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Name Photokinesis
Other Names None
Type Psychokinesis
Sub-abilities None
Uses To control and manipulate photons

Photokinesis is the psychic ability to control light which is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye and is emitted and absorbed in tiny "packets" called photons. Photokinetic users can generate, bend, shift, focus, scatter and/or generally manipulate light to various degrees and effects. To the greater extent, one could make themselves invisible. Photokinesis can also be used to generate illusions. 


Exercise 1: Photon Clump.


1. Go into a room that is dimly or partially lit.
2. Focus on one portion of the room and visualize groups of photons grouping there, forming light.
3. See this light growing and expanding, until the whole room is slightly brighter.
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Exercise 2: 

1. Take a small object, like a clothespeg.
2. Focus your attention on the object, but do not look directly at it.
3.Look at it out of the side of your eye. Picture the photons clumping into that shape and changing color. With time, an exact copy (a little bit blurry) should appear before you.
4.Move on to larger objects when the blur no longer appears, and then finally try it on yourself.

Exercise 3:

  1. Meditate for 5-30 minutes.
  2. Than open up your one or both your hands and visualize photons coming together on top.

Exercise 4:

  1. Go to where there is light.
  2. Visualize that the light photons are gathering at your hands.

Exercise 5:


1. get a small object like a pencil

2. then visualize the object going invisible

3. keep trying until the objects completely invisible then once you good at making the object invisible move on to a larger object and then eventually try it on yourself

Photokinetic Uses:

  • Flash - allows the psion to excite the very air around them, creating an intense, disorienting light, temporarily blinding others in the area.
  • Lazer - laser is just focused light. the more you focus light to a point,the stronger you can make the lazer. you can even change its color.
  • illusions - you can manipulate photons to create illusions
  • light vision - you can use your aura to see things and detect the color of photons or just send it to your eyes.
  • light objects - you can make things like fire out of light which cannot harm you can you can feel it or even a light orb or any object outta photons like a pistol,etc

Orb of light.

Subliminal video for photokinesis training:


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