^^
[01:05] <Aerys-ICTX> Hello
[01:05] <EinsVanCat> got it
[01:06] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Sup
[01:06] <Aerys-ICTX> Causing arguments
[01:06] <XxDarkRavenxX> Monkey ~ Guess what ;3
[01:06] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[01:06] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Whyd you do that she was hot
[01:06] <ImAMonkey> What?
[01:07] <Xavier1409> alsy did you get added?
[01:07] <Xavier1409> and are you even online
[01:07] <XxDarkRavenxX> ~ XD I am finally taking Drivers Ed <3
[01:07] <Aerys-ICTX> Cool
[01:07] <AlSy> No
[01:07] <ImAMonkey> Cool
[01:07] <Xavier1409> GET ON YOU SLUG
[01:07] <Aerys-ICTX> How old are you?
[01:07] <AlSy> I told you my skype was broken lol
[01:07] <ImAMonkey> Good luck <3
[01:07] <Xavier1409> reveur was there before
[01:07] <Xavier1409> FUCK U
[01:07] <Xavier1409> :(
[01:07] <XxDarkRavenxX> 15, and I waited 9 months to take it e.o
[01:07] <Aerys-ICTX> lol
[01:07] <Xavier1409> last chance i might be on al
[01:07] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Why take drivers ed when you can fly and levitate n shit
[01:07] <ImAMonkey> Because you can't 
[01:08] <Aerys-ICTX> What are your state's requirements for a license?
[01:08] <XxDarkRavenxX> xD ~ It's pissing me off too like you have no idea
[01:08] <Buck45> Hey
[01:08] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Yes I'm back to mobile style
[01:08] <Aerys-ICTX> I get my license next week, but I drive without it with no one else in the car shhhh
[01:08] <AlSy> I can't magically fix it lol
[01:08] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> i love mobile style
[01:08] <AlSy> It wont open
[01:08] <AlSy> it lags and freezes 
[01:08] <XxDarkRavenxX> Well I have to take drivers ed (D.A.T.A) and then wait a full year and drive in the required hours and shit
[01:08] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> I can levitate
[01:08] <Aerys-ICTX> Really in california it is only 6 months
[01:08] <Buck45> u should make a page 
[01:09] <Buck45> if u can leviate .
[01:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> I think it's a full year, I will check again
[01:09] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> What if buck45 is strippykitten
[01:09] <AlSy> No, don't make pages...
[01:09] <Buck45> i, not a strippykitten 
[01:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> Because ~ Like it's Florida and Florida is weird XD
[01:09] <Aerys-ICTX> I know the permit is good for a year
[01:09] <ImAMonkey> Buck isnt
[01:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> Ya
[01:09] <ImAMonkey> Good luck Courtney <3 :3
[01:09] <Xavier1409> fix it
[01:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> I'm legit scared of driving XD
[01:09] <Xavier1409> reinstall it
[01:09] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Ok I always question new members right after someone gets banned lol
[01:09] <Xavier1409> now
[01:10] <Buck45> y wut did strippy kitty do? 
[01:10] <AlSy> I tried yesterday
[01:10] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> She stripped infront of kids and got herself banned
[01:10] <XxDarkRavenxX> I was learning to drive at 14 and I was with my step dad going down this road..I nearly drove into a ditch e.o
[01:10] <Buck45> Ewww how would they see it there is no wiki video chat 
[01:10] <Aerys-ICTX> I almost crashed into a wall at 5 mphs
[01:10] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary>
[01:11] <XxDarkRavenxX> ..XDD lmfao!
[01:11] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> im jk
[01:11] <Buck45> i ran over a tree 
[01:11] <Aerys-ICTX> But that was because I was used to my mom's jeep with power steering 
[01:11] <XxDarkRavenxX> I was going 7 mph when I was nearly in a ditch
[01:11] <Buck45> dude i ran over a tree 
[01:11] <Aerys-ICTX> and then I get in my old corrolla and it didn't have it so i wasn't used to having to turn the wheel so mcuh
[01:11] <Buck45> i get the bad driving prize .
[01:11] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> You two can you not talk about your shitty driving skills
[01:11] <Aerys-ICTX> *much
[01:11] <XxDarkRavenxX> I was that scared e.o I hate driving fast it makes me all like ~ Scare
[01:11] <XxDarkRavenxX> scared ~ 
[01:11] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> gosh
[01:12] <Aerys-ICTX> I don't have shitty driving skills,,, i had a shitty car
[01:12] <Xavier1409> do somethingg
[01:12] <608673> holiday for a week tomoz :) 
[01:12] <Xavier1409> use googgleeee
[01:12] <Buck45> the fastest i go is the top speed on my lawnmower
[01:12] <XxDarkRavenxX> Brb Imma look at the requirements <3
[01:12] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> I have a Ford GT500
[01:12] <Xavier1409> use your braaaiinn
[01:12] <Xavier1409> use your lighteerr
[01:12] <AlSy> What if I don't have one
[01:12] <Xavier1409> use your jellyyyy
[01:12] <608673> this will be my last day here
[01:12] <Xavier1409> use you non existant girlfrieeenddd
[01:12] <608673> for a week :(
[01:12] <Buck45> Y 608?
[01:13] <AlSy> Now workinggggg
[01:13] <Aerys-ICTX> it is a year after you pass the written test
[01:13] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> There was an as about a Lexus car I wanted to get
[01:13] <Aerys-ICTX> that sucks
[01:13] <AlSy> I just installed it again
[01:13] <608673> going on holiday 
[01:13] <Xavier1409> YES
[01:13] <608673> for a week to wales 
[01:13] <Xavier1409> OK
[01:13] <AlSy> and it freezes when it starts up
[01:13] <Buck45> O have fun 608
[01:13] <608673> ty 
[01:13] <Buck45> np were u going on ur holiday 
[01:13] <Aerys-ICTX> I saw a range rover from 2000 that was only 5,000 bucks I wanted to buy, but it got sold the same day it went on sale
[01:13] <Xavier1409> WTF DUDE
[01:13] <Xavier1409> USE YOUR MOBILE
[01:14] <Xavier1409> USE YOUR TABLET
[01:14] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> You people probably could afford volkswagens
[01:14] <EinsVanCat> .-.
[01:14] <608673> wales 
[01:14] <Buck45> weres that 
[01:14] <XxDarkRavenxX> " A teenager must have a learners permit for one year while practicing their driving skills with an adult. After 12 months, he/ she can then take the behind-the-wheel driving test for a full Florida operators license."
[01:14] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> That's not the actual requirements
[01:14] <Buck45> gud luck who ever taking eir driving test 
[01:15] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> a 13 year old is a teenager can they get a license too
[01:15] <608673> lol next to england buck 
[01:15] <Buck45> lucky 
[01:15] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> dont get shit off yahoo.answers
[01:15] <AlSy> my phone has no space left
[01:15] <AlSy> and I have no tablet lol
[01:15] <Xavier1409> ok
[01:15] <XxDarkRavenxX> e.o
[01:15] <Xavier1409> bad excuses
[01:15] <Buck45> i want 2 go to Europe 
[01:15] <XxDarkRavenxX>
[01:15] <Xavier1409> fine
[01:15] <Aerys-ICTX> IT is way easier for you to get your license in florida
[01:15] <AlSy> what bad excuses!?
[01:15] <AlSy> lol
[01:15] <XxDarkRavenxX> xD ~ Eh..
[01:15] <AlSy> I don't have a tabled and I don't have any more space on my crap phone
[01:15] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> I solved the Zodiac Killer's message
[01:16] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> I'm going to California in a few weeks to bust him
[01:16] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> See you there raven
[01:16] <AlSy> ...
