• BioelectricityTK

    7. At this point begin to form a PSI-ball, feel the heat and energy from this ball of energy between your hands. This will and may feel strange on your first try, but don't be frighened this is normal. The important thing is, is to get the feel of this energy and learning how to use it and get it flowing.

    8. Now, begin to let your hands and arms hang down and relax. Focus on the enegy flowing down to your hands, your hands may feel pumped or throbbing. This is a sign that the energy is flowing. Now repeat steps 3-7 above.

    9. Do the above exercise 3 times, but remember this is no rush take your time with dedication and practice. This exericse should be done everyday for as long as it takes to permanently open your hand chakras. With the prope…

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  • BioelectricityTK

    What Is Pranayama

    Pranayama (prana = energy + yama = control) is a type of meditation technique that involves various ways of controlling the breathing, with the goal being to withdraw ones senses from the outside world. This helps one to raise one’s prana (or Kundalini energy in this case) up the deep spine to the spiritual eye or sixth chakra, which brings one to enlightenment. Kriya Yoga is one such technique, made well known by Paramhamsa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. (1)

    It is also the fourth limb of spiritual advancement as laid out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. According to Patanjali, while practicing pranayama techniques: The emphasis while breathing (and therefore in the flow of the life-force) may be more on inhalation, on ex…

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  • ML88

    Hello, Psiwiki. I am ML88.

    It has been roughly 3 1/2 years since I left this website last (c. Fall 2014), but after feeling that I am really needed of this place and the information it contains...I AM BACK PSIWIKI! I used to be one of the big faces on the site here from 2013-2014 but after that I apologize due to life situations...I had to stop and needed to take care of personal things and also take the journey off-line to truly live and experience it! I am ready to come back, get back into training and also bring my wisdom to the site once more!

    I am a former teacher here on this site and also over on PsiWarriors (2013-2014) and was a member of the PsiWarriors counsel (2014) before the site was shut down and Bal Domel started up his Psion …

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  • PKheroKid

    I reported a video on youtube today, it was a "Become like Yandere Chan"subliminal... I might get hunted down, depending on whether or not any of them are competant hackers, now I am aware they might get a clue from this post, but (and they might become competant in the ways of hacking) they might not be able to do anything(that's the ideal situation). For any of you unfamiliar with Yandere-chan, she is a psycho killer of a highschool girl who will kill anybody so she, SHE ALONE can have senpai, and I just reported senpai for promoting terrorism... we'll have to see....

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  • BioelectricityTK

    What Is Telekinesis?

    Telekinesis is the psychical influence of bio-electromagnetism and electrostatic forces of the affected behavior and motion of objects vicinal to Bioelectricity or electromagnetic fields under experiment influence. Bio-electromagnetism is the physics of the electromagnetic field of the human body or Aura in which exert force on objects with the property of electric charge. Electric and magnetic fields are two interrelated aspects of an electromagnetic field and under many circumstances, it is impossible to consider the two separately. Experience of telekinetic phenomena are not limited by the influence of just the bio-electromagnetic fields, but can also influence electrostatic phenomena arising from stationary or slow …

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  • Arro Yunora

    Hahahah, I miss writing these.

    I'm back!!! But not for long. I found out something important about Psionics that I feel everyone should know. Gimme some time, i'll try to have this done by January. I got a lot of junk I need to say about psionics that I hope will help everyone else get farther than I in the future.

    Ciao for now~.

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  • NiddHogg

    A simple question

    November 3, 2017 by NiddHogg

    what would the difference truly be if psionics where to be replaced with cybernetic enhancements?

    what if these cybernetics where built up then merged with psi?

    I suppose what I'm asking is, if someone rebuilt psi from the ground up only to make a stronger version how would people feel about it?

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  • Gacsam

    Technomagic: Scan-Tester

    September 9, 2017 by Gacsam

    1. Chooses random attributes from a defined set list (shape, colour, functions) and creates a construct based on them.
    2. Multiple difficulties, colour and shape, 1 function, 2 function and more!
    3. Lists the attributes, hidden under a box, stopping the user from seeing them.
    4. The user scans the construct, once they decide to see the result, they press Begin, it disappears, attributes show.
    5. There's a 5% chance a function (3% for colour and shape) will be replaced with EMPTY, which also will help with practice against frontloading/AOL.

