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This is the page where you can:

  • Find the latest and most important information about this wikia and its community
  • Suggest ideas and discuss how you think we can improve this wikia
  • Tell us what pages need to be updated and improved, and what comments need to be deleted
  • Ask if you need help with anything related to psionics.

If you have any questions contact our staff.


Important announcements: 

  • We are holding a discussion in the forums on adding more pages of doubtful nature. Talk about it here.
  • There is a new staff position available. See the forum post on content managers here.

Things we're working on:

  • Cleaning pages
  • Re-writing pages to have accurate information.
  • Putting pages into the standard format.

Pages to be updated

If you can, please update and add information to this pages. Most currently have an information box stating that they may contain incorrect or fake information. While this list seems extensive, there may be more pages that need to be added. If so, please contact a staff member.

No. Page:
1. Bi-Location
2. Aerokinesis
3. Atmokinesis
4 Chronokinesis
5. Cryokinesis
6. Electrokinesis
7. Hydrokinesis
8. Photokinesis
9. Technokinesis
10. Clairvoyance
11. Empathy
12. Telepathy
13. Aura Reading

Pages to be deleted

If you want a certain page deleted, you must first post it here. Give us your opinion if you think pages below should/shouldn't be deleted:

No. Page to be Deleted Reason for Deletion

Merging Pages

If you have a suggestion for two pages to be merged, put them here. Please include the reason the two pages should be merged. If you need more room, make a comment about your suggestion. You can see pages that will be merged on this page.

No. Pages To Be Combined Reason for Combination
1. Scanning Aura Reading Same ability but applied differently

Comments that need to be deleted

We understand that you cannot add the category candidates for deletion to comments and would recommend that if you find any unwanted comments please do link them below.

Other Information

Current as of 30/03/2016