[01:16] <XxDarkRavenxX> I can take Drivers Ed free on Florida Virtual school and take the test for 30 dollars and get all the shit 
[01:16] <Buck45> Lucky its like 300 in wi
[01:16] <Aerys-ICTX> officially all you need is a 4 hour course
[01:16] <Xavier1409> ok al :(
[01:16] <XxDarkRavenxX> I don't live in Cali e.o
[01:16] <Xavier1409> you just missed me playing guitar
[01:16] <Xavier1409> and doing pyrokinesis
[01:16] <Xavier1409> xD
[01:16] <AlSy> -_-
[01:16] <AlSy> You so mean
[01:17] <Xavier1409> ;)
[01:17] <Aerys-ICTX> I'm talking about in Florida
[01:17] <Xavier1409> im gonna get on Again dont worry
[01:17] <XxDarkRavenxX> Ya ~ 
[01:17] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Is your pyrokinesis you blowing at a flame
[01:17] <Xavier1409> for ur sake
[01:17] <Aerys-ICTX> and you can miss more questions on the written test too
[01:17] <AlSy> I'm sad about pyrokinesis
[01:17] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> and saying u moved it lol
[01:17] <AlSy> but
[01:17] <Aerys-ICTX> which is super easy
[01:17] <Xavier1409> no
[01:17] <Xavier1409> its not
[01:17] <AlSy> I'm glad I missed the guitar 
[01:17] <Xavier1409> i can do it behind my back
[01:17] <Xavier1409> and no you arent
[01:17] <AlSy> I'm sick of guitar...
[01:17] <Xavier1409> i play like jimi hendrix
[01:17] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> I hate guitars
[01:17] <AlSy> I finally finished music school after 7 years of torture 
[01:17] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> guitars are boring
[01:18] <AlSy> and now I want to break my guitar 
[01:18] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> get a ocarina 
[01:18] <Xavier1409> ok
[01:18] <AlSy> It was fun for like first 3 months 
[01:18] <Xavier1409> just gonna leave now
[01:18] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD Omg ~ friend got her permit recently..and she fails at a lot of wise...So Idk it sadly made me happy
[01:18] <AlSy> lol
[01:18] <AlSy> Whyyyyy
[01:18] <Xavier1409> i dont need this negativity in my life
[01:18] <Xavier1409> !
[01:18] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> or a piano learn to play piano any girl will shove theirselves onto your lap
[01:18] <AlSy> You so mean!
[01:18] <Aerys-ICTX> In california you have to complete 30 hours of a dmv certified course(some only do a 5 hour one, but they started cracking down on it) 
[01:18] <Xavier1409> i already have a girlfirend
[01:18] <Xavier1409> friend*
[01:18] <Aerys-ICTX> and be enrolled in driver's training
[01:18] <Xavier1409> so no need ;-)
[01:18] <AlSy> You already have a friend?
[01:18] <Aerys-ICTX> and you need to complete six hours of that..
[01:19] <Xavier1409> yes
[01:19] <XxDarkRavenxX> xD
[01:19] <AlSy> Wow
[01:19] <AlSy> I've read about those in books
[01:19] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> It's not good to pay people
[01:19] <Aerys-ICTX> then 6 months and a day later you can take the behind the wheel test
[01:19] <XxDarkRavenxX> I read the handbook and all ~ 
[01:19] <Aerys-ICTX> unless you turn 18
[01:19] <AlSy> "friends" are mysterious creatures 
[01:19] <AlSy> I've been trying to catch one for years 
[01:19] <Aerys-ICTX> The test is super easy, it made that class a waste of time
[01:20] <Xavier1409> xD
[01:20] <AlSy> but they run away when I come near
[01:20] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD Aisy..
[01:20] <XxDarkRavenxX> lmfao XD
[01:20] <Xavier1409> its ususally the in grass terrain
[01:20] <Xavier1409> and its 1/100 to find it
[01:20] <AlSy> I even made a meal just for them
[01:20] <XxDarkRavenxX> Sounds like it Aerys
[01:20] <Xavier1409> and youo should use a master ball
[01:20] <AlSy> I read about what they eat in some book
[01:20] <AlSy> and I made a thing called "cake"
[01:20] <Xavier1409> fuck
[01:20] <Xavier1409> what cake
[01:20] <Xavier1409> xD
[01:20] <AlSy> I didn't have any sugar tho so I put rat poison
[01:21] <XxDarkRavenxX> They had drivers ed at my school a year before I went there, they got rid of it saying it's a waste of space, time and money
[01:21] <AlSy> and they just ran away
[01:21] <Xavier1409> no matter
[01:21] <Xavier1409> ive eaten worse
[01:21] <AlSy> I even invited them to my basement 
[01:21] <AlSy> they refused
[01:21] <XxDarkRavenxX> ^ XD
[01:21] <Xavier1409> try to drink hospiral alchohol while eating a toast
[01:21] <Xavier1409> thats strong
[01:21] <Xavier1409> hospital*
[01:21] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> Doesn't alsy remind you of Aslal or someone related
[01:21] <Xavier1409> you can see how it affected my typing lol
[01:21] <AlSy> I'm one of a kind
[01:22] <608673> ...
[01:22] <AlSy> * AlSy is special 
[01:23] <AlSy> Everyone is leaving...
[01:23] <Aerys-ICTX> not the mod uh oh
[01:23] <AlSy> This is unusual, I didn't even invite them to my basement 
[01:23] <ImAMonkey> AlSy and Aslal aren't alike
[01:24] <608673> ...
[01:24] <AlSy> They playing Frozen just now in my town...
[01:24] <AlSy> we're a little behind...
[01:24] <Aerys-ICTX> lol
[01:24] <AlSy> Friend ask me to go see it, but we literally just watched it last week on my computer...
[01:24] <AlSy> *asked
[01:25] <Aerys-ICTX> now be prepared to smack everyone singing those annoying songs
[01:25] <Xavier1409> LET IT GOOO
[01:25] <Xavier1409> LET IT GOOO
[01:25] <AlSy> Then poop
[01:25] <XxDarkRavenxX>
[01:25] <AlSy> You shouldn't hold it in
[01:25] <AlSy> unhealthy 
[01:26] <XxDarkRavenxX> OH SHIT, Shit get's real one the youtube ad I get is Anonymous XD 
[01:26] <AlSy> and you're welcome for the tip
[01:26] <XxDarkRavenxX> When *
[01:26] <Aerys-ICTX> WB
[01:26] <AlSy> wb
[01:27] <Aerys-ICTX> May the stars watch over you and not blast you down
[01:27] <AlSy> The stars are dead
[01:27] <ImAMonkey> I love that song Courtney <3
[01:27] <AlSy> Yay
[01:27] <ImAMonkey> I hate Frozen
[01:27] <ImAMonkey> But that song
[01:27] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD I'm like scared by the fact the video is "Will you Help Me Hide A Body" and the Ad I get is Anonymous XD 
[01:27] <AlSy> It's a sign...
[01:27] <AlSy> HIDE
[01:27] <XxDarkRavenxX> ^
[01:27] <ImAMonkey> Help me hide a body Courtney <3
[01:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> YES
[01:28] <ImAMonkey> Alsy you help too
[01:28] <AlSy> shh monkey 
[01:28] <ImAMonkey> No
[01:28] <AlSy> it's not safe here...
[01:28] <ImAMonkey> We are going on an excursion
[01:28] <AlSy> they're watching 
[01:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> Yup..Shit got real alright ..
[01:28] <ImAMonkey> ITS A GREAT SONG RIGHT?
[01:28] <Aerys-ICTX> The only safe thing to do is go steal a nuke and aim for a random city
[01:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> XD LMFAO Aerys 
[01:28] <AlSy> City's are dead
[01:28] <XxDarkRavenxX> Aerys * ~ 
[01:29] <XxDarkRavenxX> Brb XD Imma go do stuff real quick
[01:29] <AlSy> gonna get a shovel and do something real quick...
[01:29] <Aerys-ICTX> Do what?
[01:29] <608673> ...
[01:29] <ImAMonkey> I only have 95 Skype contacts
[01:30] <AlSy> I only know 4% of my skype contacts...
[01:30] <Aerys-ICTX> I have 99 problems is that comparable?
[01:30] <608673> ...
[01:30] <AlSy> I hate when someone changes their name on there
[01:30] <ImAMonkey> Watch with caution
[01:30] <AlSy> I can't remember who is who
[01:30] <ImAMonkey> My name on Skype is Michael Saati (Lordt of Canada)
[01:30] <AlSy> Well it doesn't even matter anyway, skype is broken 
[01:31] <AlSy> I didn't use it much anyway tho
[01:31] <AlSy> I only made one for the wikia
[01:31] <ImAMonkey> AlSy you still have tinychat right? :3
[01:31] <AlSy> Everyone in my town hates it, none of my friends have one only facebook...
