PessiOpt9 PessiOpt9 9 December 2020

What is the nature of Ki

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Aatria Aatria 19 May 2020

theory crafting for other ways to use Psychokinesis

I'm considering currently what I need to do in order to use Psionics to speed the 2D animation process up.

For those of you curious, the typical animator can get 5 frames drawn an hour

5 X 8 = 40 a day

40 X 7 = 280 a week

280/24 = 11.2 seconds a week

that's not even a minute.

Well now that doesn't sound too bad now does it? And you're right... unless it's a 2 hour long passion project movie you want to make, since it's not proffessional and you have other things you need to do we're gonna say... it cuts your frames you can do in half, there's even more of an issue now. that's aprox 5 seconds a week. But, if we develop our ability to visualize, and use some kinesis- like Telekinesis let's say to keep your hand steady- then the lines are always pe…

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PessiOpt9 PessiOpt9 20 April 2020

For the love of the stars, don't use items like paper! Use a erasers for example.

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YarinzianDragonKing YarinzianDragonKing 7 January 2020

Magic & Scanning

Can somebody please explain to me how exactly in this wiki are ESP and Magic even related to each other when they are two powers of completely different natures and how can something like Scanning be done if the user's not even a robot?

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Lu666 Lu666 13 December 2019

Subconscious want happen to the person Who that use

I been reading about the subconscious and a person says unlock ability using my soul i have autsm so it bit hard to get get things do can energy manpiulation help me with This ? 

I have the quote from understanding the subconscious  I will post it If the rules allow

. Or you could let me know you are in need of help and I'll personally attend your need. This is what I do on my seminaries and why I am successful with them. I have the "power" to grasp into one's soul and then reprogram it myself. I don't take money for this action and I never will, and I have never and will never abuse this ability to make someone think like me. I am of the belief that we all are connected to the same "consciousness" and the more perspectives a mind can have,…

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Okamiden12 Okamiden12 20 August 2019

Oh my! A wild Oka appears!!

Hello my internet Psi-Boys and Girls! It's been a long time, really long. I think the last time I spent any significant time here, there was the great schism and all hell broke loose between the two websites we were trying to use, then the psi nation people started coming over; it was a mess, But none of that matters, what matters is ME!! It's my post afterall. Now it is 3am so forgive the lack of flow here, it will be very raw and I'm probably not going to go back and fix it because heck that. So what's Oka been up to, lets see: Well I graduated highschool (about 4 years ago, it's been a minute), working on my masters in microbiology, I got a job at a bakery and as a props designer for games and the like so that's keeping me afloat in thi…

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The Wizard57 The Wizard57 15 February 2019

IS this wiki dead? :(

I'm not really into this stufff anymore. Kinda just a phase for me but Im open minded if you still believe and would like to talk to some people that might've been on here in the past that remember me or just someone from here that wants to talk to someone else. If anyone sees this then email me at I miss all the good times spent in this chat room. It really takes me back to still see it up. :)

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BioelectricityTK BioelectricityTK 3 July 2018

Opening Of The Hand Chakras

  • 1 What Are Hand Chakras?
    • 1.1 Pranayama And Hands Chakras
    • 1.2 Breathing In Energy And Throughout The Hand Chakras:
      • 1.2.1 Pranayama, Yogic Breathing Exercise:
      • 1.2.2 Charging The Hand Chakras w/Yogic Breathing:

7. At this point begin to form a PSI-ball, feel the heat and energy from this ball of energy between your hands. This will and may feel strange on your first try, but don't be frighened this is normal. The important thing is, is to get the feel of this energy and learning how to use it and get it flowing.

8. Now, begin to let your hands and arms hang down and relax. Focus on the enegy flowing down to your hands, your hands may feel pumped or throbbing. This is a sign that the energy is flowing. Now repeat steps 3-7 above.

9. Do the above exercise …

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BioelectricityTK BioelectricityTK 21 May 2018

Pranayama, What It Is And How To Do It.

What Is Pranayama

Pranayama (prana = energy + yama = control) is a type of meditation technique that involves various ways of controlling the breathing, with the goal being to withdraw ones senses from the outside world. This helps one to raise one’s prana (or Kundalini energy in this case) up the deep spine to the spiritual eye or sixth chakra, which brings one to enlightenment. Kriya Yoga is one such technique, made well known by Paramhamsa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. (1)

It is also the fourth limb of spiritual advancement as laid out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. According to Patanjali, while practicing pranayama techniques: The emphasis while breathing (and therefore in the flow of the life-force) may be more on inhalation, on ex…

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ML88 ML88 2 April 2018

ML88 is back....who are you?

Hello, Psiwiki. I am ML88.

It has been roughly 3 1/2 years since I left this website last (c. Fall 2014), but after feeling that I am really needed of this place and the information it contains...I AM BACK PSIWIKI! I used to be one of the big faces on the site here from 2013-2014 but after that I apologize due to life situations...I had to stop and needed to take care of personal things and also take the journey off-line to truly live and experience it! I am ready to come back, get back into training and also bring my wisdom to the site once more!

I am a former teacher here on this site and also over on PsiWarriors (2013-2014) and was a member of the PsiWarriors counsel (2014) before the site was shut down and Bal Domel started up his Psion …

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