Page Format is an example of how a standard page on this Wikia should look.  By all means this is not an exact replica of how each page will be, but this is the standard that each page should try to match. Words that appear in the paragraph of the description will go here, but will contain much more information than this one.  All that is being described here is a paragraph that has no meaning other than to give an example of what a page looks like.  Below this paragraph the "Contents" pane usually appears.  To the right appears an Information Box relaying information about the particular page.  This page does not contain one.

This is a header #2[]

A header indicates an important topic that will be talked about a lot.  Sometimes you will talk about another subject matter inside this header.  You can do this by using another paragraph.  If they are very different, use another header.  I will separate now by another header.

Links on the page[]

You will want to put links on the page.  You do that as follows:

  • Highlight the text(if using the visual editor) that you wish to link
  • Click on the chainlink icon in the toolbar, next to the Italics button.
  • It should ask you what page you want it to go to.  It will autofill that location with the text that is already there.  You can chage that to another page on the Wikia, or an external link.  It will give you suggestions if you start to type.
  • When finished, click "OK".  It will link the page.  It will then appear blue, like this: This is a hyperlink to the FAQ.

Good Practices To Follow[]

When you are editing a page, remember these things:

  • Always cite your sources, either by an in-text citation or at the end of the page.
  • Do not put your name on the page.  You are given credit to the edit in the edit history.
  • Try to use correct grammar as best as you can.  If you are unsure if what you are posting is incorrect, that is okay.  Someone can always correct common mistakes.  However, no using text-speak such as "u", "plz", "ur", and other abbreviations similar to those.
  • Try to avoid using personal pronouns such as "I", "You", "Him", etc.  Instead, use words such as "One".  It makes the writing sound like it is not directed at an individual.  If you are unable to remove them from your writing, don't worry!  It's okay to leave it like it is.
  • Don't plagiarize!  Your material will be removed, and it is illegal!  Find out more information here.

Other Information[]

The goal of standardization is to make our Wikia more informational and less erratic.  The goal is to make the Wikia look like it was written by one person; us, as a community.

If you are interested in re-writing a page, please contact an administrator so that we may learn about this and perhaps help you in some way.