[01:31] <ImAMonkey> Thats just like Skyping
[01:31] <608673> tiny chat is fucked 
[01:31] <608673> excuse my language 
[01:31] <Aerys-ICTX> Hi Hero
[01:31] <AlSy> It's similar 
[01:32] <ImAMonkey> Why are you saying excuse my language
[01:32] <ImAMonkey> Didn't you hear me swear a crapload earlier?
[01:33] <AlSy> * AlSy is...
[01:33] <AlSy> can you guess who?
[01:33] <AlSy> lol
[01:34] <Xavier1409> GO ON HARRY
[01:34] <AlSy> did everyone leave? ;_;
[01:34] <Xavier1409> YOURE THE CHOSEN ONE
[01:34] <AlSy> Oh it's you...
[01:34] <AlSy> YES
[01:34] <Xavier1409> BUT RON WHAT IF I CANT GET IT UP
[01:34] <ImAMonkey> AlSy is AlSy
[01:34] <AlSy> YES
[01:34] <AlSy> monkey is right
[01:34] <Xavier1409> WINGADIUM LEVIOSA.. what are you doi--AHAHAHAAAAA
[01:35] <AlSy> you will be a scientist when you grow up monkey
[01:35] <Xavier1409> YES MONKEYS ARE THE FUTURE
[01:35] <AlSy> you'll like invent air in space or something
[01:35] <Aerys-ICTX> They made a documentary on it
[01:35] <ImAMonkey> Of course I will
[01:35] <Aerys-ICTX> i believe it was called rise of the planet of apes
[01:35] <ImAMonkey> AlSy
[01:35] <Xavier1409> SHIT
[01:35] <ImAMonkey> You should film a documentary on me <3
[01:35] <Xavier1409> THE TIME PARADOX
[01:36] <Xavier1409> I MUST GO BACK TO MY PEOPLE
[01:36] <ImAMonkey> Life of the Genius Monkey
[01:36] <Xavier1409> SCOTTY BEAM ME UP
[01:36] <AlSy> * AlSy is not AISY
[01:36] <AlSy> * AlSy is AlSy
[01:37] <Aerys-ICTX> Hello
[01:37] <AlSy> The Monkey Who Invented Air (IN SPACE?
[01:37] <AlSy> *)
[01:38] <ImAMonkey> :D 
[01:40] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> i wish i had a pet tiger
[01:40] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> that'd be so awesome yo
[01:40] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> but i would want a superpower to keep me stronger than it you know like electrokinesis or telekinesis at it's finest
[01:41] <608673> im back
[01:42] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[01:42] <Aerys-ICTX> wb hero
[01:43] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[01:43] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> thanks
[01:43] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> i would love to date a mermaid
[01:43] <Aerys-ICTX> Be on that ursula team
[01:43] <Wherewillifindmywifeincalgary> although... it'd be hard cause im land she's both so it'd be awkward
[01:45] <608673> ...
[01:46] <608673> wv veil 
[01:46] <608673> *wb
[01:46] <VeilOfReality> Hello
[01:46] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[01:46] <Maskedmoon> Welcome back Sophia
[01:46] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[01:49] <ImAMonkey> I'm phasing in and out
[01:50] <608673> ok
[06:18] <Angelicz> Hey, Eins is back
[06:18] <Angelicz> Finally :P
[06:18] <EinsVanCat> what? I was here a few minutes ago too..
[06:19] <Angelicz> Oh...
[06:19] <Angelicz> Well I wsn't paying attention...
[06:19] <Angelicz> So it doesn't count :P
[06:21] <Aerys-ICTX> Mean girls is too funny
[06:27] <Angilioth> lol yeah
[06:28] <Aerys-ICTX> i'm still dying over why are you white?
[06:29] <Angilioth> why is who white?
[06:29] <Aerys-ICTX> lindsay lohan 
[06:29] <Angilioth> ahh
[06:31] <Angilioth> i thought you were talking about me
[04:24] <Lesami> damascus steel is just a steel, it can be used to make any type of sword within its reasonalbe limits, though i do like it for its intricate patternss and decent strengh, its agood alloy steel
[04:24] <WorshipMidnight> research the science of it
[04:24] <Lesami> of what? damascus steel or the unnamed sword made of it? 
[04:25] <WorshipMidnight> . A research team in Germany published a report in 2006 revealing nanowires and carbon nanotubes in a blade forged from Damascus steel.[6] This finding was covered by National Geographic[7] and the New York Times.[8] Although certain types of modern steel outperform these swords, chemical reactions in the production process made the blades extraordinary for their time, as damascus steel was superplastic and very hard at the same time.
[04:26] <Lesami> while that may be true, it does not speficically make them superior, as in some cases it is not the material that makes the difference, but shape, size, edge grind, design, grip, and style of use that make the complex differences
[04:27] <WorshipMidnight> Would a vibrating sword make more damage than a normal one?
[04:27] <WorshipMidnight> would it even matter
[04:29] <HereticHellian> nope
[04:29] <Lesami> well, vibration is a form of movment, and cojnsidering that this is how many electronic saws and blades work, it could potentially make a difference however there isnt much evidence on the subject
[04:30] <HereticHellian> ^ point
[04:32] <Lesami> ultrasonic blades seem to be used in the food preperation industry to cut cleanly through foods, and heated blades whicjh are electrically powered are known to ocilate
[04:33] <Lesami> the design for an ocilating blade is not however practical
[04:35] <HereticHellian> i think that it all comes down to skill at the end of the day, even with the perk of a vibrating sword
[04:37] <Lesami> if a blade, potentially, was able to deliver a shock through the opponants sword, it would mean that their blade has a higher advantage both in the fact that whe weapon becomes a hinderance and the fact thait their weapon can now stun and potentuially kill with a graze or minor impact, or, for instance, ones sword is able to cut tyhrough steel due to a superheated edge, again, the opponants sword becomes a hinderance
[04:47] <Nightchild1> say what
[04:50] <Nightchild1> how r u all
[04:54] <Truely Unknown> Hi kiba 
[04:54] <Truely Unknown> and aisy
[04:54] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Tu
[04:54] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Alsy
[04:54] <AlSy> Hey guys
[04:55] <Lesami> hmm, im happy
[04:56] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Horsy
[04:57] <Lesami> i made an awesome sale and made 350 pounds
[04:58] <Horsyqueen> name a good fantasy movi
[04:59] <Lesami> best thing is i got it all in csash over a cheque
[05:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I'm Kiba 
[05:00] <KibaTheWolf> .-.
[05:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol
[05:00] <KibaTheWolf> Lol
[05:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Sup guys
[05:00] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> So I had a trippy experience last night
[05:01] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> If anyone is up for story time
[05:01] <WorshipMidnight> bitcoins
[05:01] <WorshipMidnight> bitcoins for days
[05:01] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol
[05:02] <Lesami> bitcoins pose many economic flaws on thieir own
[05:06] <WorshipMidnight> your just jelly og my bitcoin sweg
[05:07] <Horsyqueen> bit coins are risky
[05:08] <Lesami> no, im not, theres no legal control or managment of their worth, so while their rates can go up you cal loose hundreds of thousands of reletive dollars or pounds due to a simple slip in the independant economy
[05:08] <Horsyqueen> they are like buying stocks
[05:09] <Horsyqueen> stocks are a risky business
[05:09] <Lesami> yup
[05:09] <Horsyqueen> and you have to be super good at predicting the future events of rises and decreases
[05:09] <Horsyqueen> except with bit coins they fluxuate alot worse
[05:10] <Horsyqueen> something can loose £600 in a few hours
[05:11] <WorshipMidnight> it doesnt matter I just mine
[05:16] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[05:18] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> bit coins?
[05:18] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[05:18] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> *googles*
[05:23] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[05:24] <Horsyqueen> i dont feel safe about anything i own
[05:26] <Horsyqueen> so i am having it loked away
[05:26] <Horsyqueen> *locked
[05:26] <Horsyqueen> my cousins nearly broke my phone and ipod
[05:26] <Horsyqueen> if i break my phone i cant get a new one till next october
[05:26] <Horsyqueen> and i will never be able to get a new ipod
[05:27] <Horsyqueen> well till i get a job
[05:29] <XeRhyme> Hello.
[05:31] <Horsyqueen> hey rhyme
[05:31] <XeRhyme> How are you horsy?
