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Name Clairaudience
Other Names None
Type ESP
Sub-abilities None
Uses Hearing using psychic means

"Clair" meaning clear and "audience" meaning hearing. This is the ability to do what is known as psychic hearing. Clairaudiance makes the person's hearing better and much farther then the normal hearing range of a human being, e.g. ghosts talking, which is part of sensitivity. In this ability, being connected strongly with seeing the past and future, it is possible to hear the future. People with this ability tend to have clairvoyancy and other ESP abilities as all tend to be connected.


Clairaudience help a person hear voices from other dimensions. It may take a lot of time to learn but its worth it. It's always best to start things with meditation, so start with a meditation. As our next step, try focusing on your ears. Now push as much energy as you can to your ears and sent it out. Draw it back after a while. This energy must include voices from the other dimensions. You may start to hear noises in your head or feel pressure on your crown chakra. Keep this up and you can learn it within a month.

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