    Check it out here:

    Thanks to Esdras, Mario, Mari's Mage, Rishin, Mouseroot, Luiqwa, Helio for helping with this project.

    What do I need to run it? You need access to a devi…

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  • Katoptorkinesis Master!

    Ive had this idea for a while and I recently found out that your spirit and psychokinesis is further activated by your awake dreaming state by delta brain waves. I saw online that scientist found out that 10 mins after death your delta brain waves are activated briefly. Meaning your spirit is further awakened to connect to this reality. Which means that we can and have been channeling this spiritual power even while being alive for use our psychokinesis.  (Heres their link: There is another study by Telekinesis: Mind Possible (A Youtuber) also confirming that when practicing psychokinesis his EEG monitor picks up delta brain waves after a moveme…

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  • AxelTheDragonLord23

    Who I am

    July 19, 2017 by AxelTheDragonLord23

    I've been studying the science of psi, for awhile. I met NiddHog from doing this a few years back. I was apart of a group that fell apart because of leadership issues. I am currently tending to a group that I'm planning to rebuild. If you are interested, either comment here or PM me. 

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  • Eclectic.witch5

    For a short peroid of time I'm offering free tarot readings. If you want one just message me and I'll get to you asap. There are a few things I will not give readings on. Those subjects are serious medicial issues, life and death situations, and sex. I'm more than happy to do romance releated readings and if sexual stuff comes up so be it, but I will not do a reading speficially for your sex life. Please understand that this takes time and I do have a life outside of this your patience is greatly appericated. when you ask for a reading please have a username. I won't give you a reading if you don't have one.

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  • Psionkid

    Blog summary: I'm creating a programm to train manifestation and technokinesis.

    Precompiled binarys for linux and windows can be found here.

    If you'ld like to contribute or build it your self from source you can do it here.

    The programm generates randome boolean, characters or colors and count how often they occur.

    The one which occured the most is taken.

    The chanse that you can influence a random value at a given time is quite low (especially when you start for the first time) but if you concentrate for a longer time, there are chanses that your manifestation comes more often than the others.

    In a series of experiments done at Princeton University, researchers assembled about 300 people. The 300 participants then observed a computer screen whic…

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  • Dragon511

    Hey everyone, I created a discord server for discussing all things related to spirituality (which includes anything you'll find on this wiki). It's new so there's not many people in it at the moment, however I haven't seen many servers about this sort of thing so if you'd like to join you can do so here:

    Invite Link

    If you do happen to know about any other servers let me know, as I'd like to join.

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  • VanishSpanish

    I have realized recently while looking through this wiki that there is not adequate discussion of the consequences of someone beginning to do psionics, so I have written my thoughts here. Perhaps some shorter text can address some problems on the Psionics page.

    Before you decide that you want to delve into Psionics, you need to consider the consequences of doing so. You should think about the good and the bad consequences, and weigh them out before doing Psionics. One important thing you will need to decide when doing Psionics is how you will handle your information. Are you going to keep it a secret, and if so, how will you hide it? Are you going to tell it to people? Consider that there's a decent chance they will either be freaked out o…

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  • Arro Yunora

    I feel like i'm being thrusted into it. I wanna explore Muladhara more. but i took a glance at this one and found out that its about the feeling i am experiencing now... So.. I guess i'll get into it very, very soon.

    Gimme a few days, but i'll finally get into Svadhisthana in a bit.

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  • Arro Yunora

    How to learn Psionics

    November 15, 2016 by Arro Yunora

    Hay there Mr/Mrs learner, how are you doing today!

    You must be the type curious of the wonderment of Psionics. Maybe you've been practicing, but haven't made much success? Or perhaps you've been asking for help, yet whenever you get an answer, it doesn't really seem to give you the answer you are looking for. If you are even lucky enough to get an answer in the first place.

    Maybe perhaps you've even lost that spark. That curiousity that at once felt strong and dedicated, you were the model learner of what it took to become a Psionic. You practiced and practiced, but as time went on the results were not quite what you expected they would be. That undefeatable belief you had in being open to Psionics at first even started dying down the longer…

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  • Arro Yunora

    The ES P's and Q's returns.

    My goal for this week and the next consecutive 6 weeks that follow in no particular time restraint is to learn Chakra's.

    I know that chakra doesn't technically count as as an ESP but that can be argued, and even if I am wrong I don't care. I feel like learning the in's and out's of every chakra on a conscious level. I want to be able to know if I am wrong or not.