[05:33] <Horsyqueen> pissed off
[05:33] <Horsyqueen> my cousins chucked my phone across my room at me
[05:34] <Horsyqueen> it already has a cracked screen
[05:34] <Horsyqueen> and they nearly threw my ipod
[05:34] <WorshipMidnight> how old are they?
[05:34] <Horsyqueen> in which the glass is coming off
[05:34] <Horsyqueen> one is 12
[05:34] <Horsyqueen> the other is 16
[05:34] <XeRhyme> Damn
[05:34] <XeRhyme> I thought you said they were 2 and 6 for a sec I was like
[05:34] <XeRhyme> "Rugrats gone wrong"
[05:35] <Horsyqueen> yer but electronics here are more expencive then amemeria
[05:36] <Horsyqueen> as they add on partly the postage it costs to send them here
[05:37] <XeRhyme> What is amermeria?
[05:37] <Horsyqueen> so apple products cost a hell of a lot
[05:37] <Horsyqueen> *america
[05:38] <XeRhyme> Oh aight
[05:38] <XeRhyme> How much does like,an Ipod cost over there?
[05:38] <Horsyqueen> mine cost like £200
[05:39] <Okamiden12> e.e
[05:39] <Horsyqueen> not exactly sure how much at the time
[05:39] <Horsyqueen> but if they break it
[05:39] <XeRhyme> Wow.
[05:39] <Horsyqueen> i will boot them in the crotch
[05:39] <Horsyqueen> and hope their pelvis breaks
[05:39] <Okamiden12> that's laik 342 dollars ;3
[05:41] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[05:41] <XeRhyme> Damn
[05:41] <XeRhyme> That's some serious exchange
[05:42] <Okamiden12> it's almost 2.5 thousand Kronor though
[05:43] <Horsyqueen> hmm
[05:49] <Horsyqueen> hey lamia *hugs*
[05:50] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hi horsy *hugs*
[05:50] <Lesami> i have a lot of money now .-.
[05:50] <Horsyqueen> how r u?
[05:50] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Blah. Tired n stuff. Was up until 530 cuz mom had to go to ER
[05:51] <Horsyqueen> awww whats wrong
[05:51] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> She got bit by a dog
[05:51] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Karma imo
[05:51] <Okamiden12> e.e
[05:52] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Every time she has a bitch fit she gets injured after random ass dpg attack this time. 
[05:52] <Okamiden12> XD
[05:52] <Horsyqueen> awwww dear
[05:52] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Last time she fell over backwards trying to open a door
[05:52] <Horsyqueen> did she have a rabies jab?
[05:52] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Don't ask how she managed that I don't know
[05:53] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Nah dog had tags
[05:53] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> She had her am sewn back together
[05:53] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Arm
[05:54] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I gotta go get her antibiotics script here soon
[05:54] <Horsyqueen> i see
[05:55] <Okamiden12> these knives are only 2.98 and i still cant afford them -3- i need a damn job
[05:56] <Truely Unknown> Back
[05:56] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol Lamia has a job now
[05:56] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> :) 
[05:57] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hi tutu
[05:57] <Truely Unknown> Hi lamia.
[06:01] <Horsyqueen> i got cider
[06:01] <Horsyqueen> *giggles*
[06:01] <Horsyqueen> i need this
[06:02] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> L
[06:02] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Ol
[06:14] <EinsVanCat> : o it got quiet
[06:14] <Horsyqueen> :/
[06:15] <EinsVanCat> *hugs horsy*
[06:15] <EinsVanCat> Horsy do you wanna talk on skype?
[06:16] <Horsyqueen> i cant
[06:16] <Horsyqueen> mycousin is behind me and may be able to see
[06:17] <Horsyqueen> i dont want them to see
[06:17] <EinsVanCat> ohhh. Ok.
[06:19] <Horsyqueen> tonight
[06:19] <Horsyqueen> 12am
[06:21] <EinsVanCat> well alright then n.n
[06:23] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[06:25] <Horsyqueen> hey masked!
[06:26] <Horsyqueen> ghey leo!
[06:27] <Maskedmoon> Aslal?
[06:27] <Leo14> Hi
[06:27] <Maskedmoon> Hello horsy
[06:27] <Maskedmoon> How are you?
[06:27] <Maskedmoon> And seems like you are happy, great to see!
[06:27] <Maskedmoon> 
[06:30] <Horsyqueen> i am just gonna try and be happy for others
[06:31] <The Angel That Fell> pineapple
[06:31] <Horsyqueen> and cos i have alcohol with me
[06:31] <Horsyqueen> 4.5% but i need it
[06:31] <Horsyqueen> hey aisy
[06:31] <The Angel That Fell> Greetings
[06:31] <Ahmedrashwan> alcohol O_O
[06:32] <AlSy> hey everyone 
[06:32] <Ahmedrashwan> hi
[06:32] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[06:32] <Horsyqueen> cider
[06:32] <Aerys-ICTX> Hello all
[06:32] <Horsyqueen> i need it to remain sane
[06:32] <Horsyqueen> hey aerys!
[06:32] <Ahmedrashwan> hi
[06:33] <Aerys-ICTX> Do we have any scanners here?
[06:33] <Ahmedrashwan> oka
[06:33] <Horsyqueen> i like to do readings
[06:33] <Horsyqueen> i dislike the word scan
[06:33] <Ahmedrashwan> but he is away
[06:33] <Horsyqueen> cos thats what my computer does
[06:33] <Horsyqueen> to check for viruses
[06:33] <Ahmedrashwan> ya
[06:34] <Ahmedrashwan> fair point
[06:34] <Ahmedrashwan> im using karspay scaner
[06:34] <Ahmedrashwan> hhhh
[06:35] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[06:36] <Horsyqueen> i use avast
[06:36] <Horsyqueen> avg
[06:36] <Horsyqueen> and microsoft
[06:36] <Ahmedrashwan> i used regcue
[06:36] <Ahmedrashwan> regcure*
[06:36] <AlSy> you use both avast and avg on the same computer? 
[06:36] <Ahmedrashwan> but sounds like fake programe
[06:37] <Ahmedrashwan> regcure
[06:37] <Ahmedrashwan> its normal to use both
[06:37] <Horsyqueen> mhmmm
[06:37] <Horsyqueen> microft security essentials
[06:37] <AlSy> Using multiple antivirus programs is a bad idea
[06:38] <HereticHellian> slows down the computer
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> ????
[06:38] <AlSy> They'll attack one another 
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> i know they identify themselves as viruses
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> and stuff
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> but nothings happened
[06:38] <Ahmedrashwan> i hate moments when i have computer
[06:38] <AlSy> slow down everything
[06:38] <AlSy> and basically fight over viruses lol
[06:38] <Horsyqueen> i have had avast and avg for over a year
[06:39] <Horsyqueen> i and microsoft essentials for a week
[06:39] <Ahmedrashwan> and the scanners like u have virus u have virus
[06:39] <Ahmedrashwan> XD
[06:39] <Horsyqueen> as i got a shit viruses
[06:39] <Horsyqueen> it gave me soo many problems
[06:40] <Ahmedrashwan> ...
[06:41] <Ahmedrashwan> i have soccer match tdy
[06:42] <AlSy> good luck then
[06:42] <Horsyqueen> epic
[06:42] <Ahmedrashwan> i wish germny wins in world cup
[06:42] <Ahmedrashwan> thx
[06:42] <Horsyqueen> watching or playing?
[06:42] <Ahmedrashwan> both
[06:42] <Horsyqueen> i wanted brazil to win
[06:42] <Ahmedrashwan> brazil is weak
[06:43] <Aerys-ICTX> hahahah brazil
[06:43] <Horsyqueen> it was amazing
[06:43] <Ahmedrashwan> where is the old team in brazil
[06:43] <Horsyqueen> but they played shit this year
[06:43] <Ahmedrashwan> ronaldo
[06:43] <Ahmedrashwan> and kaka
[06:43] <Ahmedrashwan> they was like hell
[06:44] <Ahmedrashwan> its was epic team
[06:44] <Horsyqueen> i think it was silly how they played
[06:45] <Aerys-ICTX> ahh brazil did so bad they took america out of the fifa record book for worst match at semifinals 
[06:45] <Horsyqueen> lol
[06:45] <Horsyqueen> america is shit at football
[06:45] <Horsyqueen> england used to be amazing
[06:45] <Okamiden12> america is shit at most things ;)
[06:45] <Maskedmoon> Aerys
[06:45] <Maskedmoon> What do you practice?
