Chlorokinesis is the ability to manipulate plants using the mind. Chlorokinesis also goes by the names Botanokinesis, Florakinesis, and Phyllokinesis. Chlorokinetics can manipulate plants to do a variety of tasks. Advanced Chlorokinetics can manipulate plants in an altered form (E.G. a cotton shirt or paper). I am not a user of chlorokinesis i just was searching on the internet for techniques it seems there are no techniques made by anyone and used but there is a wiki with ''battle techniques'' that will be written here as techniques by the way the whole techniques all come from my brain so if it doesn't work im sorry but i would suggest in that situation to come up with your own techniques maybe even put them on here if you want

Plant Communication[]

Try to talk to the plant try and get your desired instruction onto the plant by talking in your mind to it about the instruction Keep Trying To Do This For A Few Days Until You Think It Works and you succeed

Plant Growth[]

now that you know how to talk to the Plant Try Now To close your eyes and visualize your hands on both sides of the plant you are about to grow visualize the plant growing right in front of you then open your eyes and see if the plant is there if it is then congrats if not then try and do some more tomorrow and over the next few weeks until it works

Plant Enhancements[]

Try Now To reshape the plant by closing your eyes and visualizing your hands on both sides of the plant and the plant moving to the right then the left and vice versa keep doing this everyday until it works when you open your eyes

Creating Mutant Plants[]

Visualize the DNA Inside The Plant And Try To Take Off One Part And Swap it With The other Keep Doing this until you notice a change of appearance

Hopefully This Works For You Comment Below If It Works Good Luck