Clairalience (Clair meaning "Clear" and "Alience" meaning scent) is the Psychic ability to be able to obtain

Clairalience is done with the nose

specific Psychic information based on your use of the scent of smell. It along with its sister abilities (Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and Clairsentience) make up 5 of the 6 Psychic sense abilities.

Smelling AurasEdit

Now when it comes down to performing this ability the one thing you need is a clear mind and a want to be able to smell what it is that you are looking for. Visions are also quite important, take what comes into your head when you smell as what it is, for example with the Smelling of auras.

Okay the tech that I have managed to make work for me when it came to smelling Auras (don't know if this will work for everyone, but please test it out) is the following:

  1. Calm yourself, if you are worked up you will not be accurate.
  2. Focus on one person, and while focusing on that person, try to visualize an aura around them.
  3. Take a deep breath in, like you are trying to smell the air, but remember to focus on that person, so that you can smell that persons aura.
  4. Ones you have smelt the aura (and each aura colour has a different smell to each person) a colour should flash in your mind, that is that person's aura colour.