[06:45] <Aerys-ICTX> We did good this year, we got out of the group of death
[06:46] <Horsyqueen> but out talents at the moment are equestrian, cricket and rugby
[06:46] <Horsyqueen> our olympic team was epic
[06:46] <Aerys-ICTX> I do em and tp mostly
[06:46] <Horsyqueen> one of frances equestrian team riders showed amazing talent
[06:47] <Horsyqueen> the bridle came off in an important competition 
[06:47] <Horsyqueen> and he got a clear round
[06:47] <Horsyqueen> its like a runner loosing his shoes and still winning
[06:49] <Horsyqueen> hmmm
[06:49] <Horsyqueen> america is only really good at american football
[06:50] <Truely Unknown> Awww AISy isn't here :/
[06:50] <Horsyqueen> but no other country bothers with american football
[06:52] <Aerys-ICTX> mew
[06:52] <Horsyqueen> mew!
[06:55] <Horsyqueen> hey skwirl
[06:55] <Horsyqueen> the dragon in enchanted is soo urealistic
[06:56] <Skwirl13> hi anyone have any suggestions feeling depressed today just feels like havent really been getting the results i have been wanting to get with ek.....
[06:57] <Horsyqueen> i see
[07:15] <Horsyqueen> mew
[08:00] <Jonas.g> i honestly dont trust this site for kinetics anymore
[08:01] <Jonas.g> after when i heard reikki was considered magick 
[08:01] <Jonas.g> lol
[08:01] <Jonas.g> oh and when the dancing flame tech was taken off of pyrokinesis
[08:02] <Jonas.g> cause now thats pyrogenises
[08:02] <Jonas.g> so....
[08:02] <Okamiden12> -_-
[08:03] <Jonas.g> aw whats da mattah
[08:05] <Okamiden12> idk
[08:06] <Jonas.g> i still dont trust this site for kinetics doh
[08:06] <Okamiden12> thennnn go somewhere else?
[08:07] <Jonas.g> and then when i went on psychic sites that show the recorded pyschic abilities for a kinetic it showed telekinesis so....
[08:08] <Jonas.g> i kinda lost faith in these kinetics
[08:08] <Okamiden12> recorded?
[08:08] <Jonas.g> --_--
[08:08] <Jonas.g> really 
[08:09] <Okamiden12> what do you mean by recorded
[08:09] <Jonas.g> it means written down or seen
[08:09] <Okamiden12> alright
[08:09] <Okamiden12> i was just confused on the context
[08:10] <Jonas.g> i have a feeling your not so good at english are you
[08:10] <Okamiden12> not my primary language
[08:10] <Jonas.g> as in the subject at school
[08:10] <Okamiden12> oh no, i'm great at it
[08:11] <Jonas.g> ok enough of that
[08:11] <Truely Unknown> >.> he didn't come back?
[08:11] <Okamiden12> nopee :D 
[08:11] <Jonas.g> nope truely
[08:13] <Truely Unknown> Meh. So how is practice going Jonas 
[08:13] <Horsyqueen> i am tipsy!!!!!!
[08:13] <Horsyqueen> *giggles*
[08:13] <Horsyqueen> drank all of my cider O.O
[08:14] <Horsyqueen> now its all gone :(
[08:14] <Truely Unknown> ......
[08:14] <Horsyqueen> hahahaha
[08:15] <Horsyqueen> havnt u ever had alcohol???
[08:16] <Okamiden12> i need to answer -_-
[08:16] <Horsyqueen> *hugs okami*
[08:16] <Okamiden12> e.e i think horsy is a bit ....under ze influence :D 
[08:17] <Horsyqueen> nah
[08:17] <Horsyqueen> i am perfectly normal
[08:18] <Okamiden12> >.>
[08:18] <Okamiden12> u sure
[08:18] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[08:18] <Horsyqueen> *hugs*
[08:25] <Jonas.g> it goes truely
[08:25] <Jonas.g> except i dont practice any of the elemental kinetics
[08:26] <Okamiden12> kinesis....
[08:30] <EinsVanCat> *hugs horsy*
[09:02] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> lol. I'm never wrong. well rarely am. 
[09:03] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I smelled bs and I was right. Lmao at james
[09:03] <Okamiden12> my comment said :
[09:03] <Okamiden12> "No shit -_-
[09:03] <Okamiden12> Welcome to ban land shitlord"
[09:03] <Seanboy007> his first blog was about being kidnapped -_- 
[09:04] <Okamiden12> heh
[09:04] <Okamiden12> and this is why we should folow coppa
[09:08] <SuperEliteJordan> Hai
[09:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> Hey guys e,o ~ 
[09:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Hiiiiiiiii raven
[09:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> Hey Jordan ~ 
[09:09] <Okamiden12> hi court
[09:09] <XxDarkRavenxX> hey Oka <3
[09:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Oka
[09:10] <SuperEliteJordan> I saw a sign that was supposed to say pinly oaks
[09:10] <XxDarkRavenxX> And, XD Oka, I'm doing it because it's a nice thing to do for people. *I was afk when you asked why on Pm*
[09:10] <SuperEliteJordan> But said pinely okas
[09:10] <Okamiden12> lel
[09:10] <Okamiden12> did u talk to bri court at all?
[09:10] <XxDarkRavenxX> ya ~ 
[09:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Ok I just learned how minecraft factions work 
[09:10] <Okamiden12> lol
[09:10] <XxDarkRavenxX> He didn't say anything really, we went off topic real fast 
[09:12] <XxDarkRavenxX> Brb though, I'm going to go finish the laundry and the cook..I'm legit waiting to a sexist joke to appear as well XD
[09:12] <XxDarkRavenxX> For a*
[09:12] <SuperEliteJordan> I learned that my dad wasn't lying about once being a stunt driver today
[09:13] <Okamiden12> xD
[09:14] <SuperEliteJordan> I thought he was lying but driving away from a ditch on a flat tire on a dirt road proves it
[09:14] <SuperEliteJordan> While its raining
[09:15] <Okamiden12> >.>
[09:17] <Okamiden12> hi tutu
[09:18] <Jonas.g> hey cupcake
[09:18] <Truely Unknown> Hi
[09:18] <Okamiden12> tutu i added that thing
[09:19] <Okamiden12> but it's not showing up for some obscure reason
[09:19] <Truely Unknown> Maybe we have to wait 
[09:19] <Okamiden12> no i mean it's there
[09:19] <Okamiden12> like i can click on it
[09:19] <Okamiden12> but theres no text it's just an invisible spehs
[09:20] <Horsyqueen> *giggles*
[09:21] <Truely Unknown> Let me go look at it.
[09:21] <Horsyqueen> everyones dead O.o
[09:21] <Truely Unknown> I don't even see it in my screen 
[09:22] <Horsyqueen> mew
[09:22] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> *pets horsy*
[09:24] <Horsyqueen> *hugs*
[09:24] <Horsyqueen> *flops onto lamia*
[09:25] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hugs 
[09:25] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> *gets a comb and brushes horsy*
[09:26] <Horsyqueen> mew!
[09:28] <Horsyqueen> hey
[09:30] <Truely Unknown> It is surprisingly dead today.
[09:34] <Horsyqueen> mhmm
[09:35] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol 
[09:35] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Horses mew?
[09:36] <Horsyqueen> mhmm ofcourse
[09:46] <Horsyqueen> hey
[09:46] <Aerys-ICTX> rawr
[09:46] <Horsyqueen> how r u?
[09:47] <Aerys-ICTX> good
[09:47] <Aerys-ICTX> you?
[09:50] <Horsyqueen> drank too much
[09:51] <Aerys-ICTX> I've been dranking
[09:51] <Aerys-ICTX> watermelon 
[09:51] <Horsyqueen> pear crider for me
[09:55] <Aerys-ICTX> I was referencing the song horsy 
[10:00] <Aerys-ICTX> hi
[10:02] <Horsyqueen> sorry about the lag
[10:02] <Horsyqueen> and internet died
[10:02] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[10:03] <Aerys-ICTX> anyway I was just referencing the song "Drunk in Love'
[10:03] <Horsyqueen> ohhhh
[10:03] <Aerys-ICTX> speaking of which is the metro a tabloid 
[10:04] <Horsyqueen> O.o?
