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Name Aerokinesis
Other Names Air Manipulation
Type Psychokinesis
Pre-abilites Telekinesis
Sub-abilities None
Uses To control and manipulate air

Aerokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate, control, or alter air molecules, wind currents, and control air to an extent with the mind. Unfortunately, you cannot create general molecules of any kind.

With this ability, practitioners can manipulate the air around them to change the flow of current and even form gusts of wind. Not only does it require focus, but also it involves connecting with the wind. That is, creating and maintaining a conscious connection with the air.


Now there's no exact way to meditate for this, you can sit down, or stand up, be outside or even inside. You can use the already existing winds from outside and try to manipulate it to an extent or use the air from the air conditioner inside your home, or your own breath, even a fan will do. In most things dealing with psionics it requires you to know how to link, which can be found: Here which is usually linking to a person, but some find it useful to visualize their energy linking to the air molecules now as I said earlier there is no particular way to meditate on this and finding what works for you, while still following the basic logic and limitations that apply.


To practice aerokinesis, you need to let go of all struggle, you need to feel free "just like the air"  

Practice one: Moving air.

For this technique you'll need to visualize the air around you, now visualize your energy (green) and then visualize the energy of the air around you (blue) now imagine the blue energy going to your hands and arms, now imagine that with every movement of your arm the blue energy moves too, then concentrate on making wind blow, while concentrating on your arm and the energy around it, swipe it away, if you create a breeze then congratualations you have mastered the moving of air! 

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