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Name Aerokinesis
Other Names Air Manipulation
Type Psychokinesis
Pre-abilites Telekinesis
Sub-abilities None
Uses To control and manipulate air

Aerokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate, control, or alter air molecules, wind currents, and control air to an extent with the mind. Unfortunately, you cannot create general molecules of any kind.

With this ability, practitioners can manipulate the air around them to change the flow of current and even form gusts of wind. Not only does it require focus, but also it involves connecting with the wind. That is, creating and maintaining a conscious connection with the air.

Aerokinesis is the power to control manifest energy, wind currents, and control air with the mind.

With this power, practitioners can manipulate the air around them to change the flow of current and even form gusts of wind. Combined with Thermokinesis, aerokinetic maneuvers can create warm or cold gusts. Not only does it require focus, but also it involves connecting with the wind. That is, creating and maintaining a conscious connection with the air.

It is recommended to always practice aerokinesis with caution. A very advanced practitioner could potentially create dangerous winds if they lose control. 

Here are some lessons on training Aerokinesis.

Developing / Training Aerokinesis

Wind Summon: Start by standing in a comfortable position with your hands by your waist. Focus on the wind and feel your connection with the wind, and then visualize the power of the four winds (north, south, east, and west). Picture them being attached by "strings" to your hands, so that you may move the winds as you please. At this point, with the strings still in mind (and the connection with the wind) slowly begin to raise your hands. This will cause the winds to be drawn towards you. As your hands raise, wind should kick up. Another thing that really helps is visualizing the wind's energy, and your own energy. For an example, visualize the wind's energy as a bright, swirling blue, and your own energy as a bright, vibrant green. Imagine the swirling blue wind energy flowing where you want it too, and blowing towards the direction you want. When you visualize this, imagine feeding it energy from your energy, like bright green wisps of energy towards the swirling blue wind energy. Remember, this might not be successful on the first try, but practice this everyday and you will get better.

Aerokinesis Exersise 1 (Summoning wind from one direction)

Go outside (as this works best outside but advanced Aerokinetics can try inside, but you should start with outside.) And then what you have to do is simply just think how that wind would feel, hitting you from the direction of your choice. Visualize the wind's energy flowing past you, and really imagine that there was wind hitting you from a certain direction (you choose). Just remember and feel that connection you have wth the wind, and make sure you're confident. Emotions are, in a way, tied to Aerokinesis, but no matter if you're angry or if you're calm and happy, it's all the same- you cannot do this without confidence. It's the key part. You must be confident in your power, that you can do this, and that you will give the command it it will obey. Just trust yourself and don't doubt yourself.

Aerokinesis Exercise 2 (Summoning wind from all directions)

Focus your mind and feel the connection you have with the wind. Stand in the general area you want the wind to come. Raise both hands into the air as high as it's comfortable for you and visualize the wind's energy- visualizing the wind's energy as a certain color can help- and imagine that there is wind in all four directions (north, east, south and west) and coming towards you with tremendous power. If you are outside, then imagine the trees shaking and leaves being swept all towards you, because the wind is coming towards you. The main thing is to just remember to breathe and focus, and guide the wind. This is hard to pull off, so it probably won't happen the first time.

===Aerokinesis Exercise 3 (strengthening weak winds)===  To strengthen a weak breeze into a powerful windstorm, first feel that connection with the wind. Face the direction the wind is blowing and hold your arms out wide, palms up. Visualize the wind's energy growing stronger and more powerful, and let the wind's energy flow through you, energizing you, giving you power, and in return, give it energy. Visualize some of your energy becoming the wind's energy and fueling the wind to become more powerful. This is fairly simple, but mostly this doesn't work well for starting wind, but it amplifies the wind a lot. Just don't doubt yourself and have confidence in yourself that you can do this.

===Aerokinesis Exersise 4 (moving air with one hand)===  Start by holding your hands about four inches away from your face. Keep them about three inches apart from each other, so that one hand can feel the wind beefing blown past it and the other can't. Blow air between your two hands. Choose one hand to move the air with. Make sure the other hand cannot feel the wind being blown past it. With the hand you've chosen, try to push the wind towards the other hand until you can feel it against your skin.