[10:08] <Horsyqueen> watching blackadder
[10:08] <Aerys-ICTX> blackadder?
[10:09] <Horsyqueen> its an old british comerdy
[10:09] <SuperEliteJordan> Back
[10:11] <Aerys-ICTX> wb
[10:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Thx :3
[10:12] <SuperKrill99> hey
[10:13] <SuperKrill99> hello?
[10:13] <SuperKrill99> Please answer
[10:13] <Lesami> hello
[10:13] <SuperKrill99> Hi
[10:13] <Okamiden12> hai
[10:13] <SuperKrill99> Hey
[10:14] <SuperKrill99> I am getting 100 mtg in a couple days and its Alpha/Beta pre revised with a lot of rares
[10:14] <SuperKrill99> cards^
[10:15] <SuperKrill99> So whats up? Any changes
[10:15] <SuperKrill99> ?
[10:15] <Horsyqueen> hey
[10:15] <SuperKrill99> yo
[10:16] <SuperKrill99> Any new abilitys?
[10:16] <Okamiden12> ?
[10:16] <Okamiden12> probably not
[10:16] <SuperKrill99> Like for em and etc.
[10:16] <Okamiden12> XD
[10:16] <SuperKrill99> Oh
[10:16] <SuperKrill99> XD
[10:17] <Horsyqueen> lag
[10:20] <Aerys-ICTX> hi
[10:21] <Truely Unknown> Hi.
[10:21] <Okamiden12> wb tutu
[10:21] <Okamiden12> cx:
[10:21] <Leo14> hi
[10:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi leo
[10:23] <Truely Unknown> Soooo.
[10:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Man I'm reading lots of new pages from other places
[10:23] <Leo14> hi Jordan
[10:23] <SuperEliteJordan> Pretty interesting
[10:23] <Truely Unknown> What are they about 
[10:24] <SuperEliteJordan> Scanning and em practice
[10:24] <SuperEliteJordan> This em practice is HARD
[10:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Mabue we should add it to a page cause its pretty advanced but easy if you can visualize good
[10:25] <SuperEliteJordan> Mantel*
[10:25] <Truely Unknown> Awww all of this is hard ._. Keep it up im sure you will get better
[10:25] <SuperEliteJordan> No this is a whole other level
[10:25] <SuperEliteJordan> 12 comstructs that you moroph from one color and fihure
[10:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Figure*
[10:26] <Okamiden12> >_>
[10:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Spin them
[10:26] <SuperEliteJordan> And shift them from place to place
[10:26] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 is watching nicko's kitchen to learn new recipes for tutu
[10:26] <SuperEliteJordan> No wonder he typeduse the restroom before trying I had to go at the first exercise
[10:26] <Truely Unknown> ._.
[10:26] <SuperEliteJordan> Typed use*
[10:27] <Okamiden12> ...i think he said that so that you didn't have to go during
[10:27] <Okamiden12> >.>
[10:27] <SuperEliteJordan> Tu I think there's a stalker cooking for you *_*
[10:27] <Okamiden12> i'm the Royal Chef...its kinda my job
[10:27] <SuperEliteJordan> I know
[10:28] <SuperEliteJordan> I never had a pinely oka meal T^T
[10:28] <Okamiden12> xD
[10:28] <Okamiden12> Pinely Okas
[10:28] <SuperEliteJordan> That sign was the funiest thing I saw
[10:28] <SuperEliteJordan> Funniest*
[10:29] <Okamiden12> i suddenly want to bake potato chips
[10:29] <Okamiden12> XD
[10:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Congrats oka your a tree killing company
[10:29] <SuperEliteJordan> Be proud
[10:29] <Okamiden12> i am
[10:29] <Okamiden12> XD
[10:30] <SuperEliteJordan> ROLF
[10:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Rofl *
[10:30] <SuperEliteJordan> Wow I didn't need brackets for that
[10:30] <Truely Unknown> :/
[10:31] <SuperEliteJordan> Guess I should make a account there on the site m talking about
[10:31] <Truely Unknown> What's the name of the site .\.
[10:32] <Okamiden12> what site
[10:32] <SuperEliteJordan> Psion guild
[10:32] <Okamiden12> if it's nation ...i wouldn't go there if i were you >.>
[10:32] <Truely Unknown> Oh psion guild is an alright site .
[10:32] <SuperEliteJordan> I know nation sucks oka
[10:33] <Truely Unknown> I don't think it's that active though
[10:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Omg tu rapped
[10:33] <Truely Unknown> every time I go into their IRC no one is talking.
[10:33] <SuperEliteJordan> He rhymed
[10:33] <SuperEliteJordan> Are they just.sighing back and forth
[10:33] <SuperEliteJordan> That's me on the phone
[10:33] <Truely Unknown> 0.0
[10:34] <SuperEliteJordan> (:D) 
[10:34] <Okamiden12> tutu do you like french toast
[10:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Who doesn't like french toast besides vegans?
[10:35] <Okamiden12> and the germans >_>
[10:35] <Okamiden12> XD
[10:35] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:36] <Okamiden12> but i'm making a recipe check list for tutu
[10:36] <Okamiden12> cuz he's gunna be going to college
[10:36] <Okamiden12> ima give him some college budget recipes
[10:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Koi
[10:37] <SuperEliteJordan> You scared him off
[10:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol*
[10:37] <Okamiden12> wb milord
[10:37] <Truely Unknown> ._.
[10:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Nevermind ~sigh~
[10:37] <Truely Unknown> Hi krill 
[10:37] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi krill
[10:37] <Okamiden12> meh krill :) 
[10:37] <SuperKrill99> the mentorship program is dumb
[10:37] <SuperKrill99> Hi
[10:38] <SuperKrill99> Because there are no mentors
[10:38] <SuperKrill99> Hey TU, hi Oka, hi everyone
[10:38] <Okamiden12> i don't mentor because ungrateful cu--...nvm
[10:38] <SuperEliteJordan> 0.0
[10:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Bad oka
[10:38] <SuperEliteJordan> Refering nasty things on chat
[10:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi jonas
[10:39] <SuperKrill99> Fried steak
[10:39] <Okamiden12> it was relevent to the topic ;)
[10:39] <Okamiden12> anyway
[10:39] <Okamiden12> -hugs tutu-
[10:39] <Okamiden12> take me to college with you
[10:39] <SuperEliteJordan> Tu run!
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh I think he ran away from his keyboard
[10:40] <Okamiden12> lol
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi lukas
[10:40] <SuperKrill99> What are some uses for manifestation?
[10:40] <Okamiden12> am i that bad of a roommate option?
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes
[10:40] <SuperEliteJordan> Nah I'm joking
[10:40] <SuperKrill99> sup monkey
[10:41] <Okamiden12> hej monchie
[10:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi monkey
[10:41] <ImAMonkey> So many hi's
[10:41] <Okamiden12> hur mår du monchie
[10:41] <ImAMonkey> O-O
[10:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Everyone spam hi on monkey
[10:41] <Okamiden12> sorry i'm talking to my friend xD
[10:41] <Truely Unknown> Hi monkey.
[10:41] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:41] <ImAMonkey> I don't speak Swedish Oka...
[10:41] <Okamiden12> ik
[10:41] <ImAMonkey> Hi Tutu
[10:42] <Okamiden12> it was an accident cuz i'm speaking it right now
[10:42] <SuperEliteJordan> Can you just tyoe and read english oka?
[10:42] <ImAMonkey> I'm so happy. I got Project M loaded on my Wii and now my Super Smash Bros Brawl is revamped as fuck.
[10:42] <SuperEliteJordan> Or do you just translate it?
