Gnosis is a term used in chaos magick when your mind goes blank.  In other words your conscious mind goes down and lets your subconscious take over for a few seconds.  As Tzimon Yliaster puts it, "In Chaos Magick, gnosis is a lapse in conscious/rational/discursive/discriminatory mind that allows the subconscious "magickal mind" to fully function."  The state is normally achieved by exhaustion or orgasm.

Examples Of Gnosis

The most prominent example of gnosis is orgasm.  For some people it is immediately before or after the actually orgasm.  The majority of people experience gnosis however during the orgasm.  Another example of gnosis is being mentally or physically exhausted.  A great example of that is that feeling when you are about to faint. Another safer example is when you feel light-headed.

Uses Of Gnosis

Gnosis is most prominently used in the creation of sigils to help make sure the mind is clear during the engraving part.