Aerokinesis Tech 5: Practicing Aerokinesis (Indoors). First meditate for a few minutes, then turn off all fans, ac units and things that blow air. Then imagine there is air blowing throughout the entire room, like a big gust was inside. the more you concentrate the more easier and faster this will work. This worked for lots of fellow aerokinetics that I know.

Medium Tornado: To start, meditate for at least one hour, focusing on the air around you. This incites a conscious connection with the air, which, is necessary to perform this exercise. Use the meditations listed further down, if you wish. Once the connection is firmly maintained, you must induce rage within the wind. Shape this rage into circles or spheres spirals and make them spin around you. This forms the basis of the tornado.

Hand Tornado

Hand Tornadoes: First, you need to meditate for one hour. Visualize strings of energy connecting you to the wind. Once you feel the attachment to the wind, control the wind and let it blow in two directions. This will acquaint you to the consciousness of the wind. Now, imagine that tornadoes are forming around your hands and feel the wind strengthening around them. These tornadoes will be blowing with great power against your face. Continue strengthening their power. You must feel aggressive, let it rage with power. In time, a tornado will form around each hand.

Air balls: First, call a wind summon. Next gather air energy in your hands. Form it into a ball-like shape. Gather until there is nowhere for the energy to go but out. Release all air energy in a form of a ball.

Air Blade: Basically use your ability to sharpen the air. First, call a wind summon. Next gather air energy in your hands. Condense the air into a blade; this may help you visualize a sword or a knife in your hand. After it's condensed, focus on sharpening the blade, just keep sharpening until you feel that it's razor sharp, then either swing it, or launch it in a wave of wind.

Air Jump: First, concentrate on controlling the air around you. Then jump into the air. Then, when you reach the peak of your jump, focus air molecules to be underneath your foot and condense the air molecules underneath your foot to become as hard as stone.

Vacuum Speed: Control the air in front of your leg, and then cover your leg with air and move your leg somewhere else to create a vacuum. The less air pressure means less air resistance, and you will kick faster.

Resistance Shield: Visualize the molecules in the air being drawn to you, and compacting tightly as a shield around your body, visualize the shield being a sphere over your body and bond the air molecules together and every time you breathe, more molecules are compacting on the sphere shaped shield, keep visualizing the sphere becoming denser.

Air Pressure Wave: Visualize air molecules being drawn to your palms, and visualize those air molecules stacking up as a wall and visualize the air molecules bonding very tightly in front of you. Visualize your hands being filled up with air. Feel the air flowing through your body. Then visualize the air building up in your palms. Now put your palms on the wall of pressured air and visualize the air in your palms blasting out at the wall and you will push the air out of your palms into the pressured air and you will create an Air Pressure Wave.

WHIRLWIND ATTACK: Highly Dangerous. First, do a wind summon and afterwards, spin the air around you. Focus great power into the spin. It must be strong enough to lift you in midair. This is the whirlwind. Use it's momentum to move you around from place to place. As you do so, the wind will acquire objects scattered near it, much like a tornado, and these objects will fling away in due time. Then move the whirlwind that you made to pick up stuff around the area and make it hit something.

To Summon/Banish the Wind, Beginner: This technique is so simple, yet effective, it will be hard to believe, but it is very real. The process is simple. To summon the wind, thrust your right hand forward, palm facing the direction you want the wind to blow, and focus. See the wind blow in the desired position, and it will come. To banish the wind, thrust your LEFT hand forward, palm facing the direction the wind is coming from, and imagine a force-field surrounding you, blocking the wind on all sides, and the wind will stop.

Air Purification: This is a very hard technique to pull off correctly. If done, even the most toxic of air can be morphed into pure oxygen. Stand in a comfortable position, arms crossed at the waist. Now continue to create a shield. Add as much energy as you feel is needed for the given situation. Visualize the shield being filled with pure air. Also focus on the edge of the shield as a suction device, pulling in the air around you, and releasing as regular air. When finished, let the shield merge with the air around you.

Air Levitation (Added by ArmedWithWings): Put an object on the ground or on a table. Feel wind coming toward the object, and make wind push on both sides of the object with an equal force. Then try to lift it up, when it starts to levitate make air go under the object to give it more lift. When done just drop it or slowly move it back down if it's a fragile object.