[10:42] <ImAMonkey> Jordan he can speak English
[10:42] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh
[10:42] <SuperEliteJordan> Kewl
[10:42] <Okamiden12> ^_^
[10:43] <ImAMonkey> Surprisingly, he can speak it better than many native speakers
[10:43] <SuperKrill99> I hacked my wii
[10:43] <Okamiden12> xD
[10:43] <ImAMonkey> So did I Krill
[10:43] <SuperEliteJordan> I like wii games
[10:43] <Okamiden12> most non-native speakers can
[10:43] <ImAMonkey> I hacked it like 2 years ago :3
[10:43] <SuperEliteJordan> Mostly DBZ will games
[10:43] <ImAMonkey> ANd brawl hacked the day after :3
[10:43] <SuperKrill99> I never really hacked it neither do I have a wii XD
[10:43] <SuperEliteJordan> You can like make the kamehameha in your hand
[10:43] <ImAMonkey> You don't have a wii.......
[10:43] <ImAMonkey> 
[10:44] <SuperKrill99> Kamehamehas are really advanced in em
[10:44] <SuperEliteJordan> I do
[10:44] <Okamiden12> XD
[10:44] <ImAMonkey> Ummm
[10:44] <ImAMonkey> Never talk to me again bruh 
[10:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Kamehameha isn't a em technique
[10:44] <SuperKrill99> You have to charge your ki monkey
[10:44] <ImAMonkey> Charge me ki?
[10:44] <SuperKrill99> Idk
[10:44] <ImAMonkey> What the hell am I doing? A Kaioken?
[10:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh gawd
[10:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:44] <ImAMonkey> What the fuck is this?
[10:44] <SuperKrill99> Yes
[10:44] <SuperKrill99> Use chi for faster punches
[10:44] <SuperEliteJordan> Bitch you just jealous of my super saiyan swagger
[10:44] <ImAMonkey> I don't fight in real life
[10:44] <SuperEliteJordan> JK
[10:45] <SuperKrill99> The hardest em move is explosive wave
[10:45] <ImAMonkey> You aren't exploding anything with energy
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> They aren't real krill
[10:45] <ImAMonkey> Give up now
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> ^
[10:45] <SuperKrill99> No
[10:45] <ImAMonkey> Like immediately
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> Yes
[10:45] <SuperKrill99> Its nitrokinesis
[10:45] <SuperKrill99> XD
[10:45] <ImAMonkey> Energy does not affect the physical 
[10:45] <Okamiden12> :|
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> So you'll blow yourself up?
[10:45] <SuperKrill99> Yes it does
[10:45] <SuperEliteJordan> dumbass
[10:45] <SuperKrill99> It effects the physical
[10:45] <Okamiden12> if i kick him will i get in trouble?
[10:45] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> You want to know the best way to punch faster? 
[10:46] <SuperEliteJordan> No
[10:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Practice punching
[10:46] <SuperEliteJordan> Exeecise
[10:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> And work out
[10:46] <SuperEliteJordan> Exercise
[10:46] <SuperEliteJordan> Krill 
[10:46] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Nitro is hog wash hence why we deleted the pafe
[10:46] <SuperEliteJordan> Kamehame ha can be in em but is just like anyother construct
[10:46] <Truely Unknown> Krill most energy manipulator a say that it does nothing physically.
[10:46] <SuperKrill99> Energy effects the physical in many way, how about this, ask an energy vampire to suck your energy and lets see whats not physical when you die
[10:47] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Krill I am a psi vamp...
[10:47] <SuperKrill99> COOL
[10:47] <Truely Unknown> I don't even know why people would want to learn something so useless imo
[10:47] <ImAMonkey> Ummm
[10:47] <SuperEliteJordan> Mabye we should test it out on krill?
[10:47] <Okamiden12> ^
[10:47] <ImAMonkey> A psi vamp can't kill you
[10:47] <Okamiden12> i second that idea jordan
[10:47] <SuperKrill99> Some things are crap 
[10:47] <SuperKrill99> And fake
[10:47] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> And it won't kill you if I drain you just get sleepy and if I do it too much prone to mood swings and illness
[10:47] <SuperKrill99> No
[10:47] <SuperEliteJordan> Crap is fake shit is the real deal
[10:47] <SuperEliteJordan> (:D) 
[10:48] <SuperKrill99> Most things are fake in psionics and em
[10:48] <Truely Unknown> That I agree 
[10:48] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> All pf what I use I've tested myself buddy
[10:48] <SuperEliteJordan> Cause peile exaggerate and want to seems cool
[10:48] <SuperKrill99> Because a lot of people think we're retarded 
[10:48] <SuperEliteJordan> People*
[10:48] <Okamiden12> well
[10:48] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 was about to get really rude
[10:48] <SuperKrill99> No you cant
[10:48] <SuperKrill99> Your a mod
[10:49] <Okamiden12> ..i can get rude
[10:49] <SuperEliteJordan> He can
[10:49] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> There's a fine line between insanity and genius. I play jumo rope with that line
[10:49] <Okamiden12> if i fucking want
[10:49] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:49] <SuperKrill99> If you did I have as much rights to report you
[10:49] <SuperEliteJordan> I play tic tac toe on that line XD
[10:49] <Truely Unknown> He does have a point 
[10:49] <SuperKrill99> Mods should be respectful 
[10:49] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Your lines a hash tag?
[10:49] <Truely Unknown> reads the rules okami 
[10:49] <Okamiden12> i did -_-
[10:49] <Okamiden12> i helped right them
[10:49] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah but witnesses can support oka
[10:50] <SuperEliteJordan> Though they can support krill as well
[10:50] <Okamiden12> write*
[10:50] <SuperKrill99> You should have never became a mod than if you don't take this seriously 
[10:50] <Okamiden12> ...
[10:50] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh hawd
[10:50] <SuperEliteJordan> Did he just go there?
[10:50] <SuperEliteJordan> gawd*
[10:50] <ImAMonkey> Would you like to take his spot Krill?
[10:50] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I propose a temporary no rule anarchy period for the next 5 mins all in favor Say I
[10:50] <Okamiden12> * Okamiden12 is probably going to get banned for killing a member in cold blood later
[10:50] <ImAMonkey> I
[10:50] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I
[10:50] <SuperKrill99> Oka that's a threat
[10:50] <SuperEliteJordan> I
[10:50] <Seanboy007> i
[10:51] <Okamiden12> tutu i'll be doing some stuff regarding the project
[10:51] <ImAMonkey> Ohh a project
[10:51] <Okamiden12> if i'm needed ping me
[10:51] <SuperKrill99> No 
[10:51] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> I like projects
[10:51] <SuperEliteJordan> * SuperEliteJordan doesn't know what anachary means
[10:51] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Oka pm me
[10:51] <SuperKrill99> That's immature respect the rules or leave
[10:51] <ImAMonkey> Anarchy means without rule
[10:51] <SuperEliteJordan> Project?
[10:51] <SuperEliteJordan> I know
[10:51] <SuperEliteJordan> I'm joking (:D) 
[10:51] <ImAMonkey> You just said you didn't know...
[10:52] <ImAMonkey> Fucking sarcasm/jokes
[10:52] <SuperEliteJordan> Lol
[10:52] <SuperKrill99> Are you dumb? None of us could last a day with anarchy and you know it
[10:52] <SuperEliteJordan> Black bullet was cool
[10:52] <SuperKrill99> In real life
[10:52] <SuperEliteJordan> So?
[10:52] <ImAMonkey> JORDAN IKR
[10:52] <ImAMonkey> Black Bullet was amazing
[10:52] <ImAMonkey> I watched all of No Game No Life today
[10:53] <SuperEliteJordan> Yeah I only watched epi 1
[10:53] <SuperKrill99> There should be rules on this website and no anarchy 
[10:53] <ImAMonkey> The No Life part applies to me immensely
[10:53] <SuperEliteJordan> No game no life.?
[10:53] <ImAMonkey> Yea
[10:53] <ImAMonkey> Its a cool anime
[10:53] <Jonas.g> ANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:53] <SuperEliteJordan> Sounds like a "game if darkness" show
[10:53] <ImAMonkey> And the protagonists are geniuses 
[10:53] <SuperKrill99> Anarchy is bull
[10:53] <SuperKrill99> Stop spamming
[10:53] <SuperEliteJordan> "Game of darkness"= lose or cheat= death
[10:54] <ImAMonkey> Hey Kibaa
[10:54] <ImAMonkey> No Jordan
[10:54] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Mike
[10:54] <ImAMonkey> It isn't anything like that
[10:54] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hi Kiba
[10:54] <SuperKrill99> Hi Kiba
[10:54] <EinsVanCat> Game of Darkness?
