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Aerokinesis is the ability to control, Generate, and maintain the flow the air using one's mind for more info:

I've created this video anyone who wants to learn or improve their Aerokinesis. I have used variety of visuals so that you will have a better understanding of wind and air are. And for the audio I have combined a mixture of sound effects, Wind music, Binaurals, and, of course, Subliminal commands. This video is designed to program your mind and shift to the state of mind to that of a gifted aerokinesis master and melt away in beliefs and obstacles that prevent you from becoming aerokinetic

For those of you who are curious, Here the subliminal commands used in this video: you can direct the winds with your mind you are a powerful aero-kinetic you possess powerful control of the winds you understand and know air everyday your aerokinesis becomes stronger your ability to control winds maximizes everyday you know how wind works you are one with winds the winds respect you you understand how aerokinesis works you are a master of the winds everyday you get better and aerokinesis you are master of the windsyou understand how aerokinesis works everyday you get better at aerokinesis you completely understand the nature of air and wind you can summon vast winds you can generate wind you control the flow of wind you deserve to be the powerful kinetic you are

.....And a few more like that.

Watch this video 1-3 times a day. You don't have to watch the video, But you can just listen to it through-ought the day or while you're sleeping. Of course, The effect will be more powerful if you're focusing on your intention. You can listen to this while you practice aerokinesis, You can visualize yourself becoming one with the wind, or visualize yourself being aerokinetic, or simply watch the video. Which everyone makes you feel like your actually experiencing your goal. Visualize you are causing these winds!


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