Meditations Edit

Med 1

Sit quietly, breathe in and feel the air filling your lungs. Inhale and Exhale. Feel your breathe of life escaping out of your body into the world beyond. As you breathe in again, see the small molecules of air flowing into your nose and over your tongue, down into your lungs where it fills them completely. Transformed by the natural processes of your body, let air flow back out to feed the cycle. As air is part of the cycle of life and a part of you, you are part of the cycle. Feel yourself go with the air as it exits your body. Transformed, you should drift with it, as it catches a breeze, so you will feel that you are floating higher above the earth. Become Air. Feel the weightlessness and freedom. You are no longer bound by the other elements or even the natural law of gravity. You are air. Floating with it, riding the breezes and gusts as birds do. Move with air, let it carry you away into the clouds. Air is everywhere, constantly in motion, to move with a wavelike motion in and out of everything on earth. As a being of air, you are free to move with it. Passing through solid structures, rusting leaves on branches, supporting the wings of birds. Allow this to happen, move with the element. You may glide or soar, gust or squall as is the nature of air. Let yourself be carried away on the element. Feel it all around you, in you, with you, being you. See the world as air might, at dawn, new and fresh, covered with dew, just coming alive. Enjoy the movements and the feelings. Acknowledge the mighty power of air. When you are ready, reacquaint yourself with the earth. Gravity gently draws you back down to the ground beneath your feet. Feel solidity returning to your limbs, the water coursing through your body, the fire of life burning with in. Return to your physical nature, a composite of all elements.

Med 2

After you have been able to connect with the Air, you need to be able to feel it. Now, while still standing, gather your chi in your belly. Let it build up for a bit. Now, let the chi flow throughout your entire body, your chest, your arms, your legs, hands, and toes, every single part of your body is filled and flowing with chi. Slowly, project strands of chi out of your body, you can have them coming out all over or just in your hands. Thin the chi out as it flows, letting it wave in the winds. As it leaves your body, merge the chi with the air, let it connect and become one. Feel it in your body. Just let the energy go to where it wants, follow it and feel it. Let the chi spread out around you, everywhere. Keep it attached to the winds. The point of this exercise is to be able to get the feeling of moving wind, how it makes your energy feel and to be in harmony with your own chi with that of the Air. Getting them on the same wavelength.   Simple, no?


Skills Edit


Skill 1

This is going to be pretty much your first Air Control lesson. If you have not finished the Connection and Feeling lessons, go away. You should do those lessons, and not just once. And after you do them, keep doing them. Now, in this lesson, you will be pulling air currents with a ki ball. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Firstly, gather your ki in your belly as normal. Let it stand there. Slowly direct the ki up your chest and out to your arms, down and into your hands. Form the ki Ball between your hands. Now, start to spin the ki ball, in one direction. Faster and faster, letting the air around it be pulled in. Let the air and ki circle(ki circle is made by spinning the ki ball). the air and ki ball should be merged Just keep that going, at a constant rate and velocity (speed and direction). Get the feel of having the Air Ball. Try doing this a few times until you get the hang of it.

Skill 2

The next goal in controlling the Air element after you can successfully feel, connect with, and create a form with it, is to Stream it. Which basically means to move it, while in a form. Gather your Air Ball, first by gathering energy and then running it to your hands and forming a ki ball. Keeping your concentration on the form between your hands, slowly start moving both hands, with the air ball in the center, upwards, about to your chest level. With your concentration at the core, slowly spread your hands by 'pulling' the air ball with each hand, spreading it out into a loose tube like structure.


Practicing Aerokinesis can be hard at first, although the stronger your connection gets, the easier it will become. The key is determination. Just remember, connect with the wind. Feel the energy flow though you, from the tips of your hair to the bottom of your feet. If you are doing all these things and it's not working and your getting frustrated, take 10 deep breaths and keep trying. The two things you NEED for Aerokinesis is determination and confidence. The wind is powerful, it will on,y listen to you if you show that you are strong enough to command it. As a Aerokinetic, I know that this is essential. If you grow frustrated, your control and focus will be disrupted and you want be able to command the wind. Just remember to practice and practice and try to feel as light as the wind, as strong as the wind. Wind is powerful; I've seen someone almost fall off a high rocky cliff before becuase the wind was so powerful.