[10:54] <KibaTheWolf> Hey Lamia and Krill
[10:54] <SuperEliteJordan> I just typed it
[10:54] <ImAMonkey> Jordan said No Game No Life sounds like a game of darkness anime
[10:54] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Hi horsey
[10:54] <ImAMonkey> Hi Horsy
[10:54] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi horsey
[10:55] <SuperEliteJordan> My grandpa and brother made a joke today
[10:55] <SuperEliteJordan> It was funny
[10:55] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Pull my finger? 
[10:55] <EinsVanCat> Ive never heard of a Game of Darkness anime.
[10:55] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Orvwas it a hold my beer watch this
[10:56] <SuperEliteJordan> My grandpa did the "gotcha noise thing on me" and my brother brought a nerf gun and said" oh no he has a nose!"
[10:56] <SuperEliteJordan> -bang-
[10:56] <SuperEliteJordan> Nose*
[10:56] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lmao
[10:57] <SuperEliteJordan> Then they showed me the video they got it from
[10:57] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Lol
[10:57] <SuperEliteJordan> Its full of funny jokes but some are rude and weird
[10:58] <SuperEliteJordan> "I like trains"
[10:58] <SuperEliteJordan> *Train comes and runs me over*
[10:58] <Lamia.Anima.Comedenti> Cyanide and happiness
[10:58] <ImAMonkey> Cyanide <3
[10:58] <SuperEliteJordan>
[10:59] <SuperEliteJordan> That's the vid
[10:59] <ImAMonkey> You've never heard of asdf movies before...
[10:59] <SuperEliteJordan> ONE joke is a joke on homosexual people so you've been warned
[10:59] <SuperEliteJordan> I did
[10:59] <SuperEliteJordan> I just didn't see that one
[11:00] <SuperEliteJordan> Though when nyan cat comes its over
[11:00] <SuperEliteJordan> The nyan cat will be on for the rest of the vid
[11:03] <Rêveur of the Night> Sear
[11:03] <Rêveur of the Night> Sean
[11:04] <Rêveur of the Night> *Cuts head of*
[11:04] <Rêveur of the Night> Are you alive?
[11:04] <Rêveur of the Night> off*
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> Whats the science behind atmokinesis and the facts that it actually exists?
[11:04] <Okamiden12> SUCCESS >:D
[11:04] <Rêveur of the Night> ._. I do atmokinesis
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> And Storm from the XMEN XD
[11:04] <Okamiden12> -_-
[11:04] <SuperKrill99> Night PM
[11:05] <Rêveur of the Night> -_- To me or him?
[11:05] <Okamiden12> guess
[11:05] <SuperKrill99> you
[11:05] <Okamiden12> ^ wrong
[11:05] <SuperKrill99> nope 
[11:05] <Truely Unknown> Krill there is no science that proves any of these abilities for the tenth time 
[11:06] <SuperKrill99> Ok than its just energy
[11:06] <SuperKrill99> And a lot of other stuff
[11:07] <Okamiden12> it's mostly physics imo 
[11:07] <Okamiden12> it makes the most sense
[11:07] <SuperKrill99> I guess
[11:07] <SuperKrill99> But all it honestly takes for these abilitys to work is though, will, and intention
[11:07] <Truely Unknown> Okami pm 
[11:07] <Okamiden12> kay
[11:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Man
[11:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Scanning seems to be my weakness
[11:10] <SuperEliteJordan> Hi ahmed
[11:10] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi
[11:10] <Ahmedrashwan> All
[11:11] <Okamiden12> hi ahmed
[11:11] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi Jordan
[11:11] <Ahmedrashwan> Hi oka
[11:11] <SuperEliteJordan> Rev
[11:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Jordan
[11:11] <SuperEliteJordan> Your profile pic isn't showing on my screen
[11:11] <SuperEliteJordan> On the list of people
[11:11] <Rêveur of the Night> That's a shame
[11:11] <Horsyqueen> *cries*
[11:11] <Horsyqueen> help me
[11:11] <Rêveur of the Night> o_o
[11:11] <Ahmedrashwan> ??
[11:11] <Horsyqueen> my cousins just dont stop
[11:11] <Rêveur of the Night> Uh
[11:12] <Horsyqueen> nearly breaking my ipod and phone
[11:12] <Ahmedrashwan> Then the problem from ur computer Jordan
[11:12] <Horsyqueen> smacking me
[11:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Horseback tell us what happened
[11:12] <Horsyqueen> -.-
[11:12] <Ahmedrashwan> Hhh
[11:12] <Horsyqueen> they constantly tease me
[11:12] <Horsyqueen> they wont let me sleep
[11:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Horsey tel us what happened
[11:12] <Horsyqueen> they pick up and play with my stuff
[11:12] <Rêveur of the Night> I can't help you with that
[11:12] <Horsyqueen> they just dont stop
[11:12] <SuperEliteJordan> Oh like stuff that's close to you?
[11:12] <Ahmedrashwan> That's ur problem
[11:13] <Horsyqueen> its been like 8 hours since they got here
[11:13] <Ahmedrashwan> Only
[11:13] <Rêveur of the Night> Lock them in a room xD
[11:13] <Horsyqueen> anything
[11:13] <Horsyqueen> like my skulls
[11:13] <Ahmedrashwan> That's ur only problem
[11:13] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[11:14] <Ahmedrashwan> (-_-)
[11:14] <Ahmedrashwan> That's shame
[11:15] <Ahmedrashwan> My father always take my mobile from me 
[11:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Omg
[11:15] <Horsyqueen> help
[11:15] <Rêveur of the Night> Wecsn;t
[11:15] <Horsyqueen> she came into my room
[11:15] <Rêveur of the Night> We can't
[11:15] <Horsyqueen> and started tickling me
[11:15] <Horsyqueen> then lying on my lags
[11:15] <Horsyqueen> *legs
[11:16] <Ahmedrashwan> Sounds like horror movie
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> she keeps telling people i am talking to 70 year olds
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> both of them do
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> its just like no, dont do that
[11:16] <Horsyqueen> urghhhhh
[11:17] <Horsyqueen> i need vodka
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> 
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> My father always take my mobile from's not big problem
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Hey wait wait wait wait
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> Ur drinking?
[11:17] <Ahmedrashwan> U R*
[11:18] <Horsyqueen> no
[11:18] <Horsyqueen> but i need it
[11:18] <Ahmedrashwan> Oh
[11:19] <Lesami> i dont personally like the taste of many beers and such, maybe its because i can only drink non-alcoholic
[11:19] <Ahmedrashwan> And ur cousins do that always?
[11:19] <Horsyqueen> like i am bring driven insane
[11:19] <Horsyqueen> they are american
[11:19] <Horsyqueen> like immature american
[11:20] <Horsyqueen> like the oldest is 16
[11:20] <Horsyqueen> but even vegeta is more mature then her
[11:20] <Okamiden12> damn e.e
[11:20] <Ahmedrashwan> Wat?
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> i cant bring myself to sleep till all of them are
[11:21] <Ahmedrashwan> Gone
[11:21] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> asleep
[11:21] <Ahmedrashwan> Or go ?
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> they are staying at my house for 2 weeks
[11:21] <Ahmedrashwan> Sleeping
[11:21] <Horsyqueen> 2 weeks of hell
[11:22] <Horsyqueen> no freedom
[11:22] <Ahmedrashwan> LOL
[11:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Then try to tell them ur problem
[11:23] <Ahmedrashwan> Or
[11:23] <Ahmedrashwan> No no no no no
[11:23] <Ahmedrashwan> That's terrible idea
[11:23] <Horsyqueen> they are too immature
[11:24] <Horsyqueen> already shouted at them
[11:24] <Ahmedrashwan> *Ahmed going to Google translate
[11:24] <Ahmedrashwan> immature
[11:25] <Ahmedrashwan> How old r them ?
[11:25] <Horsyqueen> 16 and 13
[11:25] <Ahmedrashwan> They're boys
[11:25] <Ahmedrashwan> ?
[11:26] <Horsyqueen> girls
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Ummmm
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> I don't know anything about girly things
[11:27] <Ahmedrashwan> Good luck
[11:27] <Horsyqueen> usually girls mature earlier then males
[11:28] <Truely Unknown> Afk for a bit