    Most people understand that energies can be learned in a matter of minutes depending on how advanced you are, and that spending a week on developing one specific energy and controlling it is a waste.  My answer to that is

    No fughs given.

    MULADHARA CHAKRA: The red (Root) Chakra.

    My goal is to understand and list specific points of interests that I recieve from a…

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  • Cherryskate

    Flare up you Psi Ball

    October 2, 2016 by Cherryskate


    I have a quastion . How can i flare up my Psi Ball ? 

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  • Katoptorkinesis Master!

    Hello everyone Im here with a new psychokinesis techinque Ive developt called Imagokinesis. Its the ability to move a reflection of an object. Whether it be from a mirror, window or polished metals.. etc. Its similar to Umbrakinesis. Now this move will be officially posted on October 2016 in my friend and mentors website. Here is a video I would like to share a video of my improvements thanks.

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  • NiddHogg

    so what i plan to do is list some experiments to test various Psionic abilities That You...yeah You person reading this article, can do AT HOME!!

    Warning this is a work in progress post


    The best way to test this ability i believe, is to try and effect the growth of plants.

    So yeah you will need

    3 seeds of the same plant

    3 pots for the seeds same size, shape and material

    A measuring stick

    Something to water the plants with


    A bag of fertilizer/soil with enough for all three

    Now what you are going to do is plant all seeds in their own pot, about 1-3 inches deep in the soil, its important for them all to use the same soil and get the same amount of water and sunlight each day.

    Now one plant will be special this plant will be treated with ps…

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  • Alchemist 8

    MVO Abstract IRL

    September 5, 2016 by Alchemist 8

    I'm not quite sure how to blog and I haven't exactly done a blog before. The most I've gone was setting out to blog but then not knowing what an actual blog should look like and then eventually steer off the initial subject. This time I will pour a bit of what I know so that my friends may know something about me. Nothing really in particular just on some days I will talk about this, and then another day that, and then this, that, etc. 

    Mon, Sept 5th, 2016 - 

    So I'm this athlete who likes to dream big. Big enough to the point where people have literally called me crazy or not all up there over it. I have these goals and without me trying my best to achieve them I feel like, what's the point of living? I really feel that way. What's the point…

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  • Arro Yunora

    Does Psionics exist?

    August 30, 2016 by Arro Yunora

    You know now that I think about it i'm probably not the best person to make this a blog, since my answer differs adversely to what many members here would like to say. But this really isn't just about the actual answer to the question, else i'd just put it into the Q/A.

    I want to address a common question many people ask when joining the site, or like myself would just like to know due to issues with our own experience. Its a question that should be so simple to answer! I mean, how can a community of psionics not know what should be the simpliest question on the site!

    Does Psionics exist?

    ...Well does it?

    From what I understand about psionics the answer will always be either a yes or a no, without a solid answer taken over by the majority of u…

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  • Mozaq

    Adrenal Activation?

    August 15, 2016 by Mozaq

    The reason for this blog is something I've been wondering about for a long while. Starting from the beginning, the substance of adrenaline is secreted by the adrenal glands near our kidneys. The general effects of this substance are: faster and stronger heartbeat, dilating the pupils in our eyes, increasing the vision and detail of our eyes and also slowing down our perception of time. I read somewhere on a thyroid medical forum of people that claimed to be able to control this substance. While they weren't particularly the best at describing how to activate and use this ability I got the hang of it. Years later I stumble into the world of psionics and after a while I realized that this adrenal activation ability (which they called pulsing…

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  • Mozaq


    August 11, 2016 by Mozaq

    Sex, and specifically the orgasm, is more that just something that feels good and allows procreation. There are many other functions, such as the release of dysfunctional energy within the body, which can help to keep one from becoming diseased. There is the function that opens the higher chakras, and under the right conditions allows a person to begin the process of enlightenment. And further, if two people, lovers, practice sacred sex, the entire experience can lead them together into higher consciousness and into worlds beyond this plane.

    In relationships, a simple sexual principle, as taught by the ancient Egyptians, can change the energy level within your body and help to bring strength and vitality into your bodies and your relationsh…

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  • Thepsychicwidget

    Prophetic dreaming refers to gaining psychic information about the future, typically your own future, through dreaming and sleep. Psychic dreaming refers to gaining any psychic information through dreams and sleep (including prophetic dreaming). This is not the same thing as dream interpretation of dreams that don't use psychic abilities, such as uncovering what's in your unconscious or what's going through your mind at the current moment. This includes things that you shouldn't and wouldn't know without ESP. However, if you're not sure if it's psychic abilities or something you somehow caught onto in the back of your mind that you weren't consciously aware about, don't get caught up in labels.



