Etheric Projection
Etheric Projection
Name Etheric Projection
Other Names None
Type Out of Body Experience
Pre-abilites None
Sub-abilities None
Uses Leaving the physical vessel to travel to the Etheric Planes.

Etheric Projection or Etheral Projection is the projection of oneself into the afterlife or spiritual plane which can also be considered just another place of life by some. By others beliefs, its most likely viewed as Limbo or Purgatory although purgatory is another place different from the etheric or some other form of medium for the dead. Projecting here is much the same as the astral, but is not a place where your mind is stronger.

The Ethereal Plane is connected to the Biolocative Plane, but is not the Biolocative Plane itself. They are separate but one can travel between the two from either using "gaps" in the planes without leaving the initial projection. 

Reaching the Ethereal Plane is achievable through a deep meditative state, and shifting your consciousness to your soul but this is but one way, one can also send their energy there in the form of a body like construct of one self.

There are theories that say if you die while etheric projecting, you will die physically. There is no evidence behind this. Although being injured there can occasionally result in physical injury in corresponding spots. Which leads to potential assumption that one may die although there is no documentation of death itself. 


  1. Meditate until you can clear your mind, the deeper and more clear you can get, the better.
  2. Work your consciousness from your body, to your soul/spirit Eventually if you are successful, your senses will be cut off from the physical world, if not, you may work on cutting your senses off from the physical plane yourself, simply focus on the sense like its a plug or a switch, and feel it turning off.
  3. Once your mind has separated from the physical, and attached to the spirit, you may or may not directly feel it and what you do, bear in mind this isn't an exact science, everyone will have slightly different experiences.
  4. To discover if you've actually made it to the ethereal plane take note of details. Time is opposite of our planes, so if it was day when you projected you would arrive and it would be night there. Also you can see energy, its effects , and no doubt there will be a change to your environment in the ethereal.

(Note: some projections when doing it half and half will be blurry in the projections, normally in this case projecting with others helps a lot)

[Feel free to give me more information to expand on this, or correct me if I am wrong, especially on the soul and spirit bit, the terms are ambiguous for the most part but in cases like this, can lead to problems if not certain.]↵↵