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This page may contain fake, misleading, or incorrect information. Take this into consideration when reading or editing this page. Read more...

This is not a role-playing website. If you are looking to role-play, please look for another Wikia or website.

Do not remove this disclaimer from the pages it is on. Psi Wikia staff periodically reviews all pages that have this disclaimer and will remove when they no longer require it.

Psi Wikia is striving to improve information that is as accurate as possible. In doing so, this warning has been placed on a multitude of pages that contains information that some consider false, inaccurate, untrue, etc. While it is acknowledged that not all psionic abilities can be demonstrated, it can be stated that some seem to stretch beyond the confines of what is possible.

This message is placed on these pages to let readers know that while some people may hold these abilities and ideas as true, others may find them exaggerated and/or not real. This does not give users the right to create pages that they think are “cool” or that need to be created because there is not one that matches that specific purpose.

This also does not permit the creation of pages based on one’s sole belief that something exists. In addition, it does not permit the creation of roleplaying pages. As a community we must ensure that all information held on the website is correct. This is the first step in a direction that will help us become a reliable source of information for anyone and everyone, known throughout the Online Energy Communities.

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