    Prophetic Dreaming

    Other Names

    Psychic Drea…

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  • Thepsychicwidget
    • Add at least 20 "edits" each week. This counts comments and blog posts.
    • Add at least one blog post that contributes to the content of the wiki each week.
    • Mention the wiki to outsiders at all oppurtunities.
    • Seek out at least once a week to find new areas where you can spread awareness about the wiki.
    • ASK ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE METAPHYSICAL HERE - It adds to our content, and if you wish to ask somewhere else, that's fine, but then come on the wiki and make a blog post that gives your Q and A and credit who gave you the answers.
    • Don't discourage others or get into fights: There's only a couple of us here, and we don't want to lose a valuable member. We need to stay as open-minded as possible, and if we get confused about something, we figure thin…
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  • Thepsychicwidget


    August 8, 2016 by Thepsychicwidget


    Chronokinesis involves a mix of time perception and the manipulation of one or multiple timelines using time's fluidity. You may need to develop precognition to fully develop this ability, as this ability is in many ways considered a sub-ability to precognition. The original page for chronokinesis was replaced by and redirected to the time perception page, however, time perception is just a portion of what makes up chronokinesis. Chronokinesis consists of slowing down time, speeding up time, creating time loops, manipulating the direction of our timeline through the means of crossing over to another timeline, and changing the direction of a timelines flow or reversing in time. Time has no speed, and there is not just one current/present. Yo…

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  • Stormmer

    The main thing that this wikia lacks is activity. You can argue that it's the information, that it lacks techniques, or you could say that there is too much fluff - yet, still, those things would be fixed if there were enough people.

    What I think would make people stick around some more and be active is having them participate in some sort of project. I believe that most people on this site are either beginners or intermediate practitioners, reason for which, I want to make some sort of project for all of us to grow and become better psions.

    My plan is the following:

    • Eveyone that joins has to decide on a certain achievable goal. It has to be one single subset of an ability: for example, making plants grow faster, or moving glass balls etc. Af…

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  • Kylesides

    Hey everyone, it's been a really long time since I did much here on the wiki, but I suppose that's not important, anyway I was just wondering if anyone on here could help me get started in psionics. I used to be able to feel my third eye but couldn't open it, and I'm very out of practice and can hardly summon the feeling on purpose anymore, please help if anyone is willing.

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  • Meurlorg

    telepathy theory/idea

    June 24, 2016 by Meurlorg

    Its a very simple idea: can submersion in salt water facilitate telepathy occurring between two nearby individuals, who occupy the same body of water?

    What lead me to this: (1) Salt water is somewhat conductive. (2) Your brain and body uses electrical impulses to transport/translate information.

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  • Meurlorg


    June 24, 2016 by Meurlorg


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  • MichaelKinetic7

    Hello, this is Michael. This is my first blog, so if it sucks, get over it.

    I have a theory. A blueprint for a device that will enhance the energy manipulation abilities of others.

    By using 2 electromagnetic wave makers in a device worn on the chest, it would stimulate the psi in them and allow them more access to it. By using this device, it would greatly benefit everyone's energy manipulation experience.

    Post what you think about it below!

    MichaelKinetic7 (talk) 22:34, June 18, 2016 (UTC)MichaelMichaelKinetic7 (talk) 22:34, June 18, 2016 (UTC)

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  • NiddHogg

    So, the experiment went a bit like this,The device was off and Three people where told that the device was on and to try Aerokinesis at night (something A lot of Aerokinetics find challenging) They tried But gained no results.

    Then I turned it On and Had them try again, they thought it was Off and where Successful.

