This page is still being worked on for the most part and not all of the information is correct but there will be updates and more work put into it as well as other pages, thank you for any support![]

In order to understand these topics or even psychokinetics you must understand that everything in the Universe is energy and that all energy is at different levels of vibrations.


Density levels are the vibration levels in the light spectrum, heaviest being the lowest and lightest being the highest (in density), although it is unknown at how high 1 can raise their density level to there are many soft caps from many different people’s perspectives and/or experiences. The lower your density level the lower your energy would be, your developing mind and your capabilities. To raise your density, you must evolve and adapt to the world, know your surroundings, know what happens in everyday life, meditate, evolve your mind and consciousness. 

Density Levels:  1st Density:             Mineral kingdom

 2nd Density:            Plant & lower animal kingdom

 3rd Density:            Higher animal & lower human

 4th Density             Low: Astral, lower emotional realms

 4th Density             High: Etheric, higher mental realms

 5th Density        Low: Causal, creative realms

 5th Density          High: Soul (last level of individuality)

 6th Density      Oversoul (social memory complex)

 7th Density        Master oversoul, atmic plane

 8th Density        Avatar planes, celestial heavens

 9th Density     Christ planes, Buddhic planes, lower God worlds

10th Density       Higher God realms

11th Density    Universal realms

12th Density    The source; the mystery, the Tao

13th and beyond   The void, unmanifested creation

Notice: Again not all of those info is correct it could very much be wrong but I am doing my best to find the best of information[]


Dimensions play in part with density as the higher your density goes so does the dimensional state you are in. 

Dimensions also known as State of Consciousness

1        Existence, non-biological

2        Instinctual, emotional, animalistic

3        Intellectual, logical, rational mind, ego

4        Creative, imaginative, psychic, intuitive

5        Pure intelligence, insight, love

6        Causal level, soul level (last level of individuality)

7        Oversoul level (group consciousness)

8        Avatar level (a high level of mastery)

9        Christ level (unconditionally loving consciousness)

10        Cosmic level (cosmic consciousness)

11        God level (God consciousness)

12        Universal level (Universal consciousness)

13        The Void, the Great Mystery

There may be several other Dimensions, though that is for yourself or anyone out there to find.

Notice: Again not all of those info is correct it could very much be wrong but I am doing my best to find the best of information[]


Vibrations is what puts all of this together, to raise your density or to go to higher dimensions you must raise your vibrations to stronger heights. 


Meditate daily, feel the energy around you bring it into yourself. Try to increase your meditation time more as you progress. In theory: If you meditate and can start feeling higher energies it may be a higher dimension. I don't know if you can physically manifest into this dimension but the theory I thought of is if you can match your body energy with the energy as the dimension you are feeling, there may be a chance that you can spiritually or possibly physically manifest into that dimesnion. If you were to physically manifest into that dimension then of course it would be your physical body but if you were to spiritually manifest into that dimesnion then it would more than likely be a form of astral projection (or actually astral projection on a higher plane).