    This was to test if the placebo Effect was responsible for earlier Positives. of course further testing is still required( About three more times with different test subjects)

    Now I should consider the ethics of what might happen if My research goes anywhere, Sure psionic Healing has great benefits, But the Idea of a pyromaniac using pyrok and being unable to be found as I imagine tracking him will be hard since there would be no …

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  • Mozaq

    Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a proposed pathological sensitivity to electromagnetic fields in the environment. EHS is not a recognised medical diagnosis, and there is no scientific basis for it.[1]

    Those who are self-described with EHS report responding to low-level electromagnetic fields at intensities well below the maximum levels permitted by international radiation safety standards. Claims are characterized by a "variety of non-specific symptoms, which afflicted individuals attribute to exposure to electromagnetic fields".[1] The supposed effects of EHS are often vague and inconsistent. Terms used in this context include idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF), electrohypersensiti…

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  • NiddHogg

    Ok so Ive decided to post my Notes regarding my research and experimentation regarding psi and potential amplification of abilities, So ill start listing my experiments and their outcomes, So I'll let you guys/gals decide which Notes I release first, ill start by listing them off as well as some of the problems and experimental errors gained in the first trials.

    *Aerokinesis - Amplification of aerokinesis is barely noticeable could just be placebo(though minor AeroK was seen indoors), the Air ionizers used may not have been strong enough, though there are several potential concepts for improvement.
    * Plant growth(argokinesis)- samples were treated improperly by assistants, one plant received a different brand of fertilizer, though is the … Read more >
  • Mozaq

    Note: Flouride is the stuff the government put in our water for drinking for "health benefits" Have you ever closed your eyes when you were imagining a scenario? Were you able to visualize the imagined scenario while your eyes were closed? I am guessing your answers to the above questions are yes. Okay, how were you able to see a picture of the imagined scenario with your eyes shut? We all know that the eyes are the only organ of vision in the body. So, if we are able to visualize things while our eyes are shut, there must be another organ of vision somewhere in our body that contributes to psychic ability.  Maybe, we have a third eye in our body. Because this is the only explanation that can logically justify why we are able to see things…

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  • Mozaq


    June 4, 2016 by Mozaq

    Kundalini (Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī, कुण्डलिनी, About this sound pronunciation (help·info), "coiled one"), in yogic theory, is a primal energy, or shakti, located at the base of the spine. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of "awakening" kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment. Kundalini is described as lying "coiled" at the base of the spine, represented as either a goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened. In modern commentaries, Kundalini has been called an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force, or "mother energy or intelligence of complete maturation". Kundalini awakening is said to result in deep meditation, enlightenment and bliss. This awakening involves the Kundalini physically moving up t…

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  • Mozaq

    The Vril Society

    June 4, 2016 by Mozaq

    This has nothing to do with psi by the way

    In November of 1996 I received a video about World War II Germany pre and post and a secret organization named Vril its name linked to Atlantean time lines and one of its language composed of sounds and clicks.

    The video mentioned that in Germany at the turn of the century and particularly after WW I many secret societies developed. One of these groups was the Vril Society.

    In 1917 four members of the Vril society met in a cafe in Vienna. There was one woman and three men. The woman was a 'spiritual medium'. They met under a veil of mystery and secrecy. They discussed secret revelations, the coming of the new age, the Spear of Destiny, the magical violet black stone, and making contact with ancient p…

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  • Mozaq


    June 4, 2016 by Mozaq


    A merkaba is a star tetrahedron, a three dimensional 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up and the other down. It harmonizes male and female energy, much like a Yin/Yang symbol. The star of David is a two dimensional version of a merkaba, and was reputed to have been painted on the shields of the armies of King David as a symbol of divine protection. The merkaba does, in fact, step down source energy into the physical and is a representational invocation of “as above, so below”. The pyramid pointing upwards connects us to heavenly universal energy and represents yang, positive energy flows. The pyramid pointing downward connects to the earth and resonates with yin, negative energy flows.

    The mer…

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  • Learnerman101

    I use to be a guy that practiced energy manipulation a lot, its been years though, I don't believe that all of this is good, just direct energy manipulation. (I'm a christian)

    I just started to get back into it, and earlier today, I noticed again (i've had this forever) that looking at the sky, just the sky causes arrows to point at the exact location i'm looking at, not arrows but similar.

    Pretty sure people say this is "tunnel' vision, but thats not what gets me believing otherwise.

    I was looking at a cloud that was moving fast, and for some reason, I looked at it, and tried to will it to stop no clue if this was just my imagination but I could make it stop for a split second, multiple times in a row, I also tried to make it go a different …

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  • Helpful guy XD

    This is a diary/journal about my journey in learning a new technique I though of while meditating. I'm not sure how to call it and it probably already has a name but I wanted to let the elements use me rather than using letting air move you around in a fight, you dont control it but its controlling you. I wanted to try this out with all the main elements. I will begin with air since its the one i'm most alligned with and slowly move on to water, earth and lastly fire with electricity. I want to kind of use my body as a medium for energy to guide it.

    I will update this blog every time I see a change or improvement, don't expect frequent updates as I have very little time to meditate and try the technique with school taking up 95% …

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  • Calebbland

    portal help

    April 24, 2016 by Calebbland

    does anyone here know how to make a portal to another dimension? i have the complete base of dimensional manipulation i just dont have any powers yet

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  • MysticMoka


    April 15, 2016 by MysticMoka
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  • MysticMoka

    The reading of playing cards is an quick and easy alternative to the reading of tarot cards since they only require a full pack of playing cards.

    The Spreads:

    If you require a quick answer to a question you can just draw a card from the top of the shuffled pack whilst thinking of your question.

    However, if you wish for a more detailed answer you would use one of the spreads.

    The Three Card Spread:

    This is where you lay the top three cards from the deck left to right, the first card represents the past, the second represents the present and the third card shows the future.

    1 2 3
    The Nine Card Spread:

    A more detailed expansion of the previous spread. The cards are laid in a three by three square, the top row showing the past, the middle show…

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  • Meurlorg

    A few weeks back I had a very strange lucid dream experience, in which I was floating on top of water while hearing and feeling the sensation of the ocean, during the experience I felt that I was sinking but due to some inherent fear I felt, I resisted the tug and would always surface and sink, back and forth between the two until I woke.

    The strange thing is before I had the dream, I had visited a friend of mind who was hosting a beach party of sort, and in that party I had found a piece of drift-wood near the edge of the beach and I impulsively took that piece of wood home with me, placing it on my window, in my bedroom but the dream dint occur until a few days(1 minimum, three days maximum) later when I forgot about the piece of driftwoo…

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  • NiddHogg

    Ok here they are

    1. Air summon( got to give it an rpg style name) Raise your hands and imagine energy charging the air around you causing the wind to blow.

    2. Air summon V2. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on the air around you, next imagine where you want to wind to start from, them force the energy to that area and imagine it crushing the air and exploding out into wind

    3.whirlWind(Not always effective) Make the wind blow in two seperate locations, So that they will collide, then imagine the wind at the collision point spinning and forming a vortex

    4.WhirlWind(Hard version, works better with leaves) Make the wind blow and imaging it bending around and swirling into a vortex

    Sorry if they seem a little vauge I dont know how to explain…

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  • NiddHogg

    Hello,im starting this blog to track my expirimental progress.

    I want to find out some of the science behind psionic abilities as possible.

    Now I know some people dont believe that there is any science behind such abilities, but I do, and I personally believe that there is a scientific way to enhance our abilities with technology.

    Now I dont hope to change the world much (if at all) but rather I hope to improve the use of psionics in hopes of providing something viable.

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

    "Any action that has a reaction has a physical cause"-me

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  • Meurlorg

    Here is a interesting I found while web browsing, give your thoughts in the comments below.

    LINK: [1]

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  • MasterD925

    Hey, my name's Duncan, and I've been practicing Psionics off and on for around a year or so now. I've discovered that I'm a natural healer, and I wanted to share some of my own techniques. If you would like me to heal you, or perform general Energy System maintenance, please let me know. Thanks!

    Just a side note, I use a lot of tactile programming with minor conceptual programming. You may want to modify the programming of these techniques to your liking, while maintaining the same general outcome.

    And now, onto the techniques...

    The specifics of this technique really depend on where and what is hurting. So, I'll give general steps here.

    (And please note that this technique may do more than just pain relief, if you are proficient enough in hea…

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  • TheMightyRegulator

    From now on I will record my progress via this blog, on several blogs to come, to decipher the best methods of acquiring what I want to acquire (telekinesis, pyrokinesis and wind manipulation).

    Date: March, 5th, 2015, 8:04 AM


    First, I attempted focus meditation by using music as a focus medium but this soon proved unsuccessful as my mind continuously wondered.

    Assuming this was due to my prone position on the bed, I redid this method after sitting comfortably, however, this was similarly fruitless as the last.

    Hence, I decided to attempt another method: Black Hole meditation. It's simplicity and prompt nature appealed to me so I did as required, imagined my thoughts being consumed in a black hole until it exploded